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Obama's Latest Military Adventure

Why is the president deploying U.S. troops to Uganda?


Editor's Note: This column is reprinted with permission of the Washington Examiner. Click here to read it at that site.

Friday afternoon, in a letter to Speaker John Boehner, President Obama announced that he'll be deploying 100 combat-ready U.S. soldiers, mostly special forces operators, to Uganda, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, and the Congo.

So much for Dinesh D'Souza's pet theory that "Kenyan anti-colonialism" is the secret motivation behind everything the president does.

The soldiers' mission is to help Ugandan forces round up the so-called Lord's Resistance Army, a group that few Americans had heard of before last week.

The LRA, a grotesque death-cult led by Joseph Kony, a self-proclaimed "spokesperson" for God, has, as Obama put it, "murdered, raped and kidnapped tens of thousands of men, women and children in central Africa" over the last 20 years.

Our soldiers aren't supposed to engage LRA forces, except in self-defense, and, given that LRA lore holds that anointing yourself with shea nut oil will make you bulletproof, U.S. special forces can probably handle any trouble they get into.

But, following on the heels of Libya—a war in a country the president's own secretary of defense admitted is "not a vital interest for the U.S."—Obama's Ugandan adventure raises the question, what in the world does he think the American military is for?

The LRA is surely a horrible bunch, but, equally surely, they're no threat to American national security. The president's decision—in the midst of two ongoing wars—to involve U.S. soldiers in another fight where America has no possible stake, suggests a disturbingly incontinent approach to military intervention.

If so, the incontinence is bipartisan. Obama's letter to Boehner, intended to serve as notification under the War Powers Resolution, invokes the Lord's Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act of 2009. That act, which endorsed "military and intelligence support" for efforts to neutralize the LRA and capture the movement's crazed leader, passed by a wide margin, with 64 co-sponsors in the Senate, 201 in the House.

And the president's Friday announcement got emphatic support from Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), one of the Senate's staunchest conservatives.

As The Atlantic's Max Fisher noted, the deployment reflects "a small but important shift in how, where, and why the U.S. uses military force."

The Obama team has embraced the U.N. doctrine known as "Responsibility to Protect," which holds that the "international community" has an obligation to protect civilians from crimes against humanity—by force, if necessary—when their own governments cannot or will not.

That doctrine is at odds with the U.S. Constitution, which empowers Congress to set up a military establishment for the singular end of "the common defence … of the United States."

Even so, the emerging Obama Doctrine reflects a fondness for feel-good "humanitarian interventions," through which we prove our nobility by putting blood and treasure at risk when there's nothing in it for us.

These expeditions tend to go OK—until they don't. Recall that it was the hunt for Somali warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid that led to the "Black Hawk Down" incident, with 18 U.S. soldiers killed and 80 wounded in 1993.

A similar disaster seems unlikely here, and our Ugandan incursion may well do some for the LRA's long-suffering victims. Yet success breeds boldness, and with each new intervention, our defense establishment is becoming further unmoored from its constitutional purpose: national defense. Before long, we may have cause to regret that shift.

Gene Healy is a vice president at the Cato Institute and author of The Cult of the Presidency: America's Dangerous Devotion to Executive Power (Cato 2008). He is a columnist at the Washington Examiner, where a version of this article originally appeared. Click here to read it at that site.

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  1. Are we going to take over Africa now? Is that the plan? How many wars are we currently engaged in?

    1. It seems to me that, since the last adventure was in Africa, that it is another continent’s turn to be “Mission Accomplished.”

      1. Libya is not Africa Africa.

        1. It’s original Africa. I’m talking old Roman province stuff here.

        2. Have we won in Africa Africa yet?

          1. The difference between war and computer war games is that, in the latter case, you have to shut down the previous one before you start a new one.


        3. Southern Libya is. It is ethnically similar to Chad.

          1. That makes two of us!

            1. Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!

