Remy's Incandescent Light Bulb Song


Remy mourns the impending loss of his beloved incandescent light bulbs with a song set to familiar music.

Written and performed by Remy and produced by Meredith Bragg.

About 2.30 minutes. Go to for downloadable versions.

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Lyrics to "Missing You: The Incandescent Light Bulb Song"

Seems like yesterday
we used to rock the show
I flip the switch
you rock the glow

So far from being
only luminescent

but looks ain't always
what they seem to be
Congress taking
you away from me

this new bulb
costs 10 times more
need a haz-mat crew
when it hits the floor

and the future can't
wait to see
what they look like
in my vanity


Night they took
my friend
Try to block it out
but it plays again

they say the change is
what we need to make
got salmonella from
my Easy Bake

give anything to hear
half your breath…
I know you're still living
you life after death

Every time I see
Every time I read
Every time I breathe
exposed Mercury
I'll be missing you…

It's kinda hard
with you not around
new bulb warms up
in like a half an hour

watching us as
we pray for you
every day we
pray for you

until the day
we meet again
in the dark
is where I'm reading fried

give anything to hear
half your breath…
I know you're still living
your life after death

Somebody tell me why…
If that new light
bulb is so amazing
Then why don't people just go buy that light bulb?


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  1. Well, I guess it’s not debuting on Stossel, after all.

  2. If he thinks he’s the next Weird Al, he’s on crack.

    1. If you think you’re the next Simon Cowell…

      1. You are the biggest loser. Goodbye.

  3. Scientist create new software. Promote new government meddling to promote it.…..test=faces

  4. This banning incandescent light bulb idea is genuine trash. Incandescents already cost more to operate; let people have them if they want them.

    1. it depends on the application. The new florencents cost less per hour to run, but they have higher fixed costs and break more often when turned off and on at a high rate.

      This is why commericial used such as retail and office space turned over to florecent years ago. However in a lot of home applications it might be cheaper to use an incondecent bulb.

      1. break more often when turned off and on at a high rate.

        I think you mean “burn out faster” rather than “break”. Most household lighting isn’t turned off and on that often (ie, more than once each way per day).

        1. “Most household lighting isn’t turned off and on that often (ie, more than once each way per day).”

          Yes, well, that’s “often” if you use the twisted fluorescents.

        2. What? I can’t think of any household lighting that I only turn once each way per day. Sure some don’t get turned at all but the ones I use go on and then off every time I enter/leave the room. Do you just leave your lights running all the time?

        3. At a minimum, the lights in my house get turned on in the morning, off again when I leave for work, and then on and off again in the evening.

          And, yeah, a lot of fluorescents suck as to light quality and longevity.

          Not to mention that ITS NONE OF THE GOVERNMENT’S FUCKING BUSINESS. If I want to light my house with whale oil, screw them, I should be able to do it.

    2. If you live north of I-80, incandescent bulbs cut down on your heating costs six months a year.

      1. I live *south* of I-80 and they still do that.

        Explain to me again why we don’t like global warming?

    3. You can now buy compact halogens that are a lot more like incandescents. So CFL’s probably won’t catch on. Florescent tubes are popular for many applications just not in homes.

  5. He should write a song about the clear advantages of horse-drawn carriages on highways.

    This new car
    costs 10 times more
    pumping gas
    is such a chore

    can’t fuel it
    with virgin grass
    can’t fuck its
    tight equine ass

    1. Except, I don’t recall any stories of governments requiring that no one ever buy a horse drawn carriage. The automobile won out because people preferred it. I doubt anyone would be particularly bothered with your private decision to buy CFLs.

      1. The government did not ban incandescent bulbs.

      2. And, that automobile became common only after it became more practical than horses. The infrastructure always closely followed demand crated by better and more affordable cars.

    2. Perfectly apt comparison, friend-o! The horseless carriage came to prominence specifically because of a federal mandate outlawing the use of animal drawn transportation, with notable religious exceptions of course. Why, it’s still a crime to ride a horse or in a horse-drawn cart within 5 miles of a state road or public school in New Jersey; how else could we protect the children from fecal-borne illness?

      Next up, I hope the FCC steps in to get rid of non-smart phones. It’s an affront to our reputation as a modern, advanced nation to have all of these rubes running around with Nokias and Startacs when there’s all this wonderful new technology available. Sure it’ll cost more to implement up front, but think of all the advantages to be gained in long term productivity, not to mention the macroeconomic advantages to be gained when every consumer is on the internet at all times!.

