Militarization of Police

Baton-Wielding NYPD White Shirts Beat Occupy Wall Street Protestors


Video, but no context, below. I'll update this post when I find out what sparked the wailwale-a-thon. 

 Via The New York Observer

More Reason on occupying things

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  1. Yeah without context, I don’t know about this one. I saw a cop hit somebody 3 times, but it looked like he was surrounded by protesters.

    1. Agreed, what I really liket ‘though is that the cop was immediately filmed by scores of people.

    2. […]what sparked the wailwale-a-thon

      “Fuck you, that’s why.”

    3. just warming up, we need the practice.

  2. Starting to look more and more like Chicago ’68. Same “smelly hippies”, same “old bulls” crackin’ heads. It was the white shirts that did most of the damage then too.

    I guess NYPD has been waiting a long time to show Chicago that it’s still the Second City.

    1. Vote Pigasus in 2012!

    2. Funny, I saw this post and immediately thought “freaking Old Man Daley!”

  3. wale-a-thon, or whale-a-thon, but not wail-a-thon, which sounds like you’re mocking those who complain.

    Just sayin’.

    1. ….::::::The More You Know?

      1. Seriously, I just learned something.

        1. Stop complaining! 🙂

  4. when I find out what sparked the wailwale-a-thon

    Could it be that everyone there was a jack ass, of one flavor or another?

    They like to kick you know, it’s just their nature.

  5. The union thugs vs the pro union thugs.


    Where is The One going to come down on this?

    1. Leave Jet Li out of this.

      1. “I am Barack! Nobody’s bitch! You are mine!”

        (at the next foreign policy speech)

        1. That would be so refreshing!

          1. Probably not statesmanlike, though.

            1. ….will come down on one side or the other. They are both “his” sides. If they get too unruly or draw public opposition, his Police will start cracking heads and his Press will not report all of it. He will wait to see what happens. Like he does with Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Syria and poor Mexico. Secretly incites the mobs and mafias, and if they get traction, he switches sides and starts supporting them over the party in power — then demands a cut of the action later on.

    2. Evading the horde on my way home last night, I passed some dude hollering “Every job a union job!” and shuddered. And laughed a little inside at the thought that this guy probably just got back from voting on a contract designed to protect his own job from the likes of these kids at OWS.

      1. Saw Dick Trumpka the other night, and when he said there were “non-union” people at the OWS bullshit protests, he flinched.

        If I had a dime for every time some local union schmuck looked down their nose at me for not being a member, I’d have a shitload of dimes. Imagine that on a nationwide scale.

    3. He’s going to see what the polls say, and come down on the side of whoever 51% of the people support, placing 100% of the blame on those filthy other people.

  6. I’m sure the cop was just trying to seize the camerarized evidence of illegal photographizing of interference with police legal procedures which was well within department guidelines.

    1. Mistakes were made. Batons were swung. Melons were thumped.

      1. but but werent the melonz recalled for ecoli or something?

        1. becuz my melon is empty

          1. good morning old mex

  7. Based on my limited experience with hippies and my limited experience with cops, hippies have an unfortunate predilection for calling cops “pigs”, and cops have an unfortunate penchant for beating hippies senseless. Perhaps there is more going on here. Hopefully Riggs is awake when more information becomes available to him.

    1. “Hopefully Riggs is awake…”

      Oh, probably noonish.

    2. I think you meant “a fortunate penchant for beating hippies senseless”.

  8. Although… how can you beat senseless that which is already senseless?

  9. First, fuck the police. Second, the sheep don’t care about some unarmed college types getting beaten by the state. The only time the sheep get outraged over police brutality is when it is perpetrated upon canines. Reason should really focus its efforts in only showing films where dogs get snuffed by cops.

    1. Or hot white women getting beaten by cops.

  10. I’m just wondering how they’re going to blame this on capitalism.

    1. Easy. If capitalism didn’t exist, they wouldn’t need to protest and be subsequently beaten!

    2. Don’t you know where there is no capitalism there is no violent police.

    3. The hippies don’t blame the cops, they blame the nightstick-industrial complex.

      1. nightstick-industrial complex.

        Once again, I am impressed. ‘Tis a winning turn of phrase.

        1. Yeah, seriously, Abdul has become the Conway Stern of Reason.

    4. since this is a post-capitalist society, ur a daze late & a yuan short

  11. WARNING! /rant

    I don’t condone it, but I can kind of understand the impulse to bust occupier heads.

