Coal Slotted to Die in America Tomorrow: RIP


Washington Post's Juliet Eilperin reports that the Obama's administration has found other ways to skin the global warming cat after Congress refused to cap carbon emissions. It is poised to issue tomorrow strict new emissions restrictions that will ban any new power plants that emit more than 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt of electricity produced compared to the current 1,768 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt. The story goes:

The move could end the construction of new conventional coal-fired facilities in the United States…Industry officials and environmentalists said in interviews that the rule, which comes on the heels of tough new requirements that the Obama administration imposed on mercury emissions and cross-state pollution from utilities within the past year, dooms any proposal to build a new coal-fired plant that does not have costly carbon controls.

"This standard effectively bans new coal plants," said Joseph Stanko, who heads government relations at the law firm Hunton and Williams and represents several utility companies…."

The proposal does not cover existing plants, although utility companies have announced that they plan to shut down more than 100 boilers, representing more than 40 gigawatts of capacity — nearly 13 percent of the nation's coal-fired electricity — rather than upgrade them with pollution-control technology.

Coal supplies 40% of electricity in America, hardly surprising since this country has the largest recoverable coal reserves in the world. It is regarded as the Saudi Arabia of coal, having enough reserves to meet 250-plus years of domestic demand.

So much for President Obama's "All of the Above" energy strategy.

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  1. “It is poised to issue tomorrow strict new emissions restrictions”

    It’s good to be king.

    1. Empires are ruled by emperors.

      1. King first… Emperor later. I need to win at least two more re-elections, but to pull that off, it will require ALL My cunning.

      2. Some leaders know we must not destroy our ‘Garden of Eden’.

        Conservatives seem oblivious to the future. Distracted by the short-term…$$$$$$.

        1. So much for liberals who “care” about the poor. Liberals would condemn poor folk radically shortened lives due to eating uncooked, unrefrigerated food in cold, dark houses. The 20th century and all its life extending works? that’s a luxury only the wealthy deserve.

          1. It’s about time that America got her comeuppance. Time.To.Die.America.

          2. It’s time that America got her comeuppance. America – a nation of robber barons.

          3. We care about the poor. Primarily, the poor in different regions of the planet who will suffer from climate changes brought on by first-world overuse of greenhouse gas producing energy sources.

            For people obsessed with liberals, you glibertarians know nothing about us.

            1. Then why the tariffs on Chinese made solar panels? Because you care more about your green energy cronies in this country than the poor people in different regions?

              Go fuck yourself.

              1. “Then why the tariffs on Chinese made solar panels?”

                Abraham Lincoln used tariffs to protect US industries at first as well. Of course, using said methods against other fledgling countries today is just hypocrisy. I am not for subsidizing green energy sources to make up for the subsidizing and market force-skewing protections dirty energy enjoys.

                1. I am not for subsidizing green energy sources to make up for the subsidizing and market force-skewing protections dirty energy enjoys.

                  Then eliminate all subsidies/tax credits/etc. and let the consumer decide which energy source he/she prefers to use.

                  Trouble is, you probably don’t like it when people are allowed to decide for themselves.

                  1. “Then eliminate all subsidies/tax credits/etc. and let the consumer decide which energy source he/she prefers to use.”

                    I also want to internalize the social marginal cost inflicted on the commons by GHG-producing energy sources. Gas today *is* cheaper than it would be if society demanded fair compensation from damage done by car drivers et al. As of now, market forces are skewed, clashing with reality.

            2. It is a well known fact that a liberal will express concern about another person to a degree which is inversely proportional to the extent that said liberal can actually improve the other person’s life. That’s why liberals care so much about people in poor countries. It’s easy to puff yourself up with self-congratulatory angst about the plight of fly-covered people that you never actually have to interact with.

              It is also axiomatic that a liberal won’t do anything to help others that involves actual, lifestyle affecting sacrifice on the part of said liberal.

              Gawd I hate liberals. They are such shits and yet strut around as if they are the very best of us.

