Blasphemous Saudi Tweeter Has Been Deported, Supporters Could Be Punished


Prophet Muhammed, South Park, super best friends

On Friday, I wrote about Hamza Kashgari, a 23-year old Saudi writer who tweeted about the Prophet Muhammad. His tweets were seen as "apostasy," which could merit the death penalty under Sharia law. He soon fled Saudi Arabia, but was arrested in Malaysia, while en route to to seek asylum in New Zealand. Amnesty International even called him a "prisoner of conscience." However, on Sunday, the Malaysian government deported Kashgari back to Saudi Arabia.

Malaysian Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein defended the decision, arguing that Malaysia is not a "safe transit" for those wanted by their home nations. He also labeled Kashgari a "terrorist." In addition, Hishammuddin blasted the idea that Kashgari could be executed for tweeting as "illogic," claiming:

Allegations that he would be executed, abused, do not make sense. The country being accused is a dignified country. These are serious allegations against Saudi Arabia.

He added:

I hope this issue is not politicised on the basis of freedom and human rights…We received a
request from Saudi Arabia and we will not protect anyone who is wanted.

Unfortunately, capital punishment is all too common in Saudi Arabia. Since Wahabi Islam is the official religion of Saudi Arabia, it enforces a very strict (and literal) form of Sharia law. Between 2008-2010, Saudi Arabia executed almost 200 people, all by public decapitation. In December 2011, a Saudi woman was beheaded for practicing "witchcraft and sorcery," while in 2009, the leader of a jewelry thief gang was "crucified:" He was decapitated, his severed head was impaled, then his body was publicly displayed. As for Kashgari, if he is convicted of apostasy, he would be guilty of hadud, or "crimes against God." These crimes often led to the death penalty.

In addition, Kashgari's supporters in Saudi Arabia might also face a similar fate. According to Khaled Abu Rashid, "Those who supported the contents of Kashgari's tweets are considered criminal exactly like him," and thus, would merit the same type of punishment Kashgari receives. However, this comes with Kafkaesque legal contortions:

If the support was for general principles like freedom of expression, then this is a different matter, but if the support was for the attacks on Allah and His Prophet, then the supporters should be tried for apostasy.

Here is my original post on Hamza Kashgari. Reason on Islam and censorship. Back in 2003, the BBC interviewed Saudi Arabia's "leading executioner." A few choice quotes from that exchange:

The criminal was tied and blindfolded. With one stroke of the sword I severed his head. It rolled metres away…People are amazed how fast it can separate the head from the body.

No one is afraid of me. I have a lot of relatives, and many friends at the mosque, and I live a normal life like everyone else. There are no drawbacks for my social life.

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  1. If fundie Islam is evil, why do we support Saudi Arabia but hate Iran when Saudi Arabia is a much more backwards regime than Iran?

    1. I of course know the answer, but I don’t think any one at Fox News or in Republican party has ever asked themselves this question.

      1. Serious question, why Fox and the Republicans? My understanding is that the Saudis are quite generous to all former Presidents, including both Bushes and Reagan and Clinton and Carter.

      2. What Marshall said. Carter is the biggest shill for the Saudis in Washington. The Saudis practically fund the Carter Center.

        1. And GW will be even better funded. Isn’t the Saudi prince he held hands with now King?

          1. I am not sure. But both parties kiss their ass.

      3. You’re right! George Bush used to make out with King Abdullah.


        My name’s Barack and I even bowed to the Saudi king, but he wouldn’t make out with me.


    2. The Saudis are the worst. And I wouldn’t want them to get nukes anymore than I would the Iranians. And the Iranian regime is just as backwards as the Saudis. The Iranian population is not. But the regime is.

      I think most of our hesitance to really go after the Saudis is because the King claims to be the guardian of Mecca. And to go after them would be interpreted as making war on all Muslims.

