President Obama vs. the Individual Mandate


The Obama administration is defending its 2010 health care law at the Supreme Court this week—including the law's most widely disliked provision, an individual mandate to purchase health insurance. But President Obama wasn't always a defender of the requirement. On the campaign trail in 2008, Obama opposed a mandate, and used his opposition to differentiate himself from his chief opponent, Hillary Clinton. Buzzfeed's Andrew Kaczynski has put together a highlight reel of Obama's criticisms of the mandate: 

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  1. God I hate that guy

    1. You hate Presidential Candidate Obama? The things he said made him preferable to our current president.

      1. No, I meant Hillary.

  2. Yeah but that was all before he became President. You can’t expect someone to stick to their word after a life-changing event like that.

    1. In a debate between Romney and Obama on the mandate, I have no idea which position each would take. They could end up accidentally agreeing with each other by the end.

      1. Well, they do agree… and it ‘aint no accident.

      2. They would both agree to disagree that the indivudual mandate not not a bad idea or that it could be maybe good idea or not.

      3. Don’t let their identical DNA fool you. They differ on some key issues.

  3. I have a suspicion that Obama wants the Supreme Court to kill Obamacare during the final stages of the election.

    1. Bloody shirt to wave, dagger to the Gopers, way to argue for full-blown socialized medicine… I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the DOJ was told to bounce it off the front of the rim.

      1. The the game plan would be to go for re-election and control of both houses. Then do it all over the “right” way.

      2. In the other thread, someone suggested the supremes could go 7-2 agains with only Obama’s picks going the “correct” way.

        So Obama could campaign against the “bad” guys on the court as well as the GOP.

        1. That would work out well, but the specter of the 5-4 court would do well for the election as well. Leftists could keep beating their bruised and krovvy rookers against unfair Bog in his Heaven, knowing it is better odds to pray for one death rather than three.

          1. I had to resort to google.


            1. Lines from it pop into my head all the times. I should probably be more worried than I am.

              1. Just hit the milk bar then head out for some good old fashioned violence.

                1. This one I would have recognized.

              2. Back in high school days, there was a local theater that played Clockwork Orange, Rocky Horror, auditorium rock movies (Kids Al’right, Ziggy Stardust), animated movies, (Wizards, Fritz the Cat), and a lot of other things, at midnight of Friday nights. It developed into its own culture, and I noticed a clique started using that Ruskie slang from CO. It was cool in concept, but annoying in practice.

            2. Explain what you found

  4. Let me be clear:

    I campaigned against my “signature legislative achievement.”

  5. OT: Who else finds it suspicious that shrike and o3’s posting volumes are quite high this afternoon, just as the rather/mstack persona has ceased all posting and WI hasn’t posted since noon Central time?

    1. Noticing things is mean.

    2. O3 actually comes across as a human being sometimes. And he at least tries to stay on subject. I don’t think he is Ms. Stack.

      1. rather occasionally stayed on topic as well; I feel like sometimes, she just wanted to be one of the guys and get to comment freely, and at other times was in full-blown trolling mode.

        shrike is the same way.

    3. They were just intimidated by a superior troll. They’re now vying for supremacy.

      1. This is typical of the power struggle in any such vacuum

    4. shrike’s grasp of Federal Reserve bailout mechanisms would seem to preclude him from teh crazy.

      1. Shrike is nuttier than a loon. It prevents him from being retarded like Tony. But Shrike is most definitely crazy.

        1. You’re just saying that cause yer teh CHRISTFAG. Also, derp.

        2. Wait, are you saying that crazy people can’t be retarded or retarded people can’t be crazy?

          1. No. I am saying they can be both or one or the other. Shrike isn’t retarded. He is just nuts.

        3. The 2-3 times I’ve carried on with shrike were civil and on-topic (FRB). Obviously not representative of his full portfolio.

          1. I have too. I think Shrike and Orin are real people. They are not creations of Mary Stack.

            1. I had a reasonable conversation with rather once about the “Declaration of Independents” book. Obviously rather is a real person; I just think that shrike, o2, and everyone else are all the same real person.

              1. She is. She is apparently Mary Stack, a single mother from Dallas Fort Worth. But White Indian is not a real person. It is a Mary Stack sock puppet. I don’t think Orin and Shrike are sock puppets.

  6. If I remember correctly he supported a public option at first, but allowed for and settled on the individual mandate after being pushed by lobbyists and mostly the Republicans.

    1. The Republicans were all for it. That is why he got so many Republican votes for Obamacare.


      1. Nobody said they were for it. Of course they voted against it, that is the mission of the Republican party.

        However, that doesn’t change the fact that they did help shape it, they did debate it, they did change it, and together with others helped bring us Obamacare.

