Remy "Light Bulb Song" Debut, Nick Gillespie talks Bulb Ban on Stossel


On Thursday, December 1, 2011, Fox Business' Stossel debuted the new video "Missing You: The Incandescent Light Bulb Ban" by internet sensation Remy. Reason's Nick Gillespie discussed the federal ban on conventional light bulbs, which starts in 2012.

About 5 minutes.

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Watch "Missing You: The Incandescent Light Bulb Ban" below:

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  1. Well that makes a lot of sense dud.e Wow.

  2. WTF, are you hoping to sell one more book Gillespie? This is starting to remind me of the Save Cleveland campaign

  3. Why does no one ever talk about the well-documented health issues with CFLs? I’m not talking about mercury; I’m talking about lupus or other conditions in which photosensitivity is a problem. My mother has had noticeable, nearly instantaneous reactions to CFLs, when she didn’t even know they were around. In fact, she made the connection long before this was being discussed online. I’m concerned for her health. For now she just has to minimize visits to the homes of others, but soon she won’t even be able to turn on a light in her own home.

    1. What is bad about CFLs? Do they produce more UV than regular incandescents?

      There are other alternatives like halogen or LEDs. Or UV filters.

      Not defending the stupid regulation in any way here, BTW.

      1. Yes, a lot more UV. And the filters usually involve teflon, which is even worse for people with systemic lupus (and concomitant lung problems). Halogen is just as bad or worse. I don’t know about LEDs, but do they even sell those for normal light fixtures?

        1. Re: LEDs. They are starting to, but they are still pretty expensive. And I am not sure about the light quality. The nice thing about them is that they emit light in only very specific frequencies, so you can avoid UV entirely.

    2. Tom,
      extensively on CFL health issues, referenced

  4. Off topic, but am I the only one who obtains no entertainment value from rap music? Spoofs notwithstanding, I just don’t hear what makes it so popular. I’m a musical person, BTW. I’ve played guitar and (some) piano for 29 years now. I’m also pretty open minded in that I like Rock, Classical, Jazz, Alternative, Punk, etc.

    1. No, there are some other old farts out there.

      But seriously, go listen to NWA’s “Find ’em Fuck ‘Em and Flee” and the non-Ice Cube version of “Fuck tha Police” and tell me that you can’t find any entertainment value there.

      1. I find entertainment value in the Special Olympics.

      2. Are there any good ones that don’t have “fuck” in the title?

        1. Yes, but none without “fuck” in the lyrics.

      3. Do the Beastie Boys count as rap? I like them.

        1. Do the Beastie Boys count as rap? I like them.

          No, and may God have mercy on your soul.

      4. So is it all about the anger and/or humor? I’m not trying to be sarcastic. I’m really curious. I’ve always found “humorous” music (e.g. Weird Al Yankovic) annoying as well.

        1. I happen to think that NWA and a number of other rap groups are quite talented and interesting aside from whatever teenage cultural niche they fill (or filled). The absurdly violent and misogynistic lyrics are just an added bonus if you find that sort of thing amusing.

          No accounting for taste, I suppose.

    2. At some point in the 80s the letter ‘c’ in the word crap became silent.

      1. wow. 1991 called and it wants its joke back.

    3. “am I the only one who obtains no entertainment value from rap music?”

      I’ve wondered that myself. My theory is that it’s that whole teen angst thing. When I was a teen we got that aggression out with bands like AC/DC, Sabbath and Zepplin and Metal like Priest and Maiden. Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll and all that. I think that gansta’ rap filled that void for a lot of teens when a lot of what was left out there was pop and emo which doesn’t really have the same type of aggression. I could be wrong but that’s all I can come up with since like you I find most (but not all) Rap to be annoying at best, and quite often completely moronic.

      1. Oh, and they can ditch the voice synthesizers any day now. Enough is enough.

  5. 1. LED bulbs are still expensive, but depending on the rate structure of your utility, can pay for themselves in lower electric bills within a single year of their multi-year lives. I have several LED bulbs at home, and the most recent of them has provided bright light of very good quality. (The others, bought several years ago and still going strong, have light quality that leans toward the “bluish,” but is still very acceptable for my purposes.) Good sources of excellent LED light bulbs include the C-Crane company of Fortuna CA.

    2. I was hoping/expecting the song to be sung to the tune of John Waite’s “Missing You.” While I am a big fan of the Police (and “Every Breath You Take”), I think an opportunity was missed by not using the Waite song as backing music.

    3. I also don’t find most rap to be entertaining. Yeah, I’m one year away from being able to order from the Denny’s Senior Menu, and I was dumped awhile back from the NBC Universal advisory panel by virtue of no longer falling within their target demographic, but I’ve had an open mind about rap since the old-school days of the Sugar Hill Gang and their contemporaries. Every now and again, something comes along that I like, but most of it leaves me cold. Too bad Weird Al mostly sings about food and other, less controversial topics. I’d love to hear what his politically radicalized twin brother might produce. That, at least, would be clever and musical.

    1. Agree about some LEDs, the expensive RGB kind have very good light quality.
      Still the problem in 45 light US households is that some lighting is going to take a long time to pay for itself… apart from breakages, losses, temporary house stays etc ending up costly
      Overall, all lighting has advantages, none should be banned!

      Regarding the light bulbs, regulation updates, including the announced
      Canada delay to 2014, and the repeal ban bills in 7 US States
      (legislated Texas)

  6. Get rid of CLF’s and incandescents. I am making the switch to LED lighting. I recommend the Philips A19 12.5 WATT that is on sale for $20 after a $10 rebate. They also have a smooth dimmable feature. Check them out on

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