Ron Paul's Moment

The Texas congressman can win the Iowa Republican caucuses.


I can't forgive myself for voting for Arnold Schwarzenegger for governor of California during the 2003 recall. I selected a "winnable" loser rather than now-congressman Tom McClintock, a principled conservative who knew what policies to pursue to right California's sinking fiscal ship. If everyone who voted for Schwarzenegger under the belief that McClintock couldn't win had voted for McClintock, perhaps he would have won.

The Schwarzenegger v. McClintock race springs to mind as Ron Paul, the quirky Texas congressman with unwavering libertarian principles, pursues the GOP nomination for the presidency. Paul is not a dynamic personality, but he has a firm grasp of the issues. Currently, he is near the top of polls for the Iowa caucuses, and his national support has remained strong.

We know that none of the other Republicans will seriously slash the size of government, even if they have Republican majorities in Congress. None of them will bring the troops home, regardless of how costly those wars have become or how contrary they are to the traditional Republican belief of non-intervention in foreign affairs. Despite encouraging rhetoric from some candidates (i.e., Rick Perry's description of Social Security as a Ponzi scheme), the "serious" candidates will not try to swap U.S. entitlements with private alternatives.

None of them will address the Federal Reserve, which, according to Paul, makes it easy for the feds to print the money needed to finance their free-spending ways. At best, a winning mainstream Republican will tinker around the edges of reform, perhaps limiting government just enough to let the economy heat up again.

Even if Paul pulls off the upset of the century, he may not have the skills or congressional support to succeed. He can be obtuse, such as the time when he was asked about his favorite Ronald Reagan legacy and gave a boring answer about the money supply. But despite his many flaws, he at least he understands that the nation's problems center on its gargantuan government.

Too bad everyone "knows" he can't win.

Comedian Jon Stewart once featured a devastating segment on the media coverage of the primary. Paul had high poll numbers but the talking heads wouldn't mention his name. They talked about the hapless Jon Huntsman, who was barely registering on the polls, but didn't mention Paul. After one blogger took him to task for writing about the presidential candidates without mentioning Paul, Jonah Goldberg, editor of National Review Online, responded: "The reason I didn't mention him is precisely the reason [he] suspects: I don't take Ron Paul serious as a presidential contender because (in my opinion) he isn't one. He is the right's version of Ralph Nader."

Conservative writer Warner Todd Huston wrote recently that Paul is not a serious candidate because he has not built a serious statewide organization, which might be a legitimate argument except that Huston hurled unfounded accusations at Paul, charging his minions with anti-Semitism and surrender in the face of "Islamofascism." His diatribe against the mild-mannered physician/candidate touches on why most conservatives won't take him seriously—Paul's foreign-policy views.

To the hawks who dominate the modern GOP (and the Democratic Party, too, lest you wonder why the president's foreign policy differs little from his predecessor's), Paul's focus on reducing military commitments and concentrating on defense rather than on nation-building is the equivalent of appeasement in the face of Nazism, which is the analogy Huston used. You'd think it a waste of time to hammer a candidate with no chance of winning. But those conservatives committed to military expansion abroad and who have little concern about the War on Terrorism's effect on civil liberties at home don't want to take chances. The lefties dislike him too, as Bob Schieffer's rude interview on Face the Nation last weekend showed.

Nevertheless, Paul might just win Iowa. I was active in the caucuses there years ago. It's a socially conservative state. But the libertarian Paul is making inroads. In these dire economic times, more voters are noticing that government growth, debt spending, and the economy are paramount.

Paul might not have a good ground game going, but Herman Cain doesn't have much of a ground game, either. That didn't stop Cain from getting weeks of serious national media coverage. His campaign was derailed by sexual harassment allegations, and by his painfully embarrassing answer to an editorial board's puffball question about President Obama's Libyan policy. Cain knew nothing about the topic as he aimlessly searched his empty mental Rolodex for answers. Cain's collapse came after Perry's infamous "oops" moment during a GOP debate when he was asked which three federal departments he would eliminate, but he couldn't think of the third one.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is the flavor of the month, as GOP primary voters search for anyone but Mitt Romney, whose slick personality and fairly liberal policies turn off grassroots activists. But Gingrich has malleable principles himself and he is dogged by personal scandals. It's hard to be impressed by any of the other Republican candidates who range from the hopelessly establishmentarian (Rick Santorum and Huntsman) to the fringy (Michele Bachman, who has been dubbed the winner of the "Who's Crazier Than Sarah Palin" contest by comedian Conan O'Brien, because of some of her rhetoric).

