Election 2012

Everyone Single Republican is a Frontrunner Except Rick Santorum


The dream of a tubby, New Jersey president is over. Sarah Palin continues to be coyly indecisive. Rudy Giuliani is rarely mentioned. The GOP may just have to pick one of the candidates they have.  

After a list which relates how even near-punchline candidates former Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman (to say nothing of the recent Herman Cain fever sweeping parts of the nation) have had some poll spikes, says Salon:

And then there's Santorum, the only one of the candidates to participate in all of the GOP debates and still not show any life. He's at two percent in the ABC/Washington Post survey, almost exactly where he was last month and the month before that. In the Fox poll released last week, he was at four percent. And his fortunes are no better in the key early states: He's averaging 4.3 percent in Iowa (where he's never broken double-digits), received one percent in the latest New Hampshire poll, andcouldn't even crack three percent in a recent South Carolina survey.

You'd think that, even by accident, a few polls would have moved in Santorum's direction at some point in the past year.

In spite of some positive press for Santorum's debate performances, the schadenfreude-rich Salon conclusion:

Maybe there's something else about Santorum that just rubs the average Republican the wrong way, or causes the average Republican to ignore him. Whatever the reason, it's got to be maddening for Santorum. He spent three terms in the Senate and he's nearly killing himself doing all the things a presidential candidate is supposed to do. Plus, he's running in a Republican race that's almost comically wide open. But his party's voters continue to send him the same message over and over: Anyone but you.

To be fair, former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson is not even named in the article. But he had a media spike after the most recent debate when they harped on his "shovel-ready jobs" quip. Google searches for him spiked as well. Google for Santorum is, of course, a double-edged sword.

Reason on the 2012 election. And on Rick Santorum.

[Photo by Reuters.]

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131 responses to “Everyone Single Republican is a Frontrunner Except Rick Santorum

  1. Santorum’s a douchbag.

    1. You said Santorum

      1. when livechatting the debates, i always refer to him as “poosludge”

    2. That’s funny because during the last debate, my 14 yo happened into the room, saw Santorum and said “Who’s that? He looks like a douche.”

      1. There’s great hope for our future!

      2. That kid deserves a car, a fifth of whiskey, and some PCP for that comment.

    3. In the first five comments of this thread there seems to be an awful lot of hostility directed towards female hygiene products. Why the anger reasonites?

  2. a list which relates how even

    Which in place of that!

    Very good; thank you.

  3. So are you saying that Santorum is running behind?

    1. That’s fucking funny.

    2. Very well done.

  4. bachmann needs a fork too

    1. The way she went after that corndog was rather vile, a fork would have been more ladylike.

  5. I predict Santorum will drop out soon.

    1. The sooner the better. I’m sick of him attacking Ron Paul on foreign policy.

      1. WHOOOOOSH!

        1. Let me know when you get it all out of your system, so we can have a grown-up conversation.

            1. To be fair, all this was started by Lucy’s headline.

              1. Steigy! Also, if Santorum had only greased a few hands in the GOP, he could have had an easy slide to a happy ending. Instead, if he wants to win now, he’s got a rough trade to make.

                Okay I’m done.

                Unless I think of another one.

                1. he’s running in a Republican race that’s almost comically wide open.

                  Of course, most things Santorum runs in are almost comically wide open.

                2. With a well-oiled campaign machine, he could still manage to slip in through the backdoor and win, but it would be a tight squeeze.

                  1. Rectum?! Santorum totally destroyed ’em!

                  2. I think we have a winner

                    1. (that was for Abdul)

            2. Thanks a lot you assholes, I almost wet my pants.

          1. If I didn’t know better, I would almost read that to say that you think there are SRS things to be said about Rick Santorum.

            1. There are, namely, his foreign policy positions are shitty.

              1. Wouldn’t they have to be shitty if they are coming out of him?

                1. I just don’t like where he’s coming from.

                  1. “If you can’t beat it, join it.”

    2. I predict Santorum will drop drip out soon.


      1. You guys are gross.

        1. i dont know what that means but eeuuwwww

      2. Fuck…now my co-workers are wondering why I spit coke all over my computer. You heartless bastard.

    3. Santorum’s gotta run.

  6. Ron Paul is well-funded and has a committed base. He will clearly stay in the race through the first half dozen caucuses/primaries. He could easily stay in the race all the way through the convention without problems.

