Hope Dies for Unions as Wisconsin Voters Reject Change


Someone has to be pretty deep in the Land of Denial to spin the Wisconsin recall elections as good news for Democrats. But the Daily Kos' Markos Moulitsas rose to the occasion yesterday.

Republicans managed to keep four of the six seats that Democrats and their public union allies had targeted for recall, thwarting Democratic plans to wrest control of the state legislature from GOP hands. Of the two seats that Republicans lost, one was in a solidly Democratic district that a Republican happened to hold only due to a fluke of nature, David Freddoso of the Washington Examiner notes. And the second was held by an alleged adulterer whose wife revealed that he had moved outside his district to live with his young lover.

This would be bad news for the Dems under any circumstances, but it is especially so given that it comes on the heels of their previous failure to boot out conservative Supreme Court Justice David Prosser, despite allegations that he assaulted a fellow justice.

But Moulitsas billed the elections, on which the public sector unions spent a record-setting amount ($35 million, according to Rush Limbaugh), a success because the two paltry seats the Dems won represented a whopping 33 percent pick-up rate. "If we can enjoy a similar 'loss rate' in Republican-held districts, Speaker Nancy Pelosi will have a huge majority in 2013," he said.

The Daily Kos is entitled to its dreams, but here are the six random lessons of the Badger State's elections for the reality-bound:

One: Never mis-underestimate the capacity of an ex-wife to screw you.

Two: Democrats whom Republicans have targeted for recall next Tuesday should be afraid, very afraid. Smart money had been giving these Dems an edge even though they are in Republican districts because of expectations that the union get-out-the-vote apparatus would outperform the GOP get-out-the-vote apparatus. But the heavy turnout of Republican voters in this week's elections puts a huge question mark on that plan.

Three: Regardless of the outcome of next week's recall elections, the state legislature will remain in Republican hands along with the Supreme Court. This means that the Dems have zero to nil chance of wresting back the collective bargaining rights of public unions that Governor Scott Walker took away.

Four: Given that this is the second defeat for Wisconsin Democrats, a successful recall against Walker next year is likely dead in the water.

Five: Even though Walker is not unscathed, the fact that he took on the public union juggernaut and is still standing to tell the tale will embolden Republican governors in other states such as Nevada, Ohio and Michigan to take on their unions. This could be the beginning of the end of the public unions, precisely the outcome that these elections were supposed to avert.

Six: Voters don't give a rat's ass about the Kochtopus-Walker non-connection.

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  1. Didn’t I see something about Wisconsin creating half the jobs in the nation in the last 3 months?

    1. Even the Milwaukee papers are now begrudgingly praising the Governor’s actions.

    2. Idon’t know what you saw BUT TX created something like 30% of the TOTAL jobs created since 08.

      1. I’m pretty sure you are both more or less right about TX and WI jobs – they are the bright lights in a dim landscape.

    3. That was 50% of the 18,000 jobs in June only. But don’t get excited yet. We must find out how many of these are government jobs.

        1. Don’t bring such heresy to a libertarian circle jerk, THEIR BIASES MUST BE CONFIRMED!

  2. Markos Moulitsas… full of unadulterated crap, you say? GEDOUTTATOWN — !!!


    2. Markos Moulitsas is the new Baghdad Bob

  3. In this God-awful shitty mess of a present we find ourselves in, good steps and developments like this, however small, are always great to see.

  4. Walker still stands and cuts and cuts.To bad Congrees can not show such courage.

  5. Nice round-up. However, so long as they’re in full ownership of the government of the nation’s largest state, I won’t predict the demise of public-employee unions any time soon.

    1. the nation’s largest state


      1. trolololol

  6. Good news for a change.

  7. I’m currently stationed in western Wisconsin, so it is a bit more conservative than the Madison area. However it does have a not-tiny slice of hardcore liberal.

    I knew the unions were in trouble when some of the progressives I know were lamenting the initial reports of districts saving money and complaining that the recall effort made them look like sore losers.