When you look at the Republican lineup or at the out-of-his-depth former community activist who went from state senator to Oval Office in four years, it's hard to make the case that Paul is somehow not serious. In reality, Paul "can't win" because the political establishment knows how serious he is about his limited-government views.

Even in the most optimistic scenario, Paul is a long-shot. But the country's problems are so deep that perhaps it's time to take a chance on someone with the right answers, regardless of the odds. Unless, of course, you're still celebrating the way that Gov. Schwarzenegger saved California from disaster.

Steven Greenhut is editor of

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    1. …to think that voluntary city-Statism isn’t contradictory.

    2. Your link failed.

  1. Ron Paul can’t win, a balanced budget ammendment won’t work, man, is there anything or anyone out there good enough to get a kind word from the Reason Foundation?

  2. On the other hand, I’m still enough of a pie-in-the-sky dreamer to consider registering Republican for the first time.

    1. I hope you follow through, Citizen Nothing.

      I’m not quite enough a pie-in-the-sky dreamer to write in the “un-winnable” Gary Johnson, but still deluded enough to imagine that Ron Paul could win.

      Obama? Gingrich? Romney? Why bother voting?

  3. If not Ron Paul then whom?

    The list of pandering corporate shills is impressive. But I’d prefer to try and reign in the Empire, not spew it’s misery everywhere.

  4. While I recognize Ron Paul winning is pretty much a pipe dream, I’m not going to vote for Flip Flop Romney or Newtacular titties in the primary either.

    1. Thankfully NC lets independents vote in any primary they want.

  5. I switched my registration to Republican just to vote for Paul in the primary. If he doesn’t get the GOP nomination and/or run as a 3rd party candidate, then I’ll write him in. I will not vote for anyone but Ron Paul for POTUS in 2012.

  6. Win iowa and NH and shut the lying ,misleading media up. 2 way race now but the media lies. Ron paul vs Status Quo 2012 , Ron paul is the most electable and i hope reason has to eat their own ____. When we win iowa and place 2nd in nh or even WIN IT! Ron Paul will win the gop nomination or the gop will run obama/status quo 2012 bendover! Ron Paul 2012 Bring Our Troops Home, the only one left with credibility,something reason is lacking when i read their articles!

  7. I’ve been predicting this for a couple weeks now: Paul will win Iowa and come in second in New Hampshire. What happens after that is hard to say. He’s polling terribly in South Carolina and Florida, but maybe those voters will decide to throw their lot in with him after some good initial showings.

    1. “He’s polling terribly in South Carolina and Florida, but maybe those voters will decide to throw their lot in with him after some good initial showings.”

  8. If he can take IOWA – or hell, come in 2nd, then the Jonah Goldberg’s of the world might finally STFU and stop trying to kill off his campaign.

    OK. That really does sound pie in the sky …
    Statists to the left of me, statists to the right – here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

    1. “If he can take IOWA – or hell, come in 2nd, then the Jonah Goldberg’s of the world might finally STFU and stop trying to kill off his campaign.”
      The warmongers will never acknowledge Paul especially the Jewish ones.

      1. umm fuck you? are you trying to get us to agree with your race-baiting statement?

        1. Typical remarks from a typical Paulbot:

          I don’t get it. Why do so many wackos and outright lunatics support Ron Paul? Just what is it about him that attracts such crazies?

          Exhibit A. The following exchange occurred on Facebook tonight:

          Louis Farrakhan endorses Ron Paul

          Ronnie: Ooops…

          Amy: lol!

          Ozzie: Its funny because it says endorses Ron Paul. But yet what he does is praise Ron Paul’s will and determination to fight the illegal Federal Reserve. If you dont agree with that, then your a hopeless case.

          Ronnie: You don’t get it, Ozzie. No Republican politician who wants to stay in good standing with the conservative community wants Farrakhan saying nice things about him. Farrakhan is evil incarnate to the right.

          Ozzie: And why is he evil? Because he speaks out also? Tells the truth about alot of subjects most wont even approach?

          Ozzie: Why is the truth so hard to grasp for so called “Conservatives”?

          Ozzie: If your a true conservative there is only one person to support.. Ron Paul the only true conservative to run for president. Most claim they are conservative, but just watching Fox News does not make you right, in fact it will make you look ignorant

          Ronnie: Farrakhan is an abject racist, and a moronic conspiracy loon. You want to hitch your wagon to his, you go right ahead.

          Amy: Farrakhan is a racist son of a bitch who hates Jews. Why is it that so many Anti-Semitic f-ers are Paulbots?

          Ronnie: Thanks, Amy. I forgot about his anti-Semitism.

          Amy: And don’t forget about the UFOs

          Ronnie: That’s the moronic conspiracy crap I was referring to. Farrakhan’s a nut.

