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Listen to Matt Welch Debate Katha Pollitt About Ron Paul on San Francisco Public Radio!


Today at 10 AM Pacific Time, I'll be on Your Call with Rose Aguilar, on 91.7 KALW San Francisco, tussling with The Nation's Katha Pollitt for an hour over "Who Is Ron Paul?" You can listen live at this link, and please call in & send your comments/questions using the Internet buttons.

Katha Pollitt made some waves last week with a piece entitled "Ron Paul's Strange Bedfellows." Excerpt from that:

I, too, would love to see the end of the "war on drugs" and our other wars. I, too, am shocked by the curtailment of civil liberties in pursuit of the "war on terror," most recently the provision in the NDAA permitting the indefinite detention, without charge, of US citizens suspected of involvement in terrorism. But these are a handful of cherries on a blighted tree. In a Ron Paul America, there would be no environmental protection, no Social Security, no Medicaid or Medicare, no help for the poor, no public education, no civil rights laws, no anti-discrimination law, no Americans With Disabilities Act, no laws ensuring the safety of food or drugs or consumer products, no workers' rights. How far does Paul take his war against Washington? He wants to abolish the Federal Aviation Authority and its pesky air traffic controllers. He has one magic answer to every problem—including how to land an airplane safely: let the market handle it. […]

Add in his opposition to basic civil rights law—he maintains his opposition to the 1964 Civil Rights Act and opposes restrictions on the "freedom" of business owners to refuse service to blacks—and his hostility to the federal government starts looking more and more like old-fashioned Southern-style states' rights. No wonder they love him over at Stormfront, a white-supremacist website with neo-Nazi tendencies. […]

If Ron Paul was interested in peace, he wouldn't be a Republican—that party has even more enthusiasm for the military-industrial complex than the Democrats.

See you on the radio!

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  1. He has one magic answer to every problem?including how to land an airplane safely: let the market handle it.

    Has this woman not heard of the mythical place called Canada?

    1. I don’t know why paul doesnt say that more often when this comes up. Canada has both private air traffic control and private airport security.

      1. The immediate retort would be, “They also have socialized medicine, and aren’t broke, so it CAN be done!”

        I’d steer clear of Canada references. They’re socialist in almost every way (except apparently airplanes). Not worth bogging down trying to refute everything the lefty will come up with.

        1. There is pretty much a place somewhere that allows one of the freedoms without society collapsing. I don’t see why allowing all freedoms would make society collapse. There is no balancing act that requires a tyranny to counter a freedom or the Mayans are right all of a sudden.

          1. Sure, but there’s pretty much a place somewhere that denies one of the freedoms without society collapsing too. Even in North Korea people aren’t slaughtering each other in the street, and they speak and understand Korean, etc.

            1. So a starving, undeveloped, over-militarized dictatorship is your counterexample then?

        2. Canada really isnt as bad relatively as people in the US say it is. They are far less socialistic than Europe and though they spend more than we do and do have that NHS inspired healcare system, they are closer to the US than France.

          And in some cases I would say they have a less government controlled economy than we do. For instance, their banking system has a very simple, and striaght forward regulatory regime. No GSEs, no interest deduction, no CRA, etc. As we keep going down ther shitter, Canada is looking relatively better and better by the day.

          1. If we took everything west of Ontario and Quebec, the western provinces would be an improvement over the average US state.

        3. Yeah, but the thing to do is talk fast and get in your points before the other guy can think of any of hirs. So it always helps to have plenty of examples, even though ultimately there are infinite examples of everything on all sides.

  2. How far does Paul take his war against Washington? He wants to abolish the Federal Aviation Authority and its pesky air traffic controllers.

    Like, uh, Canada did?

    1. way back when, Reagan fired them all and, miraculously, air traffic continued. The bigger question is why would Welch want to debate a liar? Consider Pollitt’s assertion that Paul wants to ban public education (not that this would be a bad thing) and civil rights. When teh hell did he say that? Typical liberal MO – when unable to debate the facts, make ’em up or resort to straw man arguments. No wonder these folks love Obama.

  3. I wonder if she’ll bring up the newsletters?

  4. Bathe in her blood, Matt.

    1. Reason has really gone down hill since Countess Elizabeth Bathory was the editor.

      1. +1 for the reference

        1. I examine your death as I stab overhead
          your body cracks and I bathe in blood

  5. If Ron Paul was interested in peace, he wouldn’t be a Republican

    And exactly does being a Dem show an interest in peace?

    1. Heartfelt bombing runs.

      1. Obama going gansta on your ass.


          1. Shut up Jim or I will other you too.

            1. I’m sad and confused. I feel othered by not being included in the othering of some other.

            2. Whoa, that sounds kinky. Don’t get all Larry Flynt on us over here!

              1. That is it, you are othered. You don’t belong here. You don’t fit in. You are not included.

                1. I wouldn’t want to be a part of any organization that would have me as a member, anyway!

                  1. and that’s the most sensible thing I ever heard.

