A Terrorist Attack in Oslo, Norway


News I didn't expect to read this morning:

A huge explosion damaged government buildings in central Oslo on Friday including Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg's office, injuring several people, a Reuters witness said.

The blast blew out most windows on the 17-storey building housing Stoltenberg's office, as well as nearby ministries including the oil ministry, which was on fire.

Photos are herehere, and here. Video of the aftermath is here. One possible explanation for the explosion (via J.M. Berger) is here. More to come, I'm sure.

Update: ABC is attributing the blasts to a "massive vehicle bomb." Meanwhile, via Brian Fishman, go here for info on the last notable Norwegian terror plot.

Update #2: There has also been a shooting at a summer camp run by the Labor Party in Utøya. Reports right now say that four people may be dead. Norway's former prime minister was scheduled to speak at the camp today.

Update #3: The police say they've arrested the Utøya shooter; they also report finding undetonated explosives in the area. According to Deputy Oslo Police Chief Sveining Sponheim, the perp is "ethnic Norwegian."

Update #4: Meet the man they arrested.

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  1. I blame Sarah Palin.

    1. It was the JOOS trying to make the innocent muslims look bad.

      1. Well, this isn’t good. Also, what’s Norwegian for “Patriot”?

  2. Didn’t know they had Tea Partiers or Militia in Norway.

    1. What have they blown up?

    2. I blame it on Satanic Finnish death metal.

      1. Norway was notorious in the 90s for the activities of their death metal enthusiasts.

    3. One will probably kick in before tomorrow.

  3. Of course CNN has nothing.

  4. They can smell sulphur fumes -not good

    1. Egg farts – the worst

      1. Joy farts — those are the best

  5. A huge explosion damaged government buildings

    The pigs had it coming.

  6. According to Google translate, it’s Patriot, just pronounced differently. No umlauts or anything.

    My question is where they are going to be able to set up an off-site prison where they can ignore the rights of terrorism suspects they round up at random. Cause Cuba’s taken bitches.

    1. We have free time. We can do it!

      1. TANSTAFT

        1. Nice twist on TANSTAAFL

          1. Truth comes in many forms.

            1. Like I’m doing that for free

    2. They could just extraordinarily rendition them to us.

      I wonder if this is revenge for giving out so many Peace Prizes to horrible bastards.

    3. Yasser Arafat got the Nobel Peace Prize for exactly the same thing…

      Did Oslo find their next nominee?

  7. And how are they going to finagle it into an acronym for a new law?

  8. Did someone say TSA style pat-downs when approaching government buildings?

    1. Just to be safe, let’s have the pat-downs everywhere and all the time.

  9. I have Navy submarines in the area and will order killer drones strikes on known terrorist hideouts in Oslo. Global Security demands that I do this. Immediately.

  10. If you didn’t expect these news, then you haven’t been paying attention: The most popular name for newborn boys in Oslo is “Mohammad”, and the police just reported that ALL rape assaults in Oslo in 2010 were committed by Muslims.

    Make of that what you will, but please don’t trot out that tired line about Islam being the “Religion of Peace” — if you buy that line, then you probably also believe that the TSA “keeps us safe” when we fly.

    Hell, Mark Steyn called this one about six years ago in his book “America Alone” — only a matter of time, really.

    1. Gregooooooo?


      1. Lol, do you even know what racist means? You can’t be a racist just because you don’t like a religion and you’re not a racist for speaking the truth.

        1. Well, you’re even MOAR RACCCCCIIIIIIIISSST!

      2. Islam is a religion, not a race. Words have meanings.

    3. That’s only because 90% of Muslims are named Mohammed.

      1. “Yes, I named my son Mohammed. It was that or ‘Dakota’, and, well, c’mon.”

      2. and 0% of Oslo natives are rapists

        1. Well, not TRUUUUE Oslo natives.

    4. “ALL rape assaults in Oslo in 2010 were committed by Muslims.”

      citation needed

      1. According to Oslo police spokeswoman Hanne Kristine Rohde, in Oslo all identified sexual assaults involving rape in the past year have been committed by men of non-western background. This was the conclusion of a police report published few days ago.

        I know nothing about the reliability of the source but the Oslo Police lady is hot.

