"Matt Damon Is Suddenly The Hollywood Liberal That Conservatives Love to Hate"


So headlines The Hollywood Reporter, in reference to reactions to this video:

Or more accurately, in reference to reactions to this Damon-tastic excerpt, which has 15 times the traffic of the original:

The Reporter catalogues responses from Rush Limbaugh, Larry Elder, Glenn Beck, Michael Graham, Kyle Smith, John Nolte, Alfonzo Rachel, and country music's Larry Gatlin, not necessarily in that order. One might also include Michelle Malkin and non-conservative Jonathan Chait.

Larry OD bulges his neck veins at the late, great Cathy Seipp for daring to suggest public school teachers weren't always great (really, it was about the same subject).

Witnesses for the defense include not only the aforementioned Lawrence O'Donnell (for whom rage-a-holicism in the defense of public school teachers is no rarity), but also Anderson Cooper, Gawker's Richard Lawson, The Nation's Dana Goldstein, and the L.A. Times' Alexandra Le Tellier, among many others (on all sides).

What about Matt Damon's young antagonist, freelancer Michelle Fields? Aside from some hubba-hubbas at FishbowlDC, The Washington Post's Reliable Source has more:

ATTN: Casting directors! Guaranteed tension with Matt Damon!

"I feel like I woke up to learn that half the Internet hates me," Fields told us, "and half the Internet thinks I'm a hero."

She told us her "inbox has been flooded" with e-mail from teachers, some of it "very vulgar and almost inappropriate."

If Fields isn't familiar to Internet politics wonks, it's because she's a brand-new graduate of Pepperdine; this video was her first on-the-scene reporting job for Reason. […]

Her boss at Reason.TV, editor Nick Gillespie said he thought she handled herself well in "a real baptism of fire." He responded to the dustup with a blog post of his own quarrelling with Damon's assertion that teachers are poorly paid — and in general, he's happy with the discussion he says it's provoked.

"I'm happy to have people pick up [the video], and saying, 'Here's Matt Damon pwning somebody. […] If they follow up by coming to our site, it complicates their easy glib dismissals."

Whole thing here.

Read Reason's vast archive on education beginning here. Then check out Tim Cavanaugh's interview with none other than Michelle Fields, back in a simpler age.

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  1. Absolutely absurd.

    I have been hating that piece of shit for years.

    1. I know right? I was hating him before it was cool.



    2. That’s why I’m fucking Ben Afleck.

    3. I liked him in that Talented Mr Ripely Movie. Book was better but the book almost always is better.

      Also the first Bourne movie was not bad…though anyone could have pulled that character off.

      1. He was OK in Syriana, but again that was an easy character. Dr. Bashir stole every scene they were in together.

        1. Holy shit, have you seen Alexander Siddig’s birth name?

          Anyway, yes, he stole Damon’s thunder throughout that (very good) movie.

          1. No, that’s why I said Dr Bashir… 🙂

      2. The original movie was better, even if Alain Delon and company weren’t very convincing Americans.

    4. “The Departed” is a good film, but everything else he’s been in is totally unwatchable garbage.

      1. Actually when I first saw “The Departed” I said to my girlfriend at the time that, “Martin Scorsese is so good that he even made the super-lame Matt Damon look like he could act.”

      2. I thought Damon did a great job playing a vacuous prick in that movie.

        1. You mean he wasn’t playing himself?

  2. it complicates their easy glib dismissals


    1. Fuck. Beat me to it.


      1. I knew the glib wasn’t contained to just those three a-holes. Reason is going with a flypaper strategy for glib. All the gliberals will be lured here and the glibertarians will fight with them and it will be an uncivil war of sorts.

      2. PWN’D

  3. some of it “very vulgar and almost inappropriate.”

    Nice to see that even if you get VERY vulgar with Michelle, that’s still not quite inappropriate.

    1. I must admit, I wouldn’t mind getting extremely inappropriate with Michelle.

      1. I remember that sweater!

  4. HaymarketObserver
    So Howard Roark blows up a building that he did not pay for because the builder did not fulfill his architectural vision, which makes him a hero to libertarians, and Michelle Fields, who, like many others, fancies herself a libertarian, does not get that schoolteachers do what they do because they love what they do.
    8/4/2011 9:52:53 AM EDT


    1. Is this quote like one of those dot drawings with the hidden picture?

      1. Stare at it long enough and you can see the monocle.

        1. It doesn’t matter.

    2. does not get that schoolteachers do what they do because they love what they do.

