American Public Wants to Hear Less About "Long," "Negative," and "Dull" Campaign, More About Totally Messed Up Economy


A new poll from the Pew Center for the People & the Press finds that the two groups on either side of that annoying ampersand disagree on how much coverage the 2012 election merits:

Half of Americans say the presidential campaign has been too negative and 55% of the public describe the 2012 contest so far as dull. [The poll] also finds that 57% say the campaign has been too long, while 35% say it has not been too long. This is virtually identical to public evaluations of previous presidential campaigns.


The people would like to hear more about the economy, please. But the press says it's horserace or bust.

Hey look! Reason has our own poll!


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  1. Am I to take from this that Pew considers the Supreme Court case on church employment practices to be the sixth most important news story of the time?

    1. Yeah, I was like “whaaaa?” and who is the 1% that is caring about it? I think the ronuding error got rounded up to a whole percentage.

    2. Yeah, what about that boat?

      Did anyone catch the audio of the captain trying to bail? Hilarious, the emergency guy (whoever) basically calls him a pussy, and tells him to get back on the boat.

      1. Here it is, sorry for the wall of text:

        -De Falco: “This is De Falco speaking from Livorno. Am I speaking with the commander?”
        –Schettino: “Yes. Good evening, Cmdr. De Falco.”
        –De Falco: “Please tell me your name.”
        –Schettino: “I’m Cmdr. Schettino, commander.”
        –De Falco: “Schettino? Listen Schettino. There are people trapped on board. Now you go with your boat under the prow on the starboard side. There is a pilot ladder. You will climb that ladder and go on board. You go on board and then you will tell me how many people there are. Is that clear? I’m recording this conversation, Cmdr. Schettino…”
        –Schettino: “Commander, let me tell you one thing…”
        –De Falco: “Speak up! Put your hand in front of the microphone and speak more loudly, is that clear?”
        –Schettino: “In this moment, the boat is tipping…”
        –De Falco: “I understand that, listen, there
        are people that are coming down the pilot ladder of the prow. You go up that pilot ladder, get on that ship and tell me how many people are still on board. And what they need. Is that clear? You need to tell me if there are children, women or people in need of assistance. And tell me the exact number of each of these categories. Is that clear? Listen, Schettino, you saved yourself from the sea, but I am going to… I’m going to make sure you get in trouble. …I am going to make you pay for this. Go on board, (expletive)!”
        –Schettino: “Commander, please…”
        –De Falco: “No, please. You now get up and go on board. They are telling me that on board there are still…”
        –Schettino: “I am here with the rescue boats, I am here, I am not going anywhere, I am here…”
        –De Falco: “What are you doing, commander?”
        –Schettino: “I am here to coordinate the rescue…”
        –De Falco: “What are you coordinating there? Go on board! Coordinate the rescue from aboard the ship. Are you refusing?”
        –Schettino: “No, I am not refusing.”
        –De Falco: “Are you refusing to go aboard commander? Can you tell me the reason why you are not going?”
        –Schettino: “I am not going because the other lifeboat
        is stopped.”
        –De Falco: “You go aboard. It is an order. Don’t make any more excuses. You have declared ‘abandon ship.’ Now I am in charge. You go on board! Is that clear? Do you hear me? Go, and call me when you are aboard. My air rescue crew is there.”
        –Schettino: “Where are your rescuers?”
        –De Falco: “My air rescue is on the prow. Go. There are already bodies, Schettino.”
        –Schettino: “How many bodies are there?”
        –De Falco: “I don’t know. I have heard of one. You are the one who has to tell me how many there are. Christ.”
        –Schettino: “But do you realize it is dark and here we can’t see anything…”
        –De Falco: “And so what? You want go home, Schettino? It is dark and you want to go home? Get on that prow of the boat using the pilot ladder and tell me what can be done, how many people there are and what their needs are. Now!”
        –Schettino: “…I am with my second in command.”
        –De Falco: “So both of you go up then … You and your second go on board now. Is that clear?”
        –Schettino: “Commander, I want to go on board, but it is simply that the other boat here … there are other rescuers. It has stopped and is waiting…”
        –De Falco: “It has been an hour that you have been telling me the same thing. Now, go on board. Go on board! And then tell me immediately how many people there are there.”
        –Schettino: “OK, commander”
        –De Falco: “Go, immediately!”

        1. Wow. What a coward.

        2. The captain is fucked. He will do time for this.

          1. He’s been charged with manslaughter, I believe.

  2. Romney keeps millions in Offshore Tax Haven….Next

    1. You are exactly the opposite of Rather, or do I owe you an apology?

      1. read my blog and you will get a better appreciation to who I am, and for CS, 90% of the posts are Sugarfree’s groupies

        1. Pass

          1. I never know what “pass” means to a libertarian?:-)
            Pass = reason.com 6,588

  3. onetime I got happy because I cleaned all my shoes but I got sad because they tasted like dirt.

  4. Reporting on economies is hard.
    Reporting on campaigns is easy.

    1. Reporting on economies has no effect on the economy. Reporting on the political horse race can and does have an effect on the political horse race. Which do think the media prefers, the reporting that gives them influence and makes them feel important, or the reporting that doesn’t?

      1. Exactly. And so many chances to make Republicans look bad! It gladdens their Democrat hearts.

  5. Presidential race = easy and lots of free dinners

    Economy = hard and lots of reading

    No brainer.

  6. Church hiring case? Did someone hire a church? For what?

    1. He was looking for a soul to steal.

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    1. That’s all very well, but what about the economy?

  8. The media don’t want to talk about the economy because they are in the tank for their cunt Obama.

  9. Maybe people care about elections because they’re interesting and easy to understand, but tell pollsters that they care about the economy because it seems worthy and hard to understand. Maybe journalists know this and choose the coverage mix that maximises viewerships and profits.

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