Obama's Department of Failed Ideas

The White House struggles against economic reality.


The Obama administration is finally going to focus on jobs—again. Jobs, jobs, jobs. And nothing says jobs like food stamps, unemployment insurance, and a shiny new federal department of … yes, jobs!

Some of you may find President Barack Obama's three-day campaign bus tour through Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois a considerable downer. Not that it's the president's fault. If it weren't for Japanese earthquakes, unpatriotic Republicans, Arab springs, European welfare states collapsing, market fluctuations, Lady Luck's being a complete witch—you know, existence—this mess could have been squared away months ago.

Now, granted, before long our attention will be appropriately focused on the antics of some extreme Christian dominionist or some C-plus-average state-school graduate. The press will soon gut and fillet these interlopers for the good of the nation. In the interim, though, it's becoming tough to conceal the administration's ideological rigidity and lack of ideas.

This week, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack was ready to "announce something that's never happened in this country" (never?!). If anyone had actually been paying attention, people might have imagined for a moment that a rogue idea had somehow bubbled up in a corner of the federal behemoth. Perhaps a great leap forward in genetic engineering? Or some new advance in nanotechnology?

Food stamps. The administration's announcement was to tout a new program expanding "economic stimulus" through food stamps. An idea Americans had "never" heard … this week. Then again, considering the nation is awash in food stamps, this must portend a colossal recovery. So that's certainly good news.

Similarly, when a Wall Street Journal reporter recently asked the White House press secretary to explain the administration's contention that extending unemployment benefits would be an economic stimulus, Jay Carney answered, "Oh, uh, it is by, um, I would expect a reporter from The Wall Street Journal would know this as part of the entrance exam."

Remember that in Washington, there's no such thing as a stupid question, only dissembling flacks who can't answer tough ones.

According to BSU graduate Carney, all educated folk understand that dependency is stimulative, so perhaps the problem is in the way government delivers. Word from The New York Times is that the administration is chewing over a proposal that would merge the Department of Commerce, the Office of the United States Trade Representative, and economic divisions of the State Department to form a tremendously useless department, possibly named the Department of Jobs or maybe the Department of Competitiveness.

That's what the economy needs, the lecturer in chief meting out economic advice. At a Minnesota town hall, for instance, the president offered this gem: "You can't just make money on SUVs and trucks. There is a place for SUVs and trucks, but as gas prices keep on going up, you have got to understand the market."

If only the common man had such insight into markets. Earlier this month, Ford reported that sport utility vehicle sales had increased 31 percent (car sales improved 3.4 percent) from a year earlier. General Motors also "bounced back" on the strength of its worldwide SUV sales. Who knows? If this administration didn't harbor resentment toward useful and affordable energy, Ford could sell even more SUVs.

Now, considering the failure of Washington to help shake off this prolonged slump, it is no surprise that a recent Washington Post poll found that 73 percent of Americans—up from 52 percent last year and 41 percent a decade ago—doubt the ability of government to solve the nation's economic problems.

I suppose it's not surprising that this administration refuses to budge a single food stamp away from its faith-based beliefs. But if it really wanted to help, it would stop "helping."

David Harsanyi is a columnist at The Blaze. Follow him on Twitter @davidharsanyi.


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  1. I heard something about Obama announcing a major speech on job creation and the economy. Even if I weren’t a libertarian, I’d have rolled my eyes. This guy just doesn’t get how unimpressed the entire country is with his confusion of promises with actions. Even his defenders who won’t admit it have to be frustrated.

    For those of us who don’t like his policies or promises from the get-go, it’s even more frustrating. Even just promising more state intervention is going to hurt the economy.

    1. “My fellow Americans, I have issued an executive order suspending all rulemaking by executive departments and agencies which I intend to enforce through January of 2013. In the next six weeks I intend to submit to Congress approximately 7000 pages of federal statute to be repealed that are a drag on our economy and job creation.”

      That’s the only thing I can think of that would do a damn bit of good.