          1. Shouldn’t we call it an HTMfaiL?

            1. HTMFAiL

                1. Gah.. the squirrels ate my < FAIL > tags.

          2. The pro Le Pen coverage on that site really speaks for it’s unbiased reporting.

          3. Why is this so difficult to believe? It’s not like it’s entirely new. As far back as 2001, Aftenposten, Norway’s largest newspaper, reported:

            “Two out of three charged with rape in Norway’s capital are immigrants with a non-western background according to a police study.”

            What exactly is this obsession with sticking with the meme that “Islam is a religion of peace” when it is absurdly untrue? There are individual Muslims who are peaceful, but the political religion known as Islam is barbaric and warlike.

            Seriously, look around the world: Muslim vs. Hindu in India; Muslim vs. Buddhist in Thailand; Muslim vs. Copt in Egypt; Muslim vs. Chaldeans and Assyrians in Iraq; Muslim vs. Christian in Ethiopia; Muslim vs. Christians and animists in Darfur; Muslim vs. Han in China. And that’s just the combat zones — let’s not forget the Islamically legal or mandated executions of homosexuals in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and the Palestinian territories; of “witches” and “sorcerers” in Saudi Arabia; of apostates killed in Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. That doesn’t even get to the “honor killings” across the globe, from Gaza to Pakistan to Texas.

            There is a pattern here, but you can’t see it if you refuse to see it.

            1. Bullshit! It’s the JOOS! They’re worse, why won’t you criticize the JOOS? The JOOS blow children up all the time! JOOOSS!!!!111!!

              1. No, no. They murder children for their blood in order to perform certain religious rituals. Blowing them up is messy and inefficient for that purpose.

            2. I think for most Westerners it’s a framing problem. People associate “moderate” Islam with moderate Christianity, but the social views of Muslims don’t fit a normal curve the way Christians and Jews do. The liberals are similar, but there aren’t any moderates. The “moderates” are at least as conservative as Evangelicals and the orthodox are full retard.

              1. The problem is that Europeans remember what happens when you demonize a minority religion and want to avoid it. But I think some of them are starting to see the Muslim underclass as skinheads with a Holy Book — lower class, angry, make ideologically motivated attacks on gays, Jews, women? A lot of parallels.

                The problem is that the latter view puts liberals on the same page as plain ol’ skinheads, which has to make them constantly wonder whether they’re making a mistake and choosing the greater evil.

                1. Survival is a greater evil.

              2. the orthodox are full retard.

                Retards hell – they’re fucking psychopaths!

              3. When most people talk about “moderate Muslims” they mean slightly less violent Muslims who still control massive armies/police forces that we can use against Al-Quada. There are truly peaceful Muslims like the folks at http://www.libforall.org, but our political leaders have no interest in talking to them, because truly peaceful Muslims don’t have armed forces for us to use.

                We should quite looking for the lesser of two Muslim evils and just leave it to the private individuals to identify and support truly peaceful Muslims if that’s what they’re into.

                1. “When most people talk about “moderate Muslims” they mean slightly less violent Muslims who still control massive armies/police forces that we can use against Al-Quada.”

                  I think the coverage of the “Arab Spring” completely refudiates that.

                  1. moderate muslim = out of bullets

            3. Good for you that you took this tragedy as an opportunity to align yourself with the shithead murderer. Maybe you’re right, maybe you’re not a racist. You’re certainly a bigot any way one looks at it.

      1. John Stuart Mill: ON LiBERTY!

    5. ALL rape assaults in Oslo in 2010 were committed by Muslims.

      DSK must not have visited in 2010…

      Or did he convert?

  11. I know the solution for this: more uncontrolled immigration from countries run and populated by savage, uncivilized people! Open borders for all!

    1. Yea, all those Mexicans hate us for our freedoms!

    2. I favor a more open immigration policy, but I do have to admit that immigration can bring terrorism with it. Just look at all the anarchist/socialist terrorist attacks in the USA a century ago that immigrants from Europe perpetuated. Then again, the KKK (the military wing of the Democratic Party) was home grown. The best defense against either type of terrorism is an armed citizenry.

  12. You mean years of Aftonbladet doing yeomen’s work by publishing vile anti-semitic blood libel didn’t earn Norway some immunity?

    Who would have thought?

  13. 🙁 I hope no one was killed.

    All snark aside, my thoughts go out to those effected by this event.

