There Are Those, and There Are Some, and They All Sound Like Real Dicks


In a column a couple of years ago, I noted that President Obama often resorts to the rhetorical tic/trick "there are those who"—a setup that warns you to be on the lookout for straw men. His speech today in Kansas (noted earlier this evening by Matt Welch and Mike Riggs) features a variation on that theme:

In the midst of this debate [about the best way to restore growth, prosperity, balance, and fairness], there are some who seem to be suffering from a kind of collective amnesia. After all that's happened, after the worst economic crisis, the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, they want to return to the same practices that got us into this mess. In fact, they want to go back to the same policies that stacked the deck against middle-class Americans for way too many years. And their philosophy is simple: We are better off when everybody is left to fend for themselves and play by their own rules.

I am here to say they are wrong.

Who are these "some" who say everyone should fend for himself while playing by his own rules? Obama does not say, but they sound like real dicks, don't they? A quick search of the White House website suggests that "some" are at least as bad as "those":

Inaugural address, January 21, 2009: "There are some who question the scale of our ambitions, who suggest that our system cannot tolerate too many big plans. Their memories are short."

Speech to the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, March 10, 2009: "There are some who believe we can only handle one challenge at a time."

Health care speech, August 20, 2009: "There are some people who, for partisan reasons, just want to see this go down…you know, if we can beat a health care bill like we did with Bill Clinton, then we'll be able to take over the House, you know, next year….And then there are some people who just ideologically, they just don't believe in government getting involved in anything."

Speech in Holland, Michigan, August 11, 2011: "There are some in Congress right now who would rather see their opponents lose than see America win. And that has to stop."

Speech at a DNC event in Chicago, August 3, 2011: "We finally put some common-sense rules so that banks aren't taking the kinds of risk that almost led to an economic meltdown, and that consumers are protected when you get credit cards or mortgages. And, frankly, there are some folks in Congress who are trying to block us from making that progress."

White House Rural Economic Forum in Peosta, Iowa, August 16, 2011: "I know there are naysayers out there. We know that there are some who see hard times and think that we've got to accept less, that our best days are past."  

Speech on the American Jobs Act in Denver, September 27, 2011: "There are some folks in Washington who don't get it. This isn't about giving me a win. This is about giving Democrats and Republicans a chance to do something for the American people. It's about giving people who are hurting a win. That's what this is about."

Let me be clear. This naysaying by partisan, anti-American, anti-consumer, nihilistic, amnesiac reactionaries who say our best days are behind us and think government has no role in anything is wrong, and it has to stop.

Addendum: Some claim Tim Cavanaugh blogged about "those" three months before my column. They are right

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  1. There are some who think this column was useless.

    1. And they all sound like real dicks.

    2. and there are some who see through the words of the organizer-in-chief and recognize him for the charlatan he is.

    3. Yeah those were about the mildest straw men you will find in politics. I love how Obama’s opponents are all “Obama hates America, God, and freedom” but are constantly indignantly shouting “straw man!” like they just got out of freshman debate class.

      1. I love how you have no idea what the believes of the people on this website are.

      2. Obama hating America is stupid.
        Obama hating God is irrelevant.
        Obama hating freedom is an easily verifiable fact.

        The strawmen are not mild, and the vagueness about who “those” are is deliberate.

        Obama is the same snake-oil-salesman he was years ago, with the same vapid nonsense.

    4. ..And there are some who think that retarded morons who crawl of their mom’s couch in her basement, wipe the drool of their chin and reach out to their keyboards and pound out missives about how useless a column is should just STFU!

  2. I can’t take this anymore. SOPA, the Defense Authorization Act, 1 more year of this moron…and then the chance that we’ll get a good President is pretty much zero. Is it always darkest before the dawn?

    1. darkest?


      1. Racism is the 800 pound gorilla in the room. Uh, I mean 800 pound elephant. No, sounds Republican. How about 800 pound platypus?

        1. Yeah. They don’t do much.

          1. Besides lay eggs and sting you with their toxic stinger?

            1. Gorillas also do that.

            2. Sounds liek Warty

    2. Is it always darkest before the dawn?

      No, it’s always darkest before things go completely black.

