Mitt Romney

After 2008's Hope and Change, It's Sober and Sane for 2012

We're picking a constitutional officer here, not anointing a prophet.


Mitt Romney's relentless rise continues as an InsiderAdvantage poll released Sunday has him 11 points ahead of his nearest rival in South Carolina.

The former Massachusetts governor looks likely to seal the deal in Saturday's primary—dashing Tea Party hopes for a nominee who's sincerely committed to smaller government.

Get ready for a "passionless presidential race," Robert Reich warned recently on Liberals will support President Obama "without enthusiasm," conservatives will pull the lever for Romney only grudgingly, leaving the country "with two presidential candidates who don't inspire—at the very time in American history when Americans crave inspiration."

I don't usually look to Bill Clinton's former labor secretary when I need cheering up. But this time, he's done the trick.

A "passionless presidential race"? Good! It's dangerous when people get too inspired by presidential candidates. We're picking a constitutional officer here, not anointing a prophet.

Last time around, recall, we had a little too much enthusiasm. A May 2008 piece in The New York Times captured the unseemly atmosphere of teenybopper infatuation that prevailed at Obama campaign rallies:

"You see and hear things on rope lines," the Times reported, "get a whiff of things, too. ('I got to smell him, and it was awesome,' raved Kate Homrich, caught between Mr. Obama and a woman trying to hug him in Grand Rapids.)"

The Times correspondent quoted one Bonnie Owens, "who got her fingers pinched by Mr. Obama after a rally in Louisville": "Best experience of my life."

It seems that Owens hasn't had much of a life. But why pick on her? A herd of supposedly independent journalists got just as giddy in the hope-and-change-saturated days of Obama's ascendancy.

It would be nice if Romney tried to present a sober contrast to Obama's vision of the president as national redeemer. Unfortunately, Romney also speaks of the presidency in messianic terms.

In his New Hampshire victory speech, he proclaimed, "Our campaign is about more than replacing a president; it is about saving the soul of America."

Unlike Obama, Romney hasn't found time to write two autobiographies, but his campaign-trail book, "No Apology," has two subtitles: "The Case for American Greatness" and "Believe in America."

You have to wonder, though, how much does Romney believe in America and its unapologetic greatness if he thinks we're fragile enough to have our very soul destroyed when a liberal president implements a national version of Romney's own Massachusetts health care plan?

Try as he might, though, Romney won't be able to replicate the adulation that surrounded Obama's 2008 campaign. No one, I'd wager, has ever swooned from a Romney hand-pinch or waxed rhapsodic over his smell (a mix of Scotchgard and Purell, if I had to guess).

The man is so plain-vanilla and transparently insincere that it would be almost impossible to build a cult of personality around him. And that's a good thing. When Americans get swept up in the romance of Camelot, we usually wake up lighter in the wallet and hate ourselves in the morning.

Romney's private-sector career, as a Harvard Business School version of the Bobs from "Office Space," isn't the stuff on which legends are built, but the experience may come in handy. Right about now, we could use a guy who likes firing people who don't provide promised services (like federal workers).

We don't need an "inspirational" president in order to start dealing with our looming fiscal catastrophe which is largely a result of promises made by inspirational presidents past. The crisis we face should be inspiration enough.

Examiner Columnist Gene Healy is a vice president at the Cato Institute and the author of The Cult of the Presidency.

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  1. Reich is, as usual, wrong. Its perfectly clear that the Obama campaign will be nothing but “passion” in the form of lies, smears, race-baiting, and class warfare.

    1. I don’t know if I consider angry sex to be particularly passionate.

      1. Ain’t gonna be any different.

    2. FOX News rots the brain.

      1. Not yours though, that tin-foil hat protects you.

        1. Every now and then I do a FOX News marathon. It gives me a headache–the only way someone can watch that channel is if they are sustained by hate.

          FOX News makes people stupid and it’s been proven. It makes people think a decent substitute for thought are Frank Luntz-supplied buzzwords. Witness specimen RC Dean.

