The Most Amazing Thing About Media Matters' List of Dumb Things Rush Limbaugh Has Said: It Stops at 15


Media Matters for America, which is milking the Limbaugh/Fluke brouhaha for all its worth (and then some, including a compilation of criticism that quotes me), has assembled a list of El Rushbo's most scandalous on-air comments since 2004, the better to frighten his advertisers. Some of them are indeed appalling. Here he is in May 2004, talking about the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal:

I'm talking about people having a good time, these people, you ever heard of emotional release? You ever heard of need to blow some steam off?

As Nick Gillespie noted in 2004, Limbaugh also "said that what took place at Abu Ghraib was 'no different than what happens at the Skull and Bones initiation,' as if hooking blindfolded POWs up to electrical wires or sodomizing them with chemical light sticks was the same as a fraternity circle jerk." These comments encapsulate the perils of Limbaugh's approach, which combines glibness and intentional provocation with supposedly serious commentary. Although he is first and foremost an entertainer, he is decidely not just kidding.

Few of the quotes on Media Matters' list rise (descend?) to that level. Media Matters clearly thinks a bunch of the comments are racist, but I'm not so sure. Likening Barack Obama to Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe is ridiculously disproportionate, but it is not ipso facto racist, even if you note that Mugabe "took the white people's farms." Similarly, in 2009 Limbaugh said of Obama, "People are finally standing up to this little boy, this little man-child president." Racist denigration of a black man as a "boy," or dismissal of a young, inexperienced politician who Limbaugh thinks is in over his head? You decide. And what about his 2009 statement, in connection with the automaker bailout, that "people in the private sector are getting raped by this administration"? It seems to me that only someone who automatically thinks of black people when he thinks of rapists would read that statement as racist because the president happens to be black. Limbaugh's 2011 complaint about an untranslated speech by Chinese leader Hu Jintao is likewise open to interpretation:

Hu Jintao was just going, "Ching cha. Ching chang cho chow. Cha Chow. Ching Cho. Chi ba ba ba. Kwo kwa kwa kee. Cha ga ga. Ching chee chay. Ching zha bo ba. Chang cha.  Chang cho chi che.  Cha dee. Ooooh chee bada ba. Jee jee cho ba." Nobody was translating, but that's the closest I can get.

If Limbaugh had done a similar impression of what German or Russian sounds like to him, it definitely would not have been racist, right? Just kinda juvenile and unsophisticated, maybe vaguely xenophobic. What if the language Limbaugh could not understand had been Hebrew? Speaking of which, I think this 2010 comment is supposed to be anti-Semitic:

To some people, bankers — code word for Jewish — and guess who Obama's assaulting? He's assaulting bankers. He's assaulting money people. And a lot of those people on Wall Street are Jewish. So I wonder if there's starting to be some buyer's remorse there.

If anything, Limbaugh's implication is that Obama is anti-Semitic because he's going after bankers, and that his Jewish supporters therefore may be having second thoughts about him. That's silly for several reasons, not least because the Obama administration has hardly been an enemy to bankers, but it's not anti-Semitic.

Limbaugh talks three hours a day, five days a week, and he deliberately says outrageous things that he knows will drive people like Media Matters' monitors crazy. (See, e.g., his 2010 suggestion that schoolkids who receive free lunches could get their meals from dumpsters "until school kicks back up in August.") So it's amazing that the list of dumb things Rush Limbaugh has said in the last eight years stops at 15 and that so many of them are just plain dumb, as opposed to beyond-the-pale hateful. Apparently Limbaugh has called first lady Michelle Obama "Michelle, my butt," which I guess is a sort of Beavis and Butt-Head twist on "Michelle, ma belle." That's No. 12 on "15 of the Worst Comments Limbaugh's Advertisers Have Sponsored Since 2004." Is that supposed to be racist too? Something about black women and their butts? Dunno.

