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Republican Jewish Coalition Bars Ron Paul From Presidential Debate, Saying He's Too "misguided and extreme"


On Wednesday, Dec. 7, the Republican Jewish Coalition will host a presidential-candidates forum featuring Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum. Not invited is the GOP candidate currently polling around third in New Hampshire and second in Iowa: Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas). The explanation:

Paul was not invited to attend the RJC's candidates forum because the organization—as it has stated numerous times in the past—"rejects his misguided and extreme views," said [RJC Executive Director Matt] Brooks.

"He's just so far outside of the mainstream of the Republican party and this organization," Brooks said. Inviting Paul to attend would be "like inviting Barack Obama to speak."

Link via the Twitter feed of an approving Jamie Kirchick.

Brooks gave a more detailed critique of Ron Paul back in May:

"As Americans who are committed to a strong and vigorous foreign policy, we are deeply concerned about the prospective presidential campaign of Congressman Ron Paul. While Rep. Paul plans to run as a Republican, his views and past record place him far outside of the Republican mainstream. His candidacy, as we've seen in his past presidential campaigns, will appeal to a very narrow constituency in the U.S. electorate. Throughout his public service, Paul has espoused a dangerous isolationist vision for the U.S. and our role in the world. He has been a virulent and harsh critic of Israel during his tenure in Congress*. Most recently Paul gave an interview in which he voiced his objection to the recent killing of Osama Bin Laden.

Brooks added, "We certainly respect Congressman Paul's right to run, but we strongly reject his misguided and extreme views, which are not representative of the Republican Party."

Weird punctuation in the original.

So what are these "extreme views"? Over at The Huffington Post, Dovid Efune, the director of The Algemeiner Journal and Gershon Jacobson Foundation, offers an explanation:

Paul's positions on Israel have been almost uniformly derided. Whilst claiming to be non-interventionist on the issue, he has routinely adopted Arab talking points on Israel, even comparing Gaza to 'a concentration camp.' His Isolationist mantra may appeal to fiscal conservatives, but in the real world its implementation would create a global power vacuum that would likely be filled by supporters of Israel's enemies.

Anti Defamation League National Director Abraham Foxman has a perhaps unintentionally interesting take about Paul, U.S. politics, and Israel:

with the exception of Ron Paul, there is not much difference between the parties

And no orthodoxy-definition would be complete without David Frum:

Of the 8 candidates competing for the Republican presidential nomination, 7 declared themselves intense supporters of the State of Israel, the sole exception being crank no-hoper Ron Paul.

I'm no expert on Ron Paul's Israel views, and I reserve the right to be outraged later by what I don't know now, but what I find interesting here is the namecalling-to-content ratio. Here, let's count it out:

Name-calling: 1) "misguided and extreme," 2) "so far outside of the mainstream," 3) "like…Barack Obama," 4) "will appeal to a very narrow constituency," 5) "dangerous isolationist vision," 6) "uniformly derided," 7) "claim[s] to be non-interventionist," 8) "Isolationist," 9) "differen[t]," 10) "crank."

Content: 1) "virulent and harsh critic of Israel," 2) "voiced his objection to the…killing of Osama Bin Laden," 3) "routinely adopted Arab talking points," 4) "compar[ed] Gaza to 'a concentration camp," 5) "would create a global power vacuum that would likely be filled by supporters of Israel's enemies."

Looking at the five content items, 1) is supported only by 4); 2) intentionally left out the phrase "legal method of," 3) is a general and largely contentless insult, 4) is a discrete piece of hyperbole that rubs my literalist heart the wrong way, too (though the full quote contains two qualifiers: "Palestinians are virtually in like a concentration camp"); and 5) is the Transitive Property run amok, though it does at least hint at the real-world question/critique of what, exactly, replaces hegemonic American responsibility for world affairs, and which bad actors are more likely to do badder things.

Does this, plus Paul's principled rejection of all foreign aid, his relentless espousal of the "blowback" theory of terrorism, and his negligence in allowing to appear under his name during the first Clinton administration some newsletter conspiracy theorizing about (among other things) the 1993 World Trade Center bombing being a "setup by the Israeli Mossad" enough to disqualify him for the grownups' table on foreign policy?

Well, I'm neither Republican nor Jewish nor a member of a Coalition, so the immediate event is not my call (though I do believe that dissonance is more illuminating than seven-part harmony). That said, this seems to me more of an attempt to draw boundaries around acceptable policy discourse than any active concern that President Dr. Ron Paul would be actively anti-Israel or anti-Semitic. The fact that he is a political outlier on an effectively bipartisan U.S. foreign policy that has become increasingly expensive and unpopular strikes me as a count in favor, not against. And nothing Paul said at last month's largely grotesque American Enterprise Institute foreign policy debate struck me as more objectionable than Mitt Romney's grovel that his first overseas trip as president would be to Israel.

Some other bullet-pointed observations and gratuitous commenter bait:

* The New York Sun editorial board, not known for its unfriendliness toward Israel, defended Paul both from charges of anti-Semitism and foreign policy insanity last year.

* Here's how quickly Paul's anti-interventionist rhetoric can be turned into charges of "anti-Semitic arguments," courtesy of Ben Stein. (Slightly less inflammatory accusations from David Horowitz circa March 2007. UPDATE: And, thanks to commenter Ken E., a considerably more inflammatory accusation from the Horo show this February: "Ron Paul Is A Vicious Anti-Semite and Anti-American and Conservatives Need To Wash Their Hands of Him.")

* Some Republicans tried to bar Paul from all debates back in May 2007 on grounds that his overall foreign policy views were "just so off the wall and out of whack."

* Here's Paul himself talking to then-Reasoner David Weigel in May 2007, in response to charges of old newsletter "anti-Semitism."

Reason on Ron Paul here, including his candidate profile as part of our Presidential Dating Game.

NEXT: Appalling Moments in Newtspeak

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  1. “Inviting Paul to attend would be “like inviting Barack Obama to speak.””

    Or Gingrich or Romney.

    1. “Name-calling: 1) “misguided and extreme,” 2) “so far outside of the mainstream,” 3) “like…Barack Obama,” 4) “will appeal to a very narrow constituency,” 5) “dangerous isolationist vision,” 6) “uniformly derided,” 7) “claim[s] to be non-interventionist,” 8) “Isolationist,” 9) “differen[t],” 10) “crank.””

      1, 3, 5, and 8 are namecalling, and only because isolationist appears in 5.

      Wash me.

      1. dude lay off the pot. or smoke a little more

        1. What the hell are you talking about? He was spot on. You fucking people are pathetic.

          1. jj is internet Hasbarat, a zionist internet activist.

            His job is to skew debate, ridicule critics of Israel and identify potential “threats” and report them to the authorities.

      2. In 1981 Ron Paul was the ONLY Congressman to vote against a resolution CONDEMNING Israel for bombing an Iraqi nuclear facility. Ron Paul is consistently noninterventionist with ALL countries: Libya, Korea etc.

        Who are these people? They were bragging last night that they are ‘almost to’ 5000 twitter followers. Ron Paul has 114,000+ twitter followers and gets more each day. How does this tiny group of activist lobbiests get to host a presidential debate? And why are the others attending? Don’t know if I could vote in the general for a candidate who attended this forum, after this.

        1. Republicans bow before the Jewish lobby. That’s why every other candidate is a foreign policy hawk. Even Democrats must pay homage to the suicidal Israeli neoconservative foreign policy cabal.

        2. Excellent point. This is discrimination against a valid view and the other candidates should be held accountable for attending.

      3. he should be banned and silenced just like the jews in prewar germany. sig heil to the new censorship, just like the old censors.

    2. Inviting Paul to attend would be “like inviting Barack Obama to speak.”

      Ooh! That’s gotta leave a mark!

      1. Yes, much better to have a serial adulterer like Gingrich or the newly minted serial sexual harassment king and adulterer Cain attend.

        The Republican field is like the seven dwarfs except they are all the character Dopey.

      2. What color would that mark be?

    3. Yeah,except Ron Paul isn’t a warmonger or a globalist or a banker owned puppet or a pathological liar.

    4. Yeah,except Ron Paul isn’t a warmonger or a globalist or a banker owned puppet or a pathological liar.

    5. Yeah,except Ron Paul isn’t a warmonger or a globalist or a banker owned puppet or a pathological liar.

    6. Wow the Jewish Media hates Ron Paul, what a shock ….

      1. They know he won’t be Israels Bi*ch and attack Iran like they want us to do. Jews own all media and Hollywood and like controlling thought and foriegn policy. Hang in there Ron, we love and need you.

        1. Ron Paul is also strong in opposing illegal immigration/open borders/multiculturalism (i.e. national suicide), which is part of the jewish program to dilute the European ethnic identity of the US.

  2. To be fair, Rep. Paul has repeatedly called for the destruction of the Jewish race.

    Apparently in some newsletters he put his name to. Not sure if he was the author.

      1. Check your sarcasmi-counter.

      2. Is this Pip or someone else?

    1. If he hates those dirty Jews, then I like him.

      1. Now I feel dirty. Damn you MNG. Be a goddamn reflexive liberal!!

      2. While not a big fan of MNG, fuck your spoof.

      3. freakin’ tears in my eyes….Christ, whatever a belly laugh’s worth, I owe you that

        1. MNG > David Frumm

      4. You, me and about 99% of the thinking planet…..

      5. Lame spoof. Stop it.

    2. if u believe that u are just an idiot i feel sorry for u.

      1. Its true. He does believe he is an idiot.

      2. Grammar. Try it.

      3. Nothing compares 2U

        1. Wanna B Ur Lover

    3. Gojira “to be fair” name the place where Ron Paul “called for the destruction of the Jewish race”. I don’t believe that for a second.

      1. i dont believe it either

      2. You have to understand that anyone who even hints at a change in America’s foreign policy is “calling for the destruction of the Jewish race” according to these fringe Jew groups.

        I am personally glad that these Jews did this. They have just shown everyone that they have too much power and control in America.

        1. Anyone who even acts surprised at this is a part of the problem. This is how our country works. Impossibly naive, fat and stupid is no way to go through life.

        2. They have clearly shown they are pro-censorship and anti 1st Amendment, thus also being against the Constitution of the United States.

          Fine people they are who approved and support this kind of anti-American nonsense(sarc).

        3. Fuck The Jews. Fuck them in their dirty, money-grubbing liberty loathing assholes!

    4. That is such bull-shit! Ron Paul HAS NEVER SAID THAT and he is the only candidate that will save America. It is clearly obvious that these so called Jews are Zionists. Do some homework and find out what the REAL JEWS think about Israel and the Zionist. One day this biggest hoax in the history of the world will be exposed!

    5. Dude, just gratitude, had me busted out on the floor with that one…’bout the beagle comment ever

      Viva la R3VOLUTION!

    6. THAT IS WRONG!!! He also praises Israel for being competent and says that the US should Stop trying to control Israel, so that they can do what they want to.

    7. That’s just a damn lie and you know it.

    8. “To be fair…repeatedly called for the destruction of the Jewish race…he put his name to. Not sure if he was the author.”
      What the hell! What kind of concept of fairness or logic is that? That’s direct character assassination with an admission that you don’t even know if he said it! You people are getting desperate!! If you know nothing of the man then it is well advised you speak nothing about the man.

    9. Please post some facts about Representative Paul instead of making accusations that have no backing.

    10. Old news and total bullshit. How much are you getting paid to troll?

    11. Plus the Jewish Banksters have stolen 16 TRILLION dollars from the American people and they don’t want exposed.

  3. The Foreign Policy is Settled!

    Only Deniers think that the U.S. Government shouldn’t do something about the critical need to give money to Israel so that it can subsidize settlements in the occupied territories.

    It’s time the media stopped giving deniers time they don’t deserve on the airways because it confuses people as to the risks involved in inaction.

    1. what is a denier? a holocost denier? what does that even mean? by what standard is someone a denier? is the standard that they dont support foreign aid to isreal? if so that is begging the question. Why is it critical that the US give money to isreal? what need do we have as a country, that requires us to toss money over there? does isreal make all the lisence plates for us? I guess we need lisence plates… My answer to that question is none, there is no need. that sentence is so muddled i think you are saying the US must give money to them so they can subsidize settlements in some disputed territory. Again this does not constitute a critical need of the united states. I know i live in the US and I dont have any pressing need to give money for that. you say there are risks involved in inaction, here yet again you are creating a case for a need, but you dont clarify what action is required, nor do you explain how arguement from negative consequences from inaction actually effects the US. What are teh negative consequences to the US… oh yet again the answer is…. none.

      1. tl;dr

        breaks man.

      2. what is a denier?

        Someone who doesn’t agree with The Consensus?.

      3. For only 10cents a day you too could massacre a child in Gaza. There are so many children in Gaza who need your help. Pick up the phone and call 1-800-4ISRAEL.

        1. Yes, but is there a tax credit?

      4. Oh wow no proof that 6 million jews were killed in the WWII holocaust. There were far worse incidents such as the Native American Holocaust and they had around 16 million Indians massacred. I now know why the media has the same view points as the RJC because you guys control them as well as the banks and government. Did you guys help also create the indefinite detention bill to thwart the anti-zionist movement?

        1. I would take this comment for sarcasm except that I’ve heard from way too many RP supporters who believe this, or other things just as racist, stupid, and paranoid as this.

        2. there’s a lot of proof that jews/bankers have done worse than promulgate a Holohoax; such as the Bolshevik Revolution, videos on ritual sacrifice, documented fact. Their absolute hatred for anything not Jewish/talmudic is well documented and it is a lot worse than you think. An anti-semite is anyone who reacts to the anti-Gentile/anti-Christian Talmudic self-styled Jew with moral outrage and indignation, as any normal human being would. Their shenanigans have cost millions of lives throughout history and they’ve been expelled from almost every country they’ve crept into and tried to take over. LIke they have with the US. to deny it is futile. the idea that the indefinite detention bill has been created to quell any anti-zionist sentiment certainly is worth considering. it’s certainly plausible. If it would hurt Americans, there is nothing more a Zionist Jew would like. They can’t bear RP because he’s after the Zionist owned Fed. The more they assasinate his character the stronger he will become as more an dmore people are no longer in a trance of indifference.

    2. Fuck off jew! See you near the ovens … as I’m pushing you in!

  4. I’m Jewish. I support Ron Paul. Though I side with Israel, I think the US should stay the f*** out of Middle Eastern Politics. Israel can handle their own problems. We have too many here to worry about theirs.

    1. Does not compute.

      1. I’m also Jewish, and I agree with Matrix. A lot of my younger friends feel similarly. It is the older generation that is afraid of the bogeyman.

        1. Third supporter here.

          Does anyone doubt that the RJC just did more to inspire anti-semitism than RP ever did?

          1. The RJC has offended a fairly large percentage of the US population, effectively calling Ron Paul supporters misguided and extreme. Are the other candidates going to participate in the ‘debate’ knowing Ron Paul was excluded? What would that tell you about the integrity of the other candidates?

            1. RP supporters are, sadly, nothing like a “fairly large percentage of the US population.” Would that this were true.

              1. Old Man With Candy: Try a puppy for a while. 🙂 Humor, not a cut. Your handle, I just couldn’t resist. 🙂 Nothing mean meant.

                If you look up Google Trends on Ron Paul you will get a much more accurate picture of Ron’s support.

                Fringe stream media tries to pretend Romney, Perry or Newtwit are the front runners. I don’t trust their polls. No one has called me up asking my opinion. Have they called you?

                Ron Paul is the most feared by status quo ‘progressives’ in the R & D ‘parties, fringe controlled media, the international bankers who own the ‘Fed’, the ‘progressive’ movement, the military industrial complex…in short any one who sucks up the gravy at the tax payer funded DC pig trough.

                They have bee watching Paul for years. They know he is consistent. They know he is honest. The know his record, have heard his speeches. Lobbyists quit trying to buy Ron off years ago. He tells them “No!”

                They know that if the US can be steered back to the Constitution as Ron has been advocating for over 30 years the gravy goes away. Not to mention their visions of a central planned police state goes out the window.


        2. Older generation Jew here, but in full support of RP. Not afraid of any bogeymen, Israel is strong enough to defend itself, if we “allow” it.

          1. As much as Israel’s Arab neighbors might protest Zionist intervention in general, the idea of these other countries just picking up and going home should be a scary prospect to them. When the Brits left in 1948, all hell broke loose. If I were Hamas, I’d shun RP for his non-interventionist policies, too. Guy can’t catch a break.

    2. Self-loathing jew!

      1. This smear no longer holds any water.

    3. You mean Israel has it’s own government and military? huh.

    4. “Israel can handle their own problems.”

      u mean w US taxpayer $$$.

      1. Re: Moo-cow,

        u mean w US taxpayer $$$.

        Your so sudden preoccupation for the US taxpayer is so touching as to almost belie the fact that you’re a thief, moo-cow.

    5. What if he said, “Israel can’t handle their own problems, and we should stay the phuck in middle eastern politics, because we don’t have anything to worry about here.” Hey morons? Does that compute? Is that self-loving Jew? I say quit giving Israel a welfare check.

      1. WHOOSH—>

        1. Lol!!

      2. Learn to read handles, dude. Don’t be a douche.

    6. This is Off topic:
      I always wondered why Mossad are always considered a special force of Jewish super ninjas.

      If they were so god damn awesome then why the fuck is Israel still at war with like everyone around them?

      One would think a good spook would be able to defeat their enemies and make them like it.

      1. Not if your enemies feel, for religious reasons, that you all should be killed because their deity said so, end of story.

        1. There is something the non goyim typically feel. It’s called the “victim complex” and those infected by it keep perceiving that every body is out to get them just because of religion. They refuse to believe that Palestianians “are fighting for the land that was stolen from them. This is what anybody, Christian, Hindu, black, white or brown would do.

          1. Agreed. Almost all religions in this world have been oppressed or abused. Why does one deserve more attention than the other? Yes we are God’s chosen, but the world is wicked. Pure and simple. Either stand up with God and fear nothing but Him or sit down with the world and reap what your fear sows.

            I’m a Jew. And I support Ron Paul ALL THE WAY. Israel will rise with God’s hand, in HIS WILL, not by another nation’s blood money and unjust slaughter!!

            1. You are on a web site called Reason and you think you are really God’s chosen? Please just think about how utterly ridiculous that notion is. The whole cosmos was created with just Jews in mind because God chose to make ALL people and the selected only the jews. What are you smoking?

              1. Everyone gets the chose people quote confused. The CHOSEN People were the original speakers and preachers of GODS word. These people historically were Jewish but over time grew into other tribes and races. A chosen person is anyone who brings the Word of God. Please understand that.

      2. Hey..You don’t mess with the Zohan!

      3. why the fuck is Israel still at war with like everyone around them?

        Israel has peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan.


        1. The peace treaties only exist so long as the United States bribes the politicians in power of Egypt and Jordan.

          Hosni Mubarak, the US puppet is now gone. Israel expressed dismay over that. How horrible, a tyrant was overthrown and along with it, the bribe that US regularly paid to keep Egypt out of the mess Israel has put itself in with the indigenous Arabs of the region.

          Why do they hate us? I dunno, they must h8 us 4 R FreeDUMB – not because we keep screwing over millions of people by keeping murderous dictators and tyrants in power to make Israel happy.

          1. Amen to that.

            1. I’ll kick in another ‘Amen’ & raise you two videos. 🙂




              1. The 1st link got messed up. Here is the the one I meant:



      4. Because Jimmy Carter thought it would be wise and prudent to buy himself a foreign policy victory by bribing Israel and Egypt.

        Begin and Sadat WERE wise and prudent enough to allow him to do so.

      5. …Israel still at war with everyone around them? Could it be because they’re surrounded by the scum of the earth that are born to kill unless you submit to the lunatics 72 virgins joke and have no idea what peace is….
        Long Live Israel!

    7. amen brother about time we heard some common sense.

    8. Funny. Paul actually supported Israel’s bombing of Iranian facilities(or more specifically refused to condemn them). He is simply against the USA coming in and acting as the mediator in the region. Israel can absolutely take care of their own defense needs

      1. It was actually an Iraqi site that Israel bombed. These are not interchangeable countries…

        1. Are you REALLY claiming Israel never bombed Iranian nuclear sites? When were you born, yesterday?

    9. Kudos. The Israeli influence to the neoconservative wing of the Republican party have way too much influence. I like Israel. It is obviously a great ally but I believe they can take care of themselves. We can not invade every country that is nearby Israel to ‘keep them safe’. The neocons banging the drums of war against Iran are insane. Who is going to pay for another occupation of a sovereign nation?

      1. A great ally that spies on the US. With friends like that…

        1. Meh. Everybody spies on everybody including their allies.

  5. Frum, providing yet another reason that libertarians should never listen to him whine about extremists or close-minded people in the GOP. He’s the most close-minded of all (only “unpatriotic conservatives” oppose war in Iraq), he just hated his GWB policies temporarily being on the outs.