      Or at least that’s what the original saying essentially says…

  3. There are those who say I was onto Obama’s favorite phrase before anybody.

    1. And there are those that call you…Tim?

      1. There are some who call me the Space Cowboy.

        1. there are those who call me Maurice.

          1. cause you speak of the properties of love?

            1. More important, can he speak of the pompatus of love?


    2. Were you onto it in Texas or in Kansas, or in one of the other 55 states?

    3. You and Sullum gonna settle this in the Reason parking lot?

      1. Video or it didn’t happen!

    4. I thought it was “Let me be clear”?

  4. “We finally put some common-sense rules so that banks aren’t taking the kinds of risk that almost led to an economic meltdown, and that consumers are protected when you get credit cards or mortgages. And, frankly, there are some folks in Congress who are trying to block us from making that progress.”

    Does not this guy’s flunkoes also complain bitterly about how financial institutions are not lending money? There’s no possible connection there?

    “…you know, if we can beat a health care bill like we did with Bill Clinton, then we’ll be able to take over the House, you know, next year

    Since this was prescient does not losing the House suggest that Obama deliberately thwarted the will of the people and therefore makes one more reason he was on the wrong side of that issue.

  5. Let me be clear, there are those who after 3 years of this crap are driving around with “Obama 2012” stickers on their Priuses.

    Fool “those” once, shame on Obuma; fool “those”, twice shame on “those”

    1. Having seen a handful of Obama 2012 stickers, I can only wonder what fucking planet these people have been on that they are eager to support Obama.

      1. He’s better than anyone in your other party.

        1. He is not even better than anyone in his party. People use to joke Biden was on the ticket to make him look good. Not anymore. Biden would be better, 2nd term of Carter would be better, Hillary would be better, Kucinich would be better, random pick in phone book would be better. Worst executive ever. Maybe Johnson and Wilson have worse records, but as far as executive aptitude goes, he has none.

          1. How can you say this, Chris? Barack Obama went to Harvard Law School, don’t you know, and we’ve been told this is all the qualification one needs to be President. Res ipsa loquitur.

            1. Harvard would serve mankind better by retooling into a toilet paper factory.

              1. Just nuke it from orbit.

        2. “Personal responsibility”…? *Brrrrrrrrrr* — !

    2. Here’s a bumper sticker: “If you voted for Obama in ’08 to prove you’re not a racist, will you please vote for someone else in ‘012 to prove you’re not an idiot?”

      1. A vote for Obama in 2008 proves that you are not a racist.

        A vote for Obama in 2012 proves that you are a racist.

  6. There are those who are jealous of me because I’m so handsome and cool – I say we should all get beyond our envy of all my awesome attributes and agree to put my profile on Mount Rushmore.

  7. Huh. This “there are those who” phrase reminds me of something from the 70s:

    There are those who believe that life here began out there, far across the universe, with tribes of humans who may have been the forefathers of the Egyptians, or the Toltecs, or the Mayans. That they may have been the architects of the great pyramids, or the lost civilizations of Lemuria or Atlantis. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of man who even now fight to survive somewhere beyond the heavens.

    What can this mean?

    1. von Dannekin or L. Ron?

      1. Battlestar Galactica original series.

          1. At least I’m not a Cylon.

        1. You’re both right.

    2. As soon as I read the lede, this popped into my head as well.

  8. There are those who cannot remember the past and are condemned to repeat it.

    1. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to Alaska Military School.

  9. “There are those who suggest that ancient aliens constructed the great pyramids.”

  10. “LAUNCH — let’s get rid of some of the naysayers and obstructionists in Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, etc etc etc. They should stop opposing my agenda!”

    1. …in the kindest way possible, of course.

  11. the rhetorical tic/trick “there are those who”

    AKA weasel words.

    But don’t discourage Obama. Weaseling out of things is important to learn. Its what separates us from the animals…except the weasel.

