Nick Gillespie Talks Ron Paul & S.C. with Judge Napolitano on Freedom Watch


I was on Fox Business' Freedom Watch on January 17, talking about Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas), today's South Carolina GOP primary, and what comes next for Dr. No (who will surely not win today) and the other Republican candidates.

The short version? The fight for the soul of the GOP is between the libertarian message of Paul on the one hand and all the other status quo candidates on the other, whether we're talking Romney, Gingrich, or Santorum. However the party faithful tip in the South Carolina vote—and in the contests to come—Paul's message of an actually limited government provides the only true alternative not just to how Democrats govern but Republicans as well.

About 4 minutes.

NEXT: S.C. Early Signals: Gingrich in First (or Second); Paul in Second (or Third); Where's Newt's Freddie Contract?

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  1. Quite a disppointing showing for Paul, leaving us with Gingrich, Romney, and Santorum who might not be able to win and prolly aren’t worth shit. Paul should have run as a libertarian-leaning Republican leader, instead of a philosopher king or a brooding loner who farts in the room and then leaves in a huff. We already have a president who is too good for the office he occupies, and that’s why we’re trying to get him to leave.

    One more thing. It isn’t just the bible-thumpin’ slopeheads in South Carolina. There are plenty more of those all over the country. It’s Paul.

    1. “…leaving us with Gingrich, Romney, and Santorum…”
      Not me. I don’t accept garbage as an alternative.

      1. A vote for nobody is a vote for Obama.

        1. A vote for Gingrich, Romney, and Santorum is a vote for Obama.

        2. Don’t worry. On DailyKos right now someone is saying to the guy having trouble supporting Obama after these past 3 years that a vote for nobody is a vote for Romney. If no one votes, apparently they’ll both win.

          1. Either I’m wrong or some puke at DailyKos is wrong. We’ll know early in Nov. And the person that sits out the election will find a way to be right regardless of his cherished beliefs or the facts or whether or not anyone else cares. But if you want to increase the chances that Obama will be reelected, by all means sit out the election.

  2. Stupid ABC, Others Project Gingrich Win in SC as Polls Close thread!

    1. Exit polls are known to be reliable.

  3. I hate to admit it, but I think Sanjuro has a point. On the other hand, we can all help Paul ourselves. If every Paul supporter would help get 10-100 others on Pauls side, he would win. Paul needs to select a VP to help campaign, someone like Gary Johnson maybe. Someone that can balance out Paul’s wisdom with vital energy.

    1. Weel since there are only 4 comments and I already had this on clipboard:

      Spottswoode: From what I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.N.C.E has gathered, it would be 9/11 times 100.
      Gary Johnston: 9/11 times a hundred? Jesus, that’s…
      Spottswoode: Yes, 91,100.
      Chris: Basically, all the worst parts of the bible.

    2. VP’s are overrated and practically irrelevant, but I guess that’s why they’re everybody’s favorite duct-tape solution.

    3. When Obama chose Biden instead of Hillary as his running mate, it should have been more obvious to one and all that McCain didn’t have a prayer.

  4. Gillespie channels Red Barber.

  5. Not everybody can handle the truth!!!

    I watched the SC primary election coverage on the Revolution PAC live stream, and the coverage there was awesome!!!? None of the MSM negativity about Dr. Ron Paul!!!

    “When I was drafted, I was married with two kids, and I went” — Ron Paul (Try spinning that Chicken-Hawk Newt).

  6. Did you know that your name is one letter away from being Tom Tebor?

  7. There needs to be a DRAFT JUDGE NAPOLITANO 2016 movement should Ron Paul or Gary Johnson not be the next President.

  8. I know Ron Paul won’t win Florida but I hope he does better than 10%. I don’t know why his appeal is so limited in the Southern states. Are my Southern friends that opposed to his foreign policy and the idea of living by the Golden Rule? I’m from Georgia and I just don’t get it. Paul is fiscally conservative and stands for liberty and freedom.



    1. I guess if he was to make good on Dubya’s early promise for a “humble” foreign policy that is in the national interest, he’d be more successful than the “blame America” foreign policy. For some reason, that rubs Republicans the wrong way. Cain was moving in that direction and seemed to be doing pretty well before he imploded.

    2. The Bible Belt is strongly autocratic in the classic law-and-order sense. Always has been. Makes sense that they would side with a red-ass like Gingrich.

      And while it’s hilarious that a bunch of evangelicals and fundamentalists supported a serial adulterer of women and religions alike, they still managed to do a better job than the Iowans who pushed out Santorum.

  9. Romney is wrong about the minimum wage:


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  11. The most comprehensive Ron Paul, Iowa vote fraud article EVER written! All real Ron Paul supporters will get this article out to the far reaches of the Internet?as if your country depends on it!: http://www.examiner.com/conspi…..d-official

  12. Nick is right. Dr. Paul is right. It is good to see a long term strategy and a focus on the points race. In addition the message of liberty is more attractive than a message of more war, dead soldiers, oppressive government and civil unrest. We must learn to discipline ourselves so that the specter of government never has to. Another thing though is love and tolerance because sh!t happens.

  13. The even shorter version: For some inexplicable reason a boring old fuck with fake eyebrows and a shit load of racist baggage makes libertarians come in their shorts.

    1. Yawn…

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