    1. Oy, I do so detest little soft bodied pussies like Frummy….would love to see him in country for a few moments so I could make fun of him when he starts crying like a little bitch…

  6. “””He’s just so far outside of the mainstream of the Republican party and this organization,” Brooks said. Inviting Paul to attend would be “like inviting Barack Obama to speak.”””

    Team red is filled with RINOs to the point it’s changed what being a republican is. They are not RINOs anymore, they are the republican party to the point that Ron Paul is a RINO.

    Paul holds more republican values than any other R candidate.

    1. It’s been rinos since Lincoln and even he wasn’t a true scotsman.

      1. It’s rinos all the way down.

    2. Right – If Ron Paul is so far outside of the republican mainstream, why is he running 2nd among Iowa voters? Are these people afraid he’ll get another 90 seconds to talk? They probably should be, given that he had the cojones to flatly say “No” at the last debate to the prospect of meddling in an Israeli-Iranian dust-up, and then pointed out the unlikelihood of that actually happening; must’ve caused many a defense contractor to put their Lamborghini orders on hold.

      1. You are so on the money!!

    3. I would agree. But as a caveat, we also need to change RINO from a pejorative to a positive attribute.

      1. Paul was one of a small handful in Congress who voted “NO” to condoning Israel when they bombed Iraq’s nuclear sites.

        I think the RJC, like the bulk of the mass-media, is scared of someone coming on their show who would actually promote Israel sovereignty.

        1. He voted “NO” to condemning Israel. Condoning is the opposite of condemning, you see.

          1. He would have voted no to condoning them too. Mind your own business means mind your own business.

  7. Is it just me, or is this an incredibly tone-deaf response on behalf of the RJC? I doubt that CNN, Fox News, or the others thought that Ron Paul was a “serious” candidate, but they didn’t shut him out. Why can’t the RJC man up and accept that not everyone agrees with them?

    1. Because the only way their prefered policies make sense is if people don’t think too hard about them.

      All it takes is one kid saying “He’s naked,” and the whole house of cards crumbles… checkmate!

      1. The RJC obviously doesn’t want a debate with questions and logic injected into it so that their extremely biased, narrow and totally selfish view of a world, which they feel should revolve around them first and foremost, would only serve to expose them for the hypocrites that they are.

        I think it is high time that Israel defended their country themselves. God knows the tax payers of this country have sacrificed more than our fair share to help build Israel into one of the world’s most powerful nations…even while ours continues to fall apart before our eyes.

        I have just two questions for the people of Israel. One, when this country goes broke, will you be there to give us aid so generously as we have done for you? And two, WHEN we are totally broke, who will be your next Sugar Daddy?

        1. They don’t need another sugar daddy. They sucked trillions of dollars out of this country in the bailout. Why do you think the Fed won’t tell us who got the money? Israel uses the US like its whore. They’ll toss the US aside when they’re done f****ing us.

    2. That RJC debate sans Paul is going to be one massive fellating of Israel. I expect some laughably sad displays of groveling.

      1. We should send them lots of knee pads and tissues.

      2. this is the funniest comment I have seen today – love it!

  8. Poor little Israel just needs our money and weapons. That is the only acceptable view? Go fuck yourself RJC.

    1. Israel has no better friend than America, and America has no better friend than Israel.
      We stand together to defend democracy. We stand together to advance peace. We stand together to fight terrorism.
      Congratulations, America. Congratulations, Mr. President. You got bin Laden. Good riddance.
      In an unstable Middle East, Israel is the one anchor of stability. In a region of shifting alliances, Israel is America’s unwavering ally. Israel has always been pro-American.
      My friends, you don’t have to — you don’t need to do nation- building in Israel. We’re already built.
      You don’t need to export democracy to Israel. We’ve already got it.
      And you don’t need to send American troops to Israel. We defend ourselves.

      Israel Prime Minister Binyamin address to Congress.

      With Ron Paul sitting in Congrass and hearing this first hand sounds to me like he wants to give Israel what they want.

      1. My problem with that address is how he implied that democracy is inherently a good thing. Let alone the fact that angry portions of their government would like to take away the Arab-Israelis voting rights. If that’s democracy and if democracy is inherently good, let them reap the whirlwind.

      2. States are not people. States are incapable of being “friends” with other states. Alliances between states are formed out of expedience and for the benefit of a State’s populace …nothing more. It is not in the United State’s interest to ally itself with Israel. Doing so causes friction with neighboring states, states which we have no interest in warring with but do have an interest in trading with.

        International relations is not a soap opera.

        A sane foreign policy would be to step back and treat both Israel and her neighbors in an indifferent and consistent manner. Something Paul has suggested.

        That being said, I do admire the Jewish ethnostate. I’d love to see America implement some of Israel’s nationalist policies: 20′ concrete barriers on her borders, an ethnocentric schooling curriculum, an discriminatory immigration policy, etc.

        Unfortunately, Republican policy has been to make the United States a borderless “free market” while at the same time bankrupting the nation fighting overseas wars to protect Israel’s borders.

        No thanks. America first.

  9. Dick move, RJC.

    1. At least it’s a circumcised dick.

      1. Uuugghhhhhh….


        1. And soon it will be Newtered.

  10. He’s just so far outside of the mainstream of the Republican party

    Yeah, the guy who has consistently polled around third in the primary race is “outside the mainstream” of the party.

    1. The RJC would prefer a smaller, more paranoid party and hope overall election attendance is down.

      The American electorate continues to help them.

      1. Agreed. They will get their wish if Newt is the candidate. Some of us just can’t lower ourselves enough to vote for him. He’s the biggest dirt bag of the bunch.

        1. It must be tough being Newt; being the biggest dick in a bag of dicks has to be hard.

  11. I bought a box of Republican Jewish Coalition Bars from the Girl Scouts. They were expensive and surprisingly salty.

    And I’m not seeing the weird punctuation.

  12. I like how refusing to give Israel billions of dollars in aid is “anti-Semitic.”

    1. Especially since it’s followed up with, “Israel has more than enough nukes to deal with Iran should it get feisty.”

    2. Because they want their welfare check. haha

    3. It’s the same thinking that leads liberals to believe that cutting taxes raises spending.

    4. They just hit up Germany for another billion too. Gravy train. Man white people are stupid.

    5. Actually the US gives seven (7) times as much foreign aid to Israel’s enemies as to Israel. Ending ALL foreign aid would make Israel the net beneficiary.

  13. Republican Jewish Coalition Bars Ron Paul From Presidential Debate, Saying He’s Too “misguided and extreme” he hasn’t sufficiently prostrated himself on the temple of AIPAC

    1. But really, who has?

  14. It’s their forum, so they can invite whom they like.

    They are obviously morons, though, if they think that there is a meaningful difference between the foreign policy advocated by Obama and that of Gingrich or Romney.

    In fact, if they’re basing their invitation list on the willingness of candidates to sign checks to Israel, it’s absurd to say that the current GOP invitees should come but Obama should NOT.

    1. They don’t think there is a meaningful difference there, so they think the debate should be about other issues.

  15. I love how disapproving of illegally killing Osama bin Laden ( a Semite) is anti Semitic.

    1. Can’t criticize anything about the government’s methods, even if it was the opposition that did it because in the end, the republicans want to be able to do whatever they want regardless.

      1. Especially when it comes to using the military as your tool du jour.

        They’re ringing their hands in anticipation at all of the executive overreach Obama has done with the military.

        “You mean we’ll get to drone US Citizens we don’t approve of without penalty?”

  16. The presence of a non boot licker might undermine the dignity of the seven on stage.

    If you are going to limit the event to serious/viable candidates, why – in JHWH’s name – are you inviting Bachmann and Santorum?

    1. Because they will sufficiently swallow the RJC’s jizz.

      1. Only Santorum will swallow…stop trying “to do character assassinations” on Michelle, she’s already confused enough, gay husband and all.

  17. 10) “crank.”

    If the man doesn’t believe as we do, we say he is a crank, and that settles it. I mean, it does nowadays, because now we can’t burn him.

  18. At least Paul wont need a flea bath after association with mad dogs on the stage that night.

    1. BTW, with this kind of treatment how can the GOP complain if Paul is the spoiler for running third party? So stupid, they don’t even realize the kind of bind they’ll bring on themselves if even a slight degree of justice be willing.

  19. Slightly less inflammatory accusations from David Horowitz circa March 2007.

    Slightly MORE inflammatory accusations from David Horowitz circa earlier this year.

  20. Gaza is a fucking concentration camp. Its just more free range than the ones used in WW2 and the prisoners aren’t forced to work. So its not a labor camp, or a death camp, but it IS a concentration camp.

    And honestly why does everybody give such a fuck what the mighty “chosen people” think? There are more muslims in the US than jews. There are about 100x as many muslims in the world than there are jews. Yet USfags constantly bend over backward to attempt and secure the all important “jewish vote” and assure everybody they are committed to deepthroating Israel’s dick to the best of their ability.

    And all these dipshits in TEAM RED, who think you are an “antisemite” (protip: Arabs are also semites)if you want to distance yourself from the militaristic, socialized, theocratic police state known as “the State of Israel”… are they basically confessing that they are racist against blacks, when they rabble rabble about ending foreign aid to Africa? I mean if it makes you a racist Nazi to want to curb the relationship with Israel, surely it makes you a KKK member if you want to end foreign aide to Africa…

    1. H & R: come for the snark, stay for the nuance.

      1. This never used to happen when Postrel was running the place.

        1. Dammit, it isn’t cocktail hour on the West Coast yet.

          1. Yeah, but I really wanted an Old Fashioned and I’m in Boston.

            1. You don’t get a “reason” to drink if you Postreled the thread yourself.

              Someone else has to be incited to do it for you.

              1. Christ, for a site named “Reason” there are a lot of ad hoc rules on the drinking games.

                1. …for a site named “Reason”…

                  fuck don’t you know that’s one of them!??


    2. Gaza also elects the likes of Fatah and Hamas as its leadership, consistently refuses two-state resolutions, routinely lobs bombs at Jews for being Jews, and does a few other things much of the world would find distasteful if the target were anyone but Israel. Where are the rest of the Arabs? Nowhere. Jordan and Syria could carve up some dust for the new Palestine, too, but they don’t. Too convenient to keep the Israeli punching bag in existence. And I don’t hear you griping about US aid going to Egypt, Jordan, Gaza itself, and a few other Arab states.

      1. And I don’t hear you griping about US aid going to Egypt, Jordan, Gaza itself, and a few other Arab states.

        Then you haven’t been listening.

      2. they don’t lob bombs at Jews because of Jews being Jews. The bombs come because of the Israeli occupation and the siege. Israel has killed 100 times more Palestinians than the other way around. Not to forget the 60 plus years of oppression. What do you expect, FLOWERS!

        1. so, Israelis in Israel is “occupation”. Please. There has never been a self-governing country known as Palestine. By the way, since the Arabs with the most freedom are the ones living in Israel, shouldn’t you be more concerned about the ones living under tyrannical dictators?

          1. Classic Hasbra line ranting. There never was a self governing land called Palestina. There never was a land called Israel either. Arabs are second class citizens in Israel. Israel is the reason why Arabs are living under dictatorship. Uncle Sam supports them on behalf of Israel.

      3. And I don’t hear you griping about US aid going to Egypt, Jordan, Gaza itself, and a few other Arab states

        Who is “you,” here? Because Ron Paul gripes about exactly those things. Didn’t you watch the debate? Can you comprehend the English sentence, “I’m opposed to all foreign aid”?

        These are not rhetorical questions.

        1. “You” is the poster to whom I responded; pretty sure it’s not Ron. I have no issue with cutting off all foreign aid, either. Try reading these things in some context before going all Barrack on folks and being condescending.

          1. ” “You” is the poster to whom I responded; pretty sure it’s not Ron.”

            Part of the problem is to many pronouns. Not enough in the way of specific identifiers in many of the posts. Hard to tell what the subject is many times.

            I get a bit confused by some of the posts when I try to figure out who or what is being referred to.


    3. You do know that we have all the money, right?

      1. Yes – you’ve printed tons of worthless Judenfetzen” – and it’s all collapsing. Next year’s crash is gonna be NASTY. To bad Hitler and the boys didn’t do what they’ve been accused of…

      2. Yes – you’ve printed tons of worthless Judenfetzen” – and it’s all collapsing. Next year’s crash is gonna be NASTY. To bad Hitler and the boys didn’t do what they’ve been accused of…

      3. Yes – you’ve printed tons of worthless Judenfetzen” – and it’s all collapsing. Next year’s crash is gonna be NASTY. To bad Hitler and the boys didn’t do what they’ve been accused of…

    4. There are more Muslims in the US than jews.

      Are there more Palestinians then Jews?

      I always wondered why this is somehow a “Muslim” fight.

      I mean it is not as if the Iranian Persians give a rats ass about the Kurds who are all Muslims and actually live closer to Iran then the Palestinians do…why are Palestinians (who are not all Muslims) so very special?

      Anyway most Muslim resentment of Jews comes from dictators who want to point fingers away from their own short comings. Hating Jews is the only thing many Muslims are allowed to get pissed off about….complain about simple bad government services in say Syria or in Iraq under Suddam or in Libya or Egypt or Iran and you can end up being imprisoned tortured and killed.

      That sort of shit needs venting and the tyrants encourage it to be steamed out against the Jews.

      In the US Muslims are not beaten and killed by the government and are not being directed by their incompetent tyrannical government to hate some scapegoat…so it is kind of hard for them to get worked up about Jews.

      1. The point is this: few people would think muslims are a significant American demographic, they ARE a pretty low percentage of the population. Yet there are more of them than there are jews. But every election, we have to hear about how THIS time, TEAM RED will finally win over the all important jewish vote, since they really rode Israel’s cock hard. And you’ll see it at this debate. Everybody there will be snowballing Israel’s cum. These stupid fucks actually think the “jewish vote” matters (there was a survey within the last year that your average yank fucktard thinks jews are “about 25% of the population” -the same % your average yank fuckwit thinks of what percentage is openly gay), and they also think they’ll GET the jewish vote. Afterall they’ve sucked off Israel SO much. Granted, part of it is to win over the so-con dipshits who think that Israel needs to be protected so the apocalypse can start and then all the jews will suddenly embrace Jesus as their savior… but come on. Shits retarded.

        Don’t even tell me its because they are such a great ally. They aren’t. They freeley attack American assets, and even if they didn’t, the US has farrrr more important strategic/defense relationships than worthless Israel.

    5. There are more muslims in the US than jews.

      Because the rest of the Arabs in the Middle East don’t give half a pig’s unclean ass about the Palestinians, save that they suffer beautifully and on camera to serve as a bloody shirt against the Jews, and, more importantly, stay out of their countries (ask the Egyptians, Jordanians, and Lebanese how they feel about Palestinians and you’ll be treated to some choice swearing in Arabic).

  21. Everyone should email Alex Siegel @ and let him know that you don’t appreciate the Republican Jewish Coalition’s reverse disrimination. If a Jewish candidate were left out of a debate because we don’t feel like our tax money should go to Israel, I’m sure there would be an uproar about anti-semitism.

    1. It’s not reverse discrimination.

      It’s discrimination based on political views.

      It’s outrageous enough without mischaracterizing it.

      1. So leave out the word “reverse” if it makes you feel better. Disrimination is discrimination….and that’s what this is. Too bad there’s not an ANTI RON PAUL DEFAMATION LEAGUE to lobby the media and the government and cause a big stink about this. I’m being sarcastic, btw, since you’re so literal.

    2. Here is my letter.

      Dear Mr. Siegel,

      I would like to register my opposition to the RJC’s choice to bar Ron Paul from the forth-coming debate. While I am sure that Dr. Paul won’t be receiving the RJC’s endorsement, barring him from the debate casts the RJC into a negative light. If FoxNews, CNN, MSNBC and others are able to cope with Ron Paul having a spot in the debates they hosted, so should the RJC. To do otherwise invites accusations of intolerance and elitism.

      As you know, Dr. Paul has called for ending aid to Israel (as well as to Israel’s increasingly hostile neighbors). Dr. Paul is not, however anti-Semiitic. Rather, he wants Israel to disengage from entangling alliances that may endanger their national security, just as he wishes the same for the United States. I completely understand if you disagree with his position, but to castigate him as an anti-Semite does nothing to improve the reputation of RJC, AIPAC and other pro-Jewish and pro-Israel groups. Furthermore, it does an injury to our country by inhibiting a free and open debate on issues that the RJC obviously deems to be very important.

      Thank you

      1. Very well said!

      2. Wow…very well said. I’m glad I didn’t send mine before I read this.

      3. They’ve already balled up that email and thrown it in the trash.

        They go through alot of monitors.

      4. i think i need a tissue.

        1. We’ve already set that letter on fire like a Menorah on Hannukah.

    3. There is no such thing as reverse discrimination.

      It’s just plain old discrimination.

  22. Ron Paul and Gary Johnson should go to Pearl Harbor and unleash a barrage of cheapshots at the debate sponsors and the attendants who think unconditionally appeasing about a tiny foreign police state is more important than remembering the costs of war on the country they actually belong to.

  23. there are Repub Jews?

    1. Ummm, Eric Cantor?

      That’s pretty much it.

      1. That’s pretty much it.


        1. Steyn is not Jewish; he’s Catholic.

    2. Read Commentary magazine.

  24. I just fired this off to him:

    Banning Ron Paul Was The Right Decision?

    I’d like to appluad your organization’s decision to ban Ron Paul from the Dec. 7 Republican debate. With such poor treatment visible for everyone to see, you have given Congressman Paul the excuse he needs to justify running as a third party candidate, thus being the spoiler in the November election and ensuring that President Obama wins another four years in office to ‘finish the job.’ All of us owe you our deep heart felt gratitude.

    1. In answer to:

      AR|12.1.11 @ 4:46PM|#

    2. IOW: “UNLESS YOU VOTE FOR MY GUY UR SPLITTING TEH VOTE111!!#$” I can’t appluad ur actions.

        1. Sure thing, tuffgai.

      1. Sometimes reality is a bitch with or without approval.

  25. Might also have something to do with Ron Paul stating that he would do nothing to prevent, nor do anything about it afterwards if Iran turned Tel Aviv is a sea of radioactive glass.

    1. The ground doesn’t actually turn to glass.
      Just sayin’.

    2. I missed that quote. If Iran launched a Nuke on Israel, Paul has said he’d stand by? That scenario hasn’t been presented AFAIK.

    3. He would cheer if this happened.

      1. Who the fuck are you?

    4. Please produce the video of Dr. Paul saying this….LIAR!!

    5. Not sure if you quite understand this, but Israel isn’t actually part of America. They’re like, two totally different countries. They have their own military and everything! And Israel has 300 nukes and would turn Iran into a parking lot in about 24 hours.

      But I agree. How dare we not help Israel seeing as how they helped us in Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and all our wars. Oh wait. That’s right, they’ve never helped us. But they did attack the our ship USS Liberty and murder a bunch of our soldiers once.

      But remember- they’re our best ally ever, or you’re a rabid anti-semite!

      1. The USS Liberty is a conspiracy theory…the government told us the truth about it, if you question the official story then you are probably Al Qaeda. The truth could not have been covered up, if the conspiracy theories were true then it would have been leaked in the first year or two. No way a newspaper like the chicago tribune could confirm conspiracy nut opinions 40 years later and if they did it would be a HUGE story.

  26. there are Repub Jews?

    Eric Cantor? Doesn’t get much more Judaic than that.

  27. The Jewish Republicans have one of the strongest lobbying organizations in Washington DC and they are a part of the problem. No Dr. Ron Paul invite tells me Dr. Paul’s strong following has hit a nerve with this organization. Ron Paul 2012 Last chance for the USA.

    1. You mean the last chance for an American Holocaust.

      1. Son, I remember when trolling meant something.

      2. Pretty sure we already had two of those.

        1. ^nice^

  28. Name-calling: 1) “misguided and extreme,” 2) “so far outside of the mainstream,” 3) “like…Barack Obama,” 4) “will appeal to a very narrow constituency,”…

    Wait a minute. Name-calling is bad now?

    1. Name-calling is bad in what is supposed to be an objective justification for excluding someone they don’t like.

  29. Who Wrote Ron Paul’s Newsletters?
    Libertarian movement veterans, and a Paul campaign staffer, say it was “paleolibertarian” strategist Lew Rockwell…..newsletter

    Cato Institute President Ed Crane told Reason he recalls a conversation from some time in the late 1980s in which Paul claimed that his best source of congressional campaign donations was the mailing list for The Spotlight, the conspiracy-mongering, anti-Semitic tabloid run by the Holocaust denier Willis Carto until it folded in 2001.