  12. There are some that are spooked by the prospect of an America that has lost its shine, an America that is descending into darkness. But even in our blackest days, we can lift our prayers up to the great and beneficent Master, who will ensure that we will be delivered from the midnight of our gloom. Now some crow that invoking God is a political tar baby, but I beg to differ. Our history has been colored both by these moments of despair and by our triumphs over them.

  13. Hey Barry, why you angry, bro?

  14. This president strokes fallacies like Tony strokes phalluses.

  15. You’re right.

    He just should have just called each and every one of you out by name, you worthless pile of jerks.

    “Everybody is left to fend for themselves” is the motto, the mantra, the shibboleth of every wall-eyed, over-yanked burrito-gorged sulfer-farting freak-face on this website.

    I defy you to show “everybody is left to fend for themselves” is the least bit innacurate in characterizing the philosophy espoused on this website.

    I defy you to give even a single counter-example.

    Even one.

    This website is for the drop-dead-amen-choir. Own it. Suck it up. Admit what you are.

    Obama nailed you like a horseshoe above the lintel and you don’t like how it sounds. Too bad. You’re stuck with it. You’re stuck with reality. Learn to deal.

    1. Eat shit and die asshole.


        1. Die in a fire would be too kind for “we”.

          1. Nobody messes with Adam We.

    2. There are those who believe that increased state involvement in economic transactions does not equate to corruption and cronyism. There are some who would say that a robust unelected bureaucracy and overpowering regulatory environment throttling back economic engines doesn’t ultimately put a great deal of people out of work.

      1. What are financial banks and corporations not allowed to do that you think they should be able to do?

        1. Take wild risks with money, the risk of which is disclosed to potential customers thinking of depositing money, and then fucking fail when those risks don’t pan out.

          After a little while they’ll figure out they aren’t getting federal lucre anymore and stop taking such stupid risks.

          1. Sounds exactly like the Obama plan.

            1. I now have cancer that was so fucking stupid. Hope you’re happy.

            2. I’m sure that was a condition of all that money Goldman Sachs sent Obama’s way, to make sure he would let them fail.

              How about smaller business enterprises should be allowed to compete with large organizations without having to spend on attorneys and lobbyists to get past regulations put in place to favor campaign backers. Obama loves that shit. Gingrich and Romney love that shit. Washington loves that shit.

            3. Bullshit. Obama will not allow his banker cronies to fail.

            4. Epic. Stupid.

          2. Why do banks have to be in that business? We already have investment houses.

            Do you also thing we need more hot dog factories? Maybe we should clone green-assed flies, too? How about more Domino’s pizza franchises?

            1. Why does Pizza Hut have to offer wings? We already have Wing Stop.

              1. “thing”


                Publik skuul graditate, are ya?

            2. and why should the number of banks, domino’s, hot dog factories, or anything be the business of imperial DC? Banks won’t lend, unemployment will re-climb above 9%, and it’s just what Obama wants.

              Sure, he jerks guys like you off with the ridiculous payroll tax cut, one of the few taxes that has an actual purpose. Even if I think SS is a Ponzi scheme, at least the payroll levy goes toward something relatively tangible. The SS system is already on the brink; how does starving it help? Who cares, says Obama, when all you really want is a bumper sticker.

              1. “we” obviously wants a United States where anyone who wants to start a business, must first get permission from Decision Central in DC… wow, I just realized that’s what the initials really stand for.

            3. Why do banks have to be in that business?

              Fred, Fannie? I’d like to introduce you to “we”. I don’t think all’ve been acquainted.

            4. “Why do banks have to be in that business?”

              Why is it any or your business, wannabe-Caesar?

        2. Do you think federal regulations only apply to corporations and banks?

        3. What are financial banks and corporations not allowed to do that you think they should be able to do?

          Fail when they make bad decisions.

    3. You forgot the whole “play by their own rules” bit. Hmm maybe that was intentional since it fucks up your whole craptastic troll.

      1. eh?

      2. If Obama wants to prove that he’s up to enforcing the law regarding fraud, why isn’t Jon Corzine in chains and wearing an orange jumpsuit?

        Because, if anybody was playing by his own rules, it was Jon Corzine.