          1. You amuse me, Tony. I watch about 15 minutes of Fox per day – the panel at the end of Brett Baier’s segment.

            I can’t watch any cable news for any length of time. Its just too noisy and frenetic and stupid.

            1. Doesn’t matter, you still think in FOX News-esque buzzwords.

              A 4% tax hike on the lowest rates in generations is “class warfare”? Can’t you do better than that?

              1. .. and it would be horrible if we were to roll the budget back to times when there were children eating feral dogs in the streets and the old were panhandling by the millions, you know, 2006 .

              2. Tony is teh awesome.

            2. Rigth on RC. That is exactly what I watch on Fox. The panel gives a fair and balanced, shall we say, exposition of what is going on that day. I also watch Chris Wallace’s panel on Sunday. Reading is my, and should be everybody’s, best method of learning what is “news”.

              1. Its a great insight into the Beltway conventional wisdom. And for the last few years, Krauthammer’s massive hate-boner for Obama has never failed to amuse and instruct.

                1. I sometimes watch Redeye at night. I don’t view it as a “news” program however. It is kind of like Fox New’s equivalent of “The Daily Show”.

                  But I also have the misfortune of living with Fox News Junkies so I “get” to watch the channel whether I want to or not.

                  1. I record it. It is fun. Not great insight. But I am usually sympatico with Gutfeld and Levy.

                  2. You could be living with MSNBC junkies.

                  3. I think of it more like a radio morning show on TV. But I think it’s decent enough entertainment in small doses, which is all you can ask for from that time slot.

            3. “”I can’t watch any cable news for any length of time. Its just too noisy and frenetic and stupid.””


          2. Really? I can watch MSNBC for hours. The comedic value only is worth more than all the gold in Casterly Rock.

            1. You mean BSNBC?

              1. Tomay-to, tomah-to, MSNBC, BSNBC, it doesn’t matter. The outrage of millionaire pundits (Chris, Rachel, Lawrence, looking at you buddies), crying about TEH RICHE is by itself sidesplitting good fun. Tack on plenty of self-righteous outrage on the behalf of the “middle class”, misinformation, and outright lies, and you have a channel funnier than Comedy Central ever was.

          3. The left devalued the meaning of “hate” just like they did for racism. The definition of “hate” now stands for not agreeing with the left.

    3. There should be some sort of metric for talking heads. Once you’ve said something ridiculously stupid so many times, you get certified as a dingbat and don’t get called for a while.

      Reich is one of the worst. He’s got to be a true Marxist, too.

      1. I don’t get the eyebrows sometimes. The news shows sometimes trot out these ancient supposedly learned experts on something or whatnot, and they have these bushy eyebrows you could smuggle a family of four over a border in.

        FFS, dude, Supercuts will trim your eyebrows for free with a haircut. Or learn to use the trimmer attachment on your razor.

        I have no idea what they are saying. I’m hypnotized by their bushy white eyebrows bouncing up and down and waving in the breeze like cilia.

        1. Damn. I gotta get me some of those eye brows.

          1. Just wait, gentlemen. Just wait.

        2. I hope that when I am old I have huge bushy eyebrows and ear hair. That woudl be great.

  2. Exactly. We need a sober choice between the Blue 1% candidate and the Red 1% candidate. No reason to get the unwashed masses excited about a candidate who might actually do something about unconstitutional wars, both abroad and against our minorities choice of intoxicants, the failure of our fiat economic system, or the crony capitalism that’s concentrating power and wealth into fewer and fewer hands.

    Everybody should just take a blue pill and go back to sleep. The establishment can handle things just fine.

    1. +999999999999999999

      Well said. If Ron Paul is not on the ballot I will NOT, I repeat NOT vote in the general election. Ron Paul or Not at All 2012!

      1. Well, there’s Johnson. It might be good for a lot of Paulistas to run to the LP if he doesn’t get nominated. While I don’t want Obama in office even a little bit, a libertarian statement like that could be important down the road.

      2. Vote in the Congressional election and leave the Presidential ballot blank.

        1. I will (though probably vote for Johnson, straight ticket LP button) but being represented by the craziest congressperson, Sheila Jackson Lee, my congressional ballot will look even worse than the presidential one.