    I was walking in the biz district of my local big town yesterday and encountered a group of “Occupy NJ” protesters in front of a branch of Wells-Fargo. No one appeared to be over the age of 25. They were playing folksy, protesty-sounding songs about the poor being kept down and not being given a chance to live, holding signs excoriating capitalism and pleading with the public to give them a fair chance at life, and generally looking dirty and unkempt. Most people ignored them. Two guys in an Impreza tried to pick up the skinny hippie chick with the tambourine. They were annoying as FUCK!

    Normally I could ignore this shit (I went to RU and encountered sit-ins for everything from Free Mumia to Take Back the Night to End Capitalizms Nowww!). But I had the kids with me. And I was asked why I wasn’t more concerned about the future my kids were going to have unless we ended corporate greed, MAAAAANNNNNN! I wanted to punch that greasy curly headed bastard kid in his perfect teeth (likely the result of braces his capitalist-pig father paid for with his dirty corporationy money). I said nothing, but it left me fuming for a bit. Then I went to the bank, withdrew some cash, bought a bottle of wine and some pancetta for my carbonara sauce, and went on my way, silently advising them to get jobs and get real.

    /rant over

    sorry for that. obviously I have unresolved issues with protesters. Maybe I should seek therapy for my aggression tendencies and learn how to be more accepting of alternative viewpoints.

    1. Being a victim in todays world grants one the highest of moral authority. They really want to be beaten, it will make them look righteous and fuel their protest.

      1. What drives me nuts is that when people play the victim card, no one calls them out on their shit.

        Being called out on your bullshit sucks. I’ve been there, and it only made me better as a person, in general. My dad was the biggest perpetrator of this against me, and I shaped up quick. You don’t need to literally beat sense into people, just shame them and let it ride.

      2. Just adding fuel to the fire.

      3. The “Me victim!” people make me want to make them a victim.

        I can show you what it’s really like to be a victim and stomp your face in. The more you scream ‘victim’, the more I want to make it so.

        At the least, it will save them from being complete hypocrites.

    2. in front of a branch of Wells-Fargo [ a bankrupt Wachovia that was basically given to Wells Fargo in a sweetheart deal by the FDIC.]

    3. obviously I have unresolved issues with protesters

      Is it just any protestors, or is it the aggreived sense of entitlement among these particular little whiny fuckers? Because for me, it’s the aggreived sense of entitlement among these particular little whiny fuckers.

      1. you expressed it more succinctly than I did, WTF.

        Thanks for clarifying.

      2. Bingo. That and their neutronium-like imperviousness to any self-awareness to their own near-limitless greed.

    4. Dave Ramsey did a great on-air rant against these Occupiers, including the line “socialism is theft”.

    5. Seriously, how good is carbonara?

  12. I refuse to add back the Flash plugin on my computer. Can someone describe this video so I can be outraged, please?

    A little outrage in the morning gets the old juices flowing nicely. It’s as good as coffee.

    1. Why do you refuse to add a flash plugin to your computer ?

      1. Because Adobe is a corporation, doing corporationy things, of course.

        1. I don’t think he is anti corporation, it probably is because flash buggered his computer or something.

        2. No.

          Me loves corporations.

          Here’s the problem:

          As some of you may have noticed, I visit H&R a lot.

          The H&R home page generally has 25-30 embedded flash videos on it extending down the page.

          That creates 25-30 chances on each page load for the flash plugin to Chrome to fail and for the page to lock up.

          I get sick of doing all my browsing with the damn Task Manager open so I can close all four instances of Chrome every time it locks.

          Since blocking Flash, my web experience is vastly improved.

          1. I’ve tried HnR on Chrome and it’s just crash city. Tried that ‘reasonable’ plugin too without success.

            1. Huh, I’ve had the opposite happen since switching to Chrome. Almost no crashes or hangups any more.

              1. Same here. Stable as a rock on Chrome.

          2. Fluffy: did you try FlashBlock for Chrome? You can click individual Flash videos to load them.

            But I prefer subscribing to H&R with Google Reader, thereby avoiding giant-page syndrome entirely.

