Reason Morning Links: Russ Feingold Won't Challenge Scott Walker, Beltway Republicans Fear Rick Perry's Gaffes, Obama Takes a Breather From Deporting Record Numbers of Undocumented Workers


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  1. All You Can Eat Troll Buffet is now open.

    1. om nom nom nom nom

    2. Gobble. Gobble. Gobble.

    3. I understand that it’s Encourage A Troll Friday?. Is that true?

      1. Yes, but Smartphone Saturday isn’t here for another 24, so you should go away.

      2. Bitch pudding!

      1. looks like an iowa straw poll teabagger

      2. I thought that was going to be about Arkansas football.

        I’m disappointed.

        1. Sugar Bowl, bitch.


          1. unfortunately vacated

            1. The game was played. Score was kept.

              Fuck off, piss facktory.

              1. im a bucks fan. the whole season is vacated. face it, the zips beat OSU.

                1. Vacated =/= loss, moron.

  2. A new Pew study says that yes, the media are sort of shafting Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tx.)

    Well, well, well. It looks like Pew thinks Ron Paul is very electable, doesn’t it?

    1. I think it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Polls alone won’t make a person a top-tier candidate; they need to get their name out there, and sadly, you can’t do that without the press.

      1. We berate or ignore conservatives and praise liberals for balance.

        1. what?

    2. It would be interesting to see a break out of negative, mixed and positive stories..

  3. I think it’s supposed to be LIV.

    1. yes? did you want something?

      1. No. Just wondered why you skipped acting class.

        1. SHE SHINED IN ARMAGEDDON. And that wasn’t easy to do, with a cast populated solely with bright stars.

          1. What. The. Fuck.

            1. Armageddon is PERFECT cinema. End of discussion.

              1. Probably the second-best death scene that Bruce Willis has ever done!

                1. Zach Galifianakis: Bruce, did you know that some actors turn down roles?

                2. Hell no. The best death scene was Paul Rubins in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


          2. It’s probably the only Michael Bay movie I’ve heartily enjoyed.
            Of course, I was probably 13 at the time, so I was right in his target audience.

            1. 1996-98 was truly the New Golden Age of Film.

              1. [speechless]

                1. [speechless]

                  Good, because THAT IS WHAT ‘END OF DISCUSSION’ MEANS.

                2. Yes. I think positive reviews of Bay movies is PERFECT.

                  1. [winks knowingly]

            2. There’s one simple reason to love Armageddon. During the press screening there were two obnoxious French (AFP?)snobs loudly trashing the movie. When one of the asteroid chunks leveled Paris most everyone else stood up and whooped and hollered.

            3. No love for “The Rock”?

              1. No love for Nick Cage in anything ever.

                1. The only thing I want to see Nack Cage in is a pine box.

                2. Except for Con Air. That movie spoke to me in places I didn’t even know I had ears.

        2. Because back then I was hot.

          1. That is still no excuse for your father singing about you while you strip. Ew.

    2. For that matter, if he’s referencing software versions, those aren’t done in Roman numerals.

      1. That’s inherent paternalism, straight up.

        1. I thought it was “intrisincally paternalisctical”.

  4. The Obama Administration is slowing deportations, GOP is furious.

    Oh crap, if this results in more liberaltarian articles, I’m going to be furious.

    1. “Furious” just means the GOP is behind Obama, leaning on the horn, flashing their headlights, whipping him the bird. He’ll get to those deportations, once he stops rubbernecking.

      1. obama’s been deporting at record pace. the change is to reduce deportations for kids, students, & those who enlist. kind of a 2d cousin to the DREAM act…which is coming soon to a congress near you.

        1. LOL, you gullible moron.

        2. Actually, double sphincter, the change is to increase his chance at reelection by pandering to a voting bloc. If he gave a fuck about immigrants, or more specifically the illegal ones, he would have done this on Day 1 of his presidency.

          Sorry, but your hero is an unprincipled turd.

          1. Obama “loves” America in precisely the same fashion that a pickpocket loves his latest wallet.

          2. ridiculous since undoc aliens cant vote.

            1. True, but pandering to the entire Hispanic community by throwing a bone to a large segment of it is gonna buy him some overall goodwill.

              And I’d wager that a large % of the illegals here have a relative or friend who is a US citizen that will be happy the Jug Eared Jesus kept them here.

            2. ridiculous since undoc aliens cant vote.


            3. Neither can dead people or people who already voted somewhere else. Legally.

              1. Laws are for the serfs.

            4. ridiculous since undoc aliens cant vote.

              Gracias for the cover, ese.

        3. the change is to reduce deportations for kids, students, & those who enlist.

          No, the change is to eliminate deportations of anyone not charged with a crime.

          1. He’s finally doing something right.

            But of course it’s a crass and cynical ploy, turning on a dime from “Me Deport You Long Time!” to “Look at me, friend of the undocumented!”

        4. “The new policy is expected to help thousands of illegal immigrants who came to the United States as young children, graduated from high school and want to go on to college or serve in the armed forces.”


          1. Citing MSNBC? Why not just go to the DNC’s press secretary?

          2. And here’s the first paragraph of the story you linked:
            “WASHINGTON ? The Obama administration announced Thursday that it would suspend deportation proceedings against many illegal immigrants who pose no threat to national security or public safety.”

            Way to cherry pick asshole.

            1. Also FTA:
              “The action would also bolster President Obama’s reputation with Latino voters as he heads into the 2012 election. Just a week ago the leaders of major Hispanic organizations criticized his record, saying in a report that Mr. Obama and Congress had “overpromised and underdelivered” on immigration and other issues of concern to Latino voters, a major force in some swing states.”

              Of course, you can expect the real reason for an Obama policy wouldn’t show up until the 6th paragraph in a MSNBC/NYT collaboration.