          Ozzie: Same old statements same old false bs

          Amy: It’s not bs. Are you a Farrahkanbot, too?

          Ozzie: Paulbots hate jews and are anti-semitic. Couldnt be farther from the truth

          Ronnie: Don’t you wish they were false. Unfortunately, Farrakhan is on record making hundreds, if not thousands of racist comments. Don’t forget his little talk about the Mothership .. LOL

          Ronnie: Ozzie, you sound like a lib. Are you a lib?

          Ozzie: I support Paul not Farrakhan. But I have heard alot of truth out of Farrakhan including this vid.

          Ozzie: Everyone is a liberal if they dont agree with you guys.

          Ronnie: So, you ARE a liberal. Thanks.

          Ozzie: Keep watching Fox News and believing that our goal as a country is to support and protect Israel. Nothing else matters in the entire world but Israel.

          Amy: Ozzie, Hitler said lots of truths. He probably said “2+2=4” at one time. That doesn’t make him any less a piece of sh**, like Farrakhan. And as Ronnie said, Farrakhan isn’t shy about speaking his sh** to the media. I would guess there are thousands of racist remarks that can be cited by that piece of sh**.

          Ozzie: Ron Paul is far from a liberal.

          Amy: Ozzie, why do you hate Israel so much?

          Amy: Ozzie, why do you hate Jews so much?

          Ronnie: Ah… you’re an anti-Semite to boot. Nice.

          Ozzie: I never said I hate Israel or that I hate jews, but thats how your arguments go you put words in peoples mouths.

          Ozzie: Maybe you should learn the true history of Israel.

          Ronnie: Hey Ozzie. What sort of flag is that in your avatar? Looks like an alteration of Old Glory to me.

          Amy: You said I watch Fox News. I don’t, and I never have.

          Ozzie: Or just sit back and watch your zionist controlled media in which you love.

          Amy: Oh, the “true” history of Israel. Care to tell me about the “true” history of Israel?

          Ozzie: Its a flag in which you will know nothing about because your a war mongerer.

          Ronnie: Only libs rail like that against Fox News. Real conservatives don’t think much of that news channel. In fact, most conservatives can’t stand it. You’re outing yourself, Ozzie.

          Ozzie: Sorry Amy your far from savable. Your lost and educated like the mass sheeple.

          Ronnie: Hey Amy……we got us a ‘true believer’ here.

          Amy: ?”Zionist Controlled Media.” I was right… you’re a racist mf-er. Do you believe the Jews caused 9/11 too?

          Amy: Oh Ozzie, I’m brighter than you will ever be.

          Ozzie: Media isnt controlled by Zionists? Prove that one.

          Ronnie: Tell me more about your flag, traitor.

          Ozzie: name calling is so good.

          Amy: Ok Ozzie…..Not one of the major television news operations?Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, or NBC News?is currently headed by a Jewish executive.

          Ozzie: Traitor?

          Ronnie: Not name calling. I’m identifying and classifying you. Keep talking. I’m working on your dossier.

          Ozzie: And that proves what Amy?

          Ronnie: That you’re a moron, Ozzie.

          Amy: That the Jews don’t control the media. Duh.

          Ozzie: Do you think having unwavering support for Israel makes you American?

          Ronnie: Don’tcha just love having these sorts of civil discussions with Paul supporters, Amy? They’re always so……enlightening.

          Ozzie: Because an executive isnt jewish means the media isnt controlled by zionists?

          Ozzie: You guys are the morons

          Amy: BTW a-hole, if you are a conservative, then you should encourage successful people to rise to the top. The Jews have been disproportionately successful for centuries. One of the reasons why is that Gentiles did not allow them to own land, so they had to be professionals.

          Ronnie: Ozzie, you’re what Lenin and Stalin called a “useful idiot”. I’ll bet you voted for Obama and attended at least one Occupy protest. You’re a brainwashed lib, and it shows.

          Amy: So racists, like you and Hitler, call them lazy, but they were only lazy because they could not own land and become farmers. They had to work in the cities. And because of strong family values, they did well in school, and succeeded. Without going to wikipedia, Jews were about 1% of the population in Germany, yet received 35% of the Nobel prizes awarded to Germans prior to Hitler. Why do you hate Jews for being successful?

          Ozzie: Ronnie your not even close which just proves how clueless you idiots are. Go to the voting booth next year and act like yo have a choice. Act like your free.

          Ronnie: You voted for Obama, didn’t you Ozzie. Admit it.

          Amy: Jews have been —–ed for thousands of years. They finally have their own homeland. It’s a —-ing desert that they turned into a mecca. If the Palestinian leader sh** weren’t a bunch of insane radical muzzies, there would be peace in the Middle East. But they leaders suck. Arafat was the biggest peace of sh** ever. He stole from his people.