    2. They keep the killing off the news. Real compassion.

  6. In Ron Paul’s America commercial whalers won’t be forced to buy life jackets for their child crews.

    1. A+++ will read again.

  7. Don’t let the stupid rub off Matt. Remember, this women has a lifetime of stupidity, ignorance and narrow minded thinking from which to draw. Don’t go down to her level. She will kill you with her experience.

  8. Concerned troll Pollitt is very, very concerned.

    1. Freakin HOT though…..

      1. You are a very, very confused person and I will pray to Atheist God for your soul.

        1. I responded on other thread but I think its dead…I counted 35 japanese restaurants in Louisville.

          1. Nice.

            How’s the microbrewery coming long?

            1. Slowly. But funding is starting to come in, so now stuff is happening. I made a promise last week: Spring.

              Grand opening will be sometime between the equinox and the solstice.

              1. It’s good to be precise.

                1. Oh, yeah… I meant to tell you… they are opening a craft beer bar here. They are still in the early stages (I only know because I’m working with them to decorate it), but it sounds close to what you want. I’m not even sure they’ve named the place yet…

                  1. If I go with the distributor Im leaning towards, I will probably be in Lexington earlier than my plan, just do to their statewide presence.

                    Right now the expansion plan is, concentrate on Louisville in 2012, and target Lexington and Cincinnati in 2013. Beyond that there are multiple options.

                    Well 3:

                    1. Midwest Strategy – concentraing on OH and IN first.
                    2. Southern Strategy – push into TN and GA.
                    3. Mixed strategy – a bit o’both.

                    Either way, the idea is steady growth and expansion…dont do some crazy expand everywhere BS, but I dont think a New Glarus/Surly model will work either, as KY is not WI or MN.

                    1. And, of course, no plan survives contact with the enemy.

                    2. …TN please, we need more beers…

                    3. TN is primarily in the way getting to Atlanta, but, yeah, that is the theory behind a southern strategy — yall are woefully underprovided. The midwest strategy works on the opposite theory – they buy a hell of a lot of beer.

                      Its tricksy.

                      I think I probably shouldnt refer to the southern strategy as the Sherman Option, you know, using Chattanooga as a staging ground for my attack on Atlanta.

                    4. It fucking sucks…Founders, Bells, Weyerbacher, Southern Tier-all are available in KY and GA, but not TN- they skipped right over us. It gets old going to Bowling Green or the Chattanooga area for beer.

                    5. Where are you at?

                      I stopped at a really nice beer store in Nashville once. I almost got car-jacked leaving the place, its not in the nicest neighborhood, but seemed to have a good selection.

                    6. I’m out by the airport, but I travel for beer. I’m tight with some of the distributors and the folks at Midtown and J Barleycorn’s, which are two of the three major beer destinations in town. We have a pretty lively craft scene here and two excellent beer festivals (put on by a good friend of mine) but the generally available stuff is underwhelming. It is getting better, we’re getting Green Flash this month.

                  2. I’m supposed to do some underground zip-lining in Louisville soon. (More looking forward to a side trip to Bardstown and Heaven Hill, though.)

                    1. underground zip-lining

                      Wow. Even I don’t know that euphemism. Must be something unspeakably filthy.

                    2. I think something about snorting Oxycontin off the ass-cheeks of toothless hookers.

                    3. Then you’ve come to the right state, sir.

                    4. Much obliged. I’ll check it out.

  9. no laws ensuring the safety of food or drugs or consumer products, no workers’ rights.

    Because no drug would ever be safe and no worker ever paid if the government wasn’t there to ensure it.

    I know it is your job Matt. But I don’t see how you can have the patience to engage with these people. What do you say to someone who is that affirmatively stupid?

  10. And I love how she equates ending the drug war and indefinite detention with the FAA as if one were in any way related to the other. In the end people like this broad really don’t give a shit about civil rights. If selling us into a police state is the price of getting things like the FAA and the FDA, it is a price they are willing to pay.

    If you value something so little that you won’t compromise on a single one of your other priorities to get it, you forfeit the right to say you believe in it.

    1. But these people don’t believe compromise to be necessary. If it weren’t for those darn RepubliKochs blocking everything, we would have universal “free” healthcare, immortality, super-safe wonder-drugs made by non-profits, airplanes that never crash and a fully-staffed FAA where a kid from the other side of the tracks can work hard and earn an upper-middle-class income guaranteed by the government for sitting near the computers that are guiding the airplanes to and fro. Also, trains.

      It’s almost as if they don’t understand economics or something.

  11. Well, I’m not sure that she is going to say much that she hasn’t already said — it sounds like an hour of lefty conclusions offered without fact or logic. I’m sure she’ll sound outraged, however.

    1. “lefty conclusions offered without fact or logic”

      Are there any other kind?