  14. Warty calls cops “pigs,” Radley defends “heroic” cops, J Sub D agrees with Radley, Warty slinks away.


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      The webpage cannot be found.
      What you can try:

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  15. Who couldn’t see this coming, what with all the middle class white people living in Norway?

    1. I’ve got my eye on you!

      1. I’ve got my one good eye on you, man. Dig it.

  16. Are they sure someone didn’t just leave on a burner on the stove? Or maybe it was some farmer stopping by the farmer’s market to get some fresh lentils and onions, with a SHITload of fertilizer in his…whatever passes for a “pickup truck” in Norway…and Fire Marshall Petr walked by and casually tossed a lit cigarette and….LEMME SHOW YOU SOMETHIN’!!!!

    So, until we know, I shan’t speculate.

    Also, assplosion, and NOTHING ELSE HAPPENED. Derp!

    1. You sir are out of your mind. It was obviously an attack. All the windows were blown out, the top was on fire.

      1. Tear the roof off the sucker
        Tear the rood off the mother sucker
        Tear the roof off the sucker

        Tear the roof off the sucker
        Tear the roof off the mother sucker
        Tear the roof off the sucker


        I may be out of my mind. I may not be out of my mind. But what I’m not doing is speculating on what caused this assssplosion.

        It’s an isolated incident. Nothing else happened.

        I blame Bush.

    2. Fire Marshall Petr walked by and casually tossed a lit cigarette and….

      I’ve been to Oslo. They do not casually toss lit cigarettes in Oslo. I have to believe that would get you a prison term in Oslo. What…you think it’s like New York or something?

      Also. Oslo? Very, very white.

      Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  17. Oslo Explosion Aftermath.mp4

    1. “ANYONE SEEN ILSA?!!”

      “YEAH! She’s over here….and here….and here…and…”

      1. There are times for levity and there are times to act like an adult. Guess which time this is?

        1. Sad face for you 🙁

        2. So too soon for a Tim McVeigh joke?

        3. Laugh or go mad, Rev. There’s not any other options left.

  18. For years the self-proclaimed intelligentsia concluded that terrorism was caused by the presence of US troops on Saudi (holy Islamic) soil and/or the hatred of US military activity in the Middle East. Once that ceased, the terrorist attacks would do likewise. They noted to the lack of terrorist attacks on more neutral countries. Yet instances of terrorist attacks or threats in the past few years in places who neither have troops stationed nor have engaged in military action in the Middle East (Sweden, Thailand, Singapore, India, Russia, Indonesia, others) have weakened their argument.

    We should recognize that the motivations of terrorists are diverse, and while some may be motivated by removing infidels from the holy land, others are motivated by avenging the Afghan and Iraqi wars, others by their hatred of Israel, Jews, and by extension the US, and others by their hatred of the west and their desire to turn the world into a caliphate.

    1. I wonder if any of them are motivated by being treated like second-class citizens in countries they emigrate to.

      1. Awwwww. Poor precious Muslims. You’re right, we’re not coddling them enough. If only there were some place in the world where they could live among their own kind without having to be oppressed by evil white Christians.

      2. They, and pretty much everybody else in that position, tend to riot not bomb. The Paris riots by Arabic youth were less about oppression and more about not having a white-collar or even decent blue-collar job.

        1. They, and pretty much everybody else in that position, tend to riot not bomb. The Paris riots by Arabic youth were less about oppression and more about not having a white-collar or even decent blue-collar job.

          If a lack of employment opportunities explains rioting, why isn’t anyone in the USA rioting?

      3. And you know this how? Very knee-jerk.

        1. I don’t know any more than JLB does. I’m just suggesting a possibility that he didn’t.

          1. Do you think they could be offended if the welfare checks were reduced?

    2. Then, explain why there’s never any attacks in Switzerland. They’re perhaps the most anti-Islamic country in the world. They exist on interest (a mortal sin in Islam), they banned minarets, and they have an effin’ cross on their flag.

      And still nothing.

      1. Maybe because the Swiss are armed and have a lot of immigration restrictions and deportations for immigrants. Don’t know, just speculating.

      2. Most Muslims in Switzerland are Kosovars. The others, like the rest of non-Nordic Europe, are mostly Turks and North Africans.