          Ozzie: I would never vote for a Democrat. Never have, I have just awoke to the truths in this world and I am not living in the la la land you still seem to occupy.

          Amy: I think I recall that the Muzzies attacked Israel on the very first day of their assistance… RIGHT????

          Amy: Come on Ozzie… tell me the “truth” about Israel. I’m waiting….

          Ronnie: I pity you Ozzie. You only think you’re free. You’re a liberal sheeple, whose head has been stuffed with all kinds of lies about your country. You’ve drunk the Kool-Aid, and think you’ve got the answers, when all you’ve got is some first class indoctrination.

          Ozzie: I must have touched a soft spot with you and the jews Amy. Its always so easy to see, anyone who doesnt support Ron Paul and considers themself conservative always reverts to Israel and jews.

          Ronnie: Oh really? Who threw out the “Zionist” card?

          Ronnie: I don’t believe a word you say, Ozzie. You’re a liberal, pretending to be ‘something’ else. What that is, I don’t really know. Sorta typical of you Paul supporters.

          Amy: No, dumb—-, you said Farrakhan was ok…. REMEMBER????

          Ozzie: Its just plain easy to see.. The media is controlled and its so simple to see

          Amy: I have lots of Paulbot friends. And it’s not Ron Paul that I hate… it’s you racist f-ers.

          And that, good people, is why RP is unelectable and cannot win. In the end, Paulbots always end up sounding like Ozzie here: paranoid, racist, and anti-semitic.

          1. Great example dickwad! Actually I admire most Jews They have been crapped on for centuries. Ashkenazi Jews have one of the highest average IQ’s on the planet…as opposed to you two shit for brains.
            The fact that Jews have had a hard time does not mean Americans should spend their money or life to fight for them. The Jews in Israel are quite capable of defending themselves.
            Ron Paul has stated that he is against fighting for Israel…he is against involment in useless wars all over the world.
            Most of the Jews and Gentiles on Fox News are warmongers and they support going to war NOW to “protect” Israel….they do not like Ron Paul in the least!
            You two fucking asshats better get some information.

      2. Jews are caucasians. They are not a seperate race…so fuck you and your race baiting bullshit!
        My comment was about warmongering Jews, not all Jews. There are a number of Jews that would like the United States to fight their fights. If you don’t understand that then you are as fucking stupid as I think you are.

        1. “Jews” are not caucasians. Jews are practitioners of Judaism. Hebrews are the seed of Abraham. Most Jews are not Hebrews. (Khazar converts circa 1100 AD)Zionists are supporters of the State of Israel. Most Zionists are evangelical Christians. Israelis are residents/citizens of the State of Israel. Many of them (Arabs especially and most Hebrews) are not Zionists

  9. Ron Paul will do well in the Iowa caucus — he did well in the summer straw poll. The same people turn out for both. Will he win? Many of his ideas are spot on, especially when he talks about the overreach of the Federal Reserve. But, the social conservatives in Iowa are not yet in his camp. Being libertarian sounds too much like libertine and that sounds too much like France for us. That’s probably why college-age voters really like him.

  10. I’ve said this before, if all the folks who keep saying RP can’t win or is unelectable, and thus they won’t vote for him, were to vote for him, he would win in a landslide.

    1. Oh, I will vote for him one way or another. But I don’t think he has a chance in hell.

  11. I’ll gladly vote for Paul, but I have a hard time imagining that he will win any primaries. Coming in second or third in a bunch of states isn’t going to do him any good.

    Of course, Newt’s inevitably going to talk his way out of frontrunner status (he’s well on his way), and then the anti-Romney folks in the GOP will almost be out of potential candidates other than Paul.

  12. Ron Paul can and will win Iowa. Now, why in the world would any sane person in America allow anyone but Paul to become POTUS???? Do they have a death wish? Yes, that sounds extreme, but really sit down and think about it… if we don’t bring the troops home and balance the budget we are doomed to live the fall of the Soviet Union. To those who have never researched the USSR, when they collapsed many citizens died from hunger and illness until after a couple of years when they separated into different counties and currencies things finally settled enough for them to start the cycle over. Fiat currencies always fail, watch what is happening now in the EU, we are next my friends. You can’t buy something with nothing, and since our money has no backing, that is what is going on right now.

    1. “Now, why in the world would any sane person in America allow anyone but Paul to become POTUS????”
      Please? Do you really think the majority of Americans are sane? If so explain Obama.