  12. Matt – dont forget to bring up that the FDA kills more people than it saves.

    1. MarketPlace (NPR) just reported that the FDA recalled a bunch of crab soup because the containers didn’t have the appropriate “contains crab” warnings.

      I wonder how much (other people’s) money the FDA making sure we all know crab soup contains crab, peanuts contain nuts and milk contains milk.

      1. That should be:

        I wonder how much (other people’s) money the FDA wastes making sure we all know crab soup contains crab, peanuts contain nuts and milk contains milk.

        1. Peanuts aren’t nuts.

          1. They must be, if they put Carter in the White House.

  13. Was Edwards a big peace guy?

    Because if he wasn’t, that means that there WAS NO “major” peace candidate in the Democrat presidential primary last time.

    Because the primary winner is the Prez and his runner-up is SecState, and they are ALL WAR ALL THE TIME kind of folks.

    Paul is running a major primary campaign as a “peace” candidate. He’s getting further with it than Howard Dean did. So where’s the evidence that the Democrat party is the “peace” party?

    1. Obama was never a peace guy. He said upfront clear through the campaign he was going to get out of Iraq as soon as he could and concentrate on Afghanistan. To his credit that is exactly what he has done. People only thought he was a “peace candidate” because they thought he was lying.

      Now he was a big close GUITMO no domestic surveillance candidate. And there he hasn’t quite done what he promised.

      1. If only his lies and truths had been reversed.

      2. Did he close Iraq as soon as he said he would?

        Also, I’m pretty sure candidate Obama said he was willing to drone-bomb the hell out Pakistan if he had “actionable intelligence”.

        He never even really pretended to be a peace candidate. His voters just failed to heed the change in rhetoric when he moved from being a senator to being a presidential candidate.

        1. no he didn’t, but to his credit he did “end” Iraq. All I care about is my ex girlfriend’s brother made it home safely, notwithstanding the troops that are still there in an “advisory” capacity.

          1. Well, yes, he did end Iraq.

            On exactly the time schedule that Bush put in place in 2008!

            And that was after he pushed to have the occupation extended but gave up after he couldn’t get a favorable status of forces agreement.

  14. Ron Paul’s America is nothing compared to Ron Paul’s Corner Store, where fruit flavored and caffeinated beers compete for shelf space next to marijuana ice cream and there are bikes for sale but no helmets. Gah.

    1. Where is this magical store, so that I may rent an apartment next door and never leave?

    2. It’s like Cracker Barrel for libertarians.

      1. Do they sell the pin game?

  15. Since I made a campaign contribution, Ron Paul has personally sent me an endless stream of offensive, racist newsletters detailing how he wants to fold Stormfront into the Secret Service (SS!), use drone-strikes against illegals, force blacks back onto plantations, and force women into getting back-alley abortions.

    True story.

    1. That is not the half of it. Aren’t you included on the closing the FAA emails? I didn’t even contribute to the guy and I get those.

      1. Every day that takes me further away from my college years when I was a fire-breathing socialist, my memory becomes more and more hazy as to how exactly those idiots think or come to any sort of conclusions. The stupidity and lack of logic is so baffling, I really don’t know how to answer these kind of people any more.

        1. Jesus, you waited until after college to outgrow that garbage? I knew something seemed wrong about you, Jimbo. I’ve got my eye on you.

          1. And get this, Warty…I was also a bombastic militant while I was in the army (just prior to college). So I can attest that the liberal militarist exists; I thought it was a great idea to use the US military to topple dictators and make life better for everyone around the world.

            The socialism crap ended about six months after I got my first “real” job after college. I looked at my tax returns, my paycheck, and the people who came in to buy shit with foodstamp cards, and pretty quickly realized that their economics were all a load of crap that can never work in the long-run.

            So if it took a snotty college kid can figure that out in a few months, how the hell are there adults out there like this bitch still spouting this nonsense?

            1. they spout perpetual nonsense because their lives are in the liberal echo chamber of academia, non-profits, or deep-thought-thinking media. They never bother to consider the other side’s arguments or know anyone on the other side because they don’t have to. When you never leave the bubble, you come to believe that the bubble represents mainstream thinking.

              1. My god, if I never have to hear someone say “I really just want to work for a non-profit” and others telling them and the people who do work for non-profits how noble it is, I will die in peace. I have a hard time not getting into it with them trying to explain that non-profits aren’t an inherent good and profits aren’t an inherent evil, but I fear price signals is too high level a topic for these otherwise intelligent people. That and I have more important things to waste my breath on.

                1. “I really just want to work for a non-profit”

                  Which is the biggest clod of horseshit going. They can go volunteer just about anywhere right now. They want a well-paying job at a non-profit, and the only difference between non and for-profit is that one pays all their “profits” out in salary and is otherwise non-economically productive.

                  What they are really saying is “I want to be a dead-weight parasite upon some cause I sort of believe in.”

