Talking About Terror on the Late-Night Radio


I'll be talking about the slaughter in Norway and the media coverage thereof on Doug McIntyre's syndicated show Red Eye Radio tonight, starting shortly after 1 at about 1:15 a.m. eastern time. Check here for stations.


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  1. Not saying they deserve to have their children shot, but one thing nobody is wondering about is what kind of sick fuck sends their kid to a political party youth camp?

    1. Uh…partisans?

      1. you know else held youth camps?

        1. the tea party:


        2. Uh…4-H?

          1. Boy Scouts

            1. presumably in 4-H you learn farming skills and in the boy scouts you learn knot tying skills, but I don’t know, since I never joined either. If you’re going to a partisan camp, all you are learning is to be brainwashed (and I’m not going to claim that the Boy Scouts aren’t heading that way).

              1. You should check out the Penn and Teller Bullshit! episode concerning the Boy Scouts, it’s illuminating.

                1. FWIW, I sorta got kicked out of Boy Scouts for questioning God (and everything else). Scoutmaster even called me in for a creepy conference where I thought for sure he was gonna put the pedo-make on me but instead told me to keep my mouth shut about my lack of religious beliefs. I told him the BSA had no policy against agnostics like me, just those atheists who were as dogmatic as the fucking Christers. I also shot my mouth off about the “citizenship in the community” award, the lack of which was holding me back(I was scoring useful skill merit badges left and right-learned some good stuff in the Scouts). I expressed that I wasn’t too keen on “citizenship” but really had a problem with their definition of “community”. My 12 y/o agnostic, anarchist, oppositionally defiant self was firmly asked to leave a few weeks later.

                  1. you can question God, He won’t mind.

                    1. God, why did you appoint CoKo as your spokesperson?

                    2. Now you’ve done it!

                  2. My 12 y/o agnostic, anarchist, oppositionally defiant self was firmly asked to leave a few weeks later.

                    In other words, they kicked you out because you were an asshole.

                2. I have seen that episode, and I was aware of what the BSA was becoming before watching that episode – but sorry for the double negative.

          2. First Man: When I was in high school, I was a member of the 4H club.

            Second Man: When I was in high school, I joined the Mile High Club, but I couldn’t keep going for four hours.

    2. “what kind of sick fuck sends their kid to a political party youth camp?”

      Uh, well, there was…

      STOP! Back away from that keyboard! Hitler Jugend has nothing to do with this!

    3. Eight ways parents are indoctrinating their kids.

      1. Cracked: always informative and hilarious.

        1. Oh yeah, I lose many hours going from article to article.

          1. somehow it always comes back to the monkeysphere.

    4. Political parites in Europe have always been a bigger deal than in the US. Don’t know if this is still the case but I know in the 20th Century they would have, for example, special pubs in German cities just for Social Democrats, special bowling leagues, etc.

      1. You know who else in Germany had special…Oh fuck it, too easy.

        1. Hey, where do you think Hitler got the idea from? The Social Democrats, the Center Party, etc.

          1. You know who else gave Hitler ideas…DAMMIT!, you win this battle but the war will be mine!

        2. MY MOM!

  2. http://elderofziyon.blogspot.c…..nwald.html

    This is an amazing post. Before we knew who the guy was and only had a muslim group taking credit Greenwald was lecturing on how this was the fault of the US and of course Israel. After we knew who he was Greenwald doesn’t miss a beat and calls, without a hint of irony or shame, the myth that is was a Muslim terror attack manufactured by the evil right.

    That is pathetic even by Greenwald’s low standards.

    1. Questioning the characterization of Norway as “a peaceful nation” when it is currently involved in several wars is not exactly blaming it all on the US and Israel.

      That said, it is kind of hilarious how he’s just hoping no one will notice that he made the exact same assumption about scary Muslims that the neocons did.

      1. It was hardly unreasonable to assume the people who were taking credit for it were responsible. I don’t agree with his point about Norway deserving it. But I can understand why he thought what he did.