            2. i cherry pick my asshole all the time my fingers smell yummy

              1. take ur malox ol mex

          3. so sloppy feels hispanic kids, students, & service members pose some threat to national security?…like MS13?

              1. JOOS !

            1. He’ll no, shithead. I hate immigration law and deportations. I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy of Obama. He treated the Hispanic community like shit for two and an half years by deporting at then highest rate in American history, then does an abrupt about-face as soon as the Hispanic leaders start calling him out for being an asshole.

              Obama got this right…but for the wrong reason and 2 1/2 years late.

              1. so obama never proposed the DREAM act?

                1. Proposing the DREAM Act is one thing, and it never passed, in part because he never pushed for it’s passage and wasnunwilling to bargain on beefing up border security, which may have been enough to get it through the House he had an overwhelming majority in and the Senate where they had a filibuster-proof 60 members.

                  Then, he proceeds to deport more illegal immigrants than any president before him.

                  Now, after being called out by Hispanic groups, he proceeds to do another 180 in an obvious attempt to capture that voting bloc that are leaving his camp in droves.

                  How can you even defend this schizophrenic behavior, double sphincter? What he’s doing is about as subtle as somebody stepping on a duck.

                  1. no, the gop woundnt agree to the december compromises, including the START treaty, unless DREAM was NOT included.

                    1. Gee, I thought Obama proposed it when he had a huge majority in the House and 60 seats in the Senate.

                      You’re still gonna blame Team Red for the mass deportations on Obama’s watch? Really?

                  2. Of course none of this means shit considering he had 1) a majority in BOTH houses for 2 full years, and 2) he passed fucking Obamacare, the most controversial piece of legislation of my lifetime, without a SINGLE opposition vote.

                    Double fuckhole, eat shit and die.

  5. you can’t be questioning whether or not Barack Obama loves America

    Absolutely agreed. Any plain and demonstrable negative such as that should be stated loudly and baldly, sans any possible equivocation.

    1. This. Norman Podhoretz pretty much had it right on the money last week: Obama is still the same anti-American piece of shit he’s been his entire life.

      1. I read that last week and he is 100% correct.

    2. Of course he love Amerikkka.

      The same way that I love my 57 Chevy that I want to fundamentally transform into a 69 Yugo.

  6. # Progressives are sad that there is no more stimulus (v. XXXXXIV)

    The Great One has forsaken us! All is lost!!

  7. The real question is, “Is Rick Perry proud of America and if so when did he become proud of America?”

    1. well he’s damn sure proud of the republic of texas. the alamo had nothing to do w the united states

      1. And liberals wouldn’t have even had to be concerned about the state if they hadn’t started a war to keep it a part of the country after it seceded.

        1. who’s “they”?

          1. Without passing judgment on the accuracy of his statement, it’s obvious that “they” links to “liberals” in his sentence. Of course, you barely speak English so I’m not surprised this would be unclear to you.

            1. so lub-rahls started some war against the republic of texas? gosh history – how do it work?…in any language

  8. The 8 Most Baffling Food Mascots of All-Time

    #4.Krinkles the Clown — Post’s Sugar Rice Krinkles

    In 1960, Sugar Coated Rice Krinkles introduced its new culturally sensitive mascot: a Chinese boy named So-Hi. He got his name because he was only “so high,” and his original Chinaman name probably just sounded like a bunch of doorbells going off. Eight years later, Post marketers came up with something less offensive: Krinkles the Clown.

    With Krinkles the Clown as the mascot, every serving of Sugar Krinkles now had the vitamins and minerals of one handful of flesh and the fear you need to get you going in the morning. The prize inside every box was whispers. Whenever you lost a kitchen knife in 1969, you would somehow always find it inside Post’s Sugar Krinkles. The side of the box had photos of missing children, but each of them was labeled “Ingredients.”

    Sugar Krinkles was eventually pulled from the shelf, but Krinkles the Clown continued to find work. He now appears in mirrors every time you look away from them.

    HA! HA! HA!

    1. excellent

      Whoever does these pictures is teh smart.

      1. Seanbaby, creator of Man Comics: Comics For Men.

    2. I thought Bloody Mary had the mirror monopoly?

      1. I thought Tony Todd bought Bloody Mary out in the nineties.

      2. I try not to drink at breakfast. I don’t always succeed, but that doesn’t mean I don’t try not to.

        1. Not that Bloody Mary. Were you raised by wolves?

          1. She prefers to be called “Linda.”

            1. Really? Maybe that’s why I never saw her in the mirror.

    3. This is “safe for work” only if it is acceptable in your workplace to be doubled over in laughter so intense the medical first responders get the AED out and have your shirt half off before you can draw enough breath to explain what’s going on.

  9. When terrorist-sympathizer Peter King says you’re out of line, it’s time to spend a little more time honing your stump speeches.

    Peter King? Tony Weiner? New York seems to be a tad phallocentric.

    1. Isn’t old NASCAR driver Dick Trickle also from the Empire State?

      1. Wisconsin – sheesh!

    2. In the land once governed by the blind, the one-eyed snake will be King.

    3. And violent… Louise Slaughter.

  10. Any man who would heed Peter King’s advice should not only be disqualified from federal office, he should be placed in a 6x6x6 cage with a rabid baboon, a feral pig and a common house cat.

  11. When lil Petey King and Karl “Turd Blossom” Rove are attacking you, it must mean you are doing something right.

  12. Looks like Pew Pew Pew Pewed the media.

    (I’m a little disappointed this meme doesn’t make it into more Pew reports.)

    1. (I’m a little disappointed this meme doesn’t make it into more Pew reports.)

      I was fired for this very reason.

      1. Pew Pew Pewing at work should be a constitutional right. Someone get SIUE on this.

        1. Southern Illinois University Equestrians?

          1. State of Israel’s Untermensch Evildoers?

        2. hmm lets go with Southern Illinois University Edwardsville or SEIU.