      This argument is so vapid–if they love what they do so much, it wouldn’t matter what they got paid, now would it?

      1. I would love getting paid over $50000 for nine months of work with zero accountability for my performance too.

        1. I would love getting paid over $50000 for nine months of work with zero accountability for my performance too.

          So true.

        2. Then don’t became a teacher in a conservative state.

      2. Anybody else think this is irrelevant? I might love being a pilot but that doesn’t mean I am fit to fly a plane full of people.

        1. there’s a commercial in there somewhere…

  5. Let’s just get this out of the way:

    They have a master’s degree.
    They pay for their own supplies.
    They take work home with them.

    Feel free to add any that I missed.


    2. As long as they aren’t Intrinsically Paternalistic then everything will be fine.

    3. I have a PhD. I pay for my own office supplies. I take my literature home to read. Also, I work 12 months a year, get paid for 40 of the 60 hours I typically put in, and take home $15/hr.

        1. no shit.

    4. they DON’T have a master’s degree. They don’t really HAVE to pay for their own supplies. Most DON’T take work home with them- or any more than anyone else.

      1. Thank you. Glad someone said it.

    5. They work 9 months out of the year.
      Most of them love their jobs (unlike most people).
      They also get time off throughout the year due to school vacations.
      They get to teach children with little to no accountability for the outcome of the child’s education.
      Most are ignorant of the subjects they teach.

      And it’s not that you missed any, it’s that all of yours are wrong or apply to many people.

  6. I second the hubba-hubba. She is beautiful.

    1. The girl’s too young, she don’t know what she’s doin’

  7. She told us her “inbox has been flooded” with e-mail from teachers, some of it “very vulgar and almost inappropriate.”

    Am I the only one who really wants to see these? If they were dumb enough to leave enough information to find out who they are and where they work, post that, too. I’m sure some of their students’ parents would love to know what they think of Ms. Fields.

    1. Yes. Those emails MUST be released, complete with the bad grammar and poor logic so common to public school teacher rants.

      1. When my daughters were in school, I used to love getting papers from the school. Most teachers cannot write a gramatically correct sentence. I particularly remember the middle school principal; if you had just met him on the street and engaged him in conversation, within 30 seconds you would be speaking slowly and using short words. He was a not-so-high-functioning retard. Your tax dollars at work.

        1. True story, the principal at my high school later resigned in disgrace when it was found that he falsified his college degrees. He had never been to college.

          1. crescent city baptist hs?

        2. On that note: gaze into the abyss.

          On Aug 5, 2011 5:32 AM shard tambe wrote:
          i am a school teacher. teaching science to the poor students but they are talent.i want free science space video a study materals. we don’t have internet connection in school.but we have a dvd and guide .my email adressis *redacted out of pity*

          1. On that note: gaze into the abyss.

            Jesus–was that a letter from a teacher or mugu bait from a Nigerian spammer?

          2. I am disappoint.

          3. Good eye, Warty. You are talent.

          4. I’m pretty sure that person is not a native English speaker, anyone in the world can get a yahoo email.

        3. You know, every time my kids bring printouts from the school home with homework for us parents I always feel like correcting it and sending it back. I think this year I’m going to start doing that.

          1. give it a grade also.

  8. Libertarians (or at least South Park) beat conservatives to the punch years ago.

    1. I read an interview where they said they had originally written real lines for him, but they had to change them to “MATT DAMON!” because the puppet looked so retarded.

      1. That was one of the reasons, the other was that MATT DAMON had complained to Trey and Matt that people would shout “MATT DAMON” to him whenever they saw him in public. Matt and Trey decided to help out his situation by making “MATT DAMON” his only dialogue, meaning no one would do that to him ever again.

        1. The name does have a Charlie Brown quality to it.

        2. I seriously doubt that worked, given that people are assholes. These are the same people who throw Mentos at the Foo Fighters during concerts.

          1. I thought that was sarcasm…

  9. “MAAAAAT DAAYmaaan”

  10. Michelle Fields looks quite a bit like my little sister. Disturbingly so.

    If you ever need anyone beaten half to death, give me a call, Michelle.

    1. She could just call the Fullerton police department. They’ll show proper restraint now and only beat someone half to death instead of the 100% treatment.

      1. An irreversible coma is only halfway to death, right? They don’t need to change a thing.

    2. Genetics is a cruel master, Warty.

    3. Please post your little sister’s contact info.

    4. Devolving from glibster to a garden variety NetTuffGai. This is sad to watch.

  11. When going to these rallies, you can’t fire off loaded questions. You must finesse them into taking just enough rope to hang themselves. This was a terrible video to gain exposure for Reason‘s side of the debate.

