Higher Education Fire Sale: Enroll Now and Save 66 Percent on Tuition!


Private college, two-thirds off if you act now! Call 1-888-CHEEPSKOOL!

Starting next year, Seton Hall University will try to ease that follow-up blow for early applicants with strong academic credentials, giving them two-thirds off the regular sticker price for tuition, a discount of some $21,000. For New Jersey residents, who constitute about 70 percent of Seton Hall's undergraduates, that would make the cost equivalent to that of Rutgers University, the state's flagship public institution; for those from out of state, the private school would be much cheaper than the public one.

National experts on admissions and financial aid said the policy was the first of its kind.

But not the last.

As the higher education bubble bursts, more schools are likely to consider competing on price, but the ever-increasing federal education subsidy will force prices to stay artificially high. Sound familiar?

Reason.tv on the case against (price-inflating) college entitlements:

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