    4. Pfft, I wish I was burrito-gorged. All I’ve got is this stupid apple.

    5. 1) sulfur, not sulfer

      2) “Everybody is left to fend for themselves” is exactly correct. It’s called freedom!

      1. finally, honesty

        now, try to sell it to the voting public

        1. Freedom doesn’t preclude voluntary collective action, Mr. Weeble.

          And Fr?d?ric Bastiat would like to have a word with you.

          1. That stupid “we” fucktard obviously thinks people shouldn’t try to better themselves… being on the dole is preferable. Even admirable.

            1. it keeps getting Dems elected.

              1. Hell, it’s what they hope to use to turn us into a completely-dependent public.

                What better way to insure people don’t become one of the roughly 300K millionaire-and-above residents out of roughly 300 million people?

              2. BINGO!
                Voting for dems is the only virtue they recognize.

            2. 46 million down, 260 million to go.

            3. It also prevents “we” from feeling bad about himself – “we” gets the same quantity and quality of stuff as everyone else.

          2. Great Bastiat quotes. The first quote is all the rebuttal that jackass needed.

    6. Wow, you really got us good! Only government solves social problems. Private individuals and organizations never pool resources to fight poverty, conflict, disease, or ignorance. Without the beneficence of government, the individual is truly alone in a cold, heartless, unicornless world. Thanks so much for setting us straight.

    7. wall-eyed, over-yanked burrito-gorged sulfer-farting freak-face

      I fart methane thank you very much.

    8. “Freedom and personal responsibility… fwighten me, Mommy!”

    9. You have something on your chin you need to wipe off.

    10. I’m fat.

    11. There are those who believe when one asserts a fact or set of facts, proof rests with them alone.

  16. I also really dislike this administration’s use of the word “unprecedented”.

  17. So which Obama crutch phrase is more annoying-

    “Let me be clear”


    “There are those that say”

    Tough call, but I really really really fucking hate it when he says “let me be clear”, especially during a speech.

    It’s like he’s saying “let me be clear” instead of “everything else I said was bullshit but THIS, this is for real.”

    1. He is better than your last President, who did not speak in complete sentences and made up words.

      1. He is a better speaker than George Bush, no doubt. But I don’t hold the same contempt for Bush that I do for Obama because Bush doesn’t pretend that he’s trying to save the world by gracing us with his omnipotence. There are plenty of things I dislike about Bush, but being a pretentious douchebag with no sense of his own entitlement isn’t one of them.

        How many times lately have you heard W come out in the press and try and defend himself from the ridiculous amounts of shit he takes from everyone? Or criticize his successor for doing things differently than he would have?

        How long do you think it will take for Obama to reach that stage once he leaves office?

        I’ll take the Dumb Cowboy over the aloof community organizer thank you.

        1. Obama is not a better speaker than Bush. Obama speaks in a condescending shit eating tone. He talks down in the way someone will while saying they are a friend. He is a prick.

          1. I meant in terms of “eloquence” not meaning.

            1. maybe he uses bigger words; so what. Bush called blue blue; Obama pretends that it could be green and needs a prompter to even say that. Watch him talk without one; he can barely utter a coherent sentence.

              1. That’s what I said.

                1. sorry…hearing his voice just pisses me off.

      2. Complete sentences or not, but Bush knew that no government program could cut premiums by 3000%. Obama clearly is ignorant of that simple fact.

      3. His teleprompter is a crutch….when he speaks without it….well Bush is Shakesperean in comparision.

        Too many uhs and ahs…shows that he cant think on his feet.

    2. I’ve had to sit in a lot of briefings from people who use the phrase “Let me be clear.” It is never followed by them saying anything which is actually clear, and rarely is it connected to reality.

  18. It’s not about wanting to use government for it’s own sake, it’s that government is the only thing strong enough to compete with the power of concentrated wealth–which is in place via nondemocratic means.

    1. “Tony, I gotta tell you you’re wrong there, some of us just want power for power’s sake, so we can loot and boss the productive sector (while we distract the citizens with Homeland Security outrages and foreign military adventures) — cheating is not cheating and lying is not lying if the President does it.”