    2. Obama’s next genius move: going up against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

      1. That would be foolish, as I don’t think he’s built up a resistance to iocane powder.

        1. Well, then, clearly he cannot choose the Bud Light in front of you.

          1. Truly, you have a dizzying presidency.

            1. I thought it was Asia that you don’t get into a land war in, not Africa.

              1. First, who is talking about Asia?

                Second, if we say no feet touched the ground, no land war. Q.E.D.

              2. I thought it was Asia that you don’t get into a land war in, not Africa.

                Don’t worry, that’s next. Oh wait, we’re already in Afghanistan. Wait, which Asia are we talking about? The one Americans mean or the one limeys mean?

                1. The original Roman province?

                  1. Asia Asia, of course.

                    1. We shouldn’t forget the musical group, Asia, either.

                    2. Asia, that is where prog rock takes you. I always ends up back at Asia, the true prog rock super group. All you prog rock fans can now go hide your head in shame.

                    3. *ahem*

                    4. Asia was a combination of the Plamer from ELP, the lead singer from King Crimson, and the key boardist and guitarist from Yes. That is the ultimate prog rock super group. And look what it hath wrought.

                    5. Only time will tell.

                    6. I object to this line of discussion.

                    7. Nor should we forget Asia Carrera.

                    8. or Porche Carrera…

    3. Jesus, Debbie Downer, they’re only advisers being deployed for counter insurgency. Calm down.

      1. It’s just so peaceful. How many people voted for Obama because they wanted less military intervention overseas?

        1. How many people voted for Obama because they wanted less military intervention overseas?

          “Progressives” in 2008: “I just have to vote for Obama, all right? McCain would get us involved in multiple new WARS, or something!”

          “Progressives” Today: “Libya? Uganda? *yawwwwwwwnnn* Hey, isn’t that Gilligan’s Island marathon about to start on Channel 7…?”

      2. Yeah, I mean, what could go wrong?

        **cough** Vietnam **cough**

        1. That was my first thought when I heard the word “advisers”.

          1. Advisers were permanently tainted by that war. That’s why they call themselves consultants now.

            1. Forget the original news article!! I just got caught up in the very witty, droll, tongue-in-cheek banter taking place.
              It’s worth it to visit Reason simply to be so blown away by the sarcasm and obvious enjoyment you take lampooning and “one-upping” one another!! More! More!

          2. Mine too. Do people really not know their history at all?

            1. Do people really not know their history at all?

              Why bother to learn about history when you can see all the same mistakes be repeated today?

              1. Dudley Moore: Yes, indeed. Do you feel you’ve learnt by your mistakes here?

                Peter Cook: I think I have, yes, and I think I can probably repeat them almost perfectly. I know my mistakes inside out.

                Dudley Moore: I’m sure you will repeat them. Well, thank you very much, Sir Arthur.

        2. we’ve already been in afghanistan longer than vietnam. jeesch

          1. It’s just this war and that lying sonofabitch Johnson…

        3. Vietnam? Meh. Somalia at worst. They are fighting some crazy magical kids in the jungle (OK that does sound kind of like Vietnam), not against the proxies of the other world super power.
          I’m not saying I think it is a good idea, but I’m really not too worried.

          1. Didn’t something go wrong in Somalia? Or was that just a movie?

            1. That’s what I mean. I could see things going Somalia level wrong, but not Vietnam wrong.
              Perhaps I am becoming too complacent in my old age, but I am working from teh basic assumption that every president we are likely to get is going to do something unnecessary and ill-advised with the military. I am a lot happier with it being something like this than another Iraq/Afghanistan/Vietnam.

              1. Well, yes, I suppose I agree with that.

                Even Vietnam made some sense from a geopolitical, Cold War perspective. Maybe we really had to fight something like that to keep the Soviets from polluting the world. No way to know for sure.

              2. Because of socialism, there is no other world power proxy.

                Thanks to “capitalism”, there soon will be, however.

              3. Yes, I do think you are being entirely too complacent (although whether that’s due to “old age” I’ll leave to you!). Our involvement in Viet Nam also began with a few hundred “advisors” (who weren’t supposed to engage in combat) and look how well that turned out. Yet another camel’s nose is now in yet another tent, and it won’t be long before the whole beast has worked his way inside. Again.