        Greenwald is such a horrible partisan that he has lost the ability to think anyone on the other side is ever reasonable about anything. It really is a sickness. As soon as it turned out that the other side thought something and he could score points about it, the fact that he thought the same thing went down the memory hole.

        1. It was hardly unreasonable to assume the people who were taking credit for it were responsible… As soon as it turned out that the other side thought something and he could score points about it, the fact that he thought the same thing went down the memory hole.

          Agreed on both points. Especially if this attack was similar to previous ones that were perpetrated by Islamic terrorist groups.

          I did not get the impression that Greenwald thinks Norway deserved this. He was talking about blowback, foreseeable consequences, predictable human responses to getting invaded and/or bombed… all of which should be taken into consideration when talking foreign policy.

          And really, the essence of his post made a lot of sense. Greenwald pointed out that after Mr. Blond Anti-Muslim Homicidal Maniac was arrested, the media collectively went, “Oh, never mind. It wasn’t terrorists.”

          As if terrorism were the sole province of brown people from poor countries. We really have to stop defining “terrorism” by who’s holding the guns.

          1. Blond. Tall. Aryan.

            That’s not terrorism, that’s supervilliany.

            1. Adrian Veidt would like it known that he does not wish to be associated with this crazypants son of a bitch, thank you.

              1. Of course, not all Tall Blond Aryans are the same. Some are perfectly content with nothing more than a shark tank in residence to catch the occasional government employee snooping on his mostly harmless pursuits. Nothing wrong with that.

                1. What kind of shark?

                  I’m looking into a tank full of those sweet little nurse sharks they let you pet at the aquarium, but I’ve been told their deterrent effect is questionable.

                  1. I help my sister with hers when she forgets to feed them.

                    The South Asian Pacific tiger shark is suppose to be the most aggressive pound per pound. Three or four of those in a 10x by 8x tank and James Bond can forget about a sequel.

                    1. Oh, best part got deleted.

                      I help my sister with hers when she forgets to feed them. I could drop my balls in the tank with nothing worse than a gentle (and much appreciated!) scrubbing.

                    2. I hear they’re getting little fishies to do pedicures at some salons now. Would your sister be interested in renting her sharks out to nibble the heels of the well-heeled?

                      You could put “ball scrubbing” on their resumes.

                    3. Her (quite insane daughter — stories would take all night) is a masseuse. I should run that idea by her.

                      She use to be such a sweet kid. She would shave my back for me. Now she wrecks cars in third world nations and skips out to avoid paying for them. Ruined a wedding by making out with the groom. Ruined a bottle of good spirits by pouring red hots into it. The list is endless.

                    4. Red hots? Into booze? Did you shoot her? In the face?

                      And people say the Old Testament shouldn’t be the basis of our laws.

                    5. I tricked her into going to our local ABC store with me, and got her to buy another bottle if she cared for a ride back home. She’s lazy. The thought of walking is torture to her.

          2. I did not get the impression that Greenwald thinks Norway deserved this.

            Hey, I’m not saying you deserved to get raped, I’m just saying this is what happens when you wear skirts that are too short.

            1. Wearing a short skirt vs blowing people up. Really, do you think they fall in the same category? Or that their categories are even in the same zip code?

              But meh. On further reflection, while I think Greenwald has a point about the respective value we place on civilians’ lives depending on what country they’re in… he picked kind of an asshole time to make it.

        2. “Memory hole” does not mean what you think it means.
          And the first Greenwald post referenced (which is still available to view, not down the memory hole), has an addendum to respond to these criticisms. Greenwald emphasizes that he was writing about the Western medusa response, not about the actual origins of the attack (which was clear from reading the article as originally written anyway).

          1. The MEDIA always ignore the Medusa’s response (?!)

    2. Remember, John, if you disagree with Greenwald its not because of a difference of opinion, no, it is because of some great, colossal moral failing on your part! He and his fanboys tell me so! Really that is what makes him so irritating, even when he’s right.

    3. Shorter Glenn Greenwald: “Military action under a United Nations mandate to prevent a genocide are morally equivalent to murdering teenagers in cold blood”.

      1. Oh come awn, the possibility that maybe there could be a bloody conclusion to a civil war, is not the equivalent of an actual genocide, like Rwanda.

