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Ron Paul's Not So Super Tuesday


Boston—It will be a few hours before we find out the results of the Alaska primary but so far this is a bad night for Ron Paul and his legions of supporters.

Paul performed better than expected in Vermont, winning 25 percent of the vote and effectively securing at least three delegates for himself in Tampa. In Virginia, where his only competition was Mitt Romney, Paul garnered his highest percentage of the campaign with 41 percent, but that still only netted him three delegates. And while Paul devoted significant time and resources to North Dakota, he still only finished a distant second place with 27 percent in that state's non-binding caucuses.

Outside of those three bright spots it appears Paul is walking away with 6 out of a possible 419 delegates according to CNN. Paul finished in single digits or low teens everywhere else. 

Results from Idaho, another state where Paul invested heavily, are still coming in, but it is not looking good for Paul there either as Romney has a commanding lead.

Paul's strategy has been focused on caucuses and at this point only a handful of them remain: Guam, Kansas, Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Nebraska, and Montana. Yes, Paul will have delegates at the GOP convention in Tampa—but if these so-so results continue he will not march in there with the army he has been hoping for.

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  1. I asked this in the comments of the livetweeting…

    What the hell is the deal with his rallies? How many of those people are non-voting groupies? CNN said there were about 2,000 people at his rally in Duluth. Even if half those people were children with their parents, that’s still 1,000 voters in a state where approximately 3,000 people voted for Paul? Were 1/3 of Paul caucus-goers in that room?

    1. Not sure about that group, but previous gatherings had a lot of people from out of state. So many that 4-5 people had to be interviewed in order to find someone from in state. That might be the case here, as well.

      1. Grassroots from out-of-state.

    2. A lot of them are hipsters who claim to support him because they think it’s cool, but they have no intention of actually voting.

      1. The Vote for Nobody Campaign

        4 more years!

    3. A lot of them are probably LP registered.

  2. Paul’s strategy has been focused on caucuses and at this point only a handful of them remain: Guam, Kansas, Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Nebraska, and Montana.

    MISSOURI! You forgot about Missouri. We’ll be caucusing March 17.

    1. Give it up. Missouri is going to be going full retard Santorum.

  3. I truly do not understand delegate reports. It seems there are massive disagreements between different media sources regarding the delegate count. So, what exactly is the delegate count?

    1. So, what exactly is the delegate count?

      No one knows. Most of the delegates (even in states that have already voted) won’t actually be selected until each state’s convention. Each news source is just making educated guesses based on a variety of factors.

  4. I’m not voting for Ron Paul, but this photo of him sitting sadly by himself makes me want to cry!

    1. Why not?

      1. If you knew WHO his earmarks have benefitted, you would not support him either unless you are a “corporatist”

    2. Paul being alone must have been by his own choice. If you’ve ever seen one of his rallies, he’s like a rock star. He may be in fourth in delegate count, but in voter passion, he’s a distant number 1.

    3. I am pretty sure that this photo is from the 2008 campaign office in Concord, NH – this year is amazing to any of us who worked to get his name out back then.

    4. Me too, although it’s probably just a random shot from months ago. The headline “Ron Paul’s Not No Super Tuesday” –combined with that photograph– is more upsetting than seeing a baby seal being clubbed.

  5. Rick Santorum depresses me to no end.

    1. You’re not alone.

      1. Get used to seeing him. Despite other speculation that Rubio will get the VP nod, after Santorum’s surprising primary wins, I think it might be going to him.

  6. A lot of them are hipsters who claim to support him because they think it’s cool, but they have no intention of actually voting.

    Oh, they’ll vote. For Obama.

    And if it came to it, they’d vote for him against Ron Paul.

    1. Damn hippies! They say they want to change the world but all they ever do is smoke pot and smell bad!!!

  7. Paul has a generational problem. Look at the % of over 45-year olds voting, and look at the age breakdowns in the exit polls.

    Virginia is a case in point. Paul won over 60% of the under 45 vote, however they only made up 29% of the electorate. The other problem is that many of his natural targets (eg. Nevada, Idaho) also have a high Mormon population.

    Ron Paul will continue to hit a wall around 25% of the vote, until he can find a way to appeal to older voters (~65% of the electorate in most of these races). Or he could target young states instead of caucus states.

    1. And then I grew up.

      1. This is a common refrain among the “enlightened” crowd. So are you saying it’s “grown up” to run $1.4T deficits and $15.5T debt (with no end in sight…these are not temporary “stimulus” numbers, the $1.4T deficit is now included in the baseline budgeting)?