      FASCISM is here now.

      1. I’d go with “spread the wealth” as the most annoying Obamaism. Like giving a few more dollars a week to every welfare case is worth ransacking Scrooge McDuck’s vault.

      2. Yeah, Charlie, I know raising capital-gains taxes won’t fix our problems… but it’ll be more fair, y’see? And that is ALL that counts.

    2. The concentrated wealth is in place EXACTLY by democratic means. Tens of millions of people willingly gave their money to Bill Gates and Steve Jobs and Sam Walton. Edison, Carnegie, Rockefeller; pro athletes, entertainers – all got their wealth from people willingly giving their money to them in exchange for something of equal value. Nobody stole anything. These are, and were people who managed to serve and please their fellow man.THAT’S how they became wealthy – not by forcing people to give them their money in exchange for nothing.

      1. A democracy means one person one vote. Not one dollar one vote. That’s something else entirely.

        1. Good thinking, Tony. Let’s vote on who gets the dollars, and an armored car will pick up their voted dollars from the magic money factory and deliver them. Now be sure not to spend any (that wouldn’t be fair for those with less), because there will be an immediate re-vote, and the money will be moved around again. You know, people with your sense of logic are actually running this government.

    3. And who is to compete with the power of the government? At least I can pick which concentrated wealth I am dealing with – WalMart or Safeway or Winko. But I cannot pick the government – because two morons like you have more weight than my only voice.

    4. “, it’s that government is the only thing strong enough to compete with the power of concentrated wealth

      And you…for the life of you.. can’t figure out why all that wealth is concentrated to the politically-connected..

      First rule of propaganda, Tony: Never believe your own.

  19. Obama’s favorite saying is his trademark “uhhhhhh”

  20. “Government corruption is just democracy in action!”

  21. There are those in the White House who don’t know a damn thing about where economic growth comes from.

    1. Yep. And those cunts could care less.

      1. I know you’re talking about me.

        1. I feel left out.

          1. I have a gunt. Can I join?

            1. Wouldn’t “fupa” be more accurate?

              1. I have no idea what that means, and ignorance is truly bliss.

  22. “We are better off when everybody is left to fend for themselves”

    I AM THOSE!!

    1. I AM THE THOSE %

  23. “Don’t bother me — I’m bailing out the European billionaire bankers (with your seized cash) — too big to fail!”

    1. Merci.

      1. Just keep those presses workin’… we can print all the money we want.

        1. Making fun of a black president is racist.

          Making fun of a black non-liberal presidential candidate, however, is only slightly racist.

          1. Not when the black man is used as a stooge by the Republicans first. That’s racist.

            1. I was a Republican stooge?

            2. What is Obama if not a stooge? Surely you don’t believe him to be a powerful statesman?

              1. I’m not taking odds on that, Christina.

  24. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…..24387.html

    ENEL agreed to sit down with indigenous peoples on whose ancestral lands the Palo Viejo Dam is being built.
    “Why do you consider our demands unreasonable?” Miguel de Leon asked ENEL negotiators. “This is our land and our rivers and we are only asking for 20 percent of the profits that our rivers create. We don’t ask much, but your greed makes you see our simple demands as unreasonable.”

    1. Now imagine this conversation taking place when Hoover Dam was about to be constructed.

  25. Tony|12.6.11 @ 8:49PM|#
    “What are financial banks and corporations not allowed to do that you think they should be able to do?”

    Run their business’ as they please, shithead. Without murderous, slimy shitheads like you pulling guns, shithead.

  26. Tony|12.6.11 @ 8:59PM|#
    “It’s not about wanting to use government for it’s own sake, it’s that government is the only thing strong enough to compete with the power of concentrated wealth–which is in place via nondemocratic means.”

    Yes, shithead, using guns to enforce your stupidity is oh, so ‘democratic’, shithead.

    1. So I can set up camp on your lawn? Or do you want government goons to force me off with guns

      Raging hypocrite.

      1. So I can set up camp on your lawn? Or do you want government goons to force me off with guns

        The government goons won’t need to use their guns–I have my own, thank you very much.