              1. “It is also axiomatic that a liberal won’t do anything to help others that involves actual, lifestyle affecting sacrifice on the part of said liberal.”

                Liberals use energy as well.

                “They are such shits and yet strut around as if they are the very best of us.”

                Society can’t think inside the same frame as individuals. Cheaper energy and gas is good for you, bad for society. Society takes precedence because without modern society, your lifestyle wouldn’t exist anyway. Your lifestyle doesn’t uphold society, but society upholds your lifestyle. And when oceans are heating up and acidifying faster than they’ve done for 300 million years, something gotta give.

                1. Fuck the individual, it’s all about the collective.

                  1. Fuck the individual, it’s all about the collective.

                    …and, naturally, Commonist speaks for the collective.

                  2. Your lifestyle depends on society, not the other way around. You do not deserve cheap energy if that cheapness comes from the fact that the social cost of the usage of the energy source is not internalized.

                    Externalities are basic economics, recognized by every economics textbook. You are an entitled brat.

                2. “without modern society, your lifestyle wouldn’t exist anyway”

                  Mine would.

                  “Your lifestyle doesn’t uphold society,”

                  Mine does.

                  you can’t even make your major points without lying.

                  1. “fuck you slaver”

                    Man, you really need the delusional threat of Leviathan enslaving you to feel any sort of excitement and pathos in your life?

                    When I hear glibertarians talk about government, I swear they are LARPing. But no, you really are that excitable.

                    1. “delusional threat”

                      So, you’re all for it, then.

                    2. For what, ignoring every libertarian word ever written? Refusing to treat government as intrinsically evil and market forces as inherently optimal distributors of value (and power)? Recognizing that libertarianism is as useless as communism? Be precise.

                    3. You called the threat of Leviathan “delusional”, so that must mean you are in favor of Leviathan thinking.

                      Of course, you being a liberal, that’s a given.

                    4. “You called the threat of Leviathan “delusional”, so that must mean you are in favor of Leviathan thinking.”

                      Leviathan’s are everywhere, not just present in national governments or powerful, official and public entities.

                      This website is in and of itself evidence that private interests are just as prone to propaganda – is conceived of and funded as a lobbying and marketing platform for giving private interests more power.

                3. something gotta give.

                  And that something is poor people, who are required to give more under this idiotic plan.

                4. “And when oceans are heating up and acidifying faster than they’ve done for 300 million years, something gotta give”

                  [citation needed]

                5. Cheaper energy and gas is good for you, bad for society.

                  Would you care to defend that little gem of idiocy?

                  And when oceans are heating up and acidifying faster than they’ve done for 300 million years,

                  300 million years? Really? I suppose you have the trillions of temperature and pH measurements collected continuously over that 300 million year period that are required to prove your wild assertions?

                  something gotta give.

                  Why? For all you know, the changes you claim are occurring may be the best thing that ever happened to humanity.

                  1. For all you know, the changes you claim are occurring may be the best thing that ever happened to humanity.

                    But they simply can’t be good, no power is vested in the really caring, smart people over the stupid masses.

                  2. “Would you care to defend that little gem of idiocy?”

                    No, because you are an unpleasant twat and do not deserve good faith and effort. I can’t help you.

                    1. No,

                      Snort. Pussy.

                    2. Why should I think defending my claims would have any effect on you? I’m not going to waste any effort on someone that doesn’t know basic economics.

                6. “Cheaper energy and gas is good for you, bad for society. ”

                  Prove it – with unequivocal and absolute definitiveness.

                  Or you’ve proven absolutely nothing.

                  1. “Prove it – with unequivocal and absolute definitiveness.”

                    Externalities. Marginal social cost. Boom, done.

                    1. “Externalities. Marginal social cost. Boom, done.”

                      Not even close to done.

                      Typing the word “externailites” proves nothing.

                      You have to prove that there IS an externality AND prove the magnitude of it with enequivocal and absolute definitiveness.

                      Or you’ve proven absolutely nothing.