        BTW when a force attacks and causes civilian casualties, there is no moral difference to the victim or his government. One wants revenge and expects the other deter further attacks.


    To counteract Heller’s digital terrorism, i.e. 100 links to the Band That Shan’t Be Named I’ve gone a Cracked binge.

    10 Stories About Donald Trump You Won’t Believe Are True

    1. Trump is the man of our times. I don’t think he has ever had a successful business. And yet he is famous and “successful” for being a complete failure at nearly everything. Maybe he really should be President.

      1. His teevee show was a success. But really, a failure in life is a success in reality television.

      2. “Trump is the man of our times.”
        I’ll say! You see that comb-over?!

    2. Is heller done with that yet?

      1. We can only hope so.

      2. Just pray he doesn’t switch to The Smiths.

        1. I don’t throw around words like ‘ban’, and ‘hammer’ frivolously, and I like Heller, but The Smiths would be the straw that broke the camel fuckers back.

          1. If heller started posting The Smiths, he would cease to be human in my eyes.

        2. There’s a Morrissey exception to murder laws, right?

          1. Absolutely. Morrissey is meat, right? So meat is murder.

            1. if meat is murder, are eggs rape? – PJ ORourke

              1. It’s not ‘rape rape’ just statutory rape.

      3. Is heller done with that yet?

        If not I have the antidote, use sparingly.


          1. That shit is hard, but I can’t stop playing.

            1. I think I managed to finish it once, many years ago. An awesome soundtrack saves even the crappiest of flash games.

              1. Is there a button for punch or stab?

                I feel like if I things I could do better.

                1. ins: stab

                  1. If there is, I’ve forgotten about it and can’t find it. I think jumping is all you do in this one.

          2. Mastodon is forever beloved to me for doing the concessions song for the Aqua Teen movie.


      Luckily, there’s, a website full of fun facts, like detailing the operation of leg hold traps, and how chickens can actually “mourn” their dead. Plus you can download some sweet (pun so intended) anti-honey IM Buddy icons!

      No creature is more cold blooded than a chicken sniffing for food around a pile of decapitated chickenheads. You can yell, ‘get away from there you sick little fuck’, and they just ‘bach, bach, bach’ all gangster up in your face about it. Seriously, the lies animal rightest tell themselves to maintain their stupid creed must be exhausting to maintain.

      1. I once saw a live groundhog dragging a dead groundhog off the side of the road. I wonder if he was trying to get his buddy to the groundhog-hospital, or if he wanted to try some groundhog-cannibalism.

        1. He was a necrophiliac, dude.

      2. Geese. Geese are vicious fucking beasts.

        Their shit has anthrax and ebola in it and they’ve killed more kids than a Norwegian teabagger.

        1. My boyfriend was just telling me yesterday about a wonderful childhood memory. He once put a slice of bread in his younger brother’s back pocket and then laughed as the geese of Audubon Park chased the poor kid to the ground and pecked at him til he cried.

          His response to my wide-eyed horror was, “What? It was funny.”

          1. Are you Erica Jong?

            1. You caught me.

              1. Wait. Who’s Erica Jong?

              2. You do seem to have similar taste in men.

                1. Yeesh. Just went and read that “Sex and motherhood” article, and now I remember the Jong lady. I read “Fear of Flying” when I was maybe fourteen and just completely failed to get it. “What? That’s how it ends?”

                  I hadn’t realized she was so totally unstable.

                  And hmmm. The boyfriend does ride a motorcycle. Perhaps I should do some soul-searching?

                  1. Oh, I guess I shouldn’t mention her recent article about sex.

                    Ah, crap!

          2. Friendly advice, but when he suggests a little light bondage – make sure he’s the bottom.

          3. We have them all around here. They congregate on the bike paths by the river. Now you’d think they would move when 200 lbs of metal and human are barreling towards them, but nooooo, they just hiss at you. That’s right they fucking hiss, a bird, it hisses at you…evil. And their shit is toxic and the size of a small dog’s.

