Politics + Music = Pain


We knew he wouldn't shut the hell up about "America the Beautiful," but now Mitt Romney is actively warbling in public:

What's worse–that slice of canned ham, or President Obama's choreographed leg-tingler to his fans?

Well, let's not leave out the Rick Santorum Fight Song! Do it for the children!

Me, I prefer Newt Gingrich's version of "Like a Virgin":

And of course, the terrific new Autotune the News number, "Cash Money," starring Newt (and featuring John Stossel and Ron Paul).

Speaking of the doctor-congressman, did you know that there is something called "The Ron Paul Song"? And that one time, probably in the late 1990s, his grandchildren sang it, to him, with the cameras rolling?

In case you need a quick memory scrub after that, please allow me to introduce May Palmer, "The Queen of Ivory Soul":

Yay democracy!