                    2. “You have to prove that there IS an externality AND prove the magnitude of it with enequivocal and absolute definitiveness.”

                      Oceans acidifying is an externality.

                7. The reification of “Society” has caused more modern stupidity than all the cheap intoxicants and all other inbred memes, throughout history, combined.

                8. Society takes precedence

                  Individual decisions are “society”. No group has any more rights than an individual. You can not assign rights to a group that you yourself do not possess.

                  1. What about black people and women? Don’t they have more rights? Or animals? My dog can shit in public why cant I? I promise to use a baggy.

                    1. Because here in grown-up world laws are often arbitrary and you should deal with it.

                    2. And now you’re looking down on your fellow adults as not being sufficiently “grown up”. Quite arrogant of you.

                  2. Society is harmed if commons-damaging externalities are not included in market prices. Right now, gas and carbon-derived energy is cheaper than it should be.

                    By demanding coal and oil, without accepting the higher price needed to reflect the damage to society’s economic interests, you are hurting the group and yourself. Your behavior needs to be altered for your own and our good.

                    1. So… you want higher energy prices, which means you also want a regressive tax on the poor.

                    2. I prefer punishing the poor in the first world over subjecting the third world to even more problems.

                    3. So… you really don’t care about ALL of the poor, just the ones in the “third world”.

                      Typical liberal.

                    4. It’s more like having to choose between two sets of victims – I prefer punishing those who have not contributed a minuscule amount of GHG. Typical rational behavior.

                    5. Hey, if you want to do something about CO2 emissions, you can put a plastic bag over your head and tie it around your neck with some elastic bands. Soon you will emit no more CO2. Everybody wins.

                    6. Tu quoque is a logical fallacy.

                      I don’t need to be a saint to admonish others.

                    7. What the fuck is your purpose here, Ova? Wouldn’t you be happier at, say, DU or NewsHounds?

                      I know WE would be happier if you left…

                    8. Actually, yes, you *do* need to stop being a hypocrite. You’re admonishing people for living their lives in a way you see as wrong for society, yet I wold be willing to bet you pollute pretty much at the same level as virtually everyone else in this country.

                      Clean up your own act, before you presume to tell others to do the same.

                    9. “Clean up your own act, before you presume to tell others to do the same.”

                      Tu quoque. Al Gore being fat and owning a mansion isn’t an argument against others not causing economical harm to others, including future members of their society.

                      People who get caught littering or dumping toxic waste to save money don’t get to avoid legal repercussions just because there are other miscreants.

            3. Ive been a libertarian for years and we don’t buy the AGW climate change bullshit and what is so wrong with looking out for American Business interest’s ?

            4. All a libertarian need do to understand the death cult of the modern liberal is to look at what you prescribe for Americas poor. Unaffordable energy. Reduction to 18th century standards of living with all the attendant miseries. Of course, you don’t expect to suffer those miseries yourself, that’s for other folk. Folk you don’t care about and are perfectly willing to kill by pushing the cost of essentials like heating their homes, preserving their food and cooking their meals beyond their financial reach.

  2. How soon would the ban be in effect? Immediately? Seems incredibly foolish to restrict the energy market early enough that energy prices might rise. America’s loss would be Romney’s political gain I suppose.

  3. “This higher energy bill has been brought to you by Barack Hussein Obama.”

    Obama 2012

    1. Sure, it’ll be a regressive tax on the poor… but, as “Richard Nixon” told “Hunter Thompson” in Where the Buffalo Roam:

      “Fuck the doomed.”

      1. “Hate-fucking your way to political gain in 10 easy steps.”
        -Unpublished Hunter S. Thompson Tome.

  4. Obama giving a big middle finger to my home state of West Virginia here. Not like he had any chance of winning there anyway, but damn, talk about burning bridges. More of an issue for him is that Pennsylvania is one of the top five coal producing states in the country. I thought presidents running for re-election were supposed to court the swing states? Surely, someone on his team mentioned that this move might not play well there. Oh, well, not much Obama does makes sense to me anymore.