                If they really want to eliminate the “threat” of Joseph Kony just send a Predator drone to take him out (and maybe a few hundred of his supporters as well). We’ve demonstrated our ability to do that, and we already know that it’s “legal”, right? I mean, it’s not like he’s even a US citizen so what’s the problem? 😉

                1. Hear! Hear!
                  You’re spot on in your assessment!

          2. why should you be worried? It’s not your ass getting shot at or one of your relations (son, husbandm, brother)…you douche

        4. Those who fail to learn from us are doomed to repeat us.

          1. What the pho’?

    4. Obviously, I would rather not have the US military trying to solve the world’s problems. But if they are going to do it somewhere, sub-Saharan Africa seems like the place to go. There are lots of really obvious bad guys, the general population is not especially anti-American and better us than the Chinese (OK I just pulled the last one out of my ass, I may or may not actually believe that). And a lot of those places have oil too.

      1. better us than the Chinese

        Make certain to write, once you’ve made base camp.

        1. Did you miss the part where I said I would prefer that the US not do things like this at all?

      2. I’ll admit that I occasionally think we’re stuck with having to intervene, now that everyone else in the world wants us to. But military force shouldn’t be our first and favorite means of diplomacy.

        1. military force shouldn’t be our first and favorite means of diplomacy.

          You must be new here.

      3. Some are claiming the reason is oil and Soros.

        1. I’d need something a little more credible than WND.

    5. Obama hates him some black people.

      Is it his black half or his white half which hates them more?

    6. The military-congressional-industrial complex. Gotta keep that military welfare flowing.

  2. The president’s decision?in the midst of two ongoing wars?to involve U.S. soldiers in another fight where America has no possible stake, suggests a disturbingly incontinent approach to military intervention.

    I think the tendency to piss oneself when stressed is pretty universal among politicians.

    1. Incontinent is a nice word for this. Another would be bellirrhea.

      1. bellirrhea

        I think that is the best new word of the year.

        (I googled it and your comment was the only link.)

        I would propose a definition as “the tendency of a government or head of government to use the military in any given situation.” (Especially when talking out of his ass.)

        1. Hey, that’s great! The Internet usually mocks any inventing I do by having a million people beat me to the punch.

          I like that definition. More formally, we could use–

          1. pathologically incoherent, repetitious war.
          2. incessant or compulsive warlikeness; wearisome hostility.

          1. Would the opposite be bellicostipation?

            1. Belliconstipation? It’s a possibility. I’m in negotiations with Roget’s right now.

              1. Bellirregularity?

              2. No, bellicos(e)tipation. The n was left out on purpose.

                1. Oh, I see. Fine with me. How does one make words official, anyway?

                2. bellicos(e)tipation.

                  Ah, I see what you did there. *golf clap*

          2. I am totally stealing bellirrhea

        2. Yes, I vote this immediately enter the lexicon.

          1. I’m in.

            Reason, your instructions are to use this word as often as possible, to get it into general use.

          2. I vote no. Pro L has a big enough ego already.

            1. Please, I have so few words recognized by the OED.

              I made it into a Word of the Day, if anyone cares.

              1. I tried to get my kids to popularize “butt belch” instead of “fart” amongst their friends, but it was a no-go.

                1. Kids are lame.

              2. RE: ProL @ 3:18

                uhh, i call shenanigans. I think that game was rigged.

                1. It’s true [sobs]–Roget’s wouldn’t return my calls.

        3. Lesbian Wrinkle Death is the new word of the year…google that shit.

      2. Incontinent in the sense that we are now firmly IN the CONTINENT.

      3. Speak English PL, I don’t understand your gibberish language, herp derp.

    2. These are warm-up (or preseason) wars in advance of attacking Iran.

  3. quid pro quo for uganda sending troops for the AU force in [SOMOLIA]…which the US cant after black hawk down

    1. Al-Shabab, the Somalian militant group, has just declared that they will take down skyscrapers in Nairobi after Kenya mobilized along, and probably crossed, the borders between the two countries.

      1. With their squadron of heavy bombers?

        1. heavy bomberz?

