Gingrich Delivers Stump Speech at CPAC


Washington, D.C. – Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich speechified about "bold solutions" to close out the second day of CPAC. His speech was so close to what he delivers on the campaign trail that some in the media room Bloggers Lounge groaned that there was nothing new in his speech.

"This is straight from the campaign trail. I've heard this all before," one grumbled.

The crowd reacted differently giving him long applause and standing ovations throughout the speech. It was a very different scene compared to Rick Santorum's speech earlier in the day. Santorum was received warmly; Gingrich made them roar.

While Santorum's speech zeroed in on social issues, Gingrich focused on reviving the American economy with a multipoint plan that included proposals to lower the corporate income tax to 12.5% and reform the unemployment system.

"Unemployment compensation should be changed so you sign up for a business led training program. Never again should we pay somebody for 99 weeks for doing nothing. In 99 weeks you can earn an associate's degree," he said.

In the remainder of his speech Gingrich did not attack the other Republican candidates including Mitt Romney, who spoke before him. Gingrich is the only candidate at CPAC with a campaign booth in the exhibit hall.