          1. I have three rules for voting, in order of priority:

            1) vote Libertarian
            2) vote for other third party or independent candidates
            3) vote against the incumbent

            1. ^^THIS^^

              If there is no (L) candidate on the ballot, I’ll vote for ANY 3rd party, even the CPUSA.

              1. “even the CPUSA.”

                Uh, no, I won’t go that far … That could send the OPPOSITE message we want to send.

            2. I vote “lower-case l” libertarian. The “Libertarian” Party disappointed me in 2008 with the nomination of Bob Barr. It will take a while for it to prove to me that it is actually libertarian again.

          2. I have three rules for voting, in order of priority:

            1) vote Libertarian
            2) vote for other third party or independent candidates
            3) vote against the incumbent

        2. My Republican Congressional Representative voted for the National Defense Authorization Act that would allow indefinite detention. I certainly cannot vote for him. Unfortunately he will probably get the party’s nod in the primary. Unless his DEM opponent is some OUT-EFFING-STANDING Dem who supports free markets and opposes the wars I have no desire to vote Dem. I might do as you suggest if a 3rd party or indy candidate is running in opposition to him.

        3. I’m just not that jaded yet. Almost there. But I still have some very slim hope that the Republican red candidate will be marginally better than the Obama blue. I mean, do margins matter? My last glimmer of optimism. Sue me.

          1. rac,

            Do as you wish, I won’t sue you. For me staying home and not voting would be a form of boycott against a seemingly rigged system. Call this the “Montgomery Election Boycott” if it comes to this. I still have some optimism that Ron Paul can win the nomination, sue me 🙂 But if he does not get it and chooses not to run as a 3rd party candidate or indy I will probably stay home – and so will many other Ron Paul supporters. It will be the “Montgomery Election Boycott”.

            1. Voting NOTA by staying home is pointless, as the media and establishment can’t tell the difference between NOTA and Apathy. But they’ll definitely take notice (and shit their pants) if Gary Johnson breaks 10%.

              A far better message to send than apathy.

              1. “as the media and establishment can’t tell the difference between NOTA and Apathy”

                IN case you haven’t noticed it yet the dinosaur media is in its death throws. If they don’t take notice it will be another nail in its coffin.

            2. A boycott would simply register as apathy to the powers that be. I think a better choice if you dislike all the candidates is to use write-ins for your entire ballot (if your state allows). Can’t think of a good write-in? Put your own name down. Don’t worry, this route is safe as there is very little probability that you’ll actually get elected and have to serve.

      3. This is precisely why Ron Paul supporters annoy me so much. They think the entire universe of libertarianism is defined by Ron Paul. As if they expect him to live for ever. As if they think he’s the savior of mankind.


        If Ron Paul is not on the ballot then I will vote for Gary Johnson or whoever the LP nominates (unless they go batshit insane and nominate Ventura). Hell, I’ll vote for W.A.R. before I pull the level for NOTA.

        1. “They think the entire universe of libertarianism is defined by Ron Paul.”

          So I take it you have never actually encountered a Ron Paul supporter before?


          I agree, so does every Ron Paul supporter I have ever met (by the way, I am one).

          ” or whoever the LP nominates ”

          So you are putting a political party above political ideals??? I lost a great deal of respect for the LP when they nominated Bob Barr. I might CONSIDER voting for Johnson but I would have to think about it long and hard if he is under the banner of the “L”P. It will take a while for the “Libertarian” Party to prove to me that it is actually libertarian again.

  3. Romney has had four years in the Whitehouse.
    Obama is a huge disaapointment but Liberals will vote for him because to do anything else would be like, racist.

    1. Not. Not had four years. Dumbass.

      1. I liked it better the way you originally had it. It made me think you were snarkily pointing out the Romney wouldn’t really be that different than Obama. Freudian slip maybe?

        1. That’s what I thought. Are we sure it’s the same Tim in the second message?

          1. Maybe it’s Tim/Time!

  4. “Right about now, we could use a guy who likes firing people who don’t provide promised services (like federal workers).”>

    Will we get to fire him, or will we have to wait four years?