          1. “PRESENT!!!”

  4. Excellent.

    1. BOO-URNS!


  5. War of choice?

  6. “…with each new intervention, our defense establishment is becoming further unmoored from its constitutional purpose: national defense. Before long, we may have cause to regret that shift.”

    He misspelled “shit”.

  7. We have a moral obligation to those noble, noble savages. They are but innocent children, and need strong adult guidance, as only I can provide.

    1. ^^This. This is my burden.

  8. Is he sending the Wild Geese? The Dogs of War, or Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner?

    1. He’s sending volunteers from CurrentTV’s recent campaign. Environmental shock troops will rain green jobs upon them.

      1. Oh, the humanity!

        It might even make one nostalgic for, say, the Battle of Verdun.

      2. Man they are fucked. That is probably the most inhumane (and annoying) form of economic warfare imaginable.

    2. I vote Roland. Blow that son of a bitch clear to Jo’burg.

      1. Nooo, he’ll get mugged there in a New York minute

      2. That sonofabitch Van Owen

    3. Time, time, time, for another peaceful war.

  9. So, can they take backsies on the peace prize?

    1. Not when it was given for tone-setting.

  10. …invokes the Lord’s Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act of 2009.

    Congress actually created and passed this? Who elects these ass-clowns?

    1. Do they resist on behalf of the Lord, or are they resisting the Lord? And is it God they’re resisting or resisting on the behalf of, or some other lord? Like the Viscount Allenby of Megiddo?

    2. Interesting. Does that act specifically authorize deployment of combat troops?

      1. Northern Uganda Recovery?

        Recovery to what state? Did Northern Uganda have some golden age I’m unaware of?

        Sorry to be cynical.

        1. Kampala used to be called “The Pearl Of Africa”. You must understand of course that the competition was not exactly stiff.

          1. According to these guys, it still is.

            “Uganda is a fast growing tourist destination gifted by nature together with its growing stability and hospitable communities. It continues to offer its competitively priced and high quality range of wildlife products offering an awesome experience.”


            I wonder if they’re offering any discounts. Sounds neat.

      2. Advisers aren’t combat troops, RC. Didn’t you learn anything from JFK?

        1. Running around, trying not to get shot while shooting the enemy doesn’t mean you’re in combat. Get with the program.

          1. Kinetic advisory action, not combat. Don’t be so 20th century in your thinking. It’s a new millennium, with new phrases.

            1. Yup. Phrases like bellirrhea.

      3. No, but neither did the thing Obama used with Libya.

        This is one of the reasons why it’s important for Congress not to pass stupid “sense of the Congress” resolutions that seem like they have no content. The President always fills in that blank check at a time of his choosing.

      4. Advisers, goddamnit! Advisers! This is a police action!

        1. Send in the Space Cops!

          1. Hell with that. What if I just let Blip fly over, for a real quick look-see…?

    3. Yeah, it would be one thing if it was merely an official condemnation of Joseph Kony and the LRA, an endorsement of ICC judicial actions against him and providing any intelligence we happen to come across to the Ugandan government for his capture. But the open-ended commitments, however unsurprising, are entirely unconstitutional.

    4. I thought it must have a satirical comment by Healy so I had to look it up. That is really the name: sponsored by Russ Feingold in 2009, passed May, 2010. Initial cost $28m. Passed by unanimous consent in the Senate & voice vote in the House so no individual votes kept.

      More here:…..=s111-1067

      The LRA is, in a general sense a “Christian” group but shot through with a bunch of other things.

      1. Sponsored by Mr. Liberal Russ Feingold? God that guy is an assclown.

        1. With 46 Senate co-sponsors and 200 in the House (including little Duncan Hunter from the other side of the aisle). You know it wasn’t meant to have any substance with that much assent.

    5. Lord’s Resistance Army Disarmament and Northern Uganda Recovery Act

      A backwards acronym would be “A Rundarl”, so we could refer to it as the Run Darling Act.

  11. It is a simple answer to the question. George Soros has oil interests there. The corporate money behind the politicians use the US Army like a private corporate army.