            1. Yeah, I’m going back to that. The HnR landing page is just lousy with social plugins and such.

        3. Also, I am hardly going to reinstall the Flash plugin on Steve Jobs Memorial Day.

          What kind of barbarian do you think I am?

          1. Thigh-high leather boots and a Red Sonja-esque chain mail bikini…?

    2. A transcript would be great for me, too.

    3. Use Chrome.

      I had a lot of problems with Firefox a week ago.

      “The current (and poor) state of Firefox.”…

      1. I switched from FF to Chrome a couple of weeks ago. I thought I’d miss FF, but I’ve never looked back.

      2. Same here. I abandoned FF with version 4, which didn’t run worth shit on my relatively new Lenovo work PC or my old doddering home PC. I haven’t even bothered to load it on my shiny new home PC.

        It sucks, because I got so used to having Ad Block make browsing a more pleasant experience. Ads don’t bother me so much, but all the Flash ad crap with audio really pisses me off. I need to get the proper extension for Chrome, I guess.

  13. Two Fox journalists caught up in the wayl-a-thon:…..e-20111005

    Includes text for the Flash-impaired.

    The trigger, according to Fox, was that some hippies pushed against a line of cops.

    Hippies, Fox, and Cops — so many targets for so much hatred! If only it happened outside of fundamentalist church, this thread would hit 1,000 comments.

    1. It’s the local Fox, not the national. Not quite the same.

      1. It’s all corporations, man, harshing our buzz.

  14. While I hate the idea of cops beating citizens, I hate over-priveleged, white, upper-middle-class, dip-shit hippies more.

    1. Over-priveleged, white, upper-middle-class, who should have been disciplined when they were kids dipshit hippies.

    2. I’d reexamine my priorities if I were you.

    3. Yeah, the over-priveleged dipshits aren’t actually violating anyone’s rights, even if they are petitioning the government to do so on their behalf. The cops are.

      1. Sure they are; they’re blocking streets and sidewalks.

        1. Every time I have been in Manhattan, there have been thousands of non-hippies blocking the streets and sidewalks.

  15. Those protesters need to start doing it London style, and pissing in plastic bottles and throwing them at the cops. That’s a video I want to see.

    1. Except in NYC the cops would probably consider that justification to start shooting.

      1. I’m pretty sure that’s what he meant.

        1. The streets running orange with urine and blood.

          1. Well, it would be entertaining, that’s for damn sure.

      2. So what’s the problem???

  16. If the protesters oppose Wall Street influence in government, why aren’t they in Washington, demanding that Great Leader Obama remove his Treasury Secretary — a Wall Street insider who made an obscene fortune for himself at Goldman Sachs and then forgot to pay taxes on his wealth — no doubt out of pure greed and an arrogant sense of entitlement? Think the protesters might have missed something?

    1. yeah but Geithner is on their Team so it’s all good.

    2. I think it’s safe to say that the protestors couldn’t find their ass with both hands, politicially. They know they’re in deep shit, but they have no real understanding of why or what to do about it.

    3. Because they all love the taste of Obama cock.

      All-government, all-the-time, in every orifice.

      They probably go home and jack-off after getting maced in the face and batoned up the ass.

  17. Still not cool, but I counted three swings of the billy club by a white shirt. No blood, no prostrate victims, no cop-mob beat downs. Looked more like a moment of frustration that resulted in a quick strike, followed by restrained use of the baton to push back against the crown (using it like a bar in front of you rather than swinging it).

    I am not the biggest fan of cops. I know good ones but I’ve known far more bad ones. Even though many of them think they are or should be considered bettered than your average human, in the end they are still just that, and have tendencies to lash out when under stress like any animal would.

    I have to say it looks like the white shirt realized the baton swinging was not the best course of action and reigned himself in before something truly heinous happened.

    1. So three swings and reigning in is okay, but 4 would be unacceptable?

      1. not at all. just reporting what I saw. Isn’t reigning yourself in sooner rather than later a good thing?

        Of course not losing control at all would be optimal.

      2. Gentle swings – no blood, just bruises?

        1. Love taps.

          1. ^Nice

  18. Have you noticed that the protesters are almost all white? Maybe one or two black/brown people in the pictures I’ve seen.

    1. If one checks out the demographics of the people that work in wall street, one will quickly spot that the this protest is lily white in comparison.

      1. The MSNBC-style press won’t point out the whiteness of the OWC and their satellite protests around the country… it is, indeed, very telling.