    1. I think you can count on getting the finger from Obama on a more regular basis after the election.

    2. The man either has no intention of winning reelection or he believes he’s politically invincible, no matter who he runs against.

      1. The previous round of coal edicts has already shuttered a bunch of plants in WVA, PA, southeast OH and MD. Interesting thing is, those plants were there to provide additional power should demand spike, like if we had a hot summer or something.

        Wonder what electric bills will be in major swing state VA come August?

        1. Price won’t be the issue if you get brown-outs (or worse) during a hot spell.

          1. “Brownouts”???

            That’s racist!

          2. Price won’t be the issue if you get brown-outs (or worse) during a hot spell.

            That’s actually what I’m most concerned about. My house, in MD, lost power for three days after a three-minute storm a couple years ago, and it got so hot I had to sneak my dog away to a hotel in Winchester, VA. Our local power co. is fed by FirstEnergy, among others, but if the grid is toast…

            … I doubt the local media will bother to report on its cause.

      2. “The man either has no intention of winning reelection or he believes he’s politically invincible, no matter who he runs against.”

        Or his pollsters are so worried about weak support from his base that he’s doing stuff like this to pander to them, even at the risk of alienating independent voters.

      3. Let me be clear. Some say we will be re-elected no matter what. That our Republican challenger will be so weak that we will win in a landslide. Let me be clear. Our internal polling clearly shows. that so many voters fail to recognize our iridescent intellect. that we cannot win except by massive election fraud. Thus, let me be clear. We have decided to try to set an historic record for angering as many voters as possible. Let me be clear. Thank you, America. We know you will do the right thing.

        1. Means a Rand Paul run in 2016. Otherwise you got to wait until 2020.

    3. Now he can win California by an even wider margin!

    1. Asshole Buttfucks yoU.

      1. Stands for Anything But Umno or in Malay Asalkan Bukan Umno is a rallying cry of the opposition in Malaysia against the political party United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), which controls the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional, which has been in control of Malaysia since independence in 1957.

  5. The repubes in the House of Representatives hold the budget reins, don’t they. They could “defund” the enforcement of this order, yes? They could refuse to fund various agencies. They could force the issue, couldn’t they? But nooooooooo…..we know they would be reasonable and just mewl away as they always do and let Obama have his way.

    Complain about the fascist Obama, sure, sure. But give the whole story here, or you could be perceived as being partisans and shills for the other side.

    The republican party must be destroyed.

    1. The budget has to get through the senate, first, before it can have any impact. And every single budget that passed the Republican-majority house has been turned down by the Democratic-majority Senate. You really think the democrats in the senate would let something that spikes Obama’s wheels through?

      Don’t get me wrong; the Republicans do suck. But not quite as bad as the Democrats. And yet, for some reason, you only call for one of the parties to be destroyed, instead of both.

      1. BS
        The House can shut the government down. The Senate (supposedly) does not initiate the budget process. The repubes haved duped you, if you think they cannot do anything but whine. Of course, doing something would take political balls, which they either do not have, or which they are not willing to risk to oppose – because they are go-along cronies themselves – the obamanian bs-of-the-week.

        1. They always say that California leads the nation. If that is true, then the national Republican party will hand over their balls and spine and meekly accept a safe but near-permanent minority status.

          1. I had an argument with wef over his “only Republicans must be destroyed” theory, and he got all pussy over it.

            The rational person would call for both Teams to be boiled in liquid shit, but apparently wef is not a rational person.

            1. What’s really weird is that seems to be focusing all his hate on the republicans because they don’t do enough to oppose the democrats. If he hates the democrats so badly, why the fuck not call for their destruction first? It’s almost like an AIDS patient deciding to wipe out what’s left of his immune system because it isn’t doing a good enough job at fighting off infections.

              1. Good analogy.

    2. wef|3.26.12 @ 11:10PM|#
      …”The republican party must be destroyed.”

      And then?

      1. And then we’d have one less font of institutional whiner bullshit – gesture without motion – complaining about the other team, but doing the same old same old.