        1. I have a rule I live my life by – never trust a Turk. So far, it’s never done me wrong.

          1. I’m the same way with the Roma.

    3. in other words: any one for any reason, any time any where

    4. To be fair Norway is not a neutral county. They are involved in the wars against Afghanistan & Libya.

      The other countires aren’t completely neutal eiher:

      Sweden is involved in Afghanistan as well.
      Russia has their war in Chechnya.

      1. One of the reasons Sweden was attacked was for its involvement in the Danish cartoons. J_L_B is 100% right the noninterventionist narrative is bullshit.

    5. So what’s to be done about it?

      1. The only way to defeat them seems to be relentless attacks on their strongholds: Western Pakistan and Southern Somalia, and extreme international pressure on their supporters with the intent to destablize them: Iran, Sudan, Syria, North Korea.

        1. Their strongholds are not geographical, they are ideological.

          The western reaction to Fascism was not to bend over backwards to declare that Fascism was a peaceful and benevolent ideology twisted by a few extremists. To end the violence, the ideology that justifies it must be uprooted.

          1. We didn’t really end Fascist ideology. Many Fascist ideals, like censorship and socialism, are getting more mainstream each year. We defeated Fascist organizations by making them so unpopular that no on wants to be called a Fascist today. I see us doing the same thing to Islamists.

        2. I sort of disagree. We have to end the regimes that sponsor these people. Full scale invasion of Iran.

      2. Nuke ’em from orbit, to be sure.

      3. Let’s bomb some more villages with unpronounceable names in countries we know little about. That should clear things up.

        1. Smart-Nuke Oslo.

    6. The terrorists are angry at Norway because the Vikings attacked Constantinople in 860 CE.

    7. Seriously though, the ultimate cause of terrorism is the belief among terrorists that it will get them what they want. The only way to reduce terrorism is to never negotiate with terrorists.

      I don’t know why our State Department puts terrorists in a separate category of criminals and believes that we can reduce the number of people they kill by caving into their demands. You don’t see the DEA suggesting that we hand over Florida to the drug cartels in the hopes that it will keep them out of New York.

  19. I read that explanation article, and frankly if the Norwegian government was going to deport me for having a stupid opinion on the 9/11 attacks, I’d have to at least consider blowing their shit up, too.

    1. It is their country. I say the Noregiens have a right to deport you for anything they like. You don’t like, too bad. Let me say it slower for you. “IT IS THEIR COUNTRY NOT YOURS”.

      1. John, you know very well that the concept of sovereignty is absurd.

        Generally I don’t push it, but you know better than to try to defend that notion theoretically, I hope. It’s a huge sinkhole of illogical nonsense.

        If I emigrated to Johnland and you came to me and said, “Well, I don’t like it when you go around saying soccer sucks. So I’m going to deport you to a place where you will be killed,” I would be morally entitled to resist you with violence. I wouldn’t, because I’m a big pussy, but I’d certainly be morally entitled to. I’d be interested in hearing the moral/theoretical basis for claiming I wouldn’t be.

      2. That is a bunch of fascist shit.

    2. So you would actually consider threatening violence and death if you were not allowed to live as a guest in a foreign country? Goodness Fluffy, you always seemd more reasonable and intelligent that that…

      1. Let’s say I live in Smurfland, which is a Stalinist dictatorship.

        And the country next door is Johnland. They have an ostensibly republican form of government with strong Peronist overtones. (Come on, it’s Johnland, after all.)

        And I bust out of Smurfland one day a few steps ahead of the Smurfland magistrates, who want to kill me.

        But the border patrol in Johnland catches me and says, “We have strict ‘citizenship’ requirements for living in Johnland, and you don’t fit our criteria. So we’re taking you back to Smurfland.”

        And we go to the border and the Johnland Border Patrol is getting ready to transfer me to the Smurfland Secret Police. But while they’re going over the paperwork, I notice that some dumbass Johnland Border Patrol hack has left my handcuffs undone and there’s an automatic weapon within reach. I wriggle out of the cuffs, and grab the weapon.

        Who can I shoot during my escape, while remaining morally in the right?

        A. The Smurfland Secret Police
        B. The Johnland Border Patrol
        C. All of the above?

        I have to go with C. I don’t really see how there can be any other answer, without resorting to black magic like “Sovereignty”.

        1. We don’t even need to play in the land of hypotheticals on this one. This scenario literally gets played out on the China/N. Korea border everyday.