      1. The era of big government is over!

        1. Hope and Change!

          1. The era of hope and change is over!

            1. Mission Accomplished!

              1. Emission Accomplished!

              2. Wait! He’s suspending executive rule making using an Executive Order? But what happens to that executive rule?

                1. It’s thrown into a vat of molten metal by a robot from the future.

                2. Who rules the rulemakers?

                  1. Certainly not common sense or honesty.

                    1. It’s certainly untrue that libertarians are lacking in originality and wit.

      2. I would add a thorough tax code overhaul to that. Removing all deductions would work wonders. Moving to a flat tax rate would do even more. Abolishing all income taxes in favor of a sales tax would put us into a real economic boom of epic proportions.

        1. Karl Denninger had a tax reform proposal up at his blog yesterday.

          (1) No deductions or credits – everybody pays something.

          (2) Three rates: 10%, 20%, and 30%.

          (3) No payroll taxes. No corporate income tax (I think).

          This would produce enough revenue to fully fund the government at 2005 expenditure levels. Spending would have to be cut to those levels, of course.

          1. But that would create more misery than slavery, Jim Crow, WWI, WWII, the Great Depression and Vietnam combined.

            1. I’ll split it with you.

              1. 2005 is unacceptable. Let’s try going back to 1905 spending levels. The rest sounds resonable.

          2. Yeah, I read that too–it also included a capital gains tax of half the marginal rate, defined as “Long-term capital gains are only personal and at-risk investments held for three years, excluding carried interest or other “combined-risk management activities”. These qualified capital gains are taxed at 50% of your marginal rate and accreates after ordinary income. In other words, if your cash income puts you into the 30% bracket, all of your long-term capital gains are taxed at 15%. All other income is taxed as ordinary income including carried interest.”

            In addition, spending would have to be cut to at least FY 2005 levels, and he claims this would allow about $100 billion in debt retirement. If they were cut to 2003 levels, the debt could be retired in 20 years, assuming the same revenue numbers, on average, over that period.

          3. Do like smaller churches do: give each adult American citizen a box of envelopes with his or her name on them, and instructions on the other side to send in whatever they can spare. Talk about having to live within your means!

        2. Sure. I just don’t think its as cut and dried as my proposals. I mean, just about anyone with enough staff-hours can find 7000 pages of statute that has never been applied or should never be applied. And I’m of the opinion that an effective speech would have something that he could do today to stabilize the regulatory climate. Its all fantasy, but those are my honest 2 cents.

          1. I think you’re right. Tax reform would take a while to have an effect, while the details were debated and people waited to see how it turned out. But an immediate moratorium on new regs through 2012, coupled with the repeal announcement would do wonders.

    2. Practically the first thing Obama and the new Congress did in 2009 was raise the minimum wage, just as the recession was starting. I knew then if those were their instincts, there was not going to be a sensible economic decision made for the next 4 years.

    3. Nomobama wasn’t qualified for the job. He was elected only because he is black BUT Hillary would be as bad or worse. Conservatives demonized by the left-wing media. Too many demo votes paid for with our taxes and laws.
      Get politics out of government, limit time in congress to 8 years.

      1. Hillary wouldn’t have been as incompetent, that’s for sure. Whether that’s better or worse is hard to tell, since a competent socialist may be more dangerous (if less immediately destructive) than an incompetent one.

  2. Maybe its just me, but I think some of this article is being sarcastic.

    1. Feature, not a bug?

      I was always under the impression that sarc tags are implied everywhere you go at H&R.

  3. Our bureaucracy has failed, we must expand our bureaucracy!

    1. We need a bold new government program to solve the problems caused by the last several bold new government problems.

  4. So he’s going to hire all the unemployed into this new Department of Jobs?

    Huzzah! Huzzah! All our economic woes are over!!

    1. Hey buddy, can you spare a food stamp?

    2. I already have a shovel!

      1. Have shovel, will work* for steak & large screen TV’s.

        *Union work rules apply, of course.