    Financial records from 1985 and 2001 show that Rockwell, Paul’s congressional chief of staff from 1978 to 1982, was a vice president of Ron Paul & Associates, the corporation that published the Ron Paul Political Report and the Ron Paul Survival Report. The company was dissolved in 2001. During the period when the most incendiary items appeared?roughly 1989 to 1994?Rockwell and the prominent libertarian theorist Murray Rothbard championed an open strategy of exploiting racial and class resentment to build a coalition with populist “paleoconservatives,” producing a flurry of articles and manifestos whose racially charged talking points and vocabulary mirrored the controversial Paul newsletters recently unearthed by The New Republic. To this day Rockwell remains a friend and advisor to Paul?accompanying him to major media appearances; promoting his candidacy on the blog; publishing his books; and peddling an array of the avuncular Texas congressman’s recent writings and audio recordings.

    1. point?

    2. Really? This is absolutely, without a doubt, the first time that I have heard of this.

    3. Re: KLV,

      During the period when the most incendiary items appeared?roughly 1989 to 1994?Rockwell and the prominent libertarian theorist Murray Rothbard championed an open strategy of exploiting racial and class resentment to build a coalition with populist “paleoconservatives,”

      You DO know that this is a clumsy and obvious lie, right?

      1. +1

  30. Don’t blame them afer he said he would abandon them to their neighbours in the region by denying them ANY support… Kind throws Israel under the bus if we pull out of the region, eh?

    1. I’m not sending you any money. How do those bus tires feel on your skull?

      1. heh heh.

    2. How is a nation with hundreds of nuclear weapons seriously threatened by a bunch of basket case countries like Syria?

      It doesn’t throw Israel under the bus at all.

      They’d have to run their little socialist paradise without American taxpayer subsidy, but I don’t see how that rises to the level of “throwing them under the bus”.

    3. Yeah, because he doesn’t want entangling military alliances with anyone, Israel included. We’ve already received plenty of blowback for picking regional favorites and setting up bases over there. Conservatives are uninterested in stopping the roots of terrorism, merely playing Russian Roulette by trying to catch them all while creating new generations of terrorists by killing lots of innocent civilians.

      1. creating new generations of terrorists by killing lots of innocent civilians.

        We killed tons of civilians in WW2. Where are the German terrorists?

        1. Bad comparison there. Most of Germany’s civilian population was perpetuating the German war machine.

          Plus, loosing some predator missiles for the fuck of it every now and then on brown people isn’t “war”

          1. Yes it is. It’s just war on a very disadvantaged opponent. We have no moral obligation to tie our hands behind our back because they suck. PS those ‘civilians’ are part of the war machine too if they are hosting our enemies in their homes or helping them at all. Also, the immediate yanking of ‘brown people’ just betrays your weakness.

            1. No, sorry. We’re not at war with tribal villages in Pakistan.

            2. No, no weakness, just snark. If arab villagers were enabling their government to continue hostile actions, you’d have a point. But, I’m curious, do you think the absence of German terrorists after Dresden is evidence that occupation of the ME is going to actually work??

            3. When did Congress declare this so called “war”?????

            4. How do you know that those civilians are your enemies? Did they ever do anything to you?

      2. Since when is killing civilians relevant? Jew hater

    4. Israel isn’t putting on the debate.

      1. Israel firsters with duel citizenships are.

    5. …AND THAT IS ONE HELL OF A WELL-ARMED BUS FOR SURE! Besides, if you remember your history, Israel, almost unilaterally, defeated practically every threatening Arab state in the region IN JUST 6 DAYS!
      It is an insult to the nation of Israel to suggest that they are too weak to take care of themselves! Get real!

    6. …AND THAT IS ONE HELL OF A WELL-ARMED BUS FOR SURE! Besides, if you remember your history, Israel, almost unilaterally, defeated practically every threatening Arab state in the region IN JUST 6 DAYS!
      It is an insult to the nation of Israel to suggest that they are too weak to take care of themselves! Get real!

  31. Fuck the Republican Jooish Coalition and identity politics. Everyone should have the balls to ignore their shitty debate.

  32. I think everybody should be emailing the candidates who have been invited and telling them they won’t get your vote because they’re obviously running for President of Israel rather than POTUS.

    1. AMEN….I agree….what debate….all the others are WARMONGERS just like these ZIONIST JEWA$$E$…..go home!!

  33. Who Wrote Ron Paul’s Newsletters?
    Libertarian movement veterans, and a Paul campaign staffer, say it was “paleolibertarian” strategist Lew Rockwell…..newsletter

    The newsletters’ obsession with blacks and gays was of a piece with a conscious political strategy adopted at that same time by Lew Rockwell and Murray Rothbard. After breaking with the Libertarian Party following the 1988 presidential election, Rockwell and Rothbard formed a schismatic “paleolibertarian” movement, which rejected what they saw as the social libertinism and leftist tendencies of mainstream libertarians. In 1990, they launched the Rothbard-Rockwell Report, where they crafted a plan they hoped would midwife a broad new “paleo” coalition.

    Rockwell explained the thrust of the idea in a 1990 Liberty essay entitled “The Case for Paleo-Libertarianism.” To Rockwell, the LP was a “party of the stoned,” a halfway house for libertines that had to be “de-loused.” To grow, the movement had to embrace older conservative values. “State-enforced segregation,” Rockwell wrote, “was wrong, but so is State-enforced integration. State-enforced segregation was not wrong because separateness is wrong, however. Wishing to associate with members of one’s own race, nationality, religion, class, sex, or even political party is a natural and normal human impulse.”

    The most detailed description of the strategy came in an essay Rothbard wrote for the January 1992 Rothbard-Rockwell Report, titled “Right-Wing Populism: A Strategy for the Paleo Movement.” Lamenting that mainstream intellectuals and opinion leaders were too invested in the status quo to be brought around to a libertarian view, Rothbard pointed to David Duke and Joseph McCarthy as models for an “Outreach to the Rednecks,” which would fashion a broad libertarian/paleoconservative coalition by targeting the disaffected working and middle classes. (Duke, a former Klansman, was discussed in strikingly similar terms in a 1990 Ron Paul Political Report.) These groups could be mobilized to oppose an expansive state, Rothbard posited, by exposing an “unholy alliance of ‘corporate liberal’ Big Business and media elites, who, through big government, have privileged and caused to rise up a parasitic Underclass, who, among them all, are looting and oppressing the bulk of the middle and working classes in America.”
    The presidential campaign Rothbard and Rockwell supported in 1988 was Ron Paul’s run on the Libertarian Party ticket. In 1992, they were again ready to back Paul, until Pat Buchanan convinced the obstetrician to withdraw and back his conservative challenge to then-president Bush. “We have a dream,” Rockwell wrote in that same January 1992 edition of RRR, “and perhaps someday it will come to pass. (Hell, if ‘Dr.’ King can have a dream, why can’t we?) Our dream is that, one day, we Buchananites can present Mr. and Mrs. America, and all the liberal and conservative and centrist elites, with a dramatic choice….We can say: ‘Look, gang: you have a choice, it’s either Pat Buchanan or David Duke.’

    1. But you repeat yourself…

      1. Okay, now this is only the second time that I have seen this. This is certainly not a dead horse that you are beating, and you have convinced me that Obama is the right person to reduce the size of the federal government and protect our civil liberties.

        1. ^In response to KLV

          1. Indeed, Devil. I too have been persuaded by seeing this AGAIN.

    2. Re: KLV,

      Rothbard pointed to David Duke and Joseph McCarthy as models for an “Outreach to the Rednecks,” which would fashion a broad libertarian/paleoconservative coalition by targeting the disaffected working and middle classes.

      You DO know that this was a clumsy misconstruing of what Rothbard – a JEW – was saying, right?

      You know that you’re showing yourself to be a very incompetent poster, KLV?

      “Yet, if you go and read what the newsletter says about Duke, it is clear the author was merely saying Duke’s success is due to his opposition to affirmative action and the welfare state: indeed, Kirchick cites a passage (without citing it in full) in which Duke is taken to task for his lack of a ‘consistent package of freedom.’ Yet the willfully ignorant Radley Balko, another Cato type, avers: ‘I simply can’t imagine seeing any piece of paper go out under my name that included sympathetic words for David Duke. That a newsletter with Paul’s name did just that demands an explanation from Paul.’ ”…..z1fKztf5Qm

  34. NO MORE WELFARE CHECKS TO ZIONIST ISRAEL! They murder, and steal land like they’ve been doing for thousands of years. Real Jews against Zionist Israel.

    1. Thanks for exposing the lie that hating Israel has nothing to do with hating Jews. Israel hasn’t even existed 70 years, let alone thousands, nitwit.

      1. In his defense, Israel’s entire claim to the land they are occupying is that it has actually been “theirs” for thousands of years. And if you play along with this inane belief, you will also find that the originally acquired said land after slaughtering the many original inhabitants of Canaan. Their holy text recounts this genocide, and reports that after they did this, their deity gave them the property deed to Canaan/Palestine and told them to call it Israel. And that as long as they ran a nice little intolerant theocracy, they would be able to rape and slaughter and steal from whatever infidels they please for all time. Nice story huh?

        1. Meh, how is that any different than Mohammed’s conquests?

        2. Actually their claim to the land is that fact that they bought it from the emirs back when the zionist movement started in earnest in the late 19th century. Mostly poor Russians escaping pogroms, they weren’t spoiling for a fight over land with Arabs. But after the poor Palestinians saw how the kibbutzes, etc. were turning barren desert into lush farmland they got jealous. So the emirs started the whole “they stole our land,” meme to keep the Palestinians from revolting. And I must say, it has been an excellent strategy.

          1. Not quite. Unless you actually think every last acre of the State of Israel (for purposes of this argument -1948 borders) was lawfully purchased from the original Arab landowners. Protip: it wasn’t. By the way, why did the zionists insist on Palestine, and not on the fine, sparsely populated African real estate initially offered them by the British Empire? That’s what I thought.

          2. Ha ha, the we turned the desert into lush farmland lie. The kibutkis were not farmers they were trained killers. They terrorized the unarmed and unorganized Palestinian’s until they fled.

  35. SAD…..the real JEWS love Dr. Paul….you ZIONIST need to go…you are a bunch of warmongers…..move back to Israel and get the HELL out of this country!!

    1. The only Jews who support Paul will be the dead Jews; that is, if Paul ever got power.

      1. You are full of shit

        1. He is; but there are a few folks here who sound like they’ve been reading the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. We should end foreign aid to Israel because we should end foreign aid, period.

      2. You are slime Colin….you are nothing more than a warmonger and hater….try this page….many Jews love Dr. Paul because they know he is honest and a man of integrity….

        Jews for Ron Paul

        1. ^this^

    2. I really think you actually have to live in Israel to be a Zionist.

      I guess US supporters could be called Zionist sympathizers…but if that were true then you would not even have to be Jewish.

  36. The RJC just discredited themselves.. Good job fellas!

    1. Instructions to RJC: 1)Twist cock 180 degrees. 2)Bend cock 90 degrees. 3)Insert cock into own anus. 4)Bounce up and down on bicycle seat.

  37. It’s going to be great once Paul gets the nomination, then these guys’ world will fall apart, and I will be there laughing the whole time.

    1. JHYNN…that’s why Dr. Paul doesn’t get any love from the media either the major outlets are owned by these JEW SOB’s…

      The mainstream media is owned by just six companies and the board members of these companies also generally sit on boards of companies like Haliburton. What we have is a corrupt media that is in bed with the big corporate players and establishment members of government. These people all know that Ron Paul is too principled to be bought out, and that is why they all would prefer “anyone but Paul”.

      Read more:…..z1aJc9DGvh

      1. Ugh…jews are not the borg. Israel may be the rights bellywick, but the MSM ignoring Paul is not the conspiracy of elders coming to fruition. They have their reasons, but its not because of the jewish members. The democrats and those who interview them have less than lovey dovey relationships with Israel at times and I haven’t seen them blacked out in the same way Paul has.

        Most jews I know are no where close to zionists. Potraying them as such is just ignorant racism.

        1. Bailiwick‘. And “pet cause” is closer to what you meant. /pedantic dick.

      2. I know, makes me sad… Thing is I don’t think this goes to say for the average jew. I think it’s just the elitist core group that are corrupt. I know a lot of jews that support Paul. Sad their voice is not heard, also sad that all jews will be clumped together and blamed for this. The RJC is nothing, but a disinformation commitee to me now. I’m glad this article is out to discuss it though.

        Dr. RON PAUL for PRESIDENT 2012, all others are bought out!

      3. Oh good, you’re a moron who I mainly agree with politically. I hate when that happens.

    2. It’s going to be great if Paul gets the nomination


      Come on. Lets be reasonable.

  38. I always wonder something, you know, because the idea of universal health care should be repugnant to conservatives; Israel actually DOES have universal health care, but we should apparently have no problem subsidizing her with foreign aid. That’s interesting.

    Ron Paul provided a fantastic insight on the Israel issue during the debate. In 1981, when Israel bombed the Iraq nuclear reactor, Paul was one of the ONLY congressmen to refuse to condemn Israel for doing it. If Israel were attacked, as an ally, there’s NO doubt in my mind that Ron Paul would support them. That doesn’t mean he would necessarily send U.S. troops over there to fight at Israel’s side if they struck Iran (unless a war were declared by Congress, of course). But Israel didn’t send troops to help us fight in Iraq in 2003, nor did they help in the Gulf War (because, of course, the United States told Israel not to!). This whole “defend Israel” pretense that my fellow “conservatives” think they tout is actually some pretty rank hypocrisy. It’s a complete misunderstanding of the role of individual nations, and the need for independence and sovereignty.

    Prime Minister Netanyahu, in May 2011, before the U.S. Congress, said himself: “My friends, you don’t need to do nation building in Israel. We’re already built. You don’t need to export democracy to Israel. We’ve already got it. You don’t need to send American troops to defend Israel. We defend ourselves.”

    And besides, as Ron Paul always concludes, we just don’t have the money to play this game anymore. I’d love to see someone explain how bankrupting ourselves through non-Congressionally-approved wars provides any kind of lasting “military strength.” Are you serious?! We know full-well that unchecked military spending has been one of THE major factors in our rising national debt. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan alone have added between $1.1 and $2 trillion to the debt, plus another $45 billion annually in interest. How much longer do you think our country can handle the spending? How could we ever adequately defend ourselves if something ever hits home, with such an overextended presence around the world?

    Conservatives are supposed to think this is okay? Really?

    1. Well done!

    2. *Golf clap*

    3. Thanks for the comment.
      “Republican Conservatives” stopped being fiscal conservatives a long time ago. Now they’re just hawkish democrats who thump the Bible over your head.

      Ron Paul’s policy would be the most beneficial to Israel. Israel would be safer without Uncle Sam acting as Enforcer In Chief for the whole region.

    4. Wow. Thank you for that. Can we get this in a soundbyte? Wolf…? ….anyone?

    5. Isreal stayed out of the first Gulf war because they and all the group of allies thought that their involvement would help Sadam. They were right..

    6. Correction… the True name of the Iraeli
      leader IS: Net-the-yahoo… Stand corrected!!! Thank you.

  39. They should’ve just let the damn antisemite participate. Banning him just makes him look good.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he had no intention of even going, considering his hatred of all things Joooooooooooo.

    1. God, support for Israel is such a goddamn dog whistle for the right. Seems to me that Israel is better prepared to defend themselves against the ME than Japan is from China, yet no one is baying loudly against pulling our money from Japan.

    2. And you’re an IDIOT!

    3. The comical thing about morons like Colin is that they have no idea of the ethnicity and religions of Murray Rothbard and Ludwig von Mises.

    4. Yes he hates Jews so much that he hangs two pictures of Jewish intellectuals on his wall so he can glare at them and concentrate on how much he hates them and their evil small government philosophies.

  40. Apparently if you don’t support subsidizing Israel with millions upon millions of dollars, then you are Hitler’s and al Qaeda’s BFF.

    Either that or American Jews think Israelis are too fucking stupid or untrustworthy to defend themselves with their own money.

  41. Sadly, on a serious note, it’s disturbing that the only candidate that seriously wants to change things (Dr. Paul), is being left out. This alone shows that the RJC does not want to change the status quo, which therefore means they are as corrupt as the lobbyists, bankers, and all the others that take our money everyday. I mean does the Jewish community really not want peace? Ron Paul is the only one that will give that to you. Perhaps, you want another dictator leader. As long as you have a hand in the pocket. You’re corrupt RJC, and you tell lies.

    1. Now that’s fucking stupid.

      Withdrawing our foreign aid will not lead to peace.

      We should do it because it’s stupid to subsidize wealthy allies, because it’s an entangling alliance, and because it might possibly maybe get the Arabs to like the US a little bit more.

      If you think it will end the Arab-Israeli violence though, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn I’ll sell you.

  42. “Relentless espousal” of opinions that are almost always deployed as winky dissemblings between Jew-haters who are too sissy to strap on the Klink helmet and ride is certainly a symptom of JOOS on the brain.

    But sometimes it isn’t.

    If Ron Paul is in fact a libertarian, as his rhetoric and voting record kinda suggest he is, it doesn’t matter if he hates Jews?or blacks or Mexicans or fags or your mama. Does it? His policy prescriptions wouldn’t be determined by demographic considerations.

    But Ron Paul and RON PAUL! are two different things, and his very demographically specific fans obviously believe that he’s pretending to be a libertarian so they can all wink together about fucking up the Jews?or, regardless of Ron Paul, they use RON PAUL! as an occasion for their JOO-downs.

    Don’t they?

    Or his fans wouldn’t be who they are, would they? “Student”-type not-Republicans in their 20s? They’re fresh outta spot-the-ZOG 101, and so they’re really into this seriously religious pro-life anti-immigration Texas Republican with totally un-“student”-y opinions about everything?

    Everything except…


    I hope he’s conning them. Like a Jew. And then his Palin-ass son inherits all their money.

    1. Next time, try breaking the prozacs in half.

      1. ^yes. And also, try pulling up your pants before adressing the class.

  43. Way for the RJC to completely discredit themselves… What a bunch of discriminating idiots… The MAJORITY of Americans are sick of wars and giving away billions of dollars we don’t have – and that’s a fact!

    Ron Paul 2012…

  44. To call a man who does not believe in aggresive interventionist foreign policy crazy, does not not speak well of the organization.

    Of all the candidates Ron Paul just might be Israel’s best friend. What destroys empires big and small are usually not enemies but self-expansion, foreign occupations, and wars.

    Continuing with status quo policies guarantees that both the U.S. and Israel are heading for disaster.

  45. Apropos of nothing, there really oughta be some kind of predictive algorithm developed that could give us a coefficient indicating the likelihood that any particular H&R post would death-spiral down into a sulfurous troll-infested hell. Maybe separate coefficients for Imbecility and Length.

    1. +11

  46. How can this so-called “global power vacuum” be created, with a foreign policy like Paul’s that would rely on free trade and diplomacy and open friendship with other nations? There’s a word for claims like that, and that’s DELUSIONAL.

    So our $80+ billion in foreign aid to Saudi Arabia, the mother country of most of the 9/11 hijackers, and an enemy country of Israel under Israeli law, is perfectly okay? But attempting diplomacy with Iran – who IS NOT an enemy country of Israel even according to Israeli law – is “misguided and extreme”? That’s ridiculous. In fact, that’s damned ridiculous.

    1. Are you seriously claiming Iran is not an enemy of Israel?

      1. Sorry, I was mistaken. Iran actually was added to that list in 2007. I’m wrong on that point. The rest of my comment however, is perfectly legitimate.

        Is Iran hostile to the current regime in Israel? Sure they are.

        In any instance, though, it’s easily demonstratable that Saudi Arabia is a hell-of-a-lot more hostile to Israel on a regular basis than Iran is. And yet we continuously aid Saudi Arabia financially. Why? And why did we invade Iraq rather than Saudi Arabia, where 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 came from?

        1. excellent points!

    2. Iran – who IS NOT an enemy country of Israel even according to Israeli law

      Seriously? The Israelis don’t view Iran as a hostile power?

      Ima gonna need some linky on that.

  47. Colin, you are a worthless cunt and I hope you get cancer and die, but not before your whole family gets cancer and dies before you.

    Got a kid? Please, please leukemia, please come and slowly kill Colin’s kid, while he watches helplessly and the oncologists struggle but fail. Pretty please, leukemia? I don’t ask for much.

    1. You are even worse than Colin. Hopefully you take a long look in the mirror soon.

      1. Not until I feel like jerking off again.

  48. All the other candidates should bow out of this farce.

  49. Special interests trying to divide America against each other. Don’t listen to this bull. Jewish people can vote for Ron Paul since American people can vote for Ron Paul proudly. There’s people trying to divide us, rich vs poor, black vs white, Muslim vs Christian. This BS needs to stop.

  50. if you dont allow my canidate to put his beliefs in front of the American people, we will stop sending you moneies or goods and you Sir will be sorry you left him out

  51. OH yes, one more thing…

    BLAME: Matt Brooks

  52. The deceivers want to continue to deceive, they can only invite those who support their way of thinking. I plan on supporting Dr. Paul in every way possible. I was a precinct chair, county and state delegate last time and I plan on doing it again. It’s time to end these wars and bring our troops home. We can’t afford to support Israel. We owe 15 trillion dollars.We’re broke.

