Rick Santorum Battles Mitt Romney for Ohio, 20,000 Russians Protest Putin, John McCain Calls for International Airstrikes Against Syria: P.M. Links


  • Midwestern Super Tuesday drama: It's Rick Santorum vs. Mitt Romney in Ohio as they battle for the state's 66 delicious delegates.

  • About 20,000 angry Russians protested the new boss/old boss President Vladimir Putin; Riot police violently dispersed (and arrested dozens of) the several hundred who attempted to stay in Moscow's Pushkin Square.
  • Israel Prime Minister Bejamin Netanyahu visited the White House to chat about Iran. Said President Obama, "I know that both the prime minister and I prefer to resolve this diplomatically." Said Netanyahu, we appreciate the love from the U.S., but Israel "must have the ability always to defend itself, by itself."
  • Connecticut Supreme Court rules that hunger-striking prisoners can be force-fed in order to save their lives.
  • Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz) calls for international air-strikes against Syria. Meanwhile NATO says they only hit military targets in Libya, but a U.N. panel begs to differ.
  • Secure your tinfoil hat, stifle your Luddite-screams, and observe how ridiculously cool drone technology has become.

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  1. Slut! Discuss…

      1. Sluts, like hoes, wanna be saved.


      2. I miss the days when rap songs featured feature performers who were actually a feature.

  2. Nothing in Ohio is delicious.

    1. Oh shit. Now we have to have a fight about that tasty stuff that they wrongly call chili up there.

      1. I love their chili…its delicious. Come on now, don’t be mean Brett!

        Michael Schubarker
        Carpet Cleaning

    2. I was very impressed by Great Lakes Brewing’s Christmas Ale on my last visit to Cleveland. So at least there was some redeeming value about that trip.

      1. great lakes has award-winning brews

    3. “…the state’s 66 delicious delegates.”

      It’s people! RNC delegates are people! Tell everyone!

    4. Jeni’s ice cream is pretty good.

  3. Air strikes against Syria? YES PLEASE! I want some hot hot kinetic military action in an election year!

    Rockets for peace! GO, little rockets, GO!

    1. evidently, we have not helped the Muslim Brotherhood gain a foothold in enough ME nations yet. Egypt? Check. Libya? Coming. Need another one.

    2. Dear Vietnam,

      Please, please, please, take John McCain back!


      The United States of America

      1. it was an all or nothing deal: We get Pho, and McCain back, or the deal was off.

        1. Ooh, that’s a tough choice.

          I despise “The Maverick”, but pho is my favorite food in the world.

          1. McCain will eventually die.

            Pho Is Forever.

  4. Strangely enough, Horsegate does not involve Camilla

    1. What about Sarah Jessica Parker?

      1. Just her neck. And face.

    2. Jillian Michaels suffers from equine facia.

  5. “[R]eferences to size, power or sexual potency (direct or implied) could be banned from automobile advertising.”
    According to a book co-authored by John P. Holdren, the White House science adviser to President Barack Obama.


    1. “[R]eferences to size, power or sexual potency (direct or implied)

      Wouldn’t that just ban cars completely?

    1. Another sector where contractors have become cost competitive thanks to employee unions. Hurrah!

    2. Again, this is contracting out, not privatization.

      Hiring private firms to do police functions no more makes the police private than letting construction contracts to private firms makes the roads private.

      1. Private-eye-zation.

  6. [The robot] figures out how to fly through several obstacles in a row and then, amazingly, through moving obstacles?it slips through a Hula Hoop that Mellinger throws up in the air.

    When Skynet learns to actually use and enjoy a Hula Hoop -or, better yet, come out with an all-drone remake of The Hudsucker Proxy – then I’ll get nervous.

  7. I humbly suggest that Lucy has already claimed the mantle of best PM linker.

    1. Sweet, sweet victory. I’ll be sure to let this go to my head.

  8. http://dailycaller.com/2012/03…..eacefully/

    March 5, 2012
    DC Trawler
    March 5, 2012
    Overwhelmingly peaceful Occupiers assault and rob woman while screaming homophobic epithets, overwhelmingly peacefully

    1. Hey look over there! Some girl needs condoms!

  9. The only reason Obama isn’t pushing to bomb Syria now is because he doesn’t want to remind voters what a warmonger he is before the election.

    Look for a decided change in tone as early as December.

    1. Unless unemployment and/or inflation keep rising.

  10. U.S. Sen. John McCain, who had goaded Putin in the past on Twitter, reacted quickly to the images of a tearful Putin with an acerbic Tweet: “Dear Vlad, Surprise! Surprise! You won. The Russian people are crying too!”

    McCain just regifted an old DailyKos tweet about John Boehner.

  11. I, for one, welcome our terrifying quadrotor drone overlords.

  12. Good to see the GOP redneck SoCon coalition breaking down over Willard and his FEDERAL mandate support and his HIGHER entitlement spending (than Obama).