  5. I guess Reich thinks the Republicans might win. When Democrats win it is American believing in the future and embracing all that is good in the world. When Republicans win it is either America having a temper tantrum or acting cynically.

    1. I think that it is also “embracing the politics of the past” and “the rhetoric of fear”

  6. In a sense, this plays into Romney’s hands. Barring a massive turnaround in the economy and general state of the country, lots of marginally apathetic voters are going to just be looking for the anti-Obama. And what characterizes Obama?

    1. gives good speeches
    2. has a cult of personality
    3. makes big promises that he doesn’t fulfill

    So the perfect bizarro-Obama would be someone who’s a boring speaker, doesn’t inspire people, and offers little but delivers it. Hello Mitt!

    1. I think people will vote for anyone that seems acceptable just to get rid of Obama. Mitt will win for the simple fact he is the only guy who showed up to the interview in a suit.

      1. When the media gets through with him, he’ll be an ultra-conservative evil capitalist fascist extremist poo-poo-head.

        1. That is what they will claim. But no one will believe them. People won’t buy some guy who was governor of Massachusetts is some crazy right winger. Some will. But those people are so stupid they were going to vote for Obama anyway.

          1. If he keeps the same economic plan, that’s all anyone will need to paint him as a radical.

            He pays 15% effective tax rate and wants to raise taxes on the poor and lower them on other rich guys like him.

            Good luck.

            1. Some will. But those people are so stupid they were going to vote for Obama anyway.

              Ladies and Gentleman, heeereess Tony!!

              1. Why would it be stupid to vote for Obama when you’ve said many times you don’t support Romney?

                1. Now that’s a dumb question.

                  I knew I shouldn’t have hit unignore.

                2. It is called not voting Tony.

                  1. Far be it from me to dissuade you from that.

                    1. Because you will out there voting for unlimited detention, GUITMO, and killing American citizens won’t you Tony?

                    2. You mean all those things you supported when Bush invented them?

                      Explain how Obama could close Gitmo when Congress explicitly made it impossible for him to do so.

                    3. Here’s how to close Gitmo without a single Congressional vote:

                      (1) Give all detainees there the sort of military tribunal that SCOTUS has already approved.

                      (2) Any that are acquitted get dumped out of an airplane (on the tarmac, people!) in their country of origin.

                      (3) Any that are convicted of killing someone are executed. Right there on the beach.

                      (4) Any that are convicted of something less are imprisoned in a supermax. In an isolation wing reserved for Islamonutters.

                      Bang. Gitmo closed, in less than a year.

                    4. That can be done without Congress?

                    5. Sure. What do you see in that requiring Congressional approval?

                    6. Congress’s role is a little complicated (they used their power to control spending to make it impossible to do Obama’s plan)–essentially the only option available are military commissions, which are proceeding but are bogged down by legal issues, especially with regard to what to do with people if they are convicted but serve their sentence.

                      The bottom line is that the criticism is Obama’s “failure to close Gitmo” as per his promise–transferring prisoners to US soil (i.e., closing Gitmo) is specifically what Congress has made it impossible to do.

                    7. MFW Tony argued that Obama feels constrained by Congress.

                    8. I’ll vote for you RC.

                    9. Don’t forget war with Iran.

                    10. And besides, I actually don’t mind killing poor muslims, since they don’t support green initiatives or universal health care.

                      Just like I would be happy to bomb Alabama or Texas.

                    11. I have deep concern for the welfare of detainees–and that’s why I wish the Republicans would stop acting like fascists.

                    12. “I have deep concern for the welfare of detainees–and that’s why I wish the Republicans would stop acting like fascists.”

                      So are you going to vote for Ron Paul in the primary?

                    13. My state has closed primaries and I’m a registered Democrat. If I had the option, I definitely would now that Huntsman’s out.

