Moore Casts Stones at His Neighbors While Living in His Glass House on Torch Lake


I have a recommendation for a new venue for Occupy protesters kicked out of Zuccotti Park and elsewhere: Michael

Moore's home, sorry, mansion. Courtesy Michigan View, here is a picture of Moore's sprawling, lakefront pad in tony Torch Lake, Michigan, which shows that he has plenty of space, nice views, and just the neighbors they are looking for.

Reports the View:

Moore bought the original 2,500 square foot home, local real estate sources say, then gobbled up two surrounding lots to expand his massive estate. Antrim County public records show the property in the name of Moore and his wife, Kathleen Glynn, and lists its taxable value at nearly $1 million. Local real estate agents estimate the real value of the 7,500-12,000 square foot compound at $2 million (see an overhead view at BigGovernment.com here). A Michigan View survey of the area (see nearby photos) finds an exclusive community of homes and boat slips with housing values ranging from to $500,000 to Moore's high-end $2 million.

Moore's estate can go toe-to-toe in size, nouveau-riche ostentatiousness and pure bad taste with any in the area, which is saying something given that his neighbors include not just fellow Hollywood celebrities such as Bruce Willis, Madonna, and Tim Allen—but also corporate execs such as ex-Chrysler Chairman Bob Eaton and other Big Three execs, Auto mogul Bill Schuiling and boat-magnate John Win, the very people whom the protesters despise.

They'll be able to yell at them right from their tents in Moore's backyard which raises this question: Why did Moore have to go to Zuccotti Park to tell the one percenters what he thought of them? Couldn't he have just walked over to their house and told them to do their "fair share" over Chateau Lafite Rothschild and smoked gouda? 

Or, here's an even better idea: Just stayed at home and talked to the mirror?