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Reason Writers at CNN.com: Matt Welch on What a Second-Place Rick Santorum Might Mean for the GOP


Santo and his black cat, before the collapse.

Writing at CNN.com's Opinion section, Reason Editor in Chief warns "If Santorum finishes second, watch out." Excerpt:

Question: What do Mitt Romney, John McCain, Bob Dole, George H.W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan (twice!) have in common? Answer: Before winning the Republican Party's nomination to run for president, each of these men first finished in second place during a GOP primary season.

Though it is by no means a lock that the Republican silver medalist will emerge as the party's front-runner in 2016 (just ask Pat Buchanan and Nelson Rockefeller), a significant second-place finish, the likes of which we will certainly see this year (unlike, say, John Buchanan's showing in 2004), carries the weight of a planted flag: Here, even in defeat, lies the embodiment of an important if temporarily unsuccessful political strain, one that is ready to break back out around that candidate at the next available opportunity.

Be very afraid, and read the whole thing here.

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  1. Assuming Romney gets the nomination, which still seems quite likely, I don't think the close race hurts him. Moderate independents and Obama-weary Democrats open to voting GOP this time around will like that he doesn't appeal to the religious right. And the people voting against Romney now will still be enthusiastically anti-Obama.

    Also, I don't think Santorum or someone like him is all that popular. There's just a feeling among many in the GOP that Romney is a not-very-secret liberal in GOP clothing, so they're just voting not-Romney. I think Paul could've gotten many of those votes but for the war(s), which you shouldn't mention.

    1. Also, Romney is kind of boring.

      In the grand scheme of things, this could help him with undecided/independent/pragmatic voters who probably are most interested in having an economy-minded grownup in the White House for a change.

      It would be stupid for the GOP to push Santorum. Then again, they're not called the Stupid Party for nothing.

      1. Also, Romney is kind of boring.

        I'll take boring over preachy (Obama) or sweater-vest wearing preachy (Santorum) any day.

        1. Of course!

          That's my point. I think that there are many voters who feel exactly the same way.

          Neither Obama nor Santorum seem like grownups, either

  2. Why would the Koch whores around here be afraid of Santorum? He's white, hates women, hates gays, hates immigrants, thinks only tea sippin' elitists need any of that book learnin', and believes in mystical sky fairies. In other words, the perfect candidate for the Johns and SIVs of the world. Oh wait, I get it. If Santorum is the GOP candidate, he will get slaughtered in the general election and libertarians won't get their wet dream of having a Republican in the White House. That's why you should be afraid.

    1. This is a spoof, right?

      1. Yes. I'm wondering how long it's been since the real Tony has posted a comment here.

      2. It's always a spoof. I fail to understand how you people cannot understand this. It's clear as day. It's like you want him to be real.

        (When I say "you people", I don't mean specifically you, Heroic. I mean the people who respond to it.)

        1. What do you mean yo....wait. Nevermind.

        2. I like how he threw "immigrants" in up there, as if every immigrant article on here isn't a bitch-fest between open-borders types (like myself) and various other branches (tall fences wide gates, no welfare state with immigrants, etc.)

          Hell most of us are more pro-immigrant than his own beloved dem. party.

      3. Unfortunately, no. Libertarian ideology is too ridiculous to be spoofed. Just saying what you guys actually believe is unbelievable to people who live in reality.

        1. because left-wing ideology has proven itself so successful. Liberals hate liberty, hate individual freedom, hate the concepts of adults making adult decisions for themselves. Liberalism kinda spoofs itself, sorta like Obamacare and how it would bring costs down.

          1. Why are you responding to a spoof?

        2. I think you missed the point "Tony". If it is a spoof, it is a spoof of whatever reality there has been behind the "Tony" handle. And that comment didn't even have anything to say about libertarian ideology.

        3. Unfortunately, no. Libertarian ideology is too ridiculous to be spoofed. Just saying what you guys actually believe is unbelievable to people who live in reality.

          Really? Because when I explain what libertarianism is to people who have never heard of it before, the usual reaction is "That makes sense! Why isn't everyone for that?"

          The above is a word for word quote from an actual person, BTW.

    2. "Why would the Koch whores around here be afraid of Santorum? He's white, hates women, hates gays, hates immigrants, thinks only tea sippin' elitists need any of that book learnin', and believes in mystical sky fairies."

      This describes tha Koch brothers and organizations sponsored by them like Reason and the the Cato institute to a 't'. That's some real good thinking' moron. Did you do it all by yourself?

      1. Didn't you hear they are taking over CATO? Apparently, the 10% of CATO publications about civil liberties for gays and immigration reform was too much deviation from the the GOP party line Koch wants them to follow.

        1. 10%? Sounds like you've done your research.

        2. the Kochs are a menace to society, but George Soros is okay, right? Of course, because when leftist billionaires try to impose their belief system on everyone else, it is for people's own good.

    3. but tony, santorium is all authentic n stuff

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                    6. So that's it? The murderer was really.....I mean.....the Indians invented agriculture which eventually morphed into the AGRICULTURAL CITY STATE?

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        How goes the final hour. As he sees his bridal bower. Being regally and legally prepared? Well, I'll tell you what the king is doing tonight: He's scared! He's scared! You wonder what the king is wishing tonight? He's wishing he were in Scotland fishing tonight! What occupies his time while waiting for the bride? He's searching high and low for some place to hide.