  53. The RJC are pussies. If RP is so obviously wrong, then let him state his case and be laughed out of the auditorium and out of the presidential race. If, on the other hand, the RJC’s position is so weak that it would be shattered by one dissenting voice out of 9, then maybe they are the ones that need to do a little soul searching.

  54. Some fine sentence parsing here. I have been calling people in Iowa for days now. Unfortunately, the negative message is very much out there. When I bring up a foreign policy of free trade and free exchange of ideas, they think I’m cute.

    1. So get your dad to call.

  55. Who is the Republican Jewish Coalition to decide what is or is not part of the Republican Party platform? Ron Paul is just expressing an alternative to the typical foreign policy that requires America to endlessly sacrifice blood and money in an entangling alliance. He doesn’t hate Israel, he just wants to protect America. That makes him a patriot. The RJC should re-examine where there loyalties lie.

  56. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

    Is this the fighting stage?

    1. They’re trying a combination of the laughing and fighting. Ron Paul’s campaign is exciting to watch simply to see whether he succceds in educating the public through thick layers of brainwashed resistance and ignorance. He actually has some views to fight for, not like the wishy washy and deceptive others in it for the sheer ego trip and power kick of becoming the President of the USA.

  57. The RJC does not know what they are talking about. They are confused and don’t know a globalist from a real patriot. Maybe I should start the Latino Republican True Patriots! Any of those that do not defend the constitution and the bill of right will not be invited. That means all except Ron Paul! The Israel does not need any more foreign aid from us or any other country for that matter. We do not need to impose on their sovereignty (if they have any because our government always tells them what to do). No not this line take the other side, you know what I mean. Enough let them be and if only if they can’t protect themselves which I doubt then we can interject. Stop the wars! Freedom is Popular! “In the beginning of a change, the Patriot is a scarce man, Brave, Hated, and Scorned. When his cause succeeds however,the timid join him, For then it costs nothing to be a Patriot.”
     Mark Twain 
    “No army can stop an idea who’s time has come” Ron Paul

  58. Many of RP’s FP ideas are wrong. All the more reason for the RJC to invite him for vigorous debate. Bad decision RJP you’re just protecting Paul!

    1. watch this video:…..tHwphRu_Xt

  59. I’m having a hard time deciding who’s worse.

    Is it the collectivist-asshole Zionists that claim that because you don’t want to send your paycheck to Israel that you’re an Anti-semite?

    Or is it the collectivist-asshole (actual) anti-Semites that tar a whole people with the misdeeds of a few?

    A tough choice, to be sure. But it sure is fun watching them thrash about in our lowly comment section.

    1. Or is it the collectivist-asshole (actual) anti-Semites that tar a whole people with the often imaginary misdeeds of a few?


      Fixed that for you.

  60. I’m not going to call this un-american: I’m sure these people know better than most just how damaging it is to exclude viewpoints you find disagreeable. The real point is they know Ron Paul’s arguments are reasonable and convincing, so exclusion is the only way to combat him. Problem is, excluding him is so blatantly prejudicial that it will backfire.

  61. I don’t understand this coalition. For the first time in history the US under the Ron Paul presidency will stop giving aid to Israel’s enemies and will let Israel do as she pleases with the territories. Don’t you want that?

    1. Apparently not, since they are afraid the “well-organized” and “well-disciplined” Arabic hordes will overwhelm them the second the US stops sending everyone (including said Arabic hordes) in the Middle East money. Sounds like unceasing believing in your inherent victimhood will drive out most rationality.

  62. Just give us the damn e-mail address so we can shut their system down.

  63. I am no RP fan, but that he should be barred from any GOP debate is contemptible. To be sure he is no great friend of Israel, but he is not their enemy as well as espouses a POV that is shared by a large segment of the public

  64. I think Paul should take it as a compliment. They like the other candidates because Israel needs a dependable war partner and Paul ain’t it. Good for him. Israel needs to take responsibility for their own problems. They are terrorists of the middle east, so Paul should be happy to sit this one out.

  65. I will add that Paul’s Gaza concentration camp comment is retarded and merits derision.

    1. You’re retarded and merit derision

      1. Oh ho good one! Totally burned me! Did you manage to keep the crayons out of your mouth?

        1. You mad!

    2. They are contained by force of arms. It is impossible to leave. Israel has the place locked down and guarded on all sides. How is this not a concentration camp? Or do you prefer a newspeak term, like “very large open error detention facility”?

      1. open area* herp.

      2. It’s not a concentration camp because they are dirty goat-fuckers who worship a demon and refuse to admit the land their people have lived on for hundreds-thousands of years belong to white jews from Europe. What a bunch of fuckers.

        1. +1 RyanXXX

        2. white Jews from Europe are not even Semites and have no connection with the real mid eastern Jews. Gaza is a concentration camp and Israel is an Apartheid state.

    3. I don’t know if it’s retarded. “Ghetto” would be a much better comparison though.

  66. People Who Support Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy in Regards to Israel:

    Benjamin Netanyahu (Israeli Prime Minister): “I believe that we can now say that Israel has reached childhood’s end, that it has matured enough to begin approaching a state of self-reliance… We are going to achieve economic independence.”

    Yehuda HaKohen (American Emigrant to Israel): “Many of us believe the current relationship between the United States and Israel is a very unhealthy relationship, like that of a man and concubine, or a slave and master,”

    Americans for Israel –
    Jews for Ron Paul (See the coalitions page on his website).

    If you’re in the D.C. area and available on the 7th then join us in protesting this blocking of free speech and sensible foreign policy:

  67. This is why the ZIONIST don’t like the good doctor…..they can’t buy him like they can the others so they smear him….WAKE UP AMERICA…..STOP THE CROOKED POLITICS….ELECT THE ONLY MAN WE CAN TRUST!!!!!

    Ron Paul irks Jewish Lobby
    Posted on January 30, 2011 | 2 Comments

    In an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer (a radical Zionist Jew) on January 25, 2011 Senator Ron Paul (Tea Party’s Republican representative) said that “Reuters did a poll, and 71 percent of American people agree with me that when we’re short of money, where we can’t do the things we need to do in our country, we certainly shouldn’t be shipping the money overseas.”

    Continues here…

  68. This is disgusting. Remember, he is the only one who supports Israel sovereignty. Such a “wacko” concept. I am kidding, our society is disgusting if they put up with this.

  69. I hope someone finds out where they are holding this….I think we should launch a REVOLUTION right there!!

  70. Extremely funny considering what is coming out of Israel about the US and how bad we are.…..-americans

    1. Ungrateful assholes. Fuck Netenyahoo and Israel!!

  71. I love my kids but they are grown and its time they cleaned their hind ends and quit asking to borrow the car. These people are pissed off because they see the gravy train rolling to a halt.. It means Dr Paul is making a difference. I know he will get plenty of publicity from this and more people will hear the message. These people are no different than the dems.. playing the race card. That’s exactly what they are doing. They think they are God’s chosen. It is not racist to hate the policies and war mongering of the Zionists. They only pretend to represent the Jewish people.

    1. They (zionists) actually DO represent more than half of the jews on the entire planet, you know. Not sure that qualifies as “pretending”. And yes, they do think they are their deity’s one and only chosen people. The rest are not to be trusted. Like you, you lowly goyim. In fact, all you have to do is read the jewish holy texts to see what happened to all non-jews the israelites came across. Genocide and ethnic cleansing, proudly done by the nation of Judea/Israel. That is, until they were on the receiving end, when the Romans did to them what they had been doing for over a millenium to their neighbors and the occupants of Canaan before them.

  72. What a disgraceful decision by these people. This will backfire badly and seriously misrepresents what America is about. I guess, these Jews want more people to hate them than already do. Sad part is, Ron Paul doesn’t hate them and now the morons at the head of this group just created enemies that they didn’t have before.

  73. “My friends, you don’t need to do nation building in Israel. We’re already built. You don’t need to export democracy to Israel. We’ve already got it. You don’t need to send American troops to defend Israel. We defend ourselves.”

    ~ Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,

    May 2011 before the U.S. Congress

    1. “But keep sending aid, because I made a lot of promises to that commie cunt who started the Occupy Tel Aviv protest, and now I have to pay for them. And I think American taxpayer dollars can do that just fine!”

      – Benjamin Netanyahu, every other damn day except for the day he made the above speech

  74. Poor, poor Israel. Only a couple hundred nukes. Couldn’t possibly stand up for yourself! You want to keep taking our money and doing our bidding? Fine by me. But to censor the only candidate that stands up for your sovereignty? Not smart.

  75. well u just pissed off alot of people for not inviting him. why? because he doesnt want to go to war with iran like israel wants? idiots, jews can rot in hell.
    RON PAUL 2012

    1. Its not the Jewish people- its the Zionists which are their version of neocons. So let them have their little war mongering love affair. They can all sit around and stroke each other til the wee hours of the morning. It won’t change a thing. We will still be out of money. we will still be in need of a leader with some fiscal integrity. AND THEY FREAKIN know it!

  76. How dare the Rebublican Jewish coalition not invite Ron Paul to the debate, who the hell do they think they are. Do they really feel the need to control everything? What happened to freedom of speech, or is it because Dr. Paul is the only one who has the “stones” to tell the truth about Israel, the economy, the fed, the banks, etc. If he wasn’t so right about all of that, why would he be un-invited? Think about it. Every single one of those remaining candidates should boycott the Republican Jewish coalition and stand by their “brother” Dr.Paul and show the Republican Jewish council where to stick their debate.

    1. Uh…it is their forum. To invite who they want isn’t ‘daring’ in the least.

  77. Everyone, you can email:

    I bet there is a better email but thats all I could find

  78. Ron Paul is also for cutting aid to Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan (all Muslim majority populated countries), isn’t he? He’s taking a principled view as far as I can tell, that doesn’t have anything to do with ethnic, secular, or religious biases. As for the Osama Bin Laden affair, capturing him alive (even if he were to be executed later in whatever manner) would have been much better for finding out more about his organisation. Think that’s pretty easy to understand for anyone.

  79. They simply want to make a statement that they don’t like losing control of the US government. “then they attack you, then you win” or something like that. at any rate I call it good news.. we must be stepping on toes.. Thank You JESUS!!

  80. stupid jew bastard

  81. And come to think of it, the idea that the killing of Bin Laden is somehow wrong is also worthy of derision. Pull your head out Paul.

  82. Ron Paul knows that he would be the People’s President and would go to the People’s representatives, aka congress, in all matters international. As he says, “We are BROKE”! Newty, Mitty are promising everything. Who will pay?

    These Jews voted for OB. They will again.

    Surprised that Jews would censor Dr. Paul. He’s harmless, isn’t he?

  83. The only candidate who is for peace is barred?

  84. Isn’t Murray Rothbard Jewish? I don’t see even the smallest sign of Ron Paul being anti-Jewish. AIPAC might have it out for Ron Paul, among other lobbyists, and others who benefit from the whole US aid business. It’s an industry the management of which makes tons of money in the “transaction costs”. Paid for by the US taxpayer.

    1. He’s not in the slightest bit anti jewish. It’s just a sleazy political statement to get more people to kiss their ass. Unfortunately for them it’s going to back fire.

  85. Wow – I wasn’t aware that Israel was a US Province. Sounds like the Republican Jewish Coalition are the extremists in this case. The US has been involved in a foreign war for 10 years. We are struggling financially, and abroad our political status has been irreparably damaged. I think it’s clear that the RJC does not have America’s best interests in mind.

    If RJC wants to lobby the presidential candidates for further unnecessary handouts, that’s their prerogative. I find it disturbing, in the same way that I find Halliburton’s no-big contracts disturbing. There’s a lot of money and ego involved in this power play. But isn’t it hypocritical for the RJC, a minority power-player, to try to get its way by playing the same dirty politics that have been played against minorities in this country?

    In America, we value Freedom of Speech. RJC is falling right in line with the media’s attempt at “selling” the right candidate to the American people. RJC, I stay out of our politics if you’re going to disrespect our political process. You would think that at a *real* debate, they might be able to convince their constituents with ideas and reasoning instead of stupidly censuring dissenters. Absolutely DISGUSTING behavior especially considering the past treatment of Jews in this manner the last couple hundred years – I would think that the RJC would have better moral solidarity than this.

    Most interestingly, the RJC has invited candidates who have been known to pander and then fail to deliver, flip-flopping for whatever they might personally profit from at a moment’s notice. It’s a dangerous game that the RJC is playing by handpicking panderers. Supposedly this is going to be a debate? By picking and choosing candidates (some of whom are polling at less than 2%), based solely on the fact that they agree with the RJC’s specific agenda..?

    The “RJC debate” is just going to be a Pandering Forum in front of yet-another special interest group seeking government handouts. I would just love it if one single candidate at the RJC forum wouldn’t pander and would just stand up and say: the US has it’s own domestic issues to deal with. As a reminder for everyone, the US National Debt is now over $15 Trillion Dollars.

  86. It all makes sense. The Jews control the media, which has been ignoring Paul, and now they want to exclude him from the debates.

    This reeks of an agenda.

    It’s for reasons like this that every other previous civilization has tried to eliminate the Jews.

    1. How stupid would someone have to be to not realize this is some neocon piece of shit pretending to be a Jew-hating Paul supporter?

      1. They can’t all be sockpuppets, RP worshiper.

        1. true. But I’m pretty sure this one is.

  87. Religion (take your pick) as well as Aetheism (by the likes of Richard Dawkins) are convenient exploitation tools used by a few to mould and manipulate the sentiments of many to make money and power for themselves.

    1. …But not your beliefs. No, your beliefs about the afterlife / lack thereof are perfectly reasonable and sound.

  88. Ridiculous! Slander! Ron Paul supports Israel’s right to live in freedom and peace! Ron Paul explains very clearly that he would defend our nation if it were attacked. Why is it wrong for him to say that Israel can take care of itself? America needs to drawback its tentacles from the far reaches of this planet. Stop the violence, the hatred that is born within each of us. Ron Paul is forcing America to peer into their own reflection and ask themselves some very serious questions. Only a Sane man would be called “Crazy” by the American sheeple. The “Crazy” meme exists as a consequence of the damaged psyche of the American public. As always, the American public, or call it the status quo, has perpetuated hysteria about Ron Paul through their own misplaced identity and racism. Ron Paul is the only man strong enough to explain the truth.

  89. I am sick and tired of the tiny Jewish minority in this country running things ( and ruining things). If they are so damned concerned about the friggin state of Israel, let em move there! We are a nation of over 250 million people, it’s insane for Jews to think we are supposed to be so damned concerned for that welfare state of less than 8 million people.

    1. Over 310 million people, actually.

  90. Ron Paul shouldn’t lose any sleep over this. The Republican Jewish Coalition doesn’t speak for the majority of Jews anymore than the Stonewall Democrats speak for the majority of gays. Any Ron Paul enjoys plenty of support in both communities.

    1. Paul should, however, lose sleep over the fact that he will not be receiving televised coverage mere weeks before the crucial Iowa caucus.

      Paul should also lose sleep over the fact that his ideas and policies will be attacked by the attending Israel-first candidates while he is not present to defend them.

      Paul should also lose sleep over the fact that Israel-first media will report the conference itself as news up until the caucuses, presenting yet-undecided primary voters an image of the GOP in which Paul is not a factor due to his (involuntary) absence.

      Of course, these concerns are the whole point of the RJC’s stratagem.

  91. “Well, I’m neither Republican nor Jewish nor a member of a Coalition, so the immediate event is not my call.”

    Someone at reason is gonne lose his column.

  92. Just typical Jew behavior; silence the opposition, scream anti semite, bring up the Holocaust, etc. I look forward to the backlash from their treachery.

  93. It wouldn’t be the first savior they’ve killed.

  94. Jews control finance and foreign policy. They are obviously threatened by Paul, and for good reason. His policies would end their looting of America.

  95. After Ron Paul wins Iowa you will not be able to block his message out any longer.

    1. After he loses Iowa, you won’t be able to sustain your delusions any longer.

  96. The Republican what Coalition? Let them have their debate with only one perspective. The rest of the world is finally waking up from it’s misguided slumber. The Republicans who misguidedly support unlimited funding with no questions asked are part of the same problem as the Democrats who have no interest in balancing the budget.

  97. If they’re leaving out “no-hopers”, what are Santorum and Huntsman doing on the stage? And doesn’t a guy who ranks in the top three in fundraising, the top four in scientific polls, first in straw polls, and first in online support technically have at least some hope of winning?

  98. Let these POS know how you feel about them keeping Ron Paul out of their debate!!

    If they still will not let Ron Paul speak then I suggest to tell everybody that you know to NOT watch the debate. Make that debate the Less Watched Debate in History!!

  99. Well I know what debate to boycott now. He’s not outside mainstrean republican politics, he’s the only republican on the floor, the rest are neo-cons. Apparently the Israeli government won’t stand for any criticism of their actions or their foreign policies…

  100. I clicked that I liked this because the more Ron Paul is mentioned the better. (quote) “There is no such thing as bad publicity”

  101. Do what you want in 3 days he will rise again.
    Ron Paul 2012!

  102. Boycott the debate. It is unfair!

  103. If only the FOUNDING FATHERS themselves could get ahold of these liberal war monger’s ass’ X( Extremist? Bullcrap! It’s what the Founding Fathers would do!

  104. Write to the RJC and let them know how you feel. rjc2012 (at) linderassociates (dot) com. I did:

    “I am extremely disappointed that you have chosen not to invite Ron Paul to your forum. This decision will only reinforce the negative opinions that many people in this country have about the influence Jewish people have in this country. I’m afraid you may come to regret this decision, primarily for the bad press that is sure to follow. I for one intend to start a movement to boycott all future activities of your organization.”

  105. Israel’s Zionism is equivalent to the US’s Hegemony. Both are working hand in hand to crush their “enemies” and enslave their own citizens. Ron Paul doesn’t support tyranny, whether it’s in the US or Israel. Educate yourselves by searching for Jews Against Zionism.

  106. If the GOP lets the Jewish Colition keep Dr. Paul out of the debate then he should leave the GOP and run as a third party candidate.

  107. Over the summer, the house passed a resolution which recommened that the president consider reducing aid to the Palestinian Authority if it persisted in its bid for UN memberdhip. Ron Paul was one of only five, possibly 6, representatives to vote no. For a principled opponent of foreign aid to be unwilling to even consider reducing aid to the Palestinians, he must be strongly supportive of their cause. There is nothing libertarian about the Palestinian authority, not its economic policy, its record on civil liberties, nothing. So why the support? Perhaps a shared Jew hatred?


    2. Re: wee wee white,

      For a principled opponent of foreign aid to be unwilling to even consider reducing aid to the Palestinians, he [Ron Paul] must be strongly supportive of their cause.

      Or maybe because the whole resolution itself was unconstitutional.

      Oh, did you forget the Constitution? Yeah, most pro-Israel hawks do.

  108. Maybe someone could poll all of the Jewish Republican members of Congress on this one – and find out what he thinks.

  109. Good. We can laugh at all the phonys kissing Jewish ass. I’m sure Dr Paul can’t help them anyway. Good luck with the stupid debate. You’ll regret it later.

  110. That the Republican Jewish Coalition would exclude a top-tier GOP candidates speaks poorly for the coalition. Why don’t they just be honest about it and register as an agent of a foreign power, Israel?

  111. That the Republican Jewish Coalition would exclude a top-tier GOP candidates speaks poorly for the coalition. Why don’t they just be honest about it and register as an agent of a foreign power, Israel?

  112. I think Ron Paul’s blowback theory does disqualify him. He took Murray N. Rothbard’s idea about the Russians and transposed it to the Arabs. Even though I agree with him on foreign policy, his analysis is so naive I’m scared of where he might take the policies of the USA as POTUS.

    1. I’d be more afraid of the all out nuclear war they are about to start if they don’t wake up.

    2. Blowback is blowback – doesn’t matter which country you interfere with or meddle in – you wil likely get a reaction you don’t much like.

    3. Re: Robert,

      I think Ron Paul’s blowback theory does disqualify him.

      It should also disqualify the 9/11 Commission report, every foreign policy analyst that has forwarded the theory, basic common sense, etc.

      his analysis is so naive I’m scared of where he might take the policies of the USA as POTUS.

      Let me tell you something, you stupid twit: I am not willing to fork out MY FUCKING MONEY to pay for YOUR WARS. How about that? You want my money? Come and get it – I dare you.

      Fucking socialist thief.

  113. OK, so now I know we have a Republican Jewish Coalition. LOL Thank God Ron Paul’s not taking part in that. It sounds pretty racist and divisive.

  114. discrimination

  115. Zionists care more about Israel than America.

  116. comparing Ron Paul to president Obama is a ridiculous comparison.

  117. The reason Ron Paul was barred is that Obama has ordered all to9 ignore him see it here Obama Issues Ron Paul “Kill Order” As Russia Prepares For War | via @addthis

    1. stop posting that. It isn’t true.