                  1. Well said SF well said.

        2. I don’t either. I have a guy I work with. Nice guy. Very smart and educated. But he thinks things like there was no middle class before FDR and the new deal created one. I am not kidding. He has such a warped view of history that you can’t even begin to discuss these issues with because you end up arguing about the very first “fact” that comes out in the conversation.

          1. Yeah, my father believes the same thing about the the creation of the middle class. Apparently the middle class didn’t exist prior to WW-II because there was no GI Bill.

            Granted, none of my grandparents or great grandparents went to college despite being more or less in the middle class…but it definitely was the GI Bill that led to their affluence…somehow.

            1. And the entire history of Europe is one of super rich aristocracy versus horribly poor peasants and industrial workers. It is marixist historians who write school textbooks. They have managed to write the middle class entirely out of history.

  16. Wow, she’s slurring her words like a 95 year-old lush.

    1. I hope Matt wasn’t too hard on her. Picking on the Down’s kids is unsporting, not to mention dangerous, what with their retard strength and all.

    2. a 95 year-old lush.


      1. *punch to the face

  17. And she leads off with stupid! Will it get any better?

    1. Only white men like Ron Paul!

    2. He’s a crank! CRANK! (drink!)

  18. Newsletters! Drink

  19. Perhaps Welch should just hang up, since we wouldn’t want to cut into Pollitt’s airtime.

  20. Don’t take a drink every time she says, UMM.

    1. I can’t get this broadcast. but the running commentary is quite enlightening.

  21. After 5 minutes, this is my conclusion: If Ron Paul had a (D) after his name, this slurring lady would love him.

  22. wtf matt? call her out on the isolationist bs. grow a pair bitch

  23. Matt, if you’re susceptible to hay fever, my suggestion is that you take an antihistamine before you go on the show, ’cause Pollitt is apparently big on the straw-beating.

  24. Yay Ron Paul!

  25. Come on Matt, swat the stupid out of the air.

  26. Please send someone who can actually defend RP and libertarian next time. Forf a magazing called…

  27. In the first 10 minutes she has brought up everything she’s always brought up: Ron Paul hates the women, the blacks, the kids and the fairness. Oh, and progressives are OK with imperialism now because there’s a Democrat in power that the Republicans are holding hostage.

  28. At least she’s honest enough to admit that progressives are ignoring war issues because Obama is team blue.

  29. Why are our Freedoms not interesting to the Democrats and Republicans?

    This is because politicians don’t have a backbone.

    I absolutely object the idea, just presented, that the Democrats don’t support Liberty and Rights is…. Republicans. Stupid!

  30. “Oh, and progressives are OK with imperialism now because there’s a Democrat in power that the Republicans are holding hostage.”

    Hey, at least she’s being honest about progressives.

  31. I think Matt is doing a good job actually. He sounds reasonable, defers to people having different values while pointing out inconsistencies (during Bush II, war and imperial presidency was pressing, Obama doing same stuff, why not pressing anymore).

    Matt could hit a little harder, but I like his style – civilized, well informed. It’s refreshing when most political discourse is so vicious, and IMHO makes him (and us) sound more rational.

    1. to Matt’s credit, there’s a fire hose of idiocy on the the opposite line. He can’t possibly adress all of them. And he IS trying to stay on the larger topic of *why* RP is surging.

  32. What about Guantanamo? Ron Paul is the only one who will solve this issue!

  33. So you’re debating her:

    Katha Pollitt ? Hayes’s colleague at the Nation ? didn’t disagree on principle, though she did sound weary of the propaganda. “I hear you. but I am really tired of defending the indefensible. The people who attacked Clinton on Monica were prissy and ridiculous, but let me tell you it was no fun, as a feminist and a woman, waving aside as politically irrelevant and part of the vast rightwing conspiracy Paula, Monica, Kathleen, Juanita,” Pollitt said.

    1. Poor Pollitt. She just has to go out there and defend the indefensible. She doesn’t seem too concerned about her lost virtue.

      1. “Just lie back and think of Obamacare”

  34. No wonder they love him over at Stormfront, a white-supremacist website with neo-Nazi tendencies.

    Now she’s channeling the neoncons!

    1. I wish I had gotten up earlier, because I would have called in and told them that the CRA did not “protect” my family in the 80s when we went to a diner and were refused service for three hours (this was during the trade wars when people were bashing in japanese cars on the streets of detroit)

      1. That’s because you’re the wrong kind of minority*. Only blacks really count as far as the CRA is concerned.

        And besides, they didn’t throw you out, just gave you really shitty service in the hope that you wouldn’t come back.

        *I’m assuming based on your screen name that you’r Japanese

        1. @ Loki
          I’m assuming based on your screen name that you’re Asgardian.