  13. Georgetown, Bayi attempt to make up after brawl By CHRISTOPHER BODEEN
    Associated Press~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    BEIJING (AP) — Members of the Georgetown University basketball program met with representatives of China’s Bayi Rockets on Friday in an effort to smooth over ill feelings following a nasty on-court brawl.

    Chinese basketball fans slammed Bayi, which is owned by China’s military, for its part in the brawl in games intended to promote U.S.-China goodwill during Biden’s visit.

    It was the latest instance of on-court fighting by China, whose players have been fined tens of thousands of dollars by the world and Asian federations for scrapping with opponents.

    In October, China’s national basketball coach, a manager and three players were suspended for an ugly brawl with Brazil’s team that left one Chinese player in a neck brace. Fights are also not uncommon at Chinese soccer matches.…..9-02-57-42

    1. When is the JooTube mashup to “Kung Fu Fighting” coming out?

      1. “why can’t we be friends”.

        1. You say “RACIST!”
          I say “LACIST!”

          1. “Let’s call the whole thing off!”

    2. Where’s Ron Artest when you need him.

    3. lacist or racist or both?

    4. Is it wrong that this makes me like the Chinese a little?

      1. I wish our goodwill ambassadors relied more on fisticuffs.

      2. No!

        :: masturbating furiously ::

      3. No we luv em!

      4. Is it wrong that this makes me like the Chinese a little?

        Funny, I bet about 70% of the students at Georgetown are torn between loyalties over this one.

  14. “You can’t be calling Bernanke a traitor and you can’t be questioning whether or not Barack Obama loves America

    Not without using a chalkboard, right?

    1. Or hawking Goldline every five minutes.

      1. That’s literally the same thing as calling Bernanke a traitor.

  15. They just get ever more desparate:

    Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations, say scientistsRising greenhouse emissions could tip off aliens that we are a rapidly expanding threat, warns a report

    This highly speculative scenario is one of several described by a Nasa-affiliated scientist and colleagues at Pennsylvania State University that, while considered unlikely, they say could play out were humans and alien life to make contact at some point in the future.…..ilisations

    1. Assuming these aliens are Canadians, we should stop enticing them with visions of large hockey sticks.

      1. But it’d be a polite destruction!

        We’d say “Please, may we blow up your capitol?” even!

        1. Bullshit Canadians are polite.

          After all, they exported Celine Dion and Justin Bieber.

          1. And for that we deeply apologise.

            Now can we borrow a rocket to send them into orbit?

    2. Well, our asses could be genetically engineered to spew fire, and humanity would be consumed by ass-fire. Give me a grant.

      1. You’ve been eating at Quaker Steak & Lube, haven’t you?

      2. That was awesome, Warty. Thanks!

    3. They should just turn the sun into a flamethrower and be done with it.

    4. Stimulus!!!

    5. Assuming some god-like aliens, wouldn’t they just give mankind fusion-power (or *whatever) instead of killing us all off?

      * our future power needs will be met through something really exotic, like Oreos mixed with troll-baiting.

      1. When trolling becomes our power source, I’ll be like the little man with the pigs in MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME.

        “Me Chief Arab! Me declare EMBARGO!”

    6. It’s a fictional movie, you prat. Not a documentary.

      1. Wasn’t this actually the plot of the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still? Keanu Reeves has Gort S. Preston, Esq., destroy the planet’s (SPOILER ALERT) technology to save the ecosystem.

        1. Yup.

          Oh, Jennifer Connolly, why did your beautiful breasts make me watch that horrible movie?

          1. Perhaps we should just be glad she uses them for mostly good instead of mostly evil.

          2. According to my husband, Connelly’s breasts make all of her movies watchable. . . even Some Girls (Dempsey’s full frontal, not so much). Actually, I think she is quite lovely; I had something of a girl-crush on her when I was in 7th grade and saw Labyrinth.

            1. I didn’t see her until Career Opportunities. I’ve been hooked ever since.

              1. Ahhh, the power of a coin-operated mechanical horse ride. That scene made every male in the room look like he had a mild head tremor.

    7. Um, I think our radio emissions may have given some small hints to our presence.

      1. It’s always about the emissions with you!

    8. It’s like they’re not even trying to deceive us any more.

  16. “In what has become a common scene, the gruesome dismembered body was found inside two trash bags in the port of Aca.”

    Maybe ‘cuz I haven’t had my coffee, but I can’t think of anything snarky. This is just a cruel outcome of the WOD and good intentions/restricting liberty =/= good results. Carry on.

  17. Leo left her for her . Why?

    1. Maybe he hates Jews so much he grew tired of hate-fucking her.

      1. I dated a Jew once. And yes, I did get tired of hate-fucking her. You could be on to something.

      2. Maybe she’s fun and better in bed? Hotness is only one factor. Sacrificing a little hotness for a girlfriend you actually want to be around is a no-brainer, right?

        1. I guess, but a super-hot deaf-mute is still my ideal.

          1. My father told me to marry a nymphomaniac that owned a liquor store — you’ll never have to work for your money, and you’ll always have something to keep you busy.

            1. I bet your dad was a big Bill Clinton fan, wasn’t he?

    2. old expression – show me a beautiful woman & i’ll show u a guy who’s tired of banging her

      1. I dunno. My wife is pretty hot and I have no desire to be with anyone else.

        1. Right, but if at any point in her life there ever was a guy (not necessarily you) who got tired of banging her, OO can still prove her boast.