            1. I walk by a whole bunch of them twice a day. I hiss right back and then I chase the little pricks. Fuck them.

              Except for the one who’s crippled. That one’s my buddy.

              1. My father carries a big stick when he goes on his walks around the lake. He tells me it’s “to beat off the wild dogs. And the women who chase me.”

                I’m pretty sure it’s for the geese.

              2. They’re assholes but dammit if I don’t respect a bird that ain’t afraid of shit.

                1. For my own part I wish the Bald Eagle had not been chosen the Representative of our Country. He is a Bird of bad moral character. …

                  In Truth the Turkey is in Comparison a much more respectable Bird… He is … a Bird of Courage, and would not hesitate to attack a Grenadier of the British Guards who should presume to invade his Farm Yard with a red Coat on.

                  -that guy on the $100

              3. You know Gimpy Goose?


    I think Erica Jong is the undisputed world’s biggest skank. If suicide were not an option and if forced to choose, I would bang Courtney Love before I touched her. She just gives you the willies.

    1. Ugh . . those images! I’m trying to keep down my nighttime bowl of cheerios over here!

    2. The main lesson she learned during this period was never to date a man who “has more than one personality or is currently receiving electroshock treatment”.

      I’m glad that girl made the most of her mom’s sad desperation. Christ.

      1. The tagline on Arts and Letters Daily where I got that link read as follows

        he home decor was pornographic, and Erica’s boyfriends tended to be motorcycle-riding drug dealers.

        Like I said, world’s biggest skank.

        1. he home decor was pornographic, and Erica’s boyfriends tended to be motorcycle-riding drug dealers.

          And your point is … ?

        2. Slut-shaming. Cute.

          1. It is not about her being a slut. It is about who and how she was a slut with. There is a difference.

          2. If a guy banged a hundred decent looking nice women and another guy banged a hundred crack whores, you would look at the second guy differently. Same here.

            1. Not if you’re a crack whore.

            2. The second guy would be an asshole taking advantage of vulnerable people, wouldn’t he? I’m all about condemning that shit. Not sure it would occur to most people to call him a slut though.

              Perhaps I’m biased. Some of my best friends are sluts. They’re really lovely people, you know, and they have the best stories.

              1. It is not that Jong slept with a lot of men. It is that she slept with a lot of losers and never seemed to learn anything from the experience.

                1. Fair enough. That is, in fact, a quality I dislike in a person.

                  But if the sleeping-with-a-lot-of-men isn’t the problem, then can we not do the slut-shaming thing? Please? Call her a moron and a moonbat and a terrible judge of character. Or the patron saint of questionable decision-making.

                  We could even snicker at her goofy hairdo. It could be fun.

            3. The second guy would be an asshole taking advantage of vulnerable people, wouldn’t he? I’m all about condemning that shit. Not sure it would occur to most people to call him a slut though.

              Perhaps I’m biased. Some of my best friends are sluts. They’re really lovely people, you know, and they have the best stories.

              1. Ashlyn, meet the Server Squirrels.

                Server Squirrels, meet the new poster Ashlyn. Now…


          3. Some sluts should be ashamed. I mean, sluts are useful and all, but have some self-respect.

          4. Actually, Ashylyn, I’m going to go all prude-y for a second: I have slightly less respect for anyone, of either gender, who just sleeps with tons of people.

            I have a very good, male friend, who has slept with 36 women. At 23. I honestly respect him somewhat less, but gosh darnit, I like the guy. My closest female friend, who ranks as best friend #2, wants to become a cougar, but she’s probably only slept with, like, 15 people, so I respect her more than my other friend.

            Hey, I get that some people are just horny as shit, but I want to find the right, awesome person to sleep with. I’ve been with 3 people, and got burned twice, so now I look for quality over quantity, ya dig?

            1. Am I the only actual libertarian on this board? You diminish your own character more through being judgmental than does the other person through their actions. Actions that in no way harm you, or others.

              Judge not less ye be judged.

              21st Century, you’d think everyone would be up to speed by now.

              1. See, there is a difference between being a libertarian and a libertine.

                I believe people should be free to sleep with as many people as they like. Just like people should be able to sit around and snort cocaine all day.