          1. Did you just call the conservative utopia of Johnland to China??

            You have gone to far sir!

            Note: I will leave it up to you to work out weather I think you offended China or Johnland.

            1. “Note: I will leave it up to you to work out weather I think you offended China or Johnland.”

              That is definitely open to debate. In the case of China vs. N. Korea, I was speaking in relative terms. China being relatively free compared to NK… of course there could be a mass flux of Chinese immigrants escaping to NK we don’t know about… hmmmm…

        2. In your nonsensical and simplistic hypothetical, you left option D- deliberately attack children and innocents, which is what has happened in Norway. But do carry on with your detached sophistry, Fluffy. It tells us all we need to know about you.

          1. Well, sure. The camp attack would occupy a different category.

            YOU FUCKING ASKED “So you would actually consider threatening violence and death if you were not allowed to live as a guest in a foreign country?”

            I get to give your theoretical question a theoretical answer, you douche. And I don’t have to say, “Well, I know what the theoretical answer is, but I won’t actually type that theoretical answer today because that wouldn’t be sensitive. Anybody who has one answer on “normal” days and one “sensitive” answer is a worthless liar and hypocrite.

            I also note that you don’t even attempt to give me, you know, an actual answer supplying some kind of theoretical support for the concept of sovereignty, but instead just give me some vagina juice about my detached sophistry.

            1. “vagina juice”

              Great, now I’m thirsty. and horny.

              But seriously though, fuck you too. you wrote:

              “I read that explanation article, and frankly if the Norwegian government was going to deport me for having a stupid opinion on the 9/11 attacks, I’d have to at least consider blowing their shit up, too”

              saying in other words that you at least somewhat sympathize with Krekar’s position and somewhat agree with his threats (again, your words, not mine). His words and not theoretical and your synmpathy for him and his response to the deportation threat were not theoretical, so you can not try to hide behind that. I called you on it, and it took you little time to resort to expletives and anger. no wonder you synmpathize with him.

              still though, i am still chuckling at “vagina juice.” I’m using that.

            2. Plus, the reason i don’t want to engage in some theoretical argument about national sovereignity is not at issue here. do you really think that Krekar is some sort of post-modern libertarian type who worries about sovereignity? hells no. He was given refuge in a liberal and tolerant nation and repays that country by threats and obstructionism. nations are soverign and decide for themselves what qualifies a refugee to continue living there. your disdainful and flippant response to an awful series of events is surprising since i thought you were better than that.

            3. Anybody who has one answer on “normal” days and one “sensitive” answer is a worthless liar and hypocrite.

              Or a married man. Just sayin’…

          2. I’d prefer to attack the innocents, because then I’d have the element of surprise on my side. Not so much children, though, because they’re harder to hit, except the fat ones.

        3. I have to go with C. I don’t really see how there can be any other answer, without resorting to black magic like “Sovereignty”.

          Is not the right to defend oneself a form of sovereignty?

        4. Wow, Fluffy, can I cite your new doctrine and move to Hebron?

          1. The right to free movement, free association, and self defense are ‘new doctrines’?

            1. They’re new to Fluffy.

  20. Maybe Thor just dropped his hammer. That Shit happens sometime.

    1. Zeus was known to frequently misplace lighting bolts.

  21. Finns for an Umlaut Free Society has taken credit for it.

    Have you seen the Finnish written word? It’s like a moon language or something.

  22. well its confirmed by police it was a bomb, krekar had allready said ansar islam would bomb us if we persisted in wanting him out of our country, but could most likely be alquida

    1. BBC are reporting that police have confirmed it. Not good to hear. 🙁

  23. A Norwegian prosecutor has filed terror charges against an Iraqi-born cleric for threatening Norwegian politicians with death if he’s deported from the Nordic country

    … someone needs to explain to some of these expatriate-Arabs-w/-Attitude that ‘threatening to kill people in your host country’ is not generally the most endearing quality people look for in their immigrating populations.

