Ron Paul Campaign: Reports of Its Death Exaggerated


The American Conservative's Phil Giraldi reported this morning–with no citation of names or numbers–that he's heard reports that "the Ron Paul campaign laid off most of its staff nationwide yesterday."

Paul campaign chair Jesse Benton responds to me this morning that what in fact happened was "We simply cut field staff in the states that already voted, which is par for the course"  and that implications of campaign death or serious retrenchment "are completely false."

More if specific facts warrant later, and for the detailed story of how Paul's career and campaign got to where they are, see my forthcoming book Ron Paul's Revolution.

Paul is still drawing crowds of more than 2,000 to college campuses, as his campaign reports from yesterday at the University of Kansas in Lawrence. For a long report on the state of the campaign this week, see my article from yesterday, "Ron Paul Revolution What Now?"