Media Matters has every right, of course, to try shaming Limbaugh's sponsors into deserting his show. I suspect he will survive. Although I do not really understand his appeal, he is a hugely successful entertainer, presumably because he is delivering what listeners want to hear, which includes precisely the sort of deliberately offensive, over-the-top right-wing rhetoric that Media Matters loves to hate. I'm not even sure that Media Matters and other Limbaugh critics truly want to drive Limbaugh off the air. It seems like they need each other.

Sarah Palin, who in 2008 suggested she has a First Amendment right to say things without being criticized, is now appying the same analysis to Limbaugh. "I think the definition of hypocrisy is for Rush Limbaugh to have been called out, forced to apologize and retract what it is that he said in exercising his First Amendment rights," she said on CNN last night. "And never is…the same applied to the leftist radicals who say such horrible things about the handicapped, about women, about the defenseless." The point about double standards is valid, as Nick Gillespie noted yesterday. But what does the First Amendment have to do with it? Limbaugh was not literally "forced" to do anything; he made what appears to have been a business decision that some sort of apology (even a half-assed, patently disingenuous one) would help smooth things over with advertisers. If it doesn't, does Palin think the Constitution requires those companies to continue running ads on his show?

I discussed Limbaugh's pill-related legal troubles in a 2006 column.

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  1. Jacob.

    I don't think Palin was invoking the 1st Amendment. She merely said Limbaugh was exercising his 1st Amendment rights. She never that I can tell ever said that the 1st Amendment speaks to the issue of whether he should have to apologize. So I don't think she meant what you imply she did.

    1. Palin is playing the worn-out double standard card. Yes, it exists and there is ample evidence of that. But Rush knows this and Palin should.

      The pisser is Rush had a clear, wide open opportunity to call Fluke the looter and societal leech that she is, and to framer her as the poster child for the entitlement class that liberalism seeks to inculcate in society. He chose, instead, to go juvenile, like he's the political version of Howard Stern. Blown opportunity.

      1. He is the political equivalent of Howard Stern, without Jackie the Joke Man or Fred or Stuttering John. What did you expect?

        1. That is exactly what he is. I don't get why liberals get so pissed about him. He is actually pretty funny. How exactly is Rush Limbaugh a threat to the great world order? Are they really that afraid of being made fun of?

          1. Are they really that afraid of being made fun of?

            Yes, they are. Nothing erodes authority like being the butt of a joke.

            1. It's one of the rules for radicals, actually.

            2. I remember in the before-time, when Obama won the election, resident leftists saying that Obama couldn't be made fun of ("Parodying Obama just isn't funny" or something along those lines).

              Not just because he was black, though I think that was implied, but because their issues were too serious to be mocked, and Mr. Blank Slate had been transformed from a politician into a symbol of all of their hopes and dreams. So mocking him was mocking those.

              1. He is the least impersonated President maybe in the TV era. Actors are just terrified to make fun of him.

                1. Saturday Night Live basically has no choice but to impersonate Obama on occasion, and you can tell that they absolutely hate doing it. There's no caricature there. No Obama trait is ridiculed. Obama is played boring. No, they're not making fun of him for being boring - they did that successfully with Al Gore. They just do a straight impression.

                  1. Obama is played boring because he is. There's just not that much of a personality there to be made fun of. SNL, with Dan Ackroyd, had a field day with Carter, as he had characteristics and personality ticks that stood out.

              2. resident leftists saying that Obama couldn't be made fun of

                Of course, it's racist.

              3. Of course the magic Negro should be above ridicule.

          2. Are they really that afraid of being made fun of?
            of course, they are. They really believe their own bullshit. Someone like Fluke genuinely believes she has a right to free stuff, that the concept of "free" actually exists.

          3. Yes liberals are that dour such that this kind of humor is microaggression against their noble purposes. Even Bill Maher has to pretend to be a libertarian because if he played an honest liberal he'd be as funny as Al Franken.

            1. Sadly, there was a time when Al Franken was actually funny. Not great but not bad.

              1. I liked him on the old SNL. Nothing worse for a comedian than to start taking yourself too seriously.

              2. Franken was watchable in this film, Stuart Smalley Saves his Family

                If Franken comes on TV now, have to switch channels quickly before I throw hammers at my flat screen.