    “Oh yeah, you’re DEFINITELY a person we want living in Norway. You’ll *kill* us if we ask you to leave..?… Oooooo! Well, Ok, in that case, make yourself right at home! Have a beer…no? OK, cup of coffe 🙂 here’s my daughter! You just wait right here… I’ll be right back with that coffee … (sound of shells being loaded into shotgun)… and how do you like it again? Black? (ch-chuck)…why am I not surprised?…”

    1. Compromise: Ship him halfway home and toss him out of the plane/boat.

      1. Or, just ship half of him all the home.

  24. So, the Norwegians (I love all the Scandahoovian peoples) have finally been bloodied. Gods bless all those affected by this act. This is not a tragedy, but a travesty.

    Brothers and sisters, tighten your laws and rules. Stop this multi-cultural idea. Your culture is just as valid as that of the people you allow into your borders. If they wish to become Norwegians then they should be welcome, if they come to be Islamic ex-patriots and do not wish to become a part of their new culture then they have no reason to be there.

    And Gilmore, you have the right idea, except for one part, don’t offer your daughter, its unbecoming, despite Lots example.

    1. Culture, smulture. this guy was a screaming death-loving asshole. And I wouldn’t go blaming “multiculturalism” there buddy… Scandihoovians are always bemoaning their recent influx of immigrants and the downsides of ‘multiculturalism’, when – what – they’re still *95%* native born Ok, in Norway’s case, “93.5%” or so. Big freaking whoop. I have more immigrants in my *city* that the entire population of Norway …and we seem to do OK. It still took asshole out-of-towners to blow shit up here.

      As a side note = I think Norwee-gins historically did a bang-up job with their own “row ashore! rape pillage and burn!”-emigration-policy. I’ve probably got some viking in me myself. I feel pretty viking some days. I have dreams of ice trolls.

      And yeah, you’re right. My cute 10yr old son would probably be more the mullah’s type.

      1. I’m not opposed to Immigration, my family are mostly immigrant stock over the years. But we absorbed. Believe me, I know about the mass numbers of immigrants, just south of DC and there’s a Lot of immigrants in this area.

        As to multiculturalism, its a sad day when 6.5% of your population is trying to take over your judicial system and whining that it isn’t like the one in their religion and it Must be Now. They’re doing that all over the EU.

        The Vikings are in almost anyone of Anglic Stock. I know I have shares, Irish and Scotish are bound to have a touch of the frost.

        And for your last statement, well… I shall abstain from comment, except to say Baaaaaaaaaaa!

        1. Foreign born population in Norway (+ native-born children of foreign born parents)…

          …when you include the kids, it kicks the overall % of the population up to 11%, but I don’t technically consider that *immigrants*…

           Poland 60,610 1.2%
           Sweden 34,108 0.7%
           Pakistan 31,884 0.6%
           Iraq 27,827 0.6%
           Somalia 27,523 0.6%
           Germany 24,394 0.5%
           Vietnam 20,452 0.4%
           Denmark 19,522 0.4%
           Iran 16,957 0.3%
           Turkey 16,430 0.3%
           Lithuania 16,309 0.3%
           Bosnia-Herzegovina 16,125 0.3%
           Russia 15,879 0.3%
           Philippines 14,797 0.3%
           Sri Lanka 14,017 0.3%
           United Kingdom 13,395 0.3%
           Kosovo 13,303 0.3%
           Thailand 13,293 0.3%
           Afghanistan 12,043 0.2%
           India 10,096 0.2%
           Morocco 8,305 0.2%
           China, People’s Republic of 7,895 0.2%
           United States 7,853 0.2%
           Eritrea 7,728 0.2%
           Chile 7,708 0.2%
           Netherlands 7,251 0.1%
           Finland 6,626 0.1%
           Iceland 6,022 0.1%
           Ethiopia 5,805 0.1%
           Romania 5,670 0.1%
           Latvia 4,979 0.1%
           France 4,289 0.1%
           Burma 3,350 0.1%
           Palestinian Territory 3,340 0.1%
           Croatia 3,327 0.1%
           Macedonia, Republic of 3,244 0.1%
           Brazil 3,017 0.1%
           Serbia 2,987 0.1%
           Ukraine 2,918 0.1%
           Estonia 2,871 0.1%
           Bulgaria 2,693 0.1%
           Hungary 2,599 0.1%
           Spain 2,577 0.1%
           Slovakia 2,498 0.1%
           Lebanon 2,476 0.1%
           Italy 2,230 0.0%
           Congo 2,183 0.0%
           Syria 2,163 0.0%
           Ghana 2,116 0.0%
           Canada 1,680 0.0%

          …so unless the Poles & Swedes want to also take over the judicial system and undermine Norwegian society, i think the % of malcontents is smaller than you make it out to be…

          But whatever. Teh islams is teh bad.

