Tim Cavanaugh Talks Obama Lock with Jerry Doyle: 4:30 p.m. Eastern (1:30 Pacific)


Jerry Doyle.

Reason Managing Editor Tim Cavanaugh will discuss his "near-certainty that Mitt Romney will be defeated by Barack Obama in November" today on the Jerry Doyle radio show at 1:30 PM Pacific Time (4:30 PM Eastern).

Possible topics: Are Mitt Romney's modest total-vote numbers a product of non-enthusiasm forMitt Romney himself or non-enthusiasm for the GOP overall? 

In fact, since Romney is maintaining his 2008 numbers amid a general decline in votes for every Republican candidate, should we be nice and say he's doing relatively better than he was in 2008? 

In fact (2), how do we know even a general decline in Republican voters will hurt Romney at a time when, according to Gallup, the Democrats are hemorrhaging voters too

How the devil did the Sheens get mixed up in this thing too

How has this topic evolved in the three hours since the last radio spot

You know who else was a lock

As always, Romnites, Gingrichians, Paulines, Santoreos, Obamabots, Grid Epsilon Irregulars, Copperheads, Nullifiers, Anti-Masonites, Free Soilers and others are urged to join in. 

Time: 1:30 PM Pacific Time today (4:30 PM Eastern).

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  1. So Obama Lock is like Identity Lock, but for elections…therefore….rrrrracccccist….?

    1. I thought it was like Tone Loc, only without the beat.

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  2. Nice. I’ll actually get to listen to about half of it before I’m out of range.

    1. Out of range or out of rage?

      1. Range. My drive home has the antenna of the radio station that carry’s Doyle at my back.

        1. “antenna of the radio station that
          carry’s Doyle at my back.”


  3. Oh, I see. Cavanaugh is trying to put the fear of a second Obama term into voters so as to motivate them to vote against him, because he wants Romney to win. I’ve got Cavanaugh’s number on this.

    1. You think he’ll punch the card for ROMNIAC?

    2. Or the reverse. Stay home, because this wonderful president is unbeatable.

      I hope he’s voting LP, because that’s the only way to go now. No hiding that Obama is about as statist as we’ve had in decades.

      1. I can’t wait for this election’s story on which candidates the various reason editors are voting for. It should be hilarious, and the comments on it will be a zoo.

        1. It’s certainly a given that Steve Chapman is voting for his pal Obama again. He might well be the only one this time though; everyone else will probably either go LP or not vote.

        2. The complete meltdown of the LRC crowd will be great. Because it’s all the cosmos and beltway types keeping RP from the White House.

          1. Okay.

            Some people worry about the fate of the nation, others prefer to gloat over perceived internecine advantages. I’m in the former camp and lose no sleep over not giving a shit about the later.

            1. Not gloating, I think the divides between various libertarian factions are pointless and counterproductive. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t keep me entertained for a little while.

              1. There are really just two viable options for libertarians in the political sphere. Choice one, lose to Democrats. Choice two, lose to Republicans. There is little in the way of comedy in between.

              2. Just to illustrate the point:

                Ed Crane’s ouster or furor over the newsletters, both are sad spectacles.

                A future Democratic or Republican Attorney General assassinated while giving a speech defending political assassination after engaging in it, comedy gold.

  4. Obama can win if there is a viable third parry candidate who takes more votes from the Republicans than Democrats, but most likely that wont happen. Votes get siphoned off of lousy incumbents, Carter in 1980 and Herbert Bush in 1992. He is not going to carry purple states this time around. Virginia and North Carolina definitely not; Ohio, or any other state where the racial make up is close to 80% white is not going to vote for him on his one qualification for the office in 2008 either. Republicans would really have to screw the pooch in front of the kids to lose the white vote this year.

    1. http://www.realclearpolitics.c…..-1860.html

      RCP average: Obama 45.6 — Romney 41.8

      Rut Roh

      1. Like I said yesterday, Jimmy Carter was actually leading Reagan in all the polls practically all the way up to November. Most average people haven’t even seriously started thinking about the election yet.

      2. With a primary fight going on right now, this number for Romney is a floor, not a maximum.

        Again, predictions at this point are hard to make. Personally, I think Romney will be a rotten president. My only reason to want an Obama loss is just to shut him up.

      3. I pointed out specific states because general election polls don’t matter at all in the election calculus.

    2. but most likely that wont happen

      And even more likely Gary Johnson will get blamed anyway.

  5. All of these polls that show Obama with somewhere north of 45% of the vote just make me weep.

  6. There is a dude that clearly knows what tiem of day it is. Well done man, well done.

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