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Hopefully Buddy Roemer Makes Gary Johnson Feel a Little Better


Over at, Jo Ling Kent is clearly trying to buck up former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson — or his fans — with description such as this:

While Rick Perry was grasping for the right words at last night's debate in Michigan, longshot candidate Buddy Roemer tried to lend the Texas governor a hand from his living room across the country in New Hampshire.

"It's energy, Rick! Energy! Oh come on, Rick, it's energy," Roemer shouted at his flat screen tv as Perry floundered, searching for the name of the third federal agency he'd eliminate if elected.

Frustrated at missing the 8th debate in a row, Roemer sighed and shook his head. "Oh, how I wish I could be at just one of these debates," he said.

Johnson is filed with Roemer in this article, due to the depressing similarities that they are both former governors (Roemer oversaw Louisiana) being ignored by most of the media most of the time, and they're both tilting at the windmill known as the New Hampshire primary. However, Johnson may be stuck tweet-debating most candidates on most nights, but he cannot yet be described as "missing the 8th debate in a row." Nor can anyone take away his media-moment quip about Obama's dog crap-worthy job creation legacy during the September 22 Fox News/Google debate.

Our fittest and most pot-friendly GOP candidate is the other Ron Paul that nobody but libertarians, some sensible liberals, and Outside magazine wants to see more of, but he at least he was the most Googled man in the world on September 22, even before the dog joke. By contrast, in a 1991 Gubernatorial runoff election, Roemer got third place — five points behind ex-KKK Grand Wizard David Duke.

Reason on Gary Johnson and other so-called "fringe" candidates.'s most recent outing with Gary Johnson — the former governor's trip to Occupy Wall Street.

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  1. Nor can anyone take away his media-moment quip about Obama’s dog crap-worthy job creation legacy during the September 22 Fox News/Google debate.

    Actually, many conservatives insist he stole it from Rush Limbaugh.

    Not that I would know.

  2. I keep mixing Buddy up with Sax.

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    1. You could not pay me enough to click on that link…

  4. Sure, everyone’s pissed off that politicians aren’t representative of their electorate anymore. The question is what you do to fix it. If you give them more power and more money, they’ll only be more insular and aloof, and that’s exactly what OWS is demanding. Politicians in DC **can’t** represent well because they’re doing too many things, and the larger the scope of what they do, the greater the chance that what they do will piss a lot of us off.

    Devolve power down to state and local governments, as the Constitution requires, and you’ll see an entirely different dynamic set up. Better yet, get the government totally out of half of what they do now and leave it to individuals and 90% of us will be happier all around.

    1. Expand the House. No more than 50,000 people per representative, meaning 6000 reps.

  5. Hopefully, with all the candidates rising and falling fast, the field will whittle down far enough so that the spotlight eventually shines on Gary Johnson. Bachmann has already risen and fallen, Cain has those accusation dogging him at his heels, Perry just took himself out of the running last night with that senior moment, and Santorum still polls lower than Gary despite being allowed to participate in the debates. So that leaves Romney, Gingrich, Paul and Huntsman. Romney was a one-term governor who is going to pegged as Obama-lite and a flip-flopper. Gingrich is smart, but some Democrats still loathe him for forcing Clinton to work with the Republican held congress. Ron Paul has a strong following and there have been long time supporters of Ron Paul who are hoping that this is his time – some derisively posting comments on Gary Johnson’s facebook page he’s taking voters away from Ron Paul, though that’s funny because you can make the same argument that in 2008 Ron Paul took the presidency away from McCain and gave it to Obama. And there’s Huntsman, but one blogger posted his wife said she wouldn’t buy cookies from this smarmy guy.

    When they start digging into the personal life of Gary Johnson, you know that he’ll be a rising star in the media. Unfortunately, right now that’s the only way to tell if the media is even interested in a candidate is if they start dishing dirt. Pitiful, but true.

    1. I thought that was Paul’s best debate to date. Clear, concise. No rambling. No whiney voice. Smiled a little. It’s possible he could gain ground if Cain fades.

    2. Then Johnson will whip out the “Fair” Tax sales tax and anyone who was interested in him will sigh and slouch.

    3. At this rate, I don’t think Gary will see any movement in the polls unless he either,

      1) Gets another debate invite (Likely only Fox News would do it if any) or

      2) Pulls off an upset in New Hampshire, since many candidates have been coasting on debate exposure and less on actually visiting various states, compared to recent elections. Door to door visits and shaking hands in a state can make a nobody become a somebody overnight, like Jimmy Carter for example.

      I think I heard there’s like 13 more debates left? I’ve been watching them all, but it is getting tiresome. Each debate has only made me dislike candidates even more with me finding more reasons not to want to vote for them. At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if the debates only hurt the candidates in them (Ex. Perry). Overexposure (the sound of “9-9-9 PLAN!” is grating now) and more opportunities to stumble is all I see them as now. Maybe by the time it’s time to vote Gary will look refreshing compared to the 8 candidates at these debates.

  6. It’s a bit absurd to have debate candidates based solely on polling at such an early stage. I would think that one could allow any member of the Republican party who has a) served as governor or senator for at least one full term or member of the House for at least 4 terms and b) announced a run for president automatically qualified for the early debates. Actual votes in actual elections are far more telling than polls of 300 registered voters two years before the general election. You could also invite at large candidates, like Herman Cain. It’s absurd that a two-term governor is shut out of 11 of 12 debates. Just for interest or variety they could add some others.

  7. Steigerwald!

    You overlooked Conor Friedersdorf’s much smarter article lumping Johnson, Ron Paul, and Buddy Roemer. Basically, he tells disaffected liberals to register Republican and support these pro-pot, anti-war, pro-civil liberties Republicans as a way of dragging Obama to the left.

    Want Real Change? Occupy the Republican Party #ORP

  8. I’m hoping as the clowns exit the car one by one that Gov Johnson has his moment in the sun. But in reality, there is no chance for someone who is not maximum-hate/maximum-war in the Republican party. The total lack of support for Rep Paul proves that…

    1. I think the neocons have been losing steam in the GOP since the last election. Hopefully that continues and more people will move Pauls direction on war as they have on the fed recently. I think the people are listening to Paul which really forces the other politicians to as well. That is why it’s so important to have Paul in the running even if he doesn’t succeed. Good work and education is getting done. Four years ago he was heckled, know he’s applauded.

  9. The Architect mentioned Johnson on Fox this morning, along with Ron Paul, and in a neutral, non-smirking manner.

  10. Was that Constantine?

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