          1. Which is my whole point my friend.

            Individual Muslims are not necessarily bad people, I know many and the ones I know tend to be good people. But the whole Political/religious/world domination side of it is a mess and I won’t allow it.

            Ya cannae call my daughter a whore and rape her with impunity merely because she is not a member of your religion. Not unless you wanna meet Mr. .45ACP and seven of his friends.

            *sigh* Besides, I wouldn’t put it past the Swedes, they’re Swedes for Gods’ sake.


              1. Actually, I Love the Swedes, but they’re Swedes FFS!

                Nah, JKJK… Although, speaking of Swedes and Norwegians and other manner of Squareheads, there is an old saying about them that applies to the people that perpetrated this and why they must never be negotiated with.

                “Once you pay the Danegeld, you are Never rid of the Dane.” Anyone know the meaning besides me?

                1. Millions for defense, but not one cent for tribute!

              2. * hic! *

              3. DANES|7.22.11 @ 1:13PM|#


                KING IN THE NORTH BITCHES!!!!

            2. Islamic birth control is a bomb strapped to a ten year old child.

          2. Huh?
            Immigrant population of Germany 0.5% Canada 0%?
            Something’s not right here.

            1. Those are the percentages of Immigrants from Those countries into Norway. So, no Canucks going to live in Norway. Simple Really.

              1. Hey, come on now! We’re just a decimal away from mattering!

                1. Sorry, I love the Canuckles, especially the ladies, but if there is no decimal place for you… 1,680 is a significant number. Now, get the Norwegians to fall for Curling.

                  1. Norway won the silver in curling. I remember their awesome pants.

                2. This is kind of weird. Both counties drill oil in cold weather…you would think there would be some immigration exchange from that industry.

                  Of course the canadians probably just claim British citizenship then emigrate from England.

                  United Kingdom 13,395 0.3%

                  Which probably fucks up the stats.

              2. Ah, my bad. Thanks.

  25. Varg Vikernes is outta jail. Is there a new Burzum album to promote?

    1. Along these lines, speculate also did I.

  26. You have to assume until we hear otherwise that this was the work of the Israelis – the Norwegians just backed Palestinian statehood and Norway’s ‘native’ (white) population has some of the highest negatives towards Israel in Europe, which is saying something. If the Israelis can pull this off it would help bring Norway back into line.

    1. Except for the fact that the Isrealis/Jews are not known for using VBIEDs.

      Conspiracy theories involving the Joooooooos and Zionism make my brain ache. No one is in control of everything the way that the idiots screaming about Zionist Plots believe they are.

      Hope you were just breaking the tension with some levity.

      1. I think you’re new heres so we should give you a break, but before you post next time, make sure you sarcasm radar is a little more fine-tuned.

      2. Except for the fact that the Isrealis/Jews are not known for using VBIEDs.

        Tell that to Ali Hassan Salameh. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ali_Hassan_Salameh (O.K., per wiki, the bomb was on his car, rather than another. Same diff.)

        Not saying Israel’s responsible for this bombing; just that something like this is hardly unprecedented for them.

    2. I’m being half satirical – if it came out that the Israeli’s did this I wouldn’t be shocked – the shooter suspect is being described as blond – so perhaps its all domestic…

  27. And now 5 shot in other incident.

    A man impersonating a police officer has fired gunshots in a youth camp located in Ut?ya and the area has been evacuated.[14] The Oslo police have been informed of the situation in Ut?ya.[14] Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg was scheduled to visit the camp on 23 July.[15] This happened approximately 2 hours after the bombing, but it is not confirmed that these two attacks are related.

  28. Maybe Varg Vikernes, a.k.a. Count Grischnackh, a.k.a. Burzum, is out on bail.

  29. But i thought they only hated us because we invaded Iraq? Did Norway invade Iraq when we were not looking?

    1. Didn’t they lend support to at least one of the wars?

      1. Ok. Clearly their children deserve to die then. If didn’t surrender themselves the the Islamists, then they get what the deserve I guess.