    1. Being sore losers made them look like sore losers.

    2. You at McCoy? I mobed out of there in 2009-pretty nice place for a base that is primarily for the guard.

  8. Everything we touch turns to suck.

    1. Please e-mail information, re: my joining your worthwhile organization.

    2. LOL.. I like your name and your comment. Cool!

    3. AND we make you pay to like it!

  9. Couple points of correction:

    1. Prosser was re-elected before the allegations of assault against Justice Bradley came out, not after. (Although, just prior to the election it was leaked that he had called Chief Justice Abrahamson a “bitch.”)
    2. Of the two seats up for recall next week, one is in a solidly Democrat district (Wirch’s 22nd). In his 2008 election, he walloped his GOP opponent, 65-33. Back when they still made cars, Kenosha was a huge UAW town. That legacy remains, but the district is slowly being consumed by the Chicago megalopolis.

    1. Solid analysis overall, tho. Walker has shown more guts throughout this year than even close observers would have thought possible. If a public-sector rollback can happen in Wisconsin, in can happen anywhere. (Except California. They’re screwed.)

      1. Except California. They’re screwed.

        Probably. Though the few who are making honest efforts to tame the unions should be commended for doing so.

      2. Can’t wait until the the thugs of SEIU start organizing the 10 million illegals in Cali. Wonder how the thugs of La Raza are going to like that. Be interesting to watch.

  10. It would have been Loud and Proud in the media had the Dems got the Senate back. But, no. The two Dems up for recall votes next week will be again a local election (i.e. nobody else notices), especially if they lose.

    I’ve always found it hilarious this ‘union get-out-the-vote machine.’ Seriously, Democrats who love the Worker depend on unions for all that free labor. While the political consultant knocks down $1,000’s even just minting a loser.

    What a joke.

  11. I hope Wisconsin enjoys their tractor pulls.

    1. As a kid I once had the pleasure of competing in a greased pig competition in rural WI.

    2. And when Ed Schultz shows up in Wisconsin, he can sip lattes and wax philosophical over the works of Bill Ayers.

  12. I saw “special election coverage” on the muted flatscreen at the club last night (or was it the night before?) and was wondering what the hell was going on, then I saw “Wisconsin”, noted that Ed Schultz was there, and went “TEAM BLUE masturbatory fantasy–got it”.

    Oops. So sorry.

  13. Voters don’t give a rat’s ass about the Kochtopus-Walker non-connection.

    I have my suspicions that beyond hit and run and a few let wing bloggers no one knows who the hell the Kochs are let alone cares.

    1. “I have my suspicions that beyond hit and run and a few let wing bloggers no one knows who the hell the Kochs are let alone cares.”

      The name’s shown up on enough lefty sites that lefties in general now use the name as a sort of incantation, much as the term ‘libertarian’ is used.
      But, no, they certainly don’t ‘know’ who they are any more than they ‘know’ what libertarianism is.

      1. go on CNN article commentaries and you’ll see many references to the Koch brothers.

        1. Proving the point that Kock references are irrelevant.

        2. Go to any BLUE site, and everything from the existence of the Tea Party to Ultra-Right Wing Facism is boiled down to “KOCHTOPUSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!”

          It’s batshit insane is what it is.

          1. Koch Brothers are the new Hitler!

            1. Or George Soros, a more apt example

    2. Just chiming in from the heart of Wisconsin, and I agree with you.

  14. “This could be the beginning of the end of the public unions, precisely the outcome that these elections were supposed to avert.”

    I would love to believe this.

    Unfortunately, all the Democrats need is to win a majority and a governorship–once. Just once!

    And the very first thing they’ll do is bring the unions back the way they used to be.

    1. And then it’ll be reversed again in the next election.

    2. That’s what Obama has been doing.

    3. I don’t know. They’ve lost serious ground in Massachusetts. Not as much as they almost did, but still. The writing is on the wall.

    4. Unions have been on the decline for some time…their only light for the past 30 or so years has been public unions.

      Any crack in that line has to be marked as the beginning of the end.

      1. I heard that they spent over $30 million on these recall elections. The stupid Marxists could have shored up their worker’s pensions that were “stolen” with that money.

        1. Private sector unions could have purchased plenty of capital for what they spent on buying elections too, but they’re committed to doing things the corrupt way even if the honest way is feasible.

        2. $30 million is peanuts compared to billions they are agitating for.

    5. Maybe the most important change made in Wisconsin is that they stopped auto-deducting union dues from the teachers’ pay. The unions now have to persuade their members to write checks. Good luck to them, and to the Dems relying on the unions’ contributions.