    1. Agreed. She gets an A for bravery, but a D for strategy.

    2. It is much better on mute. Allows you to focus on the only part of the video worth watching.

      1. Yeah, he must work out.

    3. Totally agreed. It’s unfortunate that this is the way Reason is entering the mainstream’s radar. Just comes off badly all the way around.

    4. True, true. You need to just ask them what they think, and let them walk into it backwards.

      1. Right — these idiots will generally hang themselves if given the rope. Just like the fat lady and her obvious insanity re: the $1 billion. It’s so stupid it makes its own point. There’s no need to cross-examine it.

    5. Yeah I agree. I really didn’t like the confrontational nature of the questioning, all you are going to get is “NUH UH TEACHERZ ARE TEH UNDERPAIDZ”.

      You want to say that schoolteachers never get fired for incompetence? Pick a few high-profile districts and figure out how many teachers have been fired for incompetence over a given time period. Then get them to say something like “teachers get fired for incompetence all the time”. Then give them the statistics you found.

      Then sit back and watch the meltdown. The resulting stupidity that falls out of their mouth will make them look bad and you look good.

    6. I have to agree. I have nothing against Ms. Fields, and I wish her good luck in her career, but it was pretty clear that she was inexperienced. The cameraman chiming in with such an un-scientific statistic didn’t help either. I would have rather seen Nick Gillespie or someone a little more seasoned talk to Damon and see where things might have gone then.

      1. But would Damon had even bothered if there weren’t a hot chick involved?

      2. There’s a better than half good chance that Damon knows who Gillespie is, or someone at that rally would. The Jacket would have to wade through a crowd ripping peoples’ fucking hearts out to get near Damon.

    7. Judge Napolitano is bad about this as well. It doesn’t matter when you’re talking to people who agree with you and talking to an audience that understands the ideas behind what you’re saying. However, if you’re trying to change people’s minds, you really need to start with mutually understood premises. This was the libertarian equivalent of “of course, we all want social justice…”

    8. Don’t we always get the argument that libertarians never get anywhere because they play fair? Seems like you gotta give the market what it wants, and if subtlety isn’t going to work then maybe this is a better approach. Appeal to emotion first – THEN hit ’em with “reason”.

    9. Defeatist

      All publicity is good publicity of course,

      1. “Defeatists”

        1. It’s not a river in Egypt.

    10. has made a lot of good, smart videos addressing current political issues in a logical, non partisan way. How much MSM attention did those get? How many MSM outlets outside of NE Ohio picked up on Drew Cary and Nick Gillespie confronting the Cleveland City Council?

      If the video had presented the libertarian viewpoint in a positive light, it would never have gotten any MSM exposure. At least this way some people outside the ghetto might be lured to find out more about Reason.

      1. I liked the hot chick! Is this a porn site?

      2. You constantly insist on being contrary.

    11. As I have said before, the interview wasn’t handled in the best way possible, something which can be explained by Ms. Fields’ inexperience.

      Some people may claim that this a jujitsu move to raise awareness of Reason since the MSM will never exhibit a video which shows a libertarian in a good light, but this argument is not convincing. It is just as likely that a liberal would watch the video, poke fun at Ms. Fields and Reason and not bother to find out more about Reason.

      I hope Nick invites MATT DAMON to the Reason offices for a longer more in-depth interview or a debate or even a speech by him followed by a Q&A where his arguments can be eviscerated by the libertarian audience.

  12. After seeing this video approximately 75 times, it turns out Michelle’s breasts are attached to some sort of controversial conversation.

    Who knew?

    1. Yeah, and whats all this “Matt Damon” stuff? Was it tattoed on one of the breasts and I missed it?

      Hafta watch again more carefully….

  13. Clearly the lesson here is Reason needs more hot young female reporters.

    1. We need to work on liberalizing the sex change operation industry in order to drive the cost!

  14. Oh yes, and this

    Here’s Matt Damon pwning somebody

    makes me very, very happy. PWND

    1. Axis of glib.

      1. Our catchphrases are like our children. They need encouragement and support to grow. They must be nurtured and sheltered, but allowed to run free.

  15. I like the pretty lady picture. I’m a sucker for a smile. I even like that grinning bald guy whose picture you’ve put up a few times lately — makes me feel more at ease.