  35. “As someone who has written and commented widely and generally sympathetically about Ron Paul, I’ve got to say that The New Republic article detailing tons of racist and homophobic comments from Paul newsletters is really stunning. As former reason intern Dan Koffler documents here, there is no shortage of truly odious material that is simply jaw-dropping.
    I don’t think that Ron Paul wrote this stuff but that really doesn’t matter–the newsletters carried his name after all–and his non-response to Dave Weigel below is unsatisfying on about a thousand different levels. It is hugely disappointing that he produced a cache of such garbage.”– Nick Gillespie

    “If Paul didn’t write those articles, who did? If he didn’t know what had appeared in his newsletter, when did he find out and how did he deal with it? If the candidate is vague on these points, it will only fuel suspicions that he held those beliefs after all (or that he was willing to stay silent despite his disagreements because the newsletters brought in some cash).”–Jesse Walker

      1. He’s just a piece of shit. Feel free to ignore him. He has no point to make.

        1. When he did become an ununperson?

          1. Edward/Max/Morris/Leftiti/et al has always been a useless troll. I personally think it’s DONDEROOOOO.

            1. Pretty good quotes from Gillespie and Walker, though, don’t you think, you stupid cock sucker.

            2. For Edward/Max/Morris/Leftiti/et al to be Dondero would mean that Dondero is a fairly clever satirist. Think about that for a minute.

              1. What’s clever about dropping into a dozen threads a day to copy pasta the same quotes and call us cock suckers? He’s barely above a febrile 4th grade that just learned a few dirty words on Cinemax.

                He’s been griefing the board for at least 5 years; just another broken personality exorcising their personal demons on us. It’s tiresome in the extreme and contributes zero zip nada nothing to this place.

                Every time they ban him, it’s like a breath of fresh air that reminds you just what a stench of uselessness he brings.

                1. I should point out that when he first showed up he was a proud Edwards supporter. It was after Edwards’ fall from grace that he became unhinged.

                2. I would like to point out that he’s got those quotes saved somewhere easily accessible so that he can copy and paste them at his leisure.

                  THINK ABOUT THAT!

                  1. Jesus Christ, what about the content of the fucking quotes?

                    1. What content?

                      You keep asking the same question and some fool answers it.

                      The rest of us have quit giving you any serious consideration.

    1. Then tie Obama to the Black Panthers at the voting stations.

  36. What about Obama’s prosecution of all whistle blowers? Why doesn’t the DOJ and the DOD act on revelations of fraud and abuse that has come to light?

    Only Ron Paul is interested in this issue, on the side of whistle blowers and against fraud and abuse.

  37. Worthless idiotic bitch calling in.

    1. she sounds like the mother of katha.

  38. Max. The letters with questionable ideas and comments are restricted to a small number of the ~240 newsletters published.

    This is a HUGE dust up for just a very limited issue. Would you like to go through ALL of the questionable issues on race and insensitivity by Romney? Santorum? or Gingrich? Or even Obama?

    A few news letters that are very unlikely to have been written by him is just nutty.

    1. Paul, “Max” is one of our resident leftist trolls. He’s one of the less irrational ones, which is a sad commentary on leftist thought, but still a troll.

    2. As you all well know, I am one of those people who think that Ron Paul should have had his feet held to the fire for the newsletters.

      But there comes a time where we need to get over it. Ron Paul had a black-helicopter race-baiting newsletter. Ayn Rand had a psychologically damaging affair and said terrible things about gays. At some point, we should recognize that our heroes have flaws, and yet that does not unmake their heroism.

      1. Ayn Rand was also quite frankly a blowhard, a bad fiction writer, and just basically a rude all around person. The “Christopher Hitchens” of the libertarian movement, if you will, complete with embarrassingly jingoistic warmongering to boot.

        If it was her vs. Ron Paul I’d vote for Paul every day of the week.

  39. In a Ron Paul America, there would be […] no help for the poor, no public education, no civil rights laws, no anti-discrimination law…

    Her disconnect from reality is truly disturbing, all the moreso because it’s shared by every other leftist out there. It’s like somehow they believe that the president can just wave his hand and make existing laws and agencies vanish. Fear mongering and magical thinking really defines their worldview.

    1. It’s like somehow they believe that the president can just wave his hand and make existing laws and agencies vanish
      it’s deductive logic, really. Since they see Obama magically creating new laws and rules, they therefore believe the opposite must also be true.

  40. Caller: “Nutcase!” (Drink!)

  41. So being pro-life is evidence of Paul’s craziness? I may disagree with the position, but it’s hardly insane.

    And does this bitch have a point?

    1. Same here. I’m pro-choice but I understand the viewpoint of the other side.

  42. Be kind Joe M. Keep in mind that Ron Paul came in 2nd in TWO parties in NH. Democrat and Republican!!!

  43. Pollitt wants a ticket of Reich and Moyers. Would that even get 2%? And yet she’s claiming Paul is extreme. Good gravy.

    1. That was Nancy, a caller.

  44. Some Democrats resent this. (sorry) hit enter too soon.

  45. Former Democrat/Republican Caller from Berkeley=The Voice of Reason.

    1. Rush too.

    2. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

      1. ..because I’ve ordered devices like that before. Wasted a pretty penny I don’t mind telling you.

