In Alabama, You're Never Too Old to Be a Drug War Casualty


Police in Prichard, Alabama, arrested an 80-year-old woman for selling crack cocaine on Wednesday. According to a video report from NBC Local 15 (which brags in it report that it was the only TV station with a cameraman on scene during the arrest–wonder how that happened?), Ola Mae Robinson was arrested after Prichard police searched her house and found crack cocaine and prescription drugs. Robinson, who was previously arrested in 2007 for possessing crack and prescription drugs with intent to distribute, wasn't put in handcuffs, because she needed a walker and neck support to make it from her house to the police cruiser. 

Here's the end of Local NBC 15's report:

Prichard's Police Chief Jimmie Gardner says it's never easy to arrest an elderly person, 

"It's tough because for all of us, we look up to the elderly community to be smarter, wiser, and responsible but unfortunately, I think she has a long history and age hasn't made a difference," says Gardner. 

But age has made a difference for Ola Mae physically.

"All I want to do is take my behind and sit it down somewhere," she said. 

And she will be able to in Metro Jail.

Charming kicker, Local 15. The Smoking Gun also wrote up the arrest, unearthing some nauseating trivia in the process: "Despite her advanced age, Robinson is not, remarkably, the oldest crack dealer named Ola Mae. That distinction goes to Floridian Ola Mae Agee, who was sentenced last October to 18 months in prison. Agee, who was 87 at the time of her conviction for cocaine distribution, died in prison last December."