    6. Possibly, but when the papers here are writing stories and headlines that are proclaiming school district’s budgets are back in the black (racist!), it might be hard to convince the people to go back to the way it once was…in the red (racist!).

  15. I still fail to understand why unions should enjoy such wide public support. I could be wrong but don’t they represent only 10% of the workforce. Why would anyone rational worker want to have his own taxes raised to pay some other worker, how exactly does it benefit him ?

    1. Everyone’s got a worthless niece, brother-in-law, uncle or whatever they don’t want living with them and many are willing to allow the public unions to find jobs for them in the government.

    2. Lots of people saw Norma Rae, and hence think unions are something heroic.

    3. Earlier this year I got involved in a conversation between an Irishman who’s in his late twenties and has never worked a day in his life–still in school–and a Canadian programmer about unions. Personally, I’ve done far more time working for heavily unionized telecoms than I’d like.

      The Irishman viewed unions as an unalloyed good and simply could not understand why programmers/IT people were generally not unionized, or indeed that there could be any negative aspect to unions whatsoever, and got rather offended when he was rebuffed with laughter from both myself and the Canadian.

      1. The funny thing is that my first on the books job when I was 14 was at a supermarket. I saw union dues deducted from my pay each week – and especially the initiation fees at the start of the job – and knew I was paying for some dick 25 years older than me to get extra benefits, and that I couldn’t opt out of it. That’s all I needed to know.

      2. I got in an argument with a lefty economics prof in college about this. She argued that unions would benefit software devs, because without them a company could replace a single well-payed software dev with 3 inferior software devs who were cheaper. Facepalm.

        1. Which would undoubtedly allow them to create better products. Libs are so silly.

        2. Of course she thought 3 inferior software devs were as good as one good one.She no doubt believes three crummy teachers are as good one good one there to. Gee I wonder which category shes in?

      3. Unionism is a very religious like thing.

        1. Good point. So is marxism.

      4. As a programmer, why would I unionize? I already make well above the national median with below average education (the last time I looked for a job.) and I can literally tell my boss to fuck off today and go to work for the same or better salary at 5 other places tomorrow.

    4. I don’t think they enjoy wide support from the public. They just own one of the major political parties, and they’re widely supported by the lefty media.

      1. they’re widely supported by the lefty media

        Given how extensivly media is unionized is it a surprise?

  16. $35 million could have bought a lot of scholarships for inner city kids. Instead we get to fill our landfills with campaign signs. What a waste.

    1. I had the same thought. talk about a waste of resources.

  17. They should rename the state: Wischadenfreudonsin.

    1. Whenever I feel a little down, I can now find dozens of pictures from Wisconsin to pick me back up.

  18. Corrected Six: Voters don’t give a rat’s ass about public sector employees having the “right to bargain” with the people they helped put into office.

  19. Worse.

    The fact that Republicans remain in control of the Senate VALIDATES Walker’s actions.

    If this was a referendum on public sector unions, the unions lost. The people spoke and explicitly approved what Walker did by giving Republicans continued control of the Senate.

  20. Dems complained when Walker passed the budget repair bill that he had not campaigned on “public union busting” or even mentioned “collective bargaining.” Well … I think the public was aware before the recall elections, and I guess the now-fully-informed electorate reaffirmed their choices from Nov 2010.

    1. He campaigned on it, WEAC even had all the info on their website before the Gov. election and told them to vote for Barrett because of it. Gov. Walker even has some campaign ads on Youtube from before the election.

  21. You would think that even the union rank and file would be intelligent enough to understand that a union-controlled state government prevents new businesses from moving here and causes existing businesses to move to right to work states. Oh well, wishful thinking I guess.

    1. You assume that the unions want to take care of the cow so that milk may feed the masses for decades to come when in reality they lit off the coal 30 mins ago and they’re about to send the spit up the cow’s backside.

      Don’t hate on a barbecue, haters.

  22. Any thots on how WI’s recently signed redistricting legislation will impact the current make-up of the state legislature?

    1. Don’t have a full answer, but I do know that many of the state senate districts that the Dems were thinking about targeting for recalls next year became much more solid Republican. Alberta Darling’s did, too – even though she ate Sandy Pasch for lunch in the 8th (and I’m proud to say I voted for Alberta).