    2. So fucking white. Whiter than many Tea parties.

  19. Sorry everyone but NYC simply isn’t going to allow anyone to shut down lower Manhattan.

    If you break the law – block streets and access to private property – eventually the police are going to move you. First they will tell them to move, then they will make them move.

    1. Several blocks of lower Manhattan are shut to vehicular traffic now. So are parts of Broadway in Midtown. Then there’s the newly opened Highline Park. There’s a park near Town Hall, a historic Fort, and a riverside park all within a few blocks of these protesters. They have many places to assemble where they won’t be disturbing anyone. They are just being obnoxious by trying to block the streets.

      1. The area’s shut off to vehicular traffic became that way years ago as park of the city’s Europeanization.

  20. The cop beating people felt safe enough to turn his back and walk away. It’s going to be hard to prove he felt threatened if he was comfortable walking way.

  21. Seems to be a strain of Authoritarianism has infected the Libertarian vibe here… Sure, most of those protesters are stoopid, its the union of Government and Wall Street that are screwing things up for all of us, but they are exercising Democratic rights of free assembly.

    Control is necessary, streets have to be passable, you cannot allow chaos, but you cannot allow so much state condoned violence either. All the ‘yeah but they are dirty hippies’ bullshit is crotchety old man stuff.

    1. I’ll have you know that I am synth-punk (or electrounderemployed), not some crotchety old man. Hippie-bashing transcends generations (not that I am condoning police brutality).

      1. “electrounderemployed”

        My new favorite word.

        1. I’m electro?veremployed.

    2. Okay. So how do the police protect private property (a high cause in the Libertarian belief system) and keep the roads clear when a thousand protestors decide to the opposite?

      Harsh language? File a civil lawsuit against each of their unemployed asses individually?

      1. Harsh language?

        Wait…are you Private Drake from Aliens?

        1. We’re totally screwed man! There’s lazy college kids everywhere, and I’m underwriting their student loans man!

        2. Classic. I hear that quote all the time — for some reason, RPWL’s “Hole in the Sky” starts off with a lengthy excerpt from Aliens.

        3. They mostly mooch off of other people.


      2. Ah yes, the “keep the roads clear” exception to the 1st amendment. Look, if they are destroying property, absolutely, take them in.

        Yes, authoritarianism is kind of growing here. Along with that smug “just-go-get-job” routine.

        That these kids should be so lucky to have jobs where they sit around and have a fuck-face-fest at work on employer owned computers with MNG and Tulpa on this weblog. Stupid kids.

        Look assholes, these kids have every right to be angry. Not all of them are trust fund babies. The problem is that their anger is misplaced. They want the government to “do something.” If they only could understand that it is this leviathon of a federal government that got us in this situation, they’d be at DC demanding that we dismantle the federal government.

        1. I’ll give you the “keep the streets clear” bit.

          I don’t think that vehicle uses of streets should be privileged over pedestrian uses, or even over just standing around.

          That might make vehicle use inconvenient, but I honestly don’t give a shit. Public ways are public ways.

          But I don’t see any problem with the “just-go-get-job” routine. Or perhaps a “just-go-start-business” routine.

          The number one social-economic complaint many on the left seem to have is that they studied their whole lives to be able to slide into a position where someone else provides an income for them and they just have to serve as a cog in a pre-built machine. When there aren’t enough positions available, they’re pissed. But their entire plan was atrociously passive, and places the responsibility for initiative on others. So it’s hard for me to have a lot of sympathy for it.

          1. What jobs? Where are the fucking jobs? When you are homeless, what do you start a job with? Where do you borrow money to get start a business? Really? Doesn’t anyone fucking realize how niched jobs are anymore? Once you wasted $40,000.00 to get that business degree, you can’t just fucking walk into a nursing job. So you just-go-get-a-job fucks, when is the last time you looked for work? And what do you do?

            1. People need to stop getting so deep into debt for degrees. I paid my way through college and never had any student loans.

              1. I notice that they aren’t protesting in front college administrative buildings about the outrageous tuition that is putting them in debt.

                It’s like I borrowed $200k to buy a Ferrari, I

                1. …and got mad at the bank because they want their money back.

              2. + 1 to Joe M

            2. These people aren’t homeless.

              But let’s talk about the homeless for a moment.