  118. ” He has been a virulent and harsh critic of Israel during his tenure in Congress*. Most recently Paul gave an interview in which he voiced his objection to the recent killing of Osama Bin Laden.” The writer is either unable to understand English well, or is an outright liar. the statement in quotes here is not true at all.

  119. That is the most stupid thing I have heard. That group is out of their fucking minds. Yeah liberty is such wild concept.

  120. his negligence in allowing to appear under his name

    Oh come on, Mr Welch. You make it sound like he had nothing to do with it and perhaps no knowledge.

    He expressly gave permission for the newsletter publishers to use his name and was paid handsomely for that permission, I might add.

  121. Jews…

  122. You mean he doesn’t kiss jew b*tt.

  123. “misguided and extreme views” = anti war fiscal conservative freedom lover who wants america to mind it own business. he has my vote. don’t let another country try to affect Americas elections

  124. Zionism/Neoconism is DEAD and this pathetic “Bias” by omitting congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul just reaffirms my vote for him!

  125. lol so they are fearing that one republican canidate that stands for more then what they could hope will still the spot light from them lmao!by mixxing the republican and demicratic systems togther makes the politician look bad right is what yall all are saying though

  126. It’s all about the FOREIGN AID bay-bee!

  127. Wow.

    Make a Ron Paul and Israel post ad you get all kinds of people who I’ve never seen before take over the board in a way that would make our pale indigenous person proud.

    Go Ron Paul.

    1. the article was posted on the Ron Paul 2012 (not the official one) page on facebook. Just in case you were wondering.

  128. For the record, Ron Paul was one of very few congressmen who didn’t vote to condemn Israel for blowing up Saddam’s nuclear reactor. His position is that Israel’s defense is Israel’s business.

    The fact is, up to this point, Israel has been kept as a vassal state in order to supply a pretext for a massive pork-barrel scheme for the war profiteers. That “military aid” has to be spent in the USA, on companies who are very adept at buying hookers and blow for legislators and their staffers.


  129. Reading these comments gave me a few laughs.
    Nice job guys.
    **Ron Paul 2012**

  130. The RJC obviously doesn’t want a debate with questions and logic injected into it so that their extremely biased, narrow and totally selfish view of a world, which they feel should revolve around them first and foremost, would only serve to expose them for the hypocrites that they are.

    I think it is high time that Israel defended their country themselves. God knows the tax payers of this country have sacrificed more than our fair share to help build Israel into one of the world’s most powerful nations…even while ours continues to fall apart before our eyes.

    I have just two questions for the people of Israel. One, WHEN this country goes broke, will you be there to give us aid so generously as we have done for you? And two, WHEN we are totally broke, who will be your next Sugar Daddy?

  131. Ron Paul does not support our tax dollars going to the state of israel. They can take care of themselves. When Paul wins he should remind them of this slight and not give them the keys to the front door of the White House. Maybe we are tired of defending a people who can defend themselves?

  132. Jews makes up 1.7% of the US population. The American Indian represent 1.37%. The former absolutely dominates. The latter is invisible. Why?

  133. Greetings to all my Jewish Sisters and Brothers,

    I am an American of African descent and no one understands some of your painful experiences as I do. But as I share with many of my black family and friends so often, this is a different time and knowledge is increasing. People are beginning to look at issues more often and they are becoming less interested in focusing on special protections of “groups”.

    I consider myself a good judge of character and can spot bigotry and hate a mile away. Ron Paul is an honorable senior man. He is full of wisdom and had it not been for his commitment to educating the public about fractional reserve banking and the significance of a sound monetary system, I would not know how to properly fix my own financial house. Following the advice of many scamming banks and investors, I made poor choices in my life. One would have to a fool to dismiss his economic advice.

    I met Ron Paul twice in 2007. I was so impressed with his humble and delicate speaking manor. He is a peaceful man. He realizes that the United States of America will have to defend itself and should always be prepared to defend itself. What he does not support is the US mingling in the affairs of other countries, regardless if that country is our friend or not. The US cannot afford to police the world even if it wanted to.

    I can assure you that Paul does not have anything personal against Jews or any group. Accordingly, he shares a Libertarian point of view which is not collectivist. He places more importance on the individual and not a group of people. I realize that his way of thinking does appear strange to some of you because you see things from the group perspective. There is nothing that this man could have done to offend the Jewish Republican Coalition that it would ban him from the forum.

    I can assure you that I would not support Paul if I thought there was anything bigoted about him. He isn’t perfect but I see absolutely no reason to stop supporting his efforts and I hope that all of you would read his writings, research his history, and fairly consider why he doesn’t support mingling in the affairs of such a beautiful sovereign country as Israel. I’m of African descent but America is my country and I would defend my country first before I would a country in Africa. It isn’t to say that I don’t care about the African countries but this is my home. Charity begins at home. If that is extreme, than I welcome the same attacks as Dr. Paul.

  134. It’s a shame the RJC is bigoted and racist

    1. It’s a shame RP is so bigoted and racist.

      1. It’s a shame you are a dumb fuck.

  135. I suppose if they didn’t realize they killed a prophet way back then, it’s not so surprising they’d do it again with Dr.Paul.

  136. It is past time to bar the jew from America. 109 nations have expelled the jews, the united states should be the 110th nation to expel the jews from all activity inside this territory. Jews are a problem for any nation within which they have dwelt. Even Stalin established Birobidzhan, which jews never decided to embrace. Jews are a problem. If you disagree, then tell your faggot son and your diverse neighbor that your posterity doesn’t mean shit, and demographic replacement is good for your retirement benefits. Delusional Fucks that you are.

  137. I understand now why so many people have a negative opinion of jews and intensely dislike them.

    these people are not americans-they are trying to undermine the loyal americans to use their country FOR israels chilling purposes.

    I honestly hate jews now.

  138. It will not be with Ron Paul, i can gaurantee you.. but when legitimate americans finally wrench our country back,

    the jew is going to get it. Getting rid of the jews is the #1 step you must take unless you want a malevolent and evil calculating population plotting to destroy you, within your midst.

    every society has eventually purged the jews for their plotting like in this article, and they cannot deserve what they are going to get anymore.

  139. jews are our enemy. they have shown they only wish to control non-jews like a herd of cows, they try to interfere in our elections, run our govt, spend our money, send our sons to war.

    its not a accident that everyone in history eventually enslaves and deports the jews, or gets enslaved by jews.

  140. Why must Israel sell their sovereignty to the US for about 1% of their GDP in foreign US aide?

  141. …AND THAT IS ONE HELL OF A WELL-ARMED BUS FOR SURE! Besides, if you remember your history, Israel, almost unilaterally, defeated practically every threatening Arab state in the region IN JUST 6 DAYS!
    It is an insult to the nation of Israel to suggest that they are too weak to take care of themselves! Get real!


  143. Maybe it’s time the jews go back to their homeland and stop bankrupting the US taxpayers. ya think?? Afterall, we’re at the top of the pyramid scheme and it’s all about to collapse anyhow

  144. Why would you even have a debate if everyone you pick to be a part of it agrees with each other!?

  145. Acts 13:10 “You(JEWS) are a child of the devil and an enemy of everything that is right! You are full of all kinds of deceit and trickery. Will you never stop perverting the right ways of the Lord?

  146. why do people insist on using the term ‘zionism’ when talking to people, instead of just referring to those that would rather give up sovereignty to conduct foreign affairs at israel’s own will in exchange for foreign aids from the US? the term ‘zionism’ simply flies over people’s heads and i don’t know why people keep using it. is it persistent stupidity or some symptom of psychological disorder? learn to communicate in daily terms people actually USE in mainstream and know what you are referring to.. and that doesn’t include a stink term like ‘zion’ as if straight out of a stink teenster movie like matrix

  147. What a bunch of self serving A-holes. This is about America, NOT Israel.

  148. now pls don’t waste my time with links referencing the term ‘zion’.. if you miss the point so badly (again, it’s about communication, think head) then you aren’t worth response time

  149. the term zionism simply sounds like a giant mumble jumbo lump of vagueness that resembles a grossly negative sounding term that people have no idea what you’re referring to, when you talk to REGULAR people

  150. If you are an American of jewish decent you will have allegiance to America not a foreign power, otherwise your not an American. Ron Paul follows the Constitution, you know the highest law of the land, that says stay out of other peoples biz. So all you crazy people that think it’s America’s job to wipe Israel’s behind need to take your but back home to Israel if you love them more than you love America then you don’t deserve America.

  151. Hi, it was a Jewish Republican here in Jersey that showed me that Ron Paul is the best one running. Please re-think.

  152. This was posted at Rumor Mill NEWS….this guy has a great idea for Dr. Paul….LOVE IT….

    Ron Should Send them A Thank You Note…

    Posted By: Lion [Send E-Mail]
    Date: Thursday, 1-Dec-2011 23:49:40

    In Response To: Republican Jewish Coalition Bars Ron Paul From Presidential Debate, Saying He’s Too “misguided and extreme” (Dquixote1217)


    …for once again setting Dr. Paul apart from the rest of the corporate-owned cub-wolf pack, in his rightful place, high above the foray of mediocre minds who deceive their self as contenders.

    It must be frustrating at times for Paul to have to constantly explain to the others the result of adding 1+1.


  153. What is extreme about protecting the constitution and the liberties of the people? What is wrong with letting Israel be Israel on their own. Should they not have an opportunity to shine as good neighbors? What is extreme about suggesting enormous changes to a broken system?
    Do you know how the dictionary defines liberal?: Favoring progress or reform.
    Conservative: Maintaining established traditions and standards.
    Liberal system: fixable
    Conservative system: already broken
    Solution? Try something new…
    Denial: The doom of a great number of us. Ron Paul does not hate Israel nor do I. Israelis who are in touch with reality know our dilemma just as well as we do. If we fail what will they do then? Try to think deeply folks. You can do it!

  154. Ron Paul only accepts campaign donations from individual Americans, when he wins the election, he owes nothing to the lobbiest or corporate CEO’s. The JEWISH LOBBYIST only want candidates they can buy!!!

  155. Another example of the Israel Lobby.

  156. Who Owns Media & Entertainment Industry? Pro-War Neocon Jews w/ Double-Citizenship w/ Israel TimeWarner/CNN CEO Jeffrey Bewkes (Jew),? NewsCorp CEO Peter Chernin (Jew), Rupert Murdoch (Jewish Mother), Viacom Owner Sumner Redstone (Jew), Paramount CEO Brad Grey (Jew), Walt Disney/ABC CEO Rob Iger (Jew), Sony Chair Michael Lynton (Jew), MSNBC? President Phil Griffin (Jew), CBS CEO Leslie Moonves (Jew), MGM Harry Sloan (Jew), NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker (Jew), Vivendi? CEO Bernard Levy (Jew)

    Now you know why there is such a media blackout with respect to Ron Paul!

  157. Without a doubt it is because Ron Paul has the courage to say we need to stop funding Israel’s adventures. AIPAC is a scab on American society.

  158. Ron Paul is a candidate and this looks like censorship The Jewish people as a whole look bad by not letting Ron Paul speak. If you let him speak then maybe he can make a fool out of himself. Many people love Ron Paul I saw the Iowa straw polls and he came in 2nd a few weeks ago so he is a valid candidate no matter how much people try to avoid him he may be the next republican nominee

  159. Ron Paul is a candidate and this looks like censorship The Jewish people as a whole look bad by not letting Ron Paul speak. If you let him speak then maybe he can make a fool out of himself. Many people love Ron Paul I saw the Iowa straw polls and he came in 2nd a few weeks ago so he is a valid candidate no matter how much people try to avoid him he may be the next republican nominee

  160. Okay, I get that most of the people making outrageous statements about Jews here are trolls, but for any real Jew-haters out there, you should know that by lumping all Jews in with the Zionist set, you are serving AIPAC’s interests. AIPAC loves when people confuse Zionists with Jews, because that makes it easy for them to conflate anti-Zionism and antisemitism. The most rabidly anti-Israel people I have ever met have been, without fail, Jewish themselves. Personally, I don’t give a fuck about either the Israelis or the Palestinians, but I know many really awesome Jews who would never think of betraying the US for Israel. So stop hatin…you are only enabling AIPAC’s rhetoric

    1. Inciting Anti-Semitism is the biggest tool the Israeli lobby has. Most of the “Jew-hating” trolls here are most likely Zionist Jews.

  161. What’s NOT to LIKE….this is what the JEWISH RINO”S are afraid of….


    * Rights belong to individuals, not groups.
    * Property should be owned by people, not government.
    * All voluntary associations should be permissible — economic and social.
    * The government’s monetary role is to maintain the integrity of the monetary unit, not participate in fraud.
    * Government exists to protect liberty, not to redistribute wealth or to grant special privileges.
    * The lives and actions of people are their own responsibility, not the government’s.

  162. Ha! Ha! Ha! Nothing I like more than to see a family of roaches fun for cover when the light exposes them. Sadly, their misguided cowardice serves them negatively. Truth will always win.

  163. This is good for Ron Paul . There is no way he would even want to speak at an AIPAC/ Irgun/ Zionist/ GOP / Trotskyite event anyway.. Unless he knew he could blow their minds and get them to try giving some positive vibrations as opposed to the negative (death/fear/war)….. Probably not
    Now he gets press for being barred and he gets to (instead of kissing a bunch of ass) work on his campaign.. RP should thank them

    What kind of sick people would try to discredit someone for not supporting murder without trial? I loathe the RJC for being uncivil and primitive. Might as well follow the code of Hammurabi

  164. If Ron Paul isn’t the nominee (and the way the GOP system is set up he may not) the GOP is dead!!


  165. One of my best friends is Jewish and he agrees with Ron Paul’s stance on Israel. This article and the RJC are silly and absurd.

  166. Not because im a Catholic im gonna put the Vatican forst, I would love to see Jewish-American putting America first, you should care about the problems here in America

  167. Furthermore, what Ron Paul has said is that we need to cut ALL foreign aid. Regarding Israel, Paul said they can take care of themselves and that we actually worsen the situation in the middle east by siding with one country.

  168. i dont support ron paul but i fucking hate jews, i wish hitler would have burned all of you muther fuckers up.

    1. Someone forgot to take their chill pill.

  169. Don’t these buffoons realize that by saying his views aren’t “mainstream”, and that her has a huge grass root following, meaning that people aren’t in line with the “mainstream” republicans? Republican Jewish Coalition GTFO!

  170. this article is a little bit of interest, make me like it.

  171. Apparently, Rick Santorum, who was invited, has ties with Haliburton helping out Iran:…..tml?cat=75

  172. Article is a sad commentary on prejudice and closed-mindedness of the Republican Jewish Coalition. The organization does not deserve to associate itself with the Republican Party. Shame on you.

  173. My email to (feel free to copy)

    To Whom it May Concern:

    I believe Ron Paul to be the least extreme candidate on the stage.

    Perhaps you fail to realize that the U.S. gives twice as much aid to Muslim countries that they do to Israel.

    In addition ? not directly supporting the Israeli government is much different than being anti-Jewish. In fact there are many Jews who do not support the practices of Israel.

    Ron Paul is pro personally liberty and, frankly, the only candidate committed to making sure the Federal Government never gets the amount of power that Hitler was allowed to have which led to the Holocaust which tragically cost so many Jewish (and other) lives.

    I truly hope you’ll reconsider, and allow the only sane politician in the debate.


    Matt M.

    1. In case you haven’t noticed, your fellow Paulbots are the ones screaming racist and paranoid conspiracy theories even as you accuse a Jewish organization of being racist and paranoid (among other things). Two things:

      1. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

      2. It’s not paranoia if a bunch of Nazi Paulbots really are out to get you.

      Don’t expect us to vote for your Nazi magnet, loser.


      American Mainstream.

      1. World War II is over. The Nazis lost and the American people(especially those born since WW2) have nothing to atone for regarding the holocaust. Israel believes in its superiority against the Islamic savages, and if they can’t survive without the U.S. maybe they should have set up shop in less perpetually hostile territory. Regardless, when the den of retards known as the U.S. government destroys this country from within, Israel will not be getting any money, let alone token support. We’ll have a hard enough time feeding and not killing each other.


        Fiscal Fucking Reality

        1. Those irrelevancies you are spouting will not distract voters from certain realities:

          1. Ron Paul hates America and Israel, and blames all of our enemies’ attacks on us and only us; he has never had a kind word for us.

          2. Ron Paul has consistently supported our enemies, and only our enemies, never our country and its allies; he has never had anything bad to say about our enemies, only about America and our allies (especially Israel).

          3. Ron Paul is indeed a Nazi magnet, as well as an attractive nuisance for Islamists, 9/11 Truthers, the KKK, and a whole bevy of other undesirables with whom no Republican in his right mind would be caught dead. The Nazis, though long defeated, aren’t gone; they’re all in your camp now.

          4. We have had enough of political Messiahs such as the one currently occupying the White House, and certainly have no desire to replace the left’s false Messiah with yours, whatever political affiliation he claims.

          5. Israeli and Jewish issues are indeed rather low on most people’s lists of priorities these days–which makes the Paulbots’ obsession with all things Israeli and Jewish that much more damning an indictment of you and your entire coalition.

          6. It is entirely possible to support the Constitution, deregulation, free markets, and all good things economically libertarian without bashing America, cuddling up to terrorists and traitors, obsessing hatefully over Israel and Jews, or building an idolatrous cult around megalomaniacal Messianic delusions. As proof of this, two words should suffice: Rand Paul.

          7. It’s not your fellow Israel-obsessed true believers in this comments section that you have to persuade to vote for you, but rather we the people of America. FYI, while most of us Americans are willing to try replacing this “den of retards” (as you so vulgarly, yet accurately describe the current administration) with almost anything else, the one replacement we will not accept is another den of retards with the very same attitudes and policies toward our country and its allies and enemies. This description, alas, fits you Paulbots perfectly.


          American Mainstream

  174. These pro-Paul neo-Nazi posts are kind of undermining the whole ‘anti-Zionist Paul =/= anti-semite Paul’ meme.

    1. sure thing, moishe.
      if you don’t want american lives and money to dissappear for the sake of israel you’re a naziwhowantstokillsixmilionjoos

      1. No, you’re a Nazi if you rant about evil Jewish conspiracies. I don’t blame the RJC for not inviting someone who’s so popular with Nazi trash.
        Now go blow your grand wizard.

        1. Yeaah right? Who is Rothchild? Who is Paul Volcer, Alan Greenspan, Ben Shalom Bernanke? Lloyd Blankfein destroying World Economy by printing the money. Yeah it’s the “conspiracy” to call them even Jewish. Why do you assume that the Jews can’t be criminals?

        2. Who is real nazi:

          “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”

          ? Menachem Begin – Israeli Prime Minister 1977?1983

          This is the mindset of these Zionist elites!

          1. Criminals can be Jews, duh. It’s pretty obvious that they’re not criminals BECAUSE they’re Jews. That’d be like saying that you’re a Nazi BECAUSE you’re a Paul supporter. And your Begin ‘quote’ is just a case of you projecting your Nazi biggotry on the people you hate.

    2. You know, Hitler was a vegetarian. That doesn’t do anything to disprove the whole “vegetarians == nazi’s” meme.

      1. Do discussions of vegetarianism attract this many Nazis?

  175. to Executive Director Matt] Brooks your comparing Ron Paul to a fraud like obama is imbecile at best. with remarks and accusations such as these its no wonder why many people dislike jews. One has to wonder why the jews do not want Ron Paul to speak…could it be that the banks and many large corporations are governed by jews? could it also be the fact that those jews own many politicians and they know they will never own Ron Paul? throughout my 55 yrs i ve made very many jewish friends whom i care for dearly but it may be time to re evaluate my opinion on jews like you people who think you have the right to discredit a great man like Ron Paul. i was always upset by the nazi assault on the jews, even when people say that its too bad hilter didnt finish the job. terrible…but after reading this? maybe he could have gone alittle further and stopped when he reached you people in this committee

  176. to Executive Director Matt] Brooks your comparing Ron Paul to a fraud like obama is imbecile at best. with remarks and accusations such as these its no wonder why many people dislike jews. One has to wonder why the jews do not want Ron Paul to speak…could it be that the banks and many large corporations are governed by jews? could it also be the fact that those jews own many politicians and they know they will never own Ron Paul? throughout my 55 yrs i ve made very many jewish friends whom i care for dearly but it may be time to re evaluate my opinion on jews like you people who think you have the right to discredit a great man like Ron Paul. i was always upset by the nazi assault on the jews, even when people say that its too bad hilter didnt finish the job. terrible…but after reading this? maybe he could have gone alittle further and stopped when he reached you people in this committee

  177. Ron Paul will use our diplomats to bring peace in ME not war.He will trade both with Arab countries and Israel.Then peace will prevail in this region.And this is what some powerful groups don’t want to happen.They always want a war or quarrel between Arabs and Jews.But this is not a fair choice for humanity.To impose peace in the ME and rest of the world please vote Ron Paul.The world needs peace not killing of innocent human lives.Killing of innocent lives must have a grave consequences from God.
    Ron Paul is the strongest candidate in the Republican race.He doesn’t cheat his American people that’s his problem and that’s what media is concerned of.