          1. OO used present tense. You are using past tense.

        2. I hope your wife finds out about you feeding trolls and kicks you out of the house.

          1. You’re just jealous that my wife looks sexy in size two jeans while all you’ve got is a jar of baby oil.

            1. My wife could beat your wife up any day.

                1. Think about it. My wife has had 19 years of me. Day in, day out. Every day. She goes to sleep: SugarFree. She wakes up: SugarFree… SugarFree after SugarFree after SugarFree.

                  She has so much repressed rage she could kill any of you with her bare-hands if she let it out.

                  1. I assumed you meant she’d sit on my little wifey and suffocate her to death.
                    I didn’t even consider her using her hands.

                    1. No, no. My wife is quite slim and attractive. I punch far above my considerable weight in relationships.

                      But her rage could shake the very foundation of life itself.

                    2. Not as violently as Warty’s Ass-fire scenareo.

                    3. But her rage could shake the very foundation of life itself.

                      I can believe that.

                  2. My wife has had 19 years of me. Day in, day out. Every day. She goes to sleep: SugarFree. She wakes up: SugarFree… SugarFree after SugarFree after SugarFree.

                    No kidding. I heard that 19 years of Sugarfree is what happened to John Wayne Gacy and Ted Bundy.

                    1. You must have married the only hot girl in the entire L/A area, sarc.

                    2. She’s from Mass.

                    3. Thinking about it, a couple years back I was in Pep Boys in Auburn on Halloween, and some female comes in dressed like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz, talking to one of the guys like he’s a relative or something.
                      I swear I started to stutter because my tongue was getting hard.
                      Holy fuck!
                      But yeah, otherwise it’s a muffin-top parade.

        3. most married guys are whooped

          1. You mean whipped? Or have their wives literally whooped their asses?

            1. i dont even now wut the fuck i mean. early onset alzseimers. like at two years old

          2. especially if there married to their fist like me

            1. take ur malox old mex

          3. WHOOP! WHOOP!

    3. Imagine if you lived next door to the Grand Canyon.*

      The first day you moved in, you’d be awestruck.

      But after a few months you’d be like, “Oh, look, the Grand Canyon. Meh.”

      And you’d want to drive off to go look at Roswell roadside UFO attractions or something.

      *stolen from a friend of mine

      1. I don’t know if I’m more impressed that you stole the Grand Canyon from a friend of yours, or that he had the Grand Canyon for you to steal.

        1. or that he had the Grand Canyon for you to steal.

          Cmon man, it was just sittin there.

      2. That is true of everything fluffy. The Budhists have it right. Life is suffering which to them means nothing no matter how pleasurable remains that way forever.

    4. Very Simple. Nothing vs. Swallows. An easy choice, no?

      1. African or European?

    5. I get a kick out of the Brit’s fascination with celebrity culture. Like I really want to see Lady Gaga learning to surf in Mexico or give a fuck about what Kate Middleton is wearing.*

      *but please let me know If she wears this little number again.

    6. Refaeli has made me wonder when macrocephaly is going to be a major rule 34 category; big hair seems to be a weak substitute.

    7. Maybe Bar tastes bad.

    8. Probably got bored with her and knew it wouldn’t be hard to pick up a new dish so he moved on. Leo’s set to become the Gen-X version of George Clooney.

      Typically, when you see these guys that stay with the same woman for years but don’t marry them, it’s because they’re waiting for something better to come along (Gene Simmons is the exception that proves the rule).

    9. I can respect him for dumping Rafeli. It just goes to show the old adage that show me a beautiful women and I will show you a guy who is tired of her shit. Rafeli is a Goddess. But she also is about as intelligent as a fence post in the interviews I have seen. Granted, it took five years but I can see how Leo finally got tired of living in a long episode of the old Jessica Simpson newlywed reality show.

      As far as taking up with the other one. That I can’t defend.

    10. I bet number two could look just about as good with proper makeup, lighting and photo retouching.

      1. She could put a woody on a statue.

        1. She was pretty hot as Affleck’s drugged up ex in The Town

        2. She was pretty hot as Affleck’s drugged up ex in The Town

        3. See’s lovely, but I can’t get past the fake boobs. Better small breasts than creepy bolted on half-grapefruits.

          1. I’m with you there.
            Though I sometimes wonder if the allure of fake breasts has something to do with a man’s instinctual urge to protect a pregnant woman or a woman who has just given birth.
            Since fakeys (that aren’t completely overdone) give women the proportions of one who is breast feeding.

  18. I always thought Acapulco was like this:

    1. Jesus, that’s an incredible ass on that chick. We’ve lost so much of our forefathers’ bootyness technology.

      1. Warty you always have reliably good taste in women. Whole shit that is a great ass. And yeah, since gay men started running Hollywood the women are distinctly less attractive.

        1. that’s an incredible ass on that chick

          Whole shit that is a great ass.

          Hey, he wa’nt nuthin but a Houndog.

        2. “Whole shit”, is that a Johnism for Holy shit? 😉

          1. It works pretty well, actually. “Don’t you make me go whole shit on you, boy.”

      2. The 50s-70s had the “big and sassy” gals. Heck, I was watching an old Kojak episode where he orders a dress for his date. Size 14!

        The 80s to now brought us the slender, small-hipped waifs.

    2. I’d buy that for a dollar.

      1. So that’s the look Bachmann was going for.

        1. Never. Gets. Old.

      2. John Derek. Started with Andress and then traded her in on Linda Evens and then traded her in for Bo Derek. Now that is a man who knows how to live.

    3. I can’t take my eyes off that ass.

    4. The ass is not payment enough for tricking me into listening to Elvis.

  19. Stir fry cabbage: fragrant and nutty
    Crisp cabbage, with oil toasted garlic, mustard seeds, and curry leaves. Nutty with toasted coconut.