              If you’re a homeless guy with no high school diploma, and you decide TODAY that you’re sick of being homeless, there are people standing by RIGHT NOW to give you a place to stay for free, get you substance abuse treatment for free, get you a GED for free, get you clothes to wear to get a job for free, employment program set-asides, disability advocates, etc. etc. etc.

              They won’t use them. Or they start to use them, make an effort for two days, and then bail.

              But we aren’t really talking about homeless people here, now are we? We’re talking about middle class people. People who have many options in life, and who deliberately choose options where they are dependent on others to create employment opportunities.

              They saw that this Occupy Wall Street stuff started with 20 or so kids brainstorming. It’s striking to me that they were able to brainstorm “How do we work together to start a protest?” but seem to have no interest in brainstorming “How can we work together to make some money?” Because 20 white kids of above average intelligence and from middle-class households will have fallow resources they can draw on if they’ll just think about it.

            3. How about you take the time to identify where there is an actual need for certain skills and then target your education to meeting that need so you have marketable skills, rather than go into debt for a theatre arts degree? And don’t go into debt, if you need college to develop your marketable skills, pay you way, or make sure that any debt is worth the likley return on investment. It really isn’t very difficult to figure out.

              1. WTF, all that probably seems obvious to someone who’s experienced hardship in life. You have to be damn comfortable in life to even consider getting a useless degree.

            4. And yet I don’t hear any of them complaining about how the government-mandated credentialism is forcing them to go into debt to get the ticket they need to have more than a minimum-wage job………..

          2. I don’t think that vehicle uses of streets should be privileged over pedestrian uses, or even over just standing around.

            The same rules apply to all. Public beaches, parks, and playgrounds are public. Should we allow cars to drive on all three?

            1. I say yes. It would liven up a game of ultimate frisbee pretty quickly.

          3. That might make vehicle use inconvenient, but I honestly don’t give a shit. Public ways are public ways.

            Well then, that should free up the sidewalks for my commute.

          4. So I can camp out in front of your driveway and you are just out of luck? I’m on a public road – too bad you can’t get in or out in a vehicle or get any deliveries.

        2. BTW –

          If their anger is misplaced, then we’re right to mock them, and right to be angry at them in return.

          If some guy out there finds out his wife is cheating on him, he’s right to be angry. If he comes to my house and punches me in the head, when I’m not the guy fucking his wife, then I’m going to say, “Fuck you, asshole!” I’m not going to say, “Well, shucks, I guess you have every reason to be angry.”

          1. That is a stupid analogy. Sure you can mock them. But in the last three years fucking trillions of dollars have been throw about. Trillions to bail out fucking banks, to the dogs of war, to well connected businessmen, to shitty fucking car companies that can’t build a car worth a fuck that anyone wants to drive, to “disabled” fucks who have bipolar.

            Whether right or wrong, these were told, “go to college, get a degree and you’ll get a good job.” Well, that turned out to be a big pile of horseshit.

            And to watch a fucking tax cheat…become head of the department of treasury……. ARRRRGGG!!!!!!!!

            1. Teachers who make their income teaching students told them that being a student is the key to success, and they believed it. Cologne sellers tell folks that the wearing cologne is the key to success. Getting a college degree in a useless major is like buying a $100,000 bottle of cologne.

              1. Teachers who make their income teaching students told them that being a student is the key to success, and they believed it.

                So we mock them because they weren’t smart enough, as fucking children, to know that the entire universe run by adults is completely and utterly full of shit?

                1. We mock them because in the course of their entire lives they never managed to learn not to believe everything you hear and to think for themselves, and that choices have consequences.

                  1. If I was able to figure out at a young age that a expensive college degree that I couldn’t afford wasn’t necessary for a successful life. Then other people can figure that out too. Getting yourself massively in debt is never a wise idea. Some people do so and end up ahead in the long run, but they are gambling big time. There are ways of educating yourself & getting marketable skills that don’t require massive debt. It really isn’t that hard to figure out, but it requires sacrifice and hard work. Something these brats don’t seem to believe in.

                2. Basically, yes. Because if you haven’t figured out by age 13 that the adults have been lying to you and that your teachers are pathetic losers then you’re doomed.

            2. Right, but I did none of those things.

              But the protestors still hate me.

              Don’t you get that?

              So it’s not a stupid analogy. These guys insist that I fucked their wife, and I didn’t.

