Ron Paul's Not So Super Tuesday


Boston—It will be a few hours before we find out the results of the Alaska primary but so far this is a bad night for Ron Paul and his legions of supporters.

Paul performed better than expected in Vermont, winning 25 percent of the vote and effectively securing at least three delegates for himself in Tampa. In Virginia, where his only competition was Mitt Romney, Paul garnered his highest percentage of the campaign with 41 percent, but that still only netted him three delegates. And while Paul devoted significant time and resources to North Dakota, he still only finished a distant second place with 27 percent in that state's non-binding caucuses.

Outside of those three bright spots it appears Paul is walking away with 6 out of a possible 419 delegates according to CNN. Paul finished in single digits or low teens everywhere else. 

Results from Idaho, another state where Paul invested heavily, are still coming in, but it is not looking good for Paul there either as Romney has a commanding lead.

Paul's strategy has been focused on caucuses and at this point only a handful of them remain: Guam, Kansas, Virgin Islands, Hawaii, Nebraska, and Montana. Yes, Paul will have delegates at the GOP convention in Tampa—but if these so-so results continue he will not march in there with the army he has been hoping for.