    I can’t imagine that more than one of the other candidates can make it past Ia, NH, SC, and Fla.

    So the real race is between Ron and Candidate X. Any guesses on who Candidate X might be. It looks like it must be Romney to me.

    1. I think he will stay all the way through the convention. Ron Paul has about what 20%? of the vote no matter what. Not sure he can get anyone else. But he will get a lot of votes and be in the top three.

      1. 10%. He won’t drop out but he’ll be a nonfactor.

        1. I think he is better than 10.

      2. There was an anlysis earlier today (maybe slate or salon, I forget) that said the only reason Christie considered getting into the race was because lots of the big money donors had not committed to anyone yet. Christie was essentially being offered an instaneous pile of money to join the race.

        So now that he’s out, who gets the money. That determines who makes it to the convention.

        Mittens has already sunk his claws into a lot of the big money donors. Bachman is toast, Perry is going down in flames, Cain will never make it to Iowa, so who gets the “Christie” pile of cash now.

        My guess is Ron Paul stays through the convention to speak about all the things he cares about. But only one other candidate is going to rake in the big money after Iowa and New Hampshire.

        1. Cain is going to make it well past Iowa. Cain is a the real dark horse. Someone is going to get the “anybody but Romney” money and votes. And Paul is too far out on foreign policy and Bachmann has flamed out. And Palin isn’t going to run. That leaves Cain.

          1. Cain is a the real dark horse.


            I do agree that he should be around for a while. I see Bachmann and Santorum dropping out after Iowa, at the latest. Huntsman and Johnson will drop out after New Hampshire, at the latest. The other five could go on for a while. Gingrich is a bit of a wild card, since no one really knows wtf he is trying to achieve.

            1. VP or high cabinet position? Frankly Gingrich would be best as a strategist-spokesman hybrid.

              I’m starting to agree that Cain will step into the void left by Bachmann and the rapidly spiraling Perry. I’m thinking it will come down to Cain (representing the Tea Party), Romney (representing the establishment) and Paul (who has no real reason not to stick around and make a scene, since he’s not running for re-election.)

              I’m still wondering if Paul/Johnson will mount an independent run. I also won’t be surprised at all if Romney-Cain is the ticket.

            2. Gingrich is in it for Gingrich and stroking his own ego. He’ll drop out when he can’t get people to talk to him anymore.

            3. I’d argue the same for santorum though

          2. I saw Cain in person and a county-level party fundraiser last summer. He comes across outstanding in person, and he seems to connect with the SoCons that dominate the caucus process.

            But I think his utter lack of government experience is going to hurt him with the big donors. So I don’t see him making it beyond the caucuses next January or February.

            He see

            1. Fuck the big donors. Votes mean more than money. And Cain is going to get votes.

            2. Fuck the big donors. Votes mean more than money. And Cain is going to get votes.

              1. Contributions pay for TV ads, which influence voters, which drive contributions, etc etc etc. This is exactly how Ron Paul keeps the machine humming along.

                But no one else buys TV time in Nevada, South Carolina, or Florida without comning in first or second in Iowa or New Hampshire.

                The system has been rigged on purpose to reward the one guy that has a huge bank account in December.

                1. Let me say this much for Cain – he may not have experience spending money which he obtains by force, but he *does* have executive experience in an environment where the money he spends comes from uncoerced consumer decisions to buy his stuff.

                  What I’m trying to say is that he’s shown he can deliver.

                  1. Godfathers is dine in and carry out. I don’t believe they deliver.

              2. So John, you’re fucking ’em twice? That’s a helluva lot of santorum.

          3. “”And Palin isn’t going to run.””

            Or is she?

            “Ken Vogel and I both have sources telling us that calls were made on behalf of a mystery candidate to various early states to determine presidential filing deadlines.

            Continue Reading

            The calls were made by representatives of the law firm Baker Hostetler – a firm that employs lawyer Mark Braden, who represents Sarah PAC, her political action committee.”

            Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/s…..z1ZqWq4Yra

            It will be interesting to see if she does. The GOP is an open field. If no candidate really sets a pace, she might jump in.