    1. Why don’t the corporations just hire contract soldiers?

      1. They’d have to pay for them?

        1. What exactly are they going to get with a hundred guys? A pile of corpses and an excuse for the U.S. to go in full bo… oh.

  12. They are there to secure his true birth certificate so it will never be found!!!1!!11!!

  13. Bush created “US Africa Command” and so Obama has to use it. You would not want it to go to waste would you?…..ca_Command

    1. FWD, Famine, War, Drought, Relief

      Sounds like a great place to spend all that borrowed money the US has (/s)

    2. Ah, yes, Amerikanishes Afrikakorps, headquartered in Stuttgart.

  14. Perhaps this has to do with Chinese interests growing in Africa, America does not want China to gain influence anywhere in the world. America already has secret bases in Africa, this could be a move to gain a formal one, Uganda would be a good location.

    1. If we have secret bases in Africa, why can’t Obama just secretly disarm the LRA? And if it’s secret and you just told us, it’s not secret anymore. Good going, chatty Kathy.

      1. This is not conspiracy theory, they are secret in the sense that the governments do not formally recognise them, and they really do not want people to acknowledge them in polite company. The drone strikes came from Ethiopia, when Somalia was recently targeted.

        And like I said, this is to gain favour in Africa, so it obviously has to be done very publicly.

        1. I don’t necessarily disagree. I mean, when Clinton/Bush/Obama sends over a UN mission, there’s a place where the soldiers are quartered. So yeah, I think I see where you’re coming from.

          1. I am talking about Africom, there has been resistance in Africa against letting America set up bases, because of the colonial past. While governments will turn a blind eye to US operations on their soil, supporting a base openly is not that easy. By taking out the LRA, the US will be hailed as the magnificent seven, and will make US policy to halt Chinese expansion in Africa easier.

            1. By taking out the LRA, the US will be hailed as the magnificent seven, and will make US policy to halt Chinese expansion in Africa easier.

              I’m not sure about this part. The U.S. has a long history of swinging into action on a country’s explicit request, only to be treated to “YANQUE GO HOME!!!” signs after we overstay our welcome.

            2. Actually, quite a few countries wanted to host the command – Liberia pops to mind straight away. The difficulties stem from the very poor infrastructure on most of the continent.
              Even if you made a tour with AFCOM non-accompanied, the poor infrastructure wouldn’t support how tech developed the military is.
              I doubt very much this has anything to do with China; this has all the hallmarks of Powers and the R2P.

    2. Christ almighty, the Cold War bullshit all over again. Yeah, I can see our dipshit government repeating that mistake.

  15. Triple canopy jungle. All those lovely brown desert uniforms are going to have to be traded in for the old green stuff.

    1. ^^This^^ I remember thinking that when they phased out the old BDUs.

      1. I’m sure that some Congressional committee chair’s brother-in-law has a company standing buy to supply them.

          1. “by”

            You were right the first time. Influence is purchased and doesn’t come cheap.

        1. And here you go.

          Better than the silly bright grey uniforms the Army went to, still not nearly as good as the Marine green MPATs.

          1. Those uniforms kick ass. That is what they should go to all the time. But they are saying that they are only going to use them in Afghanistan because the Army can never admit it fucked something up. And they clearly fucked up the ACUs.

          2. What about the Air Force Tigerstripe versions of same?

            1. …but can they fight?…

        2. I am sure. I remember when we were going into Iraq, they didn’t have enough desert browns. This was 2003. We had been over there for 12 years. And no one thought “hey maybe we should stash some uniforms for when the big one comes”? Bullshit. They just waited until the last minute so the contractors could gouge us.

      2. Com’on the ACUs are equally ineffective in all terrain.

        1. Actually I almost ran over some guys from the local Army ROTC unit, in a crosswalk. That stuff is damn near invisible in a US city.

          1. Makes you wonder what terrain they were optimized for…

            1. My thought exactly.

            2. Yep – They aren’t worth shit in the woods. I was still in during the transition. On patrol, we could see the ACU’s from twice as far as the old woodlands.

