Reason.tv: Rawesome Foods Raided… Again!


A little more than a year ago, Rawesome Foods, a health food co-op based in Venice, California was the target of an armed raid by several agencies, and the resulting video went viral.

On August 3, 2011, Rawesome experienced another multi-agency raid, but this one resulted in the arrest of the establishment's owner James Stewart.

Stewart, and Sharon Palmer, the farmer who supplies him with raw goat milk, are being held on bails in excess of $100,000 and are each charged with four felonies and several more misdemeanors. Some examples of the charges are "processing unpasteurized milk," "improper labeling of food," and "improper egg temperatures." 

The government has kept pursuing Stewart and his club for years, despite a lack of any reports of illness or injury from consumption of his foods. Rawesome members argue that they are part of a private club, not subject to government regulation, and that they are being persecuted for their alternative lifestyles. 

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office would not comment for this video, but offered this press release and also released a list of the charges against Stewart and Palmer.

 Reason.tv covered the first Rawesome raid in 2010 here.

Approximately 3:30. 

Produced by Zach Weissmueller. Camera by Sharif Matar and Alex Manning. 

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  1. That weird deja vu thing keeps happening to me.

    1. That weird deja vu thing keeps happening to me.

  2. Another example of the fantastic efficiency of our glorious government! Is there REALLY nothing better for these people to do with their time and OUR money?

    Okay, so they’ve got to do something about the thousands of people killed by the evil food from this place…no, wait, it’s not thousands?

    Okay, the hundreds of people killed…no, wait, not hundreds?

    Okay, the dozens of people…uh…

    Fuck, has ANYBODY been harmed by this place?

    1. *Ahem*.

    2. “”””Is there REALLY nothing better for these people to do with their time and OUR money?””””

      Real criminals are often dangerous and they usually don’t have signs outside of their businesses so they are hard to find. Its much easier to go after some people selling milk in a well advertised business since you arrest them with the minimum effort and make some money by fining everyone involved

      1. But they are real criminals. They committed a crime against The State by not getting proper permission before conducting their activities.
        As we all know We are Government, so by committing a crime against The State they committed a crime against The People.
        They hurt everyone! Every single member of society was harmed by their not getting the proper licensing before engaging in voluntary activity.
        They’re evil!

        1. Damn, that sounds almost EXACTLY like Tony.

      2. with the minimum effort

        Ahh, yes, the ‘ole Minimum Effort Swat Team.

        1. Well we COULD tie up his dog and then arrest him unharmed…

      3. Plus real criminals shoot back and seldom have assets worth taking.

        1. the former yes. the latter no

          1. The only way most of the “real” criminals I have seen have any thing of value is if you take into account the value of their jail house tattoos.

            1. low level scumbags often true

              higher level scumbags – usually not true

          2. And if anyone knows about shitpigs taking assetts, it’s dunphy.

            1. troll-o-meter: .02

              but don’t worry, i won’t take yer sticky miley cyrus doll from ya!

    3. So you’re willing to wait until someone – POSSIBLY A CHILD – is murdered by drinking room temperature milk? That child might be a cute little towheaded girl with curls in her hair, and maybe braces, unsuspectingly drinking milk like it’s the 19th Century. Is that what you’d like to see? Is that what gets you off, sicko?

      1. Is that what gets you off, sicko?

        I dunno, go on…

    4. Anyone who consumes unpasteurized milk should be taken out and shot.

      1. You ever actually seen a lactating woman??

  3. Rawesome members argue that they are part of a private club, not subject to government regulation

    Haha, good one.

  4. has ANYBODY been harmed by this place?

    Yes. These food terrorists are going to drive Ralph’s and Albertson’s right out of business.

    1. You laugh but we’re one facebook petition away from losing our hold on the USDA then it will be nothing but local, environmentally sustainable, cruelty free agriculture forever!

      1. local, environmentally sustainable, cruelty free agriculture forever!

        Forever, or until most of humanity starves. Whichever comes 1st.

  5. Meh. Imagine an unlicensed surgeon operating on YOUR child. Then get back to me.

    1. If he is licensed does the state guarantee his work? Can I hold the state responsible if he makes a mistake? If not, how does the surgeon paying the state a sum of money make my child safer?