  46. Wooo…snow!

  47. They are going to callers so Pollitt can have time Google more stuff about Ron Paul.

  48. Holy shit the anti-Paul callers are straight out of central casting.

  49. “Paul supports ‘free market health care’, I’m not sure what the means.”

    Yeah, that’s kinda the whole problem.

  50. Moderator: “RP says ‘we need free market health care’, I don’t really know what that means.”

    1. RP says ‘we need free market health care’, I don’t really know what that means

      “You know, when you go to your shrink to talk about your mommy and all? That’s not covered by insurance, is it? Well, there you go. Free market healthcare.”

    2. No one does. At least no one remembers what that means. We haven’t had it in a century.

      1. Except for lasik eye surgery and plastic surgery. And because they aren’t covered by insurance they are coming down in price. Like there was an invisible hand at work…


  52. Who will make the roads????

  53. In a Ron Paul America, there would be no environmental protection, no Social Security, no Medicaid or Medicare, no help for the poor, no public education, no civil rights laws, no anti-discrimination law, no Americans With Disabilities Act, no laws ensuring the safety of food or drugs or consumer products, no workers’ rights.

    This is not entirely an accurate statement. Environmental protection, food and consumer product safety would still be covered by liability protection. And anti-discrimination laws would still apply to governments, just not private sector employment. Civil rights laws would remain in place with the sole exception of the ban on private discrimination in places of public accomodation.

    1. And the whole concept of public accomodation would go away.

    2. And of course in Ron Paul’s America the states would be free to have all of those things if they so chose. Maybe I missed the part where Paul advocates obliterating the state general regulation and police powers.

      1. I know. State’s rights is a major, major part of his platform. Some libertarians actually see it as a weakness for him…

    3. food and consumer product safety would probably also be audited by independent non-profit organizations.

  54. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. Would anyone listening blame me if I blew my head off now?

    1. I turned it off about one sentence into the caller from Berkeley.

    2. Yes, I would. Weakness is a liberal trait. Your death would be a victory for them.

    3. That might be part of the “master plan”. Spout enough stupid bullshit that the people that can actually think all start offing themselves. Then there’ll be noone left but a bunch of brain-dead progressive fuck-tards sitting around enjoying the smell of their own farts in smug self satisfaction. In other words Left-opia.

  55. This is hilarious, agree with * above.

  56. Oh god, here we go: states rights is code for racism. And this woman is saying people who want to EXECUTE gays are supporting Ron Paul?

    Oh man, I’m with GrizzlyAdam. Kill me first.

  57. Please Matt, start your next line with: “Katha, you ignorant slut.”

  58. Ron Paul has also stated that nothing would be changed quickly.

    1. Of course he has, but people like Pollitt ignore that, just like Max is convinced that RP is anti-gay despite being the only GOP candidate NOT to sign the NOM anti-gay marriage pledge. RP said some unfortunate (but not dreadful) things about the gays back when everyone was doing that, Max and other leftists hang on to things like this which agree with their biases, and ignore any new evidence which challenges their simplistic narrative.

  59. This woman’s fear mongering and hyperbole is staggering but not surprising.

  60. I hope Matt was taking notes, that was a lots of bullshit to keep up with.

  61. Pollitt: Blacks who support State’s rights are “out of their minds”. AnRP world “would be a world that would be easier to be a white supremacist.” His basic world view is against “the project of social solidarity.” What ever that is.

    1. Worlds where it’s easiest to be a white supremacist?as evinced by, e.g., publicly declaring disobedient blacks are “out of their minds,” without worry of negative repercussions:

      1. San Francisco
      2. The Confederacy
      3. public radio
      4. The Third Reich

      246. libertopia

    2. “Social Solidarity” a.k.a We are all identical cogs in the social machine. If you squeek, you will be replaced.

    3. Isn’t it crazy to support a state’s right to make marijuana illegal?

  62. MW: “It’s completely wrong and desperate that RP supporters are waking up in the morning saying ‘I need to preserve my white male privilege.'”

    1. completely wrong and desperate TO SAY THAT…

  63. Matt is actually cranking up a full-throated defense of RP, his actual appeal, and libertarianism now. Nicely done.

    1. You don’t want to peak too early.

      1. It is a sad thing to see a grown man suffer from premature argulation.

      2. Matt’s aiming more for Edgar Martinez and less for Cesar Cedeno.

    2. yeah. i withdraw my earlier objections.

  64. Caller: “I’m a black man that supports Ron Paul. It’s immoral to force friends and family to provide services to you.”

    1. Same Caller: “I support RP’s philosophy of liberty. People provide for one another in the right environment.”

  65. Black libertarian Paul supporter calling in, telling Pollit to take her paternalism and stuff it.

    1. I think people like Pollit really believe that every single white male in the country except a few truly desires a return to oppression of blacks and women.