  23. MSNBC’s pundits have pretty much regurgitated the same line of reasoning.

  24. This was the most important election in years. A loss would have made weenies of GOP state legislators for years to come. But it didn’t happen – the people won!

  25. This was the most important election in years. A loss would have made weenies of GOP state legislators for years to come. But it didn’t happen – the people won!

    1. It bear repeating.

      1. There’s more than one bear in Wisconsin.

  26. “One: Never mis-underestimate the capacity of an ex-wife to screw you.”

    Anyone from Chicago can tell you that’s exactly how Obama got elected senator (out of nowhere). Look it up.

    1. i’m confused, tonyclarke! blair hull was the guy who came “out of nowhere,” with no political experience, who ran because he was a blackjack millionaire or something. obama was a state senator with a great reputation among colleagues on both sides of the aisle. come on! better snark please!

      1. Rusty – Obama walked into his “election” to the US senate basically unopposed because of the sexual predilections of his one-time opponent and a very public and very ugly divorce months before the election.

        In response, the Republicans ran a whacko who didn’t even live in Illinois, nor ever had. One look at Obama’s voting record in the Illinois Senate should tell you why he had a great reputation – he never had a conflict because he never took a position on anything.

        Don’t take my word for it – look it up.

    2. Recall that fondly. Ryan was into a mess of a scandal and Alan Keyes was quickly substituted. A bit like the 3rd string quarterback who never expects to play. Deer, headlights. Quite fun to watch.

      OT, but heard Living Colour’s Cult of Personality yesterday and it seemed so appropriate. Friends in Chicago defend The One at all costs. “Where were you when he announced [his candidacy]?” was an oft-heard remark.

  27. um… this whole post and thread is kind of insane? i mean, two republican state senators lost their jobs over this. a couple others just barely kept theirs. no democratic state senators have lost nor appear poised to lose. and there’s no reason to think the walker recall won’t succeed. y’all look like a bunch of ostriches up in here! cheers, buddies!

    1. rusty is Winning!

    2. Right. There’s no reason to think the Walker recall won’t suceed. Just because they didn’t suceed in unseating Judge Prosser, or in regaining control of the Senate.

      Voters reaffirmed their desire that Republicans dominate. How do you feel about that?

    3. A couple of others barely kept theirs?

      The only one that was close was 52%-48%.

      Here are the other results:


      What is the reason to believe Walker’s recall will succeed?

    4. Rusty: Tis better to look like a ostrich than a dumb jackass

  28. The lesson here is the same one that Republicans should have learned against Clinton in ’96 and by Democrats against Bush in ’04: No matter how much you hate someone, that alone is insufficient reason to believe they will lose an election. Republicans should take heed against Obama in ’12 and had best bring more to the table than the fact that they don’t like him very much.

    1. yeah right,
      Reporter “President Obama, what can we expect in your next term?”
      Obama “Well, we got Bin Laden”
      Reporter “There you have it folks, four more years of ‘we got Bin Laden’, vote early and vote often.”

  29. Let me get this straight…2 Republican state Senators are recalled and Democratic Senators replace them and the unions and Democrats are going to be scared? In what world, in what universe does that make any sense at all?

    1. In the universe in which they were supposed to regain control the senate after spending $30 million dollars.

      The failed. Wisconsin voters apprently think the Republicans should retain control the governorship, the Supreme Court, and both houses of the legislature.

      Suck it up and deal.

    2. Kindess: let me summarize for you:

      Republicans win in both houses of Wisconsin

      Governor Walker is elected

      Prosser beats Kloppenberg

      Republicans keep majority in senate after failed recall attempt

      Governor Walkers agenda to limit public union power proceeds unhindered.

      Final Tally:

      Wisconsin Taxpayers 5 Union Thugs 0

  30. Having volunteered my time poll watching on Tuesday, only to learn that the three “We are Wisconsin” ladies doing the same were paid and given a free lunch, I’d do it all over again without being paid. That’s the Democrats problem… Their supporters are all “what’s in it for me?”… not just for tax dollars, but even to get them give their time to a campaign. p.s. Here’s a video mocking Obama that was created without being paid to do it…

  31. The GOP lost two senate seats in Wisconsin, and this is somehow a victory? Jeesh, that’s quite a spin job. There were only 13 total state recalls in the past 100 years.