                1. Yeah....I dunno about that. I actually went to see it in the theater (I know, I know...) and there were two other people in there the whole time. And, this wasn't some Tuesday matinee.

                  It was a Thursday matinee.

        2. Snerdly on the sybian?

        3. That's been my opinion all along. Yes, he doesn't have strippers make out in front of him, but he does the far-right equivalent. I've never really listened to him, though I've left the dial on his show a few times (mostly when driving cross-country).

          Frankly, I don't see why it matters. No one is really endorsing what he said, though some are defending it on the basis of what he supposedly meant. So it's just some jock who says outrageous things saying something outrageous. Again. I'm frankly a little more disturbed by the faux-outrage than by what he said. And I'm even more disturbed by where this is all going if we end up being stuck with socialized medicine.

          1. Liberals really view him as a threat. It is like they cannot abide anyone who is not a liberal, even a clown, having any public voice at all. It is almost pathological.

            1. He is not serious. Unsubstiantive. Glib. HE MUST BE DESTROYED.

              1. Stop it, Warty. Serious people who have Ph.D.s and probably make more than you are trying to have an adult conversation.

            2. Well, I think what happens with him, especially around election season, is that he serves as a proxy for "Evil Republican" to rally the troops and to try to convince moderates that the GOP is too extreme.

              On the flip side, the right does this with its leftish bogeymen, too. They just vary the target a bit more.

              1. The right has a more target rich environment. The Right certainly whines a lot about say John Stewart or Keith Olberman. But to my knowledge they have never pledged to destroy them, run them off the air. The Left wants to reinstitute the fairness doctrine so that radio stations will no longer carry Limbaugh. Talk radio is just an obsession with them. Look at how much people like Shrike and Tony accuse anyone who disagrees with them of just being Limbauh and Hannity followers.

                It is long since become creepy and obsessive.

                1. The left has a monopoly on humor and outrage. Therefore anything offensive they say is joke, and anything offensive the right says is deadly serious insult.

                  That the left has managed to almost thoroughly ingrain this meme in American culture is really quite brilliant of them.

                  1. That is a good point Sugar Free. They also have managed to always make themselves the little guy and the right the establishment. It doesn't matter that they are the establishment and run most of the institutions in America. In their minds it is forever 1968. So, they can say without a hint of irony how much courage it takes to take leftist positions in public.

                  2. Exactly.

                    MSM Rules:

                    Dem hyperbole = okay and take with a grain of salt

                    Repub hyperbole = take seriously and denounce

                2. "The Left wants to reinstitute the fairness doctrine so that radio stations will no longer carry Limbaugh."

                  What evidence is there of this besides fevered dreams and fundraising emails? From 2008-2010 we kept hearing that Pelosi and Obama were going to reinstitute the fairness doctrine and it never even was submitted for a vote in committee.

                  I would say that Limbaugh is treated more seriously by the right than Stewart and Olbermann are treated by the left.


                  1. Mo,

                    It has long been a goal of many on the left to reinstitute the fairness doctrine. Just because Obama didn't do it, doesn't mean a lot of people on the Left didn't want him too.

                    Maybe I missed it when a major cable news network gave Limbaugh an hour long prime time show like they did Olberman. Who on the Left doesn't take Olberman seriously.

                    And a simple google of Stewart's name reveals how seriously he takes himself and how seriously his fans take him. Maybe you missed the big march on the Mall he did in 2010. That was widely attended. And most definitely taken seriously by the people who participated.

                    1. If they wanted to and were going to get it done, controlling the House, a filibuster-proof Senate majority and the White House is the time. It ain't happening.

                      There's a difference between random people on the internet taking someone seriously and guys like Bob Dole and Ronald Reagan. Do you really think that the thing keeping Limbaugh off of Fox News is that he's not taken seriously? If he asked for a 3 hour block of TV tomorrow, he'd get it.