    In Indo-Caribbean cooking, infused oils are used to chunkay (tadka) certain dishes such as dhal and a variety of choka(s). Using the same principle of a chunkay, I made this stir fry cabbage. The toasted coconut on top, well, that was thrown in because I had some remaining from another dish I was making. It all came together nicely. Crisp cabbage, fragrant with oil toasted garlic, mustard seeds and curry leaves. Nutty with toasted coconut.…..-and-nutty

  20. When terrorist-sympathizer Peter King says you’re out of line, it’s time to spend a little more time honing your stump speeches.

    (a) The alleged gaffes were not part of a stump speech.

    (b) I’m sure Peter King is possessed of both (1) flawless judgment in these matters and (2) an abiding concern for Rick Perry’s best interests.

    1. I’m surprised that King could pull Bernanke’s cock out of his mouth long enough to give that advice.

        1. He knows ASL.

          Which just means he wasn’t working the shaft.

  21. “Witnesses said armed men arrived in several luxury SUV’s and got the victim out of one of the SUV’s and shot him several times in front of the public. The gunmen then fled undetected by authorities.”

    I read somewhere that over 90% of Mexican Narco Terror involves American made SUV’s. Obama oughta do something.

    1. If they drove Prius’s they could electrocute their victims.

      1. There’s no stealthier vehicle for doing a drive-by. So quiet!

        1. not in the hood cracker. quite aint got nothing to do w woofers & drive-bys

  22. Blood bath in Acapulco.

    If I was god, I’d make that gluttonous fuck Bill Bennett (and all drug warriors for that matter) go down to Mexico and personally pick up all these trash bags of body parts. Their drug war is so justified, it should be a pleasure for them to the dirty work.

    1. This was stupid to say. If I was god, I’d give myself Warty’s dick.

      1. Is that so you wouldn’t feel so bad about your reign as the “Last Call King”?

      2. I’m sure he’s willing to share it with you.

        1. It does not detach easily, thank you very much.

        2. is it detachable?

  23. I didn’t know SugarFree was a chick.

    1. Simpsons did it.

        1. “And remember, if you’re not sure about something, rub it against a piece of paper. If the paper turns clear, it’s your window to weight gain.”

          1. “Hey fatty, I got a movie for you–A Fridge Too Far.”

            1. “I wish I had my reaching broom!”

              1. Dr. Nick: Instead of chewing gum, chew bacon!
                Bart: And you can brush your teeth with milkshakes dad.
                Dr Nick: Did you go to Hollywood Upstairs Medical College too?

    2. Her kids look delighted.

      1. “Quit it. Mama’s watching her stories.”

    1. Like which one? Hopefully not New Jersey…

    2. I’m sure the Joos are behind it somehow.

  24. Rick Perry did execute an innocent man, but then again he is for lower taxes on billionaires.

    1. Serious question: what was the situation when Perry supposedly did this? I keep hearing this meme but have not seen a link.

      1. Balko has had some good stuff on that on the Agitator in the past week or so. Basically he has done a number of things that show he is not terribly concerned about the possibility that he might execute an innocent person.

        1. Thanks. I’ll head over there and check it out.


    WA: Bad year for burglars in Tacoma continues with Wednesday shooting

    “Wednesday’s shooting of a suspected burglar by a contractor working at a home in North Tacoma was the latest in a series of incidents that did not end too well for the bad guys, and nobody ? with the possible exception of burglars ? seems to be squawking too loudly.” …

    “How stupid is this: the suspect saw the contractor’s truck in the driveway, so he tried to get away by ramming the vehicle. A confrontation followed during which the suspect got a rather nasty surprise: This guy he was trying to buffalo had a legally-carried handgun, and obviously knew how to use it. One bullet later, the bad guy is running down the street with a hole in him, only to be bagged in short order by an observant Tacoma police officer.” …

    He must have been an off-duty cop — only cops can shoot the broad side of a barn at all

  26. http://onlygunsandmoney.blogsp…..order.html

    The Soft-on-Crime Roots of British Disorder (video story)

    “Cam Edwards interviews Prof. Joyce Lee Malcolm on the roots of the riots in the UK. …”



    Gunwalker: President Obama’s Un-Plausible Deniability — Is it rational to believe the president and his closest advisers had nothing to do with this murderous plot?

    … “With this level of cooperation across at least three (Homeland Security, Justice, Treasury) departments and among at least eight directors, with long-term personal contacts between friends and political allies that have been fingered as key players in this scandal, and with the president’s own words and deeds regarding his radical views towards gun rights in this country, is it rational to believe the president and his closest advisers had nothing to do with this murderous plot?” …

    He’s got a clean dialect, so how could he possibly have been involved? Tea-bagging racists!


    Administration Kills Americans ? MSM Doesn’t Care

    “The lack of main stream news coverage on the Fast and Furious debacle, that left at least one American dead, has been frightening. …” …

    “It has become increasingly obvious that the Justice Department, meaning Attorney General Eric Holder, and the White House, meaning President Barack Obama, were aware ? in part or in full ? about the plan. As others have mentioned, a second intention of this plan was to perpetuate the myth that American guns are flowing into Mexico, thus creating the violence on the border between the two countries. The idea being that Operation Fast and Furious could be used as a vehicle to institute greater gun control; which is to push forward the Progressive ideal of eliminating 2nd Amendment rights.” …

  29. College football is a complete scam? Whaaaaaaa?

    1. Scam? How so? I never understood why these are considered “scandals”, unless you think it is somehow ignoble and immoral to not follow NCAA rules.

      1. College football exists to give the NFL a free minor league and screw the players while sanctimoniously pretending to give them educations. Total scam.

        I was hoping that the NFL lockout would lead to the NFL collapsing, and that it would somehow take the NCAA with it. Oh well.

        1. Please. “Screw the players”? The players are adults who enter into contracts with their eyes wide open (or at least constructively so). Don’t give me the violins for the 18-year-old who walks around like the BMOC that he is with a free education and boosters willing to pay for him to get blowjobs.

