Ron Paul Roundup: Campaign in Maine, Praise By Palin; Winning the Younger (Jack) Welchs and Blackedout Again


*The Bangor, Maine Daily News on Paul dealing with his bad polls in Florida by campaigning in Maine:

Declaring the "freedom movement alive and well," Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul kicked off a two-day statewide tour in Bangor on Friday with the hope of convincing enough delegates to support him at Maine's caucuses, which begin next weekend.

Paul, the 76-year-old Congressman from Texas, is the only current GOP candidate who has yet to win a state's primary or caucus, but he has been racking up delegates in many states and hopes to continue that trend in Maine.

"We came where the action is, in Maine," he said to raucous applause from about 300 people packed inside the Union Street Brick Church in downtown Bangor. "We came to get delegates and that's the name of the game. That's how you win elections.

"We deal in ideas and very important ideas, but I've also discovered that the best way to promote ideas is to win elections, too."

During a 30-minute speech, Paul touched on a number of his campaign themes including personal freedoms, limited government and ending U.S. involvement in foreign wars…..

He stressed his preference to repeal the Patriot Act and his opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act.

"The Internet is the weapon of liberty as far as I'm concerned," he said.

He also said he thinks airport security scanners are a government overreach in the wake of Sept. 11.

"These are illegal, unconstitutional searches of our bodies where it doesn't make us any safer whatsoever," he said. "That we need to change."…..

Paul is the only candidate to visit Maine so far in 2012…

*Former GE CEO Jack Welch and wife Suzy are getting into the weeds of GOP power plays by calling on Ron Paul to drop out, while also noting the GOP must be sure he doesn't go away mad because of the power of his fans and ideas–and admit all their kids are Ron Paul people.

*Sarah Palin tells John Stossel that Ron Paul "is the only one who has been so adamantly passionate about doing something about the suffocating debt, about doing something about reining in government growth and actually slashing budgets—$1 trillion a year, he's been specific about until we get our hands around this—I respect that."

*John Hudson at The Atlantic notices a mainstream media Paul blackout back in effect:

After a brief spike in interest, the mainstream media coverage of GOP candidate Ron Paul is back to nearly nothing, according to the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism. This week, less than 5 percent of all campaign stories focused on Paul, the lowest point since Dec. 11. when strong performances in Iowa and New Hampshire helped stoke some interest. Over the same period, Paul's performance in the polls has only improved, going from the single digits to 12.7 percent, putting him nearly even with Rick Santorum, in the current RealClearPolitics average.

But in Pew's weekly study, Paul has been heading in the opposite direction. Pew tracks a list of 52 mainstream news outlets across broadcast television, cable news, newspapers, radio and the 12 most popular news sites to measure exposure. As you can see from the graph below, the downward trajectory of coverage volume has been steep for Paul, as the star of New Gingrich rose following his decisivevictory in South Carolina and strong polling in Florida.   

Ron Paul's (pretty uniformly great) debate performance last night, mostly just the Ron Paul parts (and some of the others riffing off of Ron):


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  1. Ron Paul’s (pretty uniformly great) debate performance last night.

    Nick: But then there are the newsletters….

    Sarah Palin tells John Stossel that Ron Paul “is the only one who has been so adamantly passionate about doing something about the suffocating debt, about doing something about reining in government growth and actually slashing budgets – $1 trillion a year, he’s been specific about until we get our hands around this – I respect that.”

    Nick: But then there are the newsletters….

    Former GE CEO Jack Welch and wife Suzy […] admit all their kids are Ron Paul people.

    Nick: But then there are the newsletters….

    1. Ooooold Trollxican!!!!!

      1. Feck Jack Welch! Feck GE! I wanna feck Jack Welch’s wife! Drink! Arse! Girls!

      2. Re: Irascible Rev.,

        A gift, to you. Paul tells John to fuck off about the newsletters. He might as well have told you.

        1. Did you notice how this entry praised Paul, and you were the only one to bring up the newsletters? You must be starved for attention. You’re like reason’s Libertarian Pet Yorkie, even.