  16. Well, isn’t she’s a cutie.

    Anyway, I’m a member of the deep end of the pool school of thought, and she did great. Now, if she can work on her questions, to make them more subtle, and we all win.

  17. If teachers are called to teach, then surely the same is true of actors, right? So when is the last time Matt accepted a role for under $1 million?

    Wait, it’s about the money? I am so disillusioned . . .

  18. Have to say that he is annoying on a personal level… part of the L’etat C’est Moi ideologue treehouse club, resembling a Steve Brule of politics in this particular video…

    but I really do like his acting and movies. Not sure I can part with the Bourne series.

  19. Matt Damon is obviously gay NTAWWT, otherwise he’d shut up and not listen to whatever it is that she’s saying

  20. Oh, we don’t hate him.

    See, conservatives think liberals are misguided. It’s the liberals who do all the hatin’. They think conservatives are evil.

    1. Who’s conservative? Speak for yourself.

      1. For sure. I come here to get away from conservatives and liberals, seeing as how they have fucked everything up already.

        1. Ah, yes, I momentarily forgot why I stopped hanging out with Libertarians, even though I’m a libertarian.

          To the purists go … well … nothing much.

          If you’re a Jeffersonian at all these days, you get called a “conservative”. I’ve just decided to stop fighting it. It confuses too many people.

          1. Blogs 4 Palin

            Go away again.

            1. I gotta get one of those for my blog

              1. Only if you can dig up some pictures of her fine, fine boobies.

                1. They seem to discriminate against tumblr. Ha! I have more Brazilian teenage girl followers than all of their blogs combined!


            One quick look at your blog confirms that you’re a conservative. Bigtime. So, please, whine some more. Conservatives are really, really good at that.

            1. Clearly you looked at the pictures and didn’t read anything. But from the quality of the conversation that goes on around here suggests to me that you probably don’t actually read the articles in Reason (a fine publication, IMHO) either.

              I think maybe I should go back to the print version to avoid the mindless adolescent banter that goes on around here.

              1. the quality of the conversation that goes on around here

                The quality of Epi comments is always the best….i think your complaint is about type rather then quality.

          3. Your blog reminds me of the third book of Game of Thrones when Cersei Lannister is kidnapped by agents for the Iron Bank of Braavos and they flay the skin off of her fingers and hands until she begs to have them chopped off to stop the pain.

    2. And we think conservatives and liberals are pretty much the same.

      1. Opposite sides of the same shit snadwich.

        1. Satan sandwich, you morontard.

          1. What, you think there’s no shit in a Satan sandwich? You think that sandwich contains 100% unadulterated Satan? Fool, that’s what they want you to think! WAKE UP AND EXAMINE YOUR SANDWICH WITH OPEN EYES! Then, and only then, will you see the shit inherent in the sandwich and begin to understand the purgative actions necessary.

            1. The Voice: It is the Broodwich. Forged in darkness from wheat harvested in hell’s half acre. Baked by Beelzebub. Slathered with mayonnaise beaten from the evil eggs of dark chicken force-fed to dogs by the hands of a one-eyed madman. Cheese boiled from the rancid teat of a fanged cow. Layered with 666 separate meats from an animal which has maggots for blood.

              Frylock: See, told ya.

              Shake: I tasted mustard.

              The Voice: Yeah… Dijon mustard.

              Shake: Well… how come no bacon?

              The Voice: Bacon is extra!

              1. Damn you epi you beat me to it…

                here is the video:


                also there is no bacon become there is no swine evil enough to sacrifice upon our bed of evil

              2. Holy crap, there’s no way you could be conservatives, the stuff on here is way too witty.

            2. It would be 100% Satan if you greedy fat capitalist pigs didn’t skim the best for yourself. Where is the FDA?


  22. Does anyone know what the old woman is saying at about 2:20.

    Why won’t vouchers work? “Because we’re part of a democratic movement” maybe it’s big D democratic.

    “t’s why I”m not a libertarian, because I know about the corruption of money”.

    Des this mean everything has to be owned by the governemt because we can’t be trusted with money?

  23. I have to say it was one of the, if not THE, worst Reason.TV vids I’ve see. When Nick or Matt go to these types of rallies, they let the interviewees make asses out of them selves (one of my favorites was the guy with the “Bad Rush/Good Rush” shirt).

    But she just seemed to go up to people and say “HEY YOUR STUPID AND YOUR BELIEFS ARE STUPID HOW DO YOU FEEL TROLOLOLO” and put the microphone into their faces.