  178. Well, no shit Jewish-Americans oppose Ron Paul. When they talk about foreign policy, they say that with one particular country in mind.…..of-itself/

  179. right… when a candidate wants to stop americans losing their live for the Zionist state and wants to stop americans to pay for the Zionist state’s security and foreign aid he’s banned from debates.

    You gotta love the jewish “fairness” and “tolerance”. I think it’s similar to what the palestinians are experiencing.

    Also, these individuals must explain where their allegiance lies: USA or somewhere else.

    Ron Paul 2012!

  180. Ron Paul didn’t get invited to the banker party, LOL

  181. Does anyone remember what enemies the US had in the Middle East before israel was CREATED?

    yeah, me neither.

  182. if this is true, than the zionist losers have only suceeded in making Paul stronger through their own fanatical ignorance of reality and the world around them, you have failed zionist republican coalition, and you have only served to make your already degraded reputation, a complete and uttter joke in its entire ,you have failed

  183. “As Americans who are committed to a strong and vigorous foreign policy” – Brooks

    Like the one that got us where we are now? Ha, what a blowhard! At least now that Paul isn’t in it, even the people who care can skip the debate and read this line instead: “We will do whatever Israel tells us which means we’ll send troops into Iran soon.”

    There, I just saved you an hour and a half of your life. You are welcome.

  184. Holy shit what a mess.

  185. You can’t argue with GOD’S CHOSEN PEOPLE they are from his own seed and the rest of us are mere cattle (goyim) to be used to satisfy their deviant, sexual and sick habits, thoughts and lifestyles.

    Hey, can I still say that in the United States of Israhell?
    Oh damn, they may pull another 911 on us dummies.

  186. Well this should tell us these idiots have something to fear, but its not the reasons they claim.
    Israel has plenty to hide and fear.
    Israel you won’t succeed in your sinister plans.

  187. The jews will murder Ron Paul if they have to. They are that afraid of him; not because he is against them, but because he wants to restore American to a constitutional republic. If that happens, the jews will no longer control UNITED STATES INCORPORATED.

  188. Racism of this Jewish Organization is screaming LOUD & CLEAR. A Group of people that don’t have an open mind, is a group of people that live in FEAR.
    As Dr. Paul has stated Over & Over again we do MORE harm to Israel if we violate our Constitution which Forbids our involvement in nation building. If Israel wants to garner this allegiance then they should apply for Statehood to become a State of USA as say Puerta Rico is, they can’t have it both ways.

  189. I’m now thinking Hitler had the right idea. F the Jews….

  190. Modern genetic testing has proven that the overwhelming majority of white people who claim to be ethnically Jewish are not.

    The closest modern matches for the historical Israelites are the Samaritans and Palestinians. Their ancestors never left the area.

    The ‘white’ Jewish Zionists are committing genocide against the real descendants of the ancient Israelites and stealing their identity.

    Also, the oldest copy of the ‘white’ Jewish Masoretic Text is only 1,000 years old. All older texts contain significant differences from the modern form. You can find 2,500 year old texts in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek that all agree with each other but not with the new text.

  191. It is bad enough that the jews control the US media and banking, now they want to thwart Dr. Paul’s right to debate in an attempt to thwart free speech?

    Down with Israel and the jews if they hate free speech and restoring America’s greatness. It seems the parasite analogies are true .

    I am no anti-semite ,but I am learning how to be real fast.

    1. I am no anti-semite…


      It is bad enough that the jews control the US media and banking,

      …you are.

      1. Its bad enough that jews control the US media and banking..

        How is this for antisemitism.

        Jews brag about controlling Hollywood.…..183.column

        You can investigate the rest of the main industries for yourself.

        As a side note, here is what rabbis in Israel think of you assuming you are a gentile of course.

        Gentiles exist only to serve Jews…..?id=191782


        1. One Rabbi said Gentiles exist only to serve Jews. Therefore all Rabbis agree Gentiles exist only to serve Jews.

          One supporter of Ron Paul is a Nazi organization. Therefore, all supporters of Ron Paul are Nazi organizations.

  192. BOOOOOOO….Media bias with a cheap excuse!

  193. As a former building superintendent to the Jewish Community Center of Tidewater I am appalled by this action. Ron Paul is your friend and is the most sound and solid candidate running today. I have supported the Jewish community for decades and have always deplored all anti-semantic views. I am saddened by the anti-freedom position your community now takes against America with this action. Make no mistake this is your loss.

  194. Let the man speak! He isn’t anti-semetic, otherwise I wouldn’t vote for him. He is easily the smartest of all of the candidates. He has some ideas that aren’t mainstream but he’s the only one in the entire raise advocating piece and agreeing with Israel that they can stand on their own.

  195. They can all suck my ball sack. We all know who the real trouble makers, terrorists and radicals are. The ones who stifle free speech and censor what a real patriot says.

    Eat shite faukers.

  196. Gaza IS a concentration camp. Don’t underestimate the number of fiscal conservatives voting in the next election. Ron Paul is the exceptional candidate they are terrified of. The blackout from the media and the Jewish Coalition is going to come around and bite them in the backside.

  197. As a jew I am appalled. This RJC seems like it should be the DJC. Israel has one of the greatest armies in the world along with multiple nukes of their own. Israel should be able to defend themselves however they want, without anyone putting any limitations on them. I feel disgusted to be affiliated with these people!

  198. I will not vote for any Republican who attends this debate without Ron Paul. It is Jewish lunacy.

    1. I wouldn’t vote for anyone who attends Jewish debate regardless of Ron Paul. Same as who takes free “education” all-expenses-paid trips to Israel, as so many congresspeople do on regular basis.

    2. Thank you for not associating with us, Nazi!

  199. It seems to me that this character assassination is being done to sway the Jews and their supporters (which I am one) to not support Ron Paul. But there are many unsubstantiated allegations that I don’t believe are true. Ron Paul is a strict Constitutionalist.

  200. Well I for one don’t find anything controversial about what Dr. Paul has to say about Israel or any Middle East country … Isolationism is different from non-interventionism. This is the USA our constitution mandates a separation of church & state so religion should not be a factor and Israel is not the USA so therefore that should not influence the Republican debates … whats the problem here?

  201. I absolutely cannot believe the RJC director’s ignorant comment that “inviting Paul to attend would be ‘like inviting Barack Obama to speak.'”

    This is all so ironic because President Obama, demonstrably, has exactly the same foreign policy that former President Bush did (Obama “pulled out” of Iraq, actually, on Bush’s own timetable; Obama’s ramped up the war in Afghanistan; he’s even started a few new ones). What’s the real fundamental difference between Bush’s Road Map for Peace and Obama’s approach? The Road Map talked about settlements, for example, and clearly said that that the Israeli government needed to freeze all settlement expansion, including “natural growth.” Obama, in 2009, said “The United States does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlements… It is time for these settlements to stop.” You have to either criticize both, or criticize neither.

    Military spending under Obama is even higher than it was under Bush (an increase of 3.6% in 2010 and then 2.5% in this year alone). Oh, but gays and lesbians can now openly die in undeclared wars too… to be fair, the Democrats did get their way on that one.

    Federal Reserve policies and domestic/international bailout practices are exactly the same. The federal government was already paying for 50% of healthcare costs before ObamaCare, so the insurance mandate is really all that’s substantially different now. The Patriot Act and its regular suspension of 5th Amendment rights is the same, and the TSA is even stronger than it was when Bush was in office. What’s the difference? Rhetoric?

    Obama has increased the debt by 15.4% so far in his first term, while Bush increased it by 27.8% over his two terms. So who’s worse? I’d say it proves they’re almost entirely the same. Again, what’s different? Would the RJC have invited President Bush to speak?

    This election is about the budget, the debt, and the role of government. That’s it. James Madison said that “of all the enemies to public liberty, WAR is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. War is the parent of armies; from these proceed debts and taxes; and armies, and debts, and taxes are the known instruments for bringing the many under the domination of the few. In war, too, the discretionary power of the Executive is extended; its influence in dealing out offices, honors, and emoluments is multiplied; and all the means of seducing the minds, are added to those of subduing the force, of the people… No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.” This has been our exact situation since 1913, when the creation of the Federal Reserve allowed us to go to war anywhere, anytime, with anyone, even if we couldn’t afford it. We fight on credit.

    Every other candidate will only trim the federal budget at the edges. Ron Paul would eventually cut it in half, and he would finally limit the function of government to what is spelled out in the U.S. Constitution. That’s the Rule of Law. I’m sorry, but Rachel Maddow’s talking points are not the Rule of Law. Neither are Sean Hannity’s. If you can’t support a complete return to the limitations of the Constitution, then you’re in essence supporting the collapse of the American republic as we know it. And if preserving the American way of life really is such an “extremist” or “unelectable” option, then I wonder if we actually do deserve those repercussions.

    The party of the winner next year won’t really matter. The end result – our economic, international, and domestic ruin – will be the same, because the most crucial policies that will lead us into financial ruin are exactly the same with both parties. Anyone who thinks that Romney/Gingrich are going to do anything other than delay that collapse, in a better fashion than Obama could, is completely delusional. The reverse is also true.

  202. It is only logical that these lobby groups would torpedo the candidacy of Ron Paul for president. He is indeed able to return sovereignty to the American people through the restoration of the constitution.

  203. I would add that I applaud peoples celebration of there heritage,however, if you are a US Citizen the act of placing your hand over your hart and pledging allegiance to the United States of America is not a social gesture it is a solemn promise and social contract… and I don’t remember there being any mention of Israel in that oath.

  204. Ron Paul tells the truth about apartheid israel and the blind US support for the israeli occupation of palestinian land. The zionist-controlled media (and this little group) can’t stand him because he is against continued US wars around the world for israel.

  205. Say Israel lovers, if you want to carry a torch for Israel so bad, have it apply for statehood.

    Now wouldn’t that be an unacceptable inconvenience?

    Maybe one day Israel will stand on their own two feet. Until then they’ll deride anyone they can’t suck off of.

  206. The RJC is acting the same way as they did in the bolshevik USSR. Zionist Conservatives , what a sorry joke !!!

  207. 2012 is simply Ron Paul vs. the status quo. He is the Constitution’s last hope.

  208. Hmmm, way for them to enforce the misguided stereotype the Jewish people are all about money, because Ron Paul is the only one who really wants us to make cuts and everyone to have a chance to prosper than the few rich…they are making themselves look really bad. But their debate means nothing if they don’t include all the candidates, theirs is not important enough to pay attention to.

  209. Fuck you RJC for subverting our democratic process. All candidates should have the right to participate in debates.


  210. How pathetic. Not wanting to give Israel billions of dollars of our money a year makes RP an anti-semite…. So is he “anti-canadian” if he doesn’t want to waste money cleaning up Canada’s mess? Or “anti-mormon” if he doesn’t want to send the mormons money? You have to be kidding me. I guess wanting to spend money at home defending OUR borders makes him American. Something the other candidates forget at times.

  211. It seems that the NAZI party would admire the RJC. Just like the NAZI would round up all Jews and hide them away, the RJC has rounded up Ron Paul attempting to hide him away. Instead of debating Ron Paul with facts and evidence the RJC hides the truth of Ron Paul because the truth would expose the B$ll$ONS of dollars the IRS has stolen from Americans and given to the RJC and Israel. Where does the Constitution state that the USA shall fund foreign counties by allowing the IRS to point guns at Americans that have jobs? The RJS must be teaching their followers that slavery is freedom… (where are you Moses; the “Israelites” are once again worshiping idols named $$$)

  212. I am personally SOOOOOO glad that the Jews did this. This will backfire on them and show the country that indeed, a few fringe Jewish groups have way too much control over this country.

  213. another example that truth really hurts, especially if it directed against the ones that want to (and are well on their way) to enslave the rest of us. Paul is the only one of the sorry creatures running for President that is not owned by the establishment-that-must-not-be-named, and therefore can speak the truth.

  214. Basically all you fucking jews can all go fuck off and die. We, the entire world, are sick and tired of all your shit. Because you can trace all the worlds ills to these reprehensible people and their piece of shit stolen country that acts as a base for crime and evil. Hey why don’t you go and harvest some more organs from disaster zones under the guise of “helping people”. Yeah, helping jews only is their moto. Well call us anti semitic all you want. It has no effect anymore. You people are the fucking extremist racists. Everything and every label you aliens put on other people, is what you are. The world is waking up to this. Better get ready to run, AGAIN! Oh but that is because the world is anti semetic though right? That slur is a fucking badge of honor now. So sling away terrified, trembling maniacs.
    megaphonie power, ACTIVATE!

  215. Cowards

  216. Why am I not suprised at this article because this group is defintely misguided.

  217. Well that is typical of our Israelis “friends.” So much for democracy and freedom of thought. I remember when they tried to drag Eisenhower into the Suez war in ’56. I remember when they attacked the USS Liberty, trying to blame Egypt and drag us into the ’67 war. I remember when they attacked us on 9/11 and blamed it on Al Qaeda and created the “war on Terror”. Israel is no friend of ours. Right now the US and NATO are fighting their proxy wars against their enemies in the Arab world based on lies and propaganda. I remember all their false intelligence about Saddam. The US are suckers. We are not blessed by this you Christians that have been brainwashed by Zionism. We are cursed. America is falling apart. I think the the Israelis and Jews are anti-American. I think they are anti -Christian. I think they’ve screwed up our economy and stolen our best technology. They own the media to spread their propaganda and they own Hollywood to ruin our culture. If it takes an anti-Semite to tell the truth then I guess I’m an anti-Semite. The Jews are the real tyrants of the world. They use their money and power to manipulate everybody.

    “Anti-semitic”, “its a trick we always use it”-Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni

  218. Republican Jewish Coalition Bars Ron Paul From Presidential “Who Loves Israel Best” Debate, Saying, “He just won’t kiss our ass.”

    (Fixed the headline)

  219. This is all about Free Speech. After all the gov’t (and their corporate cronies) censor the media and ban books like “America Deceived II”.
    Last link of “America Deceived II” before it is completely censored:…..1450257437

  220. If you throw in Ron Paul’s racist newsletters and the support he has from Neo-Nazi groups, his fondness for the John Birch Society and 9/11 Truthers, his assertion that the founding fathers envisioned a “robustly Christian nation,” and his piece about a “war on Christmas”–the idea that he’s a right-wing antisemite doesn’t seem so farfetched.

  221. Yes, the truth would hurt so we must bar him from participating. We wouldn’t him talking about the criminal FED now would we.

  222. The whole main stream media establishment is against Ron Paul. It is pathetic the way he is being treated. If Ron Paul is not the nominee, he should definitely run as a third party candidate which will suck votes from Republicans and let Obama win again. If the Republicans don’t wise up, they deserve to lose.

  223. Of course a Jewish group of people would be opposed to Ron Paul when he wants to cut off the millions of dollars we give the Jews each year and protect them from all the other countries who want to seem them destroyed. It not our interest to protect everyone and that’s that. The truth does hurt and a hard pill to swallow I’m sure for most but Ron Paul is pretty much dead right on everything he stands for and I have yet caught him going back on his words once…. Wake the F**k up people

  224. If I belonged to this group, I would of invited Ron Paul, but not invoted Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich. I guess the Republican Jewish Group approved of their outside affairs.

  225. I agree 1000% with Ron Paul and we should cut off Israel’s (Jews) protection and funding of million of dollars to the Zionist leaders of this world. Wake up America !!!!

  226. Outside of the mainstream means he is not an israeli stooge and bootlicker. They say he is isolationist as if that were a bad thing.

  227. Do the Math. Jews are less than 5%
    of this Country. And their “Media”
    has, now, lost almost 100% of their
    credibility; Drudge, included.

    Singling out Ron Paul is the Single
    most offensive and stupid move they
    have ever made. The other 95% of us
    will take it from here. By the way,
    ‘Where Will You Run’?: “Israel”??

    Good Luck with that.


  229. This has more to do with the Project for a New American Century, which is a BULLSHIT doctrine, than it does with what the American People actually want.

  230. The Jews are terrified. They are losing control in the middle east and they are freaking out like the little spoiled, helpless babies they are.

    F Israel… Egypt, Syria and Iran will take care of that abomination soon enough. I see Russia just sent supersonic missiles to Syria. Got Popcorn?

  231. The Jews are terrified. They are losing control in the middle east and they are freaking out like the little spoiled, helpless babies they are.

    F Israel… Egypt, Syria and Iran will take care of that abomination soon enough. I see Russia just sent supersonic missiles to Syria. Got Popcorn?

  232. “Yes! Yes! We hate Israel and want all the Jews to be nuked! We’re Nazis and proud of it!”

    “No, no! You must all be Zionist sockpuppets from AIPAC! Did we mention some of our best friends are Jews and they’re voting for Ron Paul?”

  233. This is how jews really feel about our Constitution and the American people. Our political process and Constitutional rights are meaningless to them unless they serve Israel’s interest.

    Well, no more jews. We are done with your manipulations and deceit.

    The Jews are terrified. They are losing control in the middle east and they are freaking out like the little spoiled, helpless babies they are.

    F Israel… Egypt, Syria and Iran will take care of that abomination soon enough. I see Russia just sent supersonic missiles to Syria. Got Popcorn?

  234. An anti-semite is somebody the jews don’t like

    1. You are completely nuts,get help!!!!!

  235. Ron Paul is against all foreign aid. People who are against his foreign policy are uninformed and haven’t read Ron Paul’s books or studied the impact of our meddling in other countries. If you use the word “Isolationist” against Ron Paul then it is clear you donn’t think for yourself. That misinterpretation of the word has been pushed by the media. Ron Paul has said many times that Israel can take care of itself if the US would get out of their way. Our current US policy in regards to Israel is to not allow them to defend themselves or negotiate with their neighbors without our input. Our involvment in Israel actually steals their sovereignty. Israel has a military and nuclear weapons.. they can take care of themselves, even from that “evil” Iran. For all the uninformed out there, I suggest you read Ron Paul’s book “A Foreign Policy of Freedom.” It is a collection of his speeches over the last 30 years on Foreign Policy. You will see where his objections to our foreign policy over the years has been proved correct over and over again. If you are gonna try to argue with Ron Paul or his supporters, please bring the facts and leave the name calling out.

  236. Wait, so essentially the status quo establishment that has brought civilization to the brink of collapse is calling Ron Paul extreme?

    What is extreme is $15 trillion in debt, a debt-based monetary system, endless, Unconstitutional wars and the police state being erected in the name of “security”.

    The people who have collapsed the globe don’t get to label anyone extreme in my estimation.

    It wasn’t Ron Paul and his policies that have brought society to the point it is today, in fact, it is the exact opposite of Ron Paul’s policies that have caused all the chaos and despair.

  237. Wait, so essentially the status quo establishment that has brought civilization to the brink of collapse is calling Ron Paul extreme?

    What is extreme is $15 trillion in debt, a debt-based monetary system, endless, Unconstitutional wars and the police state being erected in the name of “security”.

    The people who have collapsed the globe don’t get to label anyone extreme in my estimation.

    It wasn’t Ron Paul and his policies that have brought society to the point it is today, in fact, it is the exact opposite of Ron Paul’s policies that have caused all the chaos and despair.

  238. Wait, so essentially the status quo establishment that has brought civilization to the brink of collapse is calling Ron Paul extreme?

    What is extreme is $15 trillion in debt, a debt-based monetary system, endless, Unconstitutional wars and the police state being erected in the name of “security”.

    The people who have collapsed the globe don’t get to label anyone extreme in my estimation.

    It wasn’t Ron Paul and his policies that have brought society to the point it is today, in fact, it is the exact opposite of Ron Paul’s policies that have caused all the chaos and despair.

  239. Wait, so essentially the status quo establishment that has brought civilization to the brink of collapse is calling Ron Paul extreme?

    What is extreme is $15 trillion in debt, a debt-based monetary system, endless, Unconstitutional wars and the police state being erected in the name of “security”.

    The people who have collapsed the globe don’t get to label anyone extreme in my estimation.

    It wasn’t Ron Paul and his policies that have brought society to the point it is today, in fact, it is the exact opposite of Ron Paul’s policies that have caused all the chaos and despair.

  240. Sorry folks – I wasn’t spamming or just repeating over-and-over intentionally.

    My browser froze and hourglassed so I couldn’t tell that the comment was submitted and I hit the Submit button multiple times.

  241. Ron Paul will not be allowed to be president of the US, Inc. – a privately-held corporation. The “Jews” run the Republican and the Democratic parties. They run many other organizations. They provide US presidents.

    Though separate, they behave like they are part of the same ant colony. They have only one mind. Anyone who deviates will be eliminated. Democracy is a foreign concept to them. They only understand dictates. They only use the term democracy as a carrot. Taxes are the stick.