  5. a shiny new federal department of … yes, jobs

    I guess the Department of Labor must be about something else, then.

    1. Yeah. The new department will be for people who don’t work for the government and aren’t part of a union.

    2. Labor is in charge of destroying the jobs that the Department of Jobs creates. That way everyone has something to do.

      1. Then clearly we will need a Department of Administration to make sure that the funds allocated for jobs are properly spread between the Department of Labor and the Department of Jobs. That way we can assure that no one will know where the money went.

        1. Well, with all these new departments, won’t we need a Department of Departments?

          1. It is the Tsar of Tsars.

          2. Macy’s?

    3. The Department of Labor is for people who have an approved union job.

      The Department of Jobs is for people who don’t have a Job.


      1. While he is at it how about the Department of Bipartisanship?

        1. Is that related to DADT?

          1. That’s the motto of the Department of Dark Places; where the Citizen’s wealth will dissapear to.

    4. Don’t forget the Commerce department, which is also supposed to be creating jobs ‘n stuff.

      1. Wait, I thought that was the Commerce Clause Department?

  6. Why does he refuse the simple remedy of requiring all employers to hire at least 10% more people? Surely, the interstate commerce powers would allow it.

    1. Surely, the interstate commerce powers would allow it

      Of course they would. Anything can be justified under the commerce clause.

  7. That’s brilliant, but 10% is way to low. If he bumped it up to say, 130% then he could end unemployment world wide!

  8. Job. Not jobs, job. His job. That’s the singular focus.

  9. “The press will soon gut and fillet these interlopers for the good of the nation.”
    What does this have to do with anything? There is plenty about the current administration to criticize. But you can’t do that without crying about the press? Aren’t you (David Harsanyi) part of the press? The Obama administration’s failures do not make Michelle Bachmann any smarter.

    1. I think he is saying that right now they are not critically examining anything his administration says or does. Soon, they will have new targets to aim for and will continue to give the nonsense this administration oozes out a pass.

  10. I want to start selling bumber stickers with the “O” symbol on it saying “And you thought Bush was dumb”

    1. yea anybody who thinks boosch is dumb must be dumb…wait. huh?

      1. You don’t even try any more do you?

        1. I’m pretty sure he’s completely given up and just has one of those birds that’s head bobs up and down typing for him.

  11. “Jobs, jobs, jobs”

    Anyone else read that as Joos, joos, joos?

    1. Uh, NO!

    2. I did.

      1. Likewise!

  12. I haven’t verified it, but I’ve heard that Obama is helping people get jobs–in Canada. Supposedly that’s where his Darth Vader bus was built.

    Yeah, we’ve all got to tighten our belts but they can afford this?

    1. Are the rich, job hording Canadians being properly taxed to pay for infrastructure?

    2. Shut up and eat your peas.

    3. Yep, it’s Canadian built.

      Now, if he’s using this behemoth primarily to campaign, shouldn’t that shit come out of his own pocket, or maybe from the DNC? Or am I just being a dick?

  13. does it make the TIE fighter sound as it passes you?

    1. No, but it does seem to play Vader’s March every time he gets out of it.

      1. That’s actually the ringtone I have assigned to Mrs. Dean.

        She was Not Amused.

        1. +gazillion

        2. Can she do the Force Choke thing, or just a really stern glare?

          1. Trust me, when Mrs. Dean is Not Amused, it leaves a mark.

        3. The wife is the one who downloaded it into my phone and reset the ringtone. A wee bit megalomaniacal, but I think that comes from the law degree.

      2. It is technically the “Imperial March” or “Darth Vader’s Theme”. Just being pedantic.

        1. Dammit. I was going to write Imperial March and then thought it had Vader’s name in it. Stupid conflation.

  14. *cough* Blow JOBS! *cough*

  15. Obama sez the recovery will start with small businesses…..esses.html

    “Obama is expected to deliver a speech in early September in which he will propose a mix of tax cuts and infrastructure investment to boost the economy, said the official, who asked not to be named because plans for the speech haven’t been completed. He also plans to call for cutting long-term budgets by more than the $1.5 trillion a congressional “super- committee” has been charged with finding by late November, the official said.”

