Limbaugh Defends Newt from Un-Conservative Conservative Media


It will be an added joy of the end of the Gingrich Moment to see it bring the loose media right-wing movement to some crack-up. Conor Friedersdorf listens to Limbaugh so we don't have to and finds:

himself and fellow talk radio hosts the only true conservatives…[because] some conservative journalists are criticizing Newt Gingrich. "No matter where you look in the Republican establishment media today, there looks to be a coordinated attack on Mr. Newt," he said. "I'm not gonna mention any names because you know when I do, all I do is elevate these people." If that quote and the excerpt above are any indication, Gingrich and Limbaugh have now bonded over their unseemly, egomaniacal delusions of grandeur. 

As Friedersdorf notes, this has Limbaugh reading out of the conservative movement:

National Review,The Weekly Standard, the Fox News Channel, The Claremont Review of Books, the Wall Street Journal editorial page, The New CriterionHuman Events, and every other right-leaning magazine, website, and newspaper.

Reason's Peter Suderman doesn't like Gingrich either.

UPDATE: Commenters have convinced me my original headline was hyperbolic beyond the facts, in that it described Rush as "all in for Gingrich." I have changed it.