    Gingrich is a “Crypto-Jew”. This explains why he is so sure he will get the nod (

    Most presidents were Crypto-Jews. Like the Bushes. And the Obamas. So is the Pope. By the way, Jewishness, according to Jewish sources, it not a religion. It is a nationality and a covert supremicist belief system that claims Jews are Gods and everyone else is cattle for them to use.

    Gingrich who previously claimed to be Baptist recently converted to Catholicsm. He is actually neither. He is an opportunist and declared cabbalist ( Religions/Kabbalah/jewish_cabala.htm). He is an agent of those who seek to establish a single world government – by and for the Jews.

    He will get the nomination, but not the presidency. He will lose against Obama who has been selected for president. Obama is not done ruining the country. He will need another four years to accomplish it.

    Don’t be duped. This is not a democracy. It is a debt-collection farm and you are the cattle to be milked.

  242. 1.7% of the US population;
    Why are there so many Israel-first dual-nationals in the US government?

  243. As a Ron Paul supporter, BECAUSE I am an AMERICAN, and I believe in the Constitution OF the United States of AMERICA, and the Bill of Rights (created by White Anglo-Saxon, English speaking Christian MEN) – I want to thank the RJC. This is a blatant admission OF guilt, Of EVERY charge of Jewish subversion, disloyalty, and pillage, that has ever been levelled against Jewish Fifth Columnists.


    The patterns repeat throughout history. There’s a reason why Jews have been expelled from every host they infest. 109 times, in 2000 years. Jews have NEVER been persecuted; they’ve been caught. Now it’s America’s turn to be thrown into the Jaws of Moloch. Jewish power brokers are drunk on thier power, and maddened, and getting more and more blatant and reckless and obnoxious be the second. I hope they keep it up. Americans, crushed, looted, and plundered, drained dry, and now robbed of the Posse Comitatus protections, are beginning to *see*. The Hollowcost spitting and hissing counts for less and less, and China – the new Host for the Tribe, wil not lift a finger to do the Kosher Nostra’s bidding, once the West collpases. So it’s over at last. Talmudic Jewry has screwed over the entire planet, and there’s nowhere else to go. I know the raving psychotics in Tel Aviv have threatened to nuke ANY country that does not bow in silent, grovelling submission – but time’s almost up. There’s a LOT more of every-one ELSE, than the Self Chosen – and this time the expulsion will be global, an FINAL. And Jews have no one but them selves to blame.

  244. fucking jews i understand why some muslims have an extreme hate for these fucking misguided people

  245. The RJC is obviously a one issue organization. Bang the drums of war and make the United States do all the dirty work for Israel’s security. When you have such heavy influence on both parties and then you try to silence those who disagree with you is it any wonder why there is still antisemitism?

  246. you forgot “no-hoper” in insults

  247. The other Republican candidates should baycott the RJC forum…

  248. People read this book:

    The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

    The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy is the title of a book by John Mearsheimer, Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago, and Stephen Walt, Professor of International Relations at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, published in late August 2007. It was a New York Times Best Seller.

    The book describes the lobby as a “loose coalition of individuals and organizations who actively work to steer U.S. foreign policy in a pro-Israel direction”. The book “focuses primarily on the lobby’s influence on U.S. foreign policy and its negative effect on American interests”. The authors also argue that “the lobby’s impact has been unintentionally harmful to Israel as well”.

  249. So let me get this straight. A special-interest political group, beholden to a foreign country, is dictating which top tier AMERICAN candidates will and will not be heard by the AMERICAN voter. Along with the passage of S 1867 by the traitorous Senate you can stick a fork in the US, we’re done. All the more reason to vote for Dr. Paul if these creatures are that afraid of him.

  250. Fuck Israel!

  251. More proof that Ron’s the man!

  252. Ron Paul is to individual liberty and independence is what Jews are to money changing and banking. No wonder they want a black out.

  253. Laughable that the Republican Jewish Coalition would call Ron Paul misguided and extreme!

    YES – They might even see Ron Paul as a terrorist because he wants to cut off the money flow to the DEPENDENT LEECH we know as the state of Israel.

  254. More than EVER – Ron Paul 2012 !!

  255. ‘His isolationist views would create a vacuum likely to be filled by proponents of Israels enemies.’

    What would Israeli spys selling US military secrets to Russia, China and India do?

    With allies like these Isaeli liars/murderers, who needs allies? The extremeists in the room are called ZIONISTS in case you have not been paying attention. Never trust the lies out of these filthy mouths.

  256. Gaza really is like a concentration camp, there’s no better way to put it. Myself and everyone I know that have seen it are astounded that jews now treat people the way they were treated during the holocost. It’s sickening to see. Sadly so many American people have no clue that both parties keep taxing us to just hand free money over to Israel. It’s incredible that we have so many people out of work in our country, poverty levels rising, and we’ll do something so stupid as steal money from U.S. citizens to give it do an oppressive regime. I wish everyone in the U.S. could actually go to Gaza and see it, then this whole debate would be over.

  257. By all means reject and monsterfy this consistent, moral, totally sincere and popular candidate if you think it is in the best interest of your people and the country.Yet, Its going to make a lot of people wonder about your goals. I have Jewish Republican friends who love Ron Paul tho….

  258. I was going to say that a dramatic reduction in US military and foreign policy presence isn’t necessarily anti-Israel. But the proliferation of anti-Semitic comments is seriously creeping me out.

    1. “But the proliferation of anti-Semitic comments is seriously creeping me out.”

      Ya think?

      There’s plenty to be critical of with both the US policy toward Israel, and the tendency to construe all criticisms of Israeli policy as “anti-semitism.”

      But every instance of “the Jews” in this thread gives me the willies. “The Jews” aren’t anything; each one of them is an individual with their own lives and thoughts on the world around them. You’d think libertarians would understand this more than most.

    2. Maybe this means that Semites need to adjust their behavior.

      1. Maybe if we anti-Semites would STFU people might even be fooled into thinking we aren’t total Nazis. Too bad we keep opening our flappers and removing all doubt.

  259. If there is any ethical standard left in the party, all others candidates would refuse to appear, as it would be the responsibility of the whole of the party to select it’s candidates. The WHOLE party, not just one select group. I believe we are about to see an example of the true loyalties of these would-be leaders, and I for one pray they make the right choice.

  260. If Ron Paul is refused a place at the debates. All the candidates should refuse to attend.
    If you can be disqualified because of
    your views, what’s the purpose of having a debate. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  261. “Armenian coalition decided not to invite Ron Paul to their forum”. OMG!

    I wonder, would it be such an extraordinary news if pretty much any other nation’s forum decided not to invite him. Would it be such a storm of denying the lack of friendliness to them. Think about it.

    It’s exactly by making this such an event, you guys once again confirm who is the master race. Notably, there’s no doubt that everyone invited won’t pass the opportunity.

    Who says RP wanted to attend their gathering to begin with?

  262. You guys are so off topics. You all have turn this into Israel this, Israel that. Jews this, Jews that. Zionist this, Zionist that. But have simply missed the point that America is a free country and anyone has his chance to speak on the soap box. What happens when your soap box is taken away from you? What happen to the speakers and followers when there is no more soap box to speak on. Liberty is gone that’s what happen. America isn’t that free after all. Wouldn’t you agree? This is an election year for America for Americans. It isn’t an election for America for Israelians! Am I wrong? Is America a land for Americans. Where is your pride? The world is watching and we are not impress!

  263. Just goes to show you how rigged this election is going to be. They should just tell us, the people who they are going to vote in as president.
    The whole country could vote for Ron Paul and the big guys are going to vote in who they want, not who the people want. WOW! What a free country. Lets have a real debate with the real talley of the votes and see who wins without a disqualifed presidential candidate, because they get to many votes. Its A debate for all the candidates, not just who the Jewish Coalition chooses.
    Their picking and choosing of who will be allowed in there debate isnt changing my vote for DR.Paul.
    But im sure the digital voting machines will also be rigged for the presidential election and vote in who they wish to win.
    Its Ron Paul for me all the way.
    Lets get rid of these money hungry people and the sad media, who blocks out what they want and not give you the whole truth of who is winning in the polls in the correct order.
    This is a really sad day for the land of the free. We the people need to ban together and retake our country.

  264. Now the world can see which candidate IS NOT bought and paid for by the Jews..
    RON PAUL is Americas last hope…!!!!

  265. When all the other candidates show up for this debate that should surely show people that support any of them, that they have NO integrity! For if they did they would refuse the invitation to appear!! Ron Paul 2012 for a President with integrity!

  266. This “debate” or gathering is being held on Federal Government property. If so, they need to include all candidates. If not then the RJC needs to move it to a private facility!

  267. RJC are we serving the best interest of the USA OR you are serving the best interest of Israel.
    Remember this is AMERICA NOT ISRAEL.

  268. Truth tellers are never allowed at the liars table

  269. It is great that someone has the guts to stand up to these pencils-pushing parasites who have high-jacked our country.All those traitors in congress who support our friend israel never mention the USS liberty,do they? israel and their beloved jewish lobby will be the total desruction of america,just wait and see.We must do something now and elect ron paul,the only one who knows the real truth about zionists and their supporters

  270. If the Jews don’t like him then he’s the only candidate worth voting for.

  271. Dr. Ron Paul outside the Zionist controlled “mainstream” media (aka propaganda)? You bet! That is why I will be voting for the good Doctor. America (not Israel) first.

  272. Dr. Ron Paul outside the Zionist controlled “mainstream” media (aka propaganda)? You bet! That is why I will be voting for the good Doctor. America (not Israel) first.

  273. Dr. Ron Paul outside the Zionist controlled “mainstream” media (aka propaganda)? You bet! That is why I will be voting for the good Doctor. America (not Israel) first.

  274. With friends like jews, who needs enemies

    1. Man… That ain’t the way to deal with problems by hating certain ethnicity. You’ve got a chance this year during this coming election to change the way America is heading. Go vote, vote right though..Don’t start a propaganda of hate. I wish you all the best.

  275. Vote Ron Paul and only Ron Paul!

  276. Also for those of you who still puts Israel first for this coming American election. Here’s some news you might like. Hebrew media and other publications have declared American Jews or any Americans for that matter unfit to marry Israelis. Now that’s pure love coming from Israel or maybe they believe their race is purer than yours. That reminds me of someone. I wonder who?. You guys are so fast with anti-semite this and that but keep on forgetting that Israelis don’t really care much about Americans they only want or care about your money. This is your chance to change that. Vote for America first. Vote for Americans first! The world is watching, try to impress us by doing the right thing. I thank you in advance believing you’ll all make the right choice…

    1. “Interestingly, they’re catching hell from RP supporters over the last several days for their position on this, including from me. Many calls, many letters, much criticism, all of which I’m glad to see because it illustrates the huge difference between what jews care about, Israel, and what the average American cares about, America.

      They’ve just made their candidate forum irrelevant, as you’ll see. All the Israel lovers will get together, gush over Israel, kiss the Star of David, and most people will yawn. Any forum that doesn’t include Ron Paul will be as interesting as watching a snail race.

      Ironically, Ron Paul’s policy on Israel would actually be better for Israel than any other candidate’s. Freeing Israel from having to get permission from the US for its every action, as required by our aid providing, would benefit Israel most. BUT, the average Jew can’t imagine doing anything without getting somebody else’s money and blood to do it. They never do so well, I guess, when they have to fight their own battle without the goyim to take point. Parasites need somebody to suck off of.”

  277. On info wars many wrote aggressiv propaganda. Scream he is Ron Paul is a NAZI. That sound absolut same like this gyes of human rigth that cut heads bombed mosque and sream “allah al agbah”. I can say so much you dont understand any people and nothing known about nazi or taliban or conservativ or commonists or demokrats or real/last jewish. But real intresst is that this MASTERMIND have so much feeling of sirious that he done absolut right!

    1. “While the climate in the United States of America itself may suggest differently (I really don’t know), it seems to me more and more that the zionists have finally made an error they can’t completely recover from. Not only did their negro Obongo fail to have the desired effect (media day one: “THE WORLD IS NOW OFFICIALLY NON-RAYSSIS!” One year later: “OBAMA IS AN ANTI-SEMITIC RAYSSIS!”) but now their back-up negro has already failed before even achieving office. I highly doubt Cain will take office with so much negative controversy surrounding his past; hopefully then, Abel — I mean, Paul — will take the vote.

      To me, the fact that the zionists have made such a glaring error (trying to put two negroes in a row into office, it’s almost as if they believe their own “equality” lie) suggests that they are losing their power, losing their touch. They are losing ground on the hol-oyy-caust industry, they are slipping up and showing their fear in the media, and now they are even failing to ensure victory for their monkeys-in-office. Has the zionist finally made the lie so great, so complex, that they can no longer maintain it? Has the jew become disheartened by the timely rise of Nationalism?”

  278. check out what people think of Ron Paul not being invited to the debate:…..781806/pg1

    1. No really, check out what people think of Ron Paul not being invited to the debate:

  279. If I may offer a humble suggestion. When I was a child and my brother and sister and I could not play with a toy without fighting over it, my parents would seize the toy, secure it and nobody was allowed to play with it. Maybe it’s time to fence in that wretched pile of dust and say nobody allowed in unless they can act like “big” people.

  280. Don’t like it?

  281. The usual jewish double standard, rationalized by the usual jewish lies.

  282. Big big mistake…. you really want to anger Christians who support Ron Paul and support Israel? Not smart at all!

    1. Fortunately, there are no more Christians who support the known anti-Semite Ron Paul and Israel than there are Nazi Christian Nigerian Bikers for Satan.

  283. 1. Governors Gary Johnson and Buddy Roemer are both still candidates and have been systematically excluded by the media at their stacked debates. The same is true for then candidate Representative Thad McCotter. No one seems to care.

    2. This isn’t just about Israel. In 2007, the RJC excluded Congressmen Hunter, Paul, and Tancredo, and lied about the positions of Hunter and Tancredo to justify their selection process. I quit the RJC in 2007 over the lies. The RJC like Romney and Newt and are just as biased as NBC and CNN.

    People say this is about Israel, but they are wrong. Hunter and Tancredo were both friends of Israel, and no candidate for president has been as serious about dealing with Jihadis as Tom Tancredo.

  284. TIME TO BOYCOTT FOX NEWS ADVERTISERS PASS IT ON: (a list of fox news advertisers …try heartily to avoid these product and make another choice )

    here they are folks BOYCOT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT…..nsors-a-l/

  285. Can Christians throughout the world NOW declare that there exists a powerful group of Jewish/Zionists peoples and organizations that are as anti-Christian and anti-American as is humanly possible! Ron paul is telling the truth; he is telling America and the world the truth about what is wrong and what needs to be done to solve those wrongs. Ron Paul is a Christian and an American; and he is right; this is why Ron Paul is not being included in the Republican jewish Coalition debate. Such actions are wholly ANTI-AMERICAN and ANTI-CHRISTIAN. Can you imagine the blowback if a Jewish candidate was exluded?

  286. Racism is ok, If your a Jewish….

  287. f***in’ Zionists. They really do want to control the world, and through banking they’ve done a pretty good job of it. You’ll think this is conspiracy non-sense—-if your only source of info is the Zionist-run U.S. media!!!

  288. Read this in entirety and understand:…..must-read/

    1. Wow!! Thanks for the link.

  289. In a free country, with a full exposure to all candidates, the people are capable of deciding who they think is extreme and who is not. Its not the job of some minority special interest group attempting to control our elections for the benefit of a specific foreign nation who has murdered more Americans than all the Muslim countries put together. If they do not like our system of freedom and openness, they are welcome to go back to Israel anytime soon.

  290. Ron Paul 2012 Will end the FED even if he’s not President..Next year…LOL The Fed ran By JEWS Zionist JEWS …ISRAEL is a German State.

  291. Ron Paul is NOT a Republican.
    P E R I O D!!

    His followers are NOT Republicans!
    They are Libertarians, or more accurately they are Republicans in Name Only.

    At this point I only care that the REAL RINO’s (the Libertarians) fail in their attempt to STEAL the Republican Party.

    My next Vote is against the Libertarian takeover of the GOP. They are NOT Republicans and they don’t belong in the Republican Party.

    1. Libertarianism is the future- the Republican party can either get on board or be consigned to the back waters of history!

  292. find the sponsors of this event
    let them know they are of the same Sh*+ as what crawled out of the devils A$$


  293. The one fact about Paul that I like is in his Statement of Faith on his campaign website where he says: “As President, I give you my word that I will only exercise my authority within the confines of the Constitution, and I will work every day to rein in a runaway federal government by binding it with the chains of that document.”

  294. Here is a great video on Pauls Foreign Policy. It is informative and entertaining:…..tHwphRu_Xt

  295. Ron Paul will legalize HEROIN.
    Ron Paul will legalize Marijuana.
    Ron Paul will legalize Gay Marriage and prostitution nationwide.

    There is no way that Christians could ever vote for a Libertarian. Ron Paul is NOT a Christian and he is NOT a Republican.

    1. Carpenter you Progressive shill. You have no clue about Ron Paul. All you can do is spread your lies and call your mom to change your diaper.

    2. A real REPUBLICAN appears nowadays to be pro-war, pro-crony-capitalism, and pro-hyper-reactionary-Dominionist-fundamentalist.

      So yes, Dr. Ron Paul, MD, is not any of those.

      However, a real CONSERVATIVE *is* libertarian in nature, and believes in limited government, freedom of choice, personal responsibility, rule of law, and peaceful international relations and trade.

      So yes, Dr. Ron Paul, MD, is all of those.

      So the question is this: Do Republicans want a big-government Republican traitor to the national interest, or do they want a small-government conservative patriot?

      The answer speaks volume about one’s intelligence and political wisdom. The correct answer is the latter.

      P.S. Dr. Paul is in fact Christian, far more walking that walk than Newt or Romney, and Carpenter does not have his facts straight.

      P.P.S. The difference between a libertarian and Republican is the social tolerance the formers have and the latters lack in the areas of sex, drugs, religion, and race/ethnicity.

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  297. C’mon, Mr. Paul is the only wise one of them all. Now, I will not dignify the debate by watching it AND, this seals my support for Mr. Paul. You know he’s the right candidate based in this barring. When the establishment doesn’t want something, you know that something is good. This non-inviting of Mr. Paul is anti-free-speech and anti-American. And, it hurts the national exchange. Shame on this body that is not inviting Mr. Paul. You’ve done your organization a disservice. To whomever reads this, give Mr. Paul the nod, he’s the only one that cares about our future. You can just tell, the man stands up for liberty and respects the Constitution. Elect Mr. Paul to help US citizens keep limited government. He’s practically the only hope from the field. We were not formed for Israel’s sake. We have things to fix here at home before sending our resources abroad.

  298. Is Cain bringing the pepperoni pizza?

    1. No, because it isn’t kosher.

  299. This injustice against Ron Paul will only work against the r.j.c.This stupidity on their part will only bring more converts to Ron Paul.As Americans we are starting to wake up to censorship

    1. The only people attracted to Paul are ignorant racists. Guess you never read his hate filled anti-black newsletters?

      Paul would give corporations infinite power to control society but I guess that’s what you Friedmanite libertatrians want?

      He’s ok on foreign policy. But that;s it

  300. I am virulently opposed to Ron Paul for a different reason. He proposes to do away with all laws dealing with discrimination in interstate commerce, including allowing any establishment to be able to exclude and or deny service to Americans based upon race. What a stupid man!.

    1. Citations without namecalling, please.

      Then please explain why you need a government crutch to combat private racism, which is really free speech and free choice, as reprehensible as it is, when you can simply vote with your feet and wallet and exercise your own freedom of choice as to who to privately patronize.

  301. How many of Ron Paul’s fellow candidates, out of a sense of fair play and decency, will boycott this farce? I’m sure the answer is none. They will all be there wearing their knee pads and pledging their everlasting troth along with what remains in the US Treasury to the chosen. Makes you want to puke.

  302. While the article is correct in terms of the ridiculousness of the positions of the RJC, Mr. Welch needs a refresher on the difference between calling someone names and putting adjectives on one’s opinions. There is a vast difference between “You’re a ______” and “Your opinion is ______”. The latter applies to a person’s POV. The former is namecalling.

  303. So the RJC has decided to exclude Dr. Paul from their candidate debate because they reject his views as being”extreme” among other nonsense?

    While that is certainly the RJC’s right to do so as a private organization, it’s action is an exhibition of a lack of common sense.

    By the action of censoring a view that the RJC happens to disagree with, they defy the American principle of free speech and in doing so cast their lot with those they oppose and that oppose them, because they would do the same thing, starting with the RJC. This election is about the entire nation of the United States, from Nome to Miami, from Maui to Maine, not just the RJC’s single issue of Israeli foreign aid and security (The CORRECT American policy on Israel, BTW, should be that she [Israel] be dependent upon nothing but her own efforts, funds, and abilities, privately funded, in the modern sense of Israel being its own independent nation instead of dependent on the United States for security. The same is true for ALL nations, regardless of ethnicity, creed, system of governance, race, or political opinion/affiliation, so it isn’t just Israel–something the RJC seems to conveniently ignore or forget, and that position of equality towards all nations is not only NOT anti-Semitic, it’s not even close!)

