Rally for Raw Milk Rights in Chicago Next Week


Next week the Raw Milk Freedom Riders, a group that staged the recent demonstration* outside FDA headquarters to protest the agency's interstate ban of raw milk** and related arrests and prosecutions, is taking its civil disobedience campaign on the road to Chicago. From the group's just-issued press release:

On December 8, a group of mothers and others will defy the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) ban on "distributing" fresh milk across state lines by transporting 100 gallons of raw milk from Wisconsin to Chicago's Independence Park and distributing it to customers waiting at the park.

Federal law 21 CFR § 1240.61 prohibits interstate movement and distribution of raw milk for human consumption. The FDA regulation applies to individuals, or "agents" acting on their behalf.


The Freedom Riders say that the FDA's statement leaves the door open for FDA to pursue farmers, buying clubs and individuals acting as "distribution agents."  The Wisconsin to Chicago Raw Milk Freedom ride will challenge the FDA's use of force against raw milk distribution.

Whole thing here.

A look at what peace on the raw-milk front looks like here. My thoughts on the FDA's ongoing raw milk crackdown here. Reason on me on raw milk here and here.

*Full disclosure: I helped organize the demonstration.

**TMI disclosure: I am not a consumer of fluid milk (raw or pasteurized), though I do like me some raw- and pasteurized-milk cheese.

Baylen Linnekin is the director of Keep Food Legal, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving and increasing "culinary freedom," the right of all Americans to grow, sell, prepare and eat foods of their own choosing. To join or learn more about the group's activities, go hereTo follow Keep Food Legal on Twitter, go here; to follow Linnekin, go here.

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  1. Alt fucking Text WIN!

    1. Seriously, the guest author posts a pic of Angelina Jolie and references Herc in the alt-text? Dude has been lurking here for a while I guess. He knows the crowd at least.

    2. Baylen obviously knows how to work the room. Well done, sir.

      1. Thank you. Thank you very much. [waving] Thanks.

        1. In time you will regret feeding the racoons.

  2. HERC is now being referenced in alt-texts. We have come full circle.

    1. Wait! That’s the HERC?
      Now I’m conflicted.

      1. HERC is Angelina Jolie. And she drives Jon Voight’s 1989 LeBaron convertible.

    2. I’ve been bested.

  3. It’s asinine for raw milk to be banned (ie, SLD applies), but I don’t get the enthusiasm for it at all.

    Also, alt-text win.

    1. It tastes so much better than processed milk for starters.

      1. Better how? People make this argument, and being too lazy to seek out my local contraband dealer, I’m always confused. Can you give me a pointer as to how it’s better?

        1. It just tastes richer and more flavorful.

          1. Bullshit says I. I’ve done side by side comparisons of raw milk and pasteurized milk.

      2. It’s also better for making cheese. Pasteurization changes a lot of the proteins in milk.
        And it is really true that having diverse bacteria in your gut is a good thing.

        1. Amen says I

        2. its all about diversity yep

          1. Yes, and the fact that dangerous bacteria also exist is completely irrelevant. Your immune system will be much better able to handle the occasional E. coli if exposed to a wide variety of different bacteria.

            1. Yes, and the fact that dangerous bacteria also exist is completely irrelevant. Your immune system will be much better able to handle the occasional E. coli if exposed to a wide variety of different bacteria.

              Actually, dangerous bacteria (and protozoa) are entirely relevant. You don’t understand how acquired immunity works. You have every right to get explosive diarrhea by whatever route you choose, but pretending that the risk hasn’t significantly increased is ignorant.

    2. Spoonman.|11.28.11 @ 1:10PM|#
      It’s asinine for raw milk to be banned

      Wait, what – ? This is about Donkey milk?

  4. Do a google images search for ‘got milk’ and it makes you wonder if there is a celebrity who hasn’t done an ad.

    Lactose intolerant here.

    milk = explosive diarrhea


    1. Sasha Gray did a lot of those ad’s, wait–that’s not milk!

      1. That made me snort milk out my nose.


  5. Good old times when Jolie still had some meat on her bones… What were you saying about milk?

  6. Teenage girls are sticking raw-milk-soaked tampons up their hoohas, and you want to LEGALIZE it? You monster!

  7. “Raw milk”…

    ….instinctive libertarian rage at government interference and injustice… strangely…. not…responding

    In principle, I care… I do… but I think maybe its on the order of Weasel Ownership Rights, or ending oppression of Wiccans…

  8. I loathe milk by itself – unless it’s chocolate milk.

    I only drink the stuff for weight-lifting since whey powders are bleh.

    1. Yeah, milk is an ingredient, not a beverage for adults.

      Cheese, on the other hand, is fundamental.

    2. Put a scoop of whey powder in a liter of whole milk. It makes it almost taste good.

      1. Or try eating real food. Fake food is only good when its only purpose is to taste good (see, e.g., Doritos).

        1. Doritos don’t help you become huge, do they?

          Also, you think Doritos taste good? You are a monster.

          1. You can make your own “dorito” powder flavoring with tapioca flour.

              1. I’m going to make my own umami paste powder and corn chips, all organically, just in case someone I have at my house ever says organic is “natural” and tastes better.

    3. Half-and-half in my coffee; Silk “Very Vanilla” when I want “milk” (like in breakfast cereal or a glass to drink with my chocolate chip cookies).

      Can’t stand the taste of cow milk anymore. Which is weird, considering how much of the stuff I drank for the first 25 or so years of my life.

  9. Baylen Linnekin, what with your awesome name, posts about food, and demonstrated alt-text mastery, I hope you stick around.

  10. Raw milk rights….such a perfect example of a First World Problem 🙂

    1. Right, because only the first world has the technology to… not pasteurize milk.

  11. When I was a teenager (lo, those many years ago), we lived across the street from a dairy farm. They had a 2,000 gallon bulk tank that stored the raw milk, right out of the cows, at an extremely cold temperature, until the cargo tank came by and pumped it out to haul it to the creamery facility. The farmer used to give us a big metal can of the stuff about once a week.

    It was amazing stuff. Whole, whole milk – unpasteurized, unhomogenized. We would fill a glass pitcher and keep it in the fridge. When you opened up the fridge first thing in the morning, you could see the layers – the top layer was almost like liquid butter. You’d pour it on your cornflakes and there would be little clumps of fat on the flakes.

    It was like pouring ice cream on your breakfast cereal.

    When the farm went tits-up and the farmer moved away, we had to go back to store-bought, processed milk. I think that’s about when I started losing my taste for it. No comparison – nasty stuff.

    1. They are called udders.

  12. This only proves the fact that the only thing in which the regulators are interested is their own profit. I am a great fan of local farmers and their products which I think can under no circumstances be replaced by genetically modified products. What I like in particular is bio meat. It has recently been on the rise but it still needs a lot of promotion. I was lucky to find some great places such as The Healthy Butcher, Fresh From the Farm, Cumbrae’s in Toronto where you can get healthy and high-quality meat which not only eases your conscience as far as the treatment of animals is concerned but it also has a much more positive impact on your health and lifestyle. But when I read about the actions that the government together with other authorities are about to take I get the impression that the future of local farmers and organic food is under serious threat and we should all do something about it.

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