              1. Don’t you get that?

                Ugh… No. I didn’t get that. Comprehension fail. Didn’t see the “NOT.”

            3. Whether right or wrong, these were told, “go to college, get a degree and you’ll get a good job.” give me $10,000, and when your name gets to the top of the pyramid, you’ll be rich!

              It’s really not my problem that some people are too fucking stupid to think things through before pissing away their time and money.

            4. And to watch a fucking tax cheat…become head of the department of treasury……. ARRRRGGG!!!!!!!!

              They got PRECISELY what they voted for, good’n’hard. “Hope and Change,” baby.

        3. “If they only could understand that it is this leviathon of a federal government that got us in this situation, they’d be at DC demanding that we dismantle the federal government.”

          No they wouldn’t. They would be in DC demanding the “right” people be put in charge. “Top men”. “After all, they didn’t do Marxism, Communism, Maoism, Pol Potism right the last time, but with the right people we can make it work.”

        4. But if the government was more powerful it could control the evil corporations that control it.

          Only by giving more power to the government can we wrest it from evil corporate control and bring it back to The People?.

          The People? can then use the government to relieve the evil rich and evil corporations of their ill-gotten gains, and bring equality to the land.

          Kum bay ya, my Lord, kum bay ya
          Kum bay ya, the Lord, kum bay ya

          1. But if the government was more powerful it could control the evil corporations that control it.

            This is what makes me double sad. Yeah I am pissed/envious at some of the smug fucks who get to have a nice cushy enough job that they get to post here from work then have the fucking temerity to say “just-go-get-a-job” like it is as easy to do as getting fucking toopaste at Wal-Mart (‘OMG…choice anxiety’) …. but what really sucks is that this will probably lead to more government, not less.

            1. What’s a toopaste?

            2. Seriously though I do know what you mean.

              I’m one of those employed people who is looking for work. What I’ve got is a nice gig, but it’s wearing on my self respect because it’s pseudo-government “work” which means I spend more time with my thumb up my butt than actually working.
              Trying to find something that fits my specialized set of skills is tough, and when I do find an opening it goes to an applicant who knows someone on the inside.
              What I’d really like to do is turn my homebrewing hobby into a business, but it takes at least fifty grand just to get the necessary licenses and permits, so fuck that.

              1. OK. Well I am one of those unemployed people looking for work. If I wanted to practice law, I need about $4,000.00 to catch up on CLE’s and back bar dues. I lost my license most due to the economy.

                I apply for anything I think I can do. I like being a janitor but it is really hard to dumb down Assistant Attorney General. My dream job has come up, a librarian. But I have to compete with Masters In Library Science.

                But the whole “just-get-a-job” thing just fucking grates at me. Do these fucks not know that there is a recession going on? McDonalds had 50,000 opening. If I remember correctly, like 1,000,000 people applied for those positions. There may be some lazy people, but most people are not lazy.

                1. If you test well, take the GRE. A lot of programs will give you tuition breaks – potentially including full remission – if you score high enough. You should be able to find a law librarian position with an MLS and a JD. Especially if you’re flexible about moving.

                2. There may be some lazy people, but most people are not lazy.

                  I understand there is a difference between being lazy and giving up hope, but the behavior is the same.

            3. Then spend less time whining on the internet and more time developing marketable skills.

              There are plenty of companies looking for people with in-demand skills. With a little bit of research and a little bit of effort, you can find what those are and start putting in time and effort.

              It generally takes 10,000 hours to become an expert at anything; every hour you spend whining online is an hour you aren’t putting towards those 10,000.

              It really is that simple. I hire and train people all the time who have nothing but a useless college degree. What they must have is general aptitude and a willingness to work hard and learn.

              More than a few of the “I-deserve-it” crowd don’t have it. Fuck those people.

          2. Nice one, Sarcasmic…

        5. Troy, the 1st Amendment also included the right to peacefully assemble. These protests where designed to deny Wall Street employees the right to peacefully assemble in their offices. There are plenty of parks where the protesters can exercise their 1st Amendment right to protest, but they have _no_ right to try to block others from going to work.

          1. First, it is wrong, and sencond, it is Bullshit….. That’s just statist fucking bullshit. If something has to give…. it is the people going to work, not the 1st amendment. Oh, yeah, you have to “Balance” rights. Fuck that statist shit. You don’t have a right to your job. And fuck, since this things called jobs are apparently as easy to get as grapes off vine, let them work elsewhere.