    1. or “the election is coming up, now I must pretend to be a moderate!”

    2. cutting long-term budgets by more than the $1.5 trillion a congressional “super- committee”
      Sigh, and I am old enough to remember when cutting $100 million was a thing of pride for a president.

      1. I’m old enough to remember when cutting a fart was a thing of pride for a president.

        1. Bully!

          1. And fuck your monocles!

        2. I’m old enough to remember when Obama said we needed higher taxes more revenue, not tax cuts. I think it was last week or so.

          1. Ah, but these will be “targeted” tax cuts, of course, aimed at campaign contributors union jobs green jobs past supporters losing faith the areas of the economy that need it the most, not those awful right-wing untargeted tax cuts.

    3. Obama sez the recovery will start with small businesses

      But it must first start with the miniscule businesses.

  16. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you have a job…

    1. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you have a job…

      Terminated before it even begins.

  17. It’s a very distinctive sound: derpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpderpDERPDERPderpderpderpderpderpderp

  18. Obama is a con man who has conned himself into believing that he can keep on conning everybody else with the same old con.

    1. The worst kind of lie is the lie you tell yourself.

      1. You just keep telling yourself that, EP.

  19. How the government creates jobs.
    Step 1 – Remove money from the economy by taxation or the selling of bonds to investors.
    Step 2 – Destroy wealth by paying federal workers who produce nothing of value.
    Step 3 – Give that reduced amount of money to politically connected.
    Step 4 – Blame investors for not investing in companies that create jobs or depositing loanable funds into banks that lend to companies that create jobs.
    Step 5 – Return to Step 1.

    1. Step 2 – Destroy wealth by paying federal workers who produce nothing of value.

      I tend to think most federal workers do produce value. It’s just that too often it doesn’t offset the cost of their salaries.

  20. “Oh, uh, it is by, um, I would expect a reporter from The Wall Street Journal would know this as part of the entrance exam.”

    The entrance exam to fucking what? The Obama Astrological School of Economics?

    1. You know what? Maybe we haven’t sacrificed enough goats. Im sure that has to be it, the economy is mad and deserves goat flesh.

      1. Actually it requires more leeches. The humours of the economy aren’t in balance.

        1. Nope. The economy is a giant angry volcano-god that demands human sacrifice. Everything that has been done to create jobs has failed. Therefore, only by destroying people can the balance between jobs and people be restored. Our high priests have tried everything! Clearly there is no other way!

          1. I say we throw the priests of Government in the volcano, one each hour, until the economy booms again.

            1. Strangely enough, this might work.

              1. How many really active volcanoes do we have in the US right now? Kilauea?

                Clearly we need a Federal program to activate more volcanoes if only to reduce the carbon footprint required to fly all those Government priests to Hawaii. Sure, we could use foreign volcanoes, but then we’d face charges of outsourcing, not to mention the possibility that the gods would be more favorable to the volcano-heavy countries than to this fair land of liberty.

                1. A couple of well-placed nukes should do it. I believe the Professor used explosives to deal with a volcano on Gilligan’s Island.

                2. We could throw them into Old Faithful. Its a megavolcano destined to go off in the next 10000 years or so.

                  1. I deem this acceptable.

        1. I suggest that each American be required to smelt steel in a backyard furnace. By requiring this, American dominance in industry shall be ensured.

          1. I have all the literature on doing this, but I suspect my POA will be less than thrilled with me if I try.

            Plus, my backyard isn’t big enough. I want the setup more than 25 feet from the house if I do try this.

          2. We’ll call it Winning the Great Leap Forward.

            1. Yes, yes, perfect.

            2. We’ll call it Winning the Great Lean Forward.

            3. Do you have a five year plan for implementing this?

              1. Ten-year plan. Inflation, you know.

            4. MSNBC, Leaping Forward

      2. Maybe we haven’t sacrificed enough goats.

        I’d vote for virgins except it would be such a waste. Maybe lawyers would work.