                    14. I bet you can re-register, Tony. Go for it!

                    15. I will never soil my good name by attaching it to the Republican party.

                    16. Sorry bub…you soiled your name by being a lefty sheep.

      2. If Romney is the nominee, he will not win. Incumbents have a huge advantage and this race will be very close. Romney isn’t exactly an inspiring candidate and I suspect enough people will stay home for Obama to win.

        1. He will win. I am not saying that is a good thing. But he will win if for no other reason that Obama can’t win. Yeah there are people like Tony. But the other side has that too. Those types cancel each other out.

          Obama greatly benefited from people not staying home last time. He got record turnouts from blacks and young people. He won’t get that again. Had he not had those, he wouldn’t have beaten McCain. With his horrible approval ratings among independents and the lower turnout from youth and blacks, he is doomed.

          1. ACORN (or whatever they call themselves now), SEIU, the various other unions, the lefty media, and other sundry leftist organiations will do there best to rig the vote. I expect massive voter fraud by the left and little investigation or no real consequenses from said fraud to get teh wun re-elected.

            1. The less evidence of voter fraud, the more likely it happened.

              1. You know considering how Holder’s justice department operates you may be onto something there.

        2. Incumbents don’t have an advantage during recessions.

          (and don’t tell me we’re not in a recession, shrike)

        3. Ignore the polls. Ignore historical examples. Here’s the real test for Obama’s chances:

          I want you to find me someone who voted for McCain last time who will say “You know what? I didn’t think this Obama chap would make a good president, but by Jove he’s done a bang-up job.” Find me just one of those people.

      3. Mitt will win for the simple fact he is the only guy who showed up to the interview in a suit.

        that’s pretty good man. You make that up?

        1. I read it somewhere. I forget where. Wish I could take credit for it.


    Great article here on why Mitt Romney is absolutely wrong about the minimum wage.

    1. Obama has little or no charisma. People just pretend he does because he is black.

  8. Someone name the last presidential election where the less charismatic guy won.

    Romney, apart from being an insufferable east coast blue blood, has run a campaign entirely based on mean nastiness (to appeal to the thoughtful Republican base who, in addition to believing that humans and dinosaurs coexisted, should definitely be deciding the composition of our government). Obama is still personally quite popular–Obama is teh devil is not a successful campaign strategy.

    Romney’s electability is only relative to the ridiculous people running against him in the primary. He will lose for many reasons, but mostly because his idea of restoring the economy is to make his own 15% effective tax rate even lower.

    1. Someone name the last presidential election where the less charismatic guy won.

      Bush v. Gore? Or are you going to tell us that the High Panjandrum of Global Warming is less charismatic than the simian and malevolent W?

      Howsabout 1988? While I don’t think its possible to say that either Dukakis or Bush the Elder are more or less charismatic than the other, Dukakis sure beat Jesse Jackson in the primary. Although I suppose you could chalk that up to the racism of the Democratic electorate.

      1. Hey watch it bud, yer gonna blow his little head right up.

      2. I’m saying it’s beyond question that Bush was more charismatic than Gore or Kerry. The first Bush I election was a bit of a wash, I suppose.

        I’m just saying, I don’t have any hard evidence other than what I see. Romney will get polite applause in school gyms, Obama will get roaring crowds in stadiums.

        Who would you rather have a beer with (assuming you weren’t blinded by Obama hate)?

        1. Who would you rather have a beer with (assuming you weren’t blinded by Obama hate)?

          That’s just your anti-Mormon bigotry.

          1. Actually its hate as well as anti mormon bigotry….but since Tonys on the left that makes it ok.

            1. I’m bigoted against all religions equally.

              1. And since you’re a lefty that kind of bigotry is ok….right?

        2. Tony it is not 2008. Obama can’t fill a high school gym anymore. And he is such a terrible orator, he has never managed to change public opinion on a single issue while President. People have just tuned him out. I have never seen a President more irrelevant to the public consciousness than this one. His numbers actually go up when he doesn’t speak and is out of the public limelight for a while.

          1. Hm, I can see how you’d think that considering the righwing cesspools you so obviously dredge your opinions from. I see a president half the country supports despite sustained high unemployment, and I see a Republican party at the nadir of its support, propelled by a Tea Party movement now less popular than atheists and Muslims.