    2. You're a terrible storyteller.

      1. Thank God the new character limit is sparing us from pointless walls-o-text.

        1. Technology: Is there nothing it can't do?

          1. Is there nothing it can't do?
            prevent WI from dumping on every thread.

            1. Actually, if you read the story, I think it's someone attempting to "PWN" White Indian, as they say in the vernacular. It's all about how Indians learned to plant corn.

              1. if you read the story

                Err, no.

                I think it's someone attempting to "PWN" White Indian

                You can't pwn somebody with tl:dr.

            2. Apparently not.

            3. Or White Indian just went completely batshit insane. Your pick.

              1. why can't it be both?

                1. Multiple personality disorder? I think you're on to something.

                  Sorry about your birthday party, by the way.

                  1. story of my life. I just wanted the people of the Wasteland to have a good time.

                2. False dichotomies and binary choices are why the country is in the shape it's in.

              2. Or White Indian just went completely batshit insane. Your pick.

                What do you mean "went"

  4. Alright, the character limit has failed and it is time for registration. For some reason this stupid myth-telling pushed me over the edge on these.

    1. Why do you hate American Indians, Spoonman?

      1. Damn Aztecs took urr jerbs.

        1. They killed his dog?

  5. Santorum would be the end of the Republican Party. I won't be voting Christian Socialist.

    1. That ship has sailed. It needs to be the end of the Republican party, because otherwise it will be the end of the country. They've only gotten more extreme since Bush. Can we really survive a Bush term on steroids?

      1. "Can we really survive a Bush term on steroids?"

        You mean like Obama?

        1. Don't you feel bad playing tee-ball at this age? 😉

      2. Awwh Tony - did some of them hurt your feelings by proposing to grow the federal government slower or actually have a Federal budget? Sorry you got all butt-hurt by W's radical conservatism.

        1. Small governmentism is a lie, a buzzword, a cover for Republican policies, which always grow the deficit and make society worse. Your attachment to it speaks only to your own ignorance of the fact that it means nothing, your believing Republicans when they peddle it speaks to something far more pathetic.

          1. derp de derpity derp

          2. When did I say I was a Republican?

            It's funny that you think Bush was a radical. I would love to see your reaction to a Gary Johnson Administration.

  6. http://www.politico.com/blogs/.....17436.html

    Racist scumbag Ron Paul no longer distracting the media from the credible candidates.

  7. Remind me again why we have this ridiculous two-party system? If Santorum is the nominee, I honestly don't see any reason to vote against Obama. This guy will grow the government at least as fast as Obama but might get us in to another pointless war faster. So why not persuade Ron Paul to run as a third-party candidate? What do we have to lose? Sure, he won't win. But Santorum has no chance against Obama anyway. And even if he did, like I said before, he is just as bad if not worse in terms of his commitment to liberty. So by going with a third party at least we send a message to the idiotic Republican electorate that a Santorum candidacy means the libertarian-social conservative alliance is dissolved. No more taking us for granted with mere lip service to limited government. We can and must go our own separate ways.

    1. But Santorum is all about saving the unborn, killing Muslims and oppressing gays.

      According to Hannity that means he's a small government conservative.

      1. According to Hannity, you're a small-government conservative if you're the Republican candidate for office.

    2. We have a two party system because it's precisely what people want. Binary "us versus them" tribalism is a strong instinct in people, and it's easier to go with that impulse than to make reasoned, informed decisions about issues that often don't have a sound-bite, clear-cut answer to them.

      You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know... morons.

      1. "Political tags ? such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth ? are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire. The former are idealists acting from highest motives for the greatest good of the greatest number. The latter are surly curmudgeons, suspicious and lacking in altruism. But they are more comfortable neighbors than the other sort." -Heinlein's Lazarus Long

        Both parties represent the former group in that quote. The only difference is what they want to control.
        That leaves voters of the latter sort with nobody to support, even if they bothered to show up to the polls.

        1. While this is true, the way our political system is set up lends itself to a duopoly. To make changes requires fundmanetally restructuring the election rules, which for about eleventy jillion reasons, ain't gonna happen.

    3. Even if Paul doesn't run 3rd party, there's still Gary Johnson on the Libertarian Party ticket. At some point Libertarians and libertarian leaning independant voters will have to give up on trying to influence the Republican party to become more libertarian.

      It's a fool's errand, so if a Santorum nomination proves to be the last straw, then maybe some good might come from it afterall.

  8. Second to whom? Ron Paul?

  9. Ron Paul was second last time. Look it up.

    1. Ron Paul came in 4th in both votes and delegates in 2008.

  10. Romney is a tall, attractive Massachusetts striver running almost solely on electability -- as opposed to policy vision or connection with voters -- at a time when the sitting president seems over his head and beatable. If that formulation feels familiar, it is. John Kerry rode it to a surprisingly easy Democratic nomination in 2004

    Kerry is in no way attractive. He's like a hideous malformed Sarah Jessica Parker.

    1. Kerry and Romney are fundamentally different kinds of "strivers", too, for better or worse.

  11. A party that takes Rick Santorum seriously is not a party serious enough to govern

    SANTORUM 2012!!

    1. Gosh, how do I choose between

      (a) a party that is not serious enough to govern because it takes Santorum seriously, and

      (b) a party that is not serious enough to govern because it takes Obama seriously?

      1. When give a choice between being punched in the face or kicked in the nuts, I like to at least ask for something else.

        1. I like to ask for a ham sammidge in that situation.

          May not get it, but that's what I want.

        2. In that scenario you're likely to get both.

  12. Romney wasn't in second place in 2008, Huckabee was.

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