  21. I suppose it’s not surprising that this administration refuses to budge a single food stamp away from its faith-based beliefs. But if it really wanted to help, it would stop “helping.”

    It will stop helping once a majority of the people demand that it stop helping. Unfortunately, we’re light years away from that.

  22. I heard an Obama soundbite on the radio yesterday where he was touting his “accomplishments”

    One of which he said what the he had ADMINISTRATIVELY improved the gas mileage of cars!

    1. last night I _actually_ improved the mileage of my car by replacing the DPFE sensor. No administration involved!

      1. I’ve recently improved the mileage of my vehicle by almost 15% by tweaking my commute. No government officials, oversight committees or transportation departments involved in my decision.

        1. You’re lying. That’s not possible.

          1. Check my math for me.

            I was doing a surface street, through town with streetlights commute and getting around 14mpg. I rerouted to high speed thoroughfares which connected to a highway. I now get around 16.5mpg.

          2. Or wait, are you saying I was lying about the transportation departments not being involved in my decision?

    2. he had ADMINISTRATIVELY improved the gas mileage of cars

      Well said.

      1. One legitimate way of ADMINISTRATIVELY increasing fuel mileage would be to remove the regulations requiring a minimum amount of ethanol to be blended in with gasoline. Instant improvement, once current inventories are depleted and refineries close a couple of valves.

        1. Yeha but wouldn’t that require sacrifice on the part of the corn/ethanol/ADM lobby? It’s not them that needd to do the sacrificin’.

          1. Yeah, I forgot about all the “green” jobs that would destroy. For instance, all the extra truck-driving hours that would be lost. Approximately 3% more trips are required to deliver the sme amount of energy with 10% ethanol blends than with straight gasoline.

            I guess that means that approximately 3% more diesel fuel must be burned to deliver that much more fuel to filling stations. 3% more fillups are required, requiring 3% more starts and stops, as well as maybe 3% more fuel lost as vapor during fillups (I didn’t have time to look up volatility info for blends vs raw gasoline so that last one might not be right). Sounds pretty “green,” eh?

    3. Awesome! So will my mileage improve right away, or do I need to show my car a copy of the press release first?

    4. I just administratively added one quintillion dollars to my net wroth. Just like that.

      1. Wroth, worth, what’s the difference?

        1. I’m pretty sure my net wroth is far higher than my net worth these days. Every time I see a new article on politics my net wroth increases.

          1. My net wroth has never been higher.

            1. Isn’t “wroth” the eighth deadly sin?

              1. “Wroth” is the emotion that preceeds the sin of wrath.

                1. It’s kind of like a lazy anger . . .

    5. “”One of which he said what the he had ADMINISTRATIVELY improved the gas mileage of cars!””

      I’m curious what’s the gas mileage on Obama’s new Vader mobile.

    1. Considering Diesel’s new campaign, I think they’ve found their new clothes.

  23. On NPR last night, they reported that the president was busy in Iowa, connecting small business entrepeneurs with venture capitalists and helping small rural hospitals hire doctors.

    I’m yelling at my radio like, “Jesus tapdancing fucking Christ this guy! The fucking PRESIDENT OF THE US is sitting in the HR office of a small hospital, going over resumes?”

    Knowing that can’t be the case, I shudder to think what the administration’s process is to connect venture capitalists with small business owners and helping rural hospitals with their HR tasks…

    C’mon, liberals, you can’t believe that this is something the administration should be involved in… and furthermore, you can’t believe that whatever the administration’s doing is effective… can you?

    1. Yes We Can!!!

      1. You know, we make jokes and glib comments, but that whole “Yes We Can” campaign slogan of Obama’s is turning out to be the core of his failure: The uncompromising attitude and hubris in the belief that together, they can do anything if you put enough government policy whiz-kids on a problem.