        What? You sentimental about the GOP?

        As a matter of physical reality, one of these crime families has to fall before the other. For merely aesthetic reasons, I would like to see the repubes break up first. It would serve as a lesson to have the “good cop” of the protection racket get its just deserts for its habitual betrayal of what it claims to support in its bones.

        The republican party must be destroyed.

        1. Sevo? Sentimental?

          That’s your first mistake… well, not your first, but a monumental one.

          At least you have enough sense to call them both “crime families”, but seriously… one-party rule – even for a moment – is just asking for the total shitcanning of what freedoms we have left.

          Ask an ex-pat Cuban about one-party rule… unless you’re cool with that sort of thing.

          1. One party rule brought us the joy of Obamacare.

          2. I don’t think that the collapse of one of the parties would mean one party rule. It’s not as if in the absence of a Republican candidate, everyone will vote democrat. And it wouldn’t happen so suddenly that there would be no new organization to take its place. The demise of the Whigs didn’t mean that the Democrats got to have one party rule.

            1. If one Team fell apart tomorrow, yeah, there would still be Team members in power… but, in effect, we’d still have a one-party country until something sorted itself out – and things are a mite different than they were in Whig times.

              1. My point is that one team is not going to fall apart tomorrow. People will see it coming (and probably form a new stupid team).

                1. That’s possible, I suppose, but the secret pipe dreams Rs and Ds both harbor is ultimate control without that pesky other Team being around at all.

    3. wef is still Dick Riding Obama

      It’s okay to ride that dick, just as long as it’s Barack’s!

    4. Careful, now; we must kill both weeds at once.

  6. As an aside, I just feel like pointing out that Cap-And-Trade was one of the bills sacrificed for PPACA.

    Basically, Obama had only so much political capital during his first year, and he chose to abandon every other priority in favor of health care reform. Closing Guantanamo was one of the first casualties. By December of 2009, it was clear that climate change was another. He traded it awya to get a couple of Republican senators on board to get the 60 votes to pass filibuster.

    1. Obama never cared about foreign policy or climate change or closing gitmo. Obama is about destroying the country and, if he really is deluded, making himself dictator.

      1. Yawn.

        I don’t like it either, but people do support this shit with honestly good intentions.

        1. There is no other explanation for strangling America’s access to energy in the way that Obama has than a desire to deindustrialize the country. Don’t forget the statements made by Obama about how America has acted with arrogance, about America having x % of the world’s population, but using y % of the world’s energy resources, Michele’s comments about being proud of her country for the first time when Barack was elected, Barack’s hostility to the U.K. and Norway, Barack’s deep bowing to Arab leaders and his meeting with Hugo Chavez and the thug club.

          There is a segment of the US population who believe that the world would be a better place if the US were weaker and that it is a sign of personal virtue to work to make the US weaker. Barack is definitely a member of that segment.

          Don’t project your own sympathies and good intentions onto BHO. His intentions are no good.

          1. Another window into BHO’s mind is the way he and his family have been living off the taxpayer’s dime. The endless celebrity soaked parties at the WH, the lavish vacations, the hugely expanded staff – BHO and Michele don’t act like people concerned about the plight of the common people. They act like they want to take as much advantage of tax payers as possible.

            Don’t be so reluctant to cast judgement on the Obamas. Nothing about them or their behavior says that they are good people with noble intentions.

  7. Good to see the green movement back on track to dying in a brown out induced riot. I’d thought they had dodged a bullet with the natural gas boom.

  8. Goodbye coal. I give you a hug.

  9. [Masturbating furiously]

    1. Externalities!!!!!!


  10. What will bad kids get for Christmas now? A Chevy Volt?

    1. That’s racist!

      1. Pure electricity… in my pants.

        1. Meanwhile, at The Hall of Justice…

  11. Why is this a problem, I mean I thought coal was the new clean energy, OH YOU MEAN THE COAL LOBBYISTS LIED TO US??? SURPISE!!! won’t have to worry about higher energy prices, thanks to my solar energy panels, hey does this mean my surplus energy will be sold at a higher rate? GREAT it’ll pay for itself in no time!!!!