    2. I don’t know if it’s a spoof, but none of their customers were unaware of what they were buying — they explicitly sought it out.

      1. There is a case to be made that the consumers may have been duped.

        Palmer owns Healthy Family Farms, LLC, in Santa Paula, which prosecutors allege has operated without any type of license or permit for milk production since 2007.

        Stewart runs the Venice market Rawesome, which has been in operation for more than six years but has never had any type of business permit or license, prosecutors allege.

        Bloch reportedly informed undercover operatives that the membership payments and paperwork were needed for “legal” reasons

        While it is lawful to manufacture and sell unpasteurized dairy products in California, applicable licenses and permits are required. These include regular veterinarian inspections of the animals and following equipment and sanitation requirements.

        I think the case could be made that the consumers were duped into thinking they were buying products that came from a farm and were sold through a business that had been inspected and met certain standards. You or I may not think the gov’t should be the one issuing those certifications, but it seems improper to leave the consumers under the impression that those standards have been certified to have been met.

        I’m not advocating for a SWAT raid on these businesspeople, but I wonder why they went to such pains to avoid selling their products legally when such an avenue exists. Selling unpasteurized milk out of a cooler in a parking lot? Seems like bad practice. I wonder what their standards were.

        1. The signed release explicitly stated that the customer renounces all govt food regs. Seriously.

          A raid at Rawesome found that people who sign up to become its members must agree to “completely reject and refuse all governmental standards … any governmental sanitation standards for food storage and display,” the complaint said.

          1. Who would sign that? Since the raw dairy products are apparently available legally also, what’s the value for the consumer? Were these guys selling it that much cheaper? Did these people have a fear of refrigeration? “Rawesome: Where an uneducated consumer is our best customer.”

            1. They’re customers are hippies.

            2. Are you really, on this site, questioning why some people might renounce unnecessary government regulation? I’m not running over to Rawesome to buy a jar of salmonella, but to each their own.

        2. I’m not advocating for a SWAT raid on these businesspeople

          I’m sure you mean that, but if you advocate government intervention you ARE advocating a SWAT raid (or something just as bad). Force is the only tool the government has.

          And the consumers just might be better able to take care of themselves than you give them credit for.

          1. exactly. when you criminalize X, you give govt. the power to enforce it via the barrel of a gun

          2. I did not advocate for anything. I questioned the motives and standards of the dairy and store.
            (which is to leave aside your generalization about gov’ts and force that I’m sure some differently inclined deep-thinker would love to discuss with you)

            1. Here’s an idea: You don’t like how they run their business? Then don’t buy their fucking products. Problem solved.

              FFS – It’s not like you can’t just peruse the shop, talk to customers there, then finally get idea on what you’re purchasing. Oh, no. You’re so inept and lazy that you need a big huge red sign with blinking lights, and perhaps an electrode that attaches to your penis, before you can come to any meaningful conclusion.

              Your breeding license is revoked!

    3. If he has a record of positives results, his facilities are clean, and he has the appropirate medical knowledge to perform the job, what’s the difference?

      There are plenty of licensed surgeons who fuck up every day. State licensure doesn’t make you good at your job. It only means that you paid the state the appropriate amount of money for a piece of paper.

      1. PS- It didn’t take very long for some statist douche to invoke THE CHILDREN!!!!!!

    4. Do you ever ask yourself why do you bother coming here?

      As to your ridiculous and incongruous point, perhaps you’ve heard of something called “alternative medicine.” I thought you lefties dug that shit.

    5. OK, I’ve imagined a competent yet unlicensed surgeon operating on me, and . . .

      Nope. Not bothered.

      1. OK, I’ve imagined a competent yet unlicensed surgeon operating on me, and . . .

        Nope. Not bothered.

        “And my wallet wasn’t bothered by the imaginings either.”

    6. “Imagine an unlicensed surgeon operating on YOUR child”

      With ObamaCare, it is likely to become the preferred option.


    7. Remember folks:

      Tony|7.12.11 @ 1:18PM|#
      ….often I’m merely playing devil’s advocate. I try not to have too many deeply held beliefs, if I can help it.

