CBO Makes It Official: Repealing ObamaCare's Long Term Care Benefit Won't Increase the Deficit


Earlier this week, the Congressional Budget Office officially confirmed that repealing the CLASS Act, ObamaCare's shuttered long-term care benefit, would not increase the deficit. As CLASS began to collapse, there was initially some concern about this. The program was scored to reduce the next decade's deficit thanks to the collection of early premium revenues. So shouldn't repealing it increase the official deficit projections? 

CLASS dismissed.

That would have been the case over the summer, before the administration announced that it would not be implementing CLASS, but not anymore. As CBO explained in its letter to Sen. Thune, it changes its budgeting projections based on new information from program administrators: 

If the new information indicates that something definitely has happened or definitely will happen (such as an agency issuing a final rule, or an official announcement clearly defining an intended Administration action—such as the HHS Secretary's announcement on October 14), CBO incorporates that information in its next regular baseline update. It also immediately takes that information into account when analyzing legislation being considered by the Congress—even if it has not published new baseline projections.

Despite the fact that the program, as designed, was widely understood to be a complete train wreck that would eventually add billions to the deficit, even some Republican legislators were wary of voting to repeal a bill that officially reduced the deficit. But that shouldn't be a problem anymore. Because the administration has said it won't be implementing the program, CBO no longer expects to collect any revenue as a result of its operation. Consequently, repealing it wouldn't have any official effect on the deficit at all. 

This is good news, although it still may not lead to repeal since the administration, despite admitting that it is unable to implement CLASS in a fiscally responsible way, continues to oppose actually erasing the program from the books. 

It's also a lesson in the power of the Congressional Budget Office in Washington legislating. Even after virtually everyone admitted that the program was totally unworkable and destined to add to the deficit in the decades after its implementation, Republicans who opposed the program were nonetheless resistant to killing it—not because of its important long-term effects but because of how the CBO scored its deficit effects in the next ten-year window.  

Lots more on the power of the CBO in my 2010 magazine feature, "The Gatekeeper."  

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    2. “If you want the American dream? Move to Denmark”

      Denmark’s purchasing power adjusted GDP/capita is about the same as Mississippi, our poorest state.

      You move first.

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        1. I’ve lived in both Billund, DK and Gulfport, MS. Both places have their own charm but never forget, the selection & affordability of foodstuffs readily available in the markets of The Magnolia State puts the Danes to shame. Also better in MS, the restaurants, recreational opportunities, and every other consumer good; even Lego is less expensive in Mississippi than it is in Billund, the very city in which it’s manufactured. In my experience, people who gush over Europe have only vacationed there and never actually had to procure employment, rent a house, or provision a larder.

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          1. Oh, no, cultural differences could never account for anything.

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  2. So the federal government’s budget process is unmoored from reality and is fundamentally batshit insane. Have I got that right ?

  3. The agricultural city-State’s process is unmoored from reality and is fundamentally batshit insane.

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    1. That guy sounds batshit insane.

  4. 2- European Governments do not waste the people’s money on Unnecessary Wars (Vietnam war, Iraq War, etc.) or on a Gargantuan Military.

    Before a newcomer posts here he should read what the site and its readers generally believe. If you had you would know that people at this site generally believe that the US should have a smaller military and a less interventionist international presence.

    Of course picking up the tab for the defense of Europe and doing all of Europe’s dirty work costs money. I fully agree it’s time the freeloaders paid their share.

    1. 2- European Governments do not waste the people’s money on Unnecessary Wars (Vietnam war, Iraq War, etc.) or on a Gargantuan Military.

      I guess the Balkans, Chad, Zaire, Djibouti, C?te d’Ivoire, Libya, Congo, Falkland Islands, Indonesia, Timor, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and all the other garden spots to which the Europeans send their children to wage war don’t count.

  5. The health care law gets ruled constitutional

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  6. It’s also worth noting that when you have a population of 5.5M people (smaller than the eight most populous US states) who are for all practical purposes the same, ethnically and religiously, it’s not that hard to set up a welfare state that works relatively well and is seen as fair by all participating.

    The Danish welfare state is already showing cracks though as native Danes are starting to show resentment towards those darker hued newcomers who don’t seem to understand the cultural norms.

    Single-payer healthcare would be delicious to watch in this country as the David Dukeites and the Al Sharptonites slug it out over which favored group is getting the most benefits and who’s victim group is getting listed for elimination by the death panels the most often.

  7. I think he will be able to win the nomination.

  8. “Earlier this week, the Congressional Budget Office officially confirmed that repealing the CLASS Act, ObamaCare’s shuttered long-term care benefit, would not increase the deficit.”

    Given that we now know that even with CLASS Obamacare would not have reduced the deficit, why are we giving any credibility to the CBO? They have demonstrated that their calculation assumptions are fatally flawedm and everyone who pays attention knows this.

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