                    2. I didn't say people don't take Limbaugh seriously. They do. I said people take Olberman and Stewart just as seriously.

                      And the desire to return to the fairness doctrine is more than just internet chat. Conservatives would definitely like to have a national right to work law. But that doesn't' mean that they would be willing to pay to political price to get it even if they could. Same thing here.

                    3. What makes you think you can hold your head above the cloud of shame from the left supporting the original Fairness Doctrine, Mo? If people are suspicious of you, and we are, we damn well have good reason to be suspicious. Have you done anything to renounce your old commie ways? Not only do progressives not denounce leftist of yesteryear but they embrace nineteen fifties nostalgia, desiring to go back to 90% tax rates, industrial syndicates, and laws that undermine the first amendment at every turn justified on a primitive belief in market failure where the Fairness Doctrine is just one malformed example. So, fuck you, my powder stays dry.

          2. Personally, I liked some proof that Fluke was using it for birth control. Because usually it requires sex with a biological male for there to be a danger of unwanted pregnancy.

            1. Where are the boyfriends? I think you would have to pay a lot of money and be willing to foot the bill to put the guy in a witness protection program to get a guy to come forward and admit to having those beer goggles.

              1. Dude, nobody will admit to having sex with it. If they did, they'd have to press charges for rape.

            2. I'm pretty sure the Gender Studies graduate regards all sex as a form of rape, so good luck on that courting. She has advocated for requiring insurance companies to cover gender reassignment, something for potential suitors to think about.

            3. Keepin' it classy.

              1. Keepin' it classy.

                If the shoe fits, fugs, it goes straight up your ass.

          3. Now you're making me miss Howard, dude. I just want to hear Billy West doing Larry Fine's first homosexual experience again, or play "Who's the Jew?". Damn, those were the Howard Stern golden years.

            1. One time back in the 1990s they somehow got Stuttering John into fashion week and he got to ask Kathy Ireland a question. His question was "so do you prefer a pad or a plug?". All you heard after the question was this scream followed by the commotion of her bodyguards throwing him out of the tent. It was hysterical.

              1. Or when he got James Garner cornered and Garner threatened to slug him. Or the calls Howard would make to Chevy Chase's house and get the maid. Fucking great stuff.

                But my favorite was the morning Howard had Gilbert Gottfried on and they imitated Jerry Seinfeld the entire morning. I was stuck in traffic on the George Washington bridge and got to listen to all of it. Hilarious.

                1. I heard him arguing with Chevy once. As much as I like some of his movies, that's one serious asshole. At least, seems that way to me.

                  1. Chevy Chase is definitely a serious asshole. Every now and then, he gets quoted saying that Cuba is a great place and things like that.

                    1. A buddy of mine played a game of pool with Chevy in Aspen. Chevy asked him if he wanted anything from the bar, and my buddy say "I'll take a steak sandwich, and a steak sandwich"

                      Chevy freaked out at him. Total asshole.

            2. I liked Stern at times, but I also tended to get tired of him. I liked the bit where they'd ask homeless people questions and bet on whether they'd get them right. One time, they found a homeless supergenius.

          4. I've never really listened to him

            Please, stop pretending. We all know you are a conservative Republican ditto-head and always have been. I understand things about people, you see. I have a window into their souls. So I know, "Pro Libertate." I KNOW. You can stop pretending, at least with me.

          5. Glad somebody said the most free market libertarian on the radio is "far-right."

      2. He shouldn't have said what he said. But now that he has, pointing out the double standard and making liberals squirm and explain how it is okay when they do it, is something worth doing.

        1. He really is a master of spin. It's interesting to watch him work this. Too bad he's not a consultant; though I guess he has enough years left to become one if he tires of radio.

          1. Rush signed a $400 million contract for 8 years in 2008. Who would he be consulting for that he would net more than that?

    2. I think the point is, should a mob of PC bullies get to decide what speech is acceptable and what is not? In 20 years or however long Rush has been broadcasting, because he said "slut" the pitchfork and torches crowd suddenly gets to bully him off the air?

