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Peter Suderman, Revealed, at FishbowlDC


That's our Suderpants!

Beloved Reason Associate Editor Peter Suderman, author of our March 2012 cover profile on Mitt Romney (that you can have special access to here), has been given the Q&A treatment by FishbowlDC. Excerpt:

What's your dream job? Aqua Teen Hunger Force voice actor, maybe? Or editor at an awesome libertarian magazine. […]

Top three life moments: Getting married. Meeting my wife for the first time. Making the cover of the local paper dressed up as Obi-Wan Kenobi after seeing Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. […]

Have you ever had a tarot card reading? No, but if the CBO gave personalized long-term outlooks, I would definitely be up for that. […]

Tell us a secret not many people know about you. I briefly played bass in a theatrical metal band (that didn't actually play much metal) called Metal Spike. My stage name was Professor Gorefest. […] 

Who should just call it a day? Kathleen Sebelius. I could defend the health care overhaul better than she does, and I spend most of my time writing about how the law is terrible.

Read the whole thing here.


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  1. Holy shit. Did someone deliver pot brownies this morning?

    WGAF about this?

  2. Aqua Teen Hunger Force? Seriously?

  3. Chimay Premiere is the Bud Light of Belgian ales.

    1. I found Chimay quite nice. Do you have a recommendation for a better one?

      I’d like to increase my beer snob credentials.

      1. I was mostly joking. Chimay’s great, it’s just the most well known Belgian probably. I like a few Belgian style ales that aren’t brewed in Belgium. New York brewery Ommegang makes some good ones, specifically the Abbey Ale. I also really like Unibroue, based in Quebec. The Trois Pistoles and La Fin Du Monde are brilliant.

        1. I’ve never had a bad Unibroue beer.

          1. That’s true. Unibroue is one of my top five breweries. Even the ones I like less are very good.

        2. I much prefer Chimay Blue to the Red. That being said, I think Chimay gets a bum rap because it’s so readily available, but I would argue it’s probably the best value you’ll find when it comes to Belgian beers. Also, Chimay Blue is GREAT to cellar.

        3. I was brought in a strict no alcohol household, so I’m having to expand my beer knowledge from scratch.

          It helps that I live in Colorado. It’s difficult enough keeping track of all the new stuff the in state microbreweries come up with.

          So far, I really like belgians, coffee porters, most stouts, and IPAs. The PBA/shitty beer experience in college really turned me off to most pilsners and lagers.

          1. You’ll come around to good lagers and pilsners eventually.

            1. What do you like for non-shitty lagers? I’ve recently had some Czech ones that were good.

              1. Stella!!!!

          2. Colorado is a great place for beer.

          3. If you ever come to Texas have a Real Ale Coffee Porter or a (512) Pecan Porter. You’ll love that shit. Unfortunately 512 is only available on tap (though you can find it around the state) and to paraphrase what the owner of Real Ale said when I did the tour there “we plan to expand enough to serve the whole Texas market but not further.” Which is awesome Texas localism I guess.

          4. Go to the Cheeky Monk in Denver and
            get a Rochefort 8. The 10 is better but I don’t see it on their menu.


          5. So far, I really like belgians, coffee porters, most stouts, and IPAs.

            You, my friend, have excellent taste in beer already.

            1. Ballantine is pretty good. Also Genny Cream Ale.

  4. Top three life moments:…Making the cover of the local paper dressed up as Obi-Wan Kenobi after seeing Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

    Dammit, why do these guys have to be such dorks? Well, at least he’s drinking (pretending?) a good beer and Gillespie/The Jacket make up with a heaping helping of cool.

  5. What’s your dream job? … Or editor at an awesome libertarian magazine

    I suppose if Matt Welch is found in the bathroom with his throat slit, we can narrow the suspects down a little…

  6. Is it Journalist Mutual Masturbation day?

    1. nnnnnnnnnn . . . .yes!

  7. We met in Reason’s gorgeous dimly lit loft-like space off Dupont Circle…there are funky aluminum art pieces.

    Now I know where all the donation money goes.

  8. Aqua Teen Hunger Force voice actor, maybe?

    Good choice, though I doubt Dana Snyder is worried about you taking his job.

    And it’s Aqua Unit Patrol Squad 1 now, dude. Get with the program.

  9. +1 for the ATHF reference – greatest show in the history of television, or indeed, the history of entertainment. It’s better than Shakespeare, bitches, and that’s not an opinion, it’s a FACTPWN.