      M: An argument isn’t just contradiction.
      O: Well! it CAN be!
      M: No it can’t!
      M: An argument is a connected series of statements intended to establish a proposition.
      O: No it isn’t!
      M: Yes it is! ’tisn’t just contradiction.
      O: Look, if I *argue* with you, I must take up a contrary position!
      M: Yes but it isn’t just saying ‘no it isn’t’.
      O: Yes it is!
      M: No it isn’t!
      O: Yes it is!
      M: No it isn’t!
      O: Yes it is!
      M: No it ISN’T! Argument is an intellectual process. Contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of anything the other person says.
      O: It is NOT!
      M: It is!
      O: Not at all!
      M: It is!
      M: (exasperated) Oh, this is futile!! (pause)
      O: No it isn’t!
      M: Yes it is!

  6. If you’re gonna start something like this, LA County is not the place to do it.

  7. Is this like medical marijuana, where the Fed is going after things legal on the state level? According to this retail sales of raw milk are legal in California.

    1. The real tragedy is that they still allow mother’s milk to remain unpasteurized.

      When a square peg does not fit in a round hole, there are ways to make it fit, comrade.

      1. Only when it’s not being made into ice cream. I’m sure they will get around to fixing that soon enough.

      2. Good point.
        A baby might be poisoned from unpasteurized breast milk.
        I propose a law mandating that all breastfeeding women must use a breast pump and then pasteurize the milk before feeding it to their baby, and failure to do so will result in Child Protective Services taking custody to protect the baby from being poisoned.

        It’s the Precautionary Principle.

        I say something might possibly happen, and you must prove that it will not happen or I get to take steps to prevent it.

        Prove that breast milk doesn’t poison babies.
        Prove it!
        You can’t do it!
        Prove it!

        I win.

        1. Sarc, you don’t go far enough.

          What about mothers taking medications or using ILLEGAL DRUGS11!!oneoneoneone?”??!?!?!

          The pumped breastmilks must be delivered to approved breastmilk pasturization centers where it will be cataloged, tested for pharmaceutical contaminants, then pasturized if clean. Mothers supplying contaminated milk will be eliminated at the earliest opportunity, to prevent contamination of The Nation’s breastmilks.

        2. Cut out the middle step.

          Breastfeeding mothers most boil their entire chest area before each feeding.

          1. Cut out the middle step.


            Report to you local re-education center without delay, SF.

              1. Frowning is verboten. That’s an extra week.

            1. Why even feed babies milk? It’s barbaric!

              Babies should be fed an industrial slurry of soybean oil, whey protein isolate, and fortified minerals.

          2. Boiled boobies!

          3. You asked for boiling chests, but all I can give you is today’s CNN article on breast ironing: http://articles.cnn.com/2011-0…..s=PM:WORLD

          4. Bah! Let the kid eat. Then boil the little bastard.

      3. So is the mother’s breast the square peg or the round hole…i’m confused.

        1. More research is required. Send the lactating mothers to my bunk when they arrive.

          1. i mixed some breast milk with muscle milk powder on a few occasions.

            apart from a tendency for me to suck the barbell instead of lifting it, it didn’t seem to have any deleterious effects

            1. apart from a tendency for me to suck the barbel

              So that what the roided-up, white trash cop set is calling it nowadays

              1. troll-o-meter: .?

                need more significant digits.

                and better trolls

            2. [i mixed some breast milk with muscle milk powder on a few occasions.]

              And your muscle was immediately more powerful, right?

              1. that’s what she said…

    2. Ah, I watched the video, “it is legal to sell raw milk in CA but the DA said Rawesome lacked the proper licenses and permits to do so.”

      1. See what happens when you don’t pay for protection?

        1. I wonder how many of these raw food hippies plan to vote for Obama in 2012? I’m guessing all of them.

          1. I dunno. I mean, they’re doing this as a club, a voluntary arrangement.
            They’re not trying to pass laws that force others to conform to or condone their lifestyle; they’re just minding their own business.
            They didn’t even seek approval of the government before creating their club.

            Not very liberal or progressive of them.

            1. True, the women even said something to that effect. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the prevailing mentality was, the government is doing this cause they are in the pockets of big corporashuns.

              1. Maybe this will be their “come to Jesus moment” where they realize that government is not there to help them, but to allow power hungry fuckheads to fuck them whenever they possibly can.