            I happen to think all this surface stuff will matter much less than the substance: all Obama has to do is tell people what Mitt Romney’s economic plan is.

            1. First he has to get someone to listen to him Tony. And the entire country has tuned him out. That is when they are not laughing at him. He couldn’t fill a high school gym in Shaker Heights Ohio. And the students laughed at him when he said they inspired him. His speeches are comically sad.

              1. Not quite as inspiring and brilliant as rhapsodizing on the “politics of envy” and how corporations are people.

                1. Where do I make any distinction on who is allowed to speak?

            2. I guess the teacher unions have fulfilled their purpose in dumbing down the American electorate. No wonder so many people still support teh wun.

          2. need a new election drinking game.
            -everytime O says “let me be clear”
            -or “make no mistake”
            -or any reference to the American soul

            “we’re doomed.DOOMED, I say…”

        3. I’m saying it’s beyond question that Bush was more charismatic than Gore or Kerry.

          Seriously? Gore practically founded a cult. While Bush inspired impassioned hatred in 48% of the country.

    2. Maybe Carter-Ford, but you’d need a micrometer to measure the difference to know for sure. Ford did have mad pratfall skillz.

      1. McKinley vs. Bryan 1896.
        Taft vs. Bryan 1908.
        Hoover vs. Smith 1928.
        Eisenhower vs. Stevenson 1952.
        Eisenhower vs. Stevenson 1956.
        Nixon vs. Kennedy 1960 (Nixon won but let them steal it from him).
        Nixon v. Humphrey 1968.

        1. I would say Eisenhower was pretty charismatic. And Stevenson was the classic Ivy League nerd. Eisenhower was a war hero and former West Point football star. Stevenson was the guy whose head Eisenhower used to stick in the toilet during gym class. People loved Eisenhower and thought Stevenson was a nerd. Other than that, I think your list is about right.

          1. Eisenhower also tried to conceal his intelligence under a veneer of verbal bumbling, probably in order to win the expectations game and to avoid giving clear answers when he wanted to be ambiguous.

            Stevenson actually said “let this cup pass from me” when he was nominated – highly presumptous (to say the least) but really “eloquent.”

        2. Pre-television doesn’t count.

          1. What about post-television? Television is a dying medium.

            1. +10 Internets

          2. Welcome to Tonyball, folks.

    3. Depends on your measure of charisma.

      I think a good one is the question of whether people who are predisposed to be hostile to you become less so as you talk more.

      That is absolutely, positively, definitely, certainly not true of BO. Every time he opens his mouth he pisses more people off.

      1. It was different during the campaign.

        In the campaign, he impressed people with his post-partisan healer image. He was always there with a box of chocolates and a bouquet of flowers, listening to the voters and exuding sympathy.

        Then he got elected and he totally changed. Now he sites in front of the TV yelling at the voters to get him a beer. And he always leaves the toilet seat up, too.

        1. During the campaign he was NotBush. Other than the GOP base, people weren’t predisposed to be hostile to him. And remember how long the Hillary people were pissed at him? He never really won them over, they just held their noses to vote against McCain.

        2. Eat your peas!!!!!

      2. No idea where you’re getting that. It’s definitely true of Romney though, who is only passable (ironically) in front of a teleprompter. Otherwise he strikes everyone as beyond weird. Granted, Obama can be stilted, but never weird. I think it’s indisputable who has more charisma.

        1. Obama is not weird. He is just dumb and kind of geeky.

        2. “I think it’s indisputable who has more charisma.”

          Charisma is exactly what we need to fix all of the world’s problems.

          How do we fix the economy?


          How do we create a climate of peace on planet earth?


          How do we create jobs?


          1. Which is about as useful in the endeavor as cutting billionaire’s tax rates.

            1. “Which is about as useful in the endeavor as cutting billionaire’s tax rates.”

              I am sorry, there is this thing called language. We humans use it to communicate with one another. Is there a point you are trying to make? If so try using coherent language. Thank you.