    She came off as kind of an ass.

    1. I cringed when she said “they’re all losers” toward the end. Way to ingratiate yourself with the subject.

    2. Agreed. This was the first time I tried to WTFV and I couldn’t even get through it. No wonder they brought in Gillespie to do the damage control with his article, because this is just not good. She didn’t come across as informed or likeable.

      1. I couldn’t make it through either. Even when it’s done well, Gotcha! shit is just boring. It’s much better to just let the interviewees ramble on.

        1. If we have learned anything from Penn and Teller, it is that letting people ramble produces the premium grade A crazy. It also means you don’t have to pull out that smilingly combative (finally put my finger on what is so off-putting about her style) shtick we all get enough of on cable news.

          1. Why would you ever watch cable news?

            1. Insomnia? Morbid curiosity? Just generally feeling like I haven’t gotten my hate up enough lately?

              1. None of those are remotely good enough reasons to watch cable news.

                “Let’s go watch some gay porn to get our hate back.”

              2. Your a good American, Dagny T.

                Go America! Down with sharia law!

            2. To fight the evil you must be familiar with it. That goes for glib too.

          2. Side benefit of letting people ramble: Penn can deliver the, “And then there’s THIS asshole,” lead-in like no other.

    3. I agree, but the problem with Nick or Matt’s videos is they so completely PWN the liberals that the mainstream media doesn’t give any attention to the video.

      If you do a video once in a while where the liberals can think they had a mild victory then it gets played all over the place and hopefully draws people to watch other Reason videos where they get educated.

        1. Actually, yeah

  24. Good for Damon. He spoke his mind. I am sure true libertarians can appreciate that. Why a libertarian would favor right-winged industrialists and their lacky political hacks over teachers I cannot imagine. Unless they are actually Republican conservatives cloaking as libertarians.


    2. We don’t favor either, you lackwit. We favor choice.

      1. I’m going to have to call bullsh on this one. Your words support choice, but your votes are co-opted to support the industrialists, muhfriend.

        (Unless you vote for a third party, in which case, I apologize, you’re actually voting for trout yogurt, because that’s never going to happen either.)

    3. Speaking for myself, I came to libertarianism for the child labor and monocles, and stayed for the untrammeled running-dog capitalism.

      1. I just come here for the human baby pot pie.

        1. “Human arm? They’re divine. The meat is falling off the bone.”

          1. We’re Prador now?

            1. No, you’re just hallucinating while being controlled by a spider thrall. You’ll wake back into the nightmare soon enough.

            2. Don’t back-talk, Warty. He’s an Adult, in fact he has barely any legs left. He cored Episiarch years ago.

              1. That’s absurd, I’m no Hooper. In fact, I recently opted to be loaded into a Golem body. A female one.

                1. When I said he cored you, I wasn’t referring to thrall technology.

                  1. Uh, obviously. I just thought you meant I’d have to be a Hooper to survive being raped by Warty, and I just wanted to clarify that Golems can survive Warty rape as well.

                    1. Sci-fi references…so esoteric…must get reading

      2. Roader! We will resist the reactionary line!

    4. see now this gets a b+, subtle, sets the sate of agreement first before unfounded inflamatory remark…this is an example of decent trolling…take note OO and tony.

      1. Orrin’s spew is too retarded even to be called trolling. I mean, usually it’s not even words.

      2. Meh, I personally value clandestineness as the most important mark of a good troll. You can’t get people worked up if they know you don’t really believe what you’re writing.

        This one is way too obvious. No one seriously thinks libertarians would favor teachers over industrialists.

    5. Fuck Teachers
      Even the mythical “good ones”.

    6. Something tells me that if he spoke his mind in the opposite direction, you wouldn’t say, good for him. You’d just call him a name, you phony, two-bit cocksucker.

      See, two can play your game.

  25. If you’re not careful, Reason, Fox News is going to snatch Michelle Fields right out from under you.

    1. It’s only a matter of time. Unless they get her to talk about something like legalizing pot or evil policemen STAT!

      1. They talk about that on Fox, even more so on FBN.

  26. Waddaya mean “suddenly”? I always thought he was a prick.

    1. I would have to disagree. Again, his politics on a personal level = nah; otherwise he is alright.

  27. This is neither here nor there, but Matt Damon has a really annoying quality to his voice. I’m not sure if it’s the accent or the whiny tone, but it is cringe inducing.