      1. The government did not ban incandescent bulbs.

        1. Not directly, but that’s the effect. Back to your automotive analogy, it’s the feds saying, “all vehicles need to produce at least 50 horsepower and seat 4 people safely to be allowed on the highway.” You have not technically banned the horse-drawn carriage itself (or the motorcycle, or the bicycle, or the roadster), but you have made it impossible to own one while complying with the law regarding its use. It’s not like any of this matters though since you’re just being a pedantic little troll.

          1. Efficient incandescent bulbs meet the standard.

  6. In cooler climates, incandescent bulbs contribute to home heating, thereby lowering home heating bills.
    Didn’t someone in Europe try selling 100w bulbs as heaters?

    1. + incandescent traffic light bulbs prevent snow from accumulating on the light.

      1. How many days a year is this even an issue?

        Not enough to justify burning incandescents 24/7/365.

        1. “Not enough to justify burning incandescents 24/7/365.”

          Why, thank you for making that decision for me.
          Oh, and stuff it.

          1. How many traffic lights do you own?

            1. This will be a common question in Libertopia.

        2. Yeah, sorry, even if you want to influence energy usage, this is a pretty dumb way to do it. It’s a great way to enrich CFL manufacturers, though.

          1. Don’t forget about our cut

          2. It’s mostly the same firms manufacturing both types of bulb. Also just because CFLs cost more does not mean they’re more profitable; for instance, razor blades have always been more profitable to produce than razors.

        3. I’m paying for my lighting method and my energy use. It’s my decision. Anybody who decides to tell me otherwise has my blessing to go get shot by his dog.…..g-accident

          Besides, who the hell runs his lighting “24/7/365”? The lighting in my house is set up so when you walk into certain dark rooms, the light comes on. A couple minutes after you leave, it goes off. Otherwise, we turn them on and off according to our needs.

          1. We were talking about traffic lights.

            1. THE GUBBERMINT! > Reading comprehension

    2. Google for “Heatball”.

      1. Heatballs were an interesting German idea to get round the ban in Europe.
        However, it got blocked by a local court decision.
        All about it:

    3. In cooler climates, incandescent bulbs contribute to home heating, thereby lowering home heating bills.

      They’re basically miniature space heaters, which are not an efficient means of heating. Whatever amount they reduce heating bills they make up for (and then some) in increasing electric bills.

      Also, unlike a space heater, you can’t pack them up and forget about them when the winter’s over; they’ll continue helping to heat your home during the summer, too, possibly raising your electric bill even more by requiring extra AC.

      1. I’ll let PantsFan defend his/her own point, but I took him/her to mean that their duality as both a light source and heat source made them cost-effective.

      2. “Also, unlike a space heater, you can’t pack them up and forget about them when the winter’s over; they’ll continue helping to heat your home during the summer, too,”

        Right. I always leave lights on in the summer when the sun is shining.

        1. Unless you live in the Arctic, the sun isn’t always shinging during the summer.

      3. My electricity is hydroelectric and therefore cheaper than my home heating system, which is natural gas.

        1. If that’s the case, wouldn’t it make sense to rip out the heating system and just install a bunch of space heaters?

          1. Since we’re assuming he has unlimited money to do whatever he wants, why doesn’t he just buy a mansion on the beach in some tropical paradise and fly there during the winter? Problem solved!

    4. RE Heatballs, see reply in thread
      RE Heat being useful
      – yes it is, and while other heating is more efficient as some are pointing out,
      the point of course is that light bulbs are not being used as heaters:
      When it is dark, it is often cold, and the heat is simply a useful extra, that should be taken into account in savings calculations.
      More on heat usefulness, with many references,
      all the other reasons why bans are bad in cooler climates

    5. They work very well for heating wells and you can leave the lights on and the furnace off in a house that hasen’t been winterized.

  7. I’m too damn lazy (and don’t have enough memory to deal with Flash videos playing on a memory hog of a site like H&R). What’s the music?

    1. P. Diddy’s “I’ll Be Missing You”
      which itself is a rip off of the Police’s “I’ll Be Watching You”

      1. Not as bad as his rip-off of “Kasmir”.

        I forget what it’s called, but the rap version not authorized by Led Zepplin was better. It featured in the 1992 Bad Lieutenant.

      2. Crap, I thought it was going to be John Waite’s “Missing You”. That would have been a much better selection.

        Or Free Bird.

        1. I was thinking that, or Diana Ross’ “Missing You”.

  8. Are xmas tree lights going to be phased out?

    1. They’re being replaced with LED strands

      1. Which suck. They give off a cold, dim light, which conveys a depressing holiday mood. For just about anything else I’m using fluorescents, anyway, but not for Christmas lights.