    1. Congratulations, rent seeker!

  12. Shit! I just saw an “Help Elect Elizabeth Warren” ad on the right-hand side of the page.

    On Reason.

    Shit, dudes… can’t you block that kind of shit? Put up an ad for goat porn or something.

    1. I find it very Teh Capituliszt to take cash from the enemy. She paid for the ad? She wants to waste money here?

      Thanks for supporting Free Minds and Free Markets, Ms. Warren!

      1. Yeah, but that’s like helping one of the enemies.

        Then again, I’d retch if I saw a “Help Elect Santorum” ad, too.

        1. Seriously – fuck all of ’em. I’m not voting for any Team Players this year. Voting for myself for Pres, and Libertards or other Minor Parties? for everything else.

          Next time I probably won’t vote at all.

          1. Unless Paul is on the R ticket, I sure as hell won’t be casting that one R vote.

            The rest of the ballot? It’s “Anyone But Team Red/Team Blue” all the way down.

            But I’ll say this, Al… there probably won’t BE a “next time”. We well could implode by 2014, so I suggest we all stock up on this:


            …and maybe some Brawndo. I hear plants crave that shit.

            1. …and maybe some Brawndo. I hear plants crave that shit.

              if there was ONE GODDAMN LESSON to take away from that movie….I give up.

  13. In the future, as we huddle freezing to death in our darkened homes, the high cost of electricity will be overwhelmingly blamed on speculators and deregulation.

    1. Not if I get there first, sweetcheeks.

  14. This article has a misleading title and a dismissible concluding sentence. This does not mean the end of coal. If just means a hinderance in the continued growth of the industry, which I adamantly argue is a great thing. We still have a huge established infrastructure of coal power plants and these will not go away, since these new regulations only pertain to the construction of future plants.

    Coal is becoming obsolete. We need to look ahead at the future of energy, not look back at what has worked in the past.

    1. Hey, speaking of ancient technology:…..hicles.htm

    2. We’re drinking the same H2O we did 60,000 years ago! It’s so fucking embarrassing to be part of such a backassward species that can’t even find a better way to hydrate. Like Gatorade is really the shit? Not exactly H20.20 there, now is it? Thanks for nothing free markets. Dicks.

      1. And… no flying cars that fold up briefcase-sized after we get to work at Spacely Sprockets.

        Hanna-Barbera PROMISED that shit, yo.



      2. Brawndo, it’s got what plants crave.

      3. In Soviet Russia we did improve upon water to a much substantial degree. We would load our wagons with radishes by the ton, and send a caravan to the local nuclear reactor. Where upon the radishes would be boiled in 3H2O, heavy water, until the canals ran blood red. Strained and then served cold, it was like tasting the future.

      4. 8 oz. of apple cider vinegar
        16 oz. of red wine
        16 oz of frozen V8 vegetable Juice

        Blend until smooth. Enjoy!

    3. What part of 250 year supply do you not get?

    4. We still have a huge established infrastructure of coal power plants and these will not go away, since these new regulations only pertain to the construction of future plants.

      Good thing the US population is slated not to grow over the next 10 year, so we won’t need to add anymore to the existing power grid.

    5. “Coal is becoming obsolete”

      [Ciation needed]

      1. Except when financial analysts at power companies (me once upon a time) analyze the relative costs of various fuels. After uranium, coal is by far the cheapest fuel for the power generated.

        Oil and gas used to compete for the most expensive – we could use either to fuel our peakers. I’m in a different industry now. I assume gas is cheaper these days.

  15. You people are still idiots. Obama is not imposing new regulations on coal-fired power plants – the EPA is. Once enough people bitch about the new regulations and what they are going to cost, Saint Barry will come riding in on his white horse and save us from the evil EPA by forcing them to back off on a few little pieces of their new rules, grant waivers to Pennsylvania and West Virginia and Ohio and Indiana and whatever other states he needs votes in and suddenly Obama is the good guy. It’s what the guy does.