      Freedom of speech goes beyond the 1st Amendment. It's a cultural commitment to protect unpopular speech, to have people like "libertarians" to stand up to the vocal minority who wants to silence a popular voice with whom they disagree.

        1. John, you agree with that Randomjerk's statement, eh? Did you read it or did he just hit enough of your buttons with terms like "pc bullies" and "vocal minority"?

          1. I did. And he is right. Limbaugh has been on the air as an agent provacateur for 20 years. What is wrong with it?

            1. It's a cultural commitment to protect unpopular speech, to have people like "libertarians" to stand up to the vocal minority who wants to silence a popular voice with whom they disagree.

              Is that just self-contradictory nonsense or is he claiming that you are not just obligated to defend the right to offensive speech, that you are also obligated to defend the speech itself? Either way, you do agree with that?

            2. Limbaugh has been on the air as an agent provacateur for 20 years.

              That's quite the conspiracy theory, John. Or did you just like the sound of that phrase without worrying about its meaning?

  2. This story just will not die.

    Please, baby Jesus, make it stop!

    1. Jesus can't help you. The CIA kidnapped him.

      1. He is at a secret compound with Hell Boy.

        1. I think they're trying to get Michael and Gabriel in on the action too. That would be the most badass trio the world has never seen.

          1. Be not afraid. Be very afraid.

  3. Rush Limbaugh is boring. Here, saxomophone.

  4. If Limbaugh had done a similar impression of what German or Russian sounds like to him, it definitely would not have been racist, right?

    This seems like an comment. It would be like commenting on someone calling Hu Jintao a chink and saying, "If Limbaugh had called a German or Russian that, it definitely would not have been racist, right?"

    1. Your counterexample does not seem equivalent.

      The equivalent would be if he called an Englishman a limey tea-sucking bucktoothed bastard.

      1. Which would not have been racist since Englishmen are white.

        1. Which would not have been racist since Englishmen are white.

          You've never met someone who is racist about their own race, or a part of it?

          1. I can see a hilarious comedy gig based on this.

  5. I'd not grant Limbaugh the benefit of the doubt regarding possibly racist comments. He has skirted the line often enough over the course of his career that there's a pattern.

    1. He's either got poison in his veins or caters to those that do. I'll grant that.

      1. Personally I have always been of the opinion he's tired of having to be so careful of the issue. The double standards and endlessly shifting lines of "acceptable" behavior is a minefield.

        1. If one is sincerely not a racist, one rarely if ever finds oneself having to be careful of the issue. Your "double standards and endlessly shifting lines of 'acceptable' behavior" exist mostly in your head.

  6. The awful things TEAM RED dipshits say about sex match up with the awful things TEAM BLUE dipshits say about commerce.

    Both are ridiculous.

    1. What if we merged sex and commerce? Could that solve our problems?

      1. It works in Canadia.

      2. Well, you see how crazy the TEAMsters get about legalized prostitution.

  7. Damn sprinkler is racist.

    Every time it turns on it says "chink chink chink chink chink spick! nigga nigga nigga nigga"

    1. You know what the problem with Italian tires is? Dago flat. And when dago flat, dago wop wop wop wop!

      Meh, you have to say it to get the full effect.

      1. Wop's up? How's your dago?

    2. An Asian man living in America decided to take another trip to Thailand. He goes into the currency exchange and tells the white man behind the counter he wants to trade 1000 US dollars for Thai Baht. The man at the desk tells him that amounts to about 31,000 Baht. The Asian guy gets angry and says, "What you mean, last year that 40,000 Baht!" The guy behind the counter responds, "fluctuations." The Asian man yells back, "Oh yeah, fuck you white people too"

  8. Rush's insults don't matter to me. What I hate about him are the idiots who believe his lies. His lies are so pervasive they enter political discourse.

    Example - "Barney Frank caused the mortgage crisis" - many here believed that lie. Even RC Dean did (among others). In reality Barney Frank had nothing to do with the mortgage crisis. But watch one of his bots here try to say he did.

