Government Spending

First Savings Without Cuts, Now Cuts Without Savings


Since I criticized Mitt Romney's penny-ante budget cuts in my column yesterday, I should note that President Obama can play that game too. The New York Times reports that he has found $4 billion in change under the cushions of the waste, fraud, and abuse couch, including money spent on "promotional plaques and mugs, cellphones and iPads, official travel, and chauffeured cars for senior officials." Rather than squander the sum—fully 0.3 percent of the fiscal year 2011 budget deficit—on debt reduction, the administration has "reinvested" it in "other programs, like helping veterans re-enter the work force or improving the nation's infrastructure, which the White House contends are more worthwhile."

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  1. Can they still give away promotional presidential biographies?

    1. Free presidential biographies would be too expensive, as any sensible person would insist on being paid to read them.

  2. Why don’t they just hire the veterans to drive government officials around?

    1. Hey, stop thinking like a reasonable person!

    2. I didn’t work while I was in the army, why would I want to work now.

      1. Where’s my leave form?

  3. I need the government to teach me how to search the want ads and apply for a job.

    1. I need the government to do all the job-hunting work for me!

  4. That Obama and Romney can play the same game is exactly the reason why the MSM has anointed Romney the nomination.

    If they can’t Obama-Obama, they’ll have the next best thing, dammit!!

  5. Would you really feel safe on the road if Nancy Pelosi and Joe Bide didn’t have chaffeurs?

  6. I thought they’re bailing out Fannie.

  7. At least we finally have a quantifiable total for the “waste, fraud, and abuse” everyone pledges to eliminate: 0.3%.

  8. if you substitute virtually any other word for “veteran”, how is it different from any other inherently discriminatory program? Perhaps someone can explain to an unemployed person why someone leaving the service should get preference.

    1. Because they went to war and risked their lives?

      1. For what? No war, Korea and forward, has been about protecting America from direct threats or defending America.

        The only ones I’d feel the remotest sympathy for are draftees, but even those guys, I’d expect to do their own job-hunting and research when their military service ended.

      2. I am the last person to denigrate their service but 1) the military is a volunteer organization, 2) there is no drawdown I am aware of, and 3) what makes them more deserving of a job than an unemployed non-veteran.

        1. Plus even without the government’s help a veteran is going to have a leg up with most employers. It looks great on a resume. Using government assistance is just doubling down.

      3. We havent fought in a war since WW2.

  9. $4 billion in change under the cushions of the waste, fraud, and abuse couch, including money spent on “promotional plaques and mugs, cellphones and iPads, official travel, and chauffeured cars for senior officials.”

    So I assume they returned the plaques, mugs and iStuff for full refunds, right?

    They wouldn’t just blow the money one year then use that as justification for slightly more responsible spending next year.

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    1. Me fail reading? Unpossible!

      1. I goed to high school… I think I can decip… uh… figger out what he’s sayin’.

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        Although, upon further reflectage, it would appear they are self-designing.

  11. Speaking of government goodies, I think the prices on the various NASA memorabilia in the Kennedy Space Center gift shop should be raised until NASA is pulling a profit. I probably mooched off the American taxpayers when I bought my KSC mug and t-shirt (this was back in my Bushpig days).

    If they’re already pulling a profit, they should tinker with the levels to find what’s most profitable–you know, like an actual firm.

  12. These kinds of penny-pinching measures will just wind up putting old people out on the streets, and puppies will starve to death.

    1. Break some windows, kid!

      1. It’s your patriotic duty to pay taxes! And the more you pay, the more patrioticker you get!

        Stand up for Chuck, everyone!

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