Reason Morning Links: Fullerton Police Chief Goes on Medical Leave, Fullerton Tea Partiers Push for Recall Vote, NCAA Wants Schools to Give More Money to Student Athletes


  • Fullerton Police Chief Michael Sellers, who has been uncooperative in the investigation of Kelly Thomas case, is taking medical leave due to stress. 
  • Fullerton Tea Party businessmen push for recall of city councilmembers who they see as in cahoots with Fullerton PD. 
  • NCAA leaders: "Give athletic conferences the flexibility to give athletes multiyear athletic scholarships (as opposed to single year grants) and to award athletically related financial aid equal to the full cost of attendance at their institutions." 
  • "More than 160 children are among at least 2,292 people reported killed in U.S. drone attacks since 2004. There are credible reports of at least 385 civilians among the dead."
  • St. Pete Times profiles Ron Paul. 
  • Flashflood takes out 40 feet of border fence. 

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