    And OT, but I’m going to keep saying this until I’m sure he’s seen it:

    Matt, please look forward to C.J. Wilson’s inevitable postseason chokefest.


    A Rangers Fan

    1. Hey, Jimbo, okay, time out here. Look, ever since my son was…never conceived since I’ve never had consensual sex without there being money involved, I’ve always thought of you as something that I could sorta…live next to…in accordance with state laws.

      1. Go long!

        Hey, look at that, we won! Now…who you taking to that Superbowl!?

        1. Jim, I’m not entirely comfortable with the level of asbestos in these mitts.

  10. What’s FishbowlDC?

    1. They cover all the important stories about douchebags in minor media.

  11. onetime I made cufflinks for my dad but he got mad because I made them out of hair and snot.

    1. Dude, you should be in show business! Writing of that caliber is too good for this two-bit backwater of a blog.

  12. From TFA: Ezra Klein, Peter? U trollin bro?

    1. Not to mention Philip Klein as well, another worthless hack.

    2. It is a beltway journalist thing. They all kiss each other’s asses. How anyone with any integrity could be in the same room with Ezra Klein and not punch him is beyond me.

      1. Didn’t Ezra slow dance with Weigel at the Suderman wedding? Check the archives at FishbowlDC !

  13. He’s drinking a Chimay Red? I respect Suderpants a little more now…

  14. The tip of a a properly tied tie should rest in the center of the belt buckle. If you’re not a perfectionist, somewhere between the top and bottom of the belt buckle is acceptable. A full inch above the top of the belt buckle is right out.

    1. What if you’re wearing suspenders? What’s the rule for that?

      1. Go home, take off the suspenders, and put on a belt.

        1. I actually prefer suspenders on women. Maybe it’s just when Olivia Wilde wears them on House, but there’s something sexy about women holding her pants up with straps that go over her shoulders…

    2. Did you peek at my first-draft alt text?

      1. I did not, but I am glad we are (apparently) of similar minds.

        Re: Discount Double Choke, if you are wearing suspenders please sell me your time travel technology that allowed you to get back to 1980’s wall street. But in seriousness, my position is you aim for the place where the belt buckle center would be if you were wearing one. If you wanted to be really OCD you could equip a belt, tie the tie accurately, and then unequip the now-redundant belt.

        1. I prefer to think of it more as 1920’s anywhere in the civilized world rather than 1980’s Wall St.

        2. We should complain to Megan.

    3. Clip-ons only come in certain sizes. Er, that’s what I hear anyway.

      1. Based on the thickness of the knot I strongly suspect you are incorrect. That looks very much to me like a full windsor knot. If I am right, it is even more confusing that Mr. Suder-mann would posses sufficient panache to select the (obviously superior) full windsor, yet crass enough to neglect tying at the proper length.

        Sweet Odhinn’s ravens, I have a lot of strong tie related opinions.

        1. That’s probably appropriate, since you are employed as a valet for a 30’s English gentleman.

          Or I assume you are, based on your preference for the full Windsor.

          1. You are a fool of the highest calibre. I don’t see how it’s possible for any discerning person to disagree with me on this matter.

            1. I just think it looks a little cleaner when the tie knot is smaller than the wearer’s head. But fine, I’ll wear it, if you can keep Aunt Agatha from finding out what happened to her new hat.

  15. Drinking Chimay out of the bottle?

    Isn’t that stuff bottle conditioned, complete with yeast on the bottom?

    At least pour it into a glass.


    1. Looks like he just opened it.

      And it doesn’t seem to be his first of teh night, either.

  16. I love a man who has no idea what the rules of proper tie-wearing are.

  17. Must be nice working for Reason. Drinking Chimay right out of the bottle and lighting cigars with hundred dollar bills. What were the appetizers, wagyu lil’ smokies?

    1. Wouldn’t Megan let you wear the top hat and monocle?

      1. I’m on the waiting list

    2. What were the appetizers, wagyu lil’ smokies

      the livers of african-babies purchased on the open market and kept in cages, & force-fed milk with a pump.

      mmmm, black babies

  18. Wow, Suderman is as stupid as he looks.

  19. Or editor at an awesome libertarian magazine. […]

    There’ll be a little something extra in your paycheck, Suderman.

  20. Getting married. Meeting my wife for the first time.

    There’ll be a little something extra in your “paycheck”, Suderman.

  21. Kathleen Sebelius. I could defend the health care overhaul better than she does, and I spend most of my time writing about how the law is terrible.

    There’ll be a little something less in your paycheck, Suderman.

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