    "Yeah, but Barney Frank SAID that Fannie Mae was ok back in 2004!" - like BF was some sort of god over the Bush/DeLay hammerlock on government then.

    1. Shorter Shrike, I hate rush because he infringes upon my delusions.

      1. That is Team Red's dirty little secret. You depend on a feeder system of liars - Limpy, Hannity, Beck, and the High Pitch Spermy Voice Guy.

        1. Everyone is a liar Shrike. They are all liars. God you are pathetic.

          1. Suggest rename to Dr. Gregory House.

          2. Just go to Media Matters. They list their lies followed by proof of those lies from a source like the CBO, etc.

            1. Media matters is a organization founded and funded by a former Nazi and run by a paranoid pathological liar. Sorry, nothing media matters says is true. Not a single word including and and the.

              1. You are fucked in the head.

                1. Did Soros not spend his youth working for the Nazis turning in other Jews to go to the death camps?

                  And is David Brock not known as a paranoid nut who is convinced the right wing wants to assassinate him?

                  It is what it is. Not even leftards take media matters seriously.

                2. Not enough 'christfag'.

        2. I can't stand anybody but Limbaugh. He's a blowhard, but he's also an intelligent conservative. As Fluffy said though, he did admit to just swallowing his principles and supporting W when he should not have. Unforgivable.

          Sean Hannity is the fucking worst. What a total unthinking moron. The Republican Party's true split is between Ron Paul supporters and Sean Hannity watchers.

          1. Hannity is bad, I agree. Boortz is pretty good though, should give him a listen. He's funny as hell at least.

            1. Beck is the epitome of the Tea Party. Briefly veered libertarian, but then let GOD and GAYZ get in the way and laid on his back for Rick Fucking Santorum.

              1. I could never watch Beck for more than five minutes without my eyes glazing over. I just found him boring.

                1. Stu & Pat for the 4th hour are hilarious though. I agree Beck went too god crazy.

                  1. Yes, but just this very morning, Glenn, Stu and Pat were all starting to openly engage in cognitive dissonance so they can vote for Mitt Romney, and mocked Constitution Party (and by implication Libertarian Party) voters for giving Barack Obama "four more years".

                    So it begins.

                    1. Black statist, white statist, what's the difference? The sole advantage that Romney might have is that he might appoint marginally better judges.

                      If he'd repudiate government-run healthcare and propose more serious spending cuts, I might be at least moderately optimistic. But since he won't do that even in the primaries, there's almost no hope that he'll be more than moderately better than Obama. And that's being optimistic.

          2. I didn't even know who Hannity was until MNG started yapping him on every thread. Limbaugh is at least funny and as you say pretty intelligent. Hannity seems to be somewhere around Nancy Grace level.

            1. I just want to point out that your Hannity ignorance and my Hannity hate makes us GOP Shills, John.

              1. I don't generally watch cable news. As God is my witness I had no idea who he was. One day MNG accused me of getting my talking points from Hannity. And I in total seriousness asked who the hell is Hannity. I think he had some kind of coronary in response.

                1. Now that you mention it, he reminds me of David Letterman. So much effort with such little payoff, it's kinda sad.

                2. Hannity is a cock.

    2. Even RC Dean did (among others).

      I have certainly never believed that Barney single-handedly caused the mortgage crisis. But anyone who thinks that the mortgage crisis was caused by over-leverage, moral hazard and the outright fraud perpetrated by Fannie and Freddie has to recognize Barney's pre-eminent role in facilitating them.

      1. Even Newt said BF should be in jail in a debate this year.

        I know you hate Newt but that is how far PigBoy's lies travel.

        1. Barney should be in jail. He was growing pot in his house. His former b/f made millions from fraudulent fannie and freddie accounting all the while Barney ran interference in Congress for him.

          Barney is an outright criminal.

          1. More lies. His b/f was not involved in earnings and Fannie's accounting scandal was traced to Franklin Raines.

            Now Raines? He was a book cooker for sure. The Bush DOJ let him go with a wrist slap.