        It’s like rock stars thinking they can solve Africa’s problems by singing a song and mailing food.

        As of this moment (yeah, ok, I’m slow to catch on) I now believe that “Yes We Can” will be Obama’s downfall– unless he and his crazed psycophants graft “But Maybe We Shouldn’t” before his administration and this economy completely implode.

        1. You see that comment from van jones the other day: “People forgot that our slogan was not ‘Yes he can.’ It was ‘Yes we can.’ The minute we have a vehicle to be ‘we’ again, a lot of this stuff goes away.”

          so it’s no Obama’s fault. we’re just not holding up our end of the deal.


          1. You’re just not praying hard enough.

        2. Wait, are you telling me that African Child didn’t end African poverty?

    2. C’mon, liberals, you can’t believe that this is something the administration should be involved in…

      Of course I believe. If not this, then what should the administration be involved in?

      1. Mass suicides.

    3. We have double digit unemployment and the Black Jesus is going to solve it himself one job at a time.

      1. He could join Marilyn Manson on his “Boo” tour……..-shoc,459/

        1. HE IS LOOMING!

        2. A dejected Obama ponders his next move…

    4. It’s not a problem. surely health reform will take care of this. it must have acknowledged and addressed the provider shortage. nobody would promise to expand access to care without ensuring the capacity is there.

      1. Pending the full transition to a True Socialist Society, the Dear Leader must, from time to time, put in some work reviewing resumes and harvesting 500 acres of soybeans in one hour.


    5. (The Colors of Benetton Holding Hands and Swaying Rhythmically):
      “Aaaall we are saaaayiiiiing —
      Is give Him a chance!”

      “He shall Overcome,
      He shall Overcome,
      He shall Overcome, sooome daaaaaaay!
      Oh, deep in my heart,
      I do believe,
      That He will Overcome some day.”

      “Like a briiidge ooooover troubled waaaaters…
      He will eaaaase your mind.”

      Gather the People together in groups to sing, and 2012 is, like, in the bag.

    6. On NPR last night, they reported…

      There’s your problem.

      1. No. It’s important to listen to NPR so we don’t ed up like these idiots who berate O’Rielly, but have never once seen his show.

        1. Exactly, thank you.

      2. I think it was actually the business program “Marketplace”. Not that that show doesn’t do some government fellating, also. But it is better than “All Things Considered.”

    7. I heard he’s helping people out with their gas bills by personally driving them to work in his megabus.

  24. Here’s another way to create jobs.

    Tour the country in a bus that was made… in Canada!…..r-bus.html

    1. The President tosses bags of popcorn to the media in the town of Le Claire

      That will surely boost his popularity.

      1. Popcorn and tractor pulls to keep the plebians from revolting?

        1. Gladiatorial games and free wheat worked in Rome.

          1. Way to go and explicitify my super-clever allusion there. Dick.

            1. It’s spelled tractor pullz you elitist Yankee.

            2. I just meant that we should go with what’s worked in the past. Popcorn and tractors come and go, but bread and people killing things are forever.

              1. now i understand Wickard

              2. Who are you, gaius marius? Times have changed and tastes have evolved. I agree with you that tractor pulls need to have some death added, but wheat just isn’t going to cut it nowadays. The modern obese American pleb demands something corn-based and sugary, and ideally it should be eaten on a stick.

                1. Well, Idiocracy did provide us with a tractor-vs.-human option, so perhaps a compromise is possible. Remember, the Romans didn’t just pit men against men in hand-to-hand combat. They also included animals and even staged sea battles. In the arena.

                  As for wheat, I’d say processed wheat food would be ideal, given the modern American’s inability to bake bread. That, or we institute a breadmaker and circuses regime. Blessed are the breadmakers.

                    1. That’s processed wheat food–I accept!

                    2. I had those once. THEY ARE AWESOME.

                    3. Rome had bread and circuses; America will have waffles and warriors (using some artistic license and possibly illegal alliteration).