    1. “The EPA is under the auspices of the Obama administration

      FIFY’d. No charge.

      1. “The EPA is under the auspices of the Obama administration”

        And your point would be……?

        Saint Barry has nothing to do with the bad things His administration does, He is personally responsible for all the good things it does. He will save us from that nasty old EPA, wait and see.

        And then we shall sing Hosannahs unto His name and vote Him into a second term.

        1. Barak 2012 => Rand Paul 2016
          Repubtard 2012 => Rand Paul 2020

          1. If I truly believed that, I would be a much more cheerful person.

            1. What’s this “we” shit, Jerrys?

  16. I suppose the Commerce Clause is the reason why they think they have the power to do such a thing, right?

    Or have we just dispensed with the actual “enumerated powers” pretense altogether?

    1. Enumerated powers is for people who believe states should have “rights”.

  17. The commerce clause, being necessary and proper to ensure domestic tranquility, Congress shall make laws, and Executive Privilege. And “fuck you that’s why”, too, also.

    That is all.

    1. And your problem with this is…?

      1. “Fuck you, that’s why”

  18. Predictable (therefore not unintended!) consequence: lots of new (higher polluting than the original spec) coal fired plants right along the border in Mexico.

    1. Ummm, speaking of unintended consequences – wasn’t it just determined that the reason global warming hadn’t advanced as quickly as predicted was because of those filthy Chinese coal-fired plants spewing sulphur into the air?

      Of course, once we get the Chinese to clean up their act, global warming can get back on track to kill us all by 1987. Or 1994, or 2012, or 2023, or whatever the latest Doomsday schedule is.

  19. If there is one thing lefties hate more than Sarah Palin, it’s consumption.

    Their goal really is to reduce most of humanity to serfs, while liberals lord it over the rest of us…

  20. more case facts starting to emerge.


    1. All of the stuff about his disciplinary record is totally irrelevant.

      1. No, it isn’t. It makes more plausible Zimmerman’s story that Martin assaulted him and knocked him to the ground. Martin may not have liked Zimmerman following him, but that doesn’t give him license to assault Zimmerman and slam his head repeatedly against the sidewalk. If that is what happened, of course.

        The race-hustlers are out in full-force trying to gin-up a lynch mob mentality and incite violence against Zimmerman all without waiting for the all of the evidence to come out. Releasing Martin’s disciplinary record is just a rebuttal in the effort to try this case in the court of public opinion. Ideally, everyone would just chill out, but the aggressors in this little freak show are the clowns holding “million” man marches and claiming that Trayvon was killed because he was carrying skittles. Obama didn’t help by highlighting the racial aspects to the case.

    2. Police misconduct procedure 101: when your department drops the ball, smear the victim. He used drugs! He may have been a thief! He wears hooded sweatshirts! For more, see Jose Guerena.

      1. i see zero evidence the police dept. dropped the ball

        i see evidence they collected evidence, interviewed witnesses and took the suspcet in , arrested him and handcuffed him (not booked him but took him to the statioon and questioned him)

        WHEN the suspect offered a statement (that i say is beneficial if you are innocent and have been slammed here for it) in detail AND that statement agreed with both witness statements AND physical evidence he was NOT booked

        that’s how police are supposed to act. no rush to judgment but careful investigation and consideration of both sides

  21. When it comes to energy and the PPACA, libertarians are indistinguishable from the shoeless subhumans in Mississippi who claim Obama is a muslim.

    I bet you little taxpayers think the Keystone pipeline would have brought gas prices down and created as many jobs as CATO instructed you.

    You people are good for two things – paying taxes for our projects and producing more taxpayers for our future projects.

    1. There’s nothing that shows the true colors of a liberal more clearly than the hate they have for poor Southerners.

      1. Uh, I hate poor Southerners, and I’m not a liberal.

        1. “I’m not a liberal.”