    1. It’s his true-believing moral outrage, I think. That and his unbearable Boston accent.

      Wikipedia tells me he’s from Cambridge. That explains everything.

      1. I like accents and I think I have a pretty good ear for them, and there’s something off about his. Like he’s trying to overemphasize the Bostonness of it or something. Nothing worse than even a whiff of faked accent.

        1. Good thing he’s not from Pittsburgh, then.

          1. My ears, they bleed. What kind of accent do you Ohioans have, anyways? I don’t hear it getting made fun of enough, in any case.

            1. Minor-league newscasters get sent to Ohio so they can learn to talk without an accent. We define boring.

              Of course, Clevelanders have kind of an annoying Great Lakes nasally accent. I’m glad I’m not really one of them.

              1. All Americans have an accent to me, just more or less regionally specific. And, I might be in the minority here but I find all of them totally charming. Did you ever watch that show Top Shot on History Channel? Both the guns and the variety of American accents were totally awesome.

              2. The Northern vowel shift is starting to piss me off. I’ve lived in proximity to the Great Lakes for 33 years and the nasally bullshit was never as bad growing up as it is in Cleveland now.

                It’s not terrible yet down here in Akron, but it’s creeping this way.

            2. Younzz ears iz bleedn’ , let me get a warsh rag for younz, so younz don’ bleed on ma stillers rug inat.

              1. Also, Ron Paul is from about 10 miles away from me, and though he’s been in Texas for ages a little pittsburghese slips through in his speeches at times.

                It’s those times that I hate Ron Paul.

                Poor guy, it’s a stench that you cannot warsh off.

                1. Do you listen to Ron Morris (The American Entrepreneur) on AM 1360? He was talking about RP this afternoon, how he used to think Ron Paul he was a crackpot but now he’s the only person in Washington who makes sense. Also they went to the same high school apparently (Dormont?).

                  1. Never listened, but I don’t listen to much radio outside of Pens games.

                    Part of being a Cassandra is everyone thinking you’re nuts, the other part is actually being right. It’s easy to dismiss people with beliefs similar to ours as paranoiacs when times are good. When times are bad and liberties are encroached upon we look like goddamn prophets.

                    We aren’t, of course, we just make the common sense prediction that given the opportunity our leaders will seek more and more power.

                    Oh yeah, got side tracked there for a minute…

                    Yup, Ron Paul went to Dormont and according to wikipedia he was a state champ track star. —> 220 yd dash

              2. The fact that I can so perfectly hear that in my head makes me hate you so much, capitol l.

                1. I’m here to share.

                  Because sharing is caring.

  28. That Anderson Cooper piece is a train wreck of raw stupidity. In fact, I would go so far as to state that Anderson Cooper is the Matt Damon of broadcast journalism.


      1. I knew a dude called Anders who, despite being fully American, was extremely concerned that everyone pronounce it “Ahhnders”. When that didn’t go according to plan, he requested people call him “Ders”. I wish I were making this up.



        2. This is where I would come in handy.

          1. He was a flabby, beta-y, vaguely Chief-Wiggum-y sounding sort of chap too. Oh, the fun you could have had.

            1. Fuck, stop describing me.

              1. “They say there’s no devil, Jim, but there is. Right out of hell, I saw it!”

            2. Jesus. Except for the born-in-USA part, he sounds like Darill.

  29. Mayt Dayemunn

  30. some of it “very vulgar and almost inappropriate.”

    I had been drinking and was off my game. Sorry, Michelle. Next time I will be sober and make them properly inappropriate.


    I wonder if she reads comments, unlike the hapless Stephen Smith intern they threw to the wolves (i.e. us.)

    1. He was a good sport. Bless his heart.

      1. Yeah, he was. Unlike some of the goobers they get from the pool of idiot sons and daughters of the Beltway cocktail circuit… Grr! GAH! COSMOTARIANS! Orange line DC GAR!

  31. So are we ever going to be told why the comment section of the post was shut down?

    And will it come back up so we can read it?

    1. And when will we finally get blink tags??

      1. Oh shit stop the presses!!!

        Comments are back!!!…..tcontainer

        1. Joshua, it’s like opening the ark. You have to look away!!!

          1. Since Pro Lib has vanished to parts unknown, I’ll post his URKOBOLD writeup about it.

          2. My bad. I thought you were talking about the anniversary of the discovery (and quick disabling of) blink tags and image links in Reason threads.