                    4. That’s sick, the chocolate chips/sausage combo.

          2. “Gladiatorial games and free wheat worked in Rome.”

            But it’s not working in Philly.

            1. From where I’m sitting, Philly lacks gladiators [Makes “L” with fingers on forehead and exchanges knowing looks with the rest of the American population not living in Philadelphia.]

              1. Mayor Nutter disagrees.

        2. I’d like to see a Magical Misery Tour bus pull. They got two of them, right?

  25. I wonder if the Department of Labor would be interested in a union goon vandalizing a pickup and taking a shot at the owner?…..=printable

    Nah. Probably not.

    1. You can’t hold unions responsible for the actions of a few bad apples. Unions are out there doing God’s work in some of the worst neighborhoods in America every day.

      1. My sister (who works for a security company) was telling me about a plumbers union strike at a building her company guards. Following modern union practices, the picketers are homeless people paid by the union.

        1. the picketers are homeless people paid by the union.

          See? Job creation, right there.

        2. Stimulus at work.

        3. See unions do create jobs!

      2. hey, a “few bad apples” is our line

        1. We don’t have all the facts in. We need to wait for the investigation before we draw any conclusions.

          1. The only thing matters is if proper union thug procedures were followed.


    You can thank me later.

    1. Not to sound like a chubby-chasing Fark dickhead, but she’s too damn waifish to claim to be the hottest chick in the world. She needs to eat a damn cheeseburger or something.

      1. This. When I see that, I see my 9 year old daughter, not a hot chick. And I’m scarred as a result.

        At some point, you need some distinction between a 12 year old girl (or boy) and a woman. That girl’s boyfriend needs to take her out and get her a steak.

        1. This girl is far more attractive to me than the waif. Plus, you know she’d be useful around the house.

          1. Nice face and I do like athletic women but this one is terrifying.

            1. Terrifying, yes. But better than the waif.

          2. Man, I bet she’d help you throw down in a fight, too. I have decided…I will marry her!

        2. To each his own, but if you think she looks like a pre-pubescent boy, either you really need your eyes checked or you know some little boys that need to have some blood work done.

          1. She’s extremely hot, yes. Now imagine how hot she would be with some damn tits and no eating disorder.

            1. Every woman alive has an eating disorder. At least hers is useful.

              And I am fine with small breasts, large breasts and breasts that fit comfortably in-between. Hers are proportional to the rest of her deliciously lean body, and suit me just fine.

              1. When I leave this place I disinfect my whole computer.

                1. Fuck off, rather, you useless cunt. No one cares.

  27. We’re living in the Crazy Years.

  28. Slightly off topic, but is that Katherine Mango-Turd a smug ugly cunt or what? (smugly?)

    1. I hope you enjoy a warm stream of piss in the mouth.


      1. He’ll figure out where DailyKos is soon enough.

    2. This is why no one takes you seriously.


    3. Gosh, that’s rude.

    4. He is referring to this:

      Don’t know what the fuck Katherine was thinking.

  29. For no particular reason, Iron Maiden.

    1. One never needs a reason for that.

  30. Drudge is having a field day with this today.


    Commiserates with jobless, then off to the Vineyard…

    TRUMP: ‘Takes More Vacations Than Any Human Being I’ve Ever Seen’…

    ROMNEY: ‘He frankly doesn’t know what to do’…

    I noticed that Obama is down to a 39% approval rate in the latest Gallup poll. Will the media start calling him “deeply unpopular” soon?

    1. Obama has hung more fastballs for Drudge than Carlos Zambrano. Speaking of which, I propose the Zambrano Rule for sensitive politicians: Either you can hang fastballs or be crazy. Not both.

      1. Obama has hung more fastballs for Drudge than Carlos Zambrano.

        The way he throws, I’m not surprised.

      2. He authorized more Tomahawk cruise missile launches than all previous Nobel Peace Prize winners combined. That counts for something, doesn’t it?