        1. Outdated nonsense. The current crop of LED Christmas lights are great. My house was all LED last year. It was the brightest one for blocks around, and the hit to the electric bill was a pittance compared to previous years. You can get the white ones in both an icy pure white or a warmer more “natural” white. The colored ones are great, too. You can get some awesome cherry reds and deep blues.

    2. The government did not ban incandescent bulbs, so no.

      1. “I’m not sexually discriminating against women, I’m just setting a minimum on the number of penises required to work in this office!”

  9. “The democracy will fail when the people learn that they can vote themselves more money.” should be updated to “The democracy will fail when the scientists learn that they can force their smug ideal of ‘progress’ down the peoples’ throats.”

    1. Replace “scientists” with any of the so-called learned professions with accompanying credentials.

      1. …and then call it a Technocracy.

        1. “Technocracy” doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as well as “Smugtopia”.

          1. Skinner: According to the charter, should the mayor abdicate, a council of learned citizens may rule in his stead.
            Lisa: Well, there’s no one more learned than us.
            Hibbert: So I guess [chuckles] we’re in charge.
            Lisa: With our superior intellects, we could rebuild this city on a foundation of reason and enlightenment. We could turn Springfield into a utopia!
            Skinner: A new Athens!
            Wiggum: Yeah, a real Candyland.

        2. I swear, I’ve had to go to pre-medical meetings during college and occasionally (about once a year) listen to a speaker who advocated banning smoking on campus and like to quote from It Takes a Village, which he believe has been unfairly ridiculed.

          1. My cousins go to Texas State where the do have a campus ban. Other students even have the power to enforce it. Pretty fucked up.

            1. Not to sound smug myself, but are we (meaning libertarians) the last to view persuasion, as opposed to coercion, as a virtue?

            2. Turn in your neighbor comrade!

              Several years ago the anchor on a West Palm Beach TV station was telling viewers the phone number so you could (quote) “Turn in your neighbor for water violations”. The county was going through a drought.

              We are being/have been conditioned to accept our own demise.

            3. The Boise State campus is smoke-free. The whole campus. Can’t light up anywhere. They also have “clean air” zones for cars. I guess this means your car can’t be running near a door, because somebody might come through the door and smell your running car.

              Boise just passed new anti-smoking ordinances. One ordinance bans smoking in bars, private clubs, near bus stops or other transit areas, on outdoor commercial patios accessible to children or on public property, at The Grove Plaza, on 8th Street from Bannock to Main Streets, within 20 feet of a city-owned building, in outdoor ticket and service lines and other public locations.

              Another ordinance bans smoking in all public parks, including within 20 feet of the Boise Greenbelt.

              Idaho–4th Freest State!

              1. Yeah, but no one gives a shit about smokers. ๐Ÿ™‚ As it should be. ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. + incandescent traffic light bulbs prevent snow from accumulating on the light.

    And I can see when the green one is on (though I can’t see that it’s green).

    But hey. Both my cars are huge. I’ll just go.

    1. The green light is the one that’s not orange or green.

  11. Sports Break: The Atlanta Thrashers Winnipeg Jets beat the Winnipeg Jets Phoenix Coyotes 1-0.

    1. I think you’re one of about 5 people on this site that cares about the NHL, myself included. The NBA lockout ending and another terrible Thursday night NFL game are vastly more important.

      1. I care! Can’t wait for Sharks v. Jets on Jan 12. When you’re a Jet you are always a Jet…

  12. Serious question: Are incandescent bulbs in cars/flashlights/toys being banned?

    1. Yes, but don’t worry. We have plenty of cash to hand out to companies who will build the next generation of car lightbulb.


    2. Most new flashlights are LED. Way easier on batteries.

      1. Yeah, incandescent flashlights are pretty much obsolete as far as I’m concerned. For their size, LEDs have much (enormously) better brightness, much longer battery life, or some of both. And they can have multiple brightness levels so you can choose how to manage the brightness vs life tradeoff.

    3. Yep. The EZ Bake Oven is no longer a light bulb in a box.

    4. No, just incandescent bulbs considered “general lighting” – 150W, 100W, 75W, 60W. Specialty lights (3 way, candelabra, miniature) are still allowed.

      1. Well, there’s our loophole big enough to drive a minivan through. It’s going to be multiple showerheads and flushing twice all over again.