          Basically, I am saying: so what? A free degree, a modicum of celebrity, and a shot at making millions in the NFL (small though that shot may be)? Am I supposed to weep for that whopper of all First World Problems?

        2. except that college ball pre-dates the NFL by a large margin. rutgers & lehigh were playing ball after the civil war

          1. But then it was actually just an extra-curricular activity. Yes, they are adults who know what they are getting into, so I am not losing a lot of sleep over it. But the NCAA rules are stupid. Big time football teams make tons of money for their universities, but they can’t compensate the players in any direct way and have to maintain the charade that they are there for any reason besides football.

        3. All of the arguments against paying college football players are complete bollocks. Colleges should pay them their market wage.

          1. They do – their market wage is free education and free room & board. At state universities, that is about 20,000 for five months worth of work. Not bad for a high-school graduate (and they earning a degree while they work, and that aforementioned “shot” at the NFL).

            If college players want to be paid whatever ridiculous notion of “market wage” you have in mind, then they, as adults, can stop working for less than they feel they are worth.

            1. Bullshit. “free education and free room & board” is price fixing by the NCAA. It’s a classic cartel.

              1. Like I said, if a player does not like the price, then he, as a free adult, is free not to take that price. There are over 600 Div. I and Div. II schools, so there is plenty of competition in this particular model.

            2. If there’s one thing the NCAA absolutely is not, it’s a free market.

              1. What? Why? Can firms in a free market not voluntarily agree to price fix? Do schools have to join the NCAA?

            3. FACT: Not all athletes get full ride scholarships.

          2. cant pay ONLY football palyers. ALL student-athletes would have to be paid.

            1. Only the revenue generating athletes should be paid. The track and tennis and golf teams can go screw.

              1. Again, why should revenue generating athletes be paid? Is this some kind of fairness argument? Because you are consistently failing to explain yourself.

              2. There’s a law against that. Comes under title IX.

                1. Screw title IX. It’s a stupid law.

                  As for why they should get paid…why not? They are assets generating revenue. They are no different than any other laborer. Colleges, under the cover of the NCAA, are able to collude, form a cartel, and take advantage of this labor pool in a way that no other organization can in this entire country.

                  All on the premise of “ensuring the integrity of the amateur athlete”. Fuck that.

                  And as for your ridiculous argument that schools don’t have to join NCAA. Why wouldn’t schools join a cartel that allows them to fix prices and keep the revenue? It’s absurd to argue that they would reject that.

                  1. I agree, MP. And I think the players should pool their vast resources (they are high school graduates, after all) and form their own football organization that could compete with the NCAA for prospects by paying a fair market wage.


                  2. MP, I will try to break this down for you a little further, because you just are not “getting it”.

                    As for why they should get paid…why not? They are assets generating revenue.

                    First, they are being compensated, like I said, in the form of education and room & board. Secondly, even if they were not, there are myriad professionals out there who do things like underpaid and unpaid internships for the experience (and because that is just “what they want to do”). Would you argue that those people, who voluntarily undertake those assignments with full knowledge of their compensation level, should be compensated more merely because they are “assets generating revenue”?

                    I see no difference between those interns and college athletes. For example, did you know that fully-barred and compensated attorneys would probably kill someone to take a pay cut to clerk on the Appellate or Supreme Court level? Want to guess why? Because of the opportunities it would later generate.

                    Frankly, your entire argument is undercut by the fact that, for every full boat football player accepted by Major U, there are 10 or 20 kids who did not make the cut, and would likely take a half-scholarship just for the opportunity to play for Major U. You are basically infantilizing the choices that free adults are making.

                    1. Sloopy,

                      There’s no reason why college players shouldn’t be allowed to form a union. The NCAA rules are totally contrary to a free market. The NCAA is a cartel, fully sanctioned by the Government. What else is like that? Even the special privileges granted to the major sports leagues don’t free them from having to deal with the player’s union.

                      Blue Moon,

                      Their compensation is capped. It’s fixed. It’s rigged. It’s called collusion. Do you even know what a cartel is?

                      Player’s may voluntarily accept the best deal going for them. But it’s not the best deal in the market. Because their is no free market for college athletes. The colleges have a cartel. That cartel is called the NCAA. It is treated like no other cartel in this country.

                      The internship comparison is absurd. Why? Because there is no cartel. Sure, interns are potentially forging a larger check. But maybe not. What there isn’t is an entire industry that forces everyone to accept being an intern or nothing.

                      And as for the 10 or 20 kids who make the cut, that argument makes no sense. They don’t make the cut. They don’t get paid. Minor league athletes get paid squat. Why? Because they didn’t make the cut. Because they aren’t that good.

                      But for major college programs that rely on recruiting the best of the best, those players to make the cut. And the colleges collude, artifically constraining the benefits received by the athletes for the services provided.

                      All under the guise of preserving amateurism and the integrity of the educational experience. Bollocks.

                    2. The NCAA is a cartel, fully sanctioned by the Government.

                      I must have missed the portion of Libertarianism 101 that said that voluntarily-formed cartels are antithetical to liberty. Or are you suggesting that every college MUST join the NCAA?

                      You are just repeating yourself: the NCAA is a cartel, therefore *boogaboogasomethingaboutunfairness*. That is not an argument.

                      What there isn’t is an entire industry that forces everyone to accept being an intern or nothing.

                      “Or nothing?” Is being a football player an entitlement now?

                    3. In a truly free market, a natural cartel would fail due to cheating. And it would face labor pressures due to unionization.

                      What’s really going on here is that there’s a cultural issue. People believe that college athletes should not be paid. That belief is so ingrained, that questioning it is heretical.