    2. Considering that there is a good quarter of the population unwilling to criticize a minority for fear of being called a racist, I think he’s beyond unpopular.

      1. I’m curious: has anyone done a study on the effects of a polltaker’s accent (or relative lack of one) on interviewees’ answers? Are people more likely to answer a certain way if they detect an accent similar to their own? What about accents that are prejudiciously associated with particular political opinions by regional or ethnic identities implied by those accents?

      2. Assuming you mean “a member of a minority” rather than “a minority group”, I seriously doubt it’s a quarter of the population. People afraid to criticize any black person are few and far between.

        1. That’s simply not true. I know any number of people not comfortable with trashing the president because he’s black.

  31. I don’t tell you how to tell me what to do, so don’t tell me how to do what you tell me to do.

  32. Progressives begin laying groundwork for why ObamaCare being declared unconstitutinal is a good thing

    “The standard liberal position is to fear that the court will overturn the ACA. Sure, I fear that. But I also fear the political consequences on next year’s election of the court upholding it and worry that those consequences could be even worse for the progressive cause.

    First, let’s talk about the former scenario. If the act is overturned, it will be a disaster in terms of legal precedent and health-care substance. In legal terms, a ruling that holds that the Commerce Clause can’t be used the way Congress used it to write and pass the ACA deals a terrible blow to a whole body of jurisprudence that has helped support and sustain the New Deal since Franklin Roosevelt’s second term. After failing in his court-packing scheme, FDR finally was able to start naming justices to the court who granted Congress wider leeway in regulating economic activity.”

    Soo, they’re okay with accepting this history? There is such a gigantic perspective difference between Tomasky’s world and mine.

    1. Something we can agree with progressives on. That’s a good thing.

  33. Remember people that this president and his administration are the smartest people ever to set foot in Washington, ever, and our problem is that we are far to dimwitted to understand the pure, wonderful progressive Keynesian goodness they need to enact to save us all. I hope the sarcasm came through on that one, if not:

    1. Maybe Obama will emigrate to someplace that deserves to be blessed with his presence…if we’re lucky.

      1. Like hell?

  34. have the government [JOBZ] creators created [JOBZ]?

    1. oh but that aint the govt’s [JOBZ] is it?…i mean since libtoids feel govt is the problem. self-parody aint purty

      1. “self-parody aint purty”

        And stupidity ought to be embarrassing.

      2. sumbody tell me how [JOBZ] is create. i dunno

        1. ask the wealthy [JOBZ] creators who wingnutz keep shoveling money at…to not create [JOBZ]

          1. Stupidity ought to be embarrassing.

            1. exactly i mean how could any card-carrying libtoid believe govt creates [JOBZ] right? stupit…

              1. “I used to be considered unemployble do to my crimmil record, 5th grade reading ability and lack of motorvation.

                “Now, becuase of food stamms, I am a prowd employee of US tacks payer.

                “My job doodies inklood:

                “Install new flat screen 3d tvs in bafrooms.
                “Wash new car/truck/rascal for visit to probashun ofcer.
                “NOT riot! (I awayz forget that one!)

                “Tank you! And, I need a raise.”

                (H/T AceofSpades)

            2. “Stupidity ought to be embarrassing.”

              And Painful !

      3. You need to be careful throwing around those three-letter words.

  35. Mr. Thompson, we are ready to roll out Directive 10-289

  36. It’s a little harsh to say Obama doesn’t have a grasp on the economy. The GOP has been driving this country into the ground for a decade now. A bunch of apocolypse believers trying to make sure they have as much money as possible when it happens, in my opinion.

    1. Yeah, you’ll get no complaint form most people here that the GOP are a bunch of douchebags that deserve to rot. But they aren’t alone in the blame. The Dems have done their fair share of shitting all over the Constitution and the American people as well.

  37. Heh, you call that a tsunami? Wait till November, next year.

  38. t’s a little harsh to say Obama doesn’t have a grasp on the economy. The GOP has been driving this country into the ground for a decade .
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