      I just don’t think that’s true.

      1. But that’s what makes it so insidious and ingenious! You just want people to believe you don’t think it’s true!

        Something something darkside.

        1. something something DARKSEID?!?!

          1. Oh fuck…WATCH OUT FOR THE OMEGA BEAM BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh…

      2. I’m, like 3/4 Irish descent. Do I qualify as a white male? Can I oppress too?

    2. Hearing that ‘person of color’ call in gave me the same feeling I get when an a-hole in a Beemer zig-zags through traffic at a high rate of speed and is observed at the side of the road a few minutes later chatting with a cop.

      1. The ‘person of color’ made you feel jealous and inadequate?

  66. Thank goodness they’re getting a stream of thoughtful RP supporters now. Making up for the blind stupidity of the earlier callers.

  67. Caller: “Ron Paul agrees with Malcom X”

    +1 FTW

  68. Pollitt: “Republicans are fighting Obama (duh!)” She seems to have forgotten that Obama had 2 years of sympathetic one-party government.

    1. but those two yeas were ruined by the wreckers and saboteurs. We have never had real socialism.

      1. Forget the fact that plenty of others have had real socialism and it never turned out very well.

        1. A lefty friend of mine says we need smart socialism. I advised her there is nothing smart about coercion.

          1. Retort that “smart socialism” is what churches do with the offering plate.

            1. Cool. Thanks

          2. Ask her how smart the socialism is going to be when her Top. Men. aren’t in charge.

            Because they won’t be in charge forever.

            Or is she saying that the Repubs are also perfectly capable of doing smart socialism? And could be trusted to do so?

            1. You’re thinking logically. Logic and liberals mix like oil and water.

            2. Republicans would never get elected in her world.

              If all the right people were allowed to vote and the Koch brothers couldn’t buy their way to power…you know…whatever.

              1. Because, you know the way she sees the world now is that there are state troopers manning roadblocks to keep teh womynz and minoritiez from getting to the polling places.

                Florida 2000. Count all teh votez. And so on.

    2. Remember when “dissent was the highest form of patriotism” or whatever?

  69. Goddam, pro-Paul callers are doing well. At this rate, they’re going to start riffing on Lysander Motherfucking Spooner.

    1. From Oakland and Berkeley!

    2. Speaking of, didn’t somebody post a link to download of Spooner’s collected works recently? If so, please repost. I need something on my Kindle besides Dumarest of Terra.

      1. It wasn’t me, but this looks like it fits the bill.

      2. Why not use Project Gutenberg’s entry?

      3. If you have a Kindle, you can also download the works that are on Gutenberg free from Amazon, and save the step of downloading them to your device.

        1. You can all use the cross platform ereader Stanza to pull them out of Gutenberg.


  70. Caller: “Team Red=Team Blue”

    KP: “Red!=Blue because Red=Bad”. Witty.

  71. Hit her with “Equal rights for unborn women”

    1. LOL never heard of that one.. it’s good.. i think i’ll steal that

      1. I saw that on a bumper sticker.

  72. Do these idiots really think Paul is an anarchist?

  73. Pollitt: “If I were a Republican I’d vote for Ron Paul because the other guys are so horrible.” Not clear if she includes Obama as an “other guys”.

    1. If the other team wins Pollitt is going to have a case of the vapors. It is what gives her life meaning and purpose. If she ever admitted to herself that the other side is well meaning but mistaken and actually sometimes has a point, then how important would that make her and her struggle against them? Republicans have to evil in Pollitt’s mind because their being evil allows her to believe that she is something better than she is and fighting a cause more important and noble than it actually is. It is all about ego and self actualization for these sorts of people.

      1. Partisanship is the last socially acceptable form of bigotry.

  74. Moderator: “Paul vs Obama debate would be amazing” Yes it would.

    MW: Paul vs. Romney also would be great. Paul is scrambling the right and left.

    Moderator: Signs off with “For where RP stands on aids, go to our website.”

    1. I hope we do get a Paul/Romney debate eventually. I’d love to see what Dr. No can do with equal time. Imagine: 30 minutes of talking in a 90 minute debate. No more 30 seconds sound bites. Bliss!

      1. Imagine: 30 minutes of talking in a 90 minute debate. No more 30 seconds sound bites. Bliss!

        Your definition of bliss and mine differ greatly. Paul meanders…badly. He needs to tighten his focus and get angrier.

        1. I think one thing he can really lay at Romney’s (and another other establishment tool’s) feet are all the American soldiers who died and lost limbs/the ability to shit under their own power because Romney and those like him thought thought it would be a good idea to let Iraq be “free” and then point out what is going on now. In the end, those poor bastards died for nothing.

          1. Excellent point. Also explains why Paul gets the military vote. Then ask the statists why their guy enslaves people to fight and die on foreign soil – Wilson, FDR, LBJ.

