NIck Gillespie Talking Election 2012, Independent Voters, with Jon Caldara of Independence Institute


The awesome Independence Institute in Denver, Colorado invited me out west last week to debate Ann Coulter about whether libertarians and conservatives could and should work together to defeat liberals such as Barack Obama. (Read about the debate here.)

II's head honcho Jon Caldara, who moderated the debate with his characteristic wit and smarts, worked me over on his public television show, The Devil's Advocate before the debate.

Take a look by clicking above. Here's the write-up:

Friday night means the Independence Institute's public affairs television show Devil's Advocate. This week host Jon Caldara sits down with Reason.com editor-in-chief and co-author of the book "Declaration of Independents" Nick Gillespie to discuss the decline of the Democrat and Republican parties, and the rise of the "Independent" voter.

Check out the show's archives here.