                I just don’t have to advocate for either practice.

                To put it another way: Personally, I would like people who ride motorcycles but don’t buy proper mufflers to be shot, beaten, and then shot again. But I realize that this is irrational, I don’t act on it, and I also don’t believe their should be laws mandating proper mufflers.

                1. No, no, no need to apologize, my son. There is only so much cheek that can be turned when assaulted by the vile noise of the roadhog.

    1. I’m not clicking on that garbage, but the band being named Pax217 leads me to believe that it’s Christian rap-rock. Did you inflict the lowest of all non-Pixies genres on us?

      1. I did and they are. It is an interesting question how it is that all talented artists and musicians stopped doing religious art and music. A few hundred years ago, Christianity gave us Bach and Michelangelo. Now it gives us this.

        1. it also gave us this.

        2. Speaking of Bach. The most metal of all composers.

          1. The older I get the more I like Bach and the less I like Mozart.

            1. Mozart made party music for debauched aristocrats. I can only take so much of it.

              1. give the dude a break. Your music would be ass, too, if you started composing at five.

            2. Beethoven would kicks both their asses. Romantic era music for the goddamn win. It was the most experimental period but lacked the bullshit of the twelve tone system.

              Man, FUCK atonal music.

              1. Eroica kills.

              2. “Romantic era music for the goddamn win. It was the most experimental period but lacked the bullshit of the twelve tone system.”

                You’ve never heard Ockheghem, have you? He was totally the John Cage of the 17th century. Bach was actually the TAIL end of musical experimentalism.


    1. We’re also bracing ourselves for absolute zero, where ever that may take us to.

    2. This is why I can only laugh at journalists. That J-school degree’s working out well for you, right buddy?

      1. Even flipping burgers you’ve got to understand more about temperature than that!

      2. Wikipedia says, and I quote, “the normal boiling point of water is 99.97 degrees”.

        Whose laughing now, asshole?

        1. METRIC PWNED!

      3. BTW, Episiarch there is someone going over a three day old thread writing snarky comments under your post.

        Lol! Could there be ANYTHING more pathetically passive aggressive than that!?!

        1. I’ve seen this with other regular posters as well. I’ll go look up a thread to find a quote or something, and bam! there are all these wickedly unfunny posts from four days after the article was put up. I guess this is some asshole’s way to get the last word.

        2. Which thread? This sounds amusing.

          1. It’s probably the anonymous Randbot, i.e. not amusing at all.

            1. Anonopussy’s failures nourish my soul. They are delicious.

              1. I think in alan’s liked thread it tells you that the word ‘delicious’ is reserved for gay men or something equally nonsensical.

                I used to like Rand and her books until I got on the internet and have seen what objectivists are really like.

                1. I’m one of the few people who could take it or leave it with Rand. She doesn’t get my blood boiling, nor really does she inspire me. Exposure to Nietzsche pretty much covered her territory while not descending into utilitarianism anyway.

                  1. In other words, even if human freedom lead to far greater evil in the world than good, I would still be for it, and so would F. N. Rand’s arguments stem from the idea freedom allows a few exceptional men to change the world for the better, and that is what justifies it. Even if freedom lead us to all be rotten louts, that would not be a deterrent for its advocacy, imo. The sublime beauty of human existence extends from the fact that we are ends and not means to ends, except when we allow our value as humans be subjugated to being means to ends that are not our own.

                    1. I was more a fan of the books as entertainment than the so-called philosophy of objectivism.

                      In regards to using utilitarian arguments for liberty, I agree totally.
                      I think that we should end the WoD and let people decide for themselves how to spend their money not because I promise a better world for all, but because if someone causes me no harm I see no reason to cause them any.

                      Besides, if we spend decades telling everyone how great things will be if we end the WoD then shit better improve if it’s ended. If it doesn’t we’ll revert back to prison nation.

          2. Took me a sec to double check. One before it is kind of similar.


            1. Pitiful. We need a better class of shitheads.

            2. Must have been in another thread too. I recall some insults that I could not find in there.

    3. That shit is funny.

    4. Holy shit, no wonder meteorology is always doomsday territory for J-Schoolers. I thought they were just trying to sell copy.