    Fuck you Big Gov (R)s. In the ass.

    1. Just what the fuck do you hate about Willard or Bush? The fact that he won’t do anything about the deficit? The fact that he wrote the black Jesus’ health care plan? The fact that he is likely to bomb people and claim enormous executive power?

      Get on your knees and give Willard all you got. He is one of your own, you deranged little fucker.

      1. You GOP numbnuts can’t find anyone different than Bush/Romney!

        So Fuck You!

        1. He won’t change a fucking thing from the beloved Obama. You love the guy. Admit it. He will bomb people and steal shit and do all of the things you love about Obama.

          1. So give it up!

            Your party just jerked the fucking country off for nothing but to flop the Willard Fish on us. Fuck you and the GOP.

            1. He is probably going to win. That bothers me that we can’t do better than that. But you should be happy. You will get all of the shit you love about Obama continuing for four more years. More wars, more deficits, more theft, more incompetence. And that is what you are all about Shrike.

              1. Even better: with ROMNIAC in the WH, shrike will get everything he supports about Obama, AND have somebody he can blame when things go wrong.

                Its a win-win, shrike! Your lawn should be carpeted in ROMNIAC signs!

              2. You underestimate how much love they feel for Black Jesus.

              3. But but TEAM BLUE

        2. You forgot to throw oBOMBa in that axis of American presidents who want to bomb/tyrannize/spend the fuck out of everyone and everything.

          1. Shrike loves war and big government spending. But only when Team Blue does it.

      2. And now Romney fully supports a FEDERAL health insurance mandate!


        1. More reason you should love the guy. He is your guy shrike. He is not even a Christ fag. He is a Mormon. You fucking love him.

          1. Where is the GOP guy?

            Seriously. Your party sucks ass. Santorum/Gingrot/Romney?

            FUCK YOU for that composite of pure SHIT.

            1. Seriously,

              You should fucking love Romney. I don’t like the GOP because it is full of people that crazy dipshits like you should love.

        2. And now Romney fully supports a FEDERAL health insurance mandate!

          Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

  13. Coleman’s weight dropped from 237 pounds to 129 pounds by October 2008, and a prison doctor who believed Coleman was at risk of dying or developing irreversible health problems determined it was necessary to force-feed him by inserting a feeding tube through his nose and into his stomach.

    And yet Macaulay Culkin and that one Olsen twin walks around with impunity.

  14. Hey, does anybody know if Ohio has open primaries? (Meaning, can I vote for Paul even though I’m not regeitered with the GOP?) Online sources are pretty vague on the whole primary process in Ohio.

    1. Yes, they’ll ask you what party you want when you sign in.

  15. The “recovery” continues unabated.

    “So much for a fast start to the recover in 2012. A week after announcing the worst durable-goods orders report in three years, the Commerce Department’s report on factory orders and shipments in January show the worst outcome in sixteen months”

    1. The current top US headlines on CNN.com


      o Toddler found in Indiana field, dies
      o Tornado like ‘end-of-the-world movie’
      o Westboro moved from tornado funeral
      o New Orleans fights ‘Murder City’ title
      o Iowa snow makes driving a ‘headache’
      o Changing schools’ culture of misery
      o Rockwell’s kin terrorist painting

      But remember liberal media bias is a right wing meme.

      1. I blame the Koch Brothers?

      2. New Orleans fights ‘Murder City’ title

        A smart city would capitalize on that title.

    Here to save the motherfuckin’ day
    Putin’s is the only way now

    He’s back to lead us to
    The future that all Russia’s due…

    His pecs will scare off enemies!
    So you can lick my butt and suck on my balls!

    1. Its lacking a soul that gives them the power to ignore pain.

      1. Damn, beat me to it. I should refresh more often.

    2. In fact, they have a higher pain threshold than most of us, and can handle spicier food, too.

      Roughly 1/4 of my extended family has red hair and aside from my brother and I (and we’re really daywalkers), spices are roundly reviled. I have trouble believing this article. But I’m still going to use it to trumpet my superiority over all you darkies anyway.

      Red power! Better red than dead!

      1. I asked my office ginger about this, and she said she does not handle spicy foods very well.

        1. So, were you fired immediately or do you have a meeting with HR first?

          I assume you immediately responded with some sort of handling a hot italian sausage joke.

    3. That’s because they have no souls.

    4. They can have really odd reactions to anesthesia, too. Some disproportionate number of people who wake up during surgery are soulless Gingers.

      1. They’re also more likely to be resistant to Novocaine – trips to the dentist must suck for gingers.

        1. I thought gingers didn’t feel the pain. Novocaine, schmovocaine.

    5. It turns out that gingers are less sensitive to stinging pain in the skin, according to researchers who injected capsicum, the active ingredient in chilies, into the arms of patients. Professor Lars Arendt-Nielsen, one of the researchers, said:

      “Our tests showed that redheads are less sensitive to this particular type of pain. They react less to pressure close to the injected area, or to a pinprick. They seem to be a bit better protected, and that is a really interesting finding.”