        1. I was just thinking of a shower in a house I was looking at a few years ago. It had a walk in shower with shower heads on three of the walls. I screamed (with delight) when I saw it, and the real estate agent thought I saw cockroaches or a rat.

          1. I screamed (with delight)

            I hope you’re a girl.
            Not that there’s anything…you know.

        2. The last shower head I bought came with directions to remove the flow regulator so you could “clean” it. If you live in a place with hard water the ability to “clean” the regulator is a huge plus.

          Needless to say, as a preemptive maintenance practice of course, I “cleaned” my regulator upon initial installation and I haven’t needed to “clean” it since.

          I was so grateful, I wrote the manufacturer and expressed how happy I was with the capability to “clean” my regulator and I’d be buying their product exclusively in the future because of it.

    5. Most toys seem to use LEDs now anyway, Grandpa. Flashlights, too. Cars seem to be going that way anyway for everything but the main headlights, and someone will figure that out.

    6. No, no incandescent bulbs are not being banned.

  13. EPA procedure for cleaning up CFL bulbs at Gotta love its “the next several times you vacuum the carpet” part.

    My reporter wife was doing an article at the local recycling center and asked if they could accept CFLs. Nope. But they’re thinking about trying to make some sort of arrangement with a recycling center in San Antonio (80 mi) or Austin (100 mi) so they can collect the bulbs and send them there.

    Why is Congress putting WMD in my home?

    1. Then don’t break them!

      I do understand people not wanting CFLs in sockets that kids can disrupt though. But for most lighting that’s not the case.

      1. because accidents never happen!

      2. How is that relevant to figuring out where to safely and responsibly throwing them away?


    3. I see that Lowes has a collection area for CFLs, you need to wrap them up and deposit them in a special container.

    4. Why are you listening to hyperbolic advice from the EPA?

  14. DOA in Texas, Perry signed a law to allow choice.

    What’s his face didn’t invent the lightbulb, he patented it.

    P Ditty didn’t write it, the song is a remake of a Sting and Andy Summers’s song

    Cute kid, it was the only part I liked

    1. Rather, do you want to go out for drinks?


      2. Really Jerry, the tip of your penis must be burning!  I just wrote about murdering children.

        I don’t drink but I’d love to go hunting, and I’ll give  you a five minute headstart

  15. Nice…Around 1:36 he’s reading The Declaration of Independents.

  16. Did Romney just come out in support of CFLs or did Tulpa just invest in a CFL company or something?

    1. Possibilty#3

      Porn films use them ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. What kind of lightbulbs does Muriel use?

  18. First ,they came for the smokers, and then for their lighters and their light bulbs, but being a far seeing bureaucracy, they had already commissioned a study of second hand candle smoke , churches included:

    1. Your reap what you sow America. Can’t take responsibility for yourself and refuse go to bars/restaurants/employers who allow smoking on your property and this is what happens. Really why should candles in a church be any different? Nobody forces you to go to a bar any more than they force you to go to a church.

      1. your their property

        1. now, it is your and their property

          1. now, it is your and their property

            Sister Michael Mary of the Immaculate Heart of Jesus could not diagram that sentence fragment with all the saints by her side.

            Or maybe she could, I skipped school a couple of days a week back then.

            1. Sister Pronuptia of the Splattered Veil told me that the harlot from Immaculate Heart of Jesus should know there is a difference between knowing rules, and choosing not to use them.

              In fact, her quote “it’s called creativity, and the difference between art, and stagnation” comes to mind

      2. True dat, but fuck smokers. ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. You may say I’m a dreamer,
    But I’m not the only one.
    When they took away our light bulbs,
    We knew the terrorists had won.

  20. Minnesota Libertarian Party Founder, and the man who got the bald eagle removed from the endangered species list on CFL’s:…..fraud.html…..great.html

  21. Or CFLs even.


  22. I’m interested in LED technology, but a bit confused about it. My local Costco has outdoor LED bulbs for sale now. Why only outdoor? Fuck if I know. I picked up a box and read the specifications. The LED bulb gave off (or consumed, that wasn’t clear) 45W of something. This bulb is an economical replacement for the outdoor bulbs I have now! So they say. How do they know what sort of outdoor bulb I have now and what their purpose is?

    There doesn’t seem to be an industry standard measurement for a light bulb’s practical luminescence so a consumer can evaluate whether or not a light bulb meets his needs. Not one that’s printed on the box anyway.

    If the government is hell-bent on getting consumers to buy more efficient light bulbs, and the bulbs they want you to buy really are more efficient, you’d think that some labeling standards would be all the intervention needed.