                      We’ll see what kind of traction the NCPA is able to make. Something tells me that sooner or later, they’ll be made illegal. Time will tell. Until players reject the cartel and fight back, things won’t change because the colleges have no reason to change the status quo.

                    4. What’s really going on here is that there’s a cultural issue. People believe that college athletes should not be paid. That belief is so ingrained, that questioning it is heretical.

                      Right — it is so ingrained that we are all too stupid to see it except for smarties like yourself.

                    5. You’ve yet to make an argument why the players shouldn’t unionize and fight the NCAA price fixing rules.

                    6. If they don’t like it, they are free to develop a competing product. Nothing is stopping them.

                      Oh, or they could go to a competing NAIA school, one of the universities in Canada where football is played, hold out until they are eligible for the NFL, or they could sue the NFLPA for excluding them from the league by discriminating against their age.

                      …or, they can stay in an NCAA school, get laid regularly cause ther are on the team, get a $150k education for free, play a game they love and SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

                    7. You’ve yet to make an argument why the players shouldn’t unionize and fight the NCAA price fixing rules.

                      I never said anything they shouldn’t, so why would I need to develop an argument for it?

                      But I am with Sloopy here: I cannot find a less sympathetic group of allegedly-exploited workers than college football players. Free education, free R&B, minor celebrity status on campus (and off, in the case of major football universities), and a crack at the NFL? Cry me a fucking river, dude.

                    8. Actually, I HAVE to intern for two years before I can even pay the government to sit and take the Architectural licensing exam. So there are industries that force you to intern or nothing.

                      I agree with everything else you said though.

          3. I had this discussion with a college football/basketball friend of mine after the UM allegations came out.

            These controversies rarely include baseball. The reason for this is the minor leagues. If a good-enough-for-the-MLB-with-training player graduates high school, they have the chance to sign a contract with a MLB club and then go ply their wares professionally. This means that the players in college baseball are the ones who self-selected to go to college and forego a professional contract.

            Collegiate basketball and football players don’t have that option, or at least they don’t have it to the extent that baseball players do.

            1. Basketball has the European leagues.

              Football has exclusionary rules implemented by the NFLPA in an effort to stifle competition. If anybody is to blame here, it is the one union that exists for these athletes.


    NY: NYPD cop sentenced after road-rage incident

    “A former New York City police officer who lost his job for assaulting a pedestrian in a fit of road rage while on-duty in the Bronx, was spared a prison sentence by a judge and given five years probation.” …

    I wonder if it would have been the same if somebody had done that to a cop

    1. If someone did that to a cop, it never would have gotten before a judge. They would have been summarily executed once backup arrived.

      1. “STOP RESISTING!”

        And of course, nothing else happened.

      2. And the video would mysteriously disappear.


    TX: HPD vet suspended for beating of ex-UH star

    “A Houston police officer has been placed on 20-day suspension for striking a former University of Houston basketball star in the head with a nightstick, causing a concussion.”

    “Brenton Green, a senior officer and 15-year veteran with the Houston Police Department, was accused of beating Michael Young …”

    “Young, who had a brief NBA career with the Suns, Clippers and 76ers, is now director of basketball operations at UH.”

    “An Internal Affairs investigation recently sustained a misconduct complaint filed by Young, said department spokesman Kese Smith.” …

    Violently assault a citizen, get 20 days of suspension — nothing else happened!

    1. striking a former University of Houston basketball star in the head with a nightstick,

      Assault with a deadly weapon, I believe.

      I would hope that a civil rights lawsuit is in the wings, since a criminal prosecution is too much to hope for.

      1. I hope dunphy can come on here and explain to us how a nightnstick is not a daddy wagon, but a paper bag with a 40 oz is.

        Actually, cancel that request. I don’t feel like breaking shit today.

        1. Stupid fucking autocorrect on a fucking iPad.

          Night stick
          Daddy wagon=deadly weapon

          1. I liked “daddy wagon”.

          2. I don’t know why, but “A night stick is not a daddy wagon” made me laugh.

            1. It made me think of Wilt Chamberlain for some reason.

    2. now director of basketball operations at UH.”

      Does that mean Coach?

      1. And people wonder why school budgets have skyrocketed. I saw a quote by Donna Shalala lamenting over the fate of “400 student athletes and 150 staff members in the Miami athletic department.”

        150 staff members? I know they are a private school, but I’m sure public universities mirror this ratio.

  32. http://www.piercecountyherald……/id/38385/

    WI: Wheeler police chief pleads insanity

    “The police chief of Wheeler in far western Wisconsin has pleaded insanity to 14 sex-related felony charges. 55-year-old Gary Wayerski of Menomonie is due back in Dunn County Circuit Court September ninth, when further proceedings will be scheduled.”

    “Authorities said Wayerski fondled two teenage boys, ages 16-and-17, after he arrested them in March for breaking into a church in Wheeler. Officials said he was mentoring the boys when he touched them, and showed them pornographic movies and computer images.” …

    1. What the hell is a pornographic computer image?

      1. When you see someone handling a computer’s dongle.


    CA: Ex-officer sentenced for sex with underage relative

    “A former Long Beach police detective was sentenced to two years in state prison today for having an ongoing sexual relationship with an underage female relative.” …

    “The girl, now 17, told investigators Alvarez began touching her sexually two years ago, when she was 15.”

    “She said Alvarez first had sex with last year, when she was 16, and they had sex about three times a week before the relationship was discovered …” …

    She was taking photographs with no “esthetic value” — she got what she deserved!!!

  34. Wait, so some other things happened?

    1. Mehfailica?

      1. Other than your complete lack of taste, you’re a decent enough fellow.

      2. But shouldn’t you love them now that they’re terrible and whiny?

  35. The Miami situation is so egregious that NCAA president Mark Emmert issued the following statement: “If the assertions are true, the conduct at the University of Miami is an illustration of the need for serious and fundamental change in many critical aspects of college sports.”