                1. One can certainly hope so.

          2. You would be surprised at the high percentage of food activists who understand health freedom. Many are Ron Paul supporters, not Obama-supporting nitwits.

          3. Do you really think Romney or whoever wins the Republican nomination would be any more supportive of places like these? I don’t think so.

      2. Swat raids and four felony counts for “lack of permit”. WOnderful.

  8. I, for one, am glad the FDA and the state of California are cracking down on this.

    I mean, humanity would be on the brink of extinction if there weren’t government agencies there to regulate everything. I have no idea how we survived as a species before agencies like the FDA, when people drank milk fresh from the cow, and ate eggs that weren’t cooked to government-specified temperatures. I shudder at the thought!

    Go Government!

    1. Yeah, I know.
      There was no education before the Department of Education was created.
      None at all.
      Until the Department of Energy was created there was no energy.
      None at all.
      Before the FDA there was no food. People survived on poison. It was horrible.
      I mean, without government there is nothing.
      Nothing at all!

      1. Now just repeat that over and over again and it becomes true!

      2. I know…my dad used to feed us a lump of cold poison for breakfast, before we went to work in the mill.

        1. You were only able to work in the mill because of the Department of Labor.
          Before 1913 there was no labor.
          None at all.

          1. The Department of Labor: Cause of, and Solution to, all the world’s labor.

    2. Look at all the planes that have fallen out of the sky since the FAA had to suspend operations.

  9. Kinda scary, Cops clearly have WAY too much spare time on their hands.


  10. Imagine an unlicensed surgeon operating on YOUR child. Then get back to me.


    1. See, so terrible that the mere thought put P Brooks into a coma. Won’t someone think of the P Brookses?!

    2. Tony thinks milk = open heart surgury

    3. After 30 years of Obamacare, i may actually welcome an unlicensed surgeon.
      Rationing and waiting lists can be fatal.

  11. Anyone figured out how much it costs to dress up a dozen Barney Fifes in soldier gear and send them to do a job that one apparatchik with a clipboard could have done with no danger to anyone’s lives?

    What next, are we going to have meter maids cruising the streets in Bradley tanks?


    1. Please don’t give them ideas.

    2. I wondered that, and wondered why it was thought to be necessary. Did they really expect armed resistance?

      1. It’s a pascal’s wager… even though there is an infinitesimal chance of violence, there is also an infinitesimal chance that anyone who can do anything about it will care that they go in like they are raiding a armed terror cell. Why not tool up? Even if there is an “accident” they’ll walk away with a few days paid vacation at most.

      2. Necessary has nothing to do with it.
        It’s procedure.
        Being that it’s procedure to use paramilitary troops for such operations, the person who orders it is not responsible. They’re just following procedure.
        Besides, if they don’t use these expensive paramilitary troops against citizens, how can they justify the ever increasing budget to pay for them?

        1. it’s a stupid procedure and imo UNreasonable force under the 4th amendment

          SWAT should only be used when there are specific articulable facts about dangers, etc. of which i suggest there were none

          any agency that employs SWAT without meeting minimum risk matrix criteria imo is engaging in unlawful (unconstitutional ) force

          1. But full auto sub machine guns are cool!

            And the thrill of busting in on unsuspecting people, pointing guns at them and ordering them around… priceless!

            You gotta use SWAT whenever possible!

            It’s fun!

            1. sadly, there are people who think like this

              1. There are also people who think that 6 cops beating a homeless man to death (and unrecognizable to his family) may have used reasonable force.


                1. waaaaaaaaaah!

                  troll-o-meter: .02

                  extra points for obsessing over me and off topic ad hom

                2. I’m quite certain that the people who review the actions of those 6 cops will conclude that since the homeless man continued to resist, the cops were justified in continuing to use force.

                  It will be ruled “suicide by cop”, and the 6 cops involved will get promotions and medals for their bravery.

                  1. yawn.

                    and -10 for threadjack.

          2. I was wondering this, and would appreciate Dunphy’s insight on this.

            Is it correct police procedure to come in guns drawn, in a shooting position, when the raid is for a non-violent non-drug violation like “improper labeling of food”?