    1. If this is how you get over a light bulb, you buying a car must be truly an epic to behold.

      All the boxes I see compare to the incandescent levels because that’s what folks are still used to. They put the color temperature and all sorts of info on there. Have you tried reading glasses?

  23. The life is not what it used to be, [huh], [LOL]. There is a new world waiting for you though.

    Endorsed by National AnonBot Association.

  24. Just think of this as a business opportunity

  25. Join us tonight for a incandescent vigil.

  26. Why hasn’t anybody repealed this stupid shit?

    And Tulpa, you don’t actually support this legislation, do you?

    1. I don’t think anyone should be told what light bulbs they can use, but CFLs are one of the greatest inventions of the 1980s, and it’s been left to me to defend their honor.

  27. The ban makes little sense in my view…

    Unlike what Americans are being told,
    the standard specifications means that it is a progressive ban on all
    known incandescents, by 2020 at the latest.
    So the touted Halogen type replacements will also be banned (and are expensive for small savings have a different light quality etc).

    Besides, apart from affecting people’s product choice,
    the actual switchover savings are not that great anyway =
    less than 1% of overall energy use, and 1-2% grid electricity is saved,
    as shown by USA Dept of Energy, EU statistics and other official information
    with alternative and more meaningful ways to save energy in generation, grid distribution or consumption.

    Light bulbs don’t burn coal or release CO2.
    Power plants might.
    If there’s a problem – deal with the problem,
    rather than a token ban on simple safe light bulbs,
    light bulbs that people obviously like to use
    (or there would not be a “need” to ban them!)

    For anyone interested in following what happens,
    USA and Canada regulation news (ban in Canada now put back to 2014),
    and updates on 7 US states state repeal bills (legislated Texas)

  28. And so it came to pass,
    in the autumn of 1879, after tireless effort working with different materials, Thomas Edison finally arrived at the ingenious invention we still see today, the Edison light bulb, in its basic form, without any energy efficiency constraints, the world’s single most popular electrical appliance and the oldest electrical invention in widespread common use:
    A beautifully simple, safe, cheap, bright light delivering construction.

    Maybe the time will come when, like its cousin the gleaming radio tube, it gradually fades away, the passing of old technology.

    But let it be a democratic passing by the will of the people,
    not a passing by committee dictats and decrees.

    How many politicians should it take to change a light bulb?

    How many citizens should be allowed to choose?

  29. All this griping about compact florescent bulbs is silly. LEDs will eventually be the standard.

    I happen to have a gallery lit with more than 100 spot lights. When I bought the place every one was a halogen (or similar gas) bulb. Makes efficient bright light but the heat those things put out make incandescent bulbs seem downright chilly. In the winter that’s fine but our season is summer and they roast the place. I have been replacing them with LED spotlights and not only are they more efficient (by a huge amount) I can get them in varying shades of light and they generate practically no heat. While expensive, each bulb will last years and years easily paying for itself compared to the competition.

    Now that LED bulbs can mimic the light of old incandescent ones it’s only a matter of time….

    1. How can someone with a limited sense of vision run an art gallery? If you cannot see the difference in light quality between LED and halogen, you might be in the wrong business.

      1. You obviously are not paying enough for your LED spots. They are expensive. I can get a near perfect match and for some work, the ones that have a brighter, whiter light work fantastic.

    2. nuh uh! PEAK LED!

  30. CFLs are garbage. I tried to switch my 9 kitchen floodlights over to them, replacing my incandescents as they burned out. I didn’t get the cheapest ones either, so I spent a good amount buying 9 of them but figured now I wouldn’t be buying any more floodlights for a LONG time. Halfway through I noticed that the brand-new CFLs were dying faster than the 1-3 year old incandescents. At this point, about a year after I started the experiment, every one of the nine CFLs I bought are dead. The last one went dead on Thanksgiving, exactly 2 days after being installed. TWO. DAYS.

    1. Why do you have 9 floodlights in your kitchen? Are you filming reality TV in there or something?

      CFLs don’t react well to dimmers iirc, I don’t know if that’s the issue. Like Sulu, my experience with CFLs has been awesome. Just replaced a couple that burned out after 7 years.

  31. I don’t believe a word of this, or there’s something really wrong with the power in your house. I, and everyone I know, have had the exact opposite experience. These are all bulbs purchased in 6 or 8 packs.

    I have one older CFL outside in the porch light that’s entering its 10th year, although I admit that’s a bizarro case. We call it the Wonderbulb.

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