    The true sign of intellectual honesty, and operating from a position of strength, is to allow, respect, and have a dialogue with opposing viewpoints. Why? Because if the RJC’s position is strong enough, it will stand on its own against disagreement and as such the RJC should welcome the debate against a perceived inferior position. It is rather apparent that A) the RJC is unwilling to do so, thereby questioning their own intellectual honesty and unnecessarily weakening their own position, B) the RJC is unable to put the national interest ahead of its own, making it to be publicly perceived to be just another lobbying group that lacks integrity or an understanding of the big picture of America, and C) the RJC is perceived as being motivated solely by the money and influence of being a lobbying group, and therefore really isn’t worthy of Dr. Paul’s time, since it is well-known that he despises lobbyists.

    That’s not disparaging the RJC’s positions or opinions, but it is indicating how others can and will and do perceive the RJC’s actions, whether that is fair or not, in the political world where perception and reality are one and the same.

    Is that public perception what the RJC is all about? Is that what the RJC wants to be known as? I would hope not, for the RJC’s sake. But it can try to resolve that PR mistake by reversing its position, presuming that it is not too late to maximize the damage control.

    In summary, the RJC’s action has made itself look very bad–perceived as foolish, immature, weak, and a laughingstock to Main Street Republicans, conservatives, independents, and libertarians, by excluding Dr. Paul, who is by all means a top-tier candidate and likely to be in the final two if not the nominee. If that makes anyone “extreme” and “out of the mainstream”, then it is the RJC, not Dr. Paul. Congratulations on marginalizing yourselves.


    This Independent Voter

  304. The problem with this foreign policy focus is that the public has been lied to and deceived to think that “government” equals the “society.”

    One can be against a government and not against a people.

    The problem is that the U.S. cannot keep throwing money at the problems outside this country. There is too much wrong over here before anything can be done outside it (not that it should be).

    If you support Israel, send your own money or pick up arms and move there. Don’t compel through the threat of force (taxes) your fellow man’s help. Be responsible for your own murder.

    I would highly recommend reading my article on this:

    “The Covenant Fallacy ? Modern National Israel Versus Abram from a Liberty Perspective”

    Just search it.

  305. This is insane – the Republican Jewish Coalition is run by a cointelpro Nazi-front group. Of course the guys in that actual coalition don’t know that – they are misguided tools who don’t realize that they are being goaded into taking radically-anti-American positions such as banning Ron Paul from debates, so that in a few years anti-Semitism will reach a zenith and some power-hungry politican can promise a Pogrom to the Gentile masses. In exchange for their rights, property, and lives, of course. We Americans cannot be beguiled by these “intelligence” operations put forth by those who seek to destroy our great nation.

    1. That’s right, you imposter in a powdered wig! We control everything! We have a legion of posters who do nothing all day but post poorly spellchecked anti-semitic nonsense to make all Ron Paul supporters look retarded so that the Nazi Jewish bankers can take over the world! In fact, we’re so all-seeing and all-knowing and all-powerful that we’ve just put a virus on your computer that will give you AIDS the next time you start spanking your monkey to gay pedo porn! Yeah, we’ve seen what you do in your spare time, you little faggot!

  306. From a people who well know the sting of discrimination, how can they practice the same thing? So what if his views are extreme? What, are we the people too stupid to know the wheat from the chaff?

    1. Is it all right if we insist on posting our bills and featuring our speakers at your next NAACP conference? I mean, if you cotton-picking niggers are all so smart as you say, you should know the wheat from the chaff, right?

  307. The RJC is paying Dr. Paul with the same coin that Nazi Germany used on the Jewish people. Dr. Paul wants Israel to be free from us. Make your own decisions and Israel or any country will not have foreign aid. Ignorance is not a virtue! Plus what ever unfair things you are doing God sees it. I guess you haven’t learn that punishments are a serious thing. The RJC must apologize to Ron Paul in public. You will be boycott by true Patriots.

  308. Ron Paul’s support comes from a broad coalition of conservative Republican?s, independen?ts, and cross-over Democrats. Calling this “extremist?” shows political illiteracy?. To Ron Paul and his supporters?, it’s Washington insiders who are the extremists?: bailing out Wall Street, launching endless wars, and profiting from partisan politics. But we use reasoned arguments, not propagandi?st epithets like “extremist?”.

    1. Ron Paul’s support comes from a narrow coalition of Nazi Rockwellians, Occupy Wall Streeters, and Code Pinkers. Calling these nutjobs “extremist?” shows a talent for understatement. To Ron Paul and his supporters?, it’s patriots who are the extremists?: screaming against bailing out socialist fat cats, insisting on fighting and winning wars against Islamist terrorists, and profiting from private production. But it’s the patriots who use reasoned arguments, not racist code words like “Zionist” to mean Jew.

      1. Being patriotic has to do with supporting the Constitution, not with fighting unconstitutional wars and bailing out big businesses!

  309. A Vote for Ron Paul is a vote for legalized HEROIN

    A Vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Marijuana legalization

    A Vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Gay Marriages

    A Vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Liber-al-tarianism which is nothing but deception

    A Vote for Ron Paul is a vote for AYN RAND who is in HELL and she is still doing the Devil’s work through Ron Paul

    Now don’t get me wrong because a Vote for Obama is even worse than a Vote for Ayn Rand (aka Ron Paul) but Evil is still Evil even if it a lesser Evil and Ayn Rand (aka Ron Paul) is Evil.

    1. as a fellow nazi i agree with you, his message of individualism is evil.

      1. Ayn Rand’s Philosophy was used to author the Satanic Bible. Everybody has known this for DECADES! Are you blind or just stupid?

        1. Carpenter, a vote for Ron Paul is actually a vote to move decision making to the state level. Only the states would have the power to criminalize heroin, alcohol, and other harmful drugs. The current federal mandate on drugs is clearly unconstitutional.

          What Ron Paul actually stands for is bringing the US federal government back in line with the vision of the founders. That is: protecting individual liberties, protecting the country from foreign attack, and performing those necessary functions that state governments are unable to do.

        2. And killing Jews. Don’t forget: the vision of the founders included one day seeing the Jews killed by the Mohammedans. It’s right there in the Constitution and the Federalist Papers and their personal letters to each other and everything: when the Mohammedans finally start working toward world dominion and exterminating Jewish pigs and apes, the Bill of Rights says we are not to quarter any moneylenders in our houses. (4th Amendment; look it up.)

          In fact, it says right there at the start, “We the People of the united States of America are forming this suicide pact for the sake of Mohammedan world dominion. Allahu Akbar!”

          1. The Rick above is a phony Rick and clearly a madman!

  310. I know who I will vote for President for in 2012.
    The only question is will I need to write in “Dr.Ron Paul?

  311. Dear Sirs

    I want to ask Matt Welch and other journalists not to call Jewish Republi can Coalition as Jew but to call it Zionist Republican Coalition. All of you must learn to distinguish between Zionist Jews and non Zionist Jews. This ones running for presidency are Zionists, not Jews. Even they say they are that is not true because their most ancient ancestors were not born in the Holly Land. Only the ancestors of non Zionist Jews were born there. Zionists are nazi fascists. Non zionist jews are not.

    1. Dear fellow Nazis,

      Remember, those damned scheming kikes have started to see through our lopping off the adjective “Jewish” when blaming all the world’s problems on Jewish bankers, so now we have to call them Zionists instead to get people to join our campaign against them. From now on, use “Zionist” in the place of “Jewish” in everything you write. Get an automatic word changer for your browser if that’s what you have to do to keep from slipping up and using oldspeak where you’re supposed to use newspeak.

  312. The RJC and the NEO-Cons would rather play “Duck,Duck,Lobbyest” with the their pick of the Liberals on the stage while Israel continues is Destruction, Theft and Occupation of the US. After all we’re not the “Chosen”. Let the “Chosen” people handle their own damn wars and stay the hell out of my Pocket!!!

    1. Dam thos joos end theyre gud speling end gramer!

  313. as a fellow jewish nazi in favor of censorship i agree with the banning of the constitionalist ron paul.

    1. Freedom from association with the Nazis’ favorite candidate is un-Constitutional!

  314. The Jews didn’t invite the Constitution, it’s too extreme.

    1. Freedom from association with the Nazis’ favorite candidate is un-Constitutional!

  315. The let’s do something and email them ( and tell them we want Ron Paul! Flood their mail!

    1. That’s right! Let’s send them all our hate mail about how all the world’s problems are to blame on their Jewish bankers’ cabal! That’ll show them what non-Nazis we are!

  316. All of the candidates should drop out. It is not for the jews to decide who is OK and who is not. They are showing how unAmerican they are. Who do they think they are? It is for we the people to decide. I call upon all other candidates to REFUSE to go to this biases non-debate. It is the jews who are showing themselves to be unacceptable extremists. In America this is NOT acceptable.

  317. No self-respecting Jew I know shrinks from an opportunity to argue “misguided” views, you’d think the RJC would RELISH refuting Ron Paul.

    The irony is, their brazen refusal to invite Paul only succeeds in getting him additional media attention– the audience who learned how & why he was snubbed has gotta outnumber those who’ll attend the RJC event. Haven’t they heard of the Streisand Effect?!

    1. Not that I know any self-respecting Jews, mind you…

      1. For the record, the above reply was made by an imposter “Lisa”, not I.

  318. gee do ya think that Ron Paul’s bizarre adoration (or IDOLATRY) and worship of Ayn Rand (the enemy of GOD) has anything to do with it?

    I mean inviting Ron Paul to a Jewish event is kinda like them inviting Yassar Arafat, Bin Laden or the friend of a radical Mooslum cleric to attend.

    And ethnically Ayn Rand was Jewish! But she turned to ATHEISM. She became an APOSTATE. Ayn Rand even declared on TV that she wanted to DESTROY Christianity.

    Why on earth would Jews want Ron Paul at their event when he literally worships one of their most vocal enemies? Her damned Philosophy is the background for the Satanic Bible.

    Are you people all insane? How can you even consider voting for someone who is obviously in league with the Devil?

    1. I’m a Ron Paul supporter and I don’t like Ayn Rand.

      The ones in league with the devil are the atheists and liberals, they are the worst people.

  319. People forgit that it is a jew event and they can invite whoever they want to. I dont tell you who to invite to your house. why do you think the jews have to ask people they dont like to there debate? After all Ron Paul is the devil and belongs in hell with that adulterer Newt Gingrich and the fornicator Mcain

  320. Being criticized by rabid Zionists will actually help Ron Paul get the Jewish vote. They are sick of all this war mongering done on their behalf!

    1. Nice try, Nazi Ass Pilot.

    2. “Not a chance in hell. He wants to do away with the Fed. That would interrupt the Jewish Banksters greatest money source.”

  321. Zionists (not Jews) are un-American because their first alliance is to Israel, not the United States. They are very dangerous for America as they turn the Arab world against the USA.

  322. That’s right, people, I’m a racist and a Nazi. I sustain myself entirely on a diet of semen freshly sucked from Arab penises.

  323. All right, folks! This new drinking game is really easy. Here’s how you play: you just watch any of Ron Paul’s apologists fail epically at defending him in a comments section, and boy do you need a drink!

  324. Ron Paul’s problems can be summed up in two words AYN RAND

    please search You tube for
    Ayn Rand & GOP vs. Jesus

    you will see Ayn Rand in her own words.

    Ayn Rand is Ron Paul’s problem. He quotes her, admires her and evens seems to WORSHIP her writing as if they are sacred writings. Well they are, kinda sacred. Anton Levay used Ayn Rand’s writings to develop the SATANIC BIBLE.

    Ayn Rand… oops I mean Ron Paul will never be President

    Also, Ron Paul is not the whole GOP. He is not even a Republican. And as long as Ayn Rand is running for President (from Hell through Ron Paul) I will not vote even if it means 10 more years of Obama and then 10 of Hillary.

    I cannot and will not vote for Ayn Rand… oops again I mean Ron Paul because I don’t want to go to Hell. Sorry but I will not burn forever just so that you can have lower taxes or militarized borders or whatever the hell Ayn Rand wants.

    so please watch the video Ayn Rand & GOP vs. Jesus and you will see exactly what Ayn Rand… oooops dammit I mean what Ron Paul wants

  325. What a compliment! It’s not like our present Foreign policy is winning any friends or having much success. These biggots are so transparent. Dr. Paul is the only one with an original idea. scares people hu?

    1. His original idea of repealing the civil rights act or banning FEMA and social security?

      No thanks. Paul’s friemanite economics ruined this country and continue to ruin this country. Paul will strip away the last bit of regulation preventing the corporations from completely taking over.

  326. How do you start a Jewish marathon?
    Roll a penny down a hill.

  327. Why is money green?
    Jews pick it before its ripe.

  328. “My friends, you don’t need to do nation building in Israel. We’re already built. You don’t need to export democracy to Israel. We’ve already got it. You don’t need to send American troops to defend Israel. We defend ourselves.”

    -Benjamin Netanyahu

  329. No more foreign AID to ANY-ONE !!!

    1. We really should kick Alaska, Hawaii and Texas out of the USA and then divide the USA up into at least 4 more separate countries.

      The PaulBots deserve a Country of their own. Its not fair that they should have to live as SLAVES. Give then Texas. Please give them Texas! It could be renamed to Ayn-Randistan and Ron Paul could be their 1st King. They could have Legalized Drugs and Legalized Prostitution and total FREEDOM and no Taxes!! Please give them Texas.

      The whole East Coast could finally become the Liberal Gay Utopia they have dreamed of for decades once the Right Wingers are deported to Texas or Alaska. Taxes could then be raised to 66.6% and no one would complain anymore.

      The West Coast will be ok once the Liberals and the PaulBots are all rounded up, put into BoxCars (or on Buses) and sent to their respected countries so they can finally be FREE. The whole LA/Hollo

      the rest of the Country, AMERICA, would be mine and I guarantee ya I will be building a Militarized Border Wall to keep the PaulBots and the Liberals out. Once you leave you can’t come back.

      1. lol a gay liberal Utopia?

        You mean like Sweden?

        Hey look recently the Jews fled Malmo –

        Liberals are the most racist people!

  330. As a Jew and a Democrat I wholeheartedly applaud the Republican Jewish Coalition on this one and I think it is more than fair that the vast majority of Jews would agree with me on this one. Ron Paul is a cryto-anti-semite nut. These right wing populist phenomenon are what lead to Hitler if you stinking Paulbots need a history lesson.

    1. Nup, America utilises a ‘pro tyranny strategy’ in the middle east that actually harms Israel (It backed Mubarak for years and continues to prop the Saudi Royal family among many despots, creates instability in Pakistan and is responsible for countless civil wars). U.S. policy creates enemies against both the U.S and Irsrael and frankly, it’s unconstitutional to subsidise foreign countries at the expense of the tax payer. Only a seething lunatic would equate Paul’s foreign policy to Hitler -who was a leftist mind you, however, these definitions are difficult to quantify as you call yourself a Democrat yet identify with Republican cultism and denialism.
      Let Israel be accountable for its own policy- which surely it has shown, is quite capable of doing.

    2. I guess it’s true what they say– the definition of “antisemite” is: anyone who Jews don’t like. (If you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.)

      How on EARTH can Ron Paul’s foreign policy be construed as antisemitic, when he thinks we should withdraw EVERYWHERE?

      Please defend the idea that Americans have some sort of obligation to assist in Israel’s defense, decade after decade. Or, to assist with ANY other country’s defense, for that matter. I don’t understand the reasoning.

      1. Well yeah, all fringe groups use PC’ness against their enemies- fervent Zionists included. It’s just a free punch in the ribs. The weak minded will always gravitate towards pejoratives and distorting their enemies claims. What Paul is calling for, is far more respectful to Israel then America’s current duplicitous funding of enemies and friends alike.
        It is hardly anti-Semetic, in fact, American influence more than likely, has a reining-in effect on Israel; not the other way around.

    3. Having seen what you enlightened souls have done with the world since the last world war, what makes you think Hitler would scare us? The old saw about “if everyone thought like you guys, we’d all be speaking German now” is starting to sound pretty hollow now that it’s becoming clear we were spared learning German only so our descendants will be speaking Spanish, Farsi or Mandarin.

      Speaking German is starting to sound pretty good around now. I strongly suspect there are not a few people who fought in that war who would have thrown down their guns and stayed home if they knew what they’d be getting in place of Hitler.

    4. lol what a joke.

      The right-wing populist phenomenon lead to Hitler?

      Ron Paul’s are anti-Hitler, the exact opposite of Hitler’s.

      The Nazis were fiscally liberal.

      Obama’s views and liberal views of wanting more and more regulations and government power over the people are far closer to Hitler’s Nazi views than Ron Paul’s views are.

      Ron Paul simply opposes ALL foreign aid , regardless of it’s Israel or not.

      1. Paul is close to Hitler because of his belief in racial segregation and opposition to Civil Rights. Like Hitler, he is a social darwinist that would let the poor die in the streets.

        Guess you never read his hateful newsletters?

      2. Ha Ha Ha you are sooooooo out of touch how did hitler fight for freedom…….lol you are a gem…he is the most far from hitler….people who like being taxed to death, having freedoms taken away ect………get off the flouridated water, hey now thats a tool Hitler used, Fluoride…..

    5. yo dumbass the zionazi joos created hitler-shicklegruber-rothschild.

      For the creation of Israhell. Thats why many people call Hitler FATHER ISRAHELL

      Hitler protected the non zionist-joos who didnt want to move to the desert during the Haavra Agreement(Transfer) 1933-1938 by putting them in work camps away from the cities that were being bombed.

      Forced Labor + a Shower = Death to a joo. This is the holyhaux in a nut.

  331. “He’s just so far outside of the mainstream of the Republican party and this organization”

    …and it’s a bad thing to hold opinions outside the cultist Republican world view?

  332. Maybe it’s the Jews who are misguided

  333. The Jews for Ron Paul group should voice their opposition to the decision made by the Republican Jewish coalition!

    1. LOL like there’s a chance in Hell that would happen. Maybe all 3 members will pay some small lip service that doesn’t even register on the radar as a formality to make you happy.

  334. Ron Paul’s foreign policy views are good.

    However his objectivist greed based libertarian snake oil should be rejected by any compassionate American.

  335. If ever there was a corroborative stance that gave credence to the mantra, ‘The Jews own the Media, Hollywood, and the Central Banks,” (apart from the overt corroboration of these statements by Jews themselves over the last twenty years) this CONSCIOUS RACIST MUZZLING of free speech in a White, European land, once called a ‘Christian Nation’ by the Supreme Court, would be enough to make me believe in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

    Jews truly have no shame, in their racial supremacism, and this only shows how transparently the old saying, “But is it good for the Jews?” is a truism beyond doubt in this instance. Trouble is, will the REST of the Nation hold their feet to the fire (or the crucifix) yet? Isn’t it about time we stopped dealing with the minions of that ‘shitty little country’ over there, and concentrated on AMERICA’S Problems, first?

  336. Not quoting Ron Paul in this article; and it makes a slur on him saying, Arab talking points on Israel. It is a slur not knowing Ron Paul; or by some agenda, purposely using the slur as an evasion devise, steer voter focus from listening to what Ron Paul really says about things. Ron Paul is America talking points on America, not Arab or Israel.

  337. Here is Ron Paul’s interview with Newsmax:…../id/420247

  338. So sad that you banned Ron, it shows a lack of inteligent understanding of his platform. It requires intelligence to see that he compliments israel when he says you can stand strong without U.S., I will never forgive this outlandishly unfair deed to exclude a presidential candidate thereby denying the American people imperitive information and opportunity to select the candidate who most closely reflects thier own convictions……………shame on you………

  339. All this shows to me is that the criminal elite Joos are running scared.

    Amerika the drugged up giant is waking up. And Israhell is gonna get its ass kicked once the US citizens realize that this shitty little mini criminal state has been fucking them since its existence. ITs gonna get ugly real fast when it does.

    Its not even a country when Israhell bribed the sitting POTUS – Harry Truman to give approval of its existence.

    I look forward to the day Zionism and its racist supremacist attitude dies around the world. We will truly be free then as a people.


  340. Over 95% of Jews in the world are not Semitic. They are Khazar converts (about 750 AD) and are not descendents of Moses. When is this hoax going to end. BTW, 100% of Arabs are Semitic

  341. He must be doing something right to get that kind of attention. Well if you took Thomas Jefferson and transported him to 2011 he’d be “outside the mainstream of the Republican Party” too, so what does that say about the Republican Party?

    Barack Obama’s outside the Republican mainstream? He supports Israel, he supports military intervention in countries like Libya, he supports open immigration, he supports free trade. He’d fit in just fine at your Republican Jewish Coalition, so would Hillary Clinton.

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