            3. It has been remarkably effective here .

    2. BTW if they develop New, Improved, Less-Toxic Agent Orange for the forthcoming quagmire, I want some. There are these damned weeds in my sidewalk that I just can’t kill.

        1. Lacks the requisite je ne sais quois.

      1. More importantly, another deployment with ugly women infected with AIDS. When can we fight our way through Italy and France again?

    3. ACUPAT is already being phased out in favor of Multicam.

      1. Dammit. Elderly Warrior beat me to the link.

      2. That stuff is good camo. I hope they adopt it and then phase it out soon so I can get some good hunting clothes from the surplus store instead of having to pay an arm and a leg for civilian stuff.

        1. I got my multicam hunting set from here. If you’re willing to check the website everyday, they have some good deals.

    4. In fact, most of Uganda is high plain with ugly red soil. I’d go for scarlet tiger stripe camo. Rather chic, as well.

    1. What are you trying to over take Sugar Free for most bizarre links?

    2. What’s the problem with a 100lb scrotum?



      1. RANDY MARSH: “Look, I’m telling you guys, it’s awesome. I can have all the pot I want, I get around faster than walking, and — wherever I need a seat — I can just sit on my balls. And let me tell you something else. [players listen a little more closely] Chicks… LOVE ’em.”

        NELSON: “Women love huge balls?”

        RANDY MARSH: “LOOOOOOOVE ’em. Everywhere I go, when I walk by, chicks are like turning their heads and going ‘whaaa — ?‘ I never knew how much women love guys’ balls until I got these puppies.” [pats his balls]

    3. If only we had universal healthcare…

      1. That was the Gawker spin. Of course, that’s their spin on everything.

        1. It’s made io9 so worthless I don’t go there anymore. I don’t need heavy-handed socialism layered on top of socialist sci-fi, thx.

          1. io9 was always lame. I’d see what seemed like an interesting article, start reading it, and after a paragraph or two go “these people know Jack and shit about sci-fi, and Jack left town”.

    4. Do they charge by the pound if you have scrotum surgery?

  16. “”Obama’s Ugandan adventure raises the question, what in the world does he think the American military is for?”‘

    The same thing that every other President thinks. To solve the worlds security problems.

    1. Pinky: What are we gonna do tonight Brain?
      Brain: Same thing we do every night, try to take over the world.

    2. The same thing that every other President thinks. To solve the worlds security his domestic political problems.

  17. So much for Dinesh D’Souza’s pet theory that “Kenyan anti-colonialism” is the secret motivation behind everything the president does.


    Perhaps it’s my imagination, but why is it that the power-worshipping NRO types tend look for explanations in the personal, the psychological and emotional? Why can’t we just say that if you elect some dorm-room bull shit artist, then you get dorm-room bull shit and con games and the same-old same-old?

    1. Is this part of the anti-colonial apology tour?

      1. It’s just a shout-out to the bruthahs. The One is wildly popular in East Africa. Just trying to maintain some popularity somewhere.

  18. Reason number one million why Drudge is a genius. The current headlines on the upper left of the site

    BIDEN: ‘Are we campaigning? Yes, we are!’
    Bus tour rolls through NC, VA…
    Democrats flee…
    Fmr. DNC chair stays far away…
    Podiums, presidential seals also swiped…

  19. Pinto: Why is the president deploying U.S. troops to Uganda?

    Bluto: [belches] Why not?

  20. So much for Dinesh D’Souza’s pet theory that “Kenyan anti-colonialism” is the secret motivation behind everything the president does.

    1) Those quotes are around too many words.

    1b) You’re missing what D’Souza meant. And the misunderstanding is half his own fault, for being a pussy and not strongly making his point, but… Don’t act like you read books.

    B) This “adventure” isn’t a good counterexample to your misunderstanding. It’s one of those Samantha Power “interventions,” which are wars of colonial occupation justified by post-/anti-“colonialist” rhetoric.

    1. I know they taught me to feel guilty for what the Euros did (as an American I can’t quite figure that out). But really it’s hard to get TOO upset about colonialism, when you look at the fine state of a lot of former colonies that are now left to their own devices.