            1. first of all, in a raid guns can and should be drawn in certain cases IF there are specific articulable facts that justify that.

              however, generally speaking, guns are held “low ready” or preferably “indoor ready” and NOT pointed at anybody

              that is absolutely paramount.

              (and of course indexed but that should go w/o saying)

              i can go from indoor ready to on target and pulling the trigger in almost the exact same time as going from on target and indexed to on target and pulling trigger.

              that aside, there should be a reason to make a “hard” iow SWAT entry, and not just “because we have a warrant”

              1. thanks

                i saw one of the officers in the video (at 0:05) holding the gun at eye height with a straight, level arm, talking to someone

                do you go from low or indoor ready to straight-level just if you see someone, or to they have to do something threatening?

                1. You go where you want to do, do what you want to do, because you can kill anyone who says “boo”.

                  Later you work with the DA, a trained liar lawyer on how best to tell your story, and after a long paid vacation you get a promotion and some medals.

                  Your teammates go along because there is an unspoken understanding that if you back them up when they commit murder, they will back you up if you ever need it.

                  You don’t seek out a job that involves carrying a club and a gun if you don’t want to use the tools of the trade, right?

                  1. rubbish. but nice trolling attempt

                2. something threatening, generally speaking…

                  iow, if the warrant is for a murder suspect, it’s not much of a concern.

                  but that’s clearly not the case here…

                  barrel should (generally speaking) not be pointed at ANYBODY unless you are prepared to shoot them

                  1. So by that analysis, we can reasonably conclude that the LEOs in this raid were “prepared to shoot” those people? Over some warm milk?

      3. Was there a hazardous waste disposal crew on hand, as well? Imagine if some of the poison was spilled or managed to become airborne. Maybe they should just torch the place, rather than take the chance of a cop becoming infected by the evil nipple juice.

        1. nuke the facility from orbit. its the only way to be sure.

  12. Improper egg temperatures? The United States might be the only country in the world that refrigerates its eggs. Maybe we’re the ones with the improper temperature.

    1. Improper means what the govt. disapproves of.

      Don’t you always carry a copy of the latest Newspeak dictionary on you?

      Thought Criminal!

  13. I’m reminded of the last picture on this blog. Coming to a raw foods store near you.


  14. This is outrageous, but I honestly have a hard time feeling sorry for these folks. How many of them would cheer if a bar owner got raided for letting people smoke in his place?

    Goose, gander.

    1. How many of them would cheer if a bar owner got raided for letting people smoke in his place?

      I’m not sure that came out right. “How many of them would cheer a bar owner for standing up to the ban, then getting raided.”

      Nobody’s cheering the actual raids, that’s all.

      1. (oh wait, if they’re smoking banners, maybe they should be cheering the raids. I don’t even know up from down anymore, I quit.)

  15. Next up: Lawrence O’Donnell complains that “right-wing Reason.tv” never covers abusive health department raids.

  16. $100,000 bail for illegal grocerying.

  17. “processing unpasteurized milk,”


    No pleasing these people.

  18. Fuckin hippies

  19. Did they really expect armed resistance?

    OFFICER SAFETY!!!!!!!!!

    1. As we recently learned, two cans of beer can be deadly weapons (yes, I realize they were tallboys, possibly Colt 45)… with all that unpasteurized poison around, they were put in mortal danger as soon as walked in the door.

      1. two cans of beer swung at the head undeniably can be deadly force.

        that has exactly zero to do with using a SWAT raid in this case , which is clearly unlawful force imo

        1. I know, just being a prick.

          1. that’s a fair cop

    2. Split-second decision! Isolated incident! Threatening chihuahua!

  20. I guess you could say

    puts on sunglasses

    SOMEONE is crying over the spilled (RAW) milk!

    Won’t get fooled again , Bah Ba NaH, WON’t get folled again!!!

  21. I was gonna protest, but “eggs at the wrong temp”? Well, I never. Hangin’s too good for this bastard.

    Waste him.

  22. Another thing that statists can’t seem to grok is that the store owner has an incentive to provide his customers with a good product. Generally, dead people are not good repeat customers–they’re too busy voting in our “fair and open” elections.

    If any business would be careless about the health of its customers, I would think it would be one of the big agri-businesses. You know, one of the ones licensed by our totally fucking awesome government. But even they can’t be too cavalier; unlike the federal government they can’t force consumers to buy their products.