    We need better cover-ups.

  36. There is an error in this post. You said Russ Feingold will not run against Gov. Scott Walker. However, that was never in question. The rumor was that Russ Feingold would run for Herb Kohl’s Senate seat since he is retiring, and his seat will be highly competitive in 2012. That is what he’s saying he won’t do.

  37. It’s funny how the media are now giving more coverage to the fact that Ron Paul doesn’t get coiverage than the media gives coverage to Ron Paul’s ideas and campaign.

    I guess they realize they can’t completely ignore him, so this way he is covered without actually putting his ideas into print.

  38. Photos of the Libyan Civil War, er Kinetic action……..ya/100130/

    1. Have we won yet?

  39. now director of basketball operations at UH.”

    Does that mean Coach?

    Head bag man.

  40. I was hoping that the NFL lockout would lead to the NFL collapsing, and that it would somehow take the NCAA with it.

    You. too?

    1. Plus, maybe then the Browns could play in a league in which they could compete.

      1. After last night’s performance, I’m thinking they could at least beat the Eagles.

        1. I’m in a dangerous position right now, because Colt McCoy is making me feel optimistic despite myself. My carefully-constructed football cynicism are in danger, and it’s the only thing that will protect me when the inevitable happens.

          1. I need to prepare for my draft. I have no idea. I was hoping for the NFL to go away cause I suck balls at FF.

            1. If Kenny Britt is available pick him up.

              1. Go to hell, you bastard.

    1. the “China-US Basketball Friendship Match” Jesus.

      I just watched the video. From what I saw there (and was surprised to discover), it seemed like the Chinese team both instigated the fight and turned it into a team-wide brawl instead of just a 2-person altercation.

      Reading that story sort of reinforces the view that it was mostly a one-sided affair. I know its probably not that simple, but from the write up and the video, its hard to see it otherwise.

      Among the most surreal sequences unfolded early in the third quarter, when Rockets forward Xu Zhonghao approached Thompson while he was standing near the Georgetown bench and began yelling at him at close range during the course of play. Thompson stared at Xu in disbelief before officials halted play for several minutes. Moments later, Bayi player Wang Lei was called for a technical foul after vehemently disputing a call, and play had to be stopped again.

      If I had just heard the story I would have naturally assumed Gtown started it and also blew it out of control. It’s not like they have a reputation for recruiting the most genteel and sportsmanlike players in the world. but every detail I’ve read seems to indicate the Chinese were bitch slapping them all game long.

      That WaPo story also points out that the Bayi team is owned by the Chinese Military, and that the players are all serving soldiers. *Might* have had something to do with it?

      Even some chinese fans were blaming their own people (who knows, the paper could have cherry-picked this quote, but its surprising to find either way)

      “It seemed that [the referee] was eager for the Chinese team win tonight, so the Georgetown team members were very unhappy about it,” said Zhou Ting, 26, a doctoral candidate in biology at the Chinese Academy of Science who attended both games. “I can tell the Chinese players provoked the conflict. .?.?. The [Bayi] basketball players have got a bad habit of revenge on every small, unfair thing in the Chinese Basketball Association. It’s a hooligan’s habit.”

      Gtown got 3X as many foul calls in 3 quarters.

      If you look at the video, the fight starts after a sequence of dives for loose balls… and the gtown guard recovers it, and is passing the ball (@ 0:04 here when a chinese player blatantly whacks him… the camera turns away for a second (where the gtown player may have retaliated, and it looks like he might have) but when it turns back, he’s getting jacked by two Chinese players. (@ 0:07), and he then tries to run away (0:08)…at which point the chinese surround him and go Tai Bo on his ass.

      Another amusing sequence is @ 0:25 when a chinese guy decks a Gtown player, sits on his chest and hammer fists him. there’s a few good examples of chinese-chair-whacking there too.

      Its hard to see a single example of Gtown players doing anything except running away or trying to protect themselves. You also dont see any chinese refs or coaches on the floor at any time. John Thompson is one of the only people trying to stop the fighting.

  41. “Watching the world slide slowly back into recession without a fight, even though we know perfectly well how to prevent it, is just depressing beyond words.

    If the Obama Administration has known all along how to prevent a recession, why haven’t they been doing that instead of all their stimulus packages?

  42. Looks like its gonna be one of those days. Wow.

  43. Re: Acapulco =

    Authorities on Wednesday confirmed that two bus drivers and an assistant driver were executed in the port of Acapulco, Guerrero, demonstrating that armed groups continue to conduct violent acts against people who work in the transportation industry….

    …In the past people who operate buses or taxis have been known to be Halcones

    I was like… WTF? They’re going on a serial-killing spree of *bus drivers*? Damn, Mexico. You guys really don’t fuck around. Plus, the cutting the bodies into pieces and leaving them in a cooler at an *amusement park*? Can’t fault your creativity. I can’t imagine what you do to people in the Mexican DMV.

    I spent a while trying to figure out what Halcones are… then found this =…..ndseng.htm

    Apparently Los Halcones (“The Hawks/Falcons”?) are the trafficking and distribution division of Los Zetas cartel. Perhaps its been diluted to mean anyone who’s in the ‘moving shit around’ part of the drug business.

    While trying to look this up, I popped across a story of 14 people decapitated in Acapulco in January. I was wondering why those package vacations were getting so cheap.

  44. Here is some morning stupid for you. See if you can find a more asinine line than

    They feel like the airline deregulation act gives them enough authority to make their own rules,” he said. “It doesn’t seem they should be allowed to tell a passenger, ‘Sorry, we can’t take cash.’

    1. dude couldnt make a deal w the guy in the next seat? stupid is as stupid does…

  45. Fuck msnbc and their website.

    They are on my “Will Not” list.

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