      That and of course a lot of money circulating around Washington. But even as cynical as I am, I don’t think the money stops us as much as the implications of a non Muslim nation invading the Muslim Holy Land.

      1. It’s one of the reasons there’s a decent amount of official moderation towards the United States. Because there’s always the chance we’ll decide to do something like hold Mecca hostage. We are crazed infidel, after all.

      2. Yeah, Mecca that’s the reason. Sure John.

        1. Bin Ladin managed to make himself quite popular bitching about the US having soldiers there. Just what are we going to do to the Saudis? You really think we could bomb them and not piss off every Muslim in the world?

          Like it or not, it makes Saudi different and harder to deal with.

          1. Islamic butthurt isn’t half the problem that interrupting the flow of Saudi crude would be.

            As far as I’m concerned the world would be a much better place if all the Muslims in it knew they could be blown to shit just like any other religious zealot who thinks God gives them the right to fuck with other people.

          2. God put a shit pot of oil and Mecca in the same country for a reason…

            God sucks by the way.

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    4. Most of the 9/11 hijackers came from Iran, so we’ve got beef with them.

  2. Good thing the Saudis are US allies or we might have to draw up a sternly worded UN resolution when they do things like this.

    1. a sternly worded, and 100% blasphemy free, UN resolution

  3. a jewelry thief gang


    1. I’m a little surprised by Malaysia. Sure, they’re a Muslim nation, but they generally aren’t Middle East crazy. I’ve been to Kuala Lumpur, and the people seemed non-insane for the most part. A good portion of the country isn’t Muslim, anyway.

      1. They are middle east crazy. They just hide it well. It was their President who said a few years ago that more Muslims should go into math and science so Muslim nations could build their own nukes and destroy the infidel.

        1. the shortsightedness of that anti-infidel agenda is staggering.

        2. I always thought that kind of crap there was just rhetorical nonsense. It’s not like Malaysia operates that way much in practice. There’s a very large non-Muslim majority there, too.

          1. I have one soon to be dead Saudi blogger who says that it is more than rhetorical nonsense.

            1. I didn’t say they didn’t do anything ever.

          2. I lived down there when this guy got railroaded:


      2. Their government has always been a little middle east crazy. All governments down there are crazy to an extent in there own ways (lived in Singapore for 7 years).

  4. A giant asteroid can’t come soon enough.

  5. I can’t help but wonder if a quick decapitation would be a preferable form of death to lethal injection or the gas chamber.

    I know for damn sure I’d rather be decapitated than go to the chair.

    1. Real men face a firing squad. No blindfolds, either, but a cigarette is OK.

      1. Shoot straight, you bastards. Don’t make a mess of it.

        1. An alternative version, just as brave but less brazen:

          A contemporary report…has his last words as “Take this thing (the blindfold) off”, and on its removal, “Be sure and make a good job of it!”.

          1. Are you tellling me that a film made based on a real life incident wasn’t accurate? Where’s my faith in humanity.

      2. Cigarettes are *not* OK to serious leftists.

        1. No one shall stink up MY PUBLIC Place Of Execution with their disgusting habits.

    2. yeah, i think your brain would be overloaded with the shock, so…..*slice* and you’re out of it. Your head might still technically be alive for a few minutes, but your senses would be incapable of registering any further input.

      1. I read somewhere that, since the blood pressure in your head would drop to zero, you’d black out immediately, regardless of whether some residual brain activity continued.

        1. even better.

  6. I wonder where the resident GOPers stand on the Saudis developing nukes. Does being a US ally count for more than being Muslims?

    1. Work is the Saudis already have a deal with the Pakistanis to purchase nukes if Iran goes nuclear.

  7. Between 2008-2010, Saudi Arabia executed almost 200 people, all by public decapitation.

    The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.

    1. but but but, delegating authority over life&death; is a venerable PieceOfShit tradition!