  32. But Moulitsas billed the elections, on which the public sector unions spent a record-setting amount ($35 million, according to Rush Limbaugh)

    Well fuck! If Limbaugh says so it must be true! Jesus Fucking Christ that might have been thee lamest cite ever written on the internet.

    1. I guess that means that the Unions didn’t spend millions to get this done. Instead of flying off like a stupid redneck, do some research and tell us some facts about how much was or was not spent on this recall by the unions. You calling Rush Limbaugh names somehow doesn’t hold up against an actual number.

    2. I guess that means that the Unions didn’t spend millions to get this done. Instead of flying off like a stupid redneck, do some research and tell us some facts about how much was or was not spent on this recall by the unions. You calling Rush Limbaugh names somehow doesn’t hold up against an actual number.

    3. All data taken from the links sourced in each tab. Also, note that the above totals ONLY INCLUDE DIRECT expenditures made in support or opposition to a candidate. Any money spent on “issue-ads” (see for definition) does not have to be disclosed, and as such, has not been added to these totals.

  33. Did the black riots at the Wisconsin State Fair hurt the Recall?

  34. The teachers’ union in Wisconsin was its own worst enemy. In a down economy when everyone was cutting back, they were calling in “sick,” leaving parents scrambling to find somewhere to put their kids for the day, so they could stand on street corners waving signs and shrilly insist that taxpayers should suffer even more so that the union members wouldn’t have to suffer at all.

    Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake. -NB

  35. jbigss1965, don’t kid yourself. The Dems publicly declared that their goal was to win three or more seats and gain back the majority. They expected a voter backlash that would produce an easy victory. Instead, they were forced to spend $35 million, only to see 53% of voters support Republicans on Tuesday. They added two seats, but now have to play defense to avoid losing them next Tuesday. This is not the message they were hoping for.

  36. The liberal Koch obsession is amusing. They really see him as a Mr. Burns kind of caricature in their paranoid alternate universe. I love pointing out to them that I see David Koch’s name the most when I watch PBS and he’s the major contributor. Anyways, the Wisconsin protesters think that because they protested so riotously that surely everyone stands with them. It reminds me of Will Ferrel in ‘Old School’–they really thought everyone was going streaking with them.

    1. dude, liberals think EVERYTHING is some kind of Mr. Burns evil caricature

      1. …Mr. Burns gives a shit about property rights, compared to liberals and some other non-cartoon people.

  37. If Rush Limbaugh says they spent $35 million, that means they probably spent about half of that

  38. WHY oh WHY must almost everyone call these collective bargaining “privileged” a right!!! These unions are granted this privilege y executive fiat or the legislature in a state. I just can’t understand WHY everyone is calling these RIGHTS?? Having a driver’s license is not even a right, despite the fact I pay taxes and have a car. SO, how can the privileges be a “right”. PLEASE stop!!!

    Thank you

    1. Funny that the first president of the AFL, Samuel Gompers, was against forced unionization…

      Samuel Gompers, the founder of the American Federation of Labor, was deeply committed to unionism as a voluntary institution. He noted that:

      “The workers of America adhere to voluntary institutions in preference to compulsory systems which are held to be not only impractical but a menace to their rights, welfare and their liberty.”

      How far we’ve fallen.

      1. Here is a link to a picture of Richard Trumka:…..-fist1.jpg The look in his eyes tells you all you need to know about his intentions. Mr. Murder won’t get his hands dirty but the blood runs in rivers from his fingertips.

        Obama, Holder, & Trumka are the troika behind labor unrest and it would not surprise me to learn that Trumka & company have their agitators @work in the flash-mobbin-London-burnin actions. The international socialist movement is a nasty piece of work.