      1. You think the people at this magazine are sane? Take a look at their 2008 voting record. Observe how many of them voted for the current epic failure in chief. Then (this is the part that really hurts) read their reasons for voting for him:

        Ronald Bailey

        1. Who are you voting for in November? Obama. The Republicans must be punished and punished hard.

        Bruce Bartlett

        1. Who are you voting for in November? I plan to vote for Obama mainly because he is not a Republican and not John McCain, who is temperamentally unfit to be president.

        David Brin

        1. Who are you voting for in November? For not a single “liberal” reason, I am voting not only for Obama, but for the GOP to be utterly spanked and sent into exile, where, perhaps, sincere men and women may remember Barry Goldwater and resurrect some kind of healthy, libertarian Conservatism.

        Tim Cavanaugh

        1. Who are you voting for in November? Barack Obama. All my life I’ve been waiting for a black president; Obama’s not monumentally unqualified, and his solid-if-boring book at least had some unkind words for teachers unions. Also my kids like him.

        Steve Chapman

        1. Who are you voting for in November? Barack Obama, for two main reasons: The Republican Party, which has jettisoned its best inclinations and indulged its worst for the last eight years, richly deserves exile from the White House, and 2) because he shows an intelligence and temperament that suggest he will govern more pragmatically than ideologically?the best that can be hoped for from a Democratic president.

        Craig Newmark

        1. Who are you voting for in November? Barack Obama, since he’s a genuine leader, with a good program for cleaning up Washington, and will be very good for business.

        Steven Pinker

        1. Who are you voting for in November? Barack Obama, because he most exemplifies Reason and Free Minds (sorry, the country is in no mood for Freer Markets). The contrast between his discernment and eclecticism and the Republican ticket’s impulsiveness and idiot populism is vastly more important than any differences in their adherence to libertarian first principles.

        Ryan Sager

        1. Who are you voting for in November? I am voting for Barack Obama, because I believe in hope and change and unicorns. Also, John McCain is dangerously mentally unfit to be president and has decided, with his choice of Sarah Palin, to complete the transformation of the GOP into a southern-centered party based on social division and cultural resentment.

        Julian Sanchez

        1. Who are you voting for in November? Living in the District of Columbia, I see little reason to mar my as- yet unblemished record of nonvoting. But if I lived in Virigina or Florida, I’d be ticking the box for Obama?not because of any great affection for Hopey McChangeypants, but because I’m terrified of what happens to the Republican Party if eight years of military adventurism, unfettered executive power, and disregard for civil liberties aren’t utterly repudiated at the polls.

        John Scalzi

        1. Who are you voting for in November? I’ll be voting for Obama, because I think as a nation we’re about to descend into a pile of hurt, and I want someone who is smart, pragmatic, and not prone to temper tantrums working to get us out of it as quickly as possible. Also, the possibility of a President Palin makes me want to prepare a bolthole in New Zealand, and as a patriotic American, I should never have to feel that way. Finally, I think the GOP need a moment or two in the Time Out corner, don’t you?

        Michael Shermer

        1. Who are you voting for in November? I’m voting Democrat because I think lawyers should run the country, because the last two years under their control has gone so well, because the government has done such a great job with FEMA that they should also be in charge of our school choices, health care choices, and retirement choices, because they protect me from crime so well that I don’t need a gun, because I want to pay more taxes (especially Capital Gains), because unions need to be stronger against evil corporations, because trade with foreign corporations is anti-American and we need to protect American jobs, and mostly because I’m tired of having so many choices and want someone else to make them for me.

        RU Sirius

        1. Who are you voting for in November? Barack Obama. I could give 100 reasons, but I’ll just say civil liberties. He’s not perfect, and yes, he sold out on warrantless wiretapping, but on the whole, he’s been better in this area than any presidential candidate in my voting lifetime.

        Doug Stanhope

        1. Who are you voting for in November? The Libertarians were hijacked in some type of fishy Beer Hall Putsch by a neo-con with holes in his underpants, so I can’t even vote with my heart this election. I will vote for Obama on behalf of everyone watching in the world, because he’s the coolest to watch on television.

        David Weigel

        1. Who are you voting for in November? I’ve got the luxury of a guilt-free, zero-impact vote in the District of Columbia, which I would cast for Bob Barr if he was on the ballot. Since he’s not, I’m voting for Barack Obama, the only remaining candidate whom I trust not to run the country (further) into the ground with stupid and erratic decisions, and who (miraculously for a Democrat) has run a less brain-dead, faux-populist campaign than the Republican.

        In view of the anal raping our whole country is receiving at the hands of the parasite these traitors helped elect (and shall continue to receive until he’s gone), why should we trust their endorsement of this RP guy when we already know they don’t make very good decisions?