  27. HAHA Your beloved Ron Paul looks like Gollum

    1. Jean-Marc Beauclerc|12.6.11 @ 11:46PM|#
      “HAHA Your beloved Ron Paul looks like Gollum

      HAHA. You look like Vichy.

      1. Mon Dieu!

  28. There is no “we”|12.6.11 @ 9:14PM|#
    “Why do banks have to be in that business? We already have investment houses.”

    Because they want to be in that business, dipshit. Much as you want to be in the business of spouting stupidity.
    And I’m not going to use a gun to stop you.

  29. Let me be clear, there are those who would resist our efforts to win the future. Those are dickheads that dare to criticize the President’s teleprompter.

  30. Jean-Marc Beauclerc|12.6.11 @ 9:02PM|#
    “He is better than your last President,”

    “who did not speak in complete sentences and made up words.”
    Two for two.

    1. You voted for the idiot Bush? Twice I bet.

      1. Jean-Marc Beauclerc|12.6.11 @ 11:58PM|#
        “You voted for the idiot Bush? Twice I bet.”
        You know, I’d bet you voted for whatever brain-dead ignoramus the French elect every so often, and I’d bet you’ve done so every time, idiot.
        Oh, and you lose your bet, idiot.

        1. Oh? So the idiot Bush is better than who you voted for? Idiot.

          1. Jean-Marc Beauclerc|12.7.11 @ 12:17AM|#
            “Oh? So the idiot Bush is better than who you voted for? Idiot.”

            Uh, Sarkozy. ‘Nuff said.

  31. Jean-Marc Beauclerc|12.6.11 @ 10:36PM|#
    “Not when the black man is used as a stooge by the Republicans first.”

    “That’s racist.”
    Lie 4-for-4. Are you French? Hardly anyone else lies with such consistency.

    1. Whatever.
      “Black Republican” is what you english like to call an oxymoron.

      1. And you are what we like to call just a moron. That’s based on the quality of your lies, not the quality of your points because measuring that would involve dividing by zero.

      2. “Black Republican” is definitely not an oxymoron. The first black US ambassador, and a notable champion of liberty, was the Republican Frederick Douglass. More recently, the first black Secretary of State and the first black Chairman of the Joint Chiefs was the Republican Colin Powell. And, of course, the first black National Security Advisor and the second black Secretary of State was the Republican Condoleeza Rice. In a speech to the Republican National Convention she related a story about how only the Republican Party would allow her father to register to vote. She was too polite to note that, at roughly the same time that local Democrats were interfering with her father’s right to vote, Al Gore Senior and former Klansman Robert Byrd were filibustering the Senate against voting rights legislation.

        “Black Republican” is certainly not an oxymoron, but Jean-Marc Beauclerc is indeed an ordinary moron.

      3. C’mon, you really can’t ever take a Frenchman seriously, you guys. Not after they lined all their picturesque roads with trees just so the German army could march in the shade.

  32. Jean-Marc Beauclerc|12.7.11 @ 12:02AM|#

    So you’re not real bright? What a clever comment.

    1. You are American? The man who opens the door to my building is brighter than you.
      Most Americans vote for whomever their celebrities tell them to.

      1. Jean-Marc Beauclerc|12.7.11 @ 12:14AM|#
        “You are American? The man who opens the door to my building is brighter than you.”

        Which means we’re both brighter than you.

      2. Of the Americans that can vote, only about half do during presidential elections and less than half during other elections. So whenever you start a sentence with “Most Americans vote…” you are already wrong.

      3. Hmmm…following that logic then the people that voted for Obama are dumber than your doorman cause most of the celebs supported Obama.

      4. Jean-Marc, save for a brief period when your country was led by an ethnic Italian, you’ve been getting your asses kicked by the Germans since the days of Julius Caesar. Even the tribe your country took it’s name from was German.

        One would think you’d be bright enough to understand that.

  33. We’re better than bright. We’re RELEVANT. And we don’t even need a doorman to feel superior as long as you’re around.