      I’m guessing that it’s due to have suffered a large number of sunburns. After a while, burning skin gets to be old hat.

      1. Damnit, that should be “it’s due to them having”.

  17. So the battle in Syria is between an Israel hating dictator vs a more extreme Israel hating opposition, yet Mccain is for that opposition?
    I love how in 5 years the US will be talking about the radical egyptian muslims government that they helped get into power by overthrowing the previous dictator they supported… American foreign intervention, isn’t great!

    1. But we had no way of knowing that a revolt against a US-backed dictator could degenerate into some kind of authoritarian Muslim theocracy. I mean, there is no historical precedent, so we were completely taken by surprise.

    2. You know what other country didn’t care much for McCain bombing it? How’d that one turn out, anyway?

    3. Uh, Obama did not overthrow Mubarak. That guy had to go. He was NOT on our side or a true secularist. If he had stayed, the revolution would’ve happened later with a worse prognosis.

  18. Said Netanyahu, we appreciate the love from the U.S., but Israel “must have the ability always to defend itself, by itself.”

    and yet the ONLY candidate who has actually demonstrated a commitment to allow Israel to do so in 1981 and still does, gets called an “isolationist”

    1. If Ron Paul had ANY campaign sense he would be cramming that speech he made in defense of Israel’s Op Osirak down the throats of every person in the country.

    1. Presented by the Nobel Committee.

    2. It makes perfect sense. Both are overpriced disasters.

    3. I believe I spotted what has to be the only Volt in West Texas at our campus today.

      Has to belong to a doctor. Nobody else has the money for a toy car like that.

  19. Christina Hendricks phone photos leaked online (NSFW).

    Interesting to see how she looks without makeup and such.

    1. Would still hit it. Would even hit the two that are obviously not Christina Hendricks.

      1. since the likelyhood of hitting CH is pretty slim, I’d be content with a lookalike.

  20. Mind fuck of the day:

    My socialist co-worker begins talking politics with me while I politely nod and smile. These words come out of his mouth:

    “With the exception of environmental issues, I really believe that the government needs to stop being so intrusive in everyone’s lives. Take healthcare for example, they should have just socialized the industry so you wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore.”

    God, people are dumb.

    1. Well, he’s right: you wouldn’t have to worry about it anymore!

      What isn’t said enough — NOWHERE NEAR ENOUGH — is that the gov’t already spends half of the health care dollars in this country. It’s not like it’s the wild west.

  21. Secure your tinfoil hat, stifle your Luddite-screams, and observe how ridiculously cool drone technology has become.

    YouTube is firewalled at my workplace. Are these the same ones that are partially controlled by Kinect sensors? Those are totally bad ass.

  22. Connecticut Supreme Court rules that hunger-striking prisoners can be force-fed in order to save their lives.

    Doesn’t this work in the strikers’ favor? They continue to survive, so are able to continue their strike, AND they’re being physically coerced by their oppressors in the process.

    How is this decision not Win/Win for hunger strikes?

  23. 100% OT: For a short time,I have two ebooks that can be had for free.

    I’m drawing close to finishing book #7 – a novella murder/thriller set in 1977 (Go Carter!)

    I’ve been busy playing around with synths too

  24. Vladimir Putin is a dispicable cunt. He is a thief and a liar like most elected officials, but he is also a murderer and a pimp, like many elected officials.

    1. And he also has a bad side.

  25. I was against the Libyan intervention, but I’ll take a pass on whatever bullshit some UN panel is passing out.

  26. Choicer rejects “rape” meme of her fellow-choicers:

    “”Are we now going to have to convince our patients we are not raping them?” A longtime abortion provider posed that question to colleagues on a listserv this week, and it demonstrates what is wrongheaded about the rhetoric that abortion rights supporters have been using to oppose ultrasound laws….

    “As a sociologist who has long studied and supported the pro-choice movement?and chronicled the rise of its opponents?I am heartened by the rare sight of a partial retreat by anti-abortion forces…But I have considerable concerns about what calling these ultrasounds “rape” and “unnecessary” will mean for abortion patients and providers. The reality is that most abortion patients do receive an ultrasound to date their pregnancies.”


    1. “But now that women have heard abortion supporters describe this form of ultrasound as “rape,” will more of them be terrified when they arrive at a clinic and are informed they will have such a procedure? Or might they be scared off altogether? Will abortion clinic staff who perform the ultrasound be seen as “rapists,” as the provider I mentioned earlier worried? This is a possibility not lost on the anti-abortion website LifeNews, which recently ran the headline, “If Ultrasound is Rape, Arrest Planned Parenthood Staffers.””

  27. Gotta jsut love them bought and paid for politicians.


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