        1. I think cynical was highlighting the stupidity of your comment, more than justifying terrorist acts.

        2. Don’t get mad at me that you failed at making a point.

  30. I thought Scandinavia was a peaceful, socialist, poverty-free society.

    How could this happen in Progressitopia?

      1. John Stuart Mill: ON LiBERTY!

    1. I thought Scandinavia was a peaceful, socialist, poverty-free society.

      Norwegian labor party summer camp = Nazi youth camp

      Probably not true but i am having trouble giving a shit about some murders in Europe. And if everyone is going to make up political gotcha out of these unicorns I say at least make the hyperbole interesting.

      1. Here you go:


  31. The awfulness of these events aside, I’m glad the notion of political parties running youth summer camps hasn’t reached American shores.

    (I’m sure someone will be along shortly with a link showing me I’m sadly mistaken)

    1. Arbeidernes ungdomsfylking sounds so much more innocent than “Labour’s youth group”.

    2. Then whatever you do, don’t do an interweb search for “libertarian summer camp” (hastily dons poncho as if for Gallagher performance)

  32. I wonder if this is revenge for giving out so many Peace Prizes to horrible bastards.

    Are you kidding. Given who they give the prizes to, the bombing wasn’t a protest. It was an application.

  33. Bastards, several people have been killed by the explosions and 4 were killed durring the shooting! You should be ashamed of yourselves for belittling and poking fun at such a horrible incident. I?m not Norwegian but I will pray for the people of Oslo. The world is plagged with ignorant fools such as yourselves, is it embarrasing to show a little human empathy? After all, we Americans have suffered terrorist attacks ourselves. Next time you post something ignorant be sure to remember how you felt on 9/11.

    1. Concern troll is concerned! And righteous!

    2. You’re right. We haven’t seen such carnage since 9/11.

    3. That’s right, Buddy, let it all out. It’s OK to cry, Big Guy…

  34. 25 dead at the island, when the youths tried to swim away from the island

  35. WTF? The shooter at the island was a native Norwegian?

    OK now I’m confused.

    1. Maybe he’s a convert or maybe someone non-muslim is behind the attacks.

    2. I’ve also read that he was seen in the downtown area before the explosion.

      It’s looking more and more like a home-grown operation.

      1. Domestic terrorist with a grudge against government, probably a libertarian *ducks*.

  36. Of course, this is the media response:

    “Following the lethal car bomb explosion in central Oslo and terrorist shootings in rural Norway, travellers should expect extra airport security screenings and potential flight delays today.”

    Well, of course! Rural Norway = downtown New York = terrorist targets = bend over at the airport.

    Now that the U.S. is about to fall out of the top 10 “free” countries (both Freedom House and the Index of Econ Freedom lists) there are enough suitable destinations to get the f— out. Think it’s time, folks? Or do I stay until I’m arrested for reciting the Bill of Rights in an airport?

    1. I recommend moving to Canada. I would emigrate myself, but I’ve got a medical history the keeps me here.

  37. Where’s shrike? He should be blaming this bombing on right-wing Christ-fags!

  38. My bet is that the attacker is a satanic Finn.

    Not that there is much of a chance but it would be way cooler then a Norwegian Muslim.

    1. Conservative gun-owning white male just like the profile!

      1. Crystal ball?

        1. crystal balls…

  39. It’s note worthy that no organization claimed credit for the attack in Norway. The same is true of the attack in India. I take this as an indication that terrorists belive the risks of terrorism are greater and the rewards are less than they were 10 years ago.

    1. …or it was the work of a lone white male unaffiliated with any major terrorist organization… but let’s not jump to conclusions.


  40. Wow, what a load of idiots we have here.

  41. So now that it’s clear that the killer was a right-wing nationalist, are the people in this thread who ranted about Islamic violence and the foolishness of Norway’s ‘multiculturalism’ ready to apologize?

    … didn’t think so.

    1. Yasser Arafat got a Nobel Peace Prize for the same thing, in Oslo no less…

      Imagine that FUCKING BULLSHIT…

  42. this place is populated by the criminal dregs of the right. they don’t revisit their masturbatory porn fantasies about dusky men penetrating them from behind.

    criminal profiling needs to start with right-wing leanings, not people who pray five times a day or wear a headscarf. it’s time the west wakes up.

    1. amazing…
      you shouldn’t let your day job at the TSA cloud your judgement…

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