Join the Reason Staff Tonight at 9 p.m. as We Live Tweet the State of the Union! (And Drink!)


The State of the Union is upon us. We will be watching and tweeting it tonight. Join us here at Hit&Run.

And don't forget to stock up on your beverage of choice for this year's edition of the State of the Union drinking game! (Coming soon to a blog near you.)

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  1. Second!

    1. You lie!

      1. This will be like the worst chat room ever.

  2. Last thread on this, the one where I said “The Era of Big Government is over!”? I was citing the very last State of the Union address that I ever watched. I also haven’t seen a debate in over 25 years. Waste o’ time, all of the above.

    1. Aw man, some of us haven’t even gotten our first one in (maybe just me). Don’t spoil it!

  3. “The State of the Union is upon us.”

    And weighing heavily.

  4. I cannot for the life of me fathom how anyone can watch this political bullshit dinner theater and not puke or smash your TV. I’ll watch the Australian Open and get hammered on Listerine instead.

    1. If I’m too drunk to aim projectiles or stagger to the TV, it might be safe. Plus I can blame the puking on the drink.

    2. Australia Open>SOTU>Giants/Pats

    3. Federer-Nadal will be at 330am ET Thursday. Who schedules this shit?

      1. It’s halfway around the world, dude. The other hemisphere schedules it.

        1. Everything should be scheduled Prime Time on the US East Coast.

          1. Way to truckle to the elite NY media, El C.

            1. That’s bullshit, you Central Timist. There are many of us not in New York who live in the greatness that is Eastern Time. Take care, or we will move Monday Night Football to 7:00 p.m., ET.

            2. You’re just jealous because we’re always ahead of all of you.

  5. OT: I apologize if this has already been discussed today, but I just got here. I’m seeing a bunch of Team Blue Massholes on the interwebz crying that the Bruins should trade Tim Thomas now that they know he’s an evil libertarian.

    It really took them this long to realize that their former hero who has this painted on his mask might be one of those hatemongering freedom lovers.

    1. They just thought the Gadsden flag intimidates forwards like it intimidates them.

      1. If you talk to my fellow massholians, they are convinced that the state is the most super-wonderful member of the union, and are proud that it is where the first shots of the war of independence were fired. Of course, if you ask them about Shay’s Rebellion – where the Boston Brahmins succeeded and a counter-revolutionary coup against the principles in the declaration of independence, they look at you blankly.

        The cognitive dissonance is so thick here that if one were to figure out how to harness it with a generator, it would produce electricity in quantities to cheap to meter.

    2. I had a great deal of fun today at lunch poking holes in the “He disrespected the office of the presidency!” arguments leveled by my coworkers after the smelling salts were brought to their fainting couches.

      1. What? How could the office be more disrespected than it already is? We are putting people into office who are clearly unqualified on a quadrennial basis. And it’s not just the guy we elected–look at the pool of candidates! We obviously don’t think it’s important, or we’d try to get someone competent once in a while.

        1. They are all Romney supporters, so they’re kind of salt-of-the-earthy.

          1. Meaning they hate America so much that they want to pour salt on our soil?

              1. See above. What’s up with these threaded, nested abominations, anyway? I know I clicked in the right place to respond.

          2. I’ll go re-watch the whole thing.

      2. This goes to show you how badly the scumfuck partisan TEAM shit has permeated our society. When your political TEAM outweighs your sports teams, you know it’s super fucked up.

        See, Jerry Sandusky should have just come out as either a die hard TEAM RED or TEAM BLUE guy, and then that TEAM would have defended him and his kiddy-diddling to the death. You weren’t thinking, Jerry!

        1. Epi, almost everyone in the office is a Romney supporter. They hate Obama with a passion, and think that Ron Paul is dangerous.

          It’s more a question of team statist overcoming the loyalty to the sports team.

    3. I love what he did. The outcry shows how far gone we really are–generically citing the Constitution, limited government, and freedom are now somehow radical propositions. I’m surprised he hasn’t been arrested for treason.

      Hope Boston cans him for this. Tampa could use a goalie.

      1. They won’t can him over this: he’s too good a goalie.

        Nah, the hard-core fans will forgive him this peccadillo. The fair weather fans will forget when the next gossip-opportunity presents itself. I doubt it will have any effect on ticket sales.

        The local Democratic machine really doesn’t want to create a martyr, so they’ll leave him alone.

        In the end, it will be a tempest in a teapot.

        1. No, no, no, he’s un-American and a bad example for Boston’s children! I demand that he be fired for moral turpitude! And sent straight to Tampa for punishment!

      2. great call, pro lib.
        go redwings!

      3. I do like ProL’s suggestion that he comes to Tampa. Plus, as the debate last night mentioned, houses here are cheap.

        1. No income tax, either, like the Founders intended!

    4. Tim Thomas, I was pleased to discover, has an excellent beard. Also, on the LAT blog poll 76% of responders thought it was “OK” he declined, so maybe it is just whiny Massholes and sports writers going full retard on this.

      1. I hope they go beyond full retard and make this a huge national issue.

        1. His statement is letter-perfect. It’s nice when someone does something not-stupid, isn’t it? Rare, but nice. In fact, this may call for a: “Doesn’t sound like a scam to me.”

          1. If he freezes there and doesn’t say anything stupid, great. Especially if this goes on for a little while.

    5. Tim Thomas hates left wingers.

  6. no amount of alcohol (or pot!) could make sitting through the state-of-the-union entertaining or worth my time. i haven’t watched or listened to one in years, and i’m not about to start now. cheers!

  7. Bingers! The lot of you!

  8. Sorry, I’m just going to drink and read the comments. I’m not sitting through that horrible shit. This year is going to be especially grotesque and pander-iffic, where he blames wall st for killing all the jobz, blames the GOP for getting in the way of his wonderful plans for the future, pretends he ended all War during his tenure…god Im nauseous already

    1. I’ll only read the comments and then reconstruct his speech from what is said here.

      And in the interests of my liver, I will only sip at each DRINK!

  9. I’d rather watch a Jersey Shore marathon stone cold sober in a dank windowless cell on the most beautiful, mild spring day. So there.

  10. Why is it still linking to last year’s game? Sure, some of the stuff can carry over year after year but why no mention of investing in green energy jobs (that should be a triple shot), Iran or income inequality in the rules?

    Get with it, people!

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