            1. If a group of people surround my house or place of work right now and announce their intention to not let me come or go, they’re kidnappers and as far as I am concerned I am morally entitled to blow them away, dude.

              If your protest incidentally inconveniences me because it’s harder for me to use the street while you’re using it too, that’s my bad luck. But if your protest is specifically and openly designed to trap me somewhere or limit my movements, fuck you, I should be allowed to kill you dead.

              1. Killing the protestors might be going to far Fluffy. I was going to say something similar. That the protestors are trying to deny people of their property rights.

                1. I agree that killing these protestors is going too far. Hitting the worst offenders with a nightstick or pepper spray seems about the right level of discouragement.

                  Like we see in the video above.

              2. If a group of people surround my house or place of work right now and announce their intention to not let me come or go, they’re kidnappers and as far as I am concerned I am morally entitled to blow them away, dude.

                PulllleeeeeeeZzzzzeee…. That is just hyperbole. No one is being kidnapped.

                But if your protest is specifically and openly designed to trap me somewhere or limit my movements, fuck you, I should be allowed to kill you dead.

                waaaaaaaa, my mobility is limited….waaaaaaaa…. I’ve been at some large rock concerts near the front row. I’ve found that my mobility was impaired and I had to go pee…. realy bad. It never occurred to me that I was entitled to fucking kill them for annoying me.

                1. Like this?

                2. I’ve been at some large rock concerts near the front row. I’ve found that my mobility was impaired and I had to go pee…. realy bad. It never occurred to me that I was entitled to fucking kill them for annoying me.

                  You’re not usually obtuse.

                  You’re walking down the sidewalk and hove done nothing wrong to anyone. I intentionally block your way and counter any move you make, so as to impede your movement completely. You turn around to go home and I have some buddies block your way there too and I announce that you won’t be going anywhere until further notice.

                  Frankly, I’d shoot me too.

            2. You don’t have a right to your job.

              Now share that precise same insight with the trustafarian tots clogging up Wall Street this A.M.

            3. Au contraire, Pierre! A $20/hour job is a right! A BASIC HUMAN RIGHT! Also, college! And ponies!

            4. Seriously, list your address.

              Let’s see how soon you call the cops once people surround it and prohibit you from entering and leaving.


        6. I can’t really disagree with Troy. Their anger is legitimate, just misplaced.

          1. And of course, their demands are stupid. But again, stupidity is not, and cannot be, illegal. So the police beating them is entirely unwarranted.

        7. “Not all of them are trust fund babies. ”

          Actually, most of the trust fund babies are looking down on them from the windows above.

    3. So. where are you coming from? i don’t see anyone here defending either Wall street or the Govt.

      Go back to Huff Po

    4. I wouldn’t get worked up over it. It’s 99% tongue-in-cheek. I really don’t want the cops beating up obnoxious hippies or pseudo-anarchist shits, but that doesn’t mean I particularly sympathize with them, either.

      It’s particularly rich to see the Black Bloc types complain about brutality, when they are the ones smashing windows and disrespecting others’ rights.

      However, I’m sure that everyone here but Dunphy agrees that the police are increasingly out of control in this country.

  22. synthpunks get old too, pining for a Tubeway army to put things right

    1. I’m sorry, this comment is too awesome for me to offer a rebuttal.

      1. Impossibly wise saying I once read, courtesy of an internet wag by the name of “Cheeks, the Toy Wonder”: Every generation gets the Foghat it deserves.

  23. They could avoid all the police brutality controversy if they’d just play Slayer over some loud speakers instead.

    (Apologies if this joke has already been made)

    1. They have to bore their way to the center of the hippies for that to work.

      1. They gotta use those APCs for something.

  24. The context is that hippies are fucking annoying. I don’t condone, but I sure as fucking hell understand.

    “The whole world is watching”? Jesus fucking Christ.

    1. “The whole world is watching”

      I hope they are. And I hope they are listening to what these persons are saying.

      1. …and laughing at their stupidity.

  25. As they would say on The Wire when someone took a beating from a cop:

    “Shit got out of hand”.

  26. Do you know how happy all the protestors were when that cop started swinging? They practically wet their pants with delight. “Finally, some real oppression!”