        Ron Bailey, you must be punished, and punished hard.

        Bruce Bartlett, you are not a credible journalist and are temperamentally unfit to give anyone advice.

        David Brin, you deserve to be spanked and deported to Cuba for voting in the guy who brought Cuba’s hellish health care system here. Maybe then you’ll remember Carter and what happens every time you vote a known commie into office.

        David Brin, may your kids be taken away from you by CPS for your being such a wretched parent.

        Steve Chapman, I think it’s fair to say your intelligence and temperament are even worse than your candidate’s turned out to be–to no one’s surprise. (You’ve always been on the wrong side of every single issue ever.)

        Craig Newmark, I hope your candidate has been every bit as good for your career as he has been for “cleaning up Washington, and… business.” In other words, may you starve in the gutter.

        Steven Pinker, keep that “discernment and eclecticism” of yours far away from my impulsiveness and populism or I’ll have you arrested, you pervert!

        Ryan Sager, I hope you enjoy the daily mugging and raping you receive from your South-Side-of-Chicago-centered party based on racial division and financial resentment.

        Well, Julian Sanchez, how are you enjoying the four years of military adventurism, unfettered executive power, and disregard for civil liberties for which you voted so far?

        John Scalzi: so how do you like your descent into a pile of butt hurt at the hands of your retarded idealogue prone to fits of both temper tantrum and pants-pissing cowardice? To the Time Out corner you go, you treasonous misogynist pinprick, and you can’t come out until you stop repeating filthy leftard talking points.

        Michael Shermer, I seriously hope you were being sarcastic, though with selectively skeptical atheist retards like you, it’s never easy to tell.

        RU Sirius, you can’t be serious. Therefore, we can’t trust a word you say either.

        Doug Stanhope, thank you so much for curing me of all desire to watch TV ever again. In exchange, I’ll be glad to cure you of your TV-watching Clockwork Orange style.

        David Weigel, I guess we should have known a liar and Communist infiltrator at Reason like you would encourage others to vote for the one candidate who explicitly promised to run the country into the ground with stupid and erratic decisions to his brainwashed followers during the most idolatrous campaign this nation has ever seen. Pity you’re the only mole at Reason who was ever exposed as such. At least with this list, we now have some idea who else might be a JournoLista.

        1. Yes, I agree, mostly.

    2. Who in his right mind would want a paranoid Israel-bashing nutjob like Ron in the White House?

      Here, RP worshipers, I’ll buy you a clue: Rand Paul has all the same general economic policies as his father, and yet is far more popular with practically everybody except the 9/11 conspiracy theorists, anti-semites, and the other treasonous paranoid kooks who are dragging down Ron.

      The secrets to Rand’s success?

      1. Don’t accept endorsements from known racists and anti-semites like Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, David Duke, Alex Jones, Don Black, and Lew Rockwell. Just don’t. Don’t be seen with them, don’t welcome them to your rallies, don’t–above all–have your picture taken with them. You can’t stop them from giving your campaign their money or publicly supporting you, but you can keep from being seen with them. Rand has so far managed to avoid association with these pariahs. Ron has not.

      2. Keep an eye on what steps are feasible rather than on your most radical ultimate goals. Ending the Fed might be a great idea, but not all the general public are on board yet. Guess which one gets you more votes: promising to end the Fed, or promising to audit it? Both paths may ultimately lead to the downfall of the Fed, but the audit should come first so you can expose the corruption therein and build popular support for abolishing it. Don’t put the cart before the horse the way Ron does; hitch up the horse first the way Rand does.

      3. Rip foreign aid all you want, but never single out Israel. That’s how Rand does it, and that’s why he’s in so much better company than his father. The only time his opposition to foreign aid to Israel ever came up was when a reporter played “Gotcha!” with Rand as he was speaking out against foreign aid to everyone, whereas Ron never seems to oppose foreign aid to anyone but Israel. Rand recovered nicely; Ron has not. What else is the public supposed to conclude, but that Rand opposes foreign aid, whereas Ron opposes Israel? It doesn’t matter what either of them really thinks: if the subject in debate suddenly turns from foreign aid to Israel, you’ve already lost the argument. Stick to your message the way Rand does, and be sure regularly to count Israel among our nation’s allies the way he always does when that subject does come up in any other context.

  13. If he has a plausible chance of winning by the time the R primaries roll around here, I’ll hold my nose and register as a Republican to vote for him. If not, I’ll just write him in on the ballot.

  14. Ron Paul, unfortunately, miss his calling a long time ago, and had he ran for president during a time before the globalist, evil NWO agenda started, and when the american people were more proactive and patriotic, he would have been president easily, and the rest of these puppets would have been laughed at and kicked to the curb is a second.