              1. I apologize for my snark, I am just not sure where you are going.

                1. Romney’s economic plan–create jobs, fix the economy, and create a climate of peace by cutting billionaires’ taxes.

                  1. Good thing Obama has a plan and has had four years to implement it. God you are stupid Tony.

                  2. Tony,

                    I don’t think that Romney gives a flying &^%$ about peace – he is almost as much of a warmonger as Obama. I am not really a Romney supporter in any case. If Romney gets the Republican nomination he will NOT have my vote. Nor would Santorum or Gingrich or Perry if any of them got the nomination. Now that Gary Johnson is no longer in the running for the Republican nomination I – the only Republican candidate I would vote for is Ron Paul.

                    1. Tony is clearly in ARFARFARFARF mode here.

                      “Obama is charismatic!”

                      “But at least he doesn’t lower billionaires tax rates”

                      “But Obama is charismatic!”

                    2. Authentic might be more accurate. Romney will never be seen as authentic since everyone already knows he’s a slimy opportunist. Nobody likes him! That guy is gonna beat Obama? If enough people can vote purely out of hate then those idiot boogereating rednecks deserve the country Romney would deliver to them.

                    3. The only thing authentic about Obama are his “umm”s and “uhhh”s.

                    4. Ummmm….Let me…uuhhh….be clear…..there are some that..ummmm…say that I….uhhhh cannot speak…..ummmm well without…uuuuuh…a teleprompter.

                    5. Hate…what a joke.

                    6. Jeez Tony let go of your hate…its unbecoming.

                      Oh wait its ok to hate when you are a lefty. I forgot…double standard and all.

        3. No idea where you’re getting that.

          Of course not! You’re so deluded you think BO can fill a stadium with cheering fans. I mean, maybe if he paid them and gave them a transportation reimbursement since he’s going to need to bring people scattered all over the country. For $500 and a plane ticket I’d put my butt in a seat.

          1. They ordered a stadium for the convention… wanna take bets on whether it’s filled?

            1. Yeah, but those guys will cost at least $500 & a plane ticket…

            2. $2B goes a long way toward putting butts in the seats.

            3. Its gonna be filled….no matter who we gotta pay to be there!!!!

              Now where are those homeless bums that we cry about trying to help…get them in here now!!!

            4. Just curious…will there be Greek columns again? At least the wun should be presented with a crown when he descends from the clouds from on high. After all he is the savior of mankind or something…at least thats what he thought of himself in his inagural address.

              It wouldnt suprise me since the left is invested in the cult of personality and seem to want an absolute monarch.

      3. Do my mom jeans make me look fat?

    4. You sure do sound confident. Want to put your money where you mouth is?

  9. Obama has been Bush III. Obama did almost nothing for team blue.

    This year it will be a republican, or a republican.

    So two RINOs were haning out at the watering hole…

  10. The NYT is obviously biased. It calls this a “rally.”

    1. This is much better. And he’s a sitting president inviting business leaders in for a talk.

      They even had to call in Biden to try to make the back 4 rows of chairs look occupied.

      1. Heck we even told joe to put his toupee on the seats next to him to make it look like it was full.

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  12. Passionless? Really? I may not wet myself about Romney, but 50 years from now I’ll brag at the top of my lungs about voting for a steaming pile of shit over Obama [assuming that was the opponent]. I’d vote for a stone, a stump, a vagrant, my own dick… you get the picture.

  13. Democracy does not work. Every asshole in office is there because of Democracy. What made this country near great was capitalism/ semi-free markets.
    When everybody can vote, everybody loses.

    1. So what is your preferred alternative to democracy?

      1. A dictator with intellect and integrity.

  14. I like Reason, I like the stories most of the time, but this one borders on hysterical. Of course left-of-center people were excited about Barack Obama, just like most the people here want to have a Ron Paul wet dream every 44 seconds and hold a coronation over the success of paleolibertarianism. This while overlooking every anti-libertarian position he holds. It’s okay to like someone, but don’t bash other people who like other candidates. It comes off so pathetic.

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