  75. The big problem with these things is that the gulf between a constitutional conservative, and the Pollitt’s of this world, is so great, that the moderator really needs to greatly shrink the agenda, choose a couple issues, and demand that the lefty prepare to discuss those issues. The broader the field of discussion, the greater the number of idiotic adjectives and namecalling sound bites.

    1. The broader the field of discussion, the greater the number of idiotic adjectives and namecalling sound bites.

      You say that like it is a bad thing.

    2. The moderator (And MW) tried to narrow the discussion. When Pollitt ran out of points after the first 3 minutes, she had to fall back on the standard “Libertarians Want Mass Starvation” defense.

    3. People like Pollitt don’t even accept the validity of the constitution or the very substantial arguments about its original intent because 1)It would make it impossible for her to cram her idea of “how the world should work” up all of our asses and 2)It was written by “old, white, male slave-owning racists” so it inherently has no redeeming value to her.

    4. Pollitt must have stocked up on some hay before this interview because she brought out a veritable army of libertarian “straw men” that were burned to the ground. Congrats, Katha, I hope you feel better about yourself. Try criticizing what actual human beings do and say next time.

  76. As Walter Williams put it, I have no problem with people wanting to live under socialism. Just leave me out of it.

  77. bah i missed it.. some1 put a youtube pls

    1. Pollitt’s giggling every time she mentioned one of Paul’s positions was nauseating.

      1. Not as nauseating as his positions.

        1. Do you have anything interesting to say?

  78. Thanks everyone for the play-by-play. I’m glad I didn’t have to actually listen to Pollitt myself…

  79. I didn’t listen to the interview, but this thread was good, so I’m declaring Matt Welch to be King of Radio.

  80. *punch to the face*

    1. That was supposed to be in response to “Joy Behar” up above, don’t know what happened there. Although I’d also like to punch this bitch in the face too.

      Like I said in the thread yesterday about the cop who punched some mentally challenged woman in the face, who hasn’t wanted to do that at some point?

  81. He has one magic answer to every problem?including how to land an airplane safely: let the market handle it.

    Not to be confused with her one magic answer to every problem.

    1. The Left is extremely uncomfortable with the thought that there is no one identifiably “in charge”. She understands that the market is really not “one answer” but all possible answers, but there is no one to hold responsible. The Left really does believes in the concept of “Top Men”.

  82. I hope you repost this show later. Can’t get it live where I am.

  83. Matt Welch, thanks for debating this individual. Her article was a despicable hit piece that essentially slurred Glenn Greenwald as a self-hating homosexual, and also called every progressive Ron Paul supporter who happened to be white and male a misogynist and racist. Nevermind that most of the people who support Ron Paul do so precisely BECAUSE they care about the injustice that is done to minorities through the drug wars, racial profiling and race-baiting by the GOP, death penalty, and wars.

  84. Matt I love you, but c’mon you should have been all over this lady. You let her get away basically unchallenged on almost all her absurd attacks and nonsensical claims.

    Why did you never challenge her on her assumption that w/o the civil rights act, ss, medicare, etc etc that society would fall apart? Why not point out how abysmally the gov’t has failed at things she seems to believe only the gov’t can do, driving up cost and quality down, i.e. edu and healthcare. Or her assumption that blacks need the federal gov’t to protect them, SLAVERY WAS A FEDERAL GOVT POLICY for god sake. Tuskegee was the Federal gov’t’s doing. Why should blacks support states’ rights? Maybe because individual northern states did away with slavery long before the Federal gov’t got around to it, and did it without killing 700,000 people in the bloodiest war in our history. How could you miss that?

    Why not point out how ridiculous it is to believe our modern diverse society would revert to some sort of crazy 17th century racist wilderness w/o the Federal gov’t to protect us? Centralized gov’t power has throughout history been the ultimate method of stripping minority group rights and inflicting genocide. Where were you there Matt? You let her get away with scoffing at individualism, the best way to ensure EVERYBODY’S rights while exposing gov’t, the best was to destroy it.

    Where were you when she laughed at the gold standard, as though it’s not the policy we followed for the majority, and fastest growth, period of our history.

    I mean she sneeringly said “who have this idea that he has that?we should live within our means? not have deficits?that appeals to certain people” and you said nothing to that! C’mon, where were you? Late night last night?

    1. I think Matt did a fairly good job, given the time constraints and that there were callers allowed on the show. Plus the host was pretty sympathetic to her at times. It’s NPR, so it’s supposed to be relatively “civil” (in other words you have to suffer fools).

  85. But yes, the states rights thing should have been challenged. The Drug War and the Dred Scott decision were two of the biggest violations of “States Rights” in our nation’s history, and they also happen to both be very racist. Matt should’ve asked Katha if she supports those!

  86. Oh, great! Another giggling “open-minded” narrow-minded liberal.

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  88. Here’s a link to a recording of the show:…..=145082491

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