    1. Are you named after a party beverage?

      1. Jean-Marc Beauclerc|12.7.11 @ 12:19AM|#
        “Are you named after a party beverage?”

        Are you the namesake of a sewage treatment plant?

        1. It’s true. American humour is difficult.

          1. Jean-Marc Beauclerc|12.7.11 @ 12:23AM|#
            “It’s true. American humour is difficult.”

            Yes, it takes at least one brain-cell to figure it out.

          2. this, coming from a representative of the people who actually think Jerry Lewis is funny?

  34. Jean-Marc Beauclerc|12.7.11 @ 12:02AM|#
    “Black Republican” is what you english like to call an oxymoron.”

    And since you’re going out of your way to prove your stupidity:


    That’s the link limit; if you’d like to search, you can find many more.
    Or, given your demonstrated stupidity, if you ask for help, I’ll be more than happy to tell you to stuff it up your butt.

    1. Are you a Republican? I’ve yet to meet one on my trip.

      1. Jean-Marc Beauclerc|12.7.11 @ 12:22AM|#
        “Are you a Republican? I’ve yet to meet one on my trip.”

        No, I’m not, and I’m sure anyone would prefer not to meet an ignoramus like you on any trip.

  35. Ok, funs over: I’m M. Beauclerc.
    You guys get angry too fast to have real fun with.
    You really hate the french, eh?

    Sportsbreak: Jets end the Bruins 16 game winning streak.

    1. You really hate the french, eh?


  36. You know who else said, “There are those who….”?

  37. The Barak Obama Do It Yourself Speech Kit:

    Preamble: this must consist of varying portions or iterations of the following; [Place in any order you choose]

    “Folks are hurtin’.” [This must be said with feeling, to show caring.]

    “We have to invest in the future.” [Translation; Spend Spend Spend!]

    “We need a balanced approach.” [Remember, this means Tax Increases so make it sound reasonalbe.]

    “My hope and expectation is that we can put country before party and get something done for the American people.”
    [This is the crux of the speech, this is where it is emphasized that any disagreement is tantamount to Treason.]

    [At this point it is important to have an agenda list that will consist of proposals. Use the following skeleton to introduce each of the agenda items.]

    — Obama Introduce a Subject on the Agenda —

    “Some would say…” [Insert here a quotation of something No One ever says.]

    “let me be perfectly clear…” [This is the place for obfuscation about the subject and any position regarding the subject.]

    “We cannot simply just…” [This is where you mention something that would inspire the American People if mentioned by a Republican politician, i.e. “we cannot simply just drill for all the oil we need.”]

    “make no mistake about…” [Here is where the Exact Opposite of any of the things which are to take place are stated.]

    “I reject the false choice that some would?” [Again, reiterate quotations that No One has ever said followed by Him vs. an idiotic extrapolation of any Republican position.]

    “I have ordered my team to…” [Doesn’t matter what actions you fill in here, they aren’t going to do it.]

    — Repeat as needed for new subjects —

    Then, in closing you must include a reference to the Bush Administration and “The Failed Policies of the Past.” that we cannot go back to.

  38. Here’s what’s kind of hilarious about this.

    If there are “some,” then there’s at least “one.” That’s incontrovertible. And if Obama has warrant for his claim that there are “some,” that warrant can only possibly have the form of being aware of at least two.

    So why hasn’t even one reporter asked him, in each instance of his use of the word “some,” for two names to substantiate the rhetoric?

    Oh…right. “Reporter.”

    My bad.

  39. Dear Leader is such an empty suit. And full of shite.

  40. I don’t want an unvetted anti American troll making any decisions that effect me. His planned obsolesence of our nation is so antiquated and third world that I am forced to find ways to not contribute. It’s time to move on with an intelligent modern man in the oval offie, eh?

  41. The “there are those who” and “some say” trick is the mainstay of every talking head on Faux News. They use it every time they want to convince you to fear something.

  42. There are some that detest this incompetent,blamer as president.

  43. “There are some” who say that Barry Obama is a socialist.

    And they’re right.

  44. OK wow so Why didnt I think of that??


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