Another Day, Another Independent Analysis Projecting That ObamaCare Will Make Health Insurance More Expensive


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It's always fun to go back and reread old New York Times articles about how, on the campaign trail in 2008, President Obama vowed "in speech after speech" to "bring down premiums by $2,500 for the typical family." And then you can follow up with reports like this one, via the Columbus Dispatch

Ohioans who buy individual insurance policies could see their premiums jump 55 to 85 percent in 2014 when key provisions of the new federal health-care law kick in, according to a new report. 

Rates also are expected to increase for those with employer-sponsored coverage but not nearly as much. 

Lt. Gov. and Department of Insurance Director Mary Taylor today announced the findings of the report commissioned by the state to analyze how the law will impact Ohio consumers, businesses and insurance market.

The analysis by Milliman Inc. projected that premiums on policies offered through small businesses could increase 5 to 15 percent while the cost of insurance through large employers may jump 3 to 5 percent. 

The report's findings were announced by Ohio's Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, who has been an outspoken critic of the law. But they're similar to the results of a recent state-ordered report on ObamaCare's effects produced for Wisconsin. And that one was ordered by a Democratic governor who went on to front a pro-ObamaCare messaging group and a Massachusetts consultant who helped design both the president's health care overhaul and its Bay State predecessor. That report also projected that health coverage in the state would increase substantially, and the Ohio report expects the same. 

Are these projected increases just a fact of life given rising health care and insurance prices? Not at all, according to the Dispatch's report: "The increases do not include medical inflation which has been pushing health care costs up about 7 to 8 percent a year." But I suspect you won't hear speech after speech about that. 

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  1. Hey, a shoutout for CN’s paper.

  2. That report also projected that health coverage in the state would increase substantially, and the Ohio report expects the same.

    So rates will increase, a lot, and coverage will increase, too.

    Why will the sales increase of a product that will experience major price increases? Is this purely a creation of the mandate?

    1. Average prices are going to rise because of coverage mandates, among other things. Coverage rates will increase because of 1) the mandate 2) dramatically expanded Medicaid eligibility 3) middle class insurance subsidies.

  3. Catching liars in a lie they A) felt was “necessary” and B) can’t really be hurt by being caught in, really doesn’t lead anywhere.

    Anyone dim-bulbbed enough to still be on the fence about Obamacare is either lying or doesn’t know enough to matter anyway.

    1. Lying outright doesn’t even get called out any more, so it just doesn’t matter; politicians are free to lie about nearly anything that can’t be explicitly proven at the moment they say it; because shit that is discovered to be a lie years later doesn’t pique the media’s interest either.

      There is no danger in lying, or even just being utterly wrong about shit, because you’ll never get called on it.

    2. Welcome to the Age of the Noble Lie.

    3. But, dude…..FREE SHIT. He promised.

  4. I can’t wait for this schmuck to lose in 2012, and then the real battle for repealing this abomination can begin.

    I love that his “legacy” may be “most ineffective president ever”.

    1. There’s a joke about how LBJ created the Great Society, but Nixon funded.

      The same will hold for ObamaCare if Romney is elected.

  5. Unintended consequences can always be “fixed” with more laws.

    And when the “fix” has unintended consequences we’ll “fix” them with more laws.

    And when the “fix” to the “fix” has unintended consequences we’ll “fix” them with more laws.

    And when the “fix” to the “fix” to the “fix” has unintended consequences we’ll “fix” them with more laws.


    1. It’s turtles all the way down.

      1. The turtle moves.

  6. My individual plan in CA has gone up twice since this law was enacted. Once more than 50% and then by more than 20%.

    Just wait till 2014 . . .

  7. Changing the forking title, it’s over 140 characters on Twitter.

  8. Seriously- who are you going to believe? Some high-falutin’ “analyst” with a lot of mathematical mumbo-jumbo or the President of these here United States?

    Ya goldern idjit.

  9. Caption:

    “No, really- when I met her, her ass was only THIS wide.”

    1. Actually Peter’s alt text is pretty damn good.

  10. When does Volume Two of Al Franken’s book hit the shelves?

  11. I’m pretty sure that the Obama Administration will defend it in a sort of “well, *after the gov’t subsides* the price to the family will go down,” as though we don’t somehow pay for the government subsidies through taxes.

    1. That’s definitely the most common response. But in Wisconsin, the prices are still projected to be higher for a lot of folks even after you factor in the subsidies.

      1. Well, clearly that’s the fault of either the Republicans for not having enough subsidies, or the people who are going to pay more because they’re obviously “rich” if they’re not getting subsidies.

  12. 1) It’s Satanically immoral.

    2) It’s absolutely and unequivocally ineffectual.

    Unless Obama’s re-elected, I don’t see how any president can possibly fail to fight for the repeal of this noxious piece of shit.

    1. I have the feelings your horizons are going to broadened, Res.

      Right now, it looks like Romney is likely the next President.

      I don’t see any way on earth that he gets a clean repeal bill through. He’s a top-down technocratic kleptocrat. He obviously has no principled problems with Obam(ney)care.

      He’ll tinker. But he won’t repeal.

      1. If that’s the case, let’s hope to whatever God is perched upon a cloud somewhere that he either loses to Paul, or gets hit by a bus between now and the real take-off of the electoral season.

  13. So, their plan to destroy, or at least make intolerable, the private insurance market in order to agitate the populace into demanding a single payer system, is right on schedule.

    Excellent. /Mr. Burns

    1. Yes, pretty much.

  14. His followers don’t care if he lies because they are in for the long haul, and that means destroying health care as we know it and replacing it with a fully socialized system. When he talks about reducing health care premiums they don’t even hear it.

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