  8. This is where Paul’s age really saddens me. In four years he’s gone from polling single digits to getting tens of thousands of actual votes cast for him, mainly among young people. If he were 10 years yonger I honest to God think he could win during a run in 2016. We all know that no matter who wins in November that this country is going down the shitter, be it with Obama or Romney at the helm. Eventually people will realize that Paul has been right all along on monetary and foreign policy.

    1. His son, Rand, is young. And wins elections.

    2. Hundreds of thousands of votes:

      111,214 in Ohio
      107,480 in Virginia
      117,400 in Florida

  9. Wow, Ron Paul isn’t going to get anywhere near the nomination. What a shock.*

    *I’m not attacking Paul, just taunting of the people who talked about him like he was going to win. Or be allowed to win. Or however you want to think of it. Yet another glorious loss for libertarianism. Well, look on the bright side: everyone will know we were right, in the end. It will be much too late, and they will never admit it, but they will know.

    1. It will be much too late, and they will never admit it, but they will know.

      You sound like one of those EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW, AND EVERY MOUTH CONFESS THAT [RON PAUL] IS LORD bully types.

      Life was filled with guns and war,

      And everyone got trampled on the floor,

      I wish we’d all been ready

      Children died, the days grew cold,

      A piece of bread could buy a bag of gold,

      I wish we’d all been ready,

      There’s no time to change your mind,

      The Son has come and you’ve been left behind.

      1. Right about the imminent end of deficit spending, whether by choice or by international recognition of our insolvency.

        Right that the revealed foreign-policy impotence of a nation so impoverished will be a far stronger “sign of weakness” than a premeditated drawdown of overseas forces would have been.

        Right that a government with a greatly-reduced ability to “fight them over there” will increasingly turn to fighting us over here.

        No, troll, Ron Paul is not Lord. But he is right.

      2. How the fuck is believing time will justify one’s faith be bullying. Lemme guess you are one of those assholes who think the mere offer of a one-sided contract is coercion. TL;DR: GO FUCK YOURSELF!

  10. I am continually amazed at the foolishness of the American people who throw away good chance after good chance.

    Santorum offers nothing but a return to the missionary position, and Romney offers nothing.

    Paul remains the only one with a clear, consistent call for less government and more Liberty!

    RON PAUL 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. ? Is any white person‘s right an individual or collective right?
      ? Is the right to take a negative or positive right?

      “[The Native Americans] didn’t have any rights to the land … Any white person who brought the element of civilization had the right to take over this continent.”

      ~Ayn Rand, US Military Academy at West Point, March 6, 1974

      1. Tedious.

      2. Why would anyone want to continue discussion with someone who insists on being the rule maker?

        I’d just as soon argue with my 8 year old teenager.

        Get a clue.

  11. I guess republican primary/caucus voters aren’t quite ready for reality just yet.

  12. You mean Mangu-Ward and Dahmia were right, and the Paulbots who bought into the cult of personality were wrong? Here, let me show you my surprised face.

    1. If you voted Republican, no matter which candidate, you supported a magical world view.

    2. What Da Nile said.

  13. But Ron Paul won’t protect us from them scary Mooslims and their Sharreeya! He doesn’t care ’bout ‘Merica!

    1. So many myths about Capitalism that Paulbots believe, and they just don’t work out in real life.

      For instance, contrary to the evangelistic preacher Ayn Rand, the first traders were agents of government, not some individualistic John Wayne dude.

      Secondly, war is how resources are secured. America lives and breathes on oil now, and must have a steady supply, or die. That takes military might and blood.

      1. because trade and diplomacy never gets you resources.

      2. For instance, contrary to the evangelistic preacher Ayn Rand, the first traders were agents of government, not some individualistic John Wayne dude.


      3. So….. if I understand you correctly, we should move back to mercantilism?

        After all, that seems to be what we are moving towards now, with the close ties the big investment banks have with government and the Fed Reserve. Hell, BofA recently got Fed Reserve approval to confiscate money from accounts closed within 90 days of any declaration of bankruptcy on their part – meaning if you closed your BofA account today and then BofA declares bankruptcy on June 7th of this year, they can simply TAKE your money from your new bank (the process is called “clawback”) and the Feds will LET THEM DO IT. ( ) Talk about your sweetheart deals?….


        1. In the mean time, if you are a hard working American who has always played by the rules, you get screwed out of everything. I know this first hand, because it happened to me. (But then, I had that great “safety net” Romney keeps talking about to stop my fall, now didn’t I?)