          The frequency with which you post ill-thought out garbage seems to indicate otherwise

        2. Common to hate your betters like you admitted to.

        3. It’s common to hate your betters though, so you’re normal there.

      2. Yes, there are no poor southern liberals. None at all. And all liberals think the same about everything. And libertarians are just Republicans who like to smoke pot.

      3. Looking down on people who think Obama is a muslim is natural, much like looking down on nazis and beauty pageant moms is natural.

    2. Bad trolling – too obvious

    3. Da to that, Comrade Commonist! Those gun-loving, Jesus-hugging closet-fag, capitalist retard inbreds on the right-of-center side, need to learn a thing or two about tolerance and not stereotyping other people, while they’re at it!

  22. OK well that makes a lot of sense

  23. hell yeah get the damned soot outta the air and mercury out of our watersheds. theres no such thing as “clean” coal yet.
    sick of driving a white car the length of I-65 in indiana and getting out to fuel-up a suddenly gray car, that’s f’king disgusting.

    1. Be serious? You really think that dirt you get on your car from driving down the interstate in Indiana comes from coal-fired power plants? As opposed to diesel exhaust, farm dust and road salt/dirt? It’s frustrating how much of the population justifies its beliefs with completely unrelated facts.

      1. “Be serious? You really think that dirt you get on your car from driving down the interstate in Indiana comes from coal-fired power plants?”

        Did anything in that steaming pile give you cause to think matt is playing at being that stupid?

      2. I drive a white car. Snow is white. I drive my car in the snow. My car turns gray. You can’t explain that.

        1. Neither can you.

          I’m sure the allowable level of various particles released from coal plants is available on line. Your neighbors’ wood stove or tree pollen are more likely culprits.

  24. “So much for President Obama’s “All of the Above” energy strategy.”

    I thought it is quite apparent that Obama is against all economically viable methods of producing energy.

  25. Obama speaks of his election as an inevitability:

    In a private conversation about the planned U.S.-led NATO missile defense system in Europe, President Barack Obama asked outgoing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev for space on the issue.

    “This is my last election,” Obama told Medvedev. “After my election I have more flexibility.”

    “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir,” Medvedev said, referring to incoming President Vladimir Putin.

    1. My half nigga!

    2. “After my election I have more flexibility.”

      Rich unemployed people do have a lot of flexibility.

    3. Wow, paranoid much?

  26. Just wait until Jug Eared Jesus doesn’t have to face reelection.

    1. ** fist pump **

  27. Sux, but let’s figure out how to make a buck on Obamessiah. Short Burlington Northern Santa Fe, the country’s biggest coal hauler? Buy Chesapeake Energy, a major gas producer? What say you stock market mavens???

    1. BNSF is owned by Berkshire now, I think. Warren will have a chat with him and sort this out.

  28. Wow, Obama is really hellbent on breaking this economy. I mean, I thought he was just a run of the mill dumbass, but he’s on a holy crusade to crush industry.

    1. People were stupid enough to vote for him. It is not like it wasn’t obvious what he was and what he was going to do. I guess the lights going off might knock some sense into people. Sorry it has come to that.

      1. Probably not a majority though.

      2. People were stupid enough to vote for him.

        Quite blaming the voters. The voters voted against the Republicans in 2006 and 2008, against the Democrats in 2010 and will vote against Obama in 2012. You can’t blame the consumer for buying substandard necessities when they aren’t being offered high-quality goods.

    2. If a company’s business model depends on the ability to dump waste products onto the land of other property owners without permission, should the government be enshrining that as a “right”?

  29. guess those newfangled electrified cars are gonna be more expensive to run

  30. Coal supplies 40% of electricity in America

    And it is all slated to be replaced by natural gas power plants.

    Go go team fracking.

    In 20 years left wingers will say these EPA regulations saved us all but the fact is these coal plants would have been shut down anyway. Natural gas is easier to transport, cleaner, and more scalable then coal…and because of fracking is getting cheaper.

    The same thing happened with acid rain…sulfur rich coal was replaced with cleaner coal a market process which started long before there were regulations requiring it.

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