Reason.tv: 3 Reasons Why School Choice Is Growing


"We take for granted in our lives, choice, in every othere area, whether it's Pop Tarts or cereal or cell phones. But really education is the most important thing," said Reason's Director of Education Lisa Snell, "Especially as a parent, you want your kids to have a solid education."

Snell makes the case that school choice is now at a tipping point. In the United States, more charter schools are cropping up, while tax dollars and voucher systems are now allowing the money to follow the child. Snell says that there is evidence supporting that these new educational options are effective, and less costly, in improving the quality of K-12 education.  

"Kids in America have more choices today than they've ever had before," said Snell, "Every empirical study shows a positiive effect, and no study has found a negative effect." 

National School Choice Week is Jan. 22-28, and has hundreds of events scheduled promoting these ideas. 

About 7 minutes. Produced by Sharif Matar and interviewed by Tracy Oppenheimer.

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