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  2. Former GE CEO Jack Welch and wife Suzy are getting into the weeds of GOP power plays by calling on Ron Paul to drop out[…]

    Is anybody going to bet anything that the media will show passionate outrage at this meddling in politics by two very wealthy individuals?

    I guess no one else, either.

    1. However, considering how much GE is on the Big Government Tit, are you at all surprised that Welch considers Paul “not one of the boys”?

      1. Re: Aresen,

        are you at all surprised that Welch considers Paul “not one of the boys”?

        No, I am certainly not surprised. Welch has a lot to lose if Paul gets his way and audits the Fed.

    2. It’s funny that no one is telling Santorum to get out of the race despite the fact that his peak performance was winning a state he’d been campaigning in for six months by 30 votes.

  3. Is that a Palin endorsement I smell?
    That would do a world of good for Paul’s numbers.

    1. Nah. She’s playing the field like a pro fisherman. “Its good that Newt stays in.” “Ron Paul has a lot of good ideas.” She’s essentially the head of BuSab for the Republicans. And that is, I think, a compliment.

      1. Which makes me suspect she’s keeping her options open for another election, or perhaps some type of appointment.. Well played, Sarah..

  4. Did Doherty write a saint’s life?

    1. Re: Maxipad,

      Did Doherty write a saint’s life?

      No, it’s your screen – you shaked your junk too hard and left some “spray” on it. Next time, use a Kleenex, you dirty boy.

    2. The word you’re looking for is hagiography. And nobody knows what’s in the book because he’s still writing it.

  5. I am getting royally pissed off that the only mention of Paul in the media post mortems is as comic relief, i.e. the 25-mile bike ride challenge. Give me a break. The man has been saying some insightful things for 20 years. I’m not necessarily going ‘full Paul’ like Napolitano does, but the list of things on which he is right is a lot longer than the one where he could be wrong.

    1. Why not just GO full-Paul? Your lips say “no”, but your eyes say “yes-yes!”.

  6. As a ridiculous example, here’s a new WSJ/MSNBC poll.

    As you can see on page 18, people were asked their preference in a matchup between Obama and Romney, Obama and Gingrich, Obama and Santorum,… and a three way matchup between Obama, Romney, and Paul as an Independent Third Party run.

    Really, WSJ and NBC? Really?

    1. The last FOX poll did the same thing.…..ith-obama/

    2. Two halves of the same stupid-assed whole. The talking heads of MSNBC are begging Ron Paul to go third party because they know he will definitely split votes off of Team Red more than Team Blue.

  7. If Palin switches her support from Gingrich to Paul I just might say something nice about her.

    1. I want to feck Sarah Palin. It’s an ecumenical matter.

  8. Is Palin just stirring the pot? Angling herself so that she’s friendly to whoever winds up the nominee? Is she simply being honest in these proclamations?

  9. It’s all the more ironic since Newt is the one bashing the media left and right… the same media that saved his campaign (hopefully temporarily) by having so many friggin debates.

  10. Conservative Newt Gingrich would like to take your 20 year old daughter in the Oval Office for a tour.

    1. Check the video at 1:43. He likes ’em young.

  11. Paul/Palin…how deliciously sadistic (or sadistically delicious) would that be? I mean, it’s not like he’s realistically going to get the nomination, so can’t we at least have some fun? Seems to me like that has to be the definitive recipe for bringing about peak retard.

    1. We won’t see “peak retard” unless we get a second Barry the Jaunty President term.

      1. I’m so bored with everything he has to say.

  12. OMG! Ron Paul gets two pivotal Maine endorsements Saturday! Share this EVERYWHERE!…..ine-events
    #1 #RonPaul Iowa vote fraud article in the world! Get this article out to the far reaches of the universe!…..d-official

  13. Jack Welch ate my balls. Feck! Arse! Girls! Drink!

  14. Why does it take us so long to learn our lesson. We’ve been in war after war after war and have not won either since WW2. Why do we think that big government can solve everything. It hasn’t solved anything in the last 50 years its caused us to go deeper and deeper in debt and drift further away from what our founding fathers were trying to do. We need to stop policing the world and take care of our own for once. Ron Paul seems to understand this better than any of the other candidates.

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