  7. What does Santorum’s daughter think of this development? Is there a picture of her reaction somewhere?

    1. funny:)

    2. Santorum’s Daughter

    3. Why don’t you have a thread that lasts for like five years about it?

      1. The greatest tragedy about Santorum wiping out is that I will never get to make my ‘Google Salty Ham Tears’ bumper stickers.

        1. Wiping up Santorum

      2. It is our cruelest, and therefore finest moment, Lucy.

      3. All we need from you is a funny picture and a good headline, Lucy. We’ll take it from there.

      4. For the record, I am extremely partial to the name “Lucy.”

        That is all.

  8. I’m still voting for Bill the Cat.

      1. Youuuuu Basstard!!!

        Shakes fist impotently.

        1. And I had the graphic, too. Slacker.

          1. A few weeks ago, John, I mentioned that exact strip and someone found an image of it for me, but a quick search just now didn’t turn it up.

          2. A few weeks ago, John, I mentioned that exact strip and someone found an image of it for me, but a quick search just now didn’t turn it up.

      2. Good slogan, but I like:

        Bill’s dead; he’s the perfect president!

        1. I can’t find it, but there was a classic Sunday strip where it showed Bill as various things that hit every button. It went something like

          “Bill the Cat. He has been a disabled union supporting farmer. He has been a gay, veteran evangelical” and so forth ending with

          “Bill the Cat, he has been America”.

          1. And once again, reason’s site is fucking up royally. This was supposed to be down here:

            A few weeks ago, John, I mentioned that exact strip and someone found an image of it for me, but a quick search just now didn’t turn it up.

            1. Damn threaded comments.

    1. Ack! 2012.

    2. America is ill but so is Bill. Could there be a better campaign slogan?

      1. I prefer Alice Cooper’s “A troubled man for troubled times”.

        1. Cathulhu why vote for the lesser of two evils?

            1. I was partial to Eastwood 2012: Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.

              (credit Warty for original concept)

          1. my personal fave.

    3. Bill the Cat makes Big O look like a conservative.

      1. I would think of him more as an American Burlusconi. Bill always knew how to party.

        1. And he plays a mean electric tongue.

        2. You mean when he got caught doing bible studies with the nun and lost his cred as a rock star?

          “I’ll get the Bactine.”

  9. Perhaps it’s stating the obvious, but Santorum never had any constituency beyond the evangelicals. And his peak of popularity among that crowd was mostly in the House and in his early days in the Senate during the Clinton administration.

    Not to mention the fact that evangelicals have been dwindling in both numbers and political influence for about a decade. Despite the invective from the left, social conservatives have less pull in the GOP now than at any time since the ’70s.

    Santorum might have had more of a shot at a putative GOP primary in 2004, but his 15 minutes have been up for quite awhile.

    1. And this was the wrong year to be the social conservative. No one cares about social issues. It is all about the economy. Santorum is running a good campaign for the 2000 nomination.

      1. The republicans will still fuck up this election by focusing on social issues. And even if they don’t, the media that controls the narrative will.
        In the end a vote for the republican will be a vote to end abortion and outlaw gay marriage, and they will lose.

        1. The media doesn’t control the narrative nearly as much as they used to. They’ll continue to try, but Obama is going to be a very tough sell next year, regardless of his opponent.

        2. I think it’s the republican’s election to lose. Beating Obama should be easy.

      2. No one cares about social issues because the GOP has decided it doesn’t need a minority to demonize this go around to get fat old idiots out to the polls–they have Obama.

        1. Yeah Tony. It is a good thing Obama isn’t demonizing rich people and letting his supporters call everyone who criticizes him racist or anything. Speaking of needing an enemy. Your whole political existence is based on hating some “other”.

          1. My other isn’t mythical.

            Those poor demonized rich people, what will they ever do? A 5% increase in tax rates? The horror!

            So, gay marriages have only increased since 2004 when Rove got a bunch of fat old idiots out to the polls out of fear of gay marriage. Does that mean we’ve won? How is it that civilization is not under the same threat now it was back then?

            1. “”Those poor demonized rich people, what will they ever do? A 5% increase in tax rates? The horror!””

              That’s five percent that could be in the economy paying for non-government jobs.