    1. “OMG OMG we finally get to chant ‘the whole world is watching’! It’s just like the 60s!!!!1!”

      1. DENNIS: Oh! Come and see the violence inherent in the system! — HELP! HELP! I’m being repressed!

        ARTHUR: Bloody peasant!

        DENNIS: Oh, what a give away. Did you here that, did you here that, eh?…. That’s what I’m on about — did you see him repressing me, you saw it didn’t you?

  27. A pox on both their houses.

  28. I hate hippies as much as the next guy, but there is some serious hypocrisy going on in this thread. What happened to all the “the only parts of LA that were spared in the King riots were the ones where business owners banded together and took up arms”? You all believe in personal defense of private property and never having a need for police intervention….except now? What’s stopping the NYC businesses from arming themselves to protect their property, like the ones in LA did? But I didn’t see any property destruction here at all, so there’s even less justification for force.

    1. “What’s stopping the NYC businesses from arming themselves to protect their property, like the ones in LA did?”

      The business owners who did that with enthusiasm and organized themselves were in Koreatown. The rioters specifically targeted those businesses because they were owned by Koreans.

      Also, that riot spun way out of control because the police refused to respond to any of the looters during the first day. I don’t understand this logic–“Well, if the business owners aren’t willing to risk their own lives to face down an angry mob, then obviously the police shouldn’t bother to do anything to protect their businesses.”

      If there is any libertarian justification for having a police force at all? They’re there to protect people’s rights and property.

      And like I said below–I don’t see how this demonstration ends well. I have nothing against anyone that accepts being arrested for civil disobedience. The suggestion that protestors are so sacred that no one should be allowed to arrest them for civil disobedience–seems ludicrous to me.

      Is that what you’re suggesting?

      1. They pay city taxes for police to do it for them.

    2. What’s stopping the NYC businesses from arming themselves to protect their property, like the ones in LA did?

      The State of New York and New York City?

      1. Damn right!

    3. They’re DIRTY HIPPIES.

  29. I don’t know it to be the case in this incident, but eventually someone will try to provoke the police and catch it on camera.

    That’s been an effective strategy to incense American public opinion since Paul Revere made that engraving of the Boston Massacre.…

    Incidentally, I don’t see how this demonstration can end well. How do you assuage a crowd that doesn’t know what it wants?

    What do they want?

    Even in the Seattle Riots, and the recent riots in Vancouver, the protestors were there for a specific event–and once the event was over, the protestors left. When does this demonstration end? When no one is greedy anymore?!

    Eventually somebody–probably the mayor–is going to decide that the demonstration needs to end.

    A demonstration in search of a demand meets a police force in search of an end to the demonstration–I don’t see how that ends well.

    Hope I’m wrong.

    1. They will end soon. It gets damn cold there in November.

      1. And with the way the wind blows down the streets between those buildings like a wind tunnel, they’ll go home to their warm beds pretty quickly.

  30. whale-a-thon wail-a-thon wale-a-thon

  31. Perhaps the cop saw a baby seal?

  32. Go police authority!

  33. Im kinda suprisred at the reactions here. I hate smelly communist hippy protesters as much ad the next guy, but police brutality is never excusable.

    I mean usually you guys are the very first to say Yo, Fuck that cop! When one uses violence on normal people. Why the sudden snark and eibk-winks?

    1. I never condone police brutality.

      I also think these protests are just fucking stupid and pointless.

    2. I hope it because people actually think about the circumstances of each incident instead of having an automatic reaction.

      A kid getting thumped with a club for rushing a cop is a different circumstance than a botched SWAT raid killing innocents.

  34. The only thing that will keep these protests going much longer or expand them is police brutality. Boredom and bad weather will end them soon enough, otherwise. Let’s face it, these are mostly college-aged kids, and as soon as the weed supply runs low, they’ll be off to greener pastures.

    At this point, I’m more amused by the notion of SEIU and other professional leftist agitators that they can turn this into something more than a glorified drum circle. Keep dreaming, union thugs.

  35. the Greedy Workers Party to provide me with a lifetime high-paying job with a fat pension for doing not much — NOW!.

  36. What’s the difference between the white-shirted tie-wearing cops and the blue-uniformed ones?

  37. Well if they can’t get people to voluntarily show the MJ, they will just beat the heck out of them until it pops out.

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