      1. I thought they were just trying to sell copy.

        But then again, profits are a crass insult to their Calling, so that could not have been the case.


    Norway suspect borrowed from Unabomber’s manifesto

    1. Here’s some fear in the comments:

      I can understand what happened in Norway, but I can not condone it.

      I understand the hatred for those who have allowed the destruction of Norway and for those who are causing that destruction, but I can not condone the killing of innocent people.

      I understand fighting those who allowed the destruction and those who are destroying Norway, but I can not condone the killing of innocent people.

      Those who allowed and those who actually destroyed Norway are trying to do the same thing here in the United States, but I can not condone those who would kill innocent people.

      Those who would allow and those who actually destroyed Norway and those who would allow and those who wish to destroy the United States are not innocent people ? they are our enemy. We are in a conflict for our very survival and those who wish to destroy the United States must be dealt with as any enemy is dealt with during a declared War, because we are at War.

      Islam has declared War on us.

      James Lewis wrote in his “Pandora’s Box in Norway” that “Saul Alinsky dedicated Rules for Radicals to Lucifer. Nothing better captures the destructive mind of the cultural Left, and we can see the results all around us.”

      Lewis also wrote: “Cultural Marxism is holding hands with the most malignant elements of radical Islam.”

      We, the Freedom Loving people of the World, are at War with both cultural Marxism and radical Islam whether we wish War or not ? because both have declared War on us.

      When those who wish to destroy the United States are defeated, we the Freedom-Loving and God-Fearing people of this land will return to civilized laws and values because that is who we are.

      God help the United States and all Freedom loving people of the World.

      Jeezus, poopy pants much?

    2. Good mass-murderers borrow. Great mass-murderers steal

  6. Regardless of the justifications of this immigration — and South Asian Muslims are in several Nordic countries — it is simply a fact that South Asian countries have sent their civilians to several foreign countries where they are attacking and killing civilians. Historically, one reason not to immigrate to and attack citizens of other countries is because doing so often prompts one’s own country to be attacked. South Asian Muslims typically only immigrate to and cause trouble in countries that are too nice to respond in kind, but those nations and their sympathizers are capable of perpetrating asymmetrical attacks of the sort that Iraq suffered.

  7. So, I’m reading the NY Times comments on the Oslo shooter arrest (which went to 33 pages of comments, 25 a page) to find the winner of the Statist Fuck awards.

    Don’t worry, I am drinking heavily. Still, the shit I do for you reason. The shit I do.

    1. I’ve found that the editor’s/readers selections are where the worst ones hide. Maybe try there first and save some time, and or brain cells.

      1. If I did that, I would miss the comment blaming violence on the very existence of strong, political disagreement, or the one who blamed video games.

        Unlike the Oscars, I’m trying to find the best one, not the one that the critics like.

        1. I liked the one that blamed video games. That was early on, though, and I couldn’t get much further.

          Another early favorite was the one saying this shouldn’t have happened in Norway because of gun control.

    2. I got through 50 comments before I got bored.

      There are only so many ways one can attempt to smear Tea-Partiers as adolescent-shooting Nazis. It got pretty repetitive.

  8. I thought that with all this saddening shit going on in the world, I’d cheer you people up!

    If outlets shit MSNBC and CNN played that and other stuff like it, they’ll go up a few notches on the journalistic scale.

    1. I don’t give a shit 😉

  9. Ironton highway patrolman, wife arrested on drug charges

    An Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper and his wife were arrested Monday on charges of trying to obtain prescription drugs illegally, according to court records.

    Thomas A. Hacker, 31, and Cindy S. Hacker, 35, both of County Road 43, Ironton, were indicted Monday.

    Hacker, an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper assigned to the Ironton post, was arrested at the patrol post in Jackson, Ohio. He was assigned to work at the Jackson post when authorities were made aware of a Lawrence County Drug Task Force.

    Nothing else happened.…


  10. Gotta talk about it some times I suspose, I mean seriously.

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