    Ron has no chance of winning people, and it is because he up against a cabal, that will simply never allow it to happen. One that can do anything it pleases and can make or break any presidential campaign when it pleases.

    Jimmy Carter had 4% of the democratic vote, 7 months before he was nominated. He was going nowhere, but the ‘lovely’ David Rockerfeller loved him, because he was thick as a brick and easily manipulated and would serve his one world government plans and orginizations perfectly (Trilateral Commission, CFR, etc). Then, in a blink, he instantly surges overnight and wins the nomination. DK used his enormous financial ability and wall st cronies, bankers, and academic institutions to make that happen, as well as the controlled media to ‘sheep’ the public and pump up his candidate, and god knows what other immoral things to manipulate the votes.

    DK was, and still is, an evil and vile human being, who was done nothing but rape America and has done all he can to turn it into, and meld it with other countries, to become a global imperialist, with its roots driven into other country’s resources, currencies, and to one day topple those and merge them into the collective. It’s already happening in Europe. This all done under the guise of ‘global exceptionalism’ and furthering mankinds understanding and cooperation with other nations, as he said himself, which, as most who know the truth, is a complete crock of bs.

    Barry Goldwater, the Ron Paul of his time seen all of this, did all he could to stop it, ran for president when Carter did, and was snuffed out like a bug in no time, just like Ron will be.

    I do applaude and commend every american who supports Dr Paul. He is a great man, leads by a wonderful example that is long forgotten and has eroded so badly in the heart of most of our people, and a personal hero of mine. Thomas Jefferson would surely be proud of him, as well as other founders.

    But sadly, he is going up against something with monumental power; a machine that has been steamrolling over our country and its constitution for over half a century now, and unfortunately, it cannot be stopped. These corrupt organizations have more overreach than you could ever possibly imagine, and to try and imagine it, will make you feel sick to your stomach and bring tears to your eyes. Our own governement, banks, media, university professors, certain hollywood celebs, past and current politicians, are so deeply woven and controlled by DK’s brainchild commissions and his money, that the ONLY way…THE ONLY WAY this will end, is like other countries have ended it throughout history, when they were occupied and controlled by powers they despised. And that is by a VERY large portion of the military and civilians, rising up and taking the country back by force.

    It WILL happen one day, and it is not that far away, and i just pray that i am not around when it happens. Do your homework on what i speak here people. I am not some doomsayer or some prophet trying to preach some warped gospel.

    Newt Gingrich believes in EVERYTHING that DK did and desires EVERYTHING that DK did. He is involved in THE SAME organizations and has always been for using this country as a global centerpiece of dominion, and to branch it out into some warped marxist style of rule …and this is why he is surging in polls out of nowhere, when his campaign was barely doing a thing and no money at all. Now, suddenly hes on top in most polls. You think that is a coincidence? He is a despicable excuse for a human being and an American, and has wiped his ass with our constitution all his political life…and that, is why he will be our next president.

    My advice? Get a passport if you dont already have one and GET OUT before it is too late.

    1. Hey Joey!

      Ron Paul did run for president against globalism in the 80’s when globalism was in flower! I voted for him. YOU missed his calling not Ron Paul. You were probably too busy getting riled against Iraq the first time by the MSM.

      Sadly I don’t disagree with most your conclusions. But put the blame where it belongs on the arrogant, tribal, short-sighted american people.

    2. Who is this “DK” of who you speak?

      Dorling Kindersley?

      Donkey Kong?

      Donna Karan ?

      1. It reads more humorously if you just put Donkey Kong everytime he says DK.

  15. In 2008, our self-determined organization cautioned other organizations in the African American community i.e. NAACP, SCLC, Nation of Islam, Urban League, National Action Network, etc that a vote for any candidate other than Ron Paul is not in the best interest of African Americans or our nation. But their representatives were too perverted, racist, and selfish to heed good advice. They responded by sending us the following video:…..49310D6115

    As we speak, the vast majority of African American integrationist leaders are complaining and whining about Obama’s unprecedented violent interventionist foreign policy throughout Africa and the Middle East. But if they had taken good advice and encouraged African Americans to vote for Ron Paul, the vast majority of our troops would be home, the Federal Reserve would be abolished, and the national debt drastically reduced.

    The Outstanding Public Debt as of 28 Nov 2011 at 05:42:47 PM GMT is:

    The estimated population of the United States is 311,755,796
    so each citizen’s share of this debt is $48,291.13.

    The National Debt has continued to increase an average of
    $3.97 billion per day


  16. This will be interesting. He has been looking at this for a while now. He does come across with a neutralized drive, with the reiteration of the constitution as the backbone of his intentions.