    2. I tried “search” with the text of one of my comments…no luck.

    3. They were probably heading off the MSNBC onslaught of mouth breathers and the inevitable decline to sheep fucking. Or a lack of sheep fucking. Or whether the sheep fucking could be confirmed or denied.

  32. If I mixed my politics with my art and entertainment life would be pretty fucking boring.


  33. Lawrence O’Donnell is really Hulking out in that photo.

    Anyway, I assume most highly-paid Hollywood actors are liberal, because they get shitloads of money for doing very little work, and deep down inside they know they don’t deserve it. So they embrace fashionable politics with a “social conscience” to assuage their guilt.

    That alone is not enough for me to hate anyone.

    However, Damon just seems like a sanctimonious douche — regardless of his politics — and that’s more than enough reason.

    1. I’d give up a weeks’ pay to see Lawrence die on live television.

      1. I laughed until the blood rushed to my face after reading Mr FIFY’s comment.

        1. Thanks, but I’m serious… I’d give a weeks’ pay if Lawrence O’Donnell keeled over and died on a live TV feed.

          And I’d pay fifty bucks per replay.

  34. Just once I want a wealthy liberal to whip out a receipt from the IRS saying I paid more when I didn’t have to. Just fucking once…

    1. Seriously, it would be argument over. Money where mouth is, walkin’ the walk and talkin’ the talk, my wallet says Bad Motherfucker, what next bitch badassry.

  35. I just hope she learns from this and does a better job on her next assignment. Be polite, calm, and above all reasonable. Slowly draw out the subject’s beliefs and be quick to insist on clarification when they contradict themselves (which liberals inevitably do).

  36. I used to rip on people doing interviews and people on air. Until I had a chance to actually watch people on air working, holy crap I’d fail miserably. Talk about something that looks easy when done right and to do it right is not freaking easy.

    1. Hey, I’m curious. What the hell did this mean?

      Kant feel Pietzsche|8.3.11 @ 4:48AM|#

      1. Economics has next to nothing to do with teaching unless you are one of the probably 1% of high school teachers that ends up teaching [it]…
      And as I demonstrated upthread, neither does a Masters in Education. No, more like the “new professionalism” that spawned Sanitation Engineers. You know, the guys that make all that noise early in the morning in your alley.

      I used to teach at university level as affiliate faculty (science/technical field). The administrators all sneered at us because we weren’t “educators”, even though they couldn’t even comprehend what we were teaching.

      Fuck off now, it’s time to go home.

      reply to this

      hmm|8.3.11 @ 8:10AM|#
      I used to teach at university level as affiliate faculty (science/technical field).

      Ahh, there’s the problem.

  37. Didn’t you rightwing extremists see The Adjustment Bureau? It proves by algebra that humanity only survives thanks to the guidance of an elite bureaucracy that ensures solid liberal politicians who voted for SarbOx get elected to the U.S. Senate. I’m not kidding: That really is what the movie’s about. Matt Damon!

    1. Where the hell have you been?

      1. YA!!! I haven’t seen a good apocalypse headline in days.

        1. Vacation? New job? Hit the lottery? Lately this place is going down hill faster than when Postrel left.

          1. He’s been stuck in CARMAGEDDON!.

      2. Where the hell have you been?


        1. Will be back in less than a fortnight. Like Travis Bickle, I can not give any more details due to the sensitive nature of my work for the government. I hope this comment finds you all well as it does me. I hope no one has died.

          1. You fucked up the Starbucks order and got yourself banished, didn’t you…

          2. Did I say relish, Cavanaugh? I don’t remember saying relish!

    2. Didn’t you rightwing extremists see The Adjustment Bureau?


      1. I was too busy being extreme n’ shit.

  38. Since MAAATTTT DAMMMMOOOONNNNN is getting way to much village idiot air time here’s tried and true punching bag Ezra Klein demonstrating a complete lack of understanding, or a political scientists view, of economics. Oh, and Rick Santelli hands him his ass.

    1. Jesus Christ, Ezra Klein is an uber-douche.

      Why the fuck is that little shit on the tube instead of working a fry rack at Mickie Ds?

  39. Mr. Gillespie, if I were you I would show Ms. Fields the door. She just gave Reason a black eye, and now millions of people whose minds could have been opened will remain closed due this silly act of gotcha journalism. Show her the door – after you spank her bottom.

    1. And make sure to include the spanking on DVD as part of the goodie bag come Webathon time. An old security cam feed of Kerry Howley walking to her car late at night wouldn’t hurt either, for the true Stalker Experience.