  39. Barry will have a tough time hanging onto WI in 2012.

  40. Here in soviet Kalifornia, we are busy at work wasting YOUR federal tax dollars. You see, the feds take everybody’s money and dole it out to the states as a percentage of matching funds. They do this to illegally force the states to obey “regulations” in violation of the 10th Amendment. Because we spend a disproportionately massive amount of money on our own soviet approach to public policy, we consume a disproportionately massive percent of the federal dollars passed out as matching funds.
    Prudent states have the dollars of their citizens forcible extorted at the end of an IRS gun, gathered, and brought to Kalifornia to be squandered in offices like mine, where 40 people sit around all day doing practically nothing besides producing an occasional self-justification document. In my impoverished 40-man Kalifornia office where we are “cutting bone” and “squeezing the blood out of rocks”, there are 6 levels of managers and usually less than 15 people around on a given day.

    Despite the decided lack of fulfillment, workers here are terrified of working in the private sector where its possible for your job to get eliminated.

    Some have even take fulltime employement in the private sector in addition to their state job, because there’s not a lot to get done here, and they’d hate to quit that state job, because its so nice to have as a safety net.

    Kalifornia is like an 800 pound baby throwing a fit because they only got 12 pies and 3 gallons of ice cream for dessert.

    Citizens of real states: Please stop enabling us. LA and SF outvote the entire rest of the state. LA county consumes more than half the state budget all by itself. Urge your congresspeople to enforce the 10th Amendment and stop the transfer of money from the feds back to states.

    Every stupid federal reg produced a state organization whose existance is to capture the federal dollars associated with it. In my organization we help counties kidnap babies from families without justification so that they can get their funding grants, while simultaneously ignoring seriously abused children since their statistics harm county funding allocations.

    We put two-year olds on anti-psychotic drugs for throwing tantrums because we get $$$ for it!

    Most Kalifornia government workers should be in prison, if not burnt at the stake.

    It is unbelievable what goes on here… like a bizarro world cross of Huxley and Kafka.


  41. Seven: the Republican-controlled legislature will re-distric MORE Democrats out of the legislature.

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  44. The voters of the Great State of Wisconsin have defeated, again, the corrupt alliance between the public sector unions and the democratic party. The corruption that was bankrupting Wisconsin has been rolled back. Not defeated, but rolled back by the honest voters of WI! They’ve shown the way to other states, and most especially our Federal Government. If only the voters of the entire nation have the wisdom and courage of those in WI!

  45. Hilarious. Both this author and those commenting are wrong on key facts. As one of the few sensible comments pointed out earlier, Justice Prosser did not (allegedly) assault his colleague until well after he won re-election. Before Walker and the Republicans tore the state apart, Prosser was predicted to win overwhelmingly, as most incumbent justices do. Instead, Prosser won by less than half a percentage point over an odd candidate that many considered woefully under-qualified. And this is in a non-partisan race. That has been the ONLY state-wide race since Walker’s election. Had the assault allegations come out before, he most certainly would have lost.

    Second incorrect claim: Union-backed groups did NOT spend $35 million on these elections. That was the TOTAL amount spent by BOTH sides. Further, although union spending was in the 8 digits, the majority of money was spent by third-party conservative groups like the Wisconsin Club for Growth (which ran such on-point ads like claiming a Dem challenger favored illegal aliens over veterans).

    Hopper (the defeated philanderer) was a weak candidate, certainly. But a Republican had represented that district for years and that is a red area of the state. Similarly, Kapanke (the losing Republican in LaCrosse) had represented his district for several terms. Both districts voted for Walker 9 months ago. Flipping them was not an insignificant feat. The other four districts were all heavy Republican districts that were long-shots, as prognosticators indicated repeatedly before the elections. Also worth noting is that because of the timing of these elections, college students were not in school and thus unable to vote. UW-Milwaukee is in Darling’s district. UW-Oshkosh is in Hopper’s district. UW-LaCrosse is in Kapanke’s district. UW-River Falls is in Harsdorf’s district. If school is in session, Dems would have benefited.

    What these elections actually indicate is that committed Republicans in the state remain motivated and appreciate what Walker has done. Walker’s extreme and swift actions have ramped up the Dems, however, where the energy level is basically even. Walker’s approval rating in the state is poor as the economy has not improved much in his tenure and the public rightly views him as highly divisive and partisan. Further, as his budget cuts start hitting local municipalities and schools, he will likely grow even less popular.