        2. Ron Paul is NOT right about radical Islam, and blowback does NOT apply to dyadic societies, like those where radical Islam currently rules. But none of that matters if we are unable to defend ourselves because we cannot buy weapons or pay our soldiers because we’re broke (while certain “government approved” businesses continue to operate without Capitalistic competition), or the Chinese have called in their loans. Paul knows this, and the others don’t. Period. End of discussion.

          Yet Ron Paul has zero chance of winning this election. For all the pseudo-leftist hangers-on that Paul’s bring the troops home drag in, he is easily the most Capitalistic of the candidates, precisely because he wants to END what you say is the driving cause of “capitalism”!

          Lord Jesus, please return soon, before the neo-Keynesians kill us all….

  14. I think one of Ron Paul’s biggest handicaps is his age. I’ve heard more than a few people express concern about the fact he’s 76 years old. While many of them think he’d make a great President they’re afraid of electing someone who could die or be incapacitated by natural causes at a critical moment. Some say they’d like to see his son Senator Rand Paul consider a White House bid in 2016.

    1. Sadly, I think his biggest handicap is his belief in freedom. It’s just not what the republicans really believe in.

      1. I think his biggest handicap is his foreign policy, esp. RE: Iran… I know many who would vote for him in a heartbeat if not for that one deal-breaker, myself included.

  15. I don’t have a problem with Mormons, but I do have an issue with people who vote for a guy solely because he has the same religion. It appears that there are some Mormons who are doing this in the western states, and I’m convinced that if Romney weren’t in the race we would have seen Paul win at least one or two of those western states.

    I realize that someone with your religion is going to have certain things in common, but for Romney to be getting the percentages he’s getting in places like Idaho and Nevada where he’s never even lived in, it starts looking real silly. Are Mormons really that different from everyone else in their diversity of political opinion? If anything they’re more conservative, yet Romney is the least conservative candidate remaining!

    1. Furthermore of all the candidates in the race, Romney has the least-articulate policy positions. So I fail to see why Mormons are voting for him in such huge numbers, other than the fact that he’s simply Mormon and they expect him to give them special privileges. It’s very unfortunate in my opinion.

      1. Most Mormons are not very libertarian. Their religion is supposed to be, but they kind of gloss over the inconvenient parts of the D&C that talk about agency, or at least fail to follow those scriptures to their logical conclusion.

  16. Unfortunately, this religion angle is going to uplift Romney in the general election too. Obama and Johnson are going to have to spot Romney Utah and Idaho in the general once again, at the very least.

    1. Utah and Idaho are a lock for any Republican, as are most of the LDS heavy states. The only Purple state that Romney might pick up as a result of the LDS vote may be Nevada, with Oregon and Washington being closer than their usual Blue status, but prolly still in Obama’s column.

  17. What this primary is proving to me is that we live in a nation of three theocracies —

    The theocracy of Mormonism west of the Rockies.

    The theocracy of fundamentalist evangelical Christianity in the Midwest and South.

    The theocracy of Big Government and Big Banks in the Northeast

    1. You Forgot the theocracy of Gaia in Kalifornia

    2. The theocracy of Mormonism west of the Rockies.

      No, the theocracy of Mormonism IN the Rockies, or more accurately, “In Utah and all the states adjacent to it.”

  18. ATTENTION RON PAUL SUPPORTERS ON REASON: If you are not voting libertarian this election you are just encouraging the Republicans to treat you like shit. This is no longer a political campaign, this is a punitive expedition.

    1. Don’t worry, I planned on voting LP this year across the board already. Unless they pick Santorum: then I might vote Obama to watch the chaos.

      1. So I’m not the only one. If the GOP picks Romney, I’ll merely vote Libertarian. If they insist on Santorum, I’m voting Democrat because I’m not interested in fleeing the country to have basic sexual freedom.

        1. I’m not voting for asshats like either Obama or Santorum — both are repulsive politically.

          Romney is only open to consideration for me if he picks Ron or Rand Paul, and even then prolly just going LP.

  19. The regime’s strategy of marginalizing Ron Paul in the minds of voter was again successful, though less so than in 2008.

  20. Pauls problem is that the majority of voters don’t agree with him on all the issues although they probably agree with him on most of them.

    If Paul had compromised on the legalize crack! stuff and having such an opposing foreign policy, this post probably wouldn’t need to be written.

    I get that libertarians think they are right, but then Obama and the left think they are right and Santorum/Gingrich and Romney also think they are right. Whats more, they have sound reasoning for why they are right which you cannot just wish away so they will vote for your perfect (in your eyes) candidate.