      1. “the fine state of a lot of former colonies”

        I think that the idea (which I tend to agree with) is that this has quite a lot to do with having been colonized by the European powers.

        1. That’s the idea. And it has some validity, to be sure.

          It’s not valid in some cases, though.

          1. BTW that’s true in Europe, also, where the Balkans quickly reverted to their conflicts that had existed before the Austro-Hungarian Empire and then the USSR had held them in check by force.

        2. In some places. But there are plenty of places in Asia that were colonized by European powers that are doing quite well. And Korea, one of the greatest victims of colonization, first by the Chinese and later by the Japanese is doing very well.

          1. Half of it is doing very well.

            1. Beat me to the punch, Barry.

        3. It makes a big difference which Euro power colonized you.

          If you had to get colonized by someone, let’s hope life’s lottery gave you the Brits.

          If you drew the Belgians, well, sorry about that.

      2. How well where they doing before Europeans showed up?

    2. which are wars of colonial occupation justified by post-/anti-“colonialist” rhetoric.

      justified or rationalized, as in just fog and BS.

      Obama is The Prince: Every one admits how praiseworthy it is in a prince to keep faith, and to live with integrity and not with craft. Nevertheless our experience has been that those princes who have done great things have held good faith of little account, and have known how to circumvent the intellect of men by craft, and in the end have overcome those who have relied on their word.

  21. America; FUCK YEAH!

  22. If you think it’s bad now, just wait until Obama decides that war with Iran is his best hope for getting re-elected!

    1. Let’s not even joke about that.

      1. Bomb, bomb, bomb. Bomb, bomb Iran!
        Bomb, bomb, bomb. Bomb, bomb Iran!
        Bomb Iran!

        1. Rockin’ and a’rollin’,
          Rockin’ and a’reelin’,
          Bomb Iran,
          Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.

          Catchy – kind of a Weird Al, Randy Newman mash-up.

    2. I figure that will come closer to the election; he’ll want the whole “rally round the commander-in-chief” thing in full bloom, and no casualties or obvious failures because that’s a buzzkill.

      1. I don’t care if he single-handedly fends off an alien invasion, I’m not voting for him.

        1. The Democrats didn’t seem to think there was a problem changing Presidents in the middle of a war in 2004.

          1. “”The Democrats didn’t seem to think there was a problem changing Presidents in the middle of a war in 2004.””

            I know a few Rs that defended voting for Bush a second time on not chaning CIC in the middle of a war. Funny how they don’t hold belief now. But I knew they were bullshitting then.

        2. Arnold fought off the Predator but he still couldn’t handle Kalifornia.

        3. Not a Joe Arpaio fan either, then?

        4. would that be an illegal alien invasion? epic fail

      2. Yeah, O-bomba thinks if he gets the US hip-deep in a new war/kinetic military/police action, he can ride the warhorse all the way to the other side of the stream.

        Manlicher Carcano 2012!

    3. Let me be clear.
      This idea has merits.

    4. War!
      What isn’t it good for?

      1. Absolutely

        EVERYTHING! [good God, ya’ll!]

  23. Sustaining troops in Africa makes sustaining troops in Afghanistan seem fun, easy & cheap by comparison. Hopefully we will be able to declare
    mission accomplished and avoid a lengthy entanglement. I fail to see how this advances our interests.

  24. I’m glad my 101st Airborne brother’s already dead so he can’t get deployed to die in Uganda for a “Responsibility to Protect” mission.

    Seriously – what the fuck? Disgusting.

  25. It is my resentment of my father that drives me to attack one Afrikan nation after another……

  26. Instead of special forces operators, why not send the Solayndra executives? They are currently unemployed and most likely need a job.

  27. I think we need to do small operations like this to justify our other two wars. How can we claim to be helping liberate Iraq for the good of the people then ignore other dictators we could easily crush?

  28. Maybe Obama is looking for his original birth certificate.

  29. Joseph Kony is part of the better dead component of humanity. Whereas we are not responsible to do so, it would be a good deed to help others to do it.

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