Reason Writers Around Town: Shikha Dalmia on Bachmann's Foolish Crusade Against Unauthorized Workers


"Michele Bachmann has rushed in where angels fear to tread '" and she is a fool for doing so," notes Reason Foundation Senior Analyst in her latest column at The Daily. "Just when her campaign badly needed some class, she reached into the mud and found another group to demonize besides homosexuals: illegal immigrants."

This will put her in bed with groups such as the Center for Immigration Studies and Numbers USA, the political godfathers of the modern anti-immigrant movement. But what Bachmann doesn't realize is that the radical Malthusianism that underlies their crusade is fundamentally at odds with her own Christian, pro-life beliefs.

These groups have peddled five myths about illegal immigrants to whip up public sentiment that Bachmann will now have to hawk as well.

What are these? Go here to find out.