              1. But it won’t be. Besides, we have a debt to tackle right?

                1. Tax them at 100%, you still can pay this fucker off. Moreover, you’d give those rich bastards even more reasons to never do business here again. So, it’s default or slavery for the next 10 generations. Take your pick. Judging by Obama’s rhetoric of mandatory “voluntary” service, I think I know your choice.

              2. have the wealthy [JOBZ] creators created [JOBZ] yet?

          2. My other isn’t mythical.

            Nobody’s ever is, Tony. Nobody’s ever is.

        2. STFU, Tony.

          Jebus Reasonites, if Tony doesn’t deserve the Lonewacko treatment, no one does.

  10. there’s something else about Santorum that just rubs the average Republican the wrong way

    Santorum must be wiped out, and soon.

    1. Santorum is staining the whole campaign.

      1. eeuuwwwwwwwwwww

  11. http://jammiewearingfool.blogs…..t-her.html

    Apparently the White House is a bit flipped out about Fast and Furious.

    6:05 – Laura: So they were literally screaming at you?
    Attkisson: Yes. Well the DOJ woman was just yelling at me. The guy from the White House on Friday night literally screamed at me and cussed at me. [Laura: Who was the person? Who was the person at Justice screaming?] Eric Schultz. Oh, the person screaming was [DOJ spokeswoman] Tracy Schmaler, she was yelling not screaming. And the person who screamed at me was Eric Schultz at the White House.”

    7:33 – Laura: Do we know the exact number [of guns] that went over to Mexico?
    Attkisson: We know more than 2,000 in Fast and Furious and I will soon be reporting on the fact that that is not the only case. 2,000 for that operation according to the agents involved.

  12. If it’s ok to call Governor Chris Christie a “tubby,” is it ok to refer to Obama as a Marxist Mulatto or “nigger” for short?

    Oh wait, I forgot fat people aren’t a protected category, my bad.

    1. Only if we instead refer to C.C. as a fucking disgusting morbidly obese pig. Then sure, you can call B.H.O a nigger.

      1. You don’t think “tubby” is demeaning enough?

        I’m always accused of being a bigot when I refer to you know who as a M&M or Marxist Mulatto.

        I’m so tired of the “black is beautiful” crowd acting like they’re the only minority that counts while everyone else has to go f-ck themselves. I refuse to do that!


  13. The conspiracy theorist in me says Santorum’s sole purpose of remaining in the race is to attack Paul. A sizable portion of the electorate (and not just neocons) is still fear-mongered into maintaining the military industrial complex.


    I’m still confused by the Cain rise. I can’t believe it’s because of his 999 plan. He’s been spewing that garbage for the past several debates. I’m thinking it’s because he played the sympathy card with his cancer.

    1. “I’m still confused by the Cain rise.”

      He has to raise the dough.

    2. If anyone attempts to strike him down, they’ll suffer the vengeance of the Almighty. It’s a handy little tool in his arsenal.

  14. Picture is too small, so I can’t quite make out who that is with his hand on Bachmann’s ass. Little help here?

    1. I think its Pawlenty. I think he wants to take her to a gay bar. There’s one yonder. *points*

      1. Or he’s doing the favor of pointing out her husband Marcus, who is in the middle of fellating an anonymous audience member. Hard to tell form this angle.

    2. Looks like Pawlenty to me.

    3. In my defense, I thought Michele had said, “Lend me a paw.”

      I have “paw-lenty,” you know.

  15. Santorum – PWN’ED

  16. Michelle Obama’s Africa Vacation Cost More Than $432,142. Daughters listed as ‘senior staff’.


    1. Reading the comments there reminds me why I hang out here.

    2. Daughters listed as ‘senior staff’.

      Let me be clear.

      As I requested early in my, uh, tenure, leave my daughters out of this.

  17. Next Ron Paul money bomb is 10/19. Sign up at http://www.BlackTHISout.com. This is going to be the big one.

    1. That sounds pretty racist. No thanks. Racist.

  18. Top Tier Roadkill:

    Donald Trump — led the polls, decided not to run

    Mitch Daniels — decided not to run

    Chris Christie — decided not to run

    Tim Pawlenty — should have decided not to run

    Sarah Palin — last seen on a Harley

    Michelle Bachmann — peaked a little too early

    Rick Perry — led the polls until people found out who he was

  19. For some reason, I thought Christie not running for president was last week’s news.

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