    2. Do the Saudis perform executions before a heart tree?

      1. Do they look like the Lords of Winter?

        Obvoiusly, the Saudi analogue are the Freys.

  8. “I will not allow Malaysia to be seen as a safe country for terrorists and those who are wanted by their countries of origin, and also be seen as a transit county,” Hishammuddin said.

    He said the deportation followed a request from the Saudi government. Allegations that Kashgari could be tortured and killed if he was sent back home are “ridiculous” because Saudi Arabia is a respectable country, he said.

    Well, at worst Hishammuddin only likened Kashgari to a terrorist. Which, in Saudi Arabia, can only help the tweeting terrorizer.

    1. Allegations that Kashgari could be tortured and killed if he was sent back home are “ridiculous” because Saudi Arabia is a respectable country, he said.

      Scott Nelson agrees. KSA would never do something like torture a dissident (or American citizen whistleblower).

      I agree with John above that the Kingdom either is going to get nukes if Iran gets them, or in all likelihood, they probably already have a few. I hope we’re really sure that all of those old Soviet era tactical devices were accounted for.

  9. They sure idolize Mohammed over there.

    1. That is why the correct name for the religion is Mohammadanism.

  10. No one is afraid of me. I have a lot of relatives, and many friends at the mosque, and I live a normal life like everyone else. There are no drawbacks for my social life.

    Because there are certain advantages to being on good terms with your friendly local neighborhood executioner…

    1. Damn right. You want him on top of his game when its your turn.

    2. “No one dares make me uncomfortable in any way.”

    3. *Grimly stares ahead*

  11. Y’know, every time one of those idiots bring up Western civilization, y’know, “But you had colonialism and you killed the Indians and the Crusades!” I want them to have to read how back ass fuck wards places like Saudi Arabia are.

    And no, it’s not just their culture, man. Their culture sucks, ours is better. Wanna know how I know? Because for all the whining and whinging, we don’t kill gays by stoning, we let women drive, etc etc etc.

    And guess what else we don’t do? Kill people for tweeting mean things about our god.

    Fuck, this shit pisses me off so much.

    1. Hey, They outlawed slavery in 1962. They’re getting better.

  12. Diane, get Holder on the phone. I need to ask him if we can do what was done to this Kashgari fellow.

    1. Seems kosher to me, Boss. You want I should start sending out the troops?

  13. 60 Minutes did a fawning story last night about how Debit Card fees were rolled back by massive complaints driven by Twitter, internet, blogs, etc. Isn’t there some kind of action that could be taken to put economic pressure on the Saudis to knock this shit off?

  14. Terrible story. Hope this guy can catch a break somehow.

    Organized religion – keeping barbarism alive and well into the 21st century and beyond!

    1. Organized religion – keeping barbarism alive and well into the 21st century and beyond!

      STOP PERSECUTING US!11oneoneone

    2. Technically punishing (killing) criminal and enemies of the state is civilized….

      Not doing it is barbarism.

      Just saying.

      1. technically, punishment killing is only civilized when the criminals you’re killing are even less civilized.

        crimes like murder and rape would qualify, but spreading ideas doesn’t strike me as uncivilized enough to qualify.

        1. (and once a civilization progresses sufficiently, even killing the most uncivilized criminals can become uncivil.)

  15. Princess Ameerah is still hot.

    1. I’d hit it (like a 10-ton pile of tossed stones)

  16. This makes a lot of sense dude. WOw.


  17. “There are no drawbacks for my social life.”

    One way or another, the chicks give me head.

  18. the leader of a jewelry thief gang was “crucified:” He was decapitated, his severed head was impaled, then his body was publicly displayed.

    that’s not crucifixion.

  19. I wonder what would happen if there were pro-democracy protests in Saudi Arabia and the royal house pulled an Assad/Gaddafi on them.

    On the one hand, I’d be thrilled to see BO and the neocons start echoing Ron Paul’s views on foreign intervention. On the other, well you know…

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