    Libertarians have this political naivety in that they think the majority of voters should just get over a couple of major issues and vote for Paul.

    Its like saying Libertarians should just get over Santorums religiousity and vote for him.

    You won’t and neither will they.

    1. I disagree that anybody has sound reasons for making drugs illegal. I’ll grant they have reasons, but then Saudi Arabia has reasons for not letting women drive and Germany has reasons for not letting roof-repairers do any roof-building.

      Reasons don’t become sound just because they are faithfully held. You can faithfully believe a stupid idea.

      1. If you are a parent, would you rather your kid at 15, try cigarettes, try alcohol, try pot, or try crack?

        The first 3 I’d be ok with, but as a parent I don’t want the risk that they might try something that will basically wreck his life.

        Many people might not oppose the legalization of hookers, but should oppose the idea of their daughter being one. This is a far cry from “I don’t mind women driving, but I wouldn’t want my daughter to be a driver”.

        They might not be considered good arguments for a libertarian, but they are defensible.

        1. Children ruin everything, including Democracy.

        2. The first 3 I’d be ok with, but as a parent I don’t want the risk that they might try something that will basically wreck his life.

          If your kid wants to try crack, they’re going to be able to, whether it’s illegal or not. Further, getting caught with crack, or any other illegal drug not MJ, is going to wreck your kid’s life a whole lot more than the effects of the drug would’ve.

          I wouldn’t want my (hypothetical) kid to try crack either, but I hope you can see that your proposed cure’s a lot worse than the disease.

        3. Alcohol can basically wreck his life too. Prohibition was still a bad idea, and made life worse for lots of people.

    2. I never expected a majority of Republican voters to pick Ron Paul. I was hoping that the 10-plus percent of the population who thinks he’s the best candidate actually registered and voted in the primaries, where turnout is very low and he could have easily won a plurality in 4-person race in just about every state.

  21. The conventional wisdom is that the Paul people are sucking up the straw polls and primaries because they put all their energy into brilliant machinations in the primary process, which will yield dividends in the form of far more delegates per popular vote than all the others candidates.

    But maybe we need to entertain the possibility that it’s just plain difficult to game delegate selections without an accompanying major groundswell of mainstream support.

    Obama played the delegate game, but he had far broader support and lots of high-level endorsers. Ron Paul has a super energized supporters, but his support is far less broad, and far fewer elected Republicans at the upper levels are backing him.

  22. Don’t forget the CNMI, Mariana Islands, caucuses with 9 delegates.

  23. This is a stupid article. The odds for a brokered convention have gone up after yesterday and Paul already has double the number of pledged delegates from 2008. And, the author forgot to project the 8 delegates Ron Paul won from North Dakota with the 6 delegates he won in Alaska! Furthermore, Ron Paul will win the Maine Caucus once the GOP there counts the last two counties!!!

    1. How did the odds of a brokered convention go up?
      -Romney won 208 delegates to Santorum’s 82, and an absolute majority of delegates up for grabs (based on RCP’s count).
      -Even if Romney falls short of a majority of delegates, unpledged delegates will make up the difference to preempt a divisive convention (as did superdelegates in 2008).
      -Romney’s stock rose on Intrade and the Iowa electronic markets to about 90%.

      This ballgame is over.

      1. Nope. Wrong on all counts. There are no superdelegates in the Republican primaries. Furthermore, what unpledged delegates are you referring to? The 2 that Huntsman won in New Hampshire? Oh Lordy! NO! Not the 2 Huntsman delegates! Oh God, you are correct. Ron Paul is screwed!!!

      2. Nope. Wrong on all counts. There are no superdelegates in the Republican primaries. Furthermore, what unpledged delegates are you referring to? The 2 that Huntsman won in New Hampshire? Oh Lordy! NO! Not the 2 Huntsman delegates! Oh God, you are correct. Ron Paul is screwed!!!

  24. I live in Baton Rouge, LA and as of this weekend have begun to see beat up cars with out of state license plates and Ron Paul stickers all over them. We are about to have election of delegates in 2 weeks.

  25. Those that oppose Ron Paul’s platform are simply ignorant of the FACTS, or they oppose the Constitution and the principals this Nation was founded on. EVERYTHING Ron Paul supports comes straight from the Constitution. That’s what the crooked-media and the crooked establishment is trying to spin as “crazy, out in left field and un-electable”.


    Do you want Constitutional liberty and rights or do you want a socialist government that micro-manages everything in your life and enforces their unconstitutional tyranny on the entire world through unjust, unconstitutional wars.


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