    So yes, the collective bargaining issue is dead until state government turns over completely, which it likely won’t for a long time, given the Republican gerrymandering plan that just became law. Public unions in the state will likely die with a whimper or become volunteer organizations before the law is changed as they run out of funds. And yes, the Koch brothers serve as the George Soros of the right, meaning, essentially, that only people on the left pay attention to who they are and what groups they fund. But the odds of Walker facing a recall election, particularly if the economy does not improve, are reasonable. And the odds of him being re-elected as governor in three years, unless the economy drastically improves, are poor. He won in November by three percentage points. He has now revealed himself. Had he campaigned on what he has now done, he would not have been elected.

    And for the love of god, please get your facts straight, especially when you use them as a lead in to make predictions. Otherwise, you have no credibility whatsoever.

    1. mowry what the author was saying was AFTER Justice Prosser WON the left tried to have him forced to resign with the allegations from bradley, they FAILED again. Did you miss the protest?

      As for the union funding here is a chart of the Direct funding…. This does not include ‘issue ads’ and I doubt it covers the food for votes…

      Also unlike dems, when there is a Republican scandal it means a lot to Republican voters and they will vote against them.

      In these present days and WI running in deficit budgets for the past decade I’m curious as to why you are against a balanced budget? One predicted to have a surplus. Tell me why with all the stimulus funding, stealing from other funding, and added taxes (done behind closed doors without the public knowing and signed, posted and law in 36 hours)the dems/doyle had they ended with a deficit of 3.6 billion? And with all the 1 time stimulus funds they still cut education (how do you cut education after receiving stimulus funds for education?) Sen. Darling and others warned of a funding cliff caused by 1 time stimulus funds back in March of 2010.…..dded#at=59 The schools did a good job of using the Repair Bill to budget their year without lay offs. So realize the schools were set up to fail in the PRIOR BUDGET. Thank goodness for Gov. Walker. WI is indeed looking good.

      The Economy in WI is indeed looking up and recovering.

      So Mowry how about you do some research and get the facts and stop using your liberal opinions. Facts are not hard to get these days with all the resources technology provides. Maybe you should try

    2. I find your commentary hilarious, too. Let’s say that kids had been in school in Hopper’s and Kapanke’s district during this recall election. What would have changed? They still would have lost, so it makes no difference. And Alberta Darling has been elected in 1996 in elections that have taken place DURING the school year.

      “Further, as his budget cuts start hitting local municipalities and schools, he will likely grow even less popular.”

      Yeah. That’s sure to happen. Headlines like these are sure to turn the tide:…

      And that’s not the only district that’s turned things around.

  46. All anyone needs to know about what happened in Wisconsin is one name: Richard Trumka, president of AFLCIO and boss of the big public employee union AFSCME. Trumka, Obama, & Holder are doing all they can to ramp up the violence in the streets. Violence, death, and threats of death are Marxism’s stock-in-trade. Richard Trumka is one of Marxism’s chief practitioners in the world today. Look and remember the face of Richard Trumka:…..-fist1.jpg

  47. Well, it’s official. The United States has become a land of stupid, ignorant, uneducated people who lack the critical thinking skills need to use the brain the good Lord gave them.

    1. Please tell me you’re kidding Ms. Kentucky if you’re referring to the recalls. Now if you were referring to our national Congress I would agree with you 100%. 😀

      However, the people of Wisconsin have a better view of the effects of Governor Walker’s policies than those of us who are on the outside looking in. Ultimately they saw the benefits outweighed the cons and voted accordingly. Besides, if your “name” is an indication of your location, how can you call the Wisconsin voters “stupid, ignorant, uneducated people who lack the critical thinking skills […] to use the brain the good Lord gave them” 😀

  48. Progressives cry foul! Collective bargaining privileges, yes “PRIVILEGES” taken away. Where in the Bill of Rights or any State Constitution/Charter is it written that unions’ collective bargaining privileges were magically converted into rights? Remember, one doesn’t ask to exercise a right, but must request that a privilege be exercised.

    Stop blaming corporations for shipping jobs overseas, as the culprit and scurge of this country is right before our eyes – none other than unions themselves. In fact, unions are parasitic, corrupt corporations in their own right.

    Keep up the great work WI…the eyes of the Nation are firmly affixed upon you, gazing with wonder and amazement.

    From a lifelong New Yorker…who has witnessed firsthand the destruction that these entitlement-hungry, unhealthy alliances can cause.

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