"If They Cross Us, They Should Fear Us": Santorum Said It, Not Sure Who Believes It, That Settles It!


I'm disappointed in America to wake up after last night's debate and find that Santorum's bizarre ability to turn what was supposed to be a question about jobs and the economy and CEOs and management around so the answer ended in "if they cross us, they should fear us!" hadn't become a national joke meme yet.

I'm sure it was a disappointment to Ron Paul that both his first two questions involved making him reiterate direct attacks on other candidates. While Paul unleashes his staff to do that in paid messaging and isn't afraid of doing so when asked, Ron Paul isn't running for president to tell us Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich are awful and I've never once seen him do so of his own volition. Still, I hope it at least taught his fellow Republicans that if they cross Ron Paul (or his fans), they should fear him (or his fans).

When Paul, as seems likely, with his $13 million fourth quarter money raised and his national base of enthusiasts, is the last man standing in the race against Romney, that should be obvious to all of them (and the Republican establishment).

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