        2. Did you even read Dean's comment, or did you just see his name, hit the reply link and start hammering away?

          1. yeah - we have hashed it out many times.

            The GSE Reform Act PASSED the House - BF did nothing to hurt it.

            Dean knows but he won't let go.

            1. Raines was a Democrat and Clinton's budget director you fucking moron. And Barney's boyfriend most certainly did make millions.

              You are just pathetic Shrike.

            2. BF's career is replete with involvement in protecting Fannie and Freddie, expanding their purview, etc.

              But, pretend all you want that his decades of involvement was on the side of the angels.

    3. shrike, your statement about Barny Fag is a lie. So you lie your ass off.

    4. I wouldn't call him a proximate cause, but Barney Frank was tight with both the GSEs and the banking industry basically his entire time in Congress, and his influence on policy certainly helped to blow the debt bubble that led to the crisis.

  9. I don't care what that bloated idiot says.

  10. Ron Paul alt-text:

    1. Shall I compare thee to the military-industrial complex?

    2. I saw that this morning and had a little chuckle.

  11. I've heard Rush called "irrelevant" by people on the left, yet he manages to grab the spotlight, time after time, year after year. Like him or not, you have to admit he's pretty damn good at that.

    1. I don't think anybody with two brain cells to rub together could deny that.

      Also, the advertisers that pulled out are idiots. They're getting soo much more publicity for free it's stupid.

      1. Carbonite is taking it on the chin. It costs a lot of money to advertise on Rush. When you do it, you do it because you want to appeal to a certain demographic. And if you do it for a long time, you have just spend a lot of money to build up brand loyalty among that demographic. The companies who pulled out just pissed away years worth of brand building.

        1. Yup. Created an entire demographic out of nothing that won't do business with them under any circumstances. Quite silly.

          Although, to be fair, Carbonite hasn't ever turned a profit.

        2. It could be argued they saved themselves from losing the business of people on the far left. Though, it wouldn't be a very good argument since the majority of them don't have money to spend on stuff like data backup anyway...

  12. "as if hooking blindfolded POWs up to electrical wires or sodomizing them with chemical light sticks was the same as a fraternity circle jerk."

    Here again we have Limbaugh being more accurate than his critics.
    I would bet that what happened at Abu Grab is much more likely than a circle jerk. It's been a long time, huh?



    (pant) (pant)

    They're just as bad!

    T-t-t-hey... have to be...

  14. Media Matters for America, which is milking the Limbaugh/Fluke brouhaha for all its worth (and then some, including

    As I stated before in yesterday's thread, probably too late for anyone to read or care, this is the point.

    It takes the conversation away from the issue of mandated coverage of an easily obtainable, inexpensive drug-- the arguments for which are flimsy at best.

    The more we turn this into a forensic discussion of the word "slut", the more liberty, free markets and libertarianism lose.

    Plan B is in fucking vending machines. Vending Machines.

    Marijuana: Illegal.

    The left wins again.

    1. ^^THIS

  15. The Rush Limbaugh comments that made me turn off his show for good were his stupid Thanksgiving rant where he was getting all up in arms about how Obama and liberals complain about white people oppressing Native Americans - as if that's no big deal, then blaming Native Americans for white people dying from voluntary tobacco use. How can he put equivalency between genocide and mass relocation vs. a negative outcome of an individual's personal choice. It seemed beyond the pale and revisionist. And to blame teachers for teaching actual history and not the whitewashed version that makes white people into the heroes and saviors of the Native American savages...

  16. Is it "its worth" or "it's worth"? Both are technically correct, I guess, but I had never considered that it was anything but "it's worth".

    (that's the most interesting part of this "story")

  17. you really shouldn't criticize somebody for the number of gaffes they commit. I'm certain the writer of this article has no where near the air time Rush does, and yet has plenty of dumb things to criticize

  18. All of this uproar over a 23-year college student, err 30 year old political activist.

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