Reason Writers on TV: Peter Suderman Talks Internet Takedowns, Online Piracy With Judge Napolitano on Freedom Watch


On Monday, November 28, Reason Associate Editor Peter Suderman appeared on Freedom Watch to discuss the government's takedown of 130 websites, and new legislation that would grant the federal government more power over the web. Approximately five minutes. 

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8 responses to “Reason Writers on TV: Peter Suderman Talks Internet Takedowns, Online Piracy With Judge Napolitano on Freedom Watch

  1. Civil asset forfeiture happens all the time without due process. In this case, it just happens to not involve the War on Drug Users.

  2. Stop Online Piracy Act = SOPA

    Interesting; my Greek mother would say “sopa” to me when I was young. It means “be quiet.” Fitting acronym for this bill.

  3. Hey, has this website been taken down?

    1. No, but the staff has been replaced so that you may be re-educated.

  4. Write the laws vague enough so anyone can be charged, and the right connected people can beat the charges.

  5. Just cause I can’t find an “Occupy”-story today.
    We know that offering a blank canvas upon which folks project their own preferences is a successful political campaign; hey, it got Barry elected!
    Now we have further proof:

    “Nearly half of registered voters in California say they personally identify with the Occupy movement and an even larger number said they agreed with the reason behind the protest,”

    But wait! What is that “reason”?
    “Pollsters did not ask about specific reasons, leaving respondents to decide those themselves.”

    Yes, folks, some 58% of voters said they strongly agree with, uh, well, something……..1M55L2.DTL

    1. This is news? They’ve been asking this question to the protesters since the day it began. You ask 20 occupy people what the cause is and you get 20 different answers. You get ‘To end handouts’ from one guy and you get ‘To end corporation abuse’ from another and then you get ‘To get free doughnuts’ from yet another.

  6. Dude is actually making a lot of sense to me man.

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