    That being said, of course it is unpredictable what one will do once they do win.

    Gotta give him some props, he has thrown around some decent campaigns.

    Between then and now, one small unpredicted event or favoritism towards him could sway a nice chunk of the voters, and vice versa.

    We will see. The man does have persistence, and maybe it will start to pay off this time around.

    Were he to actually go against what is anticipated, and win, let’s hope he keeps his eye on the prize.

  17. Goddamnit, Reason readers/Cato Supporters/The AEI people who don’t totally suck (half, maybe?)/other members of the libertarian “movement”:

    This constant nitpicking and lack of support for Paul is pissing me off!


    Recognize this fact, and please quit complaining about every little pet peeve you have (e.g., “some of his supporters are weird, he won’t win, he’s not sexy enough of a candidate, whatever other non-substantive complaints you can think of) regarding Paul and show him some love. If you are serious at all about reducing the size of government in a meaningful way, this is an easy decision. Dr. Paul is your choice.

    I’m a former Reason intern with IHS ties – so I guess I’m a “comsotarian” or whatever the Reason/Cato “wing” of the libertarian movement is called. I even had the pleasure of attending dinner following a Federalist Society event with a constitutional fellow at Cato recently, and I must say, he was entirely dismissive, rude, and insulting toward Paul and his supporters.

    It seems to me like libertarians are our own worst enemies. We want to be academic and live in an ivory tower in our think tanks.

    Let’s get off our asses and actually support the best candidate we’ve had (with any shot – sorry Gary Johnson, who is a badass) probably since Barry Goldwater.

    Vote for Paul, for the love of God.

    My rant is over. Thank you. Let us please end this bullshit “comsotarian” bullshit infighting.

    Getting libertarians to do anything is nearly impossible. Collective action problem.

    1. These didactic scisms are exactly why the Progressives are running everything.

    2. Ron Paul – Ideologically pure, and Tough as nails.

  18. “The Texas congressman can win the Iowa Republican caucuses.”
    But never the Republican nomination.

  19. “We know that none of the other Republicans will seriously slash the size of government, even if they have Republican majorities in Congress.”

    Last time I checked, I was still a Republican and still in the race. Looks like Greenhut is joining with the rest of the GOP establishment to throw my real world track record into the memory hole.

  20. Bbbbut, Reason kept telling me four years ago that Ron Paul was an evil Nazi loving racist!

  21. We know that none of the other Republicans will seriously slash the size of government, even especially if they have Republican majorities in Congress.

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  23. Ron Paul is a tower of integrity and good sense in a land of midgets. We will not elect him because he forces us to look at the face of our own greed and folly. But in another century, he will look like a political Mother Theresa.

  24. We need a politician that has shown he will do what he says he will do.
    Ron Paul has the record to show he is the walk he talks.
    I will be voting for Ron Paul.

  25. Ron Paul is not a longshot anymore! He’s the man!

    RON PAUL 2012!

  26. Words and phrases heard from RP worshipers that automatically cause swing voters to tune out:



    “Faux News”

    “Jews control the media”

    “Zionist controlled media”

    “investigate 9/11”

    “Jews did 9/11”

    “illegal war”


    “anti-Zionism is not anti-semitism”


    “Iran does not pose a threat”

    “Alex Jones”

    “Glenn Greenwald”

    “Justin Raimondo”

    “Lawrence Vance”

    “Eric Margolis”

    “Noam Chomsky”

    “Lew Rockwell”

    “the JFK murder”


    “corporate shills”


    “Ron Paul the only true conservative”

    “Don’t you care about the Constitution”

    “neo-cons” or “neocons” as a pejorative

    “Your” for “You’re” and vice-versa

    Also any mixing up of “there” with “their” and “they’re”

    Likewise mixing up “to” with “too” and “two”

    1. yeah, I hate when Ron Paul supporters spell things wrong two!

  27. @WhyRonCan’tWin:

    I think you’re fundamentally right in your criticism of many of the most fervent Paul supporters. I am a Paul supporter, and while at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference, cried out for my fellow Paul supporters to wear collared shirts, shave, and look non-threatening.

    The Paul camp, bless their hearts, needs to learn some more basic sales skills.

    Neckties on Paul supporters might do more to help Paul in the GOP primary than anything else.

    1. That’s ridiculous. Did the Obama supporters wear neckties?

      I run a business, but I only ear neckties to weddings when my wife says I must.

  28. Hey what was the point of this article anyway?

    Was there a thesis statement or was it just some hedged blabbering?

  29. If you decide not to vote for Paul because his followers annoy you, who are you voting for? Obama?

    I will take my vote in this critical election far more seriously.

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