  40. 79% of actors and actresses have doctorates and most of those hold second jobs in academic research. Twitter: @evilschwartzie for more facts.

  41. “You take this MBA style thinking, right? It’s the problem with ed policy right now!” the shaved-head movie star declared in a Web video that quickly went viral. “It’s this intrinsically paternalistic view of problems that are much more complex. . .

    Libertarian paternalism? Okay, dude, whatever.

    1. I don’t know, I tend to believe anyone who can use two words like “intrinsically paternalistic” right next to each other and everything. I don’t know what those words mean per se, but I have to believe they mean he’s right.

  42. I hope no one has died.

    Nobody who didn’t deserve it, hopefully.

  43. A better question would have been, what incentives do teachers have to excel? Next time. Paychecks are really just incentives. I am sure even Matt would rather do something other than act, but acting pays the bills.

  44. I know quite a few of public school teachers.

    They seem to hate their jobs, bitch about it constantly, and drink heavily.

    In public, though, they act like it is their sacred calling.

    It’s just a BS ploy to help them feel self-righteous.

    My sister bounced from major to major in college, and finally settled on education because it is easy.

    The only one I know that seems to actually love it is busy teaching retarded kids about communism and class warfare.


    1. MATT DAMON!

  46. My wife (a teacher) is now all of a sudden a huge Matt Damon fan. He actually has a point about ‘teaching to the test’ and not giving teachers enough control of curriculum.

    The problem is the context of his rant. He is at a rally full of statists and unionists who think the only reason top down, government controlled schools aren’t working is because they don’t get enough money. That pretty much saps his credibility.

    Mandatory tests and lack of teacher autonomy are just symptoms of the real problem: lack of choice.

    1. He actually has a point about ‘teaching to the test’ and not giving teachers enough control of curriculum.

      What is odd about the no child left behind is that it substantially increased federal funding for education.

      Matt bitching about conservatives seems out of place….Bush was perfectly happy giving teachers more money with little accountability and no increase in performance, and he did it with republican control of the House and the Senate.

      Of course Michelle Fields was arguing for vouchers and charter schools so Matt’s whole argument was against a double-ply strawman.

      1. I would say NCLB increased scrutiny, not accountability. And as we are seeing in Atlanta and PA, scrutinized public teachers are taking matters into their own hands.

        NCLB is stupid on so many levels. Ignoring the negative effects on the education system, NCLB gave a huge pile of cash to a well-organized, overwhelmingly statist sector of the workforce. Yet Bush and the Repubs thought it was a great idea.

    2. He actually has a point about ‘teaching to the test’

      If “teaching to the test” is so prevalent, why do so many students still manage to fail achievement tests?


    The D.C. libertarian crowd has a reputation of looking a little rough around the edges.


    But yeah that mustache contest from like six months ago probably was not a good idea.

    Nick won it hands down by the way.…..-tube-nick

  48. There is no “sudden” reason to be hating Damon.

    He’s been giving us all good reason to hate him for a long time.

    Shilling for that leftist hack alleged “historian” Howard Zinn is a perfect example.

    1. Hey, do those quotation marks around historian mean that you don’t believe in history?

  49. “MBA style thinking”

    I get paid millions because I love what I do, not because I’m good at it.

    1. I read that as “NBA style thinking” and it’s even funnier that way.

  50. dude, michelle fields is completely hot.

    the fact that she got the opportunity to allow matt damon prove what an uninformed ignoramus he is is icing on her hot cake.

    yeah, I said hot cake.


    1. Hot, smart, beautiful smile. Sigh..

  51. To be kind of serious it’s nice to see people not pandering to the left or right with cogent arguments I can agree with on TV and in print outside of the dark dank corners of libertopia.

  52. SCHWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. ?elesto je u?il materiala, preden je bila kognitivno pripravljen, da ga u?ijo. Torej, lahko ji obraz abstraktnih idej v 5. razredu, ko njeni mo?gani ?e vedno deluje na konkretni ravni. Potiskanje za vi?je “standarde”, je preprosto prevede v pou?evanje ve? vsebine (in ne ve? obrazlo?itev) pred u?enci so pripravljeni za to.Rezultat je (a) u?itelji neumna dela navzdol, da bi bilo komaj obvladljiva; (b) ?tudenti razvijejo napa?ne predstave, ki ne gredo pro? kasneje

  54. I don’t see a pawning in this video. I see a articulate, but ignorant Matt Damon though.

  55. I am atheist, radical and I hate Matt Damon too!

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