Government Spending

Americans Say Federal Government Wastes Over Half of Every Dollar


According to a recent Gallup poll, Americans believe on average the federal government wastes 51 cents out of every dollar it spends. This is up 34% from the 1986 low of 38 cents per dollar. These numbers have steadily increased overtime.

Of every tax dollar that goes to the federal government in Washington, D.C., how many cents of each dollar would you say are wasted? 1979-2011 trend


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  1. And what proportion of federal dollars are spent on wealth redistribution?

    Or, what proportion of the U.S. population is adamant that Social Security and Medicare (and maybe defense and Medicaid too) are indispensable?

    Americans don’t want the government to shrink or grow. They want math to work differently, so the government can do both at once.

  2. They want math to work differently

  3. thank you a lotssssssssssssssssss

  4. more overtime lately, but my company does a lot of guvment work….and a lot of the work is clearly waste. hahaha.

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