        1. So they helped bring it about even though they filibustered it and every single one of them voted against it. Got it.

          Sorry dude. Obama and liberals own Obamacare. It is his signature achievement.

          1. Okay, so they own it… but that doesn’t change the real facts that Republicans helped shape Obamacare.

            The link below has Republican input through out, parts removed, added, and so on… just because they hated on it, didn’t mean they weren’t part of it.


            At that, the Republicans created an alternative healthcare bill, in response to Obamacare. It includes the parts they wanted in (or out of) Obamacare, most of which wasn’t included, thus the response bill.


            1. But their bill didn’t get passed. Sorry. The price you pay for ramming it through the way it was is owning it. No blaming the other side.

              1. Where did I blame the other side?

                You said they had no input… you were wrong. It’s time you move on.

        2. after being pushed by lobbyists and mostly the Republicans


          No changing the argument allowed. You’re factually wrong. Thank you for playing!

          1. As posted above, proof…. something your post lacks.

        3. So the republicans are responsible for Obamacare then. Hadn’t heard that talking point before. You should forward that to Obama’s campaign as a potential talking point for later in the campaign. Some people might be stupid enough to fall for it.

          1. I blame Bush

          2. Loki|3.26.12 @ 4:04PM|#
            “So the republicans are responsible for Obamacare then….”

            Yes, you see, they voted against it so they are responsible for ‘shaping’ it.
            Also, see Amanian, re: Bush. The answer to every one of Obama’s screw ups.

            1. Do you guys typically ignore what is actually said, re-quote a fail-quote, and then talk about it as being what was said?

          3. But Obamacare was so great. it was going to be so popular. All of my liberal friends were crying tears of joy when it passed. And now it is a Republican plot?

            Wow. That is straight out of Stalinist Russia.

            1. This is what my post said “If I remember correctly he supported a public option at first, but allowed for and settled on the individual mandate after being pushed by lobbyists and mostly the Republicans.”

              Could you point out where it says Republican plot or anything even half twisted to that sort?

              Is it really hard to see the topic, of this post, and my comment, is the individual mandate and the public option, which was replaced by the ind. mandate?

              Come on people….

          4. I never said they are responsible for Obamacare… try reading the post again.

            The topic was the Mandate, Dems wanted a Public option, Reps didn’t…. It takes two seconds to look up.

            1. You’re still full of shit.

              The democrats pressed for a big pile of shit. The republicans pushed back.

              After the death of Kenneday, the democrats then passed a different pile of shit without a single republican vote.

              This is not the outcome of the republicans “shaping” anything.

              The democratics party owns this pile of shit fair and square.

              1. Well, they did give input, they did add/remove parts… trash or not, the end result is the same. The bill we have, has Republican fingers in it…. even if Obama created it, they still had input.


                1. If you negotiate in good faith to modify proposed legislation and then still cannot support the final product, you vote against the legislation.

                  The people voting for the legislation take full responsibility for the final product.

                  You can’t change the fact that Obamacare was passed without a single republican vote.

                  The democratic party passed, and Obama signed it.

                  1. I don’t see Obama or the dems denying responsibility for the final product.

                    Nobody denies that they made it happen.

                    Republicans didn’t support it, even before they knew what was in it.

                    Nor after the first version, a duplicate of the Republican version. Nor after they got the changes they asked for.

                    Both sides, equally, helped mold this bill to serve corporate interests, and the Republicans did it fully knowing the bill would pass.

                    And you bought it right into it, all with a little No Vote that they knew stood no chance.

  7. You know who else said one thing and then did another…

    1. Every politician who ever ran for office?

      1. #WINNER

      2. Every politician person who ever ran for office lived?

        Let’s be honest, we’ve all done it.

    2. The Hamburglar?

      1. I saw a cloud that looked like The Hamburglar the other day. I ran from it but it only got closer, its fluffy white faux-felt maw opening to swallow the entire world. Inside my house, I could feel its googly eyes on me, its deformed mitten hands seeking me out. I cried in a closet. By nighttime it had gone away.

        1. clouds are funny like that sometimes

        2. You should have needed the warning about the brown acid being bad.

          1. *heeded*

        3. We are very happy to see that after crying you eventually came out of the closet SF.

          1. All the love of everyone is my only demand. I don’t fear the night, but the day after, when light tears us all apart.

  8. Brett Farve?

  9. Doesn’t matter he should stick to what he said, no matter if he was only a presidential candidate at the time.

    1. That would make him the first to ever do so.

      1. HEY!

        1. But I set the standard.

    2. He didn’t even finish his campaign before breaking his campaign promises.

  10. Goodbye and goodbye and goodbye. Monday slips away. Goodbye.

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