  23. “processing unpasteurized milk”

    So the process of pastuerizing milk must be illegal too.

    1. processing in this case refers to processing the milk into other dairy products without pasteurization, like yogurt and cheese.

      You’re not going to make a point using the most strict technical meanings of words when words are actually rarely used so strictly and statutes in the first place provide definitions for key words they use.

      Massive libertarian aspberger’s fail.

  24. As long as they don’t ban “Lady Chatterly’s Lover” and stick to raw milk, grocery bags, goldfish, pet stores, Happy Meals, Four Loko, 100W incandescent light bulbs, water bottles, paid signature gatherers, horsemeat, foie gras, etc., etc. then we in Calif. have no grounds to complain about excessive state intervention.

  25. It’s not like we’re talking about going after fatty food. We’re talking about a drug that has real external health effects. Not everything is a slippery slope.

    1. Try this … keep your hands off MY lungs.

  26. I am glad these raids are happening. After all, there was no criminality on Wall Street, in banking, and in insurance that would require raids and arrests. Those industries are standards of legal and ethical excellence — the worst crimes in America are nothing more than selling raw milk!

  27. Everybody knows junk food is the number one cause of America’s obese kids. They are making the next generation fat and lazy and need to be heavily regulated.

    Oh, wait a minute…

    Everybody knows health food and unpasteurized milk is the number one cause of America’s kids getting sick, or something, and need to be heavily regulated…

    Goddamn it. Just don’t eat ANYTHING unless we approve it and everybody will be just fine.

  28. It so nice to see our government has their priorities straight.

  29. So now it’s criminal for people in private clubs to drink milk from a cow. Haven’t humans been drinking milk from cows for thousands of years?

    My mom grew up on a farm. They got milk straight from a cow. I wonder when it becomes criminal to offer some to your friends. To drink it yourself.

    Maybe breast feeding your baby will be illegal next. No pasteurization occurring there either.

    This kind of thing is so disheartening. Bad enough that we’re being regulated to death. Now we’re criminalizing drinking milk? What kind of country have we become?

    1. “Haven’t humans been drinking milk from cows for thousands of years?”

      Yeah and most of the time they were highly at risk for a few diseases/illnesses that can be transferred by said milk.

      “Maybe breast feeding your baby will be illegal next. No pasteurization occurring there either.”

      Well that’s clearly not going to happen.

      You’re going to have to do better than the typical libertarian shrill “this regulation will turn eventually turn us into A DICTATORSHIP!!!11!!!” argument if you want to convince intelligent people of your philosophy. Most people can already see that the gov of California is being an ass, but that doesn’t mean reasonable regulation is impossible.

      These issues would probably happen less if we had more democracy in the form of an easier referendum process in the states, but you guys are against democracy, too.

  30. Some laws. The same day they arrest some careful, clean and liked organic farmers there’s a recall for 36 MILLION pounds of over processed, over regularted ground turkey. Do they not see a problem with their laws that the regulation still allows 36 million pounds of contaminated food and several deaths, and these careful organic farmers hurt nobody?

  31. Sign my petition at the web-site below to help get Rawesome Foods owner James Stewart out of prison and set things right


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  33. The thing is there are risks in drinking raw milk and not properly stored foods. Since these people have actively decided to ignore the risks let them do so. They should not be allowed to sue if things go south on them though.

  34. so are they being charged with not following specific regulations dealing with inspections and filing, or is it JUST BECAUSE they’re selling unpasteurized milk, and selling unpasteurized milk is outright illegal?

    The latter is clearly unreasonable and if it’s still illegal they need to change the regulations to allow it, but the former is somewhat reasonable. If I were buying unpasteurized milk I wouldn’t assume that the seller didn’t undergo government inspections/filing AT ALL, I would still have the presumption in the back of my mind that they indeed did

  35. I might like to see agricultural exemptions for even smaller plots of land, maybe 2 acres, or 1 acre of actual garden, to encourage local food. You could hire young people as interns or just cheaply as summer jobs to go around and check that the plants actually are agricultural plants (as opposed to some form of lawn), and they’d only need to be trained to recognize plants/growing systems.

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