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Will Paul Ryan Run for President?


The Weekly Standard's Stephen Hayes reports that Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan "is in the final stages of deciding on a presidential run." From Hayes:

Ryan, who has been quietly meeting with political strategists to discuss a bid over the past three months, is on vacation in Colorado discussing a prospective run with his family. Ryan's concerns about the effects of a presidential campaign – and perhaps a presidency – on his family have been his primary focus as he thinks through his political future.

"He's coming around," says a Republican source close to Ryan, who has been urging the 41-year-old to run.

"With Paul, it's more about obligation than opportunity," says another Wisconsin Republican. "He is determined to have the 2012 election be about the big things. If that means he has to run, he's open to it."

We'll know soon enough. In the meantime, check out Peter Suderman's profile of the Wisconsin Republican "Paul Ryan: Radical or Sellout?"

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      1. Cut him some slack. He only Hodored once.

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  1. Will Paul Ryan Run for President?

    There’s certainly not enough people running!

    1. There’s still the possibility of Pataki and Christie jumping in, not to mention a certain woman who makes the lefts heads spin around like in The Exorcist.

      1. Is Linda Blair also planning to run?

        1. I don’t know her politics but she can’t be any worse than anybody else running.

        2. I could be wrong about this, but I think she’s got a strong position on prison reform.

          1. Best Made-For-TV Women’s Prison Movie Ever!

      2. I’m not exactly a fan, but I almost wish she’d run, just to enjoy the reaction she creates in leftist quarters. And if she won, I’d get to enjoy the sweet tears running down the faces of those same lefties. (Then, of course, we’d have to figure out how to prevent her from doing something crazy in office, but what a wild ride it would be until then.)

        1. I’m not really a fan either. You know what though, after listening to the other GOP contenders, I think she would probably be more tolerent on social issues then either Perry or Ryan. She also seemed to back away from the neocons somewhat over the last year as well. That’s not to say she wouldn’t be a screw up, but what else is new on Pennsylvania Avenue. Those tears would be quite yummy.

          1. I’m still holding out for Palin to endorse Ron Paul, just like she endorsed his son in 2010.

            1. I’ll tell you what. She’s not going to be the President but she could help make the President. He would have to show himself to be be very viable before she would do that, if she would do it at all.

          2. Yeah, Policy-wise, I don’t see her being any worse (or better) than Perry or Romney. At least she’d be pretty to look at. Plus, at parties, you could play “See who can name all the president’s kids” and laugh at the people who guess real people names like “Debbie” and “Tom”.

        2. What could she do that’s any crazier than the last few have done? Considering most of the west appears to be in a non-reversable death-spiral, I doubt anyone who gets elected could do much damage. I’ll be the first to admit that these days, my politics are more driven by spite than anything else.

        3. The great thing about Palin running is she would draw all the fire from the loony left and the Dem apparatchiks.

          She might actually win the nom, though, although I seriously think Perry would beat her. She and Perry might split the righty vote, leaving Mittens to claim the prize.

          Mittens could kiss and make up with the righties by making her his VP, though.

        4. I want a Bachmann/Palin ticket for just that reason. The meltdown would be fucking epic and hilarious.

          1. It really would be.

            1. We are basically doomed. I have no faith any of them are going to fix things. And if they do it will be because the country sobered up and fixed itself and they just rode the wave.

              Given that, why not go for the ticket that would inflict the most emotional pain and suffering on those I dislike? Palin Bachman fit that bill.

      3. Its funny to me that people still consider her a viable candidate. She’s less electable than Ron Paul, fer chrissakes. She couldn’t manage to complete her only term as governor. Who cares about her positions on anything – she’s a flake.

        1. You’re right. I mean, there’s no way a candidate could be elected President after only completing part of the term they were elected to in a statewide election. Just think what would happen if a Democrat tried to run for the Presidency after only serving a portion of their term in a similar position.

          What’s that? [hears whispers in ear]. Oh, well never mind then.

          1. Good point, although I think leaving your Senate job early to run for office isn’t the same as leaving your governorship after running and losing.

            1. Any Libertarian who thinks a politician leaving office early is a bad thing is either not a Libertarian or so caught up in the culture war they can no longer think straight. If only politicians would leave office early more often.

        2. Plus she throws like a girl. No wait that’s Romney. Sorry Sarah.

        3. “Its funny to me that people still consider her a viable candidate.”

          Even funnier is that some people still consider Barack Obama a viable candidate.

  2. I don’t really see much difference between Ryan and Perry except that Perry seems a little more manufactured.

  3. “Will Paul Ryan Run for President?”

    What am I? A fucking psychic?

  4. TARP, The Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit, Yes votes on every Bush Big Spending Budget.

    Yea- he has my vote, NOT

    1. All those are reasonable misgivings, but the guy has got to be a godsend compared with Bachmann or Romney.

      1. If forced to choose between the three, I’ll still go with Bachmann. She can’t institute any of her social policies without the consent of the Senate, and she would never get that, but she could stop a lot of spending.

        Oh, and her election would cause mass suicides on the progressive left, which is always a plus.

        1. That, or they’d go to Canada. (Well, they’d threaten to go to Canada, but as with Bush 43’s election, they’d never quite get around to it.)

          1. Our neighbors to the north are not very immigration friendy but I’m sure if you have the money which they do.

        2. If forced to choose between the three, I’ll still go with Bachmann

          She’s the best GOP choice after* Ron Paul.

          *(I’m not counting that lazy dilettante from NM)

    2. Don’t forget about the Iraq war and the PATRIOT Act (The renewal that is…).

      Seriously, what about Ryan gets so many ‘libertarian-ish’ conservatives horny?

      1. He’s seems primarily a fiscal conservative.

        Sure, he’ll tow the party line on the socon/neocon issues, but you don’t get the sense he’d be pushing those agendas very hard either.

        Clearly not a libertarian, but we don’t get viable libertarian candidates.

    3. Given the fact that he’s actually come forward with a real plan to reform entitlements (imperfect as it is), I’m willing to forgive those past indiscretions. Seriously, that took real guts…something lacking in nearly every other politician on the right and EVERY politician on the left.

      1. Forgive TARP? Medicare Part D? GM and Chrysler bailouts?

  5. Although Paul Ryan is far from perfect, I’d vastly prefer him to anyone not named Ron Paul in the race right now. Obviously, Ron is my man and my first choice. Moreover, he seems to be actually showing that he has a better chance than the media will credit him.

    But that said, anything that prevents the GOP from shitting the bed with a Perry, Romney, or Bachmann nomination is welcome news as far as I’m concerned.

    1. Even over Gary Johnson? Really?

      1. Gary Johnson is actually my first choice (with Ron Paul being a close second), but I think the writing’s on the wall for him. Unless he finds a cure for cancer (or baldness) with a lot of media fanfare, his chance of getting the nomination is zilch.

        1. GOP has locked him out because he’s not a socon.

          1. He locked himself out with that one. Johnson still could of made a go of it if he actually had a campaign.

  6. I’ve had enough of the revolving doors of geezers in the Oval Office. Time for some young ideas, new blood.

    1. I hope nobody discounts Ron Paul because of his age. After all, he’ll be the same age Reagan was when he started his third term.

      1. I’m voting for the old dude and sending him money.

      2. You mean when he was senile? Hopefully Ron Paul will have better luck than Reagan did with that. But that argument has a flaw which is there is lots of speculation that Reagan’s Alzheimer’s was already surfacing by then.

        1. Third term?

          1. Dammit! That was meant as a reply to Fatty.

    2. I’ve had enough of the revolving doors of geezers in the Oval Office. Time for some young ideas, new blood.

      Hope and change, FoE?

      1. Don’t you think it’s about time?

  7. Agreed with Sudden. Though I’d prefer Gary Johnson, with Ron Paul a distant second. Still, of candidates who can realistically get the nomination, Ryan would be a (relative) breath of fresh air, someone who, while hardly great, would at least not leave me nauseated after voting for him. And I don’t get the sense that the GOP base is all too happy about anyone actually in the race. They would, however, get excited for either Ryan or Christie, and both would be tolerable, viable alternatives who could make this election about something other than Not-Obama.

      1. Maybe not. Looking at his bio it appears he’s never had a real job after finishing college.
        He went from college to being a staffer to being a congressman.
        Not only that but his father was a lawyer, and as far as I’m concerned lawyers reproduce by fission like all other bacteria.
        So he’s a career politician with a poli-sci degree that was spawned from a lawyer.

        No thanks.

        1. Hey now!

          Though you hit on the real key for assessing the relative merits of attorneys–what is the attorney’s undergraduate degree in?

          1. According to his bio, his undergraduate degree is in economics and political science.

            Not bad, but still second-tier.

            1. Weak. Mine is at least in Finance. Better would be something technical. Best is something really obscure. Like Neanderthal Ontology–that sort of thing.

    1. I swear I thought that said “not leave me nauseated after vomiting for him”

  8. Added bonus: Ryan has actually squared off against Obama face to face in the past, and seriously embarrassed Obama. Anyone with a track record of leaving Obama stammering should, in an ideal world, be regarded as a presumptive frontrunner.

  9. “Will Marco Rubio run for President?”

    1. No. (Now, for Vice President, on the other hand…)

    2. Yes, but not this time.

  10. The question is, what sick individual would actually want to be president?

    1. If you believe what you see on TV, half the elementary school kids in the country.

      1. You, President? This is the greatest country in the world. We’ve got a whole system set up to prevent people like you from ever becoming president. Quit your daydreaming, melonhead!

        1. Goddammit!!

      2. Oh to be young, idealistic, and dumber than dogshit again.

  11. Will Hitler rise from South America to enslave us all?

  12. He is not perfect. But if the choice is him, Romney, or Perry, he is the man.

    1. Ahhh, Hitler/Mussolini. Now that was some central planning right there.

    2. I fucking hate Rick Perry but he’d be much better than Ryan. Anyone who voted for TARP is disqualified.

  13. Ryan vs the field? Ryan. Paul is just toooooo old, which is sad.

  14. I want a Paul Ryan/Rand Paul ticket strictly for the reversed initials.

